Kill Me Later (2001) Script

[rock music]

[water splashing]

[The Old Fashioned Way by Luna]

♪ Well according to the shadows ♪

♪ We should be getting home ♪

♪ According to the shadows ♪

♪ We should be getting on ♪

♪ With your lucky lucky fingers ♪

♪ And your caterpillar eyes ♪

♪ I promise to be gentle ♪

♪ And I promise to be nice ♪

♪ Some love is short ♪

♪ Some love is long ♪

-[man grunts] -Get up is morning!

-[flicking] -My God, why don't tell me?

I thought I just did.

I need my pants.

Thank you!

What the hell am I going to tell her this time?

I don't know, why don't you try the truth for once?

That's nice of you, you're not helping!

Thanks, I wasn't trying to.

[smirks] Come here, you.

You taste like my aunt, Margaret.

Would you knock this stuff off.

Jesus, what the hell are you doing kissing your aunt Margaret, anyway?

You know, you're incredibly sexy when you stuck off like that.


Shawn! Sweetie!

Sweetie! [door slammed closed]

You didn't buy those tickets for Tahoe already, did you?


Let me guess, you can't go right?

Sweetie, Elizabeth cancelled her trip.

There's nothing I can do about it, but we'll go some other time, okay?


I'll get over it.

Thank you, I knew you'd understand, I...

[blows kiss] Bye!

[door slammed closed]

[rock music]

[water rushing]

♪ Some love is short Some love is long ♪

♪ Sing of the ghosts of a dream gone wrong ♪

Good morning, Washington.

In our beautiful state today, the weather will be partially cloudy, with intermittent showers throughout the day.

Punctuated by occasional sunshine.

I am not kidding, that's what they told me to say.

Punctuated by occasional sunshine.

You know if you ask me that's something way too complicated writing this stuff. Why don't they just say, it's going to be grey and wet as usual, with the sun coming out once in a while, instead of messing with your head.


[whispering] Jesus!

[car approaches]

Good morning, Jason. You alive?

More alive than you'll ever be.

This is my setup.


[Jason sighs]

Whose this?

That's mine.

Keeping something from me, Billy?

What no, Heather's, I mean...

As long as it don't interfere with the job at hand, I don't mind.

-[engine revs] -Damn!


Have to piss all the time.

Good, let's go.


Charlie I gave all my money to Heather.

[sighs] Can I borrow some money?

Other than gas, what do we need?

You pay after, Billy. Women are bad, masturbating, it's good. [Jason laughs]

[Jason] You ask Charlie, knows all about it.


[phone keys beeping]

[line ringing]

[baby cries]


Listen Shawn, this isn't a good time.

[Lily cries] Lily was awake all night, she's got gas.

Oh gas, you must be so proud.

We are, she's pretty cute.

[Lily coos]

-[indistinct] -Dad!

Listen I got to go, you need something?

It's a good girl!

No, dad. I'm great, I'm fine, -I don't need anything-- -Okay great, bye.


[rock music]

♪ I hate short people and ♪

♪ I hate tall people and ♪

♪ I hate all people today ♪

♪ Cause I'm having a bad day ♪

♪ Having a bad day ♪

♪ Get out of my way ♪

♪ Cause I'm having a bad day ♪

♪ Having a bad day ♪

♪ Having a bad day ♪

♪ Get out my way ♪

♪ Yeah get out my way ♪

[indistinct chatter]

We don't qualify, do we? I knew it!

[woman] Be quiet, she hasn't said anything yet.

[loud thump]

-No, you qualify. -I knew it!


Technically? What does that mean?

It means that in paper you qualify for this home loan.

But you are not gonna give it to us, I knew it.

No. All I am saying is that I want you guys to fully consider you're getting yourselves into.

For instance, this is your first child, right?

Have any idea how much it costs to put a child through college these days?

[woman stammers]

He's not even born yet.

By my calculations with your current salary and your future earning potential, you'll never be able to save enough money to put one kid through college, much less two.

What if the kid needs braces?

What if he has learning disability and needs private tutoring?

What if he does something stupid, gets arrested and you need to hire an attorney?

What if you get divorced?

Are we talking about two households here?

I just wanna make sure you considered all the possibilities before you take on a debt this huge.

Oh I'm... she's right, honey. We really haven't thought this through.

Let's go!

But she said we quality for the loan.

There too many what-ifs.

I knew we couldn't do this.

What kind of a miserable person are you anyway?


Honey, honey we can always find a condo.



[door slammed closed] Well you look like shit!

You should get more sleep.

Thanks, I'll think about it.

[loud thud]

What's that?

Some stuff that belongs to you.

That's very thoughtful.

It's over, Mathew.

I don't wanna see you, anymore.

[clears throat]

[paper rustles]

Jesus Shawn, I can't handle the injured lover routine right now, can we talk about this later? Please, thank you.

Sure, I'll reschedule.

[sighs deeply]


I know you're upset about his weekend and...

Is that what you think this is about?

Well, what's this about?


It's been a year you miserable, me pathetic I don't even have sympathy for myself anymore.

Things are gonna change real soon.

You just have to be patient.

I never asked you to leave your wife, and I am not now.

-I know that's... -Mathew!

Hey, sweetie!

-Hi honey! -What a surprise!

[chuckles] Hi!

[Mathew laughs nervously]

-Well... -Oh, sorry am I interrupting?

No! This is fine.

You're pregnant?

Yeah, I'm a...

-Well, we are. -We are, yeah.

-Congratulations. -Thank you very much.

We'll pick up on the other thing, later.




We are, yeah!

[breathing heavily] [loud thud]

What kind of miserable person are you anyway?


[loud buzzer]

♪ There's a place I go when I'm feeling fine ♪

♪ And the hours pass with no track of time ♪

♪ But I'm in your arms ♪

♪ The sun lights your thighs ♪

♪ In the distance a doggy cries my love ♪

♪ We lay around in a smokey haze ♪

♪ Drinking mint juleps and honey glaze ♪

♪ You comb my hair in a French chignon ♪

♪ Cigarettes overflowing in the ashtray my love ♪


♪ Running down the highway ♪

♪ And the biggest liar in town♪ What the hell?

♪ Blows a kiss into the mirror ♪ How you doing?

♪ And the biggest liar in town ♪

♪ Blows a kiss ♪

♪ My baby blows a kiss ♪ Drop the money!

-Drop the money. -Oh my God!

-Oh my God! -Go, go!


No, no don't hurt me!

-No, no, no. -Hey, stop whining!

[loud thud] [grunts]

[tires screech]

♪ I trust you sugar you're my blood ♪

[sirens wailing] [rock music continues]

♪ I burn until the light goes out in your eyes ♪

♪ The butter moon kisses the endless sky, my love ♪ Inside!

♪ The bed is so soft and the food is so rich ♪

♪ We fall asleep sewing dreams, stitch by stitch ♪

♪ The house is old ♪

♪ But it's falling slow so we're safe and sound... ♪ You can't stop me, you pigs!

Hand up, now!

[screaming] [grunting]

The hell! Freeze, freeze!

-Go, go! -I said stop or I shoot!


-[tires screech] -No!

♪ The biggest liar in town ♪


Freeze, drop the gun, now!

[gun fired] [screaming]

♪ My baby blows a kiss ♪


♪ My baby blows a kiss ♪

[sirens wailing]

[music crescendo]


[glass shatters]


♪ The biggest liar in town ♪

♪ My baby blows a kiss ♪

♪ My baby blows a kiss ♪

[wind howling]


-No, let me... -You move and I'll kill you!

The hell, you idiot!

Don't test me smart girl, don't piss about it, I'll blow you right off, right!

-Thank you, do me the favor. -Shut up!

Let her go, man!

You back off now or I'm gonna shoot her.

Let her go!

Back off now or I'm gonna shoot her!

-You don't wanna do this. -[Shawn whining]

[gun caulks]

You want this on your conscience?

-[Shawn talks muffled] -Alright, alright!

[Shawn's moaning]

Good boy!

You move inside and you shut the door.

-Just let her go, please. -Get inside, now!

Alright, move aside.

Come everybody let him through.

People, stand back!

I thought you were on vacation.

What and leave you with a big case like this all by yourself my boy, not a chance


You crazy or what? Don't make me shoot you.

Are you stupid, blind, what go ahead, shoot!


I don't believe this.


Where's the swat team, we should've men on every surrounding building.

-Hey... -You have a negotiator yet?

Ease up, hot shot I got here five minutes before you guys.

-What do you want from me? -Not... nothing.

What the hell is a woman doing on the roof anyway?

A jumper. Got the call a few minutes before the robbery.


If you wouldn't be standing up on the roof like a sane person we wouldn't be on this shit.

My mate's been shot.

He could be dead, you're fucking menace I should really kill you.

You're right.

Oh come one, I haven't got all day.

This is ridiculous, look.

You want me to kill, I'll kill you, right, you just... tell me all this shit now.

And I'll kill later, I promise, shot to top of the head.

You even won't mess up the sidewalk.

You're bargaining with me now?

Look, lady.

You got nothing to lose, right?


I've got everything.


You got nowhere to go.

Surrender now and nobody will get hurt.

[breathing heavily]


If you die now, I'm gonna die.

I really don't wanna die.

[sirens wailing]

Ever shoot anybody before?

Yes! It's my favorite hobby.

Better be.

[shots fired]

Next one it's for the girl.

What a mess!

Damned people figure out crime doesn't pay is in the newspaper every damned day.

[cell phone rings]

Not now, Beth.

-How'd you was me? -Who else would it be?

Might be your girlfriend. [Beth laughs]

I can't talk to you now. Honey...

Not now, sorry.

Damned cell phone.

Look if you need time to talk to your wife, I can handle things on my own.

Please stop shooting at the bid, I'm still breathing, Reed.

Go, go, go.

[rock music]

Gonna have to jump.

[Shawn] I feel sick They gonna have sharp shooters around us any minute now.

I'm not jumping.

Hold on, just a minute ago you were gonna jump 13 floors.

What's the difference?

That's different than I was gonna dive for sure, now I just probably gonna break my neck, my legs and become a... quadriplegic, then what if I, -fall-- -I you what, if you what...

What if you actually make it, you get away from me.

Gees, you always such a downer?

No wonder you wanna kill yourself.

So evacuate the building, slow, orderly, I don't want this guy taking on another hostage.

Or kidnap.

Don't worry about that partner, there's no way off that roof.

I already checked the building.

Yeah well, when people start getting desperate, I would.

On three, okay?


-Two. -I'm scared!

Me too.


[loud thud] [groaning]

[elevator pings open]

You alright!

You sure?




Stealing a woman's coat?


So is this the big plan or what?

No this valet ticket is the big plan, you driving us out of here. What are you doing?

What, is customary to tip the guy, got a dollar?

-No. -You just robbed the bank...


I don't see anyone.

Eagle one to base.

-Eagle one to base. -Here!

This is McGinley.

Sir, I don't think there's anyone on that roof.

[Shawn whistles]

[elevator bell chimes]


[loud thud] [door rolls open]

[door squeaked closed]

What's going on, is there really some, nut on the roof holding a hostage?

Yes mam, don't you worry, we'll get him.

What are you gonna do when you get him, are you gonna shoot him?


Let's hope he has a good sense to give himself up, before it comes to that.

If he had any good sense, he wouldn't go robbing a back in the first place.

-[elevator pings open] -Don't you think?

This is your car, lady, right?

Yeah, sure... Right.

Why wouldn't it be? Good, I'm glad.

[door slammed closed]


[engine starts]

[screeching loudly]

[engine revs] [breaks screech]

[breaks screech]

Let's go.


-Shut the hell up! -Move your car.

Let's not get into a fight, alright?


You just put your foot on the clutch there!


It is that simple.

[breaks screech]

I'm dead.

Can I see your ID, please?

Something going on, they're checking cars?

[engine starts]

Come on, you just... just drive nice and slowly.

When you get there you just floor it.

-Floor it. -I can't!

Floor it! [engine revs]

You alright?

[tires screeching]

I'm good, go. [sirens wailing]

Second gear. [clutch screeches]

Second gear! Pump it!

Right turn here.

Will you pump it, will you?

[loud screeching]

[sirens wailing]

Ok, here we go, pump it!

Quit yelling at me.

[breaks screech] Get out of the car.

[suspenseful music]

Come on!

Freeze! Anyone?

I got nothing, they must be on foot.


[sirens wailing]

[whirring noise]

Down here.

Come on!

[door rolled closed]

No way!

Relax it's only meat, won't bite.


Get off.

[metal clanks]

I can't breathe.

[country music]

[Charlie] Hold on.



Get me out here before this guy kills us!

I thought that's what you wanted.

Just open the door!

[country music continues]

[door slammed closed]

[door rolls open]

[driver groans]

[sirens wailing]

[rock music]

[sirens wailing]

[upbeat music]


You okay?

Yeah, nothing an amputation won't cure.

Right, well I am... thanks, for everything, you go right.

I'm off, good luck!

But now aren't you forgetting something?

[chuckles] You kidding, are you?

Do I look like I'm kidding?

Go ahead, do it.

You're nuts, do you know that?

Do you know the difference between suicide and murder?

What would cops do?

Look, go get yourself a vacation, get laid.

Speak to a shrink about your problem he'll help up out.

-You'll find your... -Look, you made a deal!

So sue me, I'm a thief.

I won't kill you.

Hey look, the trolly bus down there, you can get yourself under it as soon as possible.

[retreating footsteps]

[Trolley bells chime]

[trolley car approaching]

[bell chimes louder]

[tires screech]

Leave me alone!

Sorry, mate. She had a little too much to drink.

What are you, a sick incarnation or my guardian angel, can you just let me kill myself in peace?

I can't, you somehow get blind free.

I'm gonna tie you up somewhere.

Don't think so, Charlie Anders.

I memorized your social security code too.

Am dealing with the devil here.

Yeah well clarity will get you nowhere, so either you shoot me or let me go.

Look I can't shoot, can I. Never shoot anybody, alright?.

There must be something else you want.

Yeah, world peace, think you can bang that out of your gun?

Money. I got lots of money, take some of that.

Oh, yeah money, typical.

Money, money, money, the answer to everything.

How much?

I don't know, what's the going for something like this?

Forty-one thousand, three hundred, twenty-seven dollars.


Make it 50.

Forty-one thousand twenty-seven it is, right?

You do what I say, you don't piss about, or you see nothing.

I see nothing!

[phone rings]

[fingers snapping]

[suspenseful music]

Can you give us any kind of a description, Mr. Richmond?

Yeah, they had masks on, You know it happened so fast, though.

I was rather savagely beaten. [groans]

It looks painful.

Do we have anything on the girl yet?

Yeah, I'm working on it.

What girl there, wasn't any girl.

-Is there a girl? -The hostage.

There was a girl in the roof of your bank.

Somebody called and said it was possibly a suicide.

[loud thump]

[stammers] On the roof, suicide you say?.

Pretty brunette, black suit.

You have any idea who'd that might be?

[indistinct chatter]


No, I have no idea.



A robbery today in the downtown branch of the Metropolitan bank


Just stick with the plan.

Stick with the plan.


...over a million dollars and despite a tri-county manhunt, are still at large.

[door squeaks open]



[Charlie whistles]

So, why do have to steal such a fancy car?

Why can you take the crummy one, like that one over there.

The owner of that car's got probably no insurance like me.

Child services assigned me the white. [grunts]

-Might as well go in class. -What do you know about class?

[rock guitar music]

[engine starts]

[ominous music]

So what do you think here, agent Reed.


He's reasoning around something.

I think he set the whole thing up.

Well thanks so much for clearing that up for me, Reed!

Now I'm going on vacation, kick back, relax, don't worry about a thing.


All I'm saying is that I think we should follow him anyhow.

You smelled how weird he was about that girl.

You know I give you that, hope she's okay.

Probably not.

Suicides you know, they get into this tunnel vision, and death is the only salvation they feel they can fandom.

They're actually much happier once they make the decision to tell you the truth.

We'll save this girl and she'll just try all over again, they always do.

Agent Reed, that is so helpful.

What did you do, major in suicide at the academy?

[rock music]



That car there is what we used for the robbery.

At least hopefully made it this far.

So let me guess, no money yet right?

It's getting to be a long composition.

Don't worry pretty head about it, alright?

Spare me the endearments.

[Charlie laughs]

Now look, this cop Kramer got a good look at him.

Start with alignments and go from there.

-Way ahead of you buddy. -Reed!

If you going to be a boy scout on this, all day, you gonna make me absolutely nuts.

[cell phone rings]


Honey, we need to finish paying the time-share, the deposit...

Beth, I can't care less if we loose the deposit.

I don't--

I'm not walking in the middle of on a case, Beth...

Take your mother, take your sister, somebody--

Hey Beth!

-Is that Reed? -Yes, that was, agent Reed.

What are you doing, we can't stop.

Well, I just did.

You trying running in these.


Alright couple of minutes then.

You shouldn't smoke, you know, it'll kill you.

You kidding, right?

[solemn music]

[Charlie] Here.

Hey pal, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't touch my shit.

Will you relax just for a minute, I thought I show you a joke.

This one when I was 10 right, in the classroom.

He had all the boys in stitches, right mumbo.

[inaudible] Check this out.

It's an impression, yeah?

[laughing] How was it?

[stammers] It's a train.

Choo-choo train.

[clears throat]

Twenty years ago, you know?

There you go, you see?

You can smile.

Look, safely stay here.

Wait here a second. [clears throat]

[pop music]

Oh my God!

It's Shawn!

That's Shawn!

Wait, you know this woman?

But of course, she works here in the bank.

Oh my God!

Lucy you're right, that's Miss Holloway.

I just didn't see it before.

You know what, it's funny Mr. Richmond.

She works for you here, you didn't recognize her.

Yes, especially considering that you and Miss Holloway were so, close.

Lucy, thanks a lot.

Couldn't you just found ones that were more ridiculous.

I just robbed the bank, stung upon a pair a slippers, oh so I probably get arrested for, and you can even say thank you.

Thank you!

So this is where the money is?

These are some of my friends, alright.

Is that included in the 50 grand?

Forty-one thousand, three hundred twenty-seven, thank you.

[doorbell chimes]

Hello Mrs. Sabatini, you looking lovely.



[Shawn groans]

She loves me.

Hi Mrs. Sabatini.

She's 90 years old, Charlie, -you have to be such a child? -She's started, never liked me.

What are you doing here?

Can come in, please?

-Dean? -Gym.

-Jake? -What do you want, Charlie?

-I need a favor. -Favor?

Knocked me over with the feather.

I don't think we've met yet, are you the new, friend?

[scoffs] Please.

Probably the only friend.

Mami, mami!

Go to your room, sweetie, I will be right there, okay?

[laughing] Who are you?

Do you like chewing gum?

Bazooka, my favorite.

-I know. -How do you know?

Because, everybody knows all little girls love Bazooka, silly!

Why do you have those funny shoes on?

Honey say thank you and go watch Rugrats in my room, okay.

Rugrats cool!

[retreating footsteps]

-She's grown up by lots. -Kids do that.

-What'd you want? -You did a great job, Linda, you know she's... she's beautiful I'm stubborn.

-She reminds me of you. -Well, she look just like you.

Look, I need to borrow your car.

Borrow, for how long?

If it's not back in two days, you can report it stolen.

[door creaks closed]

Wanna take a picture, Mrs. Sabatini, it will last longer.

Why don't you take your tongue out at her while you're at it.

You think I'm an asshole, don't you?

Does it matter?

No, it doesn't.

[rock music]

The search continues this afternoon for two man, who earlier today commandeered an armor truck and escape with a hostage.

A third suspect in the robbery now identified as, Jason Walter Thompson, remains in stable condition at General Hospital after being wounded attempting to escape.

FBI officials...

[radio chatter continues]

[cigarette lighter flicks]

Put that out, can't have that in the car, Molly rides here.

Yes, I can see you really concerned about them.

Do what you'd like.

For the record, you should know I was good to her and I supported her.


By robbing banks?

I didn't leave Linda, she left me.

Now tell me something.

Why do people like you have children anyhow, when you want nothing to do with them?

[engine revs]

[gravel splatter]

[water rushing]

[door slammed closed]

What gets you the right to talk to me about my life, hey.


You don't know me, you know nothing about me.

I made my mistakes, but I paid my dues.

I've been two years in, two years.

Not ten, not fifteen, two lousy years, that's all.

I asked her to wait for me, I begged her to wait.

Well six months later she stopped visiting me, and she runs off with some other guy.

When I finally do got out, they're like a happy family.

My kid looks at him like he's her father, and he looks at her like she's her daughter all lovely.

So what do I do, go on smacking him about, for invading my fucking family,

or do I do what's right for my daughter?

I walked away.

Easiest thing I've ever done, you're right.

You're right.

She's beautiful girl.

Your heart must've broken.

I'm sorry, being too charming was never one of my faults.

You have your moments.

Come on.

Shawn was never a happy girl.

Always hanging in the corner like she hates the whole world.

And what about her mother?

We broke up when Shawn was about ten.

She died a couple of years ago.

Basically drank herself to death.

That's were Shawn probably inherited her suicidal tendencies.

Suicide is not, hereditary.

-It's a myth. -I feel so horrible, -like this is all my fault. -Enough, Larry, enough already!

You've done everything you could.

You paid your child support, you paid for college.

She used to come here every weekend, used to buy her cloth.

Take her to the movies, we did everything for her.

And this is the thank you we get.

Just standing on a rood trying to kill herself, and then she's a hostage.

I knew something like that would happen.

♪ There something shady going on ♪


♪ I know you rather know... ♪ [cell phone rings]

Beth I don't wanna hear about the damned word about vacation.

I cannot--

Oh Steve, what's up?

Well thank you buddy, good.

Jason Thompson is out of recovery.

[tires screeching]

No of him, yet.

Well, he's got until eleven o'clock.

Well you can do a lot of things with a million before eleven.

-Don't worry yourself. -Me, why?

Billy, what are you doing here?

I heard you were leaving town.

You thought of maybe driving to Mexico?

Who said anything about Mexico?

Wherever you going I don't think you're not gonna make it in this piece of crap.

Looks like it's falling apart.

Don't judge a book by its cover, alright.

She's very solid boat, I worked on it myself.

[metal clanking]

Oh wow!

I need to talk to you.


Billy, I only danced once already, I only have four sets left.

[Billy coughs]

Need any help?

It's alright, I know what I'm doing, thanks.

I can see that.

You gonna kill yourself up there.

Why don't you uh... get out of your funeral attire, and get some sweats?

Could be a little more relaxed, couple of drinks as well.


-You told me you broke your leg. -I broke my leg?

-Yeah! -I got money.

[Billy] Lots of it.

Why didn't you say so?

[tapping on wood]

Hey, leave me alone!

I'm still unconscious. [McGinley laughs]

We wanna ask a few questions and if you're helpful, honest, we'll make sure the right people know.

Gee, thanks.

Well listen Dudley Do Right, I said I was unconscious.

And if you don't leave, I'm gonna have a near-death experience.

Do you recognize this?

Yes, I have one in black too.

[Jason laughs]

I'm losing my patience, Thompson.

Are you some kind of a dimwit?

I'm not gonna talk without my lawyer present.

Hey people!

I need some drugs here, I'm in pain!

We'll be back, Mr. Thompson.

He's obstructing justice... [laughing]

Come on, Reed.

Yes, Mr. Thompson what can I do for you?

-Hi you, sweetheart. -Hi there.

-Nice to see you. -You too.

Oh my God! [paper rustling]

[Heather moans]


-Oh my God! -No, no, no.

What do you mean no, Billy?

No, no, no I...

I promised Charlie.

Stick to the plan no matter what!

Billy! Listen Charlie is in a lot of trouble, okay.

[stammers] I mean, he's taken a hostage, somebody's being shot.

And if you go with him, you gonna be in just as much trouble, okay.

Charlie said just stick with the plan.

-Okay. -But I...

-Charlie... -[Heather giggles]

-I gotta go. -[Heather moans]

[soft music]

So why are you a loan officer, anyway?

I don't get it.

What's to get?

Two and two are always four, no matter how good, bad, beautiful, ugly, charming or annoying.

No matter how bad things can be.

Numbers are reliable, just like my cigarettes, always there for me.

I meant why.

-Can you just let it go? -Alright.

Is the story you'll get in 60 Minutes When I let you out of my evil clutches.

Poor Charlie.

Never had a chance in life.

Chop on his head when he was a baby.

Grew up in eastern side of London, in a foster home.

Beaten to death, nearly, by his foster dad.


So he stands befriending by deadbeats.

Started stealing cars, because you don't know what else to do.

Well, actually my mom and dad, they were great.

If it wasn't for the poverty, we would've been a Brady Bunch.

So, I see it's not Mexico.

South America, same problem, different accent.

Probably shoot robbers first, put the on trial second.


-This is lovely. -You're welcome.

You never did say, but umm... why you wanna kill yourself, anyway?

Unbearable, emotional suffering.

Well that narrows it down.

What do you want me to say, stock market crashed?

Have a terminal decease, my prince charming turned out to be gay.

[Charlie laughs]

Bloody hell. Lighten up would ya.

It is not all tears and grief.

Not but seriously right, I mean.

Everybody's got something they always try to achieve.

A dream... I have.

I wanna build my own restaurant.

By the beach, beautiful clear water. fresh fish, sold all year round.

No TV, no radios, no distractions.

Feel the breeze.

[Shawn moans]

[Shawn spits out]

Wanna know my dream?

-Beautiful dream. -Yeah, go on.

To be cremated.

Oh dear. [coughing]

You really are terrible.

You need for some of that white make up on and listen to Black Sabbath for a couple of weeks.

Wasn't always like this.

When I was a kid I had all these plans.

I was gonna save the world, feed the poor in Ethiopia, raise money for war veterans and... peel the worms off the sidewalk.

I was gonna adopt 15 kids, have two of my own.

Save wounded animals, all the time.

And the... find the love...

and a home...

We all have dreams like that when we're younger.

Sounds normal to me.

Yeah, doesn't it?

But I couldn't make it happen.

Any of it.

I always lived in the future.

Tomorrow, someday, later.

And woke up and realized, that tomorrow's today and nothing has happened.

You're getting older and it's only death that's waiting at the other end.

You just know that... what you were hoping for, tomorrow's your worst enemy and all your dreams turned sounding stupid.

[Charlie sighs]

I think you make it way too complicated.

I mean, I just wake up in the morning and then I'm happy, you know?

That's all I'm trying to be, that's it.

I guess I don't have that don't worry be happy gene.

I just don't have the talent to get up and start dancing the Hava Nagila.

The Hava Nagi... The Hava Nagila?

[chuckles] The Hava Nagila.

That brings back memories.


My mate, Tommy Sanders, his bat mitzvah, right, and his mom is up on stage giving it loud, [mimics music]

Just thinking about it gets me hectic.


[singing Hava Nagila] Come on!

[scoff] I'm set, thank you.

What happened Nagila magic.

There you go.

You going to relax, and you going to... [singing]

[both laughing]

[dramatic music]

You really are beautiful, you know.

No, I am not.

Yeah you are.

No, I am not.

Yeah you are.

[ominous music]

Where do you think your friend Billy is?

Come on, let's go.

[sirens wailing]

Police has just released the photograph of Shawn Holloway.

The woman who was taken hostage at gun point by an unknown assailant in this morning's robbery.

Authorities are requesting that anyone who've may have seen this woman in the past 12 hours, call the county FBI as soon as possible.

Hello, police!

Can you hear me?

I know who he is.

What we got?

Got the license plate of the station wagon they were driving

-and an APB out as we speak. -Good man.

-You got to find them. -[stammers] But... you do know that more people in this country dye from suicide than from homicide.

What is it with you and suicide?

I don't, I just, [scoffs] interest.

An interest?

[tires screech]

[door slammed closed]

[club music]

[squeaky noise]


Coming honey.

[door creaks open] Hello honey!

Billy boy.

-What are you doing here? -What am I doing here?

What am I doing here, what are you doing here?

I was gonna give you your share, honest to--

What you gonna do, send it on a post in a silver case?

Get your shit, we're going.

I'm not leaving without Heather, Charlie.

Listen to me and listen clear, right.

She doesn't give a shit about you, trust me.

No, you don't give a shit about me or you wouldn't talk that way about the woman I love.

Okay I am sorry, Charlie.

Billy look, it's five grand, right?

Ask her wanna move with you with just that, she won't.

She will.

You gonna blow all that money over a woman?

Have I not show you nothing?

But it doesn't mean anything without it.

She thinks the same way.

I hope she does.

I love her Charlie.

Look, you got a couple of hours if you change your mind, you know where to find me if you want.

[retreating footsteps]

[chatter over PA]

[loud thud]

Hey Lenny, sue this guy.

[Lenny snores] He took my cards.

How are Charlie Anders and the girl involved, you better start talking fast or you going to San Quentin for the rest of your life, you got that?

[laughing] The rest of my life?

How the hell could that be?

With my crappie liver, my high cholesterol, my swollen prostate.

We're talking three months here, but thanks for the laugh.

Listen you little low-life scum.

Spare me. I've been in prison so much, I miss it.

So you may as well head on down to the donut shop, cause you're wasting your time here.

[Jason laughs] What about the third guy?

He's awfully rich now, isn't he. [laughing]

I'll tell you something though, I'll give you this, because you look so sad and all.

Ain't no girl.

What do you mean?

Maybe there's a hostage, maybe tried to kiss the hostage She's not the fourth one.

[snoring continues]

The fourth one?

I didn't ask you about a fourth one.

Did I said fourth one?

I'm confused, Lenny, Lenny!

Wake up, you're supposed to protect me from myself.

Well, 50 grand as promised.

[Charlie coughs]

So this is it, then?

Someday, hey?

Sure is not what I decided.

I really appreciate everything you've for me.

You've been great.

Shawn, Shawn! [door slammed closed]

Shawn stop!

-Let me go! -Wait!

[Shawn breaths heavily] Don't do this.

What do you care, you got your money.

Take me with you.

I can't see it, it won't work.


I can't, Shawn.

I've been chased by the law, you don't wanna be part of that.

Don't tell me what I want.

[sirens wailing]


Come on let's go.

I'm not going anywhere, my money it's in that car.

-Forget it. -I told you.

I'm not leaving without my money.

-It's only one cop there. -Come on!

What is it worth anything if you're dead?

Look, go on.

Not involved anymore, leave me alone.

[radio chatter]

[tires screech]

Police, stop!

[gunshot] [glass shattered]

[breaks screech]

[Reed] McGinley! They've been spotted in the park.

Apparently he's been shot, so I sent some men to check, all the emergency rooms and clinics.

-Good! -Okay, but here's the kicker.

These were found at Mat Richmond's office.

No wonder he didn't recognize her.

Too bad we cannot arrest a man for cheating on his wife.


[guitar music]

[Charlie grunts]

Don't turn on the light.

How bad it is, oh hills.

Just raise your arm, is more bloody than anything else.

-Oh blood make me sick. -Yeah, no kidding.


Here, take this.


I'm not on my period this week, babe.

That's something to be thankful for, isn't it.

They have pain reliever in them, it's all I got.

Put these on.

Whose this, one of your boyfriends?

What do you care, just put them on.

Would you stop saying that?

I, care alright?

[door lock turns]

[suspenseful music]



-Mathew? -Shawn?

Him, it's him.

You gonna kill yourself because of that?

What's going on?

No, I was not gonna kill myself because of that. how the hell do you know each other?

We don't.

[inaudible] He set the whole job up.

Are you crazy, what are you telling her that for?

I can't believe you slept in this apartment, with me, this morning.

You slept with him this morning?

Sorry Shawn, things didn't turn out the way they're supposed to.

How is supposed to?


Mathew here, heard about his company that they were going to turn chicken shit into cow food.

-Shut up, Charlie. -Shut up?

So he took 250 grand from the bank, borrowed it for a couple of days.

He lost his show when cow didn't like the chicken shit.

I was gonna bring the money back, no one's gonna find out.

Shut up, that's where I came in, right.

He hired to rip the joint off, so the bank wouldn't miss the quarter of a million.

I wasn't asking about the money.

Shawn I really can't talk about that right now, okay.

I'm looking for a book, a black book with a red...

Here it is. There's stock certificates in here, thank God.

If they found these, they would've start asking some really ugly questions.


Why are they even on to me?

Because you had to get yourself freaking kidnapped.

Gee sorry to inconvenience you.

What is with.. What do you want?

What do you wanna talk, you wanna talk about how miserable you are?


What do you expect?

I'm a married man.

You're a pig.


That why you were trying to kill yourself this morning?

She wasn't trying to kill herself over you.

Don't flatter yourself, And you being follow, by the way.

-Have a look. -What are you talking...

Shit! What the hell am I gonna do now?

How am I gonna explain that I'm here.

You gonna come down, keep you act together, you go outside.

You admit to having an affair, and you say you came here to prey for her safety.

I can't go out there, I can't do that.

Get it together, they're outside.

Otherwise I'll be on your back for the rest of your life, now move it.

[door creaks open and closed]

You guys are all the same.

You promised me this, you promised me that.

Baby I'm gonna take care of you!

I wanna be treated like a queen.

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that.

[sobbing] We need your five thousand dollars.

Heather I wanna treat you like a queen.

With five thousand dollars?

Get out of here, Billy.

You blew it, get out.

Get out.

Get out!

I heard you.

[Heather cries]

Shawn, wait.


I already told you.

I can't take care of you, can I? I can't.

I can't even take care of myself.

No shit!

Another man has your family, while you're running form the law, and that's all you'll ever gonna do for the rest of our life.

So why would I wanna go with you, anyway?

Your life sucks about as much as mine does.

I least I try to kill myself, I know when to call it quits.

You're proud of that, are you?


What you gonna do, slash your wrists?

Take a couple of tablets, jump off another building?

The bribers just called my name.

You know why you got along with people like Mathew?

Because they don't give a shit about you., They don't care about you.

That way you can say poor me, well what a terrible little life Shawn's had?

Well you know what, Shawn, so it's everybody else.

[car approaching]

You're a coward, Shawn.

[door slammed closed]

You know what, what a kind of normal person choose to be cremated, anyway?

[whirring noise]


How many cups of coffee have you've had?

Looks like my gut instinct about Richmond was right.

Checked all the bank records for the last two months, it seems he's been hiding more than an affair.

You mean we can get him arrested after all?

Steve has already picked him up at the airport.

He said the guy started crying like a baby.

[laughing] Sorry I missed that.

You think he was the reason she was killing herself?


I mean it's all about chemicals in the brain, low serotine if you wanna kill yourself.

Low endorphins you have no hope for the future.

I mean then all of the sudden, something happens and...

Poof, straw just breaks.

[loud thud]

That's it, Reed.

When are you gonna tell me why are you're so goddamn obsessed with the suicide stuff, huh?

My sister, killed herself, McGinley.

[dramatic music]


Shawn, thank God you're safe.

Are you okay?

-What's going on? -Nothing.

Don't I look fine?

Of course you are.

That's what's important.

Where's Suzan?

She's asleep, it's been very hard on us.

I was so worried.

You really didn't try to kill yourself, did you?

It doesn't matter now.

I'm here to give you something.

What is this, where did it come from?

It's reward money.

Forty-one thousand, three hundred twenty-seven dollars.

I want you to have it.

All the money you gave mom for child support.

I kept track.

Six and half year, at 500 a month.


Bracers and swimming lessons, and tampons, and everything else you bought plus... interest.


It's a lot of cash.

I can't take it.


Because, my whole life, every time I saw you, all you said was how mom was taking you for every cent you had so here it is.

All of it.

-Take it. -I know the divorce...

-was hard on you, baby. -Did you know?

Did you know that she wouldn't leave the house?

That she stopped opening the curtains?

Did you know, that I had to do everything?

The cooking, the cleaning, everything.

I was eleven years old, daddy.

Eleven years old!

So I understand why you left her, hell I wish I could've left her.

Why did you have to leave me?

[door creaks open]

[door slammed closed]

[ominous music]

Like you said, all she wanted was the money.

I didn't mean shit to her.

She's just the wrong girl, Billy.

No you were right.

Women are bad, masturbating is good.

No, masturbating is lonely, Bill.

[sirens wailing]

Look they're only interested in the money, you go now while you still can.

I'll be alright, you still got a chance, go.

Go on, Bill.


[Shawn] How much do I owe you?

Oh no lady, I'll wait.

You won't find another cab out here this late.

How much do I owe you?

I turn the meter off, no trouble for money.

You enjoy the view.

Lady, please!

It's not safe for woman alone here.

You're very kind but I would prefer to wait alone.

My mother told me never to argue with the lady.

Your mother raised you, very well.

Keep the change.

[door creaks open]

[suspenseful music]

[sirens approaching]

[engine revs]

[sirens wailing] [engine revving]



[rock music]

[engine revving]

[revving engine approaches]

Are you lost, Charlie Anders?

Cause, I don't think you can get to Venezuela from here.

Listen, Shawn.

If decide to turn myself in.

Would you wait for me?

I'll wait a million years.

[sirens approaching]

-What? -We could jump.

I don't wanna die.

You won't die, I promise you.

[Shawn sighs] you got to trust me.

On three, alright. One, [Shawn] Two. I'm scared.

Don't worry, three.

[water splashes]

[rock music]

Jesus, it's a lover's leap.

♪ Thought I saw you ♪ And they left the money.

♪ I could feel you standing there ♪

♪ Thought I heard you ♪

♪ As the wind blew through my hair ♪

♪ Thought I knew you ♪

♪ After all the books I read ♪

♪ And all those old movies ♪

♪ Keep playing in my head ♪

♪ And are you fiction or are you for real ♪

♪ Was it my imagination ♪

♪ Is there a logic to the way I feel ♪

♪ was it just a sweet illusion ♪

♪ Am I crazy to be waiting here ♪

♪ For a vision to appear ♪

♪ Take me with you ♪

♪ On to the silver screen ♪

♪ And I'll become the words ♪

♪ That hold you in the pages of the black flag ink ♪

♪ And I could draw you ♪

♪ Yeah lying next to me ♪

♪ Thought I saw you ♪

♪ It must have been an angel that come to me in my dream ♪

♪ Are you fiction or are you for real ♪

♪ was it my imagination ♪

♪ Is there logic to the way I feel ♪

♪ was it just a sweet illusion ♪

♪ Am I crazy to be waiting here for ♪