Killer Prom (2020) Script

(soft uplifting music)

(man groans)



Why are family reunions so stressful?

Because everyone's family is a little bit crazy.

Hmm. So true. Maya... I know you'd rather be snap-talking or whatever you call it with your friends, but can you please get off of that thing?

Um, "snap-talking" isn't a thing, Mom.

Anyway, I'm looking up prom dresses for the biggest night of my life. And I'm excited for you, but the dance is still months away. You know, planning started the first day of school.

OK. Let's do this, Wilson family.

Look, he's hungry! Hi.

Oh... it's Sienna! God...

I wonder how she's doing. Hopefully better than when I talked to her a month ago. Hannah banana!

(laughing) Hi...

Oh! Oh, my God.

Look how handsome you are!

Well, you take after your father.

He got so big! (Hannah chuckling)

I mean, Tony, how do you stay so fit?

Just keep hitting the gym every day, I guess.

Handsome and modest.

Oh, my goodness. Maya, you're a goddess now. Come here.

Oh, my God. I can't believe it's been two years since I've seen you guys in the flesh. We have got to get a picture together. Yeah, here. Get in there.

Here, come here. Come on. Get in.

OK. And here we go... Oh... what a beautiful family.

Hey, look at us hotties.

You see? Not bad.

And Hannah, um, congrats on your promotion.

You are climbing the corporate ladder.

You're a superwoman.

Enough about me. How's the LA real estate market?

It's really good! But to be honest, I miss home.

You can take the girl out of Philly, but you can't take Philly out of the girl. Would you ever move home?

I'll never say never.

By the way, Hannah, I'm taking Aunt Shirley's boat out in a bit. Wanna come with? I need some girl time.

Sure... I'd love to.

(tense music)

(engine humming)

(engine stops)

What's going on?

I don't know. I think the engine overheated.

You know, uh... when I was little, my mom always told me that she wanted you as a daughter because I was damaged goods.

"Damaged"? Oh, yeah, damaged.

Damaged up here. Can you- can you hold this?

Yeah, she always reminded me that I was never good enough, that I wasn't you.

Do you need money? We can help.

Yeah, I need $500 a month, every month, for my fleabag apartment. You are so out of touch!

You live in a bubble, Hannah.

What can I do? What do you want from me?

I want it all.

I want your man. I want your house.

I want your kids.

I want your life.


(dramatic music)

Sienna, help me! You know I can't swim!

(indistinct shouting)

Please! (indistinct)

I can't... Please! (muffled cry)


(sorrowful music)

(heavy sigh)

(sinister music)



(tense music)

(phone ringing and buzzing)

Hello? [Hi, Tony. It's Sienna.]

Sienna, hi. Uh, how are you doing?

Oh, well. It's been seven months.

[Things are going as well as could be expected, I guess.]

What's happening with you?

Well, I actually have some news.

I'm moving back to Philly.

Wow, that's great. When? [Really soon. I just have to] square a few things away in LA.

Do you have a job lined up? [Not yet.]

I have my real estate license in California, and I just need to pass the real estate exam

[in Pennsylvania.] Right, of course.

Do you know where you're gonna live?

Oh, I haven't found a place yet.

Everything's so out of my budget that I've been looking at.

I mean, it's easier to find a guy online

[than it is an apartment, and I am] a real estate agent, so...

Why don't you stay with us for a few weeks until you find something? [Oh...]

Uh, I couldn't impose.

[We have a huge new house. I insist.]

[You're family!] Are you sure the kids would be OK with it? I wouldn't wanna... remind them of... what happened.

On the contrary, the kids would be very happy to see you.

[It wasn't your fault.]

[We all know Hannah couldn't swim.]

How are they, by the way?

Well, let's see...

Maya will barely talk to me.

[Luke is still having nightmares. I have] them both seeing a counsellor, but... you know. It's hard.

Oh, you're a good dad, Tony.

Some days it doesn't feel like that, but...

I'm trying.

Well, I am looking forward to seeing a friendly face.

I will call you when I have a more solid plan.

(heavy sigh)

Who was that?

That was Sienna. She's moving home.

Told her she could come and stay with us a bit.

Is that OK?


What a beautiful house.

Oh, Hannah. You had the perfect life.

Now, it's my turn.

(ominous music)

It's happening! What?

I just heard Jake is prom-posing to someone today.

It has to be you. It's about time he asked me to prom.

Apparently, he finally broke up with Miss Resting Bitch Face over the weekend.

I swear, she could make Cruella de Vil cry.

(rising music) Oh, my God. This must be it.

What is he doing? I don't know.

Will you go to prom with me, Kat?

Of course I will! (exclamations of excitement)

(cheering and applause)

(indistinct chatter)

(sad music)

Something wrong? Just prom stuff.

You wanna talk about it over dinner?

I already ate.

I'm here if you change your mind.

I have to do homework.

Sienna's coming tonight. You think you can say hello?


Homework, Dad!


(phone ringing) [Sienna, are you in town?]

I just arrived. I'm on my way, in the car from the airport as we speak. [Great.]

Hopefully, I can coax Maya out of her bedroom.

Sounds bad. [Something to do] with prom, probably a boy thing.

Honestly, I wish her mom were here to talk to her about that kind of stuff.

Maybe I could.

I think that could help. Thank you.

[OK. We'll see you soon, alright?]

See you.

Don't worry, Maya.

Mommy's on her way.

(ominous music)

The photo did not do this place justice.

The lady of the house has arrived, everyone.

(doorbell ringing and knocking)

Sienna! Luke! Good to see you, buddy!

Come here. Welcome. I'll get your bags.

Oh... Thank you. Your new house is amazing! We have a pool.

No way! Wanna see your room?

Um, is it OK if I say hi to your sister first?

Oh, she's just upstairs. Thank you!

Man of the house. I tell you.

(approaching footsteps) (knocking)

I said I'm doing homework, Dad!

Oh, sorry! It's Sienna. Oh.

Can I come in? Yeah, I guess.

Maya... how are you doing?

I'm OK.

I hear you've been having prom problems?

Would you like to talk about them?

Yeah, not really. OK.

Well, I'm a really good listener.


Well, I though this guy Jake was gonna ask me for sure today but then he asked this girl Kat, and she just hates me.

No, no, no, no. She's jealous of you.

Well, she doesn't like that Jake and I hang out sometimes.

Do you wanna hear my prom story?

OK. It was a week before the big dance and Roger Johnson dumped me, asked my best friend, and she had the nerve to say yes.

Lame friend! Yeah.

Did you end up going? No.

But it was a good thing because somebody spiked the punch with castor oil and it was a vomit fest, and everyone ended up in the emergency room!

Gross! Yeah. Who did it?

They never found out.

And listen, a girl as gorgeous as you will find an even better date than this Jake the Flake.

I prom-promise.

Mom was really excited for me to go to prom. She was prom queen, you know.

I remember. She was a senior when I was a sophomore.

She was perfect.

Dad said he fell in love with her that night.

What a fairy tale!

(giggling) Hey.

I'll see you tomorrow morning if you wanna talk.


(tense music)

So your bags are here.

I gave you some fresh towels and a desk. Maybe you can use it to study for your real estate agent's exam.

Oh, and you can use Hannah's car. It's, uh, in the garage.

You're the best.

Uh, would you mind if I used your printer?

Sure. What's ours is yours. And Janet, our housekeeper, will be here to help you out with anything else you need.

She's... been kind of a second mom for Maya and Luke, especially since Hannah died.

That's so sweet. Well, thank you.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

(door shuts) (sigh)

(ominous music)

Who's smiling now, Hannah?


"Cardiologist of the Year"?

You really are the whole package, Dr. Wonderful.

OK, real estate. Let's see.

(tense music)

75 hours of education and a criminal history report?

Yeah, right.

Pennsylvania real estate licensing exam...

Alright, print.

Doesn't mean I can't play the role of real estate agent.

(ominous music)

Sienna? Good morning.

Tony told me you were coming to stay.

I'm Janet. Nice to meet you.

I've been with the Wilsons for years.

They're a great family. They are.

Are you from the area? Bucks County.

Hey, you know what? I can take over from here.

You must have 1000 chores to do.

Don't be silly. I make breakfast every morning.

No, really, it's OK. No trouble at all.


(fridge door opens)



Two years sober...

Not for long.

(click) Oh...

(laughing) Oh... Can't believe she has this old relic.

(sharp exhale)

What are you doing in Dr. Wilson's closet?

I was just looking for a picture that Hannah and I had when we were kids.

Excuse me.

Yeah, Ms. Donnelly needs a nerve-induction test.

Can you schedule that? OK, yeah. Sure.

[Hello?] Sienna! Hey, are you busy?

Um, no. I'm just studying for the exam.

What's up? [Well, I promised Maya]

[I'd take her to an exhibit at the museum,]

[but something's come up at work and I have to work late.]

Um, do you mind picking her up?

Janet has to take Luke to a baseball practice.

Oh, no, I need a study break. It's perfect.

School gets out at 3:30, right? [Yes.]

You're amazing. Thank you.

(ominous music)

Yes, Tony, I am amazing.


This is gonna be easier than I thought. (chuckling)

You so deserve this.

Hey, Maya.


What's wrong with you?

You really wanna know?

Yeah. The boy I wanted to go to prom with asked someone else.

Don't you remember that text you sent me?

The one where you said that you were bagging prom and didn't want me to ask you?

Uh... yeah, someone's messing with you.

I never sent that.

It's probably Kat, if I had to guess.

Can you send me that?

(inaudible speaking)

Well, then how'd it come from your phone? Beats me.

I'll ask her about it. Don't bother.

She's just gonna deny it. It's more drama I can't handle right now. I gotta go meet Violet.

I'll see you around.

(ominous music)

(school bell ringing)

Maya! Hi!

Hi. Hi. (giggling)

I'm Sienna, Maya's first cousin once removed.

Violet, best friend.

What's wrong? That's the mean girl I told you about.

The prom date poacher? Yep.

I think she faked a text to Jake pretending to be me.

Told him not to ask me to prom.

(Violet scoffs) What a bitch.

Maya! Still looking for a prom date?

You know, I heard the chess club is available, and you can literally have the pick of the litter.

Bow-wow. Excuse me?

Does it look like I'm talking to you?

(Violet scoffs) Vile.

Hang on a sec, guys.

(tense music)

Hey, little girl.

What do you want? No one speaks to me or my cousin that way. What are you gonna do about it? Tell my mommy?

No. I'm gonna drag you by your pretty hair into a basement, tie you up, so no one will ever find you and no one will hear you scream.

The next time you see my cousin... you're gonna apologize to her.


What did you say to her? Do you have proof that Kat sent Jake that text? No, but I have the text.

If you're up for a little field trip, there's an old friend of mine I want you to meet.

I guess. Violet, I'll see you tomorrow. OK?

Sure. Nice to meet you, Sienna.

Nice to meet you too. Great outfit, by the way.

We'll call Tyler on the way. He's a computer genius.

(birds chirping)


Well, well, well. Look who's back in Philly.

You, uh... you look good, Sienna. Thanks.

This is my cousin, Maya. Hey.

Hey. So, if I help you with this text situation, we finally gonna get to go on that date?

Yes, Tyler. Alright.

Well, come on in.

(mysterious music)

So the text message that you supposedly sent did come from your phone number, but not your phone.

It was a spoof call. It's super easy to pretend to be somebody else. So Kat must have put Maya's number in some program?

Can you find the real number the text originated from?

Um... let me see.

These programs can kind of be hard to crack.

Um... (rapid typing)

Um... Looks like...

(program chiming) Bingo. 555-0312 ring a bell?

Is that Kat's number?

Yeah, that's it. Well, now you can show Jake who the real Kat is: an entitled brat who sabotaged your prom to get what she wanted.

Pathetic. Hey, can you text me a screenshot of what you just found?

Sure. (rapid typing)

(program chiming) Done.

So, when are you free?

Oh... (chuckles)

I'm gonna have to get back to you on that, but you were so awesome.

Come on, Maya. Let's go.

Bye, Tyler!

(computer beeping) Call me!

Hey... thanks for that.


(door opens)

(Sienna and Maya laughing)

Hi, Janet. Oh, hi, honey!

Hi, Luke! You miss me? Yeah!

Hi! Aw... I'm gonna go work on my paper.

See you tomorrow, dear.

OK, so how about a movie and some popcorn?

Yes! He has to finish his homework first.

Janet, I got this. You can go home.

So, what'll it be? Revenge of the Dinos Part I or Part II?

- Part III!

- Part III?! You haven't seen Part II yet!

You know when we're gonna do your homework?


Come on! (Sienna giggling)

(Maya): Anyway, I'm glad that we figured it out.


OK. I should go to bed.

Goodnight, Jake.

(chain clinks)

(tense music)


(door creaking)



(camera clicks)

(camera clicking)


(ethereal music)

(gasp) Oh...


(camera clicks)

I've still got the body of an 18-year-old.

(camera clicking)

Too many old memories in this dress, Tony.

We can rewrite history.

We're gonna have to make our own prom night.

(ominous music) (Janet): Luke!

Time to get up.

(yawning) Oh...

(groaning) Luke?

Luke! I don't wanna go to school.

I can't get him up.

Yeah, he was up super late! He shouldn't be watching violent movies before bed.

He's fine. Luke... Morning.

Wake up so you can sleep in school like I did, huh?

OK, get up. Enough of this, dinosaur man.

Get up! Big day today!

(Sienna roaring) (Jake laughing)

I'm a T-rex. (roaring)

OK. I'll see you in two minutes downstairs.

(Sienna giggling)

(Janet): We need to speak to your father about this.

Or not, Janet.

(tense music)



There it is.

Sobriety is such a delicate thing.

This should work.

Bottom's up and bon voyage, old lady.

(rising music)

Jake? Can we please talk about this?

I'm done talking to you.

Maya Wilson... Yes?

Will you go to prom with me? Yes!


(ominous music)

(girl): Aww! (Jake): Awesome.

(suspenseful music)

Sweet as sin.

Good girl.

(distant dog barking)

(approaching footsteps)

(slowly): I'm gonna pick up Luke and Maya from school.

Janet, you don't look so good. Are you feeling OK?

I'm fine. I just have a bit of a headache.

Oh, I have some aspirin in my room.

I'll go get you some. No, no.

I have to go. I'll... I'll pick some up on the way home.

OK. Oh, I'm picking up Maya after school now.

I told her I'd take her shopping.

(sigh) Fine!

(receding footsteps)

(brakes screech) (Sienna): Whoopsies.

This won't end well for one of us.

And it's not gonna be me.

(suspenseful music)

How was school?

Are... are you OK? (Janet groans)

(engine starts)

Driving under the influence with a 10-year-old in the car?

How irresponsible. [911. What's your emergency?]

I'd like to report a drunk driver.

There's a small boy in the car too.

[Can you tell me where you are?]

Uh, yeah. I'm on Midland and Old Post Road.

Pennsylvania license plate, uh... 1-J-2-H-P-0-2.

Please, please hurry.

I'm really worried about the little boy in the back.

[OK. We're sending someone now.]


(police siren blaring)


Good riddance, Janet.

I'm the lady of the house now.

(indistinct chatter)

Guess what. Jake asked you to prom?!

Yes, you were right! Oh! We need to celebrate.

I never thought I'd say this, but I almost feel sorry for Kat now. Hey... she deserved what she got. We need to focus on you now.

I'm gonna take you prom dress shopping.

Really?! Your dad said you can get whatever you want. Cool!

(engine starts)

(pop music) ♪♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ All that it takes ♪

♪ Is one line to break ♪

♪ And then I will catch your fall ♪♪


Tony will love this.

Oh... I like this one.

Good find. Yeah, you should try it on.

(saleswoman): You look about a size... 2?

Yeah. Let me get you a fitting room.


Oh, can you get me a pair of shoes to try on? Sure!


(ethereal music) (laughing)

This is beautiful. I love the colour.

I picked it out just for you.

I am never letting you go.

I want you to be my wife, Sienna.

(softly): Yes! I said yes.


Oh... I said yes!



That's perfect on you.

Are you sure? Yes.


(heavy sigh)

(phone ringing)

Hi, Tony! Sienna... there's been an incident. Are you OK?

I'm at the police department. [What?!]

[It's Janet. She was drinking]

[and driving with Luke in the car.]

Drinking and driving?! Is he OK?

Yes. He's pretty shaken up but, uh... thank God, he'll be alright.

And Janet?

She's in jail. They won't let me talk to her.

How drunk was she?! [I know she was pretty sick] and from what I can gather, there was some issue with the breathalyzer not working properly so they had to run other tests. They won't be back for a while.

I'm so sorry. Do you want me to come pick up Luke?

No, I promised him ice cream.

So hopefully, that'll cheer him up a bit.

OK. Well, I'll see you at home then.

Oh, man.

Janet would never do that to Luke.

Honey... nobody's perfect.

And wasn't she an alcoholic?

Yeah, but...

Wait, how do you know that?

Your dad told me. (Tony): Did Maya get a dress?

(Sienna): No, she didn't. (Tony): Oh, one second.

(phone ringing) Lauren. Thank you for today.

What? You're still at work? No, no, no. Please go home.

You can do that tomorrow.

OK. OK, but please go home soon.

I'll see you in the morning.

(heavy sigh)

I swear that woman is always working.

Who's Lauren? Oh, um...

Right. She is my office manager.

Oh, OK. Well, um... dinner is in the oven, and I have my real estate study group tonight. It's, uh, the first meetup.

Are you guys OK if I step out for a bit?

Of course. Please. OK.

I'll see you soon. OK.

(tense music)

(insects chirping)

(car beeps)

So, you're Lauren.

(ominous music)

Good morning. Morning.

How was your study group?

It was good, but the PA real estate exam is no joke.

When is it? It's June first, so I have seven weeks before I can ace that test. (chuckling)

Yeah, of course you will.

Spring is the perfect time to get in the market too.

(softly): We'll be engaged by then.

Oh, hey.

Um, Sienna, I should tell you, I had to let Janet go last night. I felt pretty terrible about it. Told the kids last night.

They're pretty upset. I'm so sorry.

She was so great. What a shame.

And how will you ever find someone to replace her?

That's a good question. I haven't even thought that far ahead yet. Well, hey.

Why don't I pick up the cooking and shopping?

And I can look after Luke, and... uh, you know, until you find someone else. And I can help with that too, if you want.

You would do that? Of course, after everything Hannah's done for me. You guys OK with that?

Sure! Thanks, Sienna.

Hey, things were so crazy last night, I almost forgot. How did dress shopping go?

Oh, it went great.

And Jake asked Maya to prom.

(Sienna chuckles) Just like I thought he would!

(phone ringing and buzzing) (Tony): Oh.

Lauren. Hey. I hope you got some rest last night.

Yeah, I'm just leaving now. Listen, Lauren, can you also get me the itinerary for the Dallas thing?

It's the usual hotel, right? Great.

Thanks so much. I'll see you at the office.

OK, guys!

I gotta go to work.

Can you take the kids to school? Of course! What's in Dallas?

Oh! Yeah, sorry. I was gonna ask you about that.

My mind's been all over the place.

I'm going to a medical devices conference in Dallas in a few weeks. I go every year.

Would you be able to look after the kids for a few days?

Absolutely. Whatever you need. Thank you. You're the best.

Alright, kids. I love you.

Sorry about Janet.

I'll see you tonight.

Bye. (Maya): It's OK, Dad.

Be good!

(tense music)

So, uh, how long has Lauren worked for your dad?

(heavy sigh) I don't know. A couple years.

She's hot. Luke!

Am I missing something here?

She's divorced and she's a little too flirty with Dad, if you ask me.

She's nice! Whatever! She's always like, "Oh, Tony!" and like, flipping her hair around.

Mom has only been gone for seven months. It's gross.

(sigh) Well, why don't you two get ready for school and I'll take you?

(fast-paced music)

(cash register beeping)

"Rapid heartbeat... chest pains."

Just what the doctor didn't order.



"Recommended dosage... 1 pill every 12 hours."

Let's see what three will do.


Call Tony. (hyperventilating)

(phone ringing) Thank you so much.

OK. Sienna. Hi.

[Hi... Tony. Oh...] (Sienna gasping)

You don't sound so good. My heart... something's wrong.

(stammering) It doesn't feel right.

Should you go to the ER? No, no, no! I hate hospitals.

OK. Well, just come down to my office and I'll check you out here. OK. I'm on my way.

(phone beeps)

Did you get the documents done?

Yeah. OK. Excuse me. I need to see Tony.

Oh, you must be Sienna. I'm Lauren.

He's been expecting you. Just put your name here and I need a copy of your insurance.

No. I-- I need to see him right away.

I'm having heart palpitations. OK. Um, we'll just take you in the exam room. Just follow that corridor around the left. OK?

Right there? Yeah.

(heavy exhale)

You're tachycardic. Tachy-what?

Your heartbeat is faster than it should be.

Have you, uh... changed your exercise routine?

Something you're stressed out about?

No, uh... (sniffle)

Everything is pretty normal.

Taking any new medications?

Uh, actually, I started taking a new allergy med.

Uh, since I moved to the East Coast, my sinuses have been going crazy. Do you have the medication with you? Uh, actually, I do.


It's this.

Yeah, how many of these did you take?

Uh... uh... two this morning, and then one this afternoon. Is that bad?

OK, you should really take one of these every 12 hours.

Especially these, they're extra strength.

Oh. I-- I didn't realize.

No, it's not your fault. Allergy medicine has pseudoephedrine. It can speed up your heart rate.

So I'm not dying? No.

Just lie down for a little bit, the drug'll wear off, you'll be good to go.

Thank you. You're welcome.

(door opens) Hey there, could you take care of this file? Oh, yeah.

All good? Yeah.

A medical mystery solved. It was just an allergy med.

Luckily, I have a cardiologist in the family.

(Tony): Actually, I'm glad you two finally had a chance to meet.

Lauren is my third arm. Couldn't live without her.

Oh, just call me his work wife.

(phone ringing) Excuse me a second.

Sure. Hannah was his wife.

Oh, I'm sorry. It was just a joke. I didn't mean to--

She was my cousin. Yeah, that's in my office.

I'll have to call you back in a bit.

So, I was thinking I wanted to have a barbeque at the house on Saturday. Are you busy, Lauren?

No, I'm in. Do you wanna hire the same caterers as last time?

Oh, that's not necessary. I can cook.

Really? You know you love my cooking.

OK, great. I'll handle the grill.

So, uh, will you be bringing a date, Lauren?

Um... It's kind of a sensitive subject.

It's fine. Um, I just found out that... the doctor I had been dating for the last two years is engaged to... one of his nurses, Stephanie.

Dr. Burn is also a cardiologist. Different office, same building.

Ouch. For the record, I think he made a huge mistake.

Who knows. Maybe I'll be swept off my feet by some handsome doctor in Dallas. Hey, I am not losing you to the Lone Star State. You're too valuable.

I'm just teasing you. So Tony, you can give me a list for the barbeque and I'll email out invitations.

Casual dress, right? Yeah, absolutely.

Great, I'll see you at home.

Dinner will be waiting.

So nice to finally meet you, Lauren.

Excuse me. (thud)

(ominous music)

(groaning) "Maybe I'll meet a handsome doctor who will sweep me off my feet in Dallas."

The handsome doctor is mine. (wheels screech)

Here you go.

Hello! You're back. My cousin decided to go with the dress. She was a size 2, if I recall?

Uh, yeah, but she said the size 2 might be a little tight on her, so I got a size 4 just in case. I'll get both of them.

Oh! OK.

Thank you.

(approaching footsteps)

Hey, guys! Hi, Dad.

Hey, Dad.

(Tony exhales heavily)

I can't tell you how happy it makes me seeing them like this.

They're good kids. We owe you, Sienna.

No, you don't. We're family.

But, uh, I forgot to give this to Maya.

(ominous music)


Open it.

(ethereal music)

It's the dress you liked.

Oh, thank you so much!

It's gorgeous. It reminds me a little of your mom's. I wanted to grab it up before someone else did.

I'm gonna go try it on.

Do you wanna go over the barbeque menu for this weekend?

Absolutely. Um... Could I invite Jake?

Of course! (chuckle)

I haven't seen her that happy in months.



OK, you're the host, so I want you... to introduce yourself to people you don't know.

Ask them if they need a drink, and ask them if they want one of these burgers.

Don't drop it. Mm-hmm!


(indistinct chatter)

Smells good. We make a good team.

Well, you make it so easy.


Here's some watermelon.

Good job, little man.

Hey, Maya. Hey!

Is this the guy? Oh, yeah.

That's Maya's prom date. Dad... this is Jake. Nice to meet you, sir.

I'm Sienna, Maya's cousin. I'm a hugger.

Come here. Nice to meet you.

So you're the boy taking my little girl to prom? Yes, sir.

You better take good care of her.

Um, well, you have a great daughter, sir.

You two kids need a ride to the prom with your dad?

Stop it! Stop. Dad!

What? Prom is only five weeks away. You know, you gotta start thinking about these details. Well actually, I already rented a limo, so we should be fine.

A limo? I've never been in one before. Can I come? No!

(laughing) (heavy sigh)

So guys, can you bring in a couple dishes from the kitchen?

Sure. It's just this way. Thank you.

(ominous music)

(Tony): Lauren. Hi.

I brought you some wine. Oh, thank you for this. Oh, OK.

How's it going? Sorry I'm late.

I went to a shi-shi event. (Lauren chuckles)

You clean up nice. Well, thank you.

Got it in Paris. Oh! Do you want a drink? A burger with everything?

Yes to everything. I love a girl that can eat.

Luke! A burger with everything for Lauren, please.

Burger with everything? (Lauren): Burger with everything. (Lauren chuckles)

(children laughing)

It's gonna be a good trip. Seriously.

Do you remember last time... (indistinct speaking)

(heavy breathing)

"Oh, I'm sorry I'm late.

I was at this shi-shi event."

Who wears a tight red dress to a barbeque?

She belongs in a brothel.

I mean, we'd had a lot to drink.

Excuse me. I have to use the ladies'.

Pull yourself together.

You are the host of this barbeque.

You are the lady of this house.

After our prom night...

I'm gonna be Tony's wife, not you, Lauren.

I was... just waiting for the bathroom.

It's a great party.

The prom?

His wife?

Here, I'll do this. Oh!

You've been at the grill forever.

Alright. Those ones are medium-rare.

OK. Don't let them overcook.

I won't. OK.

Hey, I think I'm gonna head out.

So early? Yeah, I have a date with Joel tomorrow. Joel?

Joel's Gym. Of course. How early is early?

6AM. On a Sunday?!

I know, but I get the whole place to myself that way.

Well, you're committed. It's working, you're in great shape.

Thanks. I try.

So good to see you. It was a lovely evening, and I'll have the trip itinerary finalized for you by Monday.

Can't wait. I can't wait to go with you!

It's gonna be great.

Uh, hey. Tony, can I call you tomorrow? I kinda wanna talk about something. Yeah. Everything OK?

Yeah. I just, um... just wanna talk. Of course, yeah.

OK. Bye, Lauren.

Bye. See you.

(ominous music)

"Joel's Gym.

25 Pine Ridge Drive."

(garage door opening)

(engine stops) (door opens)

Hello, Lauren. Sienna.

What are you doing here? Teaching you a lesson.

What are you talking about?

Man-stealing is not OK.

Tony is mine.

Stay away from me.

(Sienna grunts) (Lauren screams)



If you were nicer, I would've made you a bridesmaid.

(door opens)

(door shuts)

Sienna? Oh, Maya! You scared me.

Where were you? I was at the bakery.

Would you like a croissant? Sure.

(phone keyboard clacking)

Morning. How's everyone doing?

Great. You guys are up early.

Couldn't sleep last night. Shouldn't have had that last glass of wine. No, you deserved it.

It was a great party. Here, I got you a coffee and a fresh croissant. Mm. Sounds perfect.

Thank you. Where's Luke?

He's still asleep.

You have fun last night, Maya?

Mm-hmm. Jake seems nice.

Yeah. He is.


(phone ringing and buzzing)

Dr. Wilson. [Dr. Wilson,]

[do you know Lauren King?] Yes.

[Ms. King has you listed in her phone]

[as an emergency contact. I regret to inform you]

[that she's died.] What?!

(softly): Oh, my God.


[She fell down the stairs at her gym and hit her head.]

(sharp exhale)

[Can you come down to the Walker Street Station later?]


Thank you.

Oh, my God.

What happened? (Tony sighs)

It's Lauren.

She's dead.

What?! She fell down the stairs at her gym.

This morning?! Yeah.

That's horrible!

I, uh... (sniffle)

I'm gonna have to call her mom... the staff. Excuse me.

(Tony sighs heavily)


(ominous music)

Call me if there's anything else you need.

(heavy sigh)

(Sienna): Her poor mother...

That was so nice of you to host this reception.

I just hope it helped make it easier on her.

I'm sure it did. You're a good man, Tony.

Everything's going to be alright.


Thank you. You've been incredible.

Um, I'm gonna go take Luke to get some ice cream.

He's been through a lot. Yeah, he'd like that.


(tense music)

Prom magazines?

What's that about?

♪♪♪ Her real estate forms... she never filled them out.


Why does she have this?


Right... there. Hey.

Hey! Do you want some ice cream?

No, thanks. How was your drive with Sienna?

Good. She said she's not leaving us.

What do you mean?

She said she'll stay with us as long as we want.

Luke, pick a hand.

(Luke gasps) Surprise!

Thank you! (Sienna giggles)

Maya... you want some ice cream?

No, I'm not really hungry, but... thanks.

Dad? Do you have a minute? Yeah.

Of course.

I need to talk to you about Sienna.


I have a feeling that she might want...

...more with you. "More"?

You should have seen her face when she hugged you after Lauren's reception today. She got all, like, goo-goo eyed. What, you think she's interested in me? Maybe! She told Luke she'll stay as long as we need. And I'm forever grateful.

She'll be here at least until she gets her real estate agent's license. I don't think she has any intention of leaving this house. Do you know she hasn't even filled out her real estate forms?

And you know this... how?

I saw them in her room and they were blank.

You went through her stuff? Yes!

But she also has a prom dress in her closet which is the same one she bought me in a different size.

That's weird! I'm sure you're overreacting.

There's probably a rational explanation for this. Sienna has been great for this family.


Come on in.

I, uh... accidentally overheard you guys.

Um, Maya, I bought a size 4 prom dress 'cause I didn't know if the 2 would fit you, and I don't remember which size you tried on. I haven't gotten around to returning it yet.

And I did fill my real estate forms out online, which was a lot easier.

Something you wanna say to Sienna?

I'm sorry.


I know it's so hard, not having your mom around.

She was a beautiful person and I miss her so much.

And I-- I didn't have the heart to tell Luke that I'll be moving out really soon, so I'll be out of your hair, 'cause I wanted to protect him and keep him safe.

(sniffle) I care about you guys so much.

That couldn't make me happier.

And Maya... I love you, even if you don't feel the same way.

(melancholy music)


(Tony): So, what's the teachable moment here?

Learned about snooping? Dad.

I just thought it was weird. Just don't go through peoples' stuff.

(softly): It's finally almost here... the most magical night of our lives.

(upbeat electronic music)

Over here!

Oh! Uh-ho! Oh!

Left hand. YES! YOU GOT IT!

OK. It's your turn. It's your turn, go.

Go. OK. Queen.

Queen. Show me what you got. Show me what you got.

♪♪ No, I can't let go Can't let go ♪

♪ Once you caught me up ♪

(indistinct speaking)

OK. Oh. Oh!

♪ Can't let go-oh-oh ♪ Oh... ♪ If you wanna stay ♪

♪ Then you gotta say my name ♪♪ Just two days until our prom night... and your proposal, Tony.

I think I'll say yes.

(giggling) "Prom has finally arrived and you have your dream date."

Yes. I do. "It can be divine

"or a disastrous night, so make sure to complete your checklist." OK.

(ominous music)

Perfect dress... check.

Pre-planned hairstyle... amazing jewellery... let's see.



Check. And a boutonniere.

Oh! I almost forgot a boutonniere.

What else? What else?

Oh, Luke.


(heavy sigh)

Hello, it's Sienna. Can you do me a huge favour?

Since prom is such a busy night for Maya, would you mind taking Luke for a sleepover?

Oh... on Saturday, yeah.

Perfect. Thank you so much.

He'll be thrilled. Bye!

It's gonna be a perfect prom night.


(cutlery clinking) That was delicious.

Luke, go brush your teeth. Get ready for bed. OK, buddy?


It was just my mother's recipe.

She taught me everything I know about cooking.

I thought you weren't close to your mom.

Well, the kitchen was our only common ground.

(tense music)

So, are you guys ready for tomorrow night?

I think so. I'm gonna take a million pictures of you. I'm so excited to see you all dressed up.

Maya, I am so happy for you.

Finishing your senior year on the honour roll, off to the college of your dreams.

Your mother would be so proud. Thanks, Dad.

OK. Well, I think I'm gonna head out right now.

Thank you so much, Mr. Wilson, for the excellent dinner.

You're welcome.

I want some more wine. Thanks, Dad.

Thanks for coming and humouring my dad.

Are you serious? No, he's great.

Your whole family's great.

So are you. (both chuckle)

(soft music)

See you later.

(sinister music)

(water sloshing)

(Sienna): Maya seems much better. They're so cute together.

I'm so happy for her. And you!

You totally outdid yourself with dinner.

You know, when I let Janet go, I had no idea how we'd get by.

But you've made it so easy.

Well, I enjoy doing this for the family I never had.

(tense music)

I said yes. (giggling)

Oh... (sighing)

Why don't I pick up the cooking and shopping and watch Luke whenever you need?

(Tony): You would do that? (Luke): She said she's not leaving us. She said she'll stay with us as long as we want.

(Janet): Hello?

[Uh, Janet, it's Maya.]

Oh, Maya. Oh, I miss you so much, dear.

[How is everything?]

Um... it's OK.

I know that voice. Something wrong?

I'm just-- I'm kind of worried about my dad.

What is it? [Well, I just think] that there's something going on with Sienna, but I...

I just can't put my finger on it.

I never trusted that woman.

Really? Why?

[I was gonna call your dad tomorrow.]

I got the toxicology test results back after my... incident.

There were no drugs or alcohol

[in my system, Maya.] So what do you think happened?

[This is gonna sound crazy, but I'm sure someone put] something in my drink that day to make me look drunk.

Something that didn't show up in the tests.

And you think it was Sienna?

[She was the only person at home when I got sick.]

How well does your family really know her?

I mean, like... we didn't see her all that often growing up.


Are you there? [Uh, yeah.]

Um, do you mind just holding off before you call my dad? [Of course.]

I don't have any proof anyways.

I would just love to have my job back.

Yeah, and I wanna help you.

Thank you, sweetie. [OK.]

I'll let you know what I find out.


Dad? Hi, honey.

Can I ask you something? Sure.

What's Sienna's mom's name? Uh... Dorothy.

What's her deal? I've only met her a few times.

She's pretty reclusive.

What is this about?

Oh, well, I was thinking that it might be nice to invite her to dinner sometime. Does she still live in Bucks County?

I believe so. Pretty close to where your mom grew up.

But you should probably talk to Sienna before you invite her.

Yeah, you're probably right. I'll ask her.

Better get some sleep tonight. Big day tomorrow!

I know. I can't wait.

And you're gonna be the belle of the prom.

OK, Dad. Whatever. No, it's true!

Goodnight. Goodnight.

(suspenseful music)

(keys clacking)

I need to talk to you.

(program chimes)

(alarm beeping)


(gasp) I can't believe prom is finally here. It's the night you're gonna declare your love for me. (giggle)

(mysterious music)

Tonight's my prom night.

It's also the night that Dr. Wonderful's gonna propose to me.

I've been waiting my whole life for this moment.


(ethereal music)

(sigh) Gorgeous.

This will go beautifully with your tux, Tony.




Our fate will be sealed in just a few hours.

(Sienna sighs)

Wow. Jake is one lucky guy.

See, it all worked out. You got your fairy tale ending.

Yeah. You were right all along.

(Sienna inhales sharply)

Did you get your hair done?

Yeah. I-- I thought it would be fun for prom night.

I'll see you for the big reveal at the staircase.

(ominous music)

(door shuts) (Tony sighs)

Wow! You look good.

Thank you.

You going out tonight? No, I just decided to mix things up with my hair. How was golf?

Eh, like it always is.

Frustrating. Uh, how's Maya?

Oh, she's great. She's upstairs getting ready.

I can't wait to see her. OK, I'm gonna go wash up.

See you.

(tense music)

A little nap... so I can have some time to make things perfect for us.


(Tony sighs) Maya's about to come down.

Want some champagne to celebrate?

Yeah. Cheers.


(dramatic sound indication)

Mm! Mm.

Here she is.

Maya, you're a vision.

Your mom would be so proud.


Look at you! You like it?

You look gorgeous. (doorbell rings)

Oh, your date's here!

Hey. Come on in, young man.

Oh, wow. You look awesome. (laughing)


Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait! Picture time! Picture time!

Dad... I'm not missing this.


Smile! (camera clicking)

There you go. OK. Are you done?

One more. No way! Hang on! Just one more.

Where's the pre-party? It's at Jenny Hogan's.

Say hi to her parents for me. I will.

Oh, um... wait 'til you see our ride.

(ethereal music) (gasp)

I wanna see a limo! (Maya): Come on, come see!


Back by midnight! 12:30!


(door closes)


I just watched her take her first steps, and now... she's off to prom in heels.

Where does the time go?

They grow up so fast.

(sinister music)

Oh! Hey, buddy, your friend's here!

Don't forget your bag. Here.

Thank you!

Have a fun time. Bye!

(Sienna): Bye. (Tony): Be good!

He's always good. I know.

Man, I don't feel so well.

Oh. Well, here, take a nap.

Uh, I'll fix you some dinner.

And I'll wake you up when it's ready.

What would we do without you?

(Tony sighs)

Now, you never have to find out.

(ethereal music)


Everything is just perfect for you, my love.

(tense music)

(Tony groans)

Sienna, what's going on?

Sh, sh, sh!

It's a surprise. What?

Come with me. Come on. (Tony groans)

There. What's happening?

Stand up. Come on. Wait. What's going on?

What are you doing?

Come here.

OK. I'm gonna open the door...

I didn't have that much to drink.

You had a lot to drink! (Sienna laughing)

OK. Step, step, step, step. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Yeah, just step-- big step. OK.

Sienna, this is making me a little uncomfortable.

You're almost there. It's-- it's--

You're gonna love this. OK, sit.

Sit. There you go. Oh...


(heavy breathing)

(tense music)

(Sienna chuckling) What is all this?

It's our prom night, Tony! OK.

Here's your evening attire.

Is this a joke?

No-- no, it's our prom night.

It's the night that you and I are gonna fall in love, just like you and Hannah did.

(laughing nervously)


I know you love me as much as I love you.

I can see it in your eyes.

I am sorry if I have...

No... ...given you the wrong idea.

We are perfect for each other. This is our prom night.

This is our night.

No, stop!

Every word, every action, has... has said it all since I moved in.

Don't fight this. No, Sienna! Sienna!

No, don't fight this! (Tony gasping)

Sienna, you've been great, but... there's nothing going on between us in that way.

Well, what about the things you said?

Uh, "I don't know what I'd do without you" and now, you never have to! No! If I have led you on in any way... You-- you said we would make a great team.

We do. We did.

But I was talking about taking care of the kids, the household stuff. No.

We have a connection. I see it.

I see it in the way you look at me.

Look at you how?! No! You...

Sienna! Please! You look at me...

You look at me like you wanna be with me.

I have never loved a man more than I have loved you.

Sienna... please! I know you feel the same way in your heart. I know you do!

I know you feel the same way. Sienna. SIENNA!

It's not gonna happen! I'm sorry.

(dramatic sound indication) Oh... you're the... worst kind of tease. Do you have any idea what I've done for you and Luke and Maya?

Your family was broken before I got here!

And I am very grateful--

NO! I'm not talking about cooking and cleaning your house and picking your dry cleaning up and your kids from school!

Haven't I showed you what a perfect wife I would be?!

Am I not good enough?!

What?! Haven't I showed you?!

I just lost Hannah. She was the love of my life.

Oh, no, no, no! This is not about Hannah.

Because if it's about Hannah, I'm not good enough!

I am not as good as perfect Hannah!

No-- NO!

No. I-- I don't think that. I took a huge risk for us to be together. What are you talking about?

Forget it. It doesn't matter.

(Sienna humming tunelessly)

What are you talking about, Sienna?!

(dramatic sound indication)

Do you think that this all just happened?

That I became the lady of your house, do you think that that all happened so easily?

You think that things just fall into place?


Did you kill Hannah?!


She-- she never appreciated you.

She-- she-- ugh!

She never loved you like I love you! She-- she didn't-- she didn't deserve you!

She didn't appreciate you the way I appreciate you.

She never loved you like I love you.

She-- she... no!

It's OK. We're gonna get you the help you need. No, no, no.

It's gonna be fine. No, no, no. No!

Where are you going? No. You don't get to do that to me. No! You don't get to leave me!



(phone ringing)

(tense music)


Maya? [Yes?]

This is Dorothy Lawson. I just got your message.

[Sorry, I don't check my page very often.]

What can I do for you? Uh, I'm sorry to disturb you.

I was hoping I could talk to you about Sienna, if you don't mind.

What's she done now? [Um...]

I think she's got a thing for my dad.

[Well, that wouldn't surprise me.]

She's had a crush on him forever.

But she's in California, right?

No. She's living here with us now, in our house. You didn't know that?

I had no clue.

[Hannah would roll over in her grave.]

Those two were about as close as a tabby and a pit bull.

Really? [Sienna didn't exactly] play nice in the sandbox when it came to Hannah.

What do you mean? [She wanted] to be Hannah.

Hannah had the life Sienna always wanted.

[The loving husband, the family and money, of course.]

She's been jealous of her since they were kids.

[What's she doing here in Philly anyway?]

She said she's a real estate agent.

She was a real estate agent's secretary!

[Until her boss's wife found out] they were sleeping together. Really?!

The wife ended up in the hospital.

Did Sienna do something to her? [Hard to say.]

It was a hit and run. They never did prove who did it.

Listen... I know she's my daughter and you have to understand, I've tried my best to help her but she's got a lot of... issues.

[And if Sienna wants Tony,] she'll do whatever she has to to get him.

And keep him.

So what should I do?

Get her out of your house. And be careful.

OK. I have to go, but thank you for telling me all that.

(suspenseful music)

Maya? Maya!

What's going on?

Wow. You guys look beautiful. Here, let me get that.

You look very nice too. Thank you.

Please don't hate me. Just tell me what's going on.

I think Sienna has a plan for my dad.

I have to go home. Driver?

Take me back to my house, please.

I'm so sorry, Jake, but I have to make sure my dad's OK.

I'm coming with you. Are you sure?


(sinister music)




Prom can still be our special night, my love, but... then I'll have to say goodbye.

(Maya): Come on, come on...


It's gonna be OK.

(Sienna gasps) Oh! We should get a picture together. Our last one, as prom king and queen, immortalized forever.

Can I get a picture with you?


(tense music)

This has been the best night of my life.

(Tony groans) But all good things must come to an end. (Sienna giggles)

Goodbye, my love.





(suspenseful music)


DAD! Dad?

Why aren't you at prom?

Where's my dad?

Oh, he's fine. He's just going for a little swim.

(screaming) (grunting)



GET OFF OF HIM! Maya, run!

Go find your dad! (screaming)

(Tony gasps) (Sienna grunts)

(Jake groans) (Sienna): Ah...

(Sienna panting) (Jake groaning)


(Tony gasping)

(Sienna grunting)

(Maya screaming)

(Tony coughing) DAD!



(Maya crying)

Oh, God... DAD!

I'm so sorry...

Your dad rejected me.

I... I'm sorry.

(Jake): Maya? (groan)

Oh, God... I...


I didn't mean to kill Hannah. I'm so sorry.

(Sienna crying)

I didn't mean to push her. I swear.

(sorrowful music)

I'm so... sorry.

I didn't... I just love you.

I just love you.

I'm sorry.


(indistinct chatter over radio)

I'll see you at the hospital.

(ambulance doors close)


We'll be together soon.

(soft music)

(car door opens) (office): Please, get in.

Lower your head.

How could I have been so wrong about her?

(car door shuts) I should've listened to you.

(car door shuts)

She had us all fooled.

(indistinct speaking over radio)

(siren blaring)

(ominous music)

(Tony): Come! This way. (Maya): OK.

Why? I was just talking about it.

Because. I know. But just-- Dad!

Just humour me for a second. OK. Fine.

Fine. Fine. OK. Alright. This...

(all together): Surprise! (clapping)

(Maya laughing) Oh, my gosh!

(upbeat pop music)

Ooh! (cheering)

No way.

Well, you didn't get a prom, so we thought we'd bring the prom to you. You're the best.

All of you.

And we got you a dress! Thank you!

Sweetie. Thanks, Janet.

Only the best for my daughter. Thanks, Dad.


(Maya sighs)

Now, this... is the best night of my life.

(both chuckle)

(upbeat pop music playing)


♪♪ Never had a doubt and I'm pulling through ♪

(boy): Awesome!

♪ Life is good ♪

♪ Good, good ♪♪