Killa (2014) Script

Hey, you're back!

No power today either?

Oh, God!

You got drenched!

Didn't you carry an umbrella?

Chinmay, didn't you take an umbrella along?

-It rained all of a sudden. -Of course it will, it's the season!

Let's get you changed or you'll catch cold.

Get that lamp inside.

That's it?

Starting tomorrow, I'll make some bread too.

I'll set up the kitchen tomorrow.

Then I'll cook whatever you like.

What happened, Son?

Unable to sleep?

You always get grumpy when we relocate.

Even when you were a baby.

You just wouldn't sleep!

I'd just give up and let your dad put you to sleep.

You'd cry all night.

He knew how to take care of you.

You were closer to him, anyway. Weren't you?

That is not true!

You were the one who wanted to sleep early.

So, you'd hand me over to Dad.

Then, he'd tell me stories!

Come on! What do you mean "sleep early"?

I needed to wake up early, didn't I? So many chores in the morning!


Can't you get your relocation canceled?

I've told you this before, my son.

How can it just get canceled?

I've been promoted. We need to stay here at least for a year.

You'll get to like this place too.

You'll warm up to it.

Come on, now! Get to bed.

You have to be up early tomorrow. To be ready for school.

Get to bed, now.

Bandya, hurry up! How much can we pamper this pup!

Bandya, is there enough gasoline?


Hold her tightly!

Come on, shove it already!

Oh, my poor puppy! What happened to you...


Wow! Awesome!

-Your uncle sent it. -For me?

Of course!

Let me open it for you.


-And for Sagar? -He's got the same one too.

He chose it. Let him know you like it.

Now pack your bag, have a bath.

I'll drop you to school on my way to work.

Here you go. Don't be shy in the class.

If they don't mingle with you, then you initiate it.

I should be going now.

I'll see you in the evening. I'll come back early today.

Bastard specksy! Have you gone blind?

You're the one who's blind! Didn't you just run into me?

-Want gasoline up your ass like that dog? -I'll tell on you to the teacher!


Hey, who are you looking at?

New student? What grade are you in?

-Seventh. -What?

Seventh grade.

You too? Me too, and her too!

Hey, egghead, what are you ogling?

Bandya, you're pissing me off now.

If you call me an egghead, I'll punch you!

Egghead! Egghead! Humpty Dumpty egghead!

Egghead! Egghead! Humpty Dumpty egghead!

Good morning, teacher!

Good morning! Take your seats.

-Neeranjan Pakle. -Here!

-Sidesh Shinde. -Here!

-Omkar Mali. -Here!

-Yuvraj Patil. -Hasn't come in!

-Hasn't come in? -Nope!

-Swarali Shirdhankar. -Here!

-Shruti Jadhav. -Here!

-Umesh Kadam. -Here!

-Prakash Kunte. -Here!

-Suhas Koli. -Here!

Chinmay Kale.

Present, ma'am!

You're the new student from Pune?

You were awarded a scholarship in fourth grade, right?

You must get a scholarship this year too!

Listen up! We have a gifted scholar in class.

Chinmay Kale.

You all should learn from him.

Each one of you must get the scholarship this year.

Do you all understand? Hey, you at the back.

Yes, ma'am!

Let's all welcome Chinmay Kale with a round of applause!


Okay, now listen very closely.

Seventh grade is as crucial as the tenth grade.

The NOC is pending. Do you have it?

What do you mean?

The "No Objection Certificate" is due. I can't approve without it.

What I mean is I'll get the NOC later. You just sign the document.

I can't do that.

I can't sign the approval without the bank's NOC.

Sure, as per the law, we should have the NOC.

But the law also has exceptions, doesn't it?

Yes, but they need to be prescribed by law.

Come on, ma'am, don't hold up the procedure for a single document.

I am not! Get the NOC and we'll be through in a minute.

What I am saying is, you have a fair point.

We will get the NOC eventually.

You know how painful and tiresome it is to procure an NOC.

Let's do it this way. You sign it and I will quickly get the NOC.

How long does it take to sign? Half a minute!

Get the NOC and I'll sign the document.

Ma'am, why don't you figure something out? We'll do as you say!

Why do we need an NOC at all?

Why don't you ask us for something more lucrative?

Looks like you don't understand. Get the NOC--

Sir, greetings! When did you come?

What time is it, Nivte? You're late again!

Ma'am, I was--

If you had come earlier, we wouldn't have to wait.

As in? Still not signed?

Sign? The lady is delaying it pointlessly.

Sir, actually the lady has newly joined here.

She doesn't know how it works here.

Okay, perhaps I should learn from you "how it works here"!

No, I didn't mean it that way, ma'am!

It's Mr. Salvi's old case.

I've been in on it for some time. I'll explain it later.

Sir, I'll take care of it.

Don't keep me waiting!

-I'm on it, sir. -I'll wait outside for you.

What's up, scholarship! Where do you live?

Near the temple.

Holy shit! I live there too! Let's go together.

Let's take the shortcut.

Then the math teacher caned everyone in sight!

He still doesn't know who put crabs in his pocket.

Is that a new bag you got?


-Did you buy it in Pune? -Yeah.

Is Pune really that big a city?

Then why did you come to this small place?

My mom got transferred here.

Oh! So your parents are here with you?

No. It's just me and Mom.

And your dad?

He passed away a year ago.


I don't know what it was, but in his final days he couldn't even recognize anyone.

That's bad.

-Hey, come with me. -But where?

Hold this.

Many years ago, I don't even remember when, my parents were on their way to your Pune city.

They had taken the night service bus.

The driver dozed off.

Holy shit! The bus toppled and got swept in the river.

It broke the bridge and boom! Straight down 100 feet!

My parents died on the spot.

My granny told me it was in the newspaper too.

They died without a scratch on them.

Hey, I think we got something.

That's a snake, damn it!

Bandya, throw it away! Throw it!

Let me honor you for your scholarship!

-Here's a snake garland, Mr. Scholar! -Shut up!


It's a dead snake, you loser!

-Did you guys find the dog? -No.

What was the dog's name again? Mowgli?

Hey, dimwit, ever seen a dog climb a tree?

It's not holding on to a coconut up there!

Go find her, or I'll shove gasoline up your ass instead!

Hey, scholarship!


-Guys, look who's here. -Who is it?


That's it, relax!


Back to your seats, now!

Hey, what are you doing, Bandya?

-Brand new watch? -Yeah, why?

-Can I wear it? -No.

Anything but the watch. It's my favorite!

-Just for ten minutes! -No way, Bandya.

-Okay, five minutes? -I said no!

That's not fair, Yuvraj!

Come here. Who's that newbie in my seat?

-Will you give me your watch? -Just tell me who it is.

That's Chinu, aka Chinmay Kale.

Scholarship and all that. Almost Einstein!

Chinu, this is Yuvraj. Yuvraj as in prince!

What you waiting for?

Do a belly dance for the prince!

Chinu, this bench is mine!

And here, I don't want your scholarly bullshit! Clear?

Good for you. Now move aside.

Hey, cuckoo, what you looking at? Look ahead!


The story of Chandrakanta Is old indeed Bandya, listen up.

Let's see how good your vocabulary is!

Go on.

What does "jerking off" mean?

Jerk off?

Wow! It sounds better than "asshole"!

-Ask egghead if he knows. -Hey, egghead.

You're smart, aren't you? Should I quiz you?

What's the meaning of "jerking off"?

I think I know but I'm not sure.

Stand up, right now!

Tell me the solution to this problem.


Prince Yuvraj?

Are these numbers familiar to you, sir?

Or do you see insects crawling on the board?

So, you're determined to fail in math again this year!

It's your army of buffoons who'll also fail with you!

Because of you, they're all going to fail in math!

Be a little considerate for them at least!

You're famous as the undisputed king of failures!

Especially in math!

Math is so important in our lives.


Don't pretend like you're solving the problem.

Everyone knows your theatrics!

However much you try, whatever you do, you can't possibly solve this.

18.2 centimeters.

Correct answer.

I've been studying during the summer holidays.

This time I am going to top the math exam, sir!

Yeah, right! Sit down now!

What are you all looking at?

Dad got me this fancy pen from Dubai. Now it's yours.

-Your dad lives in Dubai? -No.

But he imports stuff from there. By the sea route.

All these are from Dubai.

This compass box, watch, goggles. There's more at home.

It's awesome, isn't it?

-Are those gears? -Wow!

Gear? What does that mean?

Don't you know? We learnt in science class.

The teeth in wheels are called gears.

Hello, scientist!

The thing that speeds up a bike is called a gear, you fool!

Get braces for your teeth, idiot!

Stay away! Move, losers!

Hey, what? Get out of here!

Where did you find it?

You don't "find" stuff like this, idiot.

-My dad bought it from Mumbai. -Wow! From Mumbai?

Let go!

Hey, Yuvraj, can I take a ride?

Step back! Move!

One small little ride, please.

I won't repeat myself. I said no!

Yuvraj, come on! Don't be so snooty!

Hey, egghead, only I get to ride this bike.

I can ride faster than the speed of light!

Yeah, right! That's all bull crap!

These fancy bikes get conked easily. All style, no grit.

-Hey, wanna race? -Yeah, I'm in!

Let's race! Let's race!

So both of you race from that post to this post, okay?

Yeah, right! Playing hopscotch here, are we?

The race should be very long.

Like, till the fort. Okay?

Get off the bike!

Are you up for it?

Yeah, I'm in. You, egghead?

Yes. But who'll be referee? You cheated last time.

Don't you dare call me a cheater, okay?

Ah, there goes our referee!

Hey, scholarship, wait up!

This is a good idea.

Come, we need you here. Oh, come on!

Scholarship will be a good referee. Neutral entity.

So, no scope for cheating. Work for you guys?

-Fine with me! -Yeah, me too.

Good boy! You won't cheat, right?

He said no.

Now, people live so far off. Everyone is at least an hour away.

Here we're finding such short distance unbearable.

My sister takes a two-hour train to work daily! Can you imagine?

Oh, let's not even talk about traffic in Mumbai!

Why did you get startled?

No reason.

Aunty is calling you downstairs. Come.

I'll be right down.

I wanted to ask you the meaning of "jerking off."

Aunty will take you to the teacher. She knows him well.

-I don't want to learn the flute, Ma! -But why?

Chinmay, I thought you'd enjoy it.

You always liked the flute, didn't you?

Then why are you refusing now?

-What is it now? -What kind of curry is this?


It tastes like horseshit!

-It's a special dish of this region. -I don't want any special dish.

Why can't you make those dishes from Pune? What's this jackfruit shit?

Oh, really! What about the jackfruit Dad used to get from here?

You used to eat it happily back then!


Yuvraj's father got him a bike from Mumbai. With gears!

His dad gets him all expensive stuff from Dubai.

Bags, compass box, pen.

Finish everything that's on your plate.

Now hurry up! I have to go to aunty's place later.


Give me her address.

I'll write her a letter.

She must be lonely out there.

Everything is fine here.

Chinu... is doing good.

He's missing Sagar. He'll be fine by and by.

When I call again on Friday, I'll bring him along.

Okay, I have to go now.

I'm using aunty's phone to call you.

Pay my regards to all.

-Oh, that wasn't necessary. -Oh, come on.

It's not much at all.

-Thanks for the phone! -Don't be so formal.

You've been a great support!

What support do I offer? I myself need support.

You're being modest. It's not easy to live by yourself here.

Forget about me. I feel so proud of you!

Relocating to a new place all by yourself is not easy.

I thought a new place would help... more for Chinmay than for me.

He is at an impressionable age.

I worry for him.

Don't worry about him. He's wise beyond his age!

That's true!

Never thought of remarrying?

Being alone is tough.

You've got to make some hard decisions!

After a certain age, nothing remains in our control.


Take it already!


SON OF A BITCH Soldiers, always march ahead Don't ever turn back Always before you, lies the correct path Light falls on the dark path

No, no, no!

She's not hitting the right notes today.

Why don't you play percussion?

Could you shush the dog! What's wrong with it?

Mom, move! Make way!

What happened, Chinmay?

-What's up? -Aunty, do you have a dog?

Mom, this is Bandya. He's my classmate.

Oh! Come on in.

Mom, didn't you have some urgent work?

Oh, of course! I had some urgent work.

-Is there a dog around somewhere? -Why the hell are you here?

-We have to go someplace. Come. -But where?

Oh, just come!

Mom, I'll be back in a bit.

Did you see a small dog? Really scrawny.

Do you imagine dogs everywhere?

Have you found any?

Bandya, look I found a crab!

That makes 12 crabs.

-Hold this! -No, I can't.

This is a smaller one. It won't do anything.

But, sir, he's falsely mortgaged the land for the loan.

So we can't approve this land deal without a bank NOC.

Mrs. Kale, Konkan has seen a lot of development lately.

Not just roads but industries, which implies more investment.

You'll need to get used to such approvals. This won't be the only time.

You're right, sir. But according to procedure--

But our applicant dictates "procedure." He is bringing in industries and trade.

Why fuss over little things when the applicant holds authority?

It's already complicated. You're complicating it further.

I suggest you sign the approval. The applicant will manage higher up.

What do you say, Nivte?

The decision is up to you. Think about it, but don't overthink it.

True. We've dealt with a lot of cases like this.

Come on in.

This is the Jaigad Lighthouse. The British built it in 1832.

Engineered by Mr. John Oswald.

Careful on the stairs.

Ma'am, watch your head!

These are lighthouse optic gears.

These gears rotate, and in turn move the light.

The light flashes four times in a second.

Based on those flashes, you can gauge your location.

Every boat has a lighthouse chart that shows the nearest lighthouse.

That helps sailors to reach their destination.

Great, isn't it?

Why didn't you stay inside?

That man explained everything.

How a lighthouse works, how far the light goes.

Such a lovely breeze! It felt nice looking at the horizon.

Sagar should've been here.

When he visits, we should bring him here.

Mom, why is the lighthouse closed to visitors at night?

The light would look so beautiful at night.

You seem a little preoccupied.

Of course not.

Look, it's so lovely up here.

You're missing Dad, aren't you?

Me too!

I'm sure he would've liked it up here.

Your uncle called me at work today.

-How's he doing? -He's good!

What was that you wrote in the letter to Sagar?

Sagar mentioned it to Uncle. And he brought it to my attention.


That you and your friends are planning a trip.

Yeah, trip!

Are we adults allowed on that trip? Or is it just you friends?

Of course, you can come! But we'll decide the destination.

Your bike is awesome!

Who'll be the referee now?

One half ticket. On that side.

We'll see you on the other side.

Yuvraj! All the best!

You're so late, Chinu!

Where's the referee?

He's at the finish point, on the other side.

So, egghead, should we begin the race?

You bet! Let's do it!

Are you flooding the ocean?

Let's go! Enough already!

Wait up, guys!

Loser egghead!

Because of you, our "Prince of Gears" loses the race!

The irony of it! And scholarship from Pune wins it!

If this stupid egghead hadn't blocked me, I'd have won!

But I was very close!

Oh, really? You were tailing all of us!

Our own roads, our place. But an outsider wins the race!

Let go. Don't whine now!

Back then, the king's noble court was here.

This room's acoustics are such that if I whisper here, you can hear it all the way over there.

-Hey, don't make up stories! -Really!

The sound travels across the wall!

Through this thick wall.

Umesh, just whisper something.

Hey, Suhas, what up?

Can you hear me?

-Did you whisper? -Yes.


Can't hear a thing, idiot!

Talking of sounds coming from the walls!

Don't act smart with me! Let me show you how it works.

Yeah, sure!

Umesh, put your ears close!

I was listening well. You go on.

Anyone in there?

Oh, my egghead! It's me, Swarali.

How are you, my love?

You bastard!

Dear Swarali, your boyfriend is a nut!

Umesh, run!

Dear Swarali, save us from your boyfriend!

Egghead! Egghead! Humpty Dumpty egghead!

Come on, egghead. Let's race.

Let's race.

Come on! Beat me!

Come, wake up. Have some warm milk.

That's it? Have some more.

What's wrong, Chinmay?

Tell me.

You take a nap. I'll wake you up when dinner's ready.

-Can I sit here? -Sure.

A rectangular garden measures 70 meters in length... and the width is 30 meters.

The four sides of the garden are surrounded by--

Hello, Suhas!

You know who you remind me of?

The cops shown in movies. They're always late!

But it's not your fault at all!

You're right on time.

It's all that bell man's fault!

How dare he ring the school bell before you arrive?

Anyway, go to the headmaster's office right away and complain about the bell man!

Ask him not to ring the school bell until you arrive.

Go on!

Go to your seat!

Enough with the giggling!

So, where were we?


The gentleman has sent this for you.

Thank you!

-Chinmay, hear us out! -I don't want to talk to you guys!

We searched for you a lot.

Searched the whole fort. We couldn't find you!

And it was pouring!

We were all scared shitless.

-Listen up! -I don't want to listen!

-I don't want to hear anything! -Hey, Chinu.

Come on! Bandya's apologizing. Let it go.

Let me explain!

Enough with your arrogance! Get lost!

Let's go!

Come on! What are you gaping at?

You can tell your side of the story at length.

He'll find some way out.

Don't worry so much!

You're not at fault. It's just bad luck!

We've done this before. But we've never received summons!

And never in Mr. Salvi's case. This is the first time.

The higher authorities are onto something.

They've falsely charged you with misconduct.

And it's not easy to mess with Mr. Salvi.

To protect vested interests, the innocent are always blamed!

They know you're new here.

I'll come with you to Ratnagiri.

I'll explain it to Chief that you're innocent.

No. It's okay! I'll go there myself.

You must be hungry. I'm awfully late!

I'll quickly change and cook something for you.

It always pours when I forget my umbrella!

I'll be going to Ratnagiri tomorrow.

You wait for me at aunty's place, okay?


What do you mean, "Why"? Work as usual!

I don't want to stay here! I want to go back to Pune!

Nobody gives a shit about me here! Not even you!

You don't care about what I go through!

Just because everything's going great for you!


He will see you now.

You've been with the department for ten years?

You know very well how this system works!

I understand you might have been pressured.

Just give that in writing.

Everybody will be duly interrogated.

Including you.

What will you do then? It's your signature on it.

Not anyone else's.

You see, even I am under lot of pressure.

Confess your mistake.

No point passing the blame.

It's my honest suggestion to you.

Go get me a refill from that shop.

-You cook really well! -Some more sauce.

No, I'm through.

No, I'm fine. Give it to her.

Eat well, child.

Do you go to school?

What's it called?

Shridev Gopalkrishna Primary Girls' School!

That long!

-It's right across. -Very good!

So, do you like it here in Konkan?

Bike rides must be fun here.

Did you go see the Mahadev temple yet?

Let him eat!

What happened, child? You haven't eaten much.

-Didn't you like the food? -No.

And it smells awful!

I'll quickly cook something else?

What do you like? Some stew, maybe?

No please, don't cook anything.

-He's in a grumpy mood today. -It really won't take that long.

The thing is, he's been missing his cousin a lot.

He's quite attached to his cousin, Sagar.

So he's just a little low today. He always finishes what's on his plate.

Don't worry.

-What do you say? -No, really. Please don't cook.

He'll finish his meal!

Finish it. Be seated.

He told me about what happened at work.

I don't understand these things, but he told me.

Don't stress so much.

Everything will be fine!


I never thought it'd go this far.

If I'd known--

You don't need to feel bad about it, Nivte.

It was my own decision to sign the document.

Mom, can we go now?

I'm hungry.

Mom, I said I'm hungry!

You won't get any food!

Don't you have any sense?

Is that how you behave in someone else's house? Are you still a child?

You've become so arrogant! You need to be spanked.

It's the only way you'll learn. You won't get any food. Stay hungry!

But I told you, I didn't want to go there.

I just don't want to live here. Don't you get it?

Don't raise your voice!

Instead of apologizing, you're talking back to me?

Don't stay here then!

Go live with your uncle. I'm fine here alone!

Egghead! You'll never get a direct hit like Yuvraj!

You missed it again, loser!

Dig a hole and bury yourself over there!

Want a ride?

Feel like diving in?

How deep is it here?

Very deep!

When do we return?

As soon as we catch some fish.

How far did we go?

Very far!

What if our boat had capsized and we'd died?

Who is at your home?


Then nothing would harm you.

Who is at your home?


We don't eat fish.

Try it!

Where were you all day?

Couldn't you have told me? It's so late in the night!

Get yourself cleaned up.

Aunty! We looked for Chinu everywhere!

Over the bridge, near the road. The temple too.

-We couldn't find him. -Chinmay just returned home.

Why don't you also come in?

No, I'm fine. My uncle must be waiting for me.

He'll beat me. I'll go before it's late.

Umesh, what's going on there?

Show me the answer.

Show me the answer!


Should I read it to you?

"The sea bore an array of perils.

A mighty storm ambushed the lone sailor.

The sail snapped, the nails unhooked.

The sailor persisted, unfazed by what lay ahead.

Luckless, the knots of skill turned loose.

He stood there alone. The storm slapped its noose.

A life lived in benevolence will not let faith wither.

He overcame fear and the storm lulled into slither.

Courage of the universe regathers in a single moment.

A hundred arms' strength regains, as the memory of mother returns."

It's quite moving!

Deep, isn't it?

-You got your math exam tomorrow, right? -Yeah.

I am already prepared for it.

And the exams here aren't as tough as in Pune.

What's wrong, Ma?


What happened with your work at Ratnagiri?

Why don't we invite all your friends for dinner?

-Why? -What do you mean, "Why"?

I want to meet your friends. I haven't met any of them.

Oh, come on. I am not going to lecture them.

I just want to meet them. That's all!

Oh, come on! Say something.

Let's leave.

-Yuvraj, show it to me as well! -Get lost!

-I'll complain to the teacher! -Shut up!

I'll tell on you.

Can I borrow a pen? Pen, please!

This is not fair, Yuvraj.

I stood up to leave, and you continued writing.

Suddenly I remembered the answer to the problem.

If Chinu were on my side, I'd have "suddenly remembered" too.

Go ask him.

Why? You go ask him!

Bandya, I'll let you ride my bike. Go ask him!

Exams got over, eh?

We're going to the beach.

You want to come along?


He agreed! Let's go.

This guy is tall like you.

Dinner is ready, guys!

You know what, Yuvraj?

For the Ganesh festival, we should do the Ali Baba cave.

Ask your dad to get sacks of gold from Dubai and throw them in.

Hey! Not a word about my dad or Dubai! Okay?

-You boys liking it? -Yeah!

Water's right here.

Is this silence because of me?

Mom, you know these two, right? Bandya and Yuvraj?

That's Prakash and that's Umesh.

-There's Omkar, who's not here. -Egghead.


He didn't come?

-He's on a date with that girl. -What?

The food is delicious!

Liked it?

So, how was the math exam?

Yuvraj will tell us.

He's damn good at math!

As expected he did well today.

Like a pro, he answered all questions in an hour!

And none of us could get even half the answers right.

He got them all!

-Really? -Isn't it, Yuvraj?

And Chinu helped him too!

-With the preparation. -Oh, really! That's great.

Can Chinu spend ten days for Ganesh festival at my place?

He'll have a great time.

Okay. Why not!

Bravo, Chinu!

I have an idea for the festival decoration.


A lighthouse is really tall, looks very pretty.

It has a huge lamp on its head.

And the lamp burns all night.

Sometimes you can even see ships sailing away.

A lovely cool breeze up there.

The stars in the sky look beautiful as well.

And the vast ocean, it really does something to you.

There's a long flight of stairs to get to the top.

It's tiring to climb all the way!

But there are windows where you can rest in between.

There's a nice breeze there as well.



-You made this? -Yes.

Bandya taught me how to make it.

It's very beautiful!

I've been transferred again.

To Satara.


That's how it is.

When do we have to leave?

They've asked me to report to work next Monday.

Okay. Not a problem!

Can't this transfer be called off?

Come on, Bandya, your turn.

Jump in the center.


Chinu, you're next.

Come on, jump!

What, you don't have a scholarship for this? Jump!

Don't be scared. Jump! It's easy.

Come on, Chinu, jump!

Before I leave, I want to visit the fort with you guys.

I'll send a boy in the evening.

He'll help you load your stuff on the truck.

Thanks! I'll see you in the evening.

Come visit me in the evening with your mom. Okay?

All the books in one trunk.

I've packed your books and kept them upstairs.

-Will you load them in the trunk? -Okay.

Why don't you give this flute to one of your friends?

Why should I give it away?

I'll learn how to play this in Satara.


-Chinmay. -Yeah, Mom, coming.

Help me put this down.

Easy. It has fragile stuff inside.

Hold it from the bottom.