Kill Mode (2019) Script

Sub By Black Hawk

In 2022, a bacterium killed 31 million people.

We called it the sickness.

Within months, a treatment was released, but it came at a high price... It made The Company the largest corporation in the world.

One group fought back.

Their mission...

To find out if The Company created the sickness so the world would know the truth.

But The Company is closing in.

Copy that. I want them debriefed.

Have them report to me as soon as they arrive.

Keep an eye on sectors 5 and 6.

Hey, sweetie. Hey, Mom.


What have you been up to? Maria, they're back.

Ah. Good. Where's Sean? Mom.

He got infected. We put him with Emma.

Shit. Mom?

They're giving him the treatment now.

Did you place the device? Yes. It's operational.

Mom? Did anyone else get hurt?

No. We're fine.

Okay. Well, at least there's some good news.

Mom. Good job, you guys.

Keep me posted on Sean's condition.


Dad. Daughter.

Don't go too far, okay?

And stay where I can see you.

Are you drinking enough?

I'm way too young to be drinking, Dad.


Hey, kid. What are you doing here?

I'm here to help you on your lookout.

Wow. Are you, now?

And your parents agreed to that?


Yeah. I thought as much.

Okay. Help me out.

Tell me... What do you see?

Some buildings.

Well, you're not wrong.

But what can you tell me about the buildings?

That one is very high.


It has 14 open windows, 10 of which with a direct line of sight to our back entrance.


Yeah. You have to really pay attention to detail.

I never knew lookout duty was this lame.

Well, sometimes you've got to do boring work.



Because giving up profits you nothing.

Come on. Let's go.



David, what's going on?

Everything. The Army's here. They tracked us down.

Take your men. Get everybody to the basement.

Use the tunnels.

I'll get Molly back to Buddy and Maria.

They were heading towards the server room when I last saw them!

Kim, it's me. Richard!

Give me the gun. Go, go.

What's going on?

Listen up. Listen.

Find her and bring her to me.

And the others.

"Find her"?

I think they're going after Maria!

Scott, go to the server room.


What can I do? Go to the server room.

Destroy all the hard drives that are left.

Go! Yes.


Security is now in condition red.

Security is now in condition red.


Man, you look like shit.

What the fuck are you doing here?

You have to get out of here. Where's Mom?

I want my mom!

Just take her outside. Maria can handle herself.

Oh, shit! I think I broke something.


My skeleton! Get her the fuck out of here.

We'll find your parents. I promise.


All right. Go, go, go.


Stay low. Stay low.

Keep your head down. Just... keep your head down.

Come on. Now stay close.



I got shot.

I have to destroy the drives.

If they find them...

Come on. Where are you going?

Come on.

Molly, there's one thing I got to do.

Stay close, please.

David, watch out!


Hide. Hide. Stay low.



Molly. Molly. Molly!

David. Okay. You're all right.

Come here, you little shit!


Stay there.

Molly! Run! Run!


When was the last time you had your treatment?

About a month ago.

I'm saving it all up for my little boy.

How is he?

Good for now, but home alone.

We'll help you out. And we'll get you some more.

Normally, she would keep you here for a couple of days.

But since you've got a kid at home, she'll probably send you back as soon as you're strong enough.

You can come back whenever, but, um... we can't give you any treatment to take with you.

Last time we did that, we caught a guy selling it out on the street.

There's someone to see you.

Hey, Dave.

What are you doing here?

Dave, this is Alex.


What the fuck you doing here?

You're wanted terrorists.

Those are lies.

He knows.

So this is the Dave that you've been talking about.

He's obviously not interested.

She gets it.

David, sit the hell down and listen to what I have to say.

We've got nothing to talk about.

I'm not gonna help you steal any more treatment.

That's just gonna drive up the prices even more.

They're already up.

You're not helping anyone!

What was it on the news this time?

What did you do?

What was it, blow up some depot?

Oh, we did not... No!

We're not stealing any treatment.

We're gonna steal the cure.

Still having these headaches?

All right. Listen to me.

We've been tracking an armored van that moves from Company facility to Company facility guarded by a team of highly experienced soldiers...

Former black ops or something similar.

None of the transmissions or reports have shown any proof that this transport even exists.

And yet there it is.

The Company's hiding something they don't want people to find out about.

It's the cure.

Why drive it around? Why move it around?

Why not use it or destroy it and get rid of the evidence?

They can't destroy it. Viruses are very dangerous.

If it mutates again, if a CEO gets infected...


There's a bunch of reasons why The Company would want to hold on to their cure just in case.

It sounds like their way of thinking to me.


No. It's fine.

You're not bringing her back by hiding in here.


Our pleasure.



Aah! Aah! Aah!

All right already.

I think you're making the right choice.

I hope so.


If it's true what they say, if the sickness has a cure... bring it to me.


You got some spare treatment?

Who the hell has got spare treatment?

I'm afraid, uh, not even them.

Time for hoping, right?


Hope is what's gotten me into this mess.

But hope is what's keeping us alive.

Without the treatment, we'd all be gone, and the... the billboards would shine on no one.

The Company saved us.

The treatment saved us.

Look at yourself. How can you...

I really hope you're right.

Listen. Go that way, five blocks down.

Ask for Emma.

Tell her David sent you.

And, old man... don't spread the word too much.

Are you with The Company?

Not quite.

Well, thanks anyway.

Who is it?

I'm part of the rebel alliance and a traitor.


Just open the door.

He shouldn't be trusted. We should stop...

Well, here I am.

Wow. Really love the vibe.

Whose mother's basement is this?

Yours, right?

David... that's Barry, and this is Berg.

You're all that's left?

We're the last. But not least.

Up top.

We always thought The Company was responsible for the sickness, that they cooked this up in the lab or allowed its creation by conscious neglect.

But it could go much further than that.

We now believe we've discovered clues towards a cure.

There's only one way to find out, though.

Whatever it is they're transporting, it's very secret and very important.

That... That's two "very." Okay.

So you want to grab the van as it moves to the next place?

The van is heavily guarded, often even with air support.

Chopper boats. So that's no good.

Our best bet is to grab it when the cargo...

Which is hopefully the cure.

When it's locked in a vault in one of the Company facilities it's heading towards next.

The Company facility they're stopping next has been built exactly eight years ago, around the time Maria was still leading the factions.

Buddy was able to hack into the computer network at the time.

Which got them and many others discovered and killed.

But which also gave them a shitload of intel.

Like the locations of Company facilities.

He listed what patches of land The Company was buying and, uh, what they were building there.

Barry discovered one of Maria and Buddy's plans, one that never got to be executed.

This is actually pretty cool.

They placed a quake bomb in the earth below one of the building sites...

Like, a device that can simulate seismic activity.

This sleeping beauty is laying below The Company's research center for over eight years now, but it should still be active.


It better should.

Okay. Listen up.

When we get there, Alex, David, and I get in.

Berg, you guard Barrow and the van.

What?! You're taking this deserter?

You're telling me this now? Yes, I'm telling you this now, because we are already on our way, and it's too late for you to complain too much about it.

Come on! I should be there!

You've got like one leg.

This makes absolutely no sense.

You're still talking. Just a heads-up.

Berg's, uh, sense of humor got hit by a piece of shrapnel during the war.

At least that's my theory.

All right. Set it off.

Nothing's happening. In your bedroom.

All personnel report to your designated Company...

What's happening? For further instructions.

You should immediately evacuate the building.

We're not going anywhere.


In order to let people out, the evacuation warning should open all the locks in the building.

Okay. Let's go to work.

Hard part's over.

I'm sorry, but there are protocols we have to follow, as well as our lives might be in danger.

This is not a laughing matter.

All of this is going in my report.


But if the building collapses and we all die, be sure to put it on my permanent record.

I can't believe he would do this to me.

I have a right to be there. After all I've...

The Company. Social services, sector 7.

This is Elizabeth. How may I help you?

Oh, thank God I got ahold of you.

I just tried calling Samantha on the other, um...

Anyway, she wasn't there, and now we've got this whole mess on our hands.

And if we don't fix this soon, we will have a major security breach and personnel files... everything.

Who's this?

Leonard from IT? Rude.

Anywhozle, we have to relink all the routers on the Cat 5E, or the firewall will block the server hosting, and that will crash all the 12 parsecs of the SQ warp phasing, and then we will have to reboot the entire Ethernet Holodeck, and you know we don't want that.

Or you could just give me the little code that's on the bottom of your modem and I can just reset the whole thing from here and I don't have to send a whole team down from R&D to debug the server racks.

The, uh...

Uh, it's the little black box.

Should be below your desk with the flickering lights.

X-2-capital "T" -5-4-7-8-1-1-3-8.

Thanks, Lizzie. You're a treasure.

All right.

This password should...


I'm in.

Richard, are you there? Yes. I hear you.


There should be a large door to your right at the end of the hall.

Go through it.

In the back, there should be a freight elevator.

Go all the way down... The bottom level.

But be careful.

I'm not the only one who's watching.

What if she hadn't given you the code?

Lizzie wouldn't let me down.


It's my job to inspect the work you and your team are doing.

I have to file an accurate report.

I do my job. I do what I'm supposed to do.

You should too.

The earthquake wasn't that bad, but we should take precautions, follow regulations, and evacuate the building!

There! See?

This is why I'm here and you're there.

Send Declan after them.

We've got hostiles moving down the eastern corridor.

Declan, Davis, intercept.

The evacuation warning opens the doors.

They must have faked the quake to get in.

Impossible. This is a Company facility.

Even if they could do such a thing, we'd have contingency systems in place.

Yes. Me.

Give it up, man.


What was that? I think they're in our system.

Im... Say "impossible" one more time.

Oh, no, no. What?

They're onto us?

Dick, they're... They're coming your way.


How long we got?

What is this place?

What are they doing here?

You okay, man? Mm.

The vault you're looking for is at the very end of the hall... the door marked "M1."




There. I cut off their signal.

They seem to know the way.

The way to where?

Our cargo. This is just a way station.

What cargo?

Are you smuggling?

Yes. We've been smuggling.

We've secretly been smuggling, and we're talking about it openly with an inspector right here.

Then what is in that vault?

Exactly. Tell them to shoot on sight.

Shoot on sight?

Permission to shoot on sight.

Declan, Davis, we think they might know about M1.

Kill mode.

This is against all regulations. I order you...

You don't get to order anyone here.

The hell I do.

Those people have to be captured and tried, questioned at least.

The law states...

The law doesn't apply to what they're after.

What the hell does that mean?

And what, pray tell, is in vault M1?

This is it.

Come out now!

Hands and weapons raised above your head!

Why? We already know you're trying to kill us.


Oh, fuck!

Stun mode.


What have they done to you?


You heard me.

I found you.

They found her.

Who was that?!

Did you see her?


The fuck?!

Who was that?

Did you find it?

Who's this?

This is Molly.


Who's Molly?

She was in a cell.

The vault.

The vault is a cell.

And she was in it? Yes.

Listen, I think... I... I think they experimented on her.

For eight years.

Eight years?

She was probably quarantined, infected.

We can't take her. It's a huge risk.


You know I'm right.

We're risking everything we've ever worked for.

We must have made a mistake. There has to be another vault.

There has to be another vault. There is no vault!

We can't take her.

She's coming with us.

And so are you.


Is that a girl? What's going on?

Shut up! Meet me in the truck.

We're getting that witch back.

What's going on? You stay here.

This is way beyond your pay grade.


Was that the girl? Was she in the vault?

I'm going with you.

I can't believe you did this.

I mean, I just don't...

I just don't understand how you can force this kind of decision upon us.

This would have never happened if we would have stuck with the old team.

Here we go.

This was rash, dangerous, and careless, and it had nothing to do with our mission.

The mission's dead. There is no mission.

There was no vault. There was no cure.

There was nothing in there except for a human being, yeah?

Why would they keep a person in a vault?

Because she is dangerous, could be infected.

Exactly! You put us all at risk.

We are on a dangerous secret mission.

We are at risk.

But if she's infected, why would they move her around?

She was locked up, not quarantined, so she hasn't got the sick.

I don't think.

You're Richard, aren't you?

I remember you now.

My mother trusted you.

I remember her saying so.

She trusted you too.

You were important.


My parents are dead, aren't they?

I, uh, kind of always knew when I couldn't feel them anymore.

But I knew... I knew you were still alive somehow.

You fear me.

And you should.


But I won't infect you.

I can't get the sickness. I'm immune.

There's a cure.

They gave it to you?

It worked. They have it.

Am I right?

Molly? They're here.

Hit them again!

Oh, no, no, no, no!

Just brake! What?

Brake! Fucking do something!

They're behind us!

Don't shoot! Don't kill them!

They've lined it with Kevlar or some shit.

Fuck 'em!

Get me closer to the side over there.

What are you doing?

What's happening?

Why isn't anybody listening to me?!


I'm out!

No! No!

Fuck! Fuck this!

Sorry, I... Fuck you!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What's going on?

What are you doing?

Get me a boat.

It's already here.

They... They must really want you back.

Yeah, dead is more like it.

They could have easily hit you.


Why guard you all these years and then just open fire?

They were firing at you.

What do you mean?

There's a crossroads. We have to decide where to go.

They're probably tracking us, so...

The old treatment factories are over there.

We can hide there.

You sure you want to hide?

They're bound to find us eventually.

At least they won't find us near innocent bystanders.

Let's go!

What the hell happened to him?

He... He happened!

He failed me.

You did this?

Well, indirectly he did this to himself.

Are you crazy?! Yeah, he is.

How dare you speak out of line?!

Especially after your performance in the basement!

Should have gone down with more men!

Or less incompetence.

How dare you?! How dare you?!

He needs to go to the hospital!

No detours! We're in pursuit!

You fucked up his face. He's your responsibility.

If we lose track of our targets because of the hospital detour, then that's your fault!

Aaaah! No fucking detours.

No detours, okay?

If you speak again, you know where the door is.


What happened back there? My patience was tested.

They're heading east.

There! The old factory.

They were firing at you. Are you okay?

Berg is hurt bad, but...


No, no, no, no, no.


He's gone. No.

He's gone! He's... No, he's not.

Alex, he's gone!

He's gone.


That bitch!

Auto cannon engage.





Aim for the engine.

This won't hold much longer.

I'll be right back. I'd rather stay with you.

Yeah, I'd rather stay with me too.

You want your jacket?

That old thing? No.

Right back.

Engines smengines.

I'm sorry it took me so long to find you!

Fuck it!

Turn her around!

Shit! No!



I've never done anything as big as that before.

How did you just do that?

I had a weird reaction to the virus.


They never really told me anything.

Am I... Am I safe near you?

I guess.

No promises.







This is all going in my report.


It's you. It's you.


Hey, did I do that?

Now you're back for more, eh?

I've been here.

They took me here.


Leave me alone!

Where is she?

Don't you people ever die?

Come here, and let me tear you a scar just like this, huh?


What the fuck are you whining about?


Hey. Hey! Hey, cut me loose!

Fuck off, friend.


Hey! Hey! Can you cut me loose?

Please cut me loose!



Hey, hey.

Please. Cut me loose.

Cut me loose.

Fucking finally!


Get out of the van.


You? You're gonna...



The forecast... Plenty of sunshine through today.

Defensive mode.

Come on! Diagnostics.

What kind of Swiss-knife shit is this?



You can't hide forever!



Let her go!

You'll shoot me if I let her go. So, no.

It's a shame to see this one die, though.

She's a hell of a warrior.

Stop talking! Why don't you just leave?

That's what you wanted, isn't it?


All you have to do is leave your little terrorist pals here to die.

We're not terrorists!

That's kind of what all terrorists...

Stop talking!

Where the fuck is my gun?



I'm so sorry.

Oh, this really hurts.

I'm so sorry. You did all of this for me.

Nah, it's okay.

If you could just grab every medical thing from the van, that'd be great, okay?



Are you okay? Help her first.

Molly, are you okay?

She's not.

You will be fine.


You know, huh?

Yeah. This is great.


Long-range radio.

Kill mode.

You want to watch all your friends die?

Stun mode.

Why don't you just give up?

Because giving up profits you nothing.








Hold it.

Please don't kill me.

Who are you?

I'm something else.

Is anyone at the site?


Listen to me.

This girl, she was held captive by those guys ever since she was eight.

She's immune.

That's the secret.

That's why they kept her locked away.

She's a threat to the treatment.

You have to let her go.

I've worked for The Company for years.

I've never heard of no immunity.

What if you're lying?

Then you'll hunt her down again.

But what if we're not lying?




Just go.

Go now!

They are not here.

They must have headed back to the city.

Guess we're too late.

Okay. Understood.

You're really extraordinary.

I haven't seen these kind of symptoms anywhere else.

I actually think it could be isolated into a cure.

And a death blow to The Company.

What are you thinking about?

That building has 12 open windows, eight with a direct line of sight to the back entrance.


Lookout duty is boring.

Sub By Black Hawk