Killing Zoe (1993) Script

I don't speak French.

Ah. English?


That's good. I speak a little American.

I asked if you mind the radio. Music... you know.

It's okay.

Ah. Super cool.

Do you know what time it is?

I don't know. Daytime?

Are you in town for business?


It's a nice hotel, your hotel. Very big rooms.

Do you know Paris?

Not really.

I spent some time here a long time ago. When I was young.


Those were the days.


Say what?

Do you have a wife?

Used to.


Why, if you need a wife for the night... for business.

I give you my number.

She's a very nice girl. French. Like when you were very young.

Just tell me and I set it up.

What you laughing at?

You let Moises set it up.

Your package... it arrived in the night, last night before the last night.

The telephone. For room service.

The toilet here. The door.

And the television. Right here.

With this you can operate it anywhere in the room.





Oh. Okay.

There you go.

Oh, hey.

Do you know what time is it?

What? I'm sorry?

Time... time... what time it is?

Oh. Yes. Il est presque huit heures...

Bon soir.



Come on in.


Hey, hey, hey... hold on.

I don't speak French.

Speak English? Yes. I do.

It's okay.

It will be one thousand Francs for all night.

I don't do weird stuff.

A condom and you have to pay in advance.

What kind of weird stuff don't you do?

Like... peeing on me?

I can't pee.


What is a... What's a 1,000 Francs translate to in American?

Around 200 bucks?

Thank you.

Blow job included.

We can do it now, if you want.

I'm going to dry off first.

Okay, but it's not necessary.

200 bucks and I can't pee on you, huh?



What's your name?

Zoe or Zoey. Which ever you like.


My name's Zed.

That's funny. We both have Z names.

Say what?

You can take those off. The pants.

It's easier without, you know.

Think I'd rather watch you... get undressed first.


Hey, hey, hey... slowly.


Mister America. Zed.

That's Captain America, baby.

Slow enough for you?

I'm cold.




Moises told me you were in town for business.


What kind of business?


I don't know. I'm just curious.

Do you ask all your clients questions about their business?


Just the ones I like.

Oh... so you like me?



Because you're a good person.

I run into some real creeps. You know.

What makes you think that I'm a good person?

Body language. We fit together.

We fit together?

All men and women fit together. Hell, even some men fit together.

Ya, but you know, we clicked.

You made me orgasm.

Do you know how often I orgasm with guys Moises sets me up with?

3 times a week?


They're always fat like pigs.

Suck me baby.

And you make me feel safe.

That's something more important than the orgasm.

You know, it may be the integral part maybe of the orgasm.

I never thought of it like that.

Well, its true.

Turn off the television.

So I really mean it, when I'm telling you, Zed, I like you very much.

I like you too.



Why? For the same reason?

Any man can orgasm. Even with his own hand.

Well, I like you because you just won't stop talking.

Just keep talking.

You're open and you're honest.

You're different than a lot of the prostitutes that I've been with.

I am not a prostitute!

Oh. Really?

Great, then can I have my 1,000 Francs back?

I'm a student. Oh.

I became an escort to pay my classes.

It's my choice to sleep with you.

I understand.

No you don't.

No, no, no... I get it.

It's not easy. Hey, I didn't say it was... easy.

It's my choice... to be here.



What kind of a student are you?

Where do you go to school?

Le Beaus Art Le Beaus Art... what's that? Art school?

You're an artist?

What kind of art do you study?

Not any of the old shit.


No, I have a day job too. Three times a week.

Very boring.

But one day... there will be only my art.

What are you a... painter?

I don't paint. I make things.


Not like sculpture. Like life...

What I do, I do it only for the objects.

I'd like to see one of them sometime.


So you could see the work of a whore?

I'm sorry I called you a prostitute. All right?

I didn't know that there was a difference.

The difference is a prostitute would have lied to you about her orgasm.

I didn't lie.

What time is it?

I don't know. Night time.

I'm going to take a shower.

I'm coming.


You're alright man!

What happened to you? I thought you were going to call.

Oh, I see.

You have been busy.

I asked the hotel for a wake up call.

That's good, but now I am here. So let's go. We have a lot to talk about, man.

The girl's still here.

Is she your girlfriend? No.

Fuck her. She's a dishrag whore. Kick her out. Come on.

I'll let her stay here tonight.

Don't be silly. It's dangerous.


Okay. Be a good girl. Get out and go home Fuck off.

Do I have to drag you? Are you crazy?


Let go of me!

Don't worry about her.

Fucking slut!

Get out. Asshole!

Oh shit. Her clothes.

So tell me, what have you been up to?

Eric, I liked that girl.

Well, then why didn't you stop me.

You were running around like a fucking maniac.

Look, your whole life you've done nothing but fuck whores.

A girl like that will give you AIDS.

Why don't you find a nice girl in the suburbs?

Because when you want to get off... you don't want to wait 3 months and spend 200 bucks to do it.

Just use your hand like me.

Sometimes you just need honesty... and security of a whore.

I don't understand.

Anyway, it's too late. Get dressed, lets go out and meet the boys.

I stink, going to take another shower.

No, in Paris it's good to smell like you've been fucking.

So we can respect you.

Just put on a shirt and a sport coat. Come on.

I'm glad you came. How long has it been?

11 years?

11 years.

It's amazing, you know?

Here you are. One day in America. Now here.


Well, to to tell you the truth, there wasn't a lot happening for me back in the States.

But in Paris your old friend Eric has a job for you, so you came. That's good.

How could I resist your invitation?

You would have been stupid to.


I'm not that stupid. No, not yet.

So what have you been doing for the past 11 years?

After school I spent some time in Algeria studying African philosophy.

And then I bummed around. You know. For fun.

For a while I worked at Le Figaro. The newspaper.

You know? Le Figaro?

Ya? Wow.

Yes. With an assumed masters degree.

And lately we have just been bombing fascists here in Paris. You know, like terrorists.

It's fun.

What the fuck is he doing?

Ass hole!

Kitty. Here, kitty cat.

Is this cat dead?

I don't know. I think it's a sleep but it's been there for days.

I guess it is dead. Ya. Come on.

The people next door are on holiday. We took their phone.

If you want to make a long distance call, go ahead.

Where do you live?

Up there.

Hi guys Okay. Oliver is from England.

Claude. Et voila.

Ricardo... Quebec.

Fran├žois, Oliver, Jean, who knows. Eric.

They all know who you are.

Can I get you anything to drink, sir?



I mean come here. Hey, Sit.

Easy, easy. Don't scare him. He's just trying to claim you.

Let me introduce you properly. That is Enrique.

He likes to be called chim chim, but we don't always get what we like... do we?

Enrique! Taistoi!

Get out!

I hate monkeys.

Do you like hashish? Oh ya.

Don't sit next to that junkie.

Your little shit monkey pissed on my Billy Holiday album.

Next time he's out the door. Okay? Okay okay!

Zed, come here.

Don't ask me where we got this, okay?

Where did you get this?

On Bastille Day, all the banks are closed.

But this one. BIP.

The Banque Internationale de Paris.

And for being greedy capitalists, perhaps they will remain closed next Bastille Day. Ay?

This is the only entrance. Good.

We will go in and shut the bank down.

Now, look at this.

As you can see, only one person can start the alarm.

The concierge, at this desk.

We will take care of him.

Then we can close the bank.

No one will know the difference since every other bank will be closed.

What makes you think he's not going to press the alarm?

He's right next to the door.

We'd have to be totally incompetent not to stop him. Don't worry about that.

Here. This is where they keep the days reserve cash. Okay fuck that.

There are many vaults downstairs, but this is the vault we must get into. This is where the real prize is.

What kind of vault is that?

Ah... Swiss made. A Caliber.


That will take...

Three hours. No, Zed, that's too long.

That's how long it'll take.

Well shit. It's too long. We have to be in and out like that. Or there will be suspicion.

A little time is okay... but too long and...

Hold on... what is this?

Another vault.

No, no, no, no... this.

I don't know... it connects the two vaults.

What kind of vault is the other one?

Also Swiss, but this one is a Poseidon.


Why would those two vaults be connected?

No idea. I don't know.

Because... I can get into the Poseidon in a half an hour. Maybe less.

Yes, but this entry way is too small to get the platen out.

We have a lot of merchandise in there.

No, no. Don't you see? We get in to the secondary vault.

We take this passage into the Caliber vault.

And from the inside I can open it in five minutes.

Well... you could open it in five minutes?

From the inside its easy.

Hot damn. That is our answer, man.


When is Bastille Day?


Tomorrow!? We're doing this tomorrow?

Well of course, yes.

It's impossible.

No, it's not impossible. Everyone knows what to do.

I don't know what to do.

But you don't need to know shit. Just get into the vault and we'll do the rest then.

I haven't even seen the bank.

Fuck the bank. Before we do a job we live life.

It's better that way. Okay?



Now we do heroin!

You see, you gotta look at the Starship Enterprise as a metaphor for the human brain, um...

Spock is the left hemisphere. He's, uh... all logic and intellect.

McCoy, he's the right hemisphere. He's strictly emotional, and uh...

Kirk is like, the unseen observer, you know.

Drifting between the two. Caught between two thought processes.

It's giving a democracy to inert, gaseous life forms, you know. I mean, a... ballot box is what it's about, man.

Don't wanna get air bubbles in my veins.

That's a big hit... uh?

That's why Star Trek will always be a hit show.

You do a little heroin?

Some beer, hash... something... you feel... just right.

Maybe later.

As you wish.

Come on. Try some.

It's called chasing the dragon.

The Chinese have been doing it for centuries.

I probably shouldn't, but...

But you must.

If you do it, it will make you feel as though the rest of the world is in a bubble of glass and you are rubbing up against it like a bad windshield wiper.

I think I'll do it anyway.

There. That's the Firarri...


Right there. Zed... do you like French cars? French cars.

Do you like them? Yes.

I like the Cadillac.

'53 through '75. Very nice.

Up here, you can see the Eiffel Tower. Look Very nice.

Is tomorrow really Bastille Day?

Yes, tomorrow we pull the biggest job in French history.

And spend the rest of our lives in...

Monte Carlo.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.


That car's a piece of shit!

Watch it! Don't crash my car. Come on!

This way... this is where the male prostitutes sell themselves.

Fucking fags!

Suck my dick!

Dr. Suce ma tobre.

What does that mean?

I will tell you later. Okay? Okay.

This is good to have you here.

We could not do this without you.

Everyone has agreed to give you double shares. That's good, no?

That's good.

Ricardo, what I was telling you was... in a final conflict between 6 and number 2 to find out who is number 1, number 6 realizes that he is number 1, you know?

It's like we're all a prisoner of ourselves. You know?

But the best episode is "A, B and C" where... he takes 3 drugs and he realizes 3 different alternative realities.

And uh...

This is really good gear, mate.

You know I have AIDS.

From the needle.


Hey, look... up here is the Arc de Triomphe. Come on. Look!

So, how long have you known Eric?



I was 12.

And he... ah...

His mother's American.

Yeah, his dad is French.

And they divorced, and had some weird custody plan or...

He would spend 6 months with her in Florida and then 6 months here.

Anyway... they just lived 2 houses up from me,

Well, it's good to have you here, man.

Eric loves you.

Tells me you like Viking films. Is that right?

Viking movies?

Ya. I guess.

I love that stuff... the helmets with the fucking horns on...

Right That's what we should be wearing tomorrow, right?

If you ever want to see it, I've got some videos...

Viking stuff made in Norway, which is excellent.

What about this music? Do you like dixieland?

Yeah... I guess.

I live for this music, man. This is real music.

It's got a heart and a culture all of it's own.

And it bears no resemblance to anything else in this entire fucking planet.

It's just total... purity of essence.


"When the Saints Go Marching In".

Hey... "When the Saints Go Marching In".

Hey, here, have some wine. It's very good.

You don't want to drink this shit, it's poison.

I bring my own... vodka.

Look up on stage!

You crazy fucking Frenchmen!

Oh my God!

Hey! How was I?

I didn't know you could play.

I can't. But it's easy. You just slide the thing, you know.

Do you like this place?


Good. This is the real Paris.

Here in the cellar.

Up there... on the street, all just street trash.

You have Pompidou Center, the Eiffel Tower... all that tourist shit.

La Louvre. Ahh... good God!

The fucking Louvre.

All of that is for the guide buses.

Even the people, Parisians, they are shit.

No one in France likes them. It's true.

But down here... away from everyone up there, the tourists, the attractions, the fucking postcards, people change.

They forget, because they can not see, that they are in Paris.

It could be anywhere. The music, the food.

The wine.

Even the wine's okay.

So what do you think? Eh?

What do you think of Paris, Zed?

Come on, Zed, tell me.

Well, if this is Paris... then I like it.

Come on! Let's dance.

No! I will puke!

Hey, Zed, come on. Just snort this with your nose.

What's going on? Why don't you do some?

Come on. Come on my friend.

Shouldn't we be doing this somewhere more private?

Fuck them. They can get their own.

No, I mean, is it safe... to do it here?

What!? From the police?

Sit down.

Doing heroin here is safer than in Amsterdam.

I shouldn't do any more.

But you must.

Thank you.

But if you want to feel good then why not?

I'm really high.

You only live once, man.

Doing it with the nose, hardly even affect me.


I saw you sitting over here all alone and... thought you might like some company.

I don't come here that often.

I live across town. My bastard husband Pierre kicked me out... so I went for a walk..

You know, no place to stay. I ended up here.

It's open all night, which is good because...

I have nowhere to sleep.

You know, if you live near here, I'd come stay with you.

I just need a place to crash for a couple of days until things blow over.

I'd really appreciate it.

If you only have one bed, that's ok. I'll sleep on the floor.

Or, if you want me to, I could sleep with you.

And, if you want, I'll let you do things to me.

Really nasty things.

You could have your way.

Shit on me if you like.

I need to be treated like a dog.

I am a dog.

Why do you talk with street trash like that? Eh?

I wasn't...

Whatever. Come on, I want to talk to you.

Come on.

Meaty pussy, man.

Oh God!

Open your mouth. No.

Shut up. Open your mouth.

You need it. I...

To see Paris, you need it.

Zed, now swallow.

Now swallow, swallow it.


What was that?

It's new. It's good. Take a deep breath.

I wanted to tell you Zed... there are others here in Paris.

Others that could open that vault.

There are others in Germany and Switzerland, one in Belgium... all could do the job.


I don't need those assholes.


Because I have you.

I have the only man I can trust in the whole world.

My very good friend who I look up to... hey.

You are the one. Hey?

You are the one, Zed... Zed.

It's good to see you.

You know what I'm saying?

It's good.

What... did you give me? Nothing.

Nothing, Zed.

Don't sweat it.

Hey, hey, hey.

I'm going to die.

We all die.

The important thing is that in life we experience everything, Zed.

You know what I'm saying? You know?

No. No.

Tomorrow is the greatest day of our lives.

The beginning of our lives, Zed.

The end of the complication.

Do you have fire? Aye?


Before, when we would make a bomb, to blow up a cafe or something, it would cost us a week's wage working at the fucking newspaper.

And for me, it was one week and one half week.

Wake up sleepy head. C'mon. We have a bank to rob.

Can I get you some eggs, sunny side up?

I feel like I drank furniture polish.

You did.

It's that Spanish wine you drank, man, I warned you.

Okay look, you should get ready. The bank will be open for three hours today and traffic will be hell.

I need to get my equipment.

Oh, but we went by your hotel last night.

Don't you remember?

We have all your things here.

So get up and take a shit so we can go.

How's this going to work?

We go in. We get what we want. We come out.

Once we get in we will wear these to cover our faces. Just in case. Okay?

Gonna have video cameras?

Of course they are. But we've taken care of that. So don't worry.

Everyone knows what to do, so just do your job and we will all be fine.

So don't worry.

Okay. Be happy.


Your gun.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Okay, you all know what to do. Act fierce, like you could kill any of them.

If the concierge hassles you, kill him ok?

This will be over in no time.

And we'll be rich men!

Someone just went in.

Just follow us. Don't say anything. It will go smooth.

Hey, just like the old days, eh? Except it's no longer the minimart.

Raise your hands! Let me see your hands!

Don't move.


Move it!

Get down! Get down!

This is an outrage!

Hang up the phone!

Don't fuck with us and you won't die.

Stay put.

Did he trip the alarm? I don't think so.

I'm surrounded by comedians. What about the video?

Burn it! Come on, move your ass!

Do the phones work? They went dead.

Oh, shit!

Drop your gun now and nobody dies.

Do as he says.

Raise your hands! Against the wall! Back up!

Back up! Back up!


Shit, guys, we're hot. We're fucking smoking.

I'm going downstairs to check things out, ok?

Don't move!

Go play with your buddies.

Take these two upstairs.

The phones and video are down! What about the gate?

Move It! Come on! Move, you fucks!

We fucking did it!


OK, get up. Get up. Move!


Making a little deposit, I hope. Bring him along.

Move it!

Are the vaults locked? You won't be able to open them.

-You won't be able to open them.

The time lock makes them impossible to open.

You think I'm a fucking amateur? I've got news for you.

Now save us a lot of time and just open the vault.

No? You sure? Very well.

Come here, my sweet. Come embrace your Prince Charming.

Don't be shy. Isn't she adorable?

See this? It's a Ruger .22. Watch.

Open it. I can't.

He can't. What about you? Can you?

Only I can open it. Then open it! Open it!

I can't!

Don't you get it? If you don't open this fucking vault, I'll blast this bitch's brains out.

Do you understand that this is a national reserve bank? You'll all go to prison for life.

You're wrong. So wrong.


What a pity

Open the door or I'll kill this man next. I still can't open the vault!

I'm sorry. I can't.

Hey! I can open the vault!

Shut the fuck up!

You're a customer in this bank and they treat you like this.

You got a family? I bet you'd like to see them again.

One last time. Open the fucking vault.

You're a fucking idiot.

Ok, ok. It's all over.

You seem like a nice man. You really do.

Tonight at dinner think about how lucky you are. Watch your step!

Take him upstairs.

Don't you ever conflict with me during work again! Do you hear!?

You didn't have to kill anyone!

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were in charge now. Nobody told me that.

If he had opened the vault it would have saved us a fucking hour.

Great. So we've gone from being thieves to murderers.

Oh fuck! It doesn't matter. Here you get the death penalty just for robbing a federal bank.

I thought they abolished the death penalty.

Oh! That's what they tell you! So who cares?

I need to take a piss.

Why don't you open the vault?


I don't give a shit about this.

Looks clear.

What'd you mean, you're not sure?

I mean I'm not sure Well, either it did or it didn't. And I'm not sure.

Well, do you think the alarm went off?

-Fucking shit, I just told you. I don't know. -Take a guess.

It didn't.

You're sure? No, it's just a guess.

-A guess? You're saying it could have?

Well, that's fucking great. Why didn't you just kill that asshole to begin with?

I knew I should have been the one to kill him. You're so damn slow.

Shit, these masks are really hot.

I know, I've got fucking sweat stinging my eyes.

Got a joke? I know a few...

This poor guy's doing ten years for armed robbery.

All he can think of the whole time... is eating pussy.

When he gets out, they give him a new suit and 20 bucks.

He makes a bee-line for the nearest whorehouse.

Slams his 20 bucks on the front desk and says:

"I wanna eat some pussy!"

The greasy fellow who runs the place tells him: "Twenty bucks?"

"What do you expect to get for that?

It won't get you far these days, old man."

So the guy grabs him by the collar and says:

"Listen, buddy, I just did 10 years of hard labor."

"I wanna eat pussy and I want it right now!"

"OK, calm down, says the proprietor".

Then he takes him to a grimy little room with a fat fucking whore.



tits down to here... nipples like this.

A nightmare.

The fellow throws himself on top of her and proceeds to eat pussy.

And he eats, and he eats, and after a while... he comes across a bit of egg.

"That's weird.

I don't think I had eggs for breakfast."

He spits it out and he continues his buffet.

And he eats, and he eats, and he eats, and later on he find a piece of beef wedged between his teeth.

Now he knows that he hasn't had any meat in a while.

But he still goes back for more.

And he licks, and he licks, and he licks-

and he finds some corn.

Then he says:

"I'm going to throw up."

So the whore says:

"That's exactly what the last guy said."

What's going on? Freeze!

Hey, Zed, what is it? What's going on?


Nothing, nothing. Just stay here, okay?

Don't move!

Don't move!

-Get his gun! -Come on, quick. Motherfucker! Quick. Damn it!

Don't move, asshole!

Show me your leg! Stay flat on the ground, asshole!

Don't anybody fucking move!

What the fuck is going on?

That crazy fuck shot Ricardo.

Eric, your mask!

Oh shit.

Who gives a damn if they see us anyway! I can't see a fucking thing in this!

Can't I leave you alone 5 minutes?

What's the matter?

He had a hidden gun. He had a hidden gun.

It's your problem.

This is insane! I'm a U.S. Citizen!

I'm just here exchanging some dollars.

You must let me go. I'm an American.

You know? From America?

US of A?

Come on! Do you understand English?

If it wasn't for my country, you'd all be speaking German!

Next one opens his mouth gets it. Move your ass.

Sorry. We fucked up. It's under control now.

Good. Let's keep it that way. What a mess.

What now? Need help pissing?

I have a question.

We're not sure about that alarm.

You're fuckin' alarm didn't go off.

If it had, the cops'd be here and we'd be fucked. Right?

If you're done, I'm going back downstairs.

I thought the phones were dead.

They are dead.

Check the window.

Answer it. Move, you bitch.

Bank International of Paris.

It's for you.

Oh my God! It's the police!



Hello, I'm listening Who am I speaking with?

May I help you?

Listen, buddy, I don't get it. We're all fine here.

Wait a minute. Wait. Whoa, mind if I say something?

Listen up.

Fuck off, shithead.

Send anyone near this building and I'll kill the first person I see.

Got it? I could kill a dozen of them in a wink. So just calm down.

Have a nice day.

The silent alarm must have gone off.

It's not the alarm. It's your fucking gunshots.

Now it's the cops.

What do we do? Nothing.

The plan stays the same with just a few changes.

If the cops come, kill these people.

And do me a favor, clear out these stiffs. It upsets me.

Ok, ok.

What's going on?


He was just scaring them, you know.

Well, did you tell them to shut up?

Yes. They're assholes. Just having fun.

So... how does it work?

Fucked up my drill bit.

It's okay. You can buy another one.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Excellent, excellent. What next?

We find the fuse box.

It's okay. I'll find it for you. No. I need to see it myself.

I think it would be better if I looked for you. I could...

It's right here.

Now, when I tell you to, you throw this switch off and back on again.

Any other switch may set off the alarm.

Oh, I wouldn't want to do that, man.

Got it?

Got it.

Ready? Ready.


It worked.

Oh my God... it worked!

Good job, man, good job. Open.

No problem, dime store quality. Three minutes max.

Sounds good. Then do it, we don't have all day, man.

Get out, go!


Another security guard?

Ya, must be.

I peed my pants.

Hey, me too.


Is everything okay, man?

What's happening?

Nice hole in the vault, come on, come on.

What are you worried about blast his fucking ass! It's three against one!

Shut up!

I'm only trying to help. All right?

Just let me think, man.

You don't have to snap at me.


Hey, buddy, nice shooting.

That's enough now, Playtime's over. Toss me your gun.

You have nothing to fear. I promise. I don't want to.

What is this guys problem?

You're making me impatient. I don't have all day.

-I'm just doing my job. -Well, then take a vacation. A little vacation in the sun.

Sound good? I'm sorry. I can't.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm giving you five minutes to make up your mind.


Eric, you can't do this. This is way too much.

It's too dangerous.

I like danger. Yes. I do.

Made up your mind?

No, and I won't. Why don't you try the other vaults?

Should we see if they're ok? They're just blasting the vault open.

What does it matter by now? We're fucking surrounded by cops.

Snap out of it! Calm down!

That isn't funny, man.

You guys are a bunch of hysterical fucking pricks.

Come on... Let's go check out the damage.

Hey! Zed, look.

I beat you! I opened it in under three minutes.

I'm great... I'm so great!

You go around to the other main vault door.

Wait for me out there.

When I tell you, open it up.

Sorry? What were you saying?

Go around the other vault door.

We're all rich!


Look at it!

I'm going to show the others.


We are rich, man!

We're not out of here yet.

Yes, but we're rich!

You really think we might get out of this? You're fooling yourself!

You're such a pessimist. You kidding me?

We're surrounded by cops! We're dead men.

Don't worry, we'll make it.

Take a look at this.

He did it. You bet I did.

You're a genius. This is just a taste.

Look at this and tell me I'm not brilliant.

You're a monster and you'll never get out of here alive.

Not one of you is worth half this single bar. Got it?

Can I ask you something? Sure, darling.

In private.

Come on, say it. What's wrong?

The cops are everywhere! What the fuck do we do?

What's wrong? You lack confidence? Losing faith?

What do you think we should do?

I don't know, but our plan's gone to shit.

That's for sure. Ricardo really fucked things up.

Now it does us no good to kill the hostages because we'll need them when we take the plane.

We're taking a plane? First class, my friend.

I believe in you, Claude.

I'll be back.

They wanna fuck with me? Move!

Listen, asshole, you wanna fuck with me?

I'll show you who you're fucking with.

The moment of truth has come, my love.

Have you no mercy? Mercy? For who? Her?

How sweet. You made a hit. One of your customers?

Lucky day.

Come on, be a good boy.

What's going on?

I'll show you I mean what I say. Please! Don't kill me!

Come on. Come on. Please, don't.

Oh shit! There goes our airplane! What did you do that for?

Why'd you do it Eric? Our plane, shit!

Are you pleased with that? You don't know the fucking half of it.

So shut up and listen. Fuck with me again and you'll regret it.

No exchanges. They never work.

We're leaving this hole and going to the airport with the hostages... and you won't fucking tail me.

Who's going to give us the plane?

You're kidding me right?

Who do you think? You! You dumb fuck.

You think I'm a fucking amateur?

I fucking hate cops.

I'm going to die.

Please, hold my hand.

I don't want to die by myself.

Okay. Oliver, open it up.


Okay, Oliver, open it up!


Let me out of here!

Oliver! Okay.

Hold on


Ya. Hang on.

Turn the dial.


Where were you? Asleep?

That's incredible. I've never seen anything like it.

Give me a hand, will you?

It's wonderful!

Ya, come on.

Move it.

What happened to the guard?


Fuck! Fuck!

Eric, Eric Enough... Enough.

Eric... Eric

These fucking police won't budge.

Let's give up! It's the only thing we can do.

You know what? Drop a couple of chicks.

They're sentimental, they'll let us go.

What're you looking at, you whore.

Scared I'll tell them this is only a day job?

I should have killed you to begin with.

Should we get some cash while we're here?

What for?

So we can celebrate tonight.

You wouldn't be able to spend it anywhere.

It's too easily traceable.

You sure wouldn't be able to exchange it either.

But other than that, it's a really good idea.

Ya, I suppose you're right.

Let go of me!

Kill that fucking bitch!

So what are you going to do with your cut, man?

I don't know.

I'd like to buy an Island.

South Pacific.

Put my ex-wife on it.

Never see her again.

Oh, really? Got any kids?

Not that I know of.

Ya, me too.

What about you?

I'm going to get a Harley.

I might go to South America, you know.

I hear that's where the drugs from.

Just get much... just store it all up in a shack somewhere.

And live there like a king for the rest of my life. Never having to run, or whatever.

We got something to cover this up with?

What for?

We can't exactly like walk through a bank, out on the street with a platten of gold. It's going to look a little...

It's not going to matter much now, is it.

The police have a rough idea of what we're up to.


You don't know?

Know what?

They're outside, but Eric's got it under control.

He's talking to them right now.

What the hell are you talking about? The cops are here?

Don't worry, man...

Saints Go Marching In.


What the fuck are you doing!?

Give me that!

What the fuck you doing man?


Get up!

Do you really love your bitch whore girlfriend that much?

She's really fucked with your mind.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Look at it. It's all for us.

The attention, the smoke.

They have no idea of who they're dealing with, Zed.

They have no idea what kind of men we are.

A bunch of fucking idiot, bonehead men, that's what kind of men we are.

You can no longer be in our club.

You forfeit your cut of the pie.

Oh, gee, I guess this means our friendship is in trouble.

Oh, shit!

I haven't seen you in years. You hardly know me.

Never let a girl come between two men.

The police are coming in!


Every man for himself!




What is it now? The cops.

-Get another hostage. -They don't give a shit about the hostages.


You want a show?


Nice work...

Oh, fuck! Claude!


Claude's dead!



They've hurt you.

This is the end!

Where are we going?

We're going to lock ourselves in one of the vaults.

One of them is still open.

Come with me.


Oh! I'm sorry Oliver But... What..What can I do?


Hey, you're still my friend!

Don't worry. Don't worry

Listen... there's no gunfire.

This is the best day of my fucking life!

C'mon, we'll be safer in here.


How are you doing? Huh?


I'm doing great.

What's your girlfriend's name?


Zoe. Oh... it's a beautiful name.

Zoe, this is Eric.

Dirty murderer.

Oh ya! Try again.

Oh. I'm sorry, Zed.

Hey. Zed. I ought to kill you...

It means nothing to me, our friendship, man.

Eric... there's no fucking way out of here!

Oh but you're wrong, my friend. This is my way out.

This dime store cooch with her motor driven ass.

Look out for number one.

Hey, you go find your own, man.


Did you see how she ran? Did you see how she ran?

Did you see?

She doesn't care about you, man. Fucking pussy only cares about pussy.


So... what do you say, Zed? Huh?

You know what? I'm going to kill you.

And once I kill you, I'm gonna get out of here.

And I fuck your bitch up the ass and give her AIDS, if she doesn't already have it.

So, what do you say to that, Zed?

Fucking bitch!

I have your balls, man. I got your balls!


Where is the yoke!?


I give you little kiss my friend.


I work here. This man's a customer. He needs attention.

Are you all right?

He looks seriously wounded.

We'll take care of him.

The medics are outside.

This one's the ringmaster.

Let's check out the others.

The hospital?


Come on. I have a car.

I'm so tired.

We'll go to my flat.

You can rest there.

Do you feel pain?


it's mostly his blood.

Have a shower.

You can clean up there.

Thank you, Zoe.

You'll get well.

Then I'll show you the real Paris.