Kill Switch (2008) Script

[soft mellow piano music]

[ghostly drone]


(Children) Happy birthday, Jacob!

[children's laughter]

(Mother) I can't believe the twins are 10.

[children laugh and yell playfully]

(both) Rock, paper, scissors.

(Daniel) [mocking] Jacob stays.

[ominous drone]

(Jacob) One, two.

(girl) Wait up, Daniel, we want to hide with you.

(girl) Slow down.

[disturbing drone]

[Mother chats and chuckles]

[disturbing drone]

[sudden beat]

(Mother) It's cake time! Let's get the young ones in here.

[children yell]

[eery drone and children yelling]

(Mother) Jacob! Jacob!

[eery drone and children yelling]

[screams in horror]

Daniel. Daniel, my baby!

(Mother) [crying] My baby. [slashing sound]

(Mother) Jacob, call an ambulance.

(Mother) [ongoing scream and slashing sound] Jacob!

[sudden beat and soft piano music]

(female voice) [sobs]

[sirens and screech of brakes]

(Jacob, husky voice with a Southern drawl) Where's the bomb squad?

(male voice) It's coming!

(Jacob) Clear these people out of here!

(Jacob) Let's move. We've got less than 5 minutes.

[sobs] Help me.

God, it hurts.

My name is Jacob. It's gonna be okay. I'm gonna fix this.

I'm gonna talk to you, alright?

I promise you, we're gonna solve this right away. You hear me?

Somebody get me a fucking blanket up in here!

(Storm) Looks like Billy Joe for sure. She's got a C4 sewn up on her chest.

It's not like him to leave her out in the open like this.

No, he's flipping the MO, man.

He's trying to fuck with our heads.

(Jacob) That's him.

(Storm) Yeah.

(Jacob) And you know, he's up there watching us right now.

[siren and drone]

(Jacob) How's the view?

What the fuck are you doing in my place?

Mm-hm. The door was open and by the looks of the decor around here, it don't look like it's your place.

Yeah, well granny just checked out.

The difference between you and me is, you love to prey the weak and innocent, but I like to prey on sick people like you

[grunts, crashing and hard rock guitar notes]

Listen to me.

(Jacob) Which color wire do I cut?

The one that says "fuck you" on it.

Which wire, Billy?

Get up!

(Jacob) Come on.

Ready to talk? Huh?

Which wire, Billy? Which wire?


Get up.

You ready to talk to me?

Come on, white trash.

Ah! [sound of bones breaking]

Okay. Okay.

Alright. Our suspect is ready to cooperate.

I got it narrowed. Yellow or black?

(Billy) Try pink, ass.

[suspense music intensifies]

Yo Billy, we cut the yellow or the black?

[spits and coughs]

Yellow or black?

Out the black one.

Out the yellow wire.

[music intensifies]

(Jacob) Cut the fucking yellow!

[clip and music stops]

[sighs] Ah.

(Male voice over radio) We're clear.

All right, bitch. You're under arrest.

Get up against the wall and give me a hand. fuck you!



[guitar riff]

Hey, looks like he got the hiccups. Somebody get that guy a glass of water.

Hey. You gettin' any closer to cracking the Grifter's code?

Wilson? I don't know about that, man.

This guy's smart, but I'll get 'em.

You hear of the ODLU got that scumbag Billy Joe Hill on appeal?

Why does that not surprise me?

He's not gonna walk though now, is he?

If he does, he will kill again right quick. And that's the truth.

I know.

[slow jazz music]

What are you doing here?

I missed you.

You must've been here a long time.

I was in your office earlier.

It's kind of creepy. What's with all these charts [audio]?

I bet it's the Grifter case.

You got that right, darling, see, in Homicide we sometimes have creepy guys, we gotta work with and this particular guy is kinda creepy.

He's killed four people in five months.

[sexy jazz music continues]

You work too hard.

Well, you drink too much.

I have to work.


[flashback of children's voices] Happy birthday, Jacob.

[screeching sound and drone]

[children's voices and drone]

(Jacob) One! Two!

[child sobs]

[drone and children's laughter]

[screeching sound and distorted guitar notes]

(OS Daniel) Come on. Here I come.

(Daniel) Let go!

[hip hop car music]

Hi, baby.

Looking for anything?



[baby crying]

[baby crying]

Do you need help?

Could you?

Appreciate that. Very Christian of you.

I never figured these damn things out.

No problem. Been through this drill before.

[baby cries]




(Lazarus) A moon is cloaked in blood. Amends must be made.

A time of great degeneration.

No one has ears to hear.


No one speaks the ultimate truth.

But I have heard the truth.

I've seen the peaks.

I've seen the valleys.

I've seen the land all around this world.

And I've seen the light.


I've seen it.

You shut your mouth!

Shut your dirty mouth.


(Coroner) Looks like the Grifter's at it again.

Night shift picked her up.

(Coroner) She wasn't just murdered. She was punished!

(Jacob) You find the cipher?

Yeah. Over here.

What else you got, Is?

Result of death, massive blunt force trauma.

In other words, she was beat to death.

There's oneinteresting thing about these cases.

He likes to take his time with some, others like this poor girl, he makes it real quick.

You know what I was starting to think, Is?

It almost seems like he manipulates the time of death.

Like he's watching the clock or something.

Do me a favor. Pull up a time of death for each victim.

Junky, for sure.

Yeah, ain't they all?

No. Not all.

[door opens]

Just talked to the uniform who canvassed the area where she was found.

He name's Jessica.

Worked the curb some but mostly did alcohol from Mojo Blues.


[cell phone rings]

Hello? Yes. sir.

What else, brother?

Hard to tell if there was a rape.

She was a hooker by trade. She's got a Cesarean scar.

She must've had at least one child.

She was headed down a way path, no matter how you look at it.

(Jacob) Yeah.

Hand me some cotton swab, brother. With some alcohol.

Look at that.

This is the astrological symbol for the full moon.

Our man is really trying to tell us something, ain't he now? [door opens]

That's the Captain.

He's wants to sit down. He's starting to get a lot of heat from the press.

(Jacob) Yeah. I'm sure he is.

[guitar riff]

He's mostly playing good.


You look familiar. Cop, right?

Let me ask you something.

Do you know a girl called Jessica Trimble?

I've seen her. She worked this place for John's.

I never talked to her except to take drink orders.

If you never talked to her, how do you know her name?

I watch the news. I've seen you a bunch of times.

You're some hot shot, huh?

Yeah, baby. A hot shot.

Look, I need some help.

Them two, the taller one's Leon.

He pimped her.


Listen, this Leon, did you ever have sex with him?

And I'm not asking for the reasons you might think.

Yeah. He ain't that smart but he's all right in that department.

Hey, baby, what's happening?

Got people waiting out front?

I ain't need no people out front.

I think you do.

Lord have mercy.

Here's how it is with the police. We come here, we ask questions, we canvas areas, we politely do our job, you know.

Now, I got some questions about Jessica Trimble.

Either I'm gonna arrest you and take you downtown, or you're gonna talk to me now.

Looks like you wanna talk to my fist.


Get up. Get up!

Batter up.

Now it's my turn.

Come on.

Girls don't play.

Don't wanna play?

Gimme your best shot.

(Barmaid) Leon, stay down.

(Jacob) My man, Leon.

You ready to answer my questions, Leon?

[coughs] fuck you!

Come with me. I need to take your statement.


You're one tough cop, honey.


Hey, Leon.

Get that mother fucker!



(Barmaid) Look out!

[Police sirens]




[Police sirens sound closer]

Come on.

[louder Police sirens and brakes screech]

(Officer) Detective King.

Two suspects ran down that alley. One's wounded.

All right. Let's go get 'em.

(Jacob) Call the medic. Another man down here.


(Captain Jensen) Detective Anderson, this is Frankie Miller.

She's FBI.

I've been assigned to look into the Grifter case.


Damn the press and their nicknames.

Jacob know about this?

You listen to me. I'm giving this woman permission to go wherever or speak to whoever she needs.

King's got a hell of a track record. We're just interested in seeing how he does it.

You keep this transition smooth, or it's gonna get ugly.


Okay. Give us your damn briefing.

At this point, we don't know why he chooses his victims. what we do have is a series of gruesome murders committed with brute force.

The body count as of today is five.

What's this guy's marker?

He carves an astrological symbol on the body.

On several occasions, he's left a letter near the body or on the body.

Symbols, cyphers. That type of shit.

Jacob has it partially decoded.

But not completely.

Where the hell is Jacob anyhow?

He had every intention of being here but something came up.

Kinda makes us look like assholes, don't it?

[rhythmic hip hop music]


Where's Ryanne?

The brunette in red. Boyfriend just got back.

She's so loaded on X, she didn't even notice.

Set it up.

Your boyfriend's down that alley over there.

Okay. Thanks.


Hey, Ryanne.

Where's your boyfriend?



(children sing) [swooshing sound] Happy birthday, Daniel. Happy birthday, Jacob.

[eery drone]

[children's voices] Walt, Daniel. We want to hide with you.

[sudden beat and drone]

[eery screeching and metallic slashing sounds]

(male voice) You're mine.

[drone intensifies]

[knocking on door]

Hey. Sorry about the hour.

Man, I'm a night owl. You want a drink?

Trying to quit, but one drink will be alright.



What's on your mind, baby?

A lot of heat coming down.

The Captain's pissed. The FBI assigned's been assigned to the case.

That don't mean shit.

We walk a fine line.

But Jacob, I need this pinch.

Baby, you have nothing to worry about.

There ain't nobody gonna get your pinch.

Thanks, Jacob.

I'm probably real paranoid right about now.

(Storm) So you'll give me a call if you hear anything else, alright?

What's goin' on?

(Storm) Another Grifter victim.

Mm-hm. What about it?

Up down there. follow me. Celine was first on scene.

Is that right?

(Storm) Why is the crime scene always on the top floor?

Good morning, Sunshine.

(Celine) Morning, Detectives.

How are you doin'?

(Celine) Better than that guy there.

Detective King. Frankie Miller, FBI.

Oh Lord have mercy.

Yeah folks downtown told me you'd be coming, and they kinda want me to cooperate.

Well, I'm not here to get in the way, mostly observe, possibly offer some of my own expertise.

I'd love some of your expertise, 'cause at your age, you probably got a lot more expertise than we do.

(Storm) Lots more.

(Jacob) You know what I mean?

What's happenin' Crystal?

(Crystal) How are you, Mr. King?

(Jacob) Fine. You keeping busy?

(Crystal) I'm alright. Take care of yourself right now.

I guess this wasn't the place he was killed.

No, sir, you look at them drag marks.

Definitely not.

Can you just back up just a little bit? Gimme a second.

(Frankie) It's your world.

The lacerations around the neck there.

Looks like he was choked with a rope. The Lord have mercy.

See the carving on the hand? That's a [audio].

It's a warning to back off.

Two murders in two days. Our man's on the move.

Take a look at that mirror.

You know, there was a mirror at the Jessica Trimble crime scene.

Exactly. Now check this out.

As you can see, the body drag marks of his heels are on top of the drag marks from the mirror.

It's like a play for him.



(Storm) There was a mirror at the Mosher crime scene.

He do like this every time.

(Frankie) I handled a homicide once.

She handled a homicide once. One time!

See if you can get that photographer to come back here to bag his shoes.

I wanna take photographs of these drag marks and the carving on his body.

(Frankie) Will do.

Stick around. This girl can entertain you.

Wouldn't you say, Storm? She's very entertaining.

Are you staying?

I hate the smell when they popped it a little.

(Storm) You girls have a blast. If it gets too strong in here, crack a window.

Agent Miller. Do you want a copy of this report sent to your office?

Thanks. That will be appreciated.

I once had this case in a dumps site, it was a complete nightmare, there was trash everywhere we just had to...




(Celine) Are you sure you're alright?

I'll be fine.

[muffled shouting and banging]

I thought this place was abandoned.

The lower floor still has some tenants.

Drug fiends. We already interviewed them.

Where are you going?

To make sure everything's fine.

Agent Miller, we shouldn't get involved in domestic shit.

Half the time the women don't even press charges.

You did or you didn't? If you don't tell me, I'm gonna cut you open.

Please, you've just smoked too much crack. Relax!

[loud crash]

Step away from her and put the knife down.

Who the fuck are you?

Federal Agent. Put the knife down!

Put the knife down!

He's high. Please don't shoot him.

You gonna shoot me, cop?

No one's shooting. Just put the knife down. We'll talk about this. Okay?

She's been fucking around.

I'm not good enough for her.

[sobs] That's not true.

You're lying! Do you think I don't see things?

They know what's going on behind my back!

They're lying.

Hey! Put the knife down, or I'll put you down.

So shoot me. See if I give a fuck.

If you didn't have that badge and that gun you wouldn't be looking me in the fuckin' eye, bitch.

Are you okay?

You didn't have to hurt him.


Are you okay, baby?

[sobs] I'm so sorry.

I told you so.

The bartender said the victim was a venue promoter, Lance Myers. liked to pay cash, liked to change locations every few weeks.

He said, "I never saw a more dedicated business man, "

"always showed the kids a good time,"

"He's the best boss I ever had"

Showed the kids a good time? Sh! That's rich.

This fucker's a registered sex offender.

He pays his employees in cash.

I need statements from everyone up in there right quick, you hear?

Hey, have you figured out the code yet?

Man, I'm real close on this cypher baby.

Real close.

(Frankie) I need to interview about Billy Joe Hill.

Detective Anderson, you're first.

The Captain says your cooperation is expected.

You ain't got anything to worry about.

How's your tummy, sweetheart. I heard you lost your lunch.

[expectant music]

I was hoping we could talk in a place a little more...

A little more romantic, perhaps?

A little less sterile.

That little incident at the crime scene, you're not used to field work, are you?

I've done my share of field work, mostly profile stuff.

And you're asking us the questions?

We're talking about the psychology of murder, not just the investigation, it's not for you to decide whether I'm qualified.

Oh. Please.

What was your involvement in the Billy Joe Hill arrest?

Were you there when King made the arrest?

This guy's a real piece of work.

He was dishonorably discharged after Desert Storm.

He's trained as a medic but also as a small arms and explosives expert.

You can't be thinking this guy's gonna walk.

He already has.

It wasn't our call.

Witness refuse to testify and the Court overturned it.

They found the excessive force used by Detective King unconstitutional and the DNA evidence to be suspect.

That animal should be put to death.


[expectant music]

(Attorney) Here you go, Mr. Hill.

Hey, this was a sweet kick in the ass.



I got my knife back.

Why not? You're a citizen again, Mr. Hill.

Call me Billy Joe.

Where's Detective King?

Headed out. Said he'd be at the morgue.

(Frankie) Is he avoiding me?

Ha! You wish.

Listen, sport. You'd better slow down.

I don't know what they taught you up there in DO, but you'd better make damn sure you know what the hell you're doing.

[distorted, screeching notes]

(Jacob) Ice man!

(Jacob) What's going on, baby? You alright?

I'm starting to see you more than a wife.

Is this my guy?

Man, what a shame.

Pretty, pretty young girl like this, end up like that.

It ain't right. Where's my guy?

I didn't take a look around. I'm up to my ass in dead bodies.

And he's at the back of the line.

Oh he's at the back of the line?

And I thought I'm not gonna have some preference, you know?

Do you know why I became a pathologist?

A coroner, man. don't get carried away with the title.

(Frankie) Clever.

Lord have mercy. You're like a bad rash, man, you ust keep coming back.

Yeah. Look, can I talk to you for a bit.

Sure enough.

I'm going to the coffee machine.

What are you scared of?

I ain't scared of nothing.

The quicker I get through this...

The quicker I get you out of my life.

No. The quicker we can investigate the case at hand.

Well, tell me what you need.

I was hoping we could talk in a place a little more...

A little more charming? This is police work.

Come on up here, meet my girl.

[clears throat]


Look, I'm just gonna get straight to the point.

There's several questions in regards to the evidence gathered in the Hill case.

That should all be detailed in my report.

Well, I'm sure it is, but we still need to talk about it.

Uh, well, you tell me specifically, exactly what you want to know about, and I'll give it all to you. [phone rings]


You're joking.

Lord have mercy. The fu... I'll get back to you.

So you're boy, Billy Joe, just got out, and in only one hour he killed three more people.

How you like that?


(Jacob) I got it, baby.

You decoded the latest sign?

I broke the code.

"The soul you kill is the soul you keep. "

"At the edge of space, this is the true religion. "

I can read the words.

I just don't know what he's saying.

[expectant music]

Hi. Excuse me.

I got a kinda of a long shot here for you.


This individual [clears throat] is a poet, I mean, at least he thinks he is.

Do you recognize any of this?

Nothing I've seen before. Sorry.

Uh huh.

Well, he does like these astrology things, and this kind of poetry concerning the arcane and the occult and, I mean, you know where I can find something like that here?

That's not my job. Check the directory.

Uh huh. I guess being polite ain't your job either.

[phone rings]

[eery music]

[female voice on loudspeaker] Closing time is in five minutes.

We're closing. Any luck?

Hell, yeah, man. I got all kinds of luck.

Well, like I said, we're closing.

Hell, I'm just, getting ready to put all this shit away now.

Never mind. I can do it quicker than you can.

Hey, you're so nice all of a sudden, huh?

Southern Death Threat.

What's that?

The line you wrote down. It's from their song.

That's what you're looking for, right?

And where do you think I can find them?

A shit hole club on Western, All About Eve, They play the same crappy songs every night.

A bunch of them are astrology nuts.

Man, you've been a big help.

Have a good night.

You sure I can't put this shit away for you?

[eery music continues]

Hello. [chuckles]

[heavy rock music]

Fuck you, man.

Fuck you!

What do you think you're doing?

[indistinct shouting]

That'll be $5. 50. Thanks.

What do you need, honey?

I'm looking for somebody.

Aren't we all?

Yes, ma'am I suppose we are.

What's the name of the band?

Southern Death Threat. You like them?

Are you an agent?


Their demo's coming out. I wrote some of the songs.

That's what I do. I write.

Screenplays mostly, some songs.

You know, man, I like lyrics, you know. Man, that's what I'm interested in.

[audio] space. Did you write that?

Hell, no.

You know I like that. Who wrote that?

Really? It's Lazarus wrote that.

He's deep into the science of astrology.

Sickest fuck you'll ever meet.

Uh huh. Where he at?

Him over there. That's Lazarus.

(Jacob) Get outta the way. Outta the way.

You can't...


Watch out.

[speeds off]

Hey, that's my car!

[gun shots]



[thuds] Ugh. Ugh.


[eery drone]

[door creeks open]


[expectant music]

[pants heavily]


[steps of a running man]

[pants heavily]



[music intensifies]

[sound of steam pressure]

(Jacob) You know I'm gonna get you!


(male voice) Hey!

(male voice) That way!

This is car 12 do you read?

(female over radio) Roger, Detective.

57 Poplar, 4th floor. Need back up. I need cars now.

I need cars now.

(female over radio) Roger that.

[eery drone]

[elevator opens]

Get back, MPD.

[gasps in horror]

Close the door!

[door creeks]

(female voice) No!



I just wanna talk. Let her go.

(hostage)[cries] No!

[hostage screams]

[door bangs open]

Get outta the hall!

[hostage screams]

Get outta the way. Outta the way!


[door bangs open]

[metallic thud] Ugh!

All my life, I've searched for a worthy adversary.

Someone who understands me.

Someone who appreciates my work.

You're that one.

You think?

Love is law and I ain't finished yet.

You know, buddy? We can make this alright now.


(Jacob) Your adversary, alright.


[police sirens]

(Jacob) I got you now.

For sure.

[eery drone] You listen carefully.

I can speak in tongues.

The language of the gods.

I can speak any language, ancient or otherwise.

Egyptian. Sanskrit.


I can channel spirits. Good and evil.

Make 'em do my bidding.

I have not chosen you.

But you have been chosen.

To walk with me.

I will walk with you.

Before us, looking as gods.




But I will [inaudible]

Until we get right.


Where as once I was blind.

Now I can see.


[toilet flushing]

(male voice) Good morning.


[sighs] Damn.


You were something else last night, lady.

Yeah. I know.

Oh, you know?

Good morning.

[kissing and chuckling]

[chuckles and growls]

What you doing?


[metallic flick]

Ow. Ow!

Get the fuck off me.

Get the fuck off!

I would have killed you last night, but you were so sweet.



Don't you move.


[approaching steps] Hello?

[eery music]

(Coroner) Agent Miller.

[clears throat] Sorry about the late notice, I know it's...

Pretty damn rude.

This investigation is being supervised by my Agency, and we have ultimate authority over everything related to the Grifter case.



I'll take that as a "yes."

You can do whatever you want. Now let's get on with it.

Duffy! Bring in 42!

[door opens]

[sighs] You examined the victims from the very first?


And the count to date is five?

Six. Three females and three males.

And each death was a result of blunt force trauma, a beating?


No inconsistencies with the victim's wounds?

The only inconsistency is amount of trauma between the female victims and the male.

The women were beat less?

No. He toys with the females more.

They received much more trauma.

Are you aware of why we're interested in this case?

You want the truth?


Wrong. Unfortunately, it's not simple.

[whistling and wheels squeak]

It's the first male victim.

He's a little ripe.

The flesh found underneath the fingernails, It matches the DNA from the second female victim, right?

Makes sense, don't it?

Well, it does and it doesn't.

Fingernails are used by females in a defensive manner but not by a man.

That's textbook. A man will do anything to defend himself.

Scratch, kick, bite I've seen it all. Don't seem strange to me.

Well, the sample we got made it seem strange.

Under which fingernail was it recovered?

Right index finger.

I'm gonna need a close up photo of that finger.


Just get it done. Someone will pick it up tonight.


What happened to your arm?


I wanted to talk to you.


Nights has an opening.

Nights always has openings.

I think they can get me changing shifts. Something different.

Just wanted to check it with you first, see what you thought.

This move, it'll help me become a detective.

Like you.

You should go for it.

(Storm) Thought you went back to Washington, little lady.

What would make you think that?

Since you're out of work. Jacob nearly got this thing solved.

Jacob has a possible suspect. Nothing more.

It can be a little bit more than that, you see?

I made out with his wallet. Inslde I found a necklace.

I waiting for confirmation, but my guess is, the DNA from this matches the dead prostitute, Jessica Trimble, an individual named Lazarus Jones, a convicted sex offender

[audio] day parole for a long time now.

That's why he's the lead dog.

You gotta take notes. [phone rings]


Why didn't I get the lab reports?

Well, I just like to keep shit kinda close to my vest, you know.

That's not protocol.

I'm not too good at protocol.

Great. Thanks. Okay.

The DNA tests results confirmed it Lazarus Jones is the Grifter.

Where are you going?

Well, I'm gonna go get his ass. You can come if you all wanna see.

Storm, put out an APB.

So, what you got, little lady?

So you mind telling me where we're going? didn't that his license?

Sure enough. The address is legit, but no doubt he's long gone.

Did you tell the uniforms?

I didn't tell the uniforms. I need that crime scene preserved.

Besides, we're the Detectives.

[knocking on door]

(Jacob) Lazarus Jones. MPD!

We're clear.

Like I said, he's long gone.

[eery drone]

(Frankie) Jesus Christ.

[chains clink]

[eery drone continues]

[distorted guitar notes and flies buzz]

[soft clanging]


FBI. We just wanna talk.

[flapping of bird's wings]

[drone intensifies]


[drone intensifies]

[door creeks open]

[dripping sound]

[door creeks]


[police sirens and indistinct voices on radio]

[sound of flashes]

Something ain't right, man.

Why would he bring the body back here?

We should've moved faster. We had him.

Yeah, we had him.

That guy was gone the second he dropped his wallet in that alley.


[Jacob sighs]

I'm telling ya'. I think I've just about got this cracked.

Lazarus is spelling out divination. He's telling us the future with his astrological riddles.

He's timed his killings on lunar phases.

On his last victims he got full moon, waning gibbous and third quarter. next is the waning crescent. That's tonight.

What that tell ya? He gonna kill tonight.


Do we know where?

We're close, baby.

This constellation's called Arianna's crown.

It has nine stars in it.

I believe these stars somehow correlate to the locations of the killings.

I just need to figure out how.

Listen, I'm gonna go home, spend some solitary time trying to figure this out.

Keep the Fed busy, will ya?

Don't you worry. I can handle that.


[expectant music]

Still working on that Grifter case?

I am.

Closing in on him?

I definitely am.

He was using the distances between the stars in this constellation of Arianna's crown. and mirroring that over the city of Memphis, to a scale that he made up himself.

If you put this here, [sighs] and I trace all of the murder sites, we place this over this diagram of Arianna's crown, that I found at his den, as you can see, there's two starts missing.

His next kill is one of these two locations.

Now, once I cracked the last cypher, I knew it could only be one place.

[jazzy music]

[drone and mangled guitar notes]

Let me go! Let me go!

[metallic slash] Ugh!

[echoes] (Mother)Jacob!

[soft piano music]

[ominous drone]

[hollow swoosh]

[sudden scream]

[muffled screams]

(female) Ah!




This is for you, Agent Miller.

Thank you.

You got the wrong impression of him, kid.

Jacob's a good man.

That's your opinion.

Did you ever hear about the case of the Cannibal of South County?


That was the first case Jacob and I ever did together.

I studied his file. I don't remember that case.

Well, I fuckin' do. Seven days and seven nights, searching non stop, until we finally cornered that bitch in an apartment on the South Side.


He was inside.

(Storm) I wanted to call back up, but Jacob wouldn't let me.

He said we have to move fast.

[chuckles] That's typical.

I was like you. I doubted him.

(Frankie) You went in without back up?

You're damn right. We didn't need none.

I had his back and he had mine.

I was scared. I ain't gonna lie to you. I was scared.

This man was not only a killer, he was a mother fucking cannibal.

And what happened?

Well, we moved in, real slow.

Being real quiet.

Shit, we were so quiet, you could hear a rat piss on a cat.

And then, lightening.

He stood there real calm, opened the door.

Real slow [creaking sound]

And then we saw him, with his back towards us, kneeled down, over a dead fucking clown.

A clown?

He was bent over, chewing on him.

Eating his flesh and sucking his bone, Like it was the last barbecue rib at Rendezvous.

[all chuckle]


Right in front of you?

Right in front of us.

I was shaking and I called out.

Freeze! Mother fucker!

And Jacob, he's standing there, like ice running through his veins.

Gun covering down, hammer starting ease back.

(Frankie) Son of a bitch. Then what?

He just stood there.

Real calm. Like it didn't even make no difference that we was even there.

You're kidding me.

Nah, I wouldn't bullshit you.

He had this arm in his hand, blood all over his fucking mouth, And you know what he said to us?


Does this taste funny to you?

[all laugh]

Good one. Let's go.

I get it, he was eating a clown. Very funny.



Jacob's DNA was found on the fingers of the latest victim.

[sexy jazz music]

I like that.

Good. Okay.

Thank you.

[ominous drone]

Lazarus Jones. MPD. You're under arrest. Put your hands in the air.

[distorted guitar notes]

I said put them in the air, boy!

Do it!


You all get outside. Go on!

(Jacob) This is car 12. I need back up.

(Jacob) I wanna beat you silly.

Ready, baby?

(Jacob) You're the tough guy.

(Jacob) Like to beat helpless women?

Slap 'em?

Punch 'em?

Like this?

How about that?

You like it, sport?

Come on.

Want a piece of me?

Okay, baby.

(Jacob) Take your best shot.

You feel that?

Come on!

You like to break bones, right?


[cracking sound] Agh!

(Jacob) I think your arm's broken.


(Officer) Enough, Detective King.

We got him.

(Jacob) Make sure Storm takes his confession.

(Jacob) He's the Grifter.

(Lazarus) No!

(Lazarus) My arm, you fucker, my arm!


(Storm) It just don't add up.

Maybe I'm just not getting it.

The facts are the facts. The lab results just came in.

The DNA found on the dead barmaid's fingers at his farm match's Jacob's.

Bullshit. That can't be right.

The facts are all pointing in one direction.

I mean, you saw< it, he had a fresh scratch on his arm.

And Lazarus has disappeared that's if he even exists.

[sighs] Look, I'll agree to something that I would rather die than admit.

He is a genius. But I believe he uses the same genius to catch the bad guys to hide his own criminality.

Jacob killed that barmaid.

Listen, you lost your damn mind.

It's the perfect murder. The killer investigates his own crime and pins it on a serial killer he's already investigated.

[soft piano music]

[soft step]


You know, the sick thing is, you killed her to get to me.

All you had to do is call my mother fucking name.


Yeah, You're gonna bend over and I'm gonna stick my size 14 up your ass.

[flicks knife and chuckles]


Come on!


Looks like old times, ain't it Billy Joe.

Want some more?

Come on, mother fucker.

You like knives, right?


Where are you going, boy?

No appeal this time.

Get up, ol' Billy.


Come on.

Come on here, Billy.

[cries] Ah!

[groaning] Fuck you!

(Billy) You're gonna regret this.

Here comes, mother fucker!

Here comes! Ah!

[pants and gags]

You've killed me.

Holy shit [audio]

[soft piano music]

[police sirens]

Storm, come on. Let's go.


(Officer) Right.



It's Celine.

She's dead.


He's gone.

Good job.


[soft piano music]

(OS Jacob) Storm, I'm sorry about Celine.

Billy-music Joe killed her and I took care of him, my way.

He won't be up on appeal.

You've been a great partner.

I know my methods are unconventional, but hell, that's how I caught Lazarus.

Take his confession for me, would ya?

I'll look you up one day. Jacob.

I just got off the phone with your Captain.

He said Jacob booked Lazarus about two hours ago.

He confessed to everything. Including framing Jacob.

[birds chirp]

[jazzy music]




[speaks Russian and chuckles]

(Jacob) [speaks Russian]


[gasps] Thank you.


Thank you, papa.

Thank you.

[speaks Russian]

[speaks Russian]