Kill List (2011) Script

It is all gone!

Well, how can it possibly be fucking gone?

There was 40 grand in there.

Yeah, eight months ago there was 40 grand in there.

Eight months! How many fucking scatter cushions do you need?

Don't talk to me like I'm a cunt!

Baby? Are you all right?

It doesn't make sense.

I know!

You haven't worked a single day for eight months.

Take the money for the Jacuzzi out of the holiday dough.

I can't have it out of action cos it's for my back.

Oh, really? Yeah.

Wake up, Jay! There's no fucking holiday money!

And there is nothing wrong with your back!

It's all in your fucking head.

Fuck. Fucking...







24 tins of tuna? Yeah, they were doing a deal.

Can you stop spinning? You're doing my head in.

You should've done me a list then. I did! It was on the fridge, you left it!

10 bottles of wine? You invited 'em.

What do you want to drink, Shel? Herbal tea?

Oh, look, it says toilet roll and it's underlined twice.

Oh, 197 pounds. And, no, you didn't get any toilet roll, did you, just, you know, loads of bottles of wine.

That's good, Jay. I'll pop round the newsagents.

They'll have it, won't they?

You're in serious danger of turning into a miserable cow, Shel.

I'm not going to sit here and have you glaring at me for another half hour.

Sam? Sammy?

Babe, he's got loads of stuff.

He doesn't need any more. It was four and a half quid, you wally.

He's got loads.

En guard! Cool.

Daddy's promised to do bedtime stories tonight.

Yeah, we can do that, mate.

Get him! Come on, Sam!

'There were once these two brave and honourable soldiers, 'and they were in charge of guarding a man in a car.'

I want a story about king Arthur.

My story is better. No, it isn't.

Are you listening, cos you can go straight to sleep without one?

What kind of car?

A bullet-proof one.

They were driving around this city, you see.

What city?


So there were these insurgents and they made a bomb and it blew up the Humvee in front of the column.

It's not real though, is it?

No, not any more, no.

You shouldn't shout at Mummy.

Well, she started it, mate.

You are a bit lazy though.

Who says? Mummy.

Does she now?

And me.

Do it, Daddy.


One, two, three...


Hi, how're you doing?

You're looking gorgeous as usual... Ahh... please God It's so good to see you. Hi.

Fiona. Come on in.

You? Yeah.

Canny wee tipple... your favourite?

Is that you?

Mmm! Swedish National service.

I didn't know they made girls do that!

Oh, they don't! They don't, I wanted to do it.

Why should the boys get to have all the fun, eh?

Here you both are...

What uniform is that? Security assignment.

Is it dangerous?

In danger of getting your knickers ripped off later, big girl.

The money's good.

The money's really good, Jay.

I can't.


Try one of these. Blow your fucking head off.

I'm not eating anything red at the moment.

Does Shel know? What, about the diet?

No, about the job.

Might have mentioned something in passing.

No wonder she's been on my fucking back. Don't do that, Gal.

I wish someone would fucking clarify the chain of command here.

Who's wagging the dog? Jay! Jay!


That's cleared that up.

Fuck off.

We are done. Bon Appetit. Tuck in, everyone.

Well done. Thank you.


This is beautiful. Thank you. It's not my worst.

Army and Navy. Gravy?

Your track record's good.

Dig in.

And now... Cheers and welcome. Yeah, cheers. Here's to you.

Lots of love. Cheers.

Thank you, thank you...

Is there anything here that you want, Fiona?

I'm really happy. You sure?

What are these little chef's hats about?

I just thought... you could pick them up with your fingers.

They're little Swedish chefs.

Who is gonna say Grace, are you going to say Grace?

Oh, Stop.

Not at my table. No?

No, no.

I could do it in Irish for you.

So what-what sort of...

Do you just sell anything? I don't...

No, it's kind of...

No, it's mainly... sort of IT stuff and, you know.

It's commercial sales.

It's not like knocking on doors and, you know.

With a suitcase. Yeah, it's not flannels and tea towels.

I know you would assume that from Gal's accent, but...

It was all right, kinda, when I was younger and stuff and when we first come out of the army.

But it's not, you know... As Sam is getting older and stuff.

It's sort of difficult for him.

He wants his dad, you know.

So, you have to deal with that while I am away, don't you?

I think it's hard on us.

Three months starts pushing it we used to say.

Three months? Sometimes, yeah.

Wow. Bit like being a single mum.

Can I just nip to the loo please? Mmm, course.

It's just round the corner. OK, thanks.

The lock's not great, but we know you are in there, so I don't think Sam will get the shock of his life.

Top up? Oh, yeah.

I'll get it. I'll get it sit down, sit down. Sure?

Old world, new world? Whatever you fancy, darling.

Whatever, mate.

Christ. You need a circular saw to get through this meat.

Because you took the entire rack.

I thought... I'd cut them all up, hadn't I?

I thought there was three big ones.

You could've said to me, darling.

Do you know what, unlike you, I didn't want to embarrass you in front of everyone.

As for this, what's all this game?

We've got every dinner set and bit of cutlery known to man.

You've served the gravy in a fucking Pyrex.

What's that about? It's like a chemistry set.

ls that all right? Yeah, that's my favourite.

So, what do you do, Fiona?

Hman resources Hatchet man.

Sorry. Hatchet person.

What is it? I mean what does that entail?

If there is a department that is under-performing then...

I go in and assess the extraneous manpower and de-force accordingly... I'm waiting for a comment!

I know there is one coming. You sort of sack people?

It's not personal.

It is probably personal to them...

...and their families.

When was the last time you cared about the welfare of a family?

Oh, yeah I know, eight months ago.

There's a bigger picture in the business world.

Your picture doesn't stretch any further than your front door, does it mate?

You mean the Jacuzzi.

I think the 80's recession was a lot more glamorous.

No this is, this is much worse. There's a lot of dirty work to be done.

I'll tell you one lot who had no time for extraneous.

The Nazis.

Here we go.

I just wish I could have had a go at them.

Difficult for a man to know where he stands these days.

You should've had a crack at the Mick, mate.

A tour of duty in Belfast would've done you the world of good.

I've never understood the whole Irish thing.

Cos, I mean, it's all the same religion, so...

Not really, love.

They're all Christian.

That's true. That's debatable.

What do I get? Fucking Iraq!

Iraq's over. What about now, eh? Yeah?

I've finished.


That's my fucking pal, in front of my fucking pal.

That's not just your fucking pal. It's not just your fucking pal.

It's not just your fucking house, Jay!

Come on, mate, let's get you to bed.

Don't you pay any attention to them, they're just over excited. why?

Because they've been drinking, all right?

Don't you ever drink, do you hear me?

Promise? Not even water?

Especially not that shit.

Do you know the government puts stuff in it that shrinks your balls!

But you fall out with people, don't you?

You fall out with your mates, but then you become friends again, don't you?

That's just what mummys and daddys do sometimes.

That's why they're mummys and daddys because they're best friends, you know?

Sometimes they fight, sometimes the argue.

You know...

But it doesn't mean anything.

So, don't be worrying, all right?

Good lad.


No. Don't be silly.

How old's your boy?

Sammy is seven. Oh.


No. I never wanted any.

You'll change your mind.

No, I don't think so.

I love kids though...

He was the one, you know?

The love of your life?

No. The one who started it.

Knock. Knock.


Local, UK.

How many on the list?

Three. Not too strenuous.

How much?

Don't ask. Shel got it.

It's nice.

What do you think of Fiona?

Is she the one you met at your sister's?

No, Boxercise What?

Hey man, I tell you, a lot of tit women.

It relieves your sexual tension as well.

Fuck's sake.

Hey, don't knock it till you've tried, you.

She likes it rough then?

Wouldn't you like to fucking know? I'm too old for that shit, so are you.

Yeah? Speak for yourself, granddad.

Kiev was... Yeah, yeah... I know.

Listen man, that was eight months ago.

You've got to get back on the horse again. Do you know what I mean?

It's all right, it's all right.

The old team back together again. The two musketeers!

We gonna do it?

Fucking get rid of that.

Come on sweetheart. Come on.

Are you OK? All right?

'You could put almost anything in front of it.'

It doesn't matter how disgusting it is as long as you put that after it, you're safe...

Fritzl could have got away with it.

It's OK, cos I don't have my gloves on.

Who'd have thunk it?

J' I was very sad last night J' You came by, I was so glad J' Though sadness covered the smile I kept for you I I was waiting for the cloud to pass over I Then I could show my love...

I'm really sorry.

J' You could have made me laugh if you'd stayed J' But you left I I was more confused than I was before you came J' I was frightened I

Cheers! I'll call you, all right?

You're not driving, mate. I am once I find my fucking keys.

Shel, call a cab.

I'm all right man, dry your eyes for fuck's sake.

I'll drop the car for you in the morning. The fuck you will.

Why do you have such a problem following orders?

Get your fucking hands off.

Listen, don't go behind my back to her again!

Get the fuck off me, man!

You ripped my fucking jeans, you cunt!

That's that shirt fucked.

Wha-hey, come on!

Thank fuck that's over.


Baby, come on back in, it's getting cold.

Yeah, I'll be up in a minute.

'Wake up.

'Wake up.

'Wake up.'

Wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up. No.

Not now!

Come here, I ain't gonna tickle you.

I got you now. There is no escaping!

I'm sorry about last night.

I was being an idiot.



Yep. No, that's no problem. They'll be there.

Shel! What?

Come out here! What is it?

Come out here and I'll show you.

No, you come in here.

Shel. Come out here, you lazy bugger.

That's the last time.

It's an offering, not an insult.

No. She's taking the piss.

It's a cat, it can't take the piss.

What is it?

Oh no, Jay!

It's a rabbit.

Put it in the outside bin.

Fuck am I. I'll cook it up with some onion and garlic.

Not in my kitchen!

Oh, yeah.

Oh, just get rid of it, babe.

Smell of that.

What's Daddy doing?

Daddy's showing off.

What's he eating?

He's eating a rabbit.

Where from?

From the cat.

Daddy thinks the cat brings us little presents.

The cat thinks we don't eat enough in this house.

I just think the cat likes killing rabbits.

Hey! Who goes there?

You all right?

It was a good one last night, weren't it? Eh?

A good one last night.

You reckon? Yeah.

Nice food and all that. It had its moments.

Where's Fiona? Off de-forcing?

Fuck knows.


I think I was a bit of a bad boy last night.

I woke up this morning with a 'Dear John' taped to my cock.

You're joking.


Oh, mate.

Get your shit together, the client's expecting us.

I like this car.

Looks nice but it's a dog on corners.

Here - better safe than sorry.

It's a bit over the top for a meeting, innit?

Do you know who's in there?

Cos I fucking don't.

You come with recommendations.

They're well earned.



Ah, fuck!

It's all right.

No, it's not.

I hear Kiev was stormy.

I'm in the process of rewriting it.


It's important to learn from one's mistakes, I always find.

Fuck, that was dramatic.

I'm bleeding on the carpet.

None of them ever say please or thank you - that's what really fucks me off.

I mean, good manners cost nothing, sure it doesn't.

How did he know about Kiev?

He was just letting you know that he knows.

What does that mean? Psychology, isn't it.

Fucking hell. Is that your wanking hand?

No. Hmm. Well, you know...

...every cloud...

One of each? Take 'em yeah.

They say that's quite good.

I need to stop and get a bandage or something.

Got to get through reception without them noticing.

It's fucking swollen.

I'll walk on that side.

You stay on the left and I'll walk on the right.


I could do with clearing up the sink a little bit.

Leave that to me, I'll do it. OK.

Did you take one of those this morning, babe?

Yeah, that's all right, it's like six a day or something.


You going to be all right?

See you soon.

Back in the house - you'll get wet feet.



I love this bit.

We're not going to the fucking seaside, Gal.

Thank you.

Can you put your PIN in there, please?

Here on business?

Crackers. Excuse me?

Novelty key rings. Paper hats.

Plastic fingernails. Doggy charms.

They're my speciality. Sorry?

You wouldn't be, love, honestly.

You don't look like sales.

Have the rooms got free Wi-Fi? No.

I'm afraid that card's been declined. Let me just try that one more time.

Yeah, do.

I'll just ring for authorisation.

It's OK I'll get it. Don't worry about it - I'll get it.

Hello, Shel?

Yeah, they just declined my card at the hotel.

Yeah, they declined it. No, there's no money in it.

One I look like a right mug, and two it draws attention to me and Gal.

Straight away - who are these people who can't afford to pay for the room.

My name is Richard. Nice to meet you.

Friends call me Dick.

I can't believe you haven't had ten minutes to do it.

You could have done it on your phone.

The soap's nice.

Is it still in the wrapper? Yeah.

Nice. I fucking hate dirty soap.

So, what do you reckon?

Do the usual, follow this guy around; see what he gets up, who he hangs out with?

What, do it properly, you mean?

Not just mow him down in a hail of bullets like some Hackney crack head.



He's 45 and lives in 14 Coldwater Road.

If he's got a dog, do we shoot the dog too?

Yeah, well...

Dogs are ten a penny, aren't they?

I just wanted to say 'thank you' to Justin.

His teachings have helped me put everything in perspective.

I haven't had an anxiety attack in three weeks.

Don't listen to them.

It's like a fucking worm boring through my skull.

It's like a graveyard and they still fucking plod up next to us. could intersect with the group when I saw you having trouble rationalizing your emotional response to Duncan's departure.

I can't wait to see him rationalise your emotional response.


I'm gonna kill 'em, Gal. Don't kill 'em, mate.

I am, I'm gonna massacre that table of people now.

In a hotel.

I ain't gonna shoot 'em, Gal.

I'm going to do 'em one at a time and do 'em slow.

With a butter knife? Yeah.

We should have a song. We should have a song.

A song... OK, shall I get the old guitar? Yeah, go on then.

Oh fuck, here we go.

You're expecting Jeremy Beadle, aren't you?

But he's dead, he can't help you! He's not going to play that guitar, is he?

J' Onward, Christian soldiers J' Marching as to war I With the cross of Jesus J' Going on before...

I even know this one.

I At the sign of triumph...

Look at 'em, fucking happy bastards.

J' On then, Christian soldiers, on to... I You're giving me indigestion.

Oh, sorry.

Apology accepted.

Sometimes God's love can be hard to swallow.

Not as hard as a dinner plate.

God loves you.

Does he? Well, tell God from me...

If you're the kind of people he hangs about with, stay out of my way.

No more guitar mate, not in restaurants.

There is a time and a place.

And your time and place is in a very isolated location where no one is likely to be for about a fucking hundred years.


Cos Jimmy Hendrix you ain't.

Very sorry about my friend, please accept my most humble apologies.

And if you are speaking to the big man, put a word in for us, will you?

Get them all a drink, love.

Double orange juices all round.

It don't look like the house of a major villain, does it?

Oh, for fuck's sake, a fucking priest! Brilliant!

You'll enjoy this one, Gal.

Yeah well, at least it's not a toddler.

What's he got there?

Oh, a new brief case.

You're worried.


He's probably shagging kids.

Might get you a pass on all the other terrible shit you've done.

It's complicated.

As a parent I'd do them all, even if I weren't getting paid.

Just for the record, I've hardly done any terrible shit.

Turn round.

Thank you.

Why do you think he had that smile on his face?

Probably at peace, you know.

Don't know how much at peace I'd feel if I was getting a bullet in the back of my head.

'Can you see me, yeah?'

'Yeah, sorry I just woke up.'

'Sorry.' 'No, it's fine!

'It's just... Sam was up in the night!

'Is he all right?' 'Oh yeah, he's fine.

'Bad dreams about the cat.

'How's your room? I couldn't tell when I booked.'

Yeah, it's all right.

'On schedule? One down.

'Clean?' Yeah, course.

Don't worry, I'm all right.

'Babe, Fiona came round.

'With a present for Sam.'

That's a bit weird.

'I didn't like her at first, but I don't mind her now.

'What do you think?'

You could do with the company. 'Yeah, that's what I thought.'

Don't let her anywhere near the garage. 'I'm not an idiot.

'I've got to go - Sam's calling, all right?'

Do you miss me? 'Of course I do. always.

'Love you.'

Looks like nothing this bloke. They all look like nothing, Gal.

He does look like my uncle Terry though.

Uncle Terry, that's a new one.

He wasn't a special uncle, he actually was my uncle.

Right. Yeah, he was a cunt.

He wasn't one of the people your old man took money off of to be your special uncle?

Oh, come on now. it's a family do.

Have you spoken to Fiona?


She's been round at the house, talking to Shel.

Really? That's interesting. Yeah...

Says she's waiting.

What, for me?

Well yeah, I'd imagine so.

I'll leave her dangling a bit longer.

Do you know what I mean, keep 'em keen, eh?

Gal, give her a ring. I don't want some...

...glary eyed phantom kipping in my front room when I get home.

Don't you dare talk about my Fiona like that.

She's a good looking girl.

She's a bit of a fucking demon in bed as well, I tell you.

Yeah? Oh!

Fucking hell!

Details? You know...

Put it this way, I had to shave my pubes afterwards.


What, are we off?

Right, we'll go and see what is in that lock-up first.


I thought we were just going to observe?

No, we are going to go and have a look, mate.

Lovely... it's a wank den.

You don't get shot for having a wank den.

Porn business?

There's not enough of it.

No, you're right.


Uh. What?

You don't want to fucking look at that boy, I'll tell you.

Well, I've got to now, haven't I?

Fucking hell, mate.

Help. Help!

There's been a mistake.

Oh, yeah?

Mistaken identity.

Just remembered we're your burglars?


If you are, take what you want.

I could do with some reassurance that the world's not full of murdering perverts.

We saw the lock-up.

Christ. Yeah.

It's game on, big lad.

Yeah, don't bother. Fucking freak!

Listen mate...

I've seen your wee film.

I'm just the librarian.

Who for?

This is not fair.

I'll show you 'not fair'.


Don't - because it makes me hate you more, yeah?

Who films it?

I can't tell you that.

He lives at Greenwold Street.

15 Greenwold Street.

Where do you keep your money?

In the safe. Which room?

Top of the stairs on the right.

Does he know?


Who you are.

He doesn't, does he?

What the fuck are you talking about?

Before he comes back...

...I just want to say...

...thank you.

For what?

I'm glad to have met you.


I understand.

You have to do what you have to do.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You crazy fucking bastard.

Oh, fuck!

You can clean this fucking mess up yourself, you know that?


I'm getting a fucking bag.

Let's nip round to that house on Greenwold Street.

Fuck that, you need a long lie down, big lad.

I'm going to Greenwold Street right fucking now.

What the fuck is Shel gonna say? Then don't fucking tell her then.


You're well off list here, man.

Right! Don't hang about.

If I'm not back in twenty minutes, come and get me.

Don't you worry, I will.

Fucking first job in months and he's gone off again, for fuck's sake.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Jesus Christ.

Was that twenty minutes?

Let's get the fuck out of here.

What the fuck are we going to do with him now?

Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

You're covered in blood.

I'll burn 'em.

They say the sign of a good painter and decorator?

What? Clean overalls. No bodging.

Point taken.

It doesn't feel wrong.

They were bad people.

They should suffer.

I used to love looking at tires when I was a kid.

Hi babe, I wasn't expecting you back...

We haven't got any food. That's all right we'll go out.

Erm, it's a school night.

I just want to see Sammy, yeah?

No, he's on a play date, babe. Can we talk about this later?

Hi Jay, you back?

We've just had a glass of wine.

Yeah, and a moan.

Do you want to join us? Er...

Yeah... I should get me... all my bits and bobs.

I should go. Oh no, don't be silly. You were here first.

No, stay. It's all right isn't it?



Jesus, Jay!

oh, God!

It's infected, babe. You've got to go see a doctor.

I'm not going.


I'll get some cream or something.

'Would you say you were suffering from stress?'


'Do you experience fatigue? Nausea?'

Erm...Yes. No.

Why do you think that is?

Any particular reason?



Some financial stuff.

I've got a family.

Now what about your sex life, how's that?


Listen, my wife said I had to come, so you could look at my hand and...

You're fine!

Yeah, but my hand isn't. Do you want to have a look at it?

Better still, I can give you some advice.

What happened to Dr Bapkin?

The past is gone.

The future is not yet here.

There is only ever this moment.





Kids maybe?

Maybe gypsies.

You all right, sweetheart?

Someone's murdered the cat.

Fucking loved that cat.

Didn't know.

No, neither did I till it happened.

Look... What?

It's a message, isn't it? Yeah, received loud and clear.

We lifted enough money the other night, we could sack half this job off, man.


There's pictures of us outside the priest's house, Jay.

They've got a file on fucking Kiev.

Where the fuck did they get that from? So fucking what?

Listen man, let's just knock it on the head.

It's not doing your head any good and it's fucking not doing mine any good either.

Yeah, I think you are right, we should just give up.

We should let things like this happen and not do fuck all about it.

We're doing a fucking job, man. It's not a crusade, all right?

Right! Then you don't bother, but when I start something, I fucking finish it, Gal.

Yeah I know, I know.

I've been standing around watching how you fucking finish it.

You're arsehole's gone, mate. Listen man.

I can't fucking work with you any more if you're going to go fucking over the top every time you get a fucking lump hammer in your hand.

Oh, I'm sorry, Gal.

I'm really sorry, mate. I'm so sorry.

I'm really sorry.

More? Listen, man!

You're going in there like a fucking psycho on crack, what the fuck's going on?

Wait until you see me after this shit. Brilliant!

I'm going to go and bury my fucking cat and you fuck off out of my gaff.

There, that's me done. What?

Listen, I can't do this any more. No, no, Gal please? Please.

He needs to get help.

I know. All right, listen. Don't cry.

Don't cry. Thank you.

Don't cry, please don't cry.

I'll call you.

We'll chat your mum up.

Get a puppy.

OK. Yeah?

Has she gone to heaven?

I dunno, mate. Maybe.

Cat heaven.

You wanna talk to your uncle Gal really about that side of things.

Come here.

Where have you been?

We went for a walk to look for foxes, didn't we, mate?

Dad said I could have a puppy. Did he?

Yeah, we're going to call it Arthur.

What if it's a girl?


Hey you, young man, why don't you go upstairs, get out of those dirties, and we'll have a bath in a minute, yeah? OK.

I don't want to talk about it.

Really? He's ready to walk.

Good! He's gone soft.

Wake up. You wake up, fucking wake up!

Do you think if you get replacements they'll let you go free of the contract?

Is that what you want?

It doesn't look good, but if we're compromised here...

We can get you top draw replacements. They even look like us.

It is your job. What if we say...

...fuck you very much and good night?

Then you die. And your families, they die.

No wriggle room on that then?


How long have we been working for you?

Please, don't embarrass yourself. I'm asking you a straight question.

I see you, what you are.

What are we?

You're cogs. What?

What the fuck is this?


So, keep turning.

What do you mean by fucking reconstruction?

Fuck off man... Get your hands off me.

What's this? I'm leaving.


I'm taking Sam to the cottage, just until the job's over.

You know you're in serious danger of losing this.

Is that what you want?


Be good for mummy yeah? Yes.

OK, watch your head, watch your head.

Turns out he's an MP.

Is that more acceptable than a priest?

I can't say I'm not relieved.

Well, his name's on the list.

That's all that matters. OK.

You sure?

You don't want to go and have a little cry about it to Shel?

I might do if I could find her.

She's gone on holiday.

That's funny, she never mentioned anything to me.

That's funny. I don't really understand why you're calling my fucking wife, mate, I'll be honest with you.

Right, you're her husband, aren't you? Yeah, leave this now, Gal.


You shouldn't fucking treat your wife like a doormat.

All right. Thanks. Know what I mean?

She's a lovely wee woman, and you treat her like a fucking mug.

All your relationships have been so very successful, Gal, so thanks very much for your advice, you cunt.

Oi! What the fuck was that? Fucking...

Not in the face, fuck!

Not in the fucking face.

I'm telling Shel you started it.

She thinks I'm a saint.

She doesn't know you.

I'll go get a new one. She won't even notice.

She notices everything.

I can't get that Fiona out of my head, you know.

Really? Yeah, I think it might be love.

You don't really know her, Gal. Yeah well, you know.

These things happen like that some times.

She gaffer-taped your cock.

I'm putting that down as an erotic cry for help.

I can't remember what I was like before Shel.

Probably a lonely fucker, like me.

They say there's someone for everyone, mate.

Yeah, it's not much to ask, is it?

Right, let's go and kill this MP then.


Got it? Yeah.

Did you hear that? What?

Chopper? Don't know.

The air's good.

Yeah, we should do this more often.

What, kill rich people?

No, get out in the fresh air.

Dinner's on me.

Do you want a cup of tea?

Yeah, lovely.

We'll go down and have a look at his gaff tomorrow.

What's the plan?

I can't be bothered with anything flash.

So we're not just gonna drag him down to the village square and chop his head off with a fucking axe?


Leave it till two or three, then.

Let's go down and get an idea of the layout of the house.

You look right at home.

The two musketeers, eh?

J' Oh Mr Bunny, it's gonna get cold J' I'm taking your coat off your back J' Hey Mr Bunny, what do you think?

I What do you think about that? I That's not right.


One man living in all that.

None of it's right, Gal.

That's why we're here.

Come on, let's bed down.

He's probably fucking the scullery maid anyway.



You awake?

Well, I wasn't, but I am now.



...really sorry about that stuff.

Yeah, I know.

I don't know where it comes from.

Listen, you're a fucking madman, but you're my best mate and I love you, so...

Let's just leave it at that, eh?



Gal? What?

What the fuck? What?

Get your shit together - lively.

There's too many of them, man. Don't! Fuck this.


Fuck it, come on.

Are you sure you know where we are?

Yeah, yeah, I am.

VVhat's wrong? Shush.

Come on.

Fuck! It's been bricked up.

It wasn't supposed to be here... I thought you'd fucking scouted!

It wasn't supposed to be here, man.

They are coming from the other way, Gal.


Jesus Christ.





C'mon mate. Jesus, let's get you out of here mate.

I can't move mate, they've slashed...

They've slashed my fucking legs.

We've got to go.

Come on, please get up.

I'm done, mate.


Gal, we've got to, mate.

Tell Shel I'm sorry, will you?

Just do it, do it.

I'm sorry.


It's all over.

Can we go home now?

Is he sick? Tired, very tired.

Shall we take you back to bed?

Get down.

Make sure Sam is all right and turn the lights off upstairs.

Let's leave, babe. No, we can't go anywhere.

They've slashed the fucking tyres.

What the fuck is that?

It's too noisy!

Just fireworks.

I don't think there are many of them...

Listen, I'm going out there to find them, yeah? Take that.

I love you, yeah.