Kill Zone 2 (2015) Script

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Bye, Roy!

Hong Kong Government Hospital ccc.

Tell me! / Got it!

The list 2009 Yin Village No. 1205. AGE: 25th.

TELEPHONE NO.: 95030990.

She's 4 months pregnant. You want someone else?

Will that affect the organs?

Is there a problem?


An average of 620 people go missing a year in Hong Kong, without any omens.

They go to work and go to school as usual.

Then they disappear without a trace.


Are you alright?/ I feel dizzy

2 corpses were found in Nan Hai 2006.

Their chests and abdomens have been cut open.

Their hearts and livers have been removed.

In the end it can be ascertained, the victims are residents of Hong Kong.

Does the boss know she was pregnant?

We believe, this organ trafficking cartel has been running for 7 years.

As usual.

Salt water on the left. Right next to the bag of drugs.

Keep a close watch, uncle. Don't worry... The containers will reach Thailand in 2 days.

Over the past few years, according to.

My informant, trafficking organizations may be involved I'm sure soon we'll get to know the real culprit.

Khlong Prem Prison Northern Thailand.


Examine the girl carefully. The client will be here in 2 days for surgery.

HUMAN ORGAN SPL 2: A Time For Consequences.

Daddy, you go first. No problem!

I don't want to play anymore. / Don't be scared.

It's fun! Look!

I don't want to play.

Come on, listen to Daddy. One step at a time.

One step... / Keep your eyes on the ice, Don't be scared. It's easy.

Very good! Look at the ice, you're like a little bird, soaring in the sky.

Soaring... Sa, you're going too fast!

Come here, Daddy!

Slow down!

Thank you.

Slow down!

Slow down, Careful!


Bend down ..

Who gave you permission to take her out? / The doctor.

I called him already, take her upstairs right away!

Can you go faster? Doctor!


We need to draw some blood!

Doctor, how is she?

Sa, are you alright? Her condition has stabilized.

But she only has 1/3 of the normal platelet count.

L'll give her a new drug. We'll see if she'll get better.

Any word on the bone marrow transplant?

We found a match, but were unable to contact the donor.

If we hear anything, the hospital will contact you.

Can you give me the donor's contact? I can try to call him.

I'm sorry, The donor's details are confidential.

I beg you, doctor!

You must be patient.

Chan Chi Kit.

Sa ..


I had a dream / About what?

I can't tell you.

Why didn't you tell me your daughter is sick?

You want to wait till she's dead? Are we not brothers?

I'm sorry. L didn't realize the new drug is so expensive.

Chai. Sa is like a daughter to me. What a shame she's so sick at such a young age.

Over there! What is your name?


Let go!

Let go!

This photograph.

You were arrested in 2004 for drug possession. / What?!

You were sentenced to life imprisonment. / That's not me!

That's not me!

Let go! Let me go!

It is now.

What do you want exactly?

What do you really want?

You screwed my business partner, I had to fix you.

Who are you? Let me go!

What are you looking at?

I'm a cop!

I'm a cop. I'm a Hongkong police! Anybody help me? I can pay!

Anybody help me? I can pay!


Trust me!

Help me! L can give money.

Money ..

Can anyone speak Mandarin?

Cantonese? English?


I can pay!

Please help me!

4 Days Ago Drug Rehabilitation Charismatic Hongkong.

You'll get fired, If you keep this up... Are you stupid or what?

Where are my cigarettes?

Son of a bitch!

Look at me.

Look at me!

What do you want?

No, what's with you?

Look at you. You call yourself a cop?

You said l talk like a fucking punk!

Now you want to know why l don't look like a cop?

You think they'd call and tell you?

Whether they waiting police?

I'm tying to kick it.. Just keep this under wraps.

Walk as fast as you can.

How much time do l have?

Will power is crucial.

There's hope as long as you're on the list for heart transplant.

My blood type... is the rare Bombay phenotype. Less than one in a million.

If anything goes wrong, we can give you an artificial heart transplant, that could last 5 years.

When will l find a heart?

Your brother's report is out.

He has the same blood type.

Next week

we go to Thailand

l'll get you an electronic heart. The experts say it can last 5 years.

Yours is a 1000/o match for me.

I can't have surgey all the time.

You're my brother. We grew up together.

You love me. We fight together.

We're brothers. L know you won't do it.

I trust you won't.

I need your help this afternoon.

We have an order to kidnap 2 people. They are husband and wife.

Bring me the bag from the reception.

Your singing sucks! Let me do it.

Stop it!



They want me to kidnap someone right now.

Where? Don't know yet.

But they have guns.

I'll track your phone. Stall them until we get there.

Kit! Run if it goes sour.

We must go now, OK?

Someone will take us onto the boat. We'll be fine.

If he dares to touch you, Ill kill him!

Go over there! Yes, sir!


The nerve of them! Go over there! / Yes, sir!


Ruang Hall A.


There they are! Keep the man alive, Take him on the boat. Kill the woman.

Take her out.

They're here! Be careful!

Sit down!

I don't care who arrest them if they make a move.


Don't worry, get up!

Make sure it doesn't go off! I can't die!

Didn't we pay you?


Run! Hurry!

Get up!

Let go!

Brother Wah!, l have the target, come get him.

Take him to Gate 8, l'll be right there!


Bring the boat around! Hurry!

You're running away?

Police! Freeze! Get down! / Help me, officer!

Someone wants to kill me! / Stay down! Do not move!




Come on.

Keep an eye on him!


Suspect gunned down at cruise terminal, please send an ambulance.



What's the situation?

Sir, He's still in a coma.

His name is Hong Wen Piau, 32 years old, no criminal record.

He's an anesthetist at Mercy Hospital.

Three shots to the chest led to hemorrhaging in the lungs.

The doctor will operate when his condition stabilizes.

Excuse me. My name is Hong Wen Kang. You asked me to come in to give blood.

Please follow me. / Thanks.

Where is our mole? On a boat, with the rest of them.

We can still track them down. This guy is a big problem, So many people want him dead, when he wakes up, we'll know what's going on.

The doctor said you have a weak heart. We'll start with 250cc.

Thank you.

Let us know if you feel sick.

Sir. The target's brother is here.

Excuse me. I'm Chen Kuo Hua. Crime Unit of Kowloon.

West. L'm in charge of your brother's case.

He was the target at the cruise terminal shootout.

How is he?

He's still in a coma. He's a suspect in several kidnapping cases. He's in custody for questioning.

Sir. Can you tell me if he can be out on bail?

I want to get him a lawyer.

What do you do?

Toy trading. / You have a business card? / Yes.

Thank you.

How is your relationship with your brother?

He donated blood several times to save me. Before he got married, we used to live together. We're very close.


Your number is not in his phone book.

My phone number is... 98721018.

October 18, 1972 is my birthday.

The number is easy to remember. We're brothers, my number doesn't need to be in his phone book.

Nice number. / Yes he gave it to me.

Sir. Phone call for you. / Excuse me.

Open up! / Sir!

I have your boy Chan Chi Kit. Trade him with with Hong Wen Piau if you want him back.

You have two days. Lf l don't see him, l'll chop your boy to pieces.

Who's this? Hello?

You won't save a cop in trouble?

I never said that. But l can't lose the suspect.

We can't take that chance. Or our effort for years will go down the drain!

I didn't want a fellow cop to get hurt either.

He wasn't just a cop. He's my nephew.

I'm a cop!

I am a Hong Kong Police. Who can help me? I can pay! L can give money!

Kwong came to me a week ago.

You need money because your daughter is sick.

If you need more, we'll talk again at month end.

Take good care of your daughter.


You know what Police means?

Daddy, give me your phone.

Here / l downloaded an app for you.


"Polisi" (?????)

HONGKONG, time is GMT 823:50:50.

Relax! Eveything is under control.

Where is the boat? / I don't know! / Where's the boat? I don't know!

You're out of line!

Please ...!

What did l tell you?

No news, we can't sit here and wait.

Tell me what to do! No, you tell me what to do!

I don't want you to lose your pension.

L'd rather lose my job than lose my nephew.


Can you hear me? Can you save my daughter?

Who are you? / You speak Thai?

I don't understand. / Wait a minute.

Hey! What do you want?/ Don't move!

Don't move!

Tell him only he can save my daughter! Hurry...

Don't play with the phone! I'm hanging up!

Hello? Please hold. Tell him what?

Only he can save my daughter. What the fuck are you talking about?

My daughter has leukemia. This guy's bone marrow can save her.

He can save my daughter. I hope he can come to Thailand.

"I hope he can help my daughter in Thailand"

I beg you, please help my daughter.

Are you the owner of this phone?

Sir, listen to me. There's a girl who has leukemia.

I'm not the owner of this phone.

I fished it out of the water.

Are you the owner?

There's no sound. Is it broken? What happened?

Hold on! Don't hang up!

What did he say?

He said... it's not his phone. He just found it.

How old is your daughter?

She's 8.

Are you sick? What's wrong with you? / Headache.

In that case, we must operate. Don't laugh! Take this seriously! Do l really need surgey? / Yes.

Nurse, please look after her.


Can you give me a check-up?

My heart is beating very fast.

Your patients are waiting for you.

We're pretending. / Really? Daddy, l have a secret.


The doctor found someone who can save me.

I copied down his phone number./ Where?

If we find him, l'll get well.

Don't worry, Daddy! We'll find him.

Can you promise not to tell anyone?

I promise! L'll zip it up.

I'll get well. I will.

Your brother's operation went well. He'll wake up soon.

When he wakes up, he can tell me who wants him dead.

You have cigarettes?


Thank you.

Hopefully he can help you with your case.

I hope so too. The nurse said you have a weak heart. You should quit smoking.

That can cure my condition but not my life. The hell with it. Well said.

When I was 7 years old, the doctor said I won't live to 10.

When l was 10, he said l won't get past 15.

I'm 43 years old now. Many doctors said it's a miracle.

My pacemaker used to run on 2 batteries. Now they use a chip.

If it stops, I die instantly. For over a decade, I've been waiting for a heart.

You have a very rare blood type.

Not even one in 10 million. Does your brother know about this? Yes.

In this whole world, only your brother's heart can save you.

Go upstairs with me. I got a clip today, I don't know if it's real. I'm scared after watching it.

My life is bound to his.

If I die, you'll never see him again.

My heart will stop if I don't get a new one. Bust my brother out of the hospital.

Your boss is on his way. Time is running out. What a selfless cop!

Ok, Take it easy!

Where? Corridor.

What? / Bring the car to the back door. Clean out the trunk.

Why? / Don't ask!

Thailand, GMT 01:13:00

Hongkong, GMT 802:13:18.

Check the cell ♪ 15!

Something happens in the cell 15!

They came for the suspect!

Open the door! They came for the suspect!

Open the door!

Ineed to take the suspect with me. Wheel chair!


Get up slowly!

Is everything ok? / What happened?

The prisoner escaped! We're dead! Let's split up and look for him.


What are you doing here?

Stay where you are!


Thailand, GMT 22:22:40.

Brother Wah! We don't have to do this. We can go back.

How? A cop's life is at stake. So what if we hand over the suspect?

If they don't release him, we'll all go to jail!

We have no choice!

Did you go out last night? A new bar iust opened. The girls are beautiful.


Go to Cell ♪69!


Cells 69, GMT 701:26:00

lt's open! Let's go!


Who is it?


You saw nothing, just walk away.

Get them back, or you'll spend the rest of your life in here.

What are you doing? Go back to your room!

Women and children? Why are they here? None of your business!

He took my phone. We're dead if he makes a call.

Come back!

Hongkong, GMT 802:30:00.

Take him to Wong Shek Pier.

Listen! I won't hand him over.

If anything happens to my nephew, I'll carve out his heart!!

I'm telling you. You and your are dead.

Move away!

Who told you to open fire? You're all dead if anything happens to them.

Don't shoot! Hold your fire!

Don't shoot!

Move! Move!




Is that him?

Trace the location of the phone in Thailand.

I'll do it. Give me 2 days. I don't think God will toy with us.

Lee Ta En! Open the door!

Are we friends?

Will this work?

I don't know. Why don't you call the ambulance?

Don't fucking kill him! We need him alive!

Yes, sir!


China Town, Thailand.

Brother Wah. L got it.

The call is from a prison in Bangkok.

Our guy may be inside.

Please be careful.


What is it?

I followed you here from the prison.

What do you want?

I want to see someone.


No answer!

Daddy, I'm scared.

Sa, look at this small plant before it starts to germinate, it's only a seed buried in the soil in complete darkness.

It doesn't know what it's future will be like.

Just like you and me. We're both scared.

That's why we must have hope.

Just like the seed in the dark soil.

As long as it doesn't give up, germinate and grow, it will see sunlight someday.

The world is full of miracles.

We must have hope. Smile!

Thank you.


Is the baby cying again?/ Yes.

Where have you been? Mom and Dad are waiting for you.

Can you manage?

When will you be home?

Why two of you?

We have a lot to unload.

Open the door.

Someone wants to see you.

Sir, we traced them to Dr. Lee Tai Yun 148 Reclamation Street in Yau Ma Tei.

What are you doing?

Do you know? You'll get us killed!

Trust me! It'll be alright!

Take it easy! Stand still!

Just 15 minutes. 15 minutes!

What's wrong?

Take cover!

Watch him.

When are you getting me out?

I need to make sure you're in here, Then i'll get you out.

I have the culprit's brother.

They wouldn't dare touch you.

Take this money and take your daughter away from here!

I shouldn't have gotten you this job.

Kak Hua! We're screwed.

They took the suspect.

What is it? / Something happened.

The culprit abducted his brother.

I came alone.

Kit! Look at me!

We'll get through this.

One step at a time, We can do it! / Uncle!

Do we have a way out?

I'll get you out even if I have to blow up this place.

Tell me, How can l get him out?

Money is not an issue. Tell me!

You're working very hard.

Making a delivey at this hour?

I let you in because we're like brothers.

How could you do this to me?

Sorry, boss / Good! If i'm still your boss,

I'm giving you a chance to take care of him.

But I won't force you.

This girl had a blood check. I can save your daughter.

RESULTS: 10 out of 10 match.

If you won't do it, I'll sell this to someone else.

She's your last hope.

I'll do it.


A dead man is worthless.

You're here!

Thanks to you!

Or I won't be here so fast.

Don't mention it, Mr. Hung.

If you hadn't saved me back then, I won't be here today.

Nice tie!

Thank you.

Did you hear that?

He thanked me.

Cops are not the only ones who can be selfless. / You want to kill your own brother.

You're worse than a dog.

How many lives have I saved? Do you have any idea?

He's alive... because of me.

Or else... he's dead!

I take one life, to save my own.

What's wrong with that?

In fact... he is my brother.

What's between us, is none of your business.

My life has been tough, but l still came this far.

Look at you. No disease no pain, but you don't appreciate it and end up bleeding all over the place.

Look at you... So pathetic!

You sound more and more like a mad dog.

Except for me, eveyone is afraid to die.

Tell you what... I'm sending you on your way.

What a mess!

Consider this a gift. Go ahead and sell them.

Thank you.

Surgery has been scheduled. We can start when your brother gets here.

Call me when you're ready. Make it quick.

Hello, I came to pick up the phone.

Did you bring money? / Yes.

Thank you.

It's working. You're all set.

Okay, Thank you.

Your phone kept ringing.

Look at that!

Sa, where are you going? / I want to be alone, it's a secret.


Did you call me? I have a lot of missed calls.

Excellent! I finally got ahold of you!

What are you saying?

What is going on?


Sa, this is your godfather. Your Daddy is working.

Let him finish working, OK?

I'll tell him to call you later.

We're leaving.

Thank you.

I told you, not to wear that when you eat.

Relax! Let's eat.

Let's break out of here!


Take them away! / Right!

Come on!

There's a car!

They're not here.

It'll work.

Go ...!

Let's go!


What a moron!

What happened to you guys? Give us a hand! Quick!

Call Hong Kong. We're going back tonight.

Oh my God!

What? / The girl has leukemia!

Only the owner of the phone can save her. It'd be great if he would go to Thailand.

You can understand it?

You bet!

What is that? Who sent it? / He's not the owner of the phone.

I found this picture in the phone. Maybe he's the owner.

He's sending me a picture of the owner. / What?

Where can I make a long distance call?

Excuse me! These belong to your friends, please keep them! / Thanks.

Daddy, where are you? I got through to his phone, he sent me a picture.

I'm sending it to you now.

Nurse! Where are you?

Sa, Come here.

I found him, The man who can save me.

I have his picture, that's him!

That's him! That's him!

Why do you have my photo?

We have assured you that your bone marrow can save Sa.

But at this time, we are unable to accept your donation.


By law, any drug user must quit for a minimum period of three years before giving any donation.

However, I don't think her condition could withstand for another six months.

I'm Sorry.

I have done something bad in the past.

I can't help you iust yet.

What if I wait for you?

I promise i'll live till the day you can save me

I'm sure you can.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Hit him hard!

You have a last wish?

I... want you to die.

I can't help you with that.

Start the surgery.

I can't believe the guy who can save Sa

is your nephew.

If you believe, you can keep on going.

God will not toy with us.

One day, when you look back, you'll know...

The wrong thing, happens at the right time.

Lotus Medical Center, Thailand.

Call the doctor!

I gave you the money you needed.

You needed someone to save your daughter, I found one for you.

You think you've done a good thing?

Hopefully you won't get it evey day.

You killed your own daughter.

Chop him up and feed him to the dogs. / Yes, sir!

Hold this!


Mr. Hung? You're not in surgery?

Get over here!

What happened?

Bring the guy and get over here!

You should have the address!

Catch him!



Good evening.


Where's Sa?

Find him!

Open it!

Open it!

Open it!

I told you to come here and open it! Stupid!

Open it slowly.

What're you looking at?


Can you promise me something? Give this to Daddy!

Let the Boss go, I'll let your friend go.

Turn on the lights and lock the elevator.

I'm the guy from Hong Kong you've been looking for.


Daddy, he sent me a picture. I'm sending it to you now.

It's me!

I won't make it. Without a doctor, your heart is useless to me.

If you were not my brother,

I would have done this over 10 years ago.

I had no choice. But you do. Go!


Don't go. If you leave, I'll die!

Are you alright?

I can't see a thing!


Where will i go?

Don't be afraid!, You will be fine.

You can't die, you still have to save my daughter.

I heard they looked for me for a long time.

Luckily they found me in the end.

A lot of things in life are beyond our control.

Just like the ice on the lake. No one knows when the ice will crack.

I never told anyone what happened that night.

Because no one would believe there's a wolf in Bangkok.

I'll never forget the way the wolf looked at me.

Daddy taught me to deal with fear and have hope.

Hope it helped -> bozxphd