Killer Bees (2017) Script

And we're back with more news for you tonight.

Every summer wealthy New Yorkers flock to their vacation homes in the Hamptons.

But there's a part of the Hamptons that most of them have never seen.

It's a predominantly African American neighborhood with a championship basketball team.

The Bridgehampton Killer Bees are the best in their class, but feel like second class citizens in their own town.

Just because I'm from the Hamptons everybody thinks I got like this big mansion two cars, a butler, maid, and I don't do any work.

But I was like, no, I'm a year-round person.

I work hard for my money, and sometime I have to get a second job, you know, just trying to keep up a good life.

Coach Carl Johnson is a former Killer Bee himself and, like these kids, grew up off the Sag Harbor Turnpike in a part of Bridgehampton most of the summer people never see.

Years past, we've played bigger schools and they come in and say, "Oh, you got a small school, "43 kids."

But, you know, it only takes five kids to play on the court.

We show them that we can play basketball just as well as they can.

Killer Bees have a four-to-two lead.

Gym is rocking, it's Friday night in the Hamptons.

Bridgehampton - East Hampton.

What could be better than this?

It's a small high school that harkens back to the past of a different America.

I think that if it goes, that another part of Long Island that's something different and real will be gone.

Dancing and drilling, let's go.

Follow the lead.

Faster, keep your hands out, keep your hands out.

Get those hands out, get those hands out.

That's it, way to run to the spot, way to run to the spot.

Tylik, that's so weak.

Man, make him work, go to the hole.

Don't settle for no jump shot.

Our first game is Friday.

I need to see some body language in saying we got to get ready for the first game.

It's the first league game, which is very important.

Let's go guys.

I mean, we know we got to practice at 6:00 a.m.

There's no other gym time.

There's no other gym available.

Wake up, come to practice, work hard.

Pretty soon, in four or five years from now, you guys are gonna have to get up every morning to go to work.

You might have families, I don't know, but you just gonna have to get up.

Sacrifice, commitment, that's what I'm asking from you guys.

You talk to other coaches and, like, all I want to do is just coach basketball.

And then you become a big brother, uncle, father, and you start realizing that you can mold these kids' lives and stuff, so it becomes a year-round job, on and off the court.

And it's not even just basketball.

It's just, like, what are you gonna, what are you plans?

Like, my seniors that are graduating this year.

What are your plans?

Where you planning on going to school?

What are you gonna study?

I want to have some idea of what they're gonna do, because this year they don't realize it, but the season will be over before you know it.

18 games is not a lot of games.

Their season will be over soon.

We want a basket!


My number is 23 and my nickname's Man Man.

I wear number 10 because my dad wore number 10 when he was in high school.

And my nickname that they kind of gave me is Eat 'Em Up.

It's like a OG which stands for original gangster who used to, like, terrorize Bridgehampton.

I'm number 44 and I'm the Beast From the East.

My nickname is Pretty Boy.

Why do they call you Pretty Boy?

'Cause I'm pretty.

Describe what you feel when you're playing.

It's one of the best feelings ever.

Words can't really, like, describe it, honestly.

It's like fireworks, pretty much. it's just always going, like a finale.

It feels amazing 'cause everybody cheers out for you.

But you can't let that emotion, like, get to you when you make it, 'cause you gotta stay focused till it's all over.

What are your goals for this season?

My goal for the year is to give coach Johnson hell and win another championship.

To win another state title.

To win another state title.

Playing here, you can look up and see all the banners, all the hard work everybody's done.

I feel like nobody can stop me because I'm home.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please?

Could you face me, face the school, please, so we can get the rally on with?

I'd like to thank you students, Bridgehampton students, because you are really what this is all about.

Which brings us to the question, why are we here?

We'd like to see all of the children in this community attend their hometown school. It's where they belong.

Back in the early 80's, we formed a group called

"To Save our School", SOS, and what was going on there was we had a lot of summer people that was coming in that had second homes and stuff like that.

And a lot of those people tried to vote against keeping the school, and so on and so forth.

That's what sparked the parades and all of that stuff to save our school.

When the issue of the school closings came up, there was probably the biggest political battle that ever happened in Bridgehampton.

And there was a racial component to that particular debate.

Those who wanted to keep the school open were largely the families of the African American children that went to that school, versus those that were opposed, which were largely white residents, wealthier residents.

There was a point where we did lose and we all filed a petition to a Commissioner of Education to save Bridgehampton school.

We was having a playoff game that year, and I got a call from the attorney that said to me they overturned the vote.

And when I got up to where the playoff game was, we was down by double digits.

And just the kids hearing that the school is gonna stay open, that actually motivated them to a point where we came out with the win.

So the game 63 to 48 in favor of Bridgehampton.

I'm sure that this game will be a long, long rivalry that will go on and on...

It has to be in the back of everybody's minds that somebody tried to close this school once.

We were able to keep it open, and the thing that gives us our identity is basketball.

And Carl knows that he carries a legacy that people are proud of and that people want to see continue.

Get out there.

Get in, Josh.

Now, now it's time to get freaky and go to Nia's game.

You going?

No matter what high school kids say or do, no matter how good your team is, they're concerned about their points on the scoreboard.

They're always bothering me about "How many did I get?"

They could have played the Knicks.

Zuck, how much I have, five?

I had five?


Yeah that's right.

You were high scorer, you had 17.

Josh had 15.

A very exciting 13, plus he ran over one guy, that adds two more.

What do you think about The Killer Bees' chance to go all the way this year?

I think because they're such a good team off the court they're an even better team on the court.

So, they've...

They're doing great and I hope they just don't get nervous when they go upstate because I think they can do it.

They can win again.

My heart races when I watch them play.

Doesn't it?

I don't want to interrupt this class but my last question.

Who can explain the secret to The Killer Bee's success?

We're all family.

Yes, the bee family.

They're gonna go far I'll tell you that.

But their mentality is we won last year.

Guys, we want to go back this year.

That's gonna be their mentality.

I think I know enough about them that I can say that.

We're gonna win.

All the way?


There is legitimately a kind of a socio-economic divide between north of the tracks, south of the tracks.

South of the track, where the main street is, where the shops are, it's more what you think of when you think of the Hamptons.

North of the tracks, when I grew up, it was almost all black people.

The whole road was Killer Bees.

And you can see where it's changed, like, a lot of new houses.

A lot of real estate signs.

We're now in the Bridgehampton Saunders Real Estate Office.

My name is Vince Horcacitas, and I built my business around new construction and selling land.

I live and breathe it, sleep it, eat it I'm always involved in it you're never really off.

I always answer my phone.

When you see a property that comes on the market, it's such a competitive-- you have about 1,200 brokers out here, everybody's fighting.

It's sort of like a lion going across the prairie, he sees the gazelle out there, he hunts down, he gets low.

He sees it in the weeds and then he pounces on it.

He sticks his teeth into the neck of the gazelle and he pulls it up into the tree.

And they got the the jackals and all the other animals trying to get a piece of it.

That's sort of what real estate is.

Yeah, this is the Bridgehampton Turnpike and these are $150,000 houses that are being torn down and redeveloped as-- as we speak.

You can probably see through the bushes a little bit.

Big and bold here.

This sold here for $11,200,000 on this side of the street.

I mean this whole block changed dramatically.

Funny story, I owned this house at one point.

It was tore down, I sold it for $2.7 million dollars.

It's on the market now for eight million dollars.

Major, major, major sale.

Here we're coming up to the property that we're gonna go up to.

What's special about it is this property has a elevator, a glass elevator going up.

This will be a long pool, a gunite pool going across here.

That's the pool house.

So, just a neighborhood overnight, you know?

Time out. Come on in, we're doing a film.

They're doing a film about Bridgehampton basketball.

Somebody told them I was an expert.

Although we sh-- we skipped ahead, we could go back.

So, 1979, a team that featured Wayne Hobson and Louis O'Neill, Sam O'Neill real good players, and Pujack, Carl Johnson.

5'9" senior Carl Johnson.

He's a super competitive guy, he's a sore loser.

Just like his whole family, they're competitive.

They don't want to lose, they want to be killers, Killer Bees.

Pujack was a very quick, fast, good ball handler.

Saw the floor well, could shoot, drive to the basket.

I don't know how he got the nickname Pujack.

Just like I don't even know how I got the nickname Jubaby.

That's some down south stuff.

He's been on fire in the fourth quarter.

Johnson streaking by Russ High, and out of the corner, what a shot.

The team with the ball is Bridgehampton.

They're down by a point.

Carl Johnson, 14, directs the attack.

Here we go, Johnson fakes right, goes left, shoots and hits.

And the traditional cutting of the net, Carl Johnson's doing it.

He scored 23, high man was Wayne Hobson with 28.

He had a potential also as a baseball player.

At the end of, you'll have to talk to him about the exact circumstances, but at the end of his senior year in high school, damaged his thumb.

I heard through the grapevine if he didn't get hurt he would have... mm-hmm.

No, he could have went to it, before he got shot he could have went to any school in the country.

What is that, summer?

I think summer, like, is Nah, summer's Got them all?

-Yeah. -You sure?

Alright, Pretty Boy.

So, Josh, what's up with the-- could you tell us what's on the wall there?

It's just like newspaper articles and just like a lot it's just a bunch of, like, stuff over the years from States and what not.

Actually, this wall is just, like, States.

Over there is, like, when I was younger.

How much are you gonna miss playing basketball for Bridgehampton?

I mean, like, I try not to think about it.

I try not to think about it, but I always catch myself thinking about it.

It's like, well, it's my last year.

What will you miss most your friends, or the game, or the crowds?


Yeah, everything about it, just everything.

Oh, weak.

Come on, Elijah, you're standing still. Move.

There you go.

There you go. Come on.

Alright, good. Alright. Go get a quick drink.

And then we come back, we're going over our stuff.

We're not going away.

They still gonna come at you hard.

Just pretend you out here like at lunchtime. Relax.

Good job.

I adore the basketball team and I really love them because I wasn't pleased when I moved out here but going to the games that got me started and motivated.

Because I was coming from New York you had everything there.

You had all the pleasures you wanted to go out.

We had all the fun was never a dull moment.

But out here cold, wet, then where am I gonna go?

What am I gonna do?

So I went to see the Bridgies were playing.

Then I kind of became friendly with the parents and with the boys that played.

I guess it's just something I got into.

How many generations has your family have been out here?

Just three, just three generations.

No, I grew up in the south and I moved up here when I was nine so it was different culture.

Culture-wise and everything else it was totally different.

But like me personally when I was growing up it wasn't this isolation, I became friends with several people that had second homes out here and we'd go to the beach together and we develop friendships.

And now it's totally changed.

The rich stay on their side and we stay on our side.

It's kind of scary.

Once I retire will I be able to stay here and maintain?

Do I have to move out of the area myself?

So it makes you think about the way the world is.

And I think that's just common across all of the Hamptons.

Yeah, the very rich and the very poor.

And I think that's what as far as politics going that's what people saying where's the middle class?

It's totally disappearing.

I think the lifestyle of the rich and famous that have come out here and infiltrated has caused believers particularly in the black church that they have lost the essence of church.

And that now money has become the more essential.

And well, what do you do?

Do you just give in to that and say, "Oh, what's the use?"

I say no I say we still take a stand and we stay who we are.

We stay true to what has gotten us here.

Even with the school, talk about Bridgehampton school.

They been trying to close that school down for years and years and years but yet God has sustained it.

I believe that.

♪ What a mighty God we serve

♪ Angels bow before him

♪ Heaven and Earth adore him

♪ What a mighty God we serve Thank you Lord.

Let go and let God. Amen.

We have some refreshments in the back.

So, please don't leave. Don't run. Let's go in the back.

We gonna have a state?

Yeah, we haven't lost yet.

Alright, well, then let's go.

I used to be a cheerleader for The Bridgies.

Old school.

Shut up.

We doing it big over here.

The gentleman what was it a couple of games ago?

The last game Bridgehampton played.

What's the young mans name?


He's the last one off the bench.

So he comes in and he hits this big shot.

We get a steal and all he does he just catches it.

And he just shoots a three.

Boom and it just hits it.

Everybody went crazy.

The fans for the other team were even cheering for him.

You could see he went back and played defense.

He was in this defensive zone.

Yeah he was and I mean he just.

That just filled his heart up with such

"I'm part of this team."

I mean it's so awesome, I love it.

It makes you feel like you want more.

Like you want to do more so everybody will cheer and have that feeling again.

When I first came here hearing about the Bridgehampton Killer Bees I was like I was like, Bridgehampton's all about basketball and everybody revolves around it.

Everybody supports it and everybody in it and I just wanted to see what it's all about.

And then I joined a couple years later and I wish I would have joined earlier.

I grew up in East Hampton my whole life until we got evicted from, like, our house and we were in a shelter for I think a year.

With my mom's, like, applying for help like, for housing we finally got a house.

In my opinion it was like a great change.

'Cause not everyone's really appreciated in East Hampton.

Like there's so many people.

Not everybody gets as much attention as they do here at Bridgehampton where the school is smaller.

And here it is.

Now when you go to college you can ask the professor is this acceptable citation if I use the MLA citation?

He said his ankle hurt he can barely walk.

So I don't know yeah I don't think he's gonna make it to practice today.

Oh my gosh.

Is there a story with the cat?

Yeah we found him across the field over there.

He was in a--

We heard him, like, meowing. He was really little.

His eyes weren't even open right?

His eyes were barely open.

And then I held him all the way back.

That was just it, it was just a woodpile right?

I got this basketball for Christmas.

So, I'll test it out.

It used to be horses here.

There are horses, these are stables.

And then they put hay up in that big part of the barn and then they bring the hay down.

That end was milking parlors on that other end.

Grandpa Frank used to have chickens and he would take eggs and sell them in Sag Harbor.

What about you?


What about you?

You want to farm?

That's like a whole dedication of a lifestyle right there.

Yeah it is.

It's like going to the casino.

You don't know whether you're gonna win or not.

You deal with Mother Nature man I tell you.

We're trying to maybe save some of the land that we could farm because just to keep the land from being built up like that huge house right there.

Is this a 30 million dollar view or what?

You have about a 16 hundred square foot rooftop deck that will be enclosed with some glass going around it.

So some property take a look at this thing.

This is a little over two acres.

I mean on a sunny warm day in here it's pretty special.

Hard to beat it.

Everything around here was all potato fields.

This was all you came over here in the 70's and 80's you could have bought a oceanfront parcel for $30,000.

When you look around and see how much this really has changed one acre parcel of land here can be worth a four or five million dollars.

Big win, big win for the developers here on this.

Big win for everybody.

There is a small problem in this community though.

Why are there still people trying to close this school?

Is it because this real estate is more valuable as condominiums?

I don't see this town having any more black residents 10, 20 years from now.

The population can't sustain itself out here anymore.

My name is Robert North and we're at the Bridgehampton Childcare and Recreational Center.

You got to put that A-L on the spelling.

It's in the incorporation.

The farming industry of the South Fork depended on migrant workers for harvesting the potato crops and some of the enterprising adults would go down and recruit people to come up and work.

Everybody here is their roots in either North Carolina or Virginia.

A lot of migrant workers stayed up here and established roots in the community.

But they were living in horrible conditions back here in the woods in Bridgehampton.

They were little out of the way shacks.

And as a result of that the community coalesced and established this center.

How it started with this guy named Dr. Pickens.

He'd heard about the story and he bought that property and he started the Childcare Center.

It was a place where the migrant workers could send their kids and they could be safe and wait for their parents to come home from working all day long.

That was like our playground that was our sanctuary.

And that's where it all started right there.

Looking at the older guys coming to play and when I went to see them play it was like yeah I want to be just like that.

♪ Because I got it like that

♪ No problem why because I got it like that ♪

♪ A baby bam beat and an African rap ♪

♪ My partner by my side Sammy B is on the cut ♪ I think the tie between this and the Bridgehampton school is the passion that the kids in the community had for basketball.

That manifested here and I just think the time that they spent playing basketball is what's made the school a good team.

The New York State Class D champions, the Bridgehampton Bridgies.

You guys played an outstanding game congratulations.

Good luck in the state title and going on.

And Bridgehampton being known as a five man team pulling it out in the end in the second half.

Bridgehampton has again defeated our figure of Lutheran.

So any unsung hero about how Bridgehampton boys learn how to play basketball is in the Childcare Center.

That's how you learn the game.

♪ Because I got it like that

♪ I hear you brother

♪ Because I got it like that

Remember what got you to seven and O.

Just you remember that.

It's not a one man show it's team work.

Play hard play together and keep each other in the game.

You're not playing against the crowd.

You're not playing against guys that graduated last year.

You're playing against this current team right now, alright.

Let's have a good one, baby.

Let's get it boys.

Number 23 Elijah Jackson.

And number 44 Josh Lamison.

Alright let's go.

♪ Vipes will run when we roll out ♪

♪ Puff and huff and we blow round ♪

♪ We ain't gonna stop till we KO ♪

♪ So I'm gonna need more rounds ♪

♪ I'm on the buck and steadily thumping ♪

♪ And she know she gonna get ducked out ♪

♪ Everyone's here who's meant to be ♪

♪ Nobody's getting left out

♪ Who am I come to the dance with VIP treatment ♪

♪ Looking to lock off the dance and leave with a diva ♪

♪ Shut down everything and roll out ♪

♪ Shut down everything and roll out ♪

♪ Shut down everything and roll out ♪

♪ Shut down everything

♪ I roll out with twenty dons

♪ Everyone of them get into my guest list ♪

♪ Straight to the VIP section

♪ Presidential is the way that we step in ♪ You guys are showing no patience and you just, the ball is sticking a lot.

So you guys don't forget everything that we practiced the last three days.

♪ Next thing gals them a flexing ♪

♪ Said they wanna put the work in ♪

♪ Said they wanna go a for a long time ♪

♪ Got a Babylon twerk and I'm looking for a fresh thing ♪

♪ We keeping it cool and calm

♪ When we roll out from the darkest dungeon ♪ You guys gotta go for it.

You guys gotta go for it.

I can't play defense for you.

♪ Cool Who I'm I come to the dance with VIP treatment ♪

♪ Calm looking to lock off the dance and leave with a diva ♪

♪ Shut down everything and roll out ♪

♪ Shut down everything and roll out ♪

♪ Shut down everything and roll out ♪ You throw the ball where Andrews is?

Tommy's the only one that I saw.

Don't yell at me about that.

Sit your ass down.

You didn't get to the one.

He's all the way up there.

I don't care.

Set yourself down man.

Sit down, sit down.

Alright, whatever.

♪ Weston club and champagne popping ♪

♪ Drunken yes but the gal them love it ♪

♪ Shut down everything First of all I wanted to ask you guys.

So is this how you guys behave when things are not going your way?

And right now the two guys I'm most disappointed in is you and you

because whether you were playing hard or not you still was out of position on a lot of plays.

You still made the mistakes but no one, like, yelled at you.

Look at me Jackson.

But you gonna yell at everybody else when they make a mistake.

You didn't demonstrate any leadership out there.

All you did was yell at your teammates the whole time.

I don't know why you think I was yelling.

I was yelling at y'all?

When did I yell at y'all?

I wasn't yelling at nobody at all.

So this is how you guys behave?

I get back to that same question.

I'm more disappointed in your behavior than the loss itself.

'cause you didn't act like champions.

You guys were just bickering.

It wasn't a unit out there.

Things are not gonna always go your way in life.

That's how I try to tell the kids too how quickly you could be at the top.

How quickly you can fall.

So we had just won out third state championship.

I'm on top of the world and I'm not gonna lie I was my chest is sticking out I'm the man.

I went over to my friend's house.

I never forget, it was Good Friday no school, go over to his house.

And we were over there playing.

He had a gold chain. I said, "Oh, man, I'm wearing this today.

I'm wearing this." He said, "No, give me my gold chain back."

I went, "Nah, I'm wearing it," 'cause we were friends.

It wasn't an argument it was just playful.

So he said, "Alright, you not gonna give it back?"

I was like, "Nope."

And he goes to get his grandfather's shotgun.

And I'm like "Oh, pff, whatever," and then he loads it up.

But I'm still thinking he's joking around.

And he's pointing the gun and I'm like, "Put the gun down, put the gun down."

Another friend was sitting over there saying, "Yeah, put the gun down, man. What's wrong with you?"

And then, when I finally raised up and said, "Put the gun down," the gun went off and shot me in my right hand.

I'll never forget that day.

I was standing in front of the house.

All I can picture is the police car going down the road real quick.

And I could see Pujack leaning on the side like this.

It was a scary moment for me because I thought I was gonna lose my right hand.

They first initial wanted to take this 'cause all this-- the only thing that saved this was he was wearing a watch.

And it blew all this off except for the piece of the watch saved it.

But he had about 18, 20 surgeries.

I could remember the family, what the family was going through.

There was a lot of hurt and pain.

More for Pujack because he would probably have been another one going to the pros.

He was focused.

Smart in school.

That changed the course of his life but it didn't stop him.

I would have went on to play college ball and play overseas that's what people were projecting.

Who knows what would have happened?

But I know one thing I probably would never gotten into coaching.

I probably wouldn't be coaching here today if that hadn't happened.

Oh, three more.

What's up?

Two more.

Ah, man.

One more.

Alright, guess what you get now?

Give me five push ups.

One, two, three, four.

Good job.

When I first came here like I was failing all my classes.

Coach helped me with a lot of stuff.

Like he helped me any time when I need something or when I need advice.

He helped me get a job last summer.

He helped me with stuff that I needed to buy.

He was like a he was like a father figure to me.

See what I'm saying?

So you always want to like be offensive and defensive too.

So now like I don't want to lose a bishop for a pawn.

Just go right through, boom, one step and let's go.

Come on, man.

There you're gonna get hit, you're gonna get hit today.

Gonna get hit, you definitely getting hit.

Let's go, let's go, let's go. Get hard.

Go hard, Jake. Go get them, go get them.

Set it up 13. Let's go, let's go.

Hands up, hands up, get the hands up.

Hey, Robert, how are you?

I'm just over here at Birchwood right now just doing some...

Right, well, tell her it's our listing. She can't have it.

All right, pal, I'll talk to in a little bit.

You know I have a saying in Real Estate.

If you're not being screamed at by an attorney or somebody yelling at you, you're not making any money.

It's the nature of the business.

I know when I'm frustrated I'm making money.

When I'm not frustrated and I don't have an attorney hanging up on me or something that's not great, I'm not doing business.

It's funny, somebody tried to break my sign down I think here.

Get that happens a lot out here.

You have a sign up and next thing you know it's thrown off the property.

So those cars are going by--

That's the turnpike yep.

When they started making that road on the cross lanes like.

With the development?

Yeah, the developments, they've built like close to 100 houses back there.

And it leads to the turnpike, too, by the Childcare Center.

Which is kind of weird 'cause we used to always like walk back there.

Like it used to be nothing but woods and trails and stuff.

They say right now that 20 people own half the money in our country.

Is that fair?

Yeah, it's fair.

If he has more money than the next person you can't complain.

I think they should distribute it evenly.

No, that's stupid.

It's not.

That's dumb.

It's not.

You should just try to find a way to make more money.

That's not fair.

How? It's not our fault that they're making more money than us.

They actually probably did something.

They probably put the effort and time in to make mad money. i don't know, you should distribute it evenly.

It would stop so many problems.

No, it wouldn't.

It would.

No, it wouldn't. People would still be robbing people.

People would be happy.

People would be happy. Like, no, a lot of--

Packs and all that.

People would still be robbing people.

No, they would just go buy it because they have money.

How you gonna take their money and split it with everybody in the whole country?


We just gonna tax them and you get a little bit, I get a little bit, everybody get a little bit till it's evenly distributed.

It's gonna be greedy people out there who want more than-- like, what do you mean?

You're stupid.

You're dumb.

You're stupid.

You're dumb as hell.

If you say so.

Where do you think you'll be in seven years from now?

Hopefully a billionaire somewhere.

Probably living in Hawaii drinking a martini or something.

It's different than it is in most suburbs.

I think it's different than it is in the city.

We have extreme poverty and extreme affluence abutted right next to each other.

So no matter where you are in Bridgehampton it's not uncommon to see $100,000 cars ride by your house.

And so I think that it becomes enticing.

If there's a promise that you can get these things even if they're ill-gotten I think it's enticing.

So often you read about these star players in The Southampton Press and then three, four years later you see those same names again because they were arrested.

Drug possession, drug sales.

When you put the ball down and you come on the street then there's another piece of it that you gotta be able to just deal with.

It was certainly well known that there were a lot of drug dealings going on and a lot of arrests as a result of it.

And none of those players none of the kids at Bridgehampton who did get caught up had any resources to fight that and therefore the effect on their lives was permanent.

There's a lot of drugs being done at the end of long driveways with gates and codes.

Those people don't get caught they're insulated.

Other people are hardly insulated at all so that's what happens.

Everybody thinks that it's just the Hamptons and it's a great ritzy place but part of the thing that comes with money and success is in fact narcotics.

And that's what they do.

And that's why we have jobs.

I'm a police sergeant in this fine village.

I'm off now, had a couple drinks with my boys from work.

I'm gonna go to work tomorrow he's gonna call in sick.

I'm not going home. I'm not going to work tomorrow.

No, we're both gonna get in trouble with our wives.

That's what it is, yeah.

I was in trouble before I got here.

I didn't plan it out good enough but you know.

I'm gonna buy him a shot.

Oh, great.

Don't tell our wives though.

It's kind of at that point.

It's 50/50.

Yeah, it's 50/50.

Hey, you know, let me be honest right now.

Is it different for a white kid?

Same player, same level of talent, same everything.

No, the white kid has a way better shot than the black kid.

And I'm not even talking 'cause I want to say it's not about race.

But it's about race.

But the white kid's gonna have other factors that determine.

He has more options.

It seems like the black kids or minorities, we only have like Biggie Smalls said, you've got a wicked jump shot but you gotta sell crack rock.

It's the truth.

The thing is once you get in the system you can't get out.

That's the hardest part.

Is it gonna change ever?

Will it ever change?


Ah, yeah, I say yes.

You think so?

Oh, yeah my kids are...

I talked to my son, he's 12 years old.

I talk to him about going to school after school already.

Because I don't want him to think that high school is the end.

It's the beginning.

It's the beginning, that's where... and that's the thing. I think a lot of these kids growing up, they don't think down the road.

They think for next week or next year.

This is my opinion.

They're not counting years down the road.

Yo, we're having a good conversation.

But we missing a fucking good game right here.

Steph Curry.

Alright, well, they were blowing them out.

Now they only up by fucking two.

What would you tell a kid that's got a shot?

You know what I would tell them?

I would use somebody who was in the same boat and blew it.

That's it.

Look at so and so. What did he do?

He was great.

Where's he at now?

Yeah and I must admit that I am sore though.

Threw out my back to win the game.

The first time that I remember getting into the game of basketball we used to get a clothes hanger put up on the doorway.

That was our rim.

And I started working on my jumping in the house.

Touching the top of the doorway.

That was a feat for us, who could touch it.

Started there then I started touching the ceiling.

And the same when I was playing basketball.

I touched the net first then the backboard then the rim when I started really jumping out the gym.

I was recruited.

We used to get telegrams from Michigan, Davidson University, University of Penn, Hobart and all them, good schools.

I was the first one to go to college out of our family.

Then as you know I got into the streets.

Your mother bring you up with morals principles and values.

But then when the drugs start coming in a lot of morals and values I mean they just went out the window.

They still there but you're not applying them.

Say if we was in school and you were to say Johnson what you be doing about 30, 40 years from now?

Prison definitely wouldn't be on the agenda.

Never thought in my mind that I'd end up in prison.

Life is a learning experience.

So we living in line as we going along.

Sometimes we pave a smooth way for ourselves and sometimes we go on that bumpy road.

I'm on that bumpy road trying to

pave that smooth path in life man so.

It's another chapter which I want to be over with real soon.

Hey, big road test tonight alright.

As you can see they're very athletic.

That's why we work on the press breaker.

Elijah Jackson read the defense.

Alright, got it?

Get down.

Let's go, run your offense.

Take the shooter.

So you're a very athletic team.

Every stop is the next stop.

Let's get that next stop.

You're only down 12.

And if you put any pressure on them they can't continue to hit those shots at that pace.

And did you see when you made the move how their body language changed?

They are an emotional team.

So now we got to bump them out of their rhythm.

And we had to move.

Nobody standing around looking alright, let's go.

Keep it up, guys keep it up.

Bring, it bring it on this shot.

32B, soon as they make that pass you find your man.

How's your leg J.P.?

I'm alright.

Don't forget you're playing we're playing at a tremendous pace too.

We're not walking the ball up the floor.

You had a great game you scored 14 points.

I had 14?

Yeah without doing, you didn't demand the ball all the time.

His father was my favorite player, J.P.

His father was a great player.

He was intimidating.

His kid is completely the opposite.

He's quiet.

He listens.

He's got tremendous talent.

He has Division One athleticism, let's put it that way.

And a Division E game, he has no game.

Can make a layup, he's very quick.

As soon as the ball hits his hands, he's up in the air.

Everybody else moves like erector sets, just slow to move.

Not that kid that kid is lightning fast and a nice kid.

One of the boys asked me one time, smart-assed here.

Coach, did you play?

I said yeah I played.

He said, "Well, were you any good?"

I said, "I was better than you," with a smile on my face.

I mean I'm competitive.

And I played against really good players, too, I mean.

I played against Dick Butkus which was one of the worst afternoons in my life.

Dick Butkus was about six three and 230 pounds when he was a junior.

We were playing in a tournament at Chicago Vocational and they sent him out and he tried to break my arm.

Joe Zucker well he moved out here back in the mid 80's.

I never knew who he was but you could always tell that I could see him in the stands.

I'm like who is this guy?

He comes to almost every game.

And then after a while he came up to me asked me, "Could you help be a volunteer coach?" and I said, "Yeah, come on board."

One time I asked him I said, "I want to see what you do."

And he said, "Okay, I'm gonna have an opening."

I go to the opening and one of his collective comes to me and is like, "Do you know who this guy is?"

I'm like, "No, yeah he's Joe, he's my assistant coach."

He said, "No you don't understand do you?"

And I'm like, "No, make me understand."

So, he saying in layman's terms he's like, the Michael Jordan of contemporary art.

I'm like, "He's that good?"

And they was like, "Yes."

I'm like, "Joe?"

I'm still like amazed and astonished that I got this guy who never ever is talking about himself never ever says a word.

Bridgehampton basketball has helped me survive.

I mean I owe the boys.

You can't, they don't want to hear stuff like that.

That the commitment to this to a life in a room for 50 years by yourself, you look forward to going over there to see the game.

It's one thing to go as a fan but it's great to really know what's going on sitting next to Carl.

I identify with him because what he's given of his life.

♪ Victorious forever

♪ Our colors it will be

♪ Forever and ever awaiting victory ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Somebody's always talking about the way she talks ♪ As soon as you get the ball inside you go right to the hoop.

♪ Somebody's always thinking something smart to say ♪

♪ Somebody's always trying--

Step in and take your charge you cannot lunge at it.

♪ Somebody's always telling her she looks so fine ♪

♪ Somebody's always--

Go Josh, go Josh.

♪ Somebody's always trying their best to lead her astray ♪

♪ Somebody's always trying to take my baby away ♪ Right wing, Hopstetter's gonna try it.

With 4:14 left here in the ball game.

Furman coming up to point.

♪ Somebody's always trying to take my baby away ♪

♪ Somebody's always trying their best to lead her astray ♪ Where's the ball, where's the ball, where's the ball?

You're right, you're right, it's on the left side.

Alright you gotta move.

♪ Hey hey The only thing that disappointed me about last night.

We have four experienced players and you guys can't make adjustments like that.

♪ Somebody's always giving her the dreamy look ♪

♪ Somebody's always trying to get my baby shook ♪

♪ Somebody's always talking about a wedding date ♪

♪ Somebody's always trying to take-- ♪ Jamari's gonna start today this is Senior Day, so he gets to start. That's just a tradition that we do.

So Jamari's gonna start, alright.

Jamari how did it feel to start for the Killer Bees?

Coach told me straight up during practice you're going to start, and I felt like, whoa.

I don't know I'm gonna do good or not.

But my teammates told me that it's okay to feel nervous.

You got this, just do your best.

I know I didn't score a lot but I tried to do as much as I can on defense at least to help the team out.

Go Jamari.

Today is a special day.

I would like to read a small statement that each student athlete prepared prior to the game in reference to their parents, Coach Johnson, and Coach Zucker.

Jamari Gant, this is what Jamari said.

To his mother, "Mom, the words 'I love you' cannot suffice for how grateful and thankful for you and how much you will always mean to me.

So I would simply say thank you mom for being my super hero..."

I feel that that there's never enough that you can do for your mom as much as you love her and what she deserves.

But I'll do whatever I can to help her out and support her.

Because she gave me my life and we've been through so much.

And she's like a role model to me.

And she's been a single parent raising all of us.

Don't run, don't fall!

In my room and this is no exaggeration, I counted.

I had a total of 225 hats.

I collect hats from everywhere.

If I see a new hat-- like, if I can go into Tanger Outlet and go into Lids and buy all the hats on the wall, like, I would do that.

I used to get a new hat like every week.

Oh, my Bridgehampton Killer Bee hat.

It's says Killer Bees Own The Court.

Yeah, this I remember this, this is we got this right before we went upstate.

What do you hear from Tylik and Josh about what they're up to next year?

From what I've been hearing is that they do want to go to college.

That makes me happy.

What college you looking at going to?

I don't want to go to anywhere that's cold.

So you a yankee boy you used to the cold.

No, I hate the cold.

Look how far that is.

That's past Syracuse and that's like six hours away.

That's not that far.

That's far.

Maybe he really doesn't want to go to college.

He's 18 years old, he's confused.

Yeah, but I can't force him to do anything.

I keep talking to him trying to push him but I can't force him.

I think Tylik is funny.

I think there's something that Tylik has that-- I don't think it's repressed but I think it needs to be brought out.

I'm concerned about Tylik and Josh.

They need to go to college.

Did you fill out your form about financial aid?

Not yet.

'Cause I think there's a lot of money out there.

Hope I get it.

Yeah, well, you have to apply to it.

I know.

You know what? One year the church was giving away $2000 and nobody applied for it.

For real?

$2000 all they had to do was fill out the application.

You have somebody to give you $2000 for just filling out a piece of paper?

Yeah, you're right.

Do you have any specific schools that you want to apply to Josh?

Like do you have a fantasy school that--

No, not really.


Have you visited any of the schools?

No, not yet.

Shall we go on a trip?

Yeah, we should.

You know I did that.

Yeah I know with Elijah.

Alright, well, let's plan it.


But we have to have some schools in mind to go visit.

No, I know, I have a college list. It's in my locker.

Do you know any of them?

Not off the top of my head.

Come on you do too.

I don't, I don't, I don't.

You made the list.

I don't. I forgot.

Notre Dame?


Suffolk Community College?


Well, which ones?

I forgot, I forgot. I'll let you know tomorrow.

My next goal is to go to college and study for computer science to see where it leads me.

Are you gonna be the first person in your family to go to college?


How does that feel?

I don't really know, it's like-- feels like my first real accomplishment, like, true accomplishment that I'm about to imprint on my history of my family.

Do you think you'll be to keep the house in Bridgehampton or what do you see happening?

It's right now we're kind of in a conflict because

our house was just bought by the bank and the landlord didn't pay his mortgage and

now the bank owns it and

I guess, like, they might evict us again which is happening right now.

♪ O'er the land of the free

♪ And the home of the brave

It's a matter of will right now.

They're tired, you guys are tired but you better break through it right now.

You better break through it.

A great job, great job all the way around.

Ass kicking, made my day.

Yeah, I mean, it's elimination time obviously every time you step on the court now.

Just a few days to prepare for the next game.

What do you think you guys are looking to improve on?

Josh, because, obviously, Josh is such a threat inside they wanted to contain him.

It doesn't really like bother us.

We just know that everybody's gonna be trying to come for us 'cause we're the defending state champs.

They are more than capable of doing it.

A lot of people doubted them in the beginning of the season and, you know, here we are again one game away from going to Glens Falls.

They have accomplished a lot this year so.

Well, we're in the regional final game.

The game Friday, which is... will determine whether we go upstate or not.

So, we're one step away from going upstate.

And your lucky socks.

Yeah, lucky socks, lucky tie.

This is the B time.

Yeah, so that's it, yeah.

They just have to calm down a little bit and they do have it and by the time I have my little pep talk with them, they going all the way.

Have you heard about the Bridgehampton Killer Bees?

I hear that they're the best basketball team in in the state.

Have you seen a game?

I have not.

I'm gonna go though I'm going now.

Definitely gonna go.

Thank you all for coming out this evening to sit with us through the budget presentation.

It's truly appreciated. use because they are originally...

...that even though even though we have students at the elementary level.

...We're doing 5.5... ... I think we have...

We've had three over the last few years.

Hopefully, you have more money coming in then you do items that you want to pay for.

This is blanketed.

This is blanketed across the entire school.

You use that as your baseline instead of your budget which is what we always do in corporate America.

I'm just like.

To get under the levy this time some kind of programming is gonna have to go because honestly, we've done everything else.

The issue of consolidation never goes away on the East End and Bridgehampton is always mentioned in those talks because it's a small school.

So, you know, consolidation is always it's always a specter that's out there.

And when you have a tradition of winning it's expected.

And so I think the pressure is because of prior successes and the expectation of the community that you need to win.

We need to play from the beginning to the end strong hard, finish strong.

Tylik if you see the little guy here, dump it inside, dive.

Shooter be in Josh way, Josh so don't look just to pass.

Look to attack that kid inside the big kid.

He doesn't move well, so don't hesitate.

It's your job, baby, alright.

Aright, sit on that right hand then.

Sit on that right hand.

Any questions?

Hey, man, go out there and do what y'all--

Have fun.

Go have fun.

Keep each other in the game.

Keep each other in the game, alright?

Have some fun, man.

Pass pick away.

Pass pick away.

How is everybody?

Y'all gave up too many points.

That's not what we do.

Y'all gave them 19 points. No way, no way, alright.

They ain't going nowhere but you can score on these guys.

They eventually break down alright, let's go.

Come on, let's go.

Go, go.

Hey, watch the rhythm Jake.

God damn.

Hey, hey, just shoot up.

Meet me in the locker room.

Look it's a 12 point game right now.

So you spotted them 12 points.

We didn't do anything that second quarter, nothing.

Three points.

That's it?

Three points, we better than that fellas.

We are way better than that.

Alright, guys, you got 16 minutes, man.

They held us at three points.

Let's hold them at three points.

Let's go, baby.

16 minutes, let's go.

Team one three, one, two, three team.

Leave it all on the court, 16 minutes.

We right here, man, damn.

You cut it in half.

You cut the lead in half, that's what we want.

You cut the lead in half, you're down seven.

You guys gotta be smart and move the ball.

Just keep moving, just keep moving, alright.

Let's go baby, let's go.

Homework on three, one two three.



You guys got to keep your head up man.

You had a great season.

We fell just a little short of our goal.

Hey, but I'd like to thank the seniors first of all for giving me their four and five year career.

Hey, but you still hold your head up, man.

Think about, you guys got to think about what you accomplished in those five years, alright.

Gotta think about what you accomplished, man.

It's supposed to hurt, when you care it hurts.

Let's get out of here.

You guys, hold your head up, man, let's get out of here.

Dig in.

You guys, the mussels and calamari is good.

You guys were one of my favorite groups of all time.

But the most important thing is that you made Bridgehampton basketball relevant again for people who weren't from the community or followers, people who love the team.

You guys bought the program a number of years of credibility, by performing so well over that five year period.

Bridgehampton basketball's like a river.

It's constantly flowing and all the people involved in it are part of that moving river.

It doesn't matter if you jump in in a period that there's no victories there's no state championships.

You're still part of something that's been going on a long time and you really, really gave a lot of people a lot of happy hours believe me.

Take your time do it right.

♪ Victorious forever

♪ Our colors it will be

♪ Forever and ever awaiting victory ♪ Power, we got power, Bridgie power.

We've got the might to win this fight.

Alright, alright, alright, we fight.

♪ One two three

♪ Short shot

♪ Just ignore them

♪ One two three

♪ Short shot