Killer Nun (1979) Script

I can't forgive him, Father. I can't.

Calm yourself, Sister.

You must try. I have tried.

But I will never forgive him.

To forgive is the prime duty of the righteous.

I don't care, Father.

But this man has been dead for a long time now, Sister.

Pray for him. Help his soul to enter paradise.

May his soul burn in hell.

Just the thought of what he did to me makes me want to take revenge on all men, to snuff them out like he snuffed out my happiness!

No, Sister! That's enough.

You are no longer in a state of grace.

You have allowed your mind to be poisoned. You must find the path back to God.

I cannot absolve you.

You must pray for God's guidance.

Let us praiseJesus Christ, our Lord.

Good morning, Sister. Good morning, Sister Gertrude!

Good morning, Sister.

Good morning, Sister!

Good morning! Good morning!

Come on! Up you get!

Good morning, Sister!

Good morning, Sister Gertrude!

The Lord does not like lazy people.

Let us praise the name ofJesus Christ, our Lord.

Never! Alphonse!

How many times have I told you to treat the Lord with respect, or the devil will take his due?

You tell him, Sister! The devil doesn't scare me!

Don't underestimate his power.

Good morning, Bichette, Jonathan. Morning, Sister!

Come along, Bichette. It's time to get up.

When will you decide to wear the pajamas we give you? It's so much more hygienic.

Please send me Florence. Up you get.

I need Florence. She's like a daughter to me. I know. You've got lots to talk about.

Look at these legs. Full of spring.

And the one in the middle is doing its thing! Bichette!

Shame on you!

You are both filthy old men! Now stop behaving like children and get dressed.

If you are late for breakfast, you will both go without.

Alphonse! Franklin! Andre!

Good morning. Good morning.

I want you in the surgery at 8:00.

Good morning, Marie.

Come along. That's it.

That's it.

Excuse me, Nurse. Yes, Sister Gertrude?

Will you please take Marie to the bathroom. Of course.

Sister Gertrude. I'll take breakfast in my room.

But, Baroness... And be sure the tea is hot, will you?

I'm afraid you can't, Baroness, without Dr. Poirret's permission.

Quite ridiculous.

Everybody is up, Sister.

Absolutely no respect for the country's aristocracy.

One of my ancestors went to bed with Napoleon.

Keep still.

There we are. You see, it didn't hurt at all, did it?

No, but it might have, Doc.

I don't know what to make of you, Franklin.

After all those wounds you got in the war, a little thing like this is child's play.

Sister Gertrude. Yes, Dr. Poirret.

A swab and a scalpel, please. A scalpel?

Yes, Doctor. What are you going to do with a scalpel?

It's nothing to worry about. You're not going to cut me open, Doc.

Look the other way and you won't even notice it. No, no.

Stop being silly now. Oh, no. No, no, no.

I know military regulations backwards, Doc.

You can't operate without written permission from the surgeon general.

Hurry up, Sister.

Sister Gertrude.

Sister, the scalpel.

What's wrong with you this morning?

You know what's wrong, Doctor.

You can't still be suffering from post-operative shock.

It's cancer, Doctor. Cancer.

I'm afraid I'll have to ask Sister Mathieu to substitute for me.

You know, you're far too good-looking to be a nun.

Now, please, Peter. Every morning you say the same thing.

I've told you before I don't want to hear such nonsense.

That doesn't mean it's not true.

If you keep it up, I'll have to start avoiding you.


It beats me why you took the veil. It's such a waste for someone with a figure like yours.

I bet you'd be a real turn-on in a bikini, huh?

No, Peter. Stop provoking me. You shouldn't...

Sister Mathieu. Yes, Sister Gertrude?

Will you please help Dr. Poirret in the surgery this morning?

I'm not feeling well. You understand, don't you?

Of course. I'll come at once.

I think Sister Gertrude could freak out any second.

Don't say that. She's been very sick.

She needs our help.

Sister Gertrude!

What are you doing?

Give it to me.

Another couple of minutes and...

Not even a student nurse in her first week would be so irresponsible.

We've worked together for over 10 years.

I considered you the most reliable assistant I've ever had.

I want to know what's wrong. Why are you behaving this way?

I am not well, Doctor.

I gave you a thorough checkup only last week.

All the tests have proven negative.

That's not true.

Don't hide the truth from me. All right.

What are your symptoms, Sister?

I suffer... from terrible headaches, Doctor.

I see. What else?

I have blackouts suddenly. I have no... no control over what I do.

My eyes won't f-focus.

I need more... morphine.

That's never been a cure.

Then put me in the observation ward.

When I hospitalized you before you had a tumor, and it was removed.

Your symptoms now are purely psychosomatic.

No, Doctor, you're wrong.

It's not unusual for someone who's had an operation to suffer from anxiety.

But I give you my word the tumor was benign.

How do you know? You're not a specialist.

I beg you to have me admitted for observation.

I shall make the same request to the Mother Superior.

Do whatever you think is best.

What's going on here?

Take the twins back to their room, Nurse.

Come along, Josephine.

Now, now, Sister Gertrude.

I have studied the medical report with great care.

You are in the best of health.

There is absolutely no reason for you to be hospitalized.

I begyou, Mother, to believe me.

I've been feeling strange. I do things for no reason that make the patients suffer.

Thanks to the goodness of our Lord, the operation you underwent has been a complete success.

So I am told. But I am so run-down that e ven my faith in our Lord is weakening.

But we all have little momentary temptations, my child.

It is the Lord's way of testing our moral fiber.

Seek help through the confessional. But it is not enough, Mother.

I suffer terribly, Mother. I...

Sister Gertrude...

it is a nun's vocation to suffer.

No! Why won 'tyou understand?

Why do you deny me your compassion when I need it?


"The saint refused to renounce her faith in God, and so they took hold of her and bound her to a table... to continue the torture."

O Lord, protect all our missionaries.

"They forced open her mouth and extracted her teeth one by one... and poured boiling oil onto the bleeding..."

"And poured boiling oil onto the bleeding gums.

Infuriated by the saint's impassive acceptance of her fate, one of the torturers seized a red-hot poker and seared it across her tongue.


"They pierced her cheeks with ten jagged needles and..."

"Then with red-hot pins they pierced her holy lips.

But still the blessed saint's soul did not leave her body, and so her torturers redoubled their efforts, cutting off one of her breasts."


If I've warned you once I've warned you a hundred times.

I will not have you taking your teeth out at table.

It's a disgusting habit.

Oh! Why... Oh! Disgusting! Disgusting!


Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting!

Disgusting! Disgusting!



No, no, Sister Gertrude!

Disgusting! What are you doing?

What have I done, Josephine? What have I done?


Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me.

Sister Gertrude. Is there anything I can do? I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Let me help you. Go away!

Go get Sister Mathieu!

Sister Mathieu!

Sister Mathieu!

Please, Josephine. I'll buy you a new one. Please don't cry.

Why don't I takeJosephine to her room. Go away! Leave me alone!

No, Sister, calm down! Go away! I don't need your help!

Leave us alone.


What's she doing?

Wake up! Please, wake up! I need your help, Mathieu.


What is it?

I can't sleep.

I'm so alone.

Everybody hates me.

The patients, the staff... everybody.

They'd all like to see me dead.

Maybe even you.

How can you say that?

You're imagining things.

I'm not. Oh, no.

They've all decided I'm not really sick.

Dr. Poirret calls it hysteria, and the Mother Superior, she says it's good for me to suffer.

Shh. I burned your X-rays.

Now they won't be able to say you're not sick.

They won't have any proof. They'll have to take you seriously.

Have you gone mad, Mathieu?


I love you.

I've always loved you.

Hello. It's Sister Mathieu.

Yes. Fine. Just a second, please.

Josephine's in coma.

It's her heart.

Dr. Poirret wants to see you in her room immediately.

Yes, Doctor. She's coming now.

What on earth happened?

This evening in the dining hall Sister Gertrude...

Josephine behaved very badly. I was obliged to reprove her.

Even though you know she has a weak heart?

Will you please prepare five cc's of heart stimulant.

Come on, Sister Gertrude. I'm talking to you.







Nine. Ten.



Her soul is among the angels, Doctor.

If you'd shown a little more respect for her age, she'd probably still be alive.

Celine, go inform the chaplain.

What are you doing?

Go to bed. It's late.

Did she have any family? A son visited her once before he left for Africa.

There was no one else.

Close your eyes. God will still listen.

Thy will be done...

Sister Gertrude.

Don't pay any attention to Dr. Poirret.

It wasn't your fault. She was just old, that's all.

I know.

Pray now.

Oh, my God.

My God.

I didn't mean to do it. I didn't...


Why won't Dr. Poirret help?

He must see I'm not myself.

Gertrude, we're waiting for you in chapel.


I'm not going to pray forJosephine. I'm not well.

There's no more left.

And Dr. Poirret says he won't prescribe any more.

It's become a crutch, he says.

Then I must go out and buy some.

You have no money. You won't be able to.

Yes, I will. I...

This was for you. I would have given it to you.

I had it all worked out. I could hardly wait to see your surprise.

Now I'm afraid that it will never be yours.

It was my mother's, but she insisted I have it when I took the veil.

Such an unusual present for a nun.


Ah, yes.

It's so nice to be treated like a lady.

I think I'll start with a man.

Uh, I beg your pardon, madam?

Uh... A cognac.

Yes, madam.

No. Too Latin-looking for my taste.


A beard. I like beards.

But the woman must be his wife. Too bad.


He 's rather attractive.

Why don 'tyou look this way?


Oh, well.

Your cognac, madam.

How much is it? Thirty francs.

Thank you, madam.

Now, come on. Look this way.

Sister Gertrude 'sjust dying to make Io ve toyou.


We're like one big family here, Sister, and your incompatibility with Dr. Poirret is upsetting for all of us.

Your behavior the other day in the dining hall was quite uncalled for.

The incident has duly been reported to the Mother Superior.

I am only responsible to her for my actions.

But the patients talk and...

I understand that as administrator of the hospital you are alarmed.

But you need have no fear.

In the interest of everybody concerned, I am no longer prepared to accept responsibility for Dr. Poirret's patients.

But, Sister, after so many years.

Time has only made the situation worse.

Dr. Poirret is nearing retirement age.

It's no secret his approach to diagnosis and treatment is often old-fashioned.

On several occasions recently I have been obliged to disagree... with the way he has handled specific cases.

Yes, there have been complaints, but Dr. Poirret has directed our psychiatric ward for over 30 years and...

And now it's time to change.

He must go.

Sister Gertrude, you are asking me to take a very serious decision.

Yes. I'm sorry.

If we wait he will soon be opening his own clinic and...

I feel sorry for his patients.

But it is the ones here who concern me, and the hospital's reputation is at stake.

Very well, Sister.

I will discuss his dismissal with the board of directors.

Thank you.

What made me do such a terrible thing?

I don't want him dismissed.

I just wanted to punish him.

Why must he be so stubborn? Why won't he believe I'm sick?


Oh, please, God, give your poor servant your absolution.

Sister Gertrude.


Oh, my daughter, they have cut away the evil.

The Lord has spared you.

Come on, Sister, come on.

Let's get you onto the bed.

Please, Sister.

Please, Sister.

No! No! No!

Jannot has just killed himself!

He threw himself out the window!

What are you staring at? What are you staring at?

The sight of death will do you no good!

Now go away!

You should all kneel down and pray!

Stop staring and pray for his soul!


They think it was suicide.

Don't worry. They'll never know the truth.

What are you talking about? It was suicide.

This was in the laundry bag.

It's just as well that no one else found it.

What is it?

It's a veil, and it has your initials on it.

I'll burn it.

I don't follow you.

One of my veils?

And whose is that blood?

Oh, no.

Oh, my God.

Oh, what have I done? Nobody's going to find out.

Oh, my God. What have I done?

Calm down. Please, Gertrude.

Everything will be all right. Oh, my head. My head.

Gertrude. Gertrude! I beg you...

Oh, leave me alone! Leave me alone! Oh, Gertrude!

Lift your end.

Sister Gertrude.


Yes, Dr. Poirret?

I wanted to tell you, I've been asked to appear before the board of directors.

Is that so?

I wanted to put your mind at rest.

I shall not be discussing your problems.

In spite of it all, you are the best collaborator I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Thank you, Doctor.

There's Sister Gertrude!

Ruined the country!

It's reactionaries like you who undermine the social system! Now wait a minute...

How nice to see you. Aw, reactionaries make me see red.

Oh, there's nothing left to eat.

Never complain, Janet. A lady is never hungry.

If there's nothing left to eat, she's on a diet.

Oh, what exquisite flowers.

Admire the flowers, Janet.

Appreciation of beauty is indispensable. It shows good breeding.

I mean, if the nurses can do it, we can.

Here comes the new doctor!

Have you met him already?

Oh, yes, he's Dr. Poirret's replacement, you know.

Hi. How are you? I'm Dr. Patrick Rowlands. You must be one of my patients.

Good morning to you, sir. Yes, of course, Doctor. It's a real pleasure. How do you do? Bichette's my name.

So that's the new doctor. You find him attractive?

He's an excellent doctor.

You're avoiding the question, Sister.

I was ignoring it, Peter. I suggest you have a cup of tea. Good English tea with milk.

My stomach's rumbling. That won't fill me up. Please, Janet!

A lady never discusses her bodily functions.

Good day! Good day! Good day, madam.

Don't stand on ceremony, dear. Just address me as Baroness.

You won't have much work to do here.

Just the ladies and the old folks. Fit as a fiddle, that's me.

Maybe physically, but politically some of us are very sick.

I never discuss politics.

Oh, Doctor! Doctor, I have 11 children.

Well, I'm afraid there's no remedy for that.

What about the runs, Doc? Do you have something for that?

Now wait a minute! Diarrhea drains the body ofvitamin E and weakens one's sex drive.

Hector's right, you know. It is the soup they give us.

Strike. That's what I say. A hunger strike.

Radical nonsense. Never eat the stuff myself.

Enough of that!

Dr. Rowlands will see you all separately in the surgery tomorrow.

You can tell him all about your imaginary complaints then.

In the meantime, exercise, sun and fresh air will work miracles.

You should breathe deeply to cleanse your lungs.

Sister Mathieu!

Sister Mathieu.

Boredom is an ally of the devil. Organize a group to play a game.

Come along! We're going to play a game! Gather around, everybody!

I'm sorry they attacked you like that.

Unfortunately, they are like spoiled children... only happy when they have your attention.

I didn't notice them being like children.

No doubt Dr. Poirret has told you that I... I've been here over 10 years.

Yes, Dr. Poirret told me about you.

In fact, he had a lot to say.

Sister Gertrude!

Excuse me, Sister. I'll see you later.

Sister Gertrude!

Yes. I'll come at once.

Sister Gertrude, we've decided to play the truth game, and we want you to answer the first questions.

Is that all right?

Yes, but don't be too hard on me.

I was thinking of telling the cook to set ice cream for dinner.

No, no, Sister Gertrude, you mustn't look until we call you.

All right.

Hey, Peter, ask her... You know.

That's it. Ask her about the prayers. Come on, Peter. I dare you. Come on. Time's up, Alphonse.

Sister, if you come over here, we can start now.

Peter will ask the questions.


All right, sit down on the grass now. All ofyou.

Now, Sister Gertrude must answer the question... and guess who told Peter to ask it. Don't forget the one I told you, okay?

All right, Peter, I'm ready.

Ah, she's ready.

What's the first question? The first question is, uh...

We want to know why you have us saying so many prayers, for God's sake.

That's Alphonse. That's not fair. He mimicked my voice.

Because prayer cleans the soul. I would have known anyway.

As a penance you would have to say two "Our Fathers" and six "Hail Marys" before getting into bed tonight.

Ah, no, no. No prayers. No, no.

I'm an anarchist, a radical socialist, an atheist... and a confirmed priest hater.

And saying prayers is against my religion. I won't do it.

But, Alphonse, you lost. You have to pay a penance.

Let's go on. Next question. Peter?

The next question is, uh... No, maybe I shouldn't ask that one.

Hurry up, Peter.

Come on. It's only a game.

Okay, if Sister Gertrude gives me her word she won't get mad.

It's all right, Peter. You heard Sister Mathieu.

It's a game, that's all.

Why did you kill Jannot, Sister?

Peter... is that your question?

What made you ask that question?

You must tell me, Peter.


I can't believe it. It's true.

How could you ask such a thing?

Which one of you put him up to it? Not us. No.

But you have to guess, Sister.

Well, I guess that takes care of the ice cream. Everybody should go inside.

It's getting quite cool. I was sure looking forward to it.

Alphonse, Franklin, help Peter up.

Help me, Alphonse.


Up you get.

Dear. Peter.

I wonder whose question it was. It couldn't be true.

Jannot committed suicide, didn't he, Baroness?

A lady never gossips, Janet.

If she wants to know something, she eavesdrops on the servants.

Oh, I'm sure you're right.

But did you see Sister Gertrude's face?

She did look awfully guilty if you ask me.

I'm getting wet!

Sister Gertrude, you're getting soaked.

I'm fine. Go join the others.

Give everyone warm milk in the dining hall.

I have to make my confession.

Come on, child. Here it is.

Down on your knees and take a nibble.

Now ride it like a jockey on the homestretch.

There's something lovely here. Mm-hmm.

Oh, please forgive me, Father.

I see him in every one of them.

I can't control myself.


They all want to see me dead.

Why has everyone turned against me?

Oh, what have I done? What have I done?

Why do they torment me?

Why are they testing my faith in God?

Gertrude, I'm here.


Oh, Mathieu, what a silly little fool you are. Not so loud.

You've been rolling your eyes at me ever since you were transferred here.

Flaunting your big floppy breasts at me at every opportunity, hoping I'd jump into bed with you. Gertrude, how can you be so cruel?

You foolish little bitch.

You're the worst kind of prostitute.

I've seen how you behave with the new doctor.

Perhaps you aren't as much as a lesbian as you pretend.

I have a surprise for you. What is it?

Why don't you find out for yourself? I slipped it under your pillow.

Don't be afraid. It's a nice surprise.



Put them on. No.

Put them on.

Don't make me, please.

Put them on or I'll beat you.

You said you loved me, Mathieu, but during that awful game this afternoon you did nothing to defend me.

You're a little whore, Mathieu.

I've always preferred men myself. Being a nun hasn't changed that.

But I'm always ready to make love. It's such a natural desire.

But if I have to do it with a woman, she has to be wearing silk stockings.

Let me hear, Mathieu.

Say it now. "I'm the worst kind of prostitute."

I'm the worst kind of prostitute.

And now come over here.


Good morning, Doctor.

I'm replacing Sister Gertrude.

Oh? Where is she this morning?

Several months ago, she was operated on for a brain tumor, and ever since then she gets these terrible headaches.

You seem quite worried. Dr. Poirret told me all about Sister Gertrude.

And I'll give her a thorough checkup myself.

I'm sure it's nothing serious.

I'm sorry. Please don't think that I...

I've been going over the dispensary supplies.

There doesn't seem to be any non-alcohol based disinfectants...

Doctor, come here!

Hurry, please!

Come with me.

One of the patients? Yes.

His name wasJonathan.

Sister Mathieu, go back inside and find the, uh... the administrator.

And have him inform the police.

What's happened, Sister Mathieu? We were looking out of the window.

It'sJonathan. Oh, no!

He's dead. How terrible!

It wasn't me. It wasn't.

In you get, Florence. In the car.

I didn't do it. It's all right, Florence.

No one's going to hurt you. Theyjust want to ask a few questions.

It wasn't me. Florence, get in now.

One, two.

One, two.

One, two.

One, two.

One, two.

One, two.

One, two.

One, two.

One, two.


One, two.

One, two.

Come on! One, two.

One, two.

One, two. No! That's enough. Have you gone crazy?

Doctor, will you please stop interfering?

They're all exhausted.

You have no business interfering in my work.

Inside, all of you. Inside.

Come on! The Phys. Ed. session's over for today.

What are you waiting for?

What are you trying to do, Sister, kill them?


Are you going to stop making all that noise, Marie?

Thank you.

If none ofyou are hungry, I'm certainly not going to oblige you to eat.

You can all go to your rooms.


You heard me.

Go to your rooms.

I don't... think it's right.

Do we have to go too?

Of course. Sister Gertrude says we're not hungry.

But I am hungry. Couldn't I have just a little?

Sister Gertrude, I...

Pay attention, all ofyou.

Before you go to sleep, we will pray for the soul of poorJonathan.

Now close your eyes. Let us pray.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, grant them eternal peace, O Lord, and may eternal light shine on them.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

Grant them eternal peace, O Lord, and may eternal light shine on them.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

Grant them eternal peace, O Lord, and may eternal light shine on them.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

Grant them eternal peace, O Lord, and may eternal light shine on them!

May they rest in peace! Amen!

Grant them eternal peace, O Lord, and may eternal light shine on them!

May they rest in peace! Amen!

Grant them eternal peace, O Lord, and may eternal light shine on them!

May they rest in peace! Amen!

Who turned out the light?

You're a murderer. Oh, no!

Sister Gertrude, you're a murderer.

No, I'm not a murderer. You're crazy.

Completely crazy.


I'm not... I'm not a murderer.

I'm not crazy. I...

In all of the years that have directed this institute, nobody has ever raised a finger against the sisters and nurses who dedicate their lives... to your well-being.

If any of you have any suspicions as to who it was who attacked Sister Gertrude last night, you must come forward.

I will be in my office all this afternoon. Janet, why don't you speak up?

Last night you told me you saw it all.

No. I was joking. I... I never saw nothing.

We can go now, Sister.

Yes, I went to the bathroom, but I didn't see anything.

You're lying. You're lying. You told me you did.

No. Or did you do it yourself?

No, I... Baroness.

It could have been Sister Mathieu. Sister Mathieu?

Not so loud.

Why couldn't it be Peter? He could have clubbed her with his crutch.

Oh! Well, I think that's unlikely, my dear.

Oh, I don't know what to do.

Not I saw anything, mind you. Nothing at all.

God forbid. But you can't trust anybody.



Where are you going?


Yes, come in.

Ah, Dr. Rowlands.

I'll come back later if you're busy. No, no, no.

I'm afraid there's been no response to my appeal.

Your appeal?

For somebody who saw Sister Gertrude's assailant.

It was somebody in the institute.

And we have no guarantee that he won't strike again.

Well, the way she acts, I'd put money on it.

Dr. Rowlands.

Before I agreed to accept this post, I was informed... that Dr. Poirret was fired for inefficiency.

And instead what do I find after inspecting his hospital charts?

That not one diagnosis was wrong or even confused.

He wasn't inefficient. So why was he fired?

Well, uh, Sister Gertrude...

You were going to tell tales.

First, an unexplained suicide, and now this murder.

But... the police have made no arrest. It was an accident.

No. The autopsy will confirm it.

He died of suffocation.

After examining the body, I'd say a large amount of cotton was...

Please, Doctor.

No. Be quiet. Please, Doctor.

Your, uh... Your insinuations cannot apply to Sister Gertrude.

Did her name come up when you talked to the police?

No. Years ago she discovered certain discrepancies in the drug register.

My... My son was responsible.

He was addicted to... It was morphine.

Of course I should have reported it.

In any case, I think it best... if we discussed this matter in the good sister's presence.

Louisa, where is Sister Gertrude?

No, I'll call her myself.

Sister Gertrude.

Speaking. Yes?


With Dr. Rowlands?

Yes, I'm free. I'll come at once.

Oh, God, how awful.

I-It wasn't me.

You know I'm not a murderer, Mathieu.

Why should anybody want to kill Janet?

I liked her. Oh, God, her face!

Calm down, Gertrude.

You must calm down. Everything will be all right.

Hold her still.

This sedative will calm her down.

It became a habit after the operation.

We can talk about it afterwards when it's all finished.

This institute has extremely influential patrons, you understand?

I think I get the picture.

The order of nuns that supervises the nursing staff cannot be exposed to a scandal.

The matter must be handled with great care and kept out of the press.

Naturally, I and the members of my staff... will collaborate with the police in every way.

Well, now they'll find out who did it. You wait and see. Don't kid yourself, Franklin.

But the police are here. I know.

Law and order is maintained in the country thanks to the efficiency of the police force.

They won't let anybody else be killed.

That's wishful thinking. It's onlyjust started.

What do you mean, it's onlyjust started?

Don't you have any faith in the police, huh? Mm-mmm. No.

You're wrong to be so pessimistic.

The police solve crimes. It's theirjob.

The police look out for their own interests.

It's all politics. You've been listening to Alphonse.

But you won't undermine my faith in the institutions of the state.

Me, a good Republican in a den of anarchists.

If you want to sketch, here's your pad.

Look on the bright side of things. Good night, Peter.

Things are gonna get worse before they get better.

It's people like you... Franklin... Franklin.

We'll never agree, Peter.

There's no use arguing.

How is the investigation going, Nurse?

All I know is that you're not in your bed.

How very observant.

Little bitch.

Now, I want the truth, Peter.

Who told you to ask that question?

Who thinks I killed Jannot?

Peter, I beg you to tell me.

Who can hate me so much?

No, I'm not going to tell you.

Even if I'm the next to die, who cares?

My life is worthless. No one will miss me.

Maybe you'll change your mind by the time I come back. No. Please, don't take them. No!

Whoever you are protecting does not deserve your loyalty.

Even if you don't come back all night, nothing I can tell you will wipe your guilt away.

Think it over, Peter.

You won't get your crutches back until I know the truth.

Well? I haven't found her, Sister.

This is useless.

You keep on looking in the hallways while I go down to the courtyard.

Yes, Sister.

Nurse, where are you going? I still haven't found her.

I was thinking of telling the director.

Don't you worry about that. You just go help the others.


Follow orders. I don't understand.

Good evening, Sister Mathieu.

Isn't it rather late for you to still be up?

I was looking for Sister Gertrude.

You mustn't worry about Sister Gertrude. She's feeling better now.


Dr. Rowlands.



Oh, no.

Are you sure?

Sister Gertrude has disappeared, Doctor, and it's my fault.

I was sure the sedative would make her sleep all night.

I've looked everywhere. There's no trace of her.

You go back to sleep now.

You've done all you can, Sister. I'll look for her myself.

Somebody has taken it all.


No. Oh, no.

Oh, I'm going crazy.

Oh, yes. Yes.


Yes, Mother Superior, he's dead.

Dr. Rowlands found him in the boiler room and called the police.

Once they find out about the incident at the party, it will be very difficult to avoid a scandal.

Life has always been difficult.

I'm sorry, Mother. What didyou say? Nothing.

I agree, Sister Mathieu. A car will pick up Sister Gertrude in half an hour.

I'll make sure she 's ready, Mother.

When are the police expected?

A t any time, Mother.

The car will wait at the side entrance.

Why, Mathieu?

What have you done, Sister Gertrude? Do you know what a stir you've caused?

Everyone wants to talk to you... the police, Dr. Rowlands, even a reporter.

They think that you're... that you killed a patient.

But by your mistakes we shall all be judged... when there are thousands who dedicate themselves unselfishly to helping others.

You have brought disgrace to our order.

Oh, God, no.

Show them the truth.

Sister Gertrude... Oh, God, I beg you to help me.

Sister Gertrude!


I swear on this cross I'm innocent.

I am not a murderer. Sister...

And nobody was murdered.

There has been a series of unfortunate accidents.


There is such confusion in my head.

Such confusion.

But I am not a murderer, Mother.

I didn't hurt anybody. I couldn't, Mother.

Please take Sister Gertrude to her cell.

Give her a sedative, Sister Louise.

I am afraid she is very sick... and requires special treatment.

May God have mercy on you, Sister Gertrude.

Sister Louise.

I am sure you've understood what I mean by special treatment.

I hold you personally responsible.

Now go.

You mean you knew about it all these months?

Doctor, she couldn't survive without taking morphine.

How can you say that? After the operation, she...

Yes, yes, you told me that. But where did she get it? Dr. Poirret. He...

And when he stopped prescribing it? I stole it for her.

Why? Instead of trying to help her, you did everything you could to make matters worse.

There'll be an investigation, a trial.

I'll have to tell the police all about you. No.

No, please. No. No.

No! No!

Sister Mathieu, what are you trying to do? It was the least I could do for her.

Now, calm down. Stop it. I couldn't bear to see her suffer.

She's all I have, Doctor. All I have. I had to do it.

Don't report me, please.

She stole it herself. I didn't know anything about it.

I'll do anything you want. Anything.

We could be working together for years.

Say you won't report me. I'll do anything you want. Anything.

You must help me or I'll kill myself, Doctor.

You will help me, won't you, Doctor?

I promise I'll make you very happy.

Sister Gertrude.

Why don't you try to sleep, Sister?

A good rest will help you feel better.

It's time for your medicine, Sister Gertrude.

Come on. Drink it all down.

Come on. Drink it, Sister.

Sister Gertrude, it is the holy Mother herself... who has ordered that you take this medicine.

I'll leave it here for you.

The murderer is...

I thirst for revenge.

It's a compulsion. I must kill. I must.

Grandfather won't listen.

He won't stop touching me.

He puts his hand up my skirt... and caresses my body all over.

And Mummy won't believe me when I tell her.

She calls me a liar. A liar.

I want to scream, but I'm afraid.

But I'm afraid.

My grandfather is evil.

He deserves to die.

I must kill him.

He tried to attack Gertrude, and I killed him.

But nobody believes me.

As long as he touches me...

I'll kill him... without remorse.

With a clear conscience.

I'll kill him.

I'll kill him!

I'll kill him. I'll kill him.