Kimi no suizo o tabetai (2017) Script

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"The essential is invisible to the eye."

This phrase comes from

"As if saying goodbye saddens me,"

"it would have been better if we didn't get along."

These are the words said by the fox to the lost star prince.

Um, I have studied the inspection reports.

About our school's library.

As expected, because of its state of deterioration.

It has been officially decided to demolish it.

I'm sorry to say it even though it's a library with a long history.

The book collection we have now, Will be temporarily moved the library room within the school.

Um, the demolition will start on May 3rd...

[ Letter of Resignation ]

Mr Shiga. Can I have a moment with you?

Ah, yes.

I would like to ask you to be in charge of the organization of the library collection.


Well, you have the qualifications of a librarian.

Weren't you on the library committee when you were a student here?

I still remember you were the one who arranged the categorizing of the huge amount of books.

But, that was 12 years ago.

It's going to be alright, the library committee will help you.

Okay? Bye then. I'll leave it to you, okay?


Original Work Yoru Sumino

Script Tomoko Yoshida

Takumi Kitamura Minami Hamabe

Keiko Kitagawa

Shun Oguri

Sho Tsukikawa

Quiz: 135.5 of "Sa".

This is Japanese philosophy.

So it's 12 of...



Japanese philosophy is 121.

Since this is modern, it's .6.


It was like this a long time ago.

Because that was made perfectly.

Nobody needed to change it.

[ Library Classification Kirioka High School Library Committee ] I think no one needed to fix it.

[ Library Classification Kirioka High School Library Committee ]

[ Library Classification Kirioka High School Library Committee ] I see.

[ Library Classification Kirioka High School Library Committee ]



Um, could it be...

That you were the one who sorted out all of this when you were a committee member?


So that's how it was.

Ah. There was also another person.

Although she was an annoying helper.

I told you, it's not there.

Don't get in the way.

Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas)

I want to eat your pancreas.


Yeah, yeah. I thought of wanting to eat it.

What's with that all of a sudden? Have you converted to cannibalism?

I saw it on TV yesterday.

If someone in the past had a part of their body that wasn't well, they would eat the corresponding part of another animal.

So if their liver was bad, they eat a liver. If if their stomach is bad, they ate a stomach, huh?

And they believed that their illness would heal because of that.

That's why me too.

You want to eat a pancreas too?

That's ridiculous.

You're so frank, since you know my secret.

Even though you don't know what the pancreas does.

A pancreas coordinates the digestion system and energy production.

If there is no pancreas, a person cannot acquire energy and will die.

Did you research it?

So you do have some interest in me.


I was curious about a seriously ill classmate.

That's not it.

How about me as a person?

I wonder.

Hey, isn't this place amazing?

Hey, people are forbidden here except for library committee members.

How stingy of you. Am I really that much of a bother?

I am not interested in others. It's not about "you".

That way of calling "you" is funny.

I'll try imitating.


It's a waste to not be interested in others.

That's right. Read this and study.

It's mine, but I'll lend it to you.


Me and Sakura Yamauchi's relationships are... classmates that never talked to each other.

That's all... Should have been.

Pediatric outpatients, please come to the reception desk.

Disease Coexistence Journal?

"November 29, 2003."

"Starting from today after naming this the Disease Coexistence Journal,"

"I began writing my thoughts every day. "

"Except for my family, this is a secret to everyone:"

"I will die in a few years."

Pancreas? Die?

That's mine.

That surprised me.

Because she's very popular in class.

Why are you here?

I had my appendix removed.

Ah. So you were hospitalized here.

You noticed?

Yes, of course. Since you're my classmate.

I don't know anyone. I'm a plain classmate after all.

You think like that, that's why you become one.

Mr Plain Classmate.

How about you?

I had to get my pancreas examined. If I don't get it checked out, I will die.

You took a peek in this, didn't you?


She will soon die.

Even though it's such a serious secret that was found out by the class's most plain classmate, she was smiling like usual.

From the next day, my daily life began to change.

No. I think it's more precise to say that she started to ruin me.

It's because I don't want to get involved with anyone and protect my own place.

I understand that.

Hm? Hey, who did you wave to just now?

No one.

What? Who? Who?

I wonder what is her motive...

She became a member in the library committee.

It was decided that we would organize the book classification together.

I won't tell your secret to anyone, so you don't have to keep an eye on me.

I filed for membership because it looks like fun.

What is this?

The class numbering is a mess. Look carefully at the classification table.

Isn't it alright to make small mistakes?

Doesn't it make you happier when you make an effort in finding it?

It's something like treasure hunting.

Is it alright for you spend your few remaining days like these?

Then how should I spend it?

There are stuff like meeting your first love.

Or like going overseas, hitchhiking and deciding your resting place.

Same goes for you. Is it alright for you to not do them?

If you were to suddenly die tomorrow.

Like in an accident.

You know, like by that recent random serial attacker.

We have the same chances every day.

But well...

If I were to think about what I want to do...

I will be...

...helping you with how little time I have left to live.


Let's meet in front of the station at 11AM, Sunday. See you!

Hey, wait a minute...

You're the one who suggested it, okay?

Stop it, geez.

How admirable of you.

To think you're about to help a sickly girl.

I just don't want to call this off. So? Where are we going?

Tada! We will eat organ meats.


Pancreas are called "sweetbreads".

Are you harassing me because I know your secret?

You don't really think that it would help you cure your illness, right?

Tell me seriously what you're going to do from now on?

Ah, you mean in the future?

I don't have anything in mind.

You know, you make that kind of joke.

Don't you think it would bother me?

I wonder.

But I will not tell you otherwise.


Because when our classmates know this secret, they will be some commotion and it will cause attention, right?

But then you would have a straight face.

That's because...

I don't want myself to be seen by the one who is the saddest.

For someone else to cry for them is barking up the wrong tree.

Okay. Let's go!


Welcome. I will guide you to the front of the line.

Excuse me...

Is this a penalty for refusing your wish?

I wanted to come even here before. Kyoko loves sweets, you know.

Ah... do you know Kyoko?

Is she the girl that's always with you?

Yep. She's my best friend since junior high.

She said that this is a popular place and wanted to come here together.

Is it alright that you didn't come here with her?

Ah. Oh no, she'll get mad at me.

She might even hold a grudge against you.

What? Why me?

Girls are like that.

Best friends are like boyfriends and girlfriends. They get jealous of people getting close to their best friend.

Don't you have a best friend or something?

Why do you ask?

Why? Because I want to know.

Even though you are not interested in me.

There's no way I would have a best friend.

How about a friend?

I never had one.

Then how about a girlfriend?

No way I could have...

At least you had someone you liked?

What about a girl you liked?

I had one...

What kind of person was she?

She's was someone who added honorifics to anything.

Mr Publisher. Ms Clerk. Mr Cartoonist.

She even adds honorifics to food like Ms Sweet Potato.

Well, you see...

That made me think that I should be respectful to various things.

She's nicer than what I thought.

Ah, yeah.

She might have been a nice girl.

Not that.

The reason why you came to like her.


Did you confess to her?

No way.

She became the girlfriend of someone who was more handsome in class.

I see... No ability to judge a character, huh?


What about you?

I had a boyfriend recently.

I see...

He was popular, it would have been better if we just stayed as friends.

Thank you for accompanying me today.

I've even wrote about today in my Disease Coexistence Journal.

Please don't write my name.

Got it. Even though I've already written it, I'm blotting it out.

Then, good night.

Let's get along like this from now on.

I see.

We are getting along.

Let's go, let's go to "Sweet Paradise".

Did you already go to "Sweet Paradise"?

Why don't we go to "Sweet Paradise"?

I heard that the strawberry cake is so delicious!

Why you?


Why are you getting close with Sakura? What's your motive?


I told you, it's not like that, Kyoko.

Then why did you suddenly become a library committee member?

Why did you go on a date with the dullest guy in class?

Because we get along well?

"Get along well"?

Right? Mr Get-Along-Well?

Okay, okay, okay.

That's enough already.

Everyone gets along well with Yamauchi.

He met with her by chance, went out and drank some tea. Right?

No, no, no, no.

He got angry.


I said wait. Why are you getting angry?

I beg of you.

Please stop getting involved with me.

Like you're getting involved...

Everybody misunderstood.


Ah. You mean when I told them we "get along well"?

But that's because you're not my boyfriend.

It's a bit different from a friend or best friend.

Is it alright if you don't tell about your illness to your best friend?


I think it would be better if you spend your remaining time with the friends you cherish instead of me.

It's alright, it's okay. She's emotional anyway.

If I tell her, I'm sure she'll cry every time we meet.

Then it won't be fun to spend time together for the both of us, right?

For her. For me.

I want to keep it a secret until the very end.

Will you...


Will you really die?

I will die.

I have been told I have about a year left.

I've decided to only tell you.

You're probably the only one who I spend with my everyday life with.

The doctor only gives the truth.

Both my parents are desperately trying to enjoy everyday life with me.

I'm sure Kyoko will too, when she finds out.

But you're different.

I just... not trying to comfort you.

Hey, hey.

Don't make such a serious face.

Besides, all of us will die someday.

Come on! We'll meet in heaven!

Hey, Shiga.

Are you dating Sakura Yamauchi?


She sure is causing a lot of fuss.

It seems her boyfriend was dumped by her.


Ah, it's just...

You're the first classmate who called me by my name.


We are not dating.

So you're not. Is it OK to let the gossip to spread like that?

I don't mind because it's not true.

How mature.

Want some gum?






What's wrong?

Ah, it's nothing.

[ Kazuharu Miyata Kyoko Takimoto Wedding Ceremony]

[ Will you attend? Will you be absent?]

I found something I want to do. I want to go out on the consecutive holidays!

Is there a place you want to go?

Why did you text me all of a sudden?

Because I lost interest.

I don't even know the decimal system. Can't you classify it without a decimal number?

But isn't it a pity for a book to be lost?

But wouldn't it more fulfilling for the book if one finds the book like treasure hunting?

Answer me where is this place

you want to go before you die?

I said that, didn't I?

That's one big bag.

The train box lunch is delicious!

Ah! Hey, that one's delicious too.


You should tell me our destination, I'm stumped.

It's more fun if you don't know the destination, right?


This is the first time I lied to my parents.

I said that I'll be on an overnight trip with Kyoko.

I see.

Overnight trip?!

Yup. Hold this.


I've made a list.

The things I want to do before I die.

We will transfer to the bullet train at the next station.

You should get ready.

It's my first time in Kyushu!

Wow! I can smell noodles!

That's just the imprint in the brain. In other words, it's just your imagination.

It sure smells like it! Maybe your nose is deteriorating.

Your train of thought is deteriorating.

My pancreas is the one that's deteriorating.

Here, thank you for waiting. They're organ meat.

They're internal organs! Internal organs!

Digging in!

Just where is this place you say that's fun?

It's a secret.

Carp! Hey, look, look!

That was a far walk. I'm already exhausted.

You sure can eat for a sick person.

A shrine, a shrine. I have to pray for something.

"I pray that her illness will be cured."


No. That's you, right?

I won't make that kind of prayer now.

Then what?

I'm praying for people I cherish.

My father, mother, friends, and Mr Get-Along-Well.

I prayed for everyone's long lasting health.

Okay! Let's go draw our fortune slips.

The one that's written about good things is the one that wins, okay?

Fortune slips is not something to gamble about.

Excellent Luck!

It says that my illness will be healed soon.

Even though it can't be healed anymore.

What about you?

Future good luck, huh?

Okay, the loser's decided!

Ah, it's that.

We'll be staying there?!

No way.

I've decided to use up my savings before I die.

Come on, let's go.

You see, they kinda made a mistake.


The room I originally reserved is gone.

Ah, I see.

And because it's their mistake, the room they prepared is a lot better than the original reserved room.

That's fine.

You see.

It's alright that we will stay together in the same room, right?


Wow! It's big! They said it's their best room.

It even has a living room! Amazing!

Ah! Look at the night view!

Hey, did you do this on purpose?

How negative of you.

You must trust your own luck.

I'm saying that you didn't use an upgrade, it's the same room you reserved.

So fluffy!

Don't you feel excited that we are going to be sharing the same bed?

Are you stupid?!

I'll be sleeping here.


Since we finally got a great room, at least use the bed.

Then I'll be lying down there later.

Hey, aren't you happy that you're going to sleep beside a girl?

That's what lovers do.

I see.

Then I'll go take a bath.

Bath, bath.

Such uprightness. I don't feel guilty at all.

We just get along.

Hey, Mr Get-Along-Well. Can you bring the face washing cream?


It's inside the backpack. A yellow pouch.


Come in.

Huh? What're you drinking?

My first alcoholic drink. This is also on in my to-do list.

I want to do things I can't do until I'm an adult.

Even though you're getting drunk alone.

"Truth or dare".


Don't you know that game?

I will explain how it works.

First, the one with the higher number will be able to win the right to hear out truth or dare.


Well, wait... One, two...

Alright, I won.

Truth or dare?


If you choose "truth", you must definitely answer the question.

If you choose "dare", you have to do what I tell you.

Truth or dare?




Who is the cutest girl in our class?

What kind of question is that?

Hey, hey. Tell me who it is?

I don't judge people by their appearance.

I want to know based on their appearance!

So who is the cutest?


I think the girl who is best at mathematics.


So it's not me.

I see~ So that's the type of girl you like.

Enough already.

Truth or dare.


If Hina is the cutest, what rank am I?

To put it simply... since I can't remember too many faces.


Wow. That's really very embarrassing.

You're the one who want to know about it.

I didn't know that you're going to be serious.

Let's end this as soon as possible.

Let's take our time. The night is long after all.

One, two...

What was it that made you the happiest?

What? Are you alright asking just that?

I'll even answer my vital statistics.

Just answer it.

Who is the one you respect the most?

Geez, what is this? A job interview? Ask more fun questions.

Alright! I won!

Then this time, I'll give my question and my command first then choose which you want.


If you choose truth, tell me three things that is cute about me.

If you choose dare, carry me to the bed.

What's with the hand?

I'll lend you a hand so come on and take it.

I told you. You have to carry me.

Come on. A piggyback ride? Or a princess' way?

Thank you for carrying me like a princess.

I've been wanting someone to do it for me since I was a child.

Next is the last one.

Rock, paper, scissors!

What were the cards so far?

Why not? Truth or dare?


If I

said that I'm really afraid of dying, what will you do?


That's unfair.

Sleep with me in the bed too.

Objection and refusing is not allowed.


Sakura, where are you right now?

You lied that you'll be staying at my place, right?

I got a call from your mother.

But I bluffed my through it.

Anyway, where are you now? Who are you with?


Together with Mr Get-Along-Well.


W-what are you talking about? H-Hakata? With him?


I'll be sure to explain it to you someday.

Although you don't understand it, I want you to forgive me.

Please, Kyoko.


Thank you.

But I have one condition.

What is it?

That you'll buy me some souvenirs. and that you'll return safe.

Ah, and also tell him this:

"If you do anything to Sakura, I'll kill you."

Got it.

It seems like Kyoko will kill you.

What the hell?

Please tell her that I'm innocent.

That I'm really innocent.

I'll leave Kyoko to you.


I told you that I had a boyfriend, right?

After he confessed to me, and even though Kyoko recommended that I date him.

He gets angry about small things and is very possessive.

Kyoko has no good eye on choosing guys, you know.

Even though she acts strong, the truth is she's a weak girl.

I'm worried about leaving her alone.

That's why when I die, I want you to get along with Kyoko.

I'll leave Kyoko in your hands.

Let's travel again. Maybe next summer.

Summer? Sounds good.

Huh? You're awfully honest.

In that case, did you have fun?

Yeah, I had fun.

What? Do you want to get my pancreas?

That's because you're very honest.

Yeah. I had fun too.

As thanks, once I die, it's alright if you eat my pancreas.


I'll have to decline. In the first place, I'm not sick.

It is said that if someone eats it, the soul of that person will go to that person who eats it.

I want to live

with the people I cherish.


He hasn't responded yet.


I wonder what would Sakura say.


About us.

I wonder if she ever expected this.

I wonder if she would give us her blessing?

Of course she would.

She'll say something like you found a good husband.

No, perhaps she might be against it.

She always said that I have no good eye for guys.

What the hell is that?

Hey, Shiga.

Why did you throw away your indoor slippers?


I found this in the trash bin in the bathroom.

It's not that dirty.

Thanks. I was worried that I lost it.

I see. Be careful.

Want some gum?

No... but thanks.

She's glaring at you again.

Huh? It's not here.

Did you lose something?

Ah, no.

You've got it tough.

Tell me if something happened. I'm the class chairman after all.


Huh? Where's Yamauchi?

Ah, I thought of giving her the printouts.

She didn't come.

I guess she won't be coming in.

I had a hunch.

I see, then it's okay.



Because Kyoko is following me like a bodyguard, I'll take a leave of absence at the desk, okay?

And in return, you will come to my house today.

"my house"?

Come in, come in.

Why did I have to come no matter what?

If we keep meeting together in school, the rumors will increase, right?

Because you are getting all my attention.


I'll go get some tea so look around.

The truth is, I lost the book you lent to me.

My parents aren't home today.


That's why I told you to come.

You have no intention for making me your girlfriend, right?

What's with that all of a sudden?

No. Definitely no.

Okay, you pass.


There's one last thing I wanted to do before I die.

I must do something with a guy who's not my boyfriend.

This is a hug.

That's why...

The thing I have to do now...


It's a joke, a joke!

Because you are quiet, I guess it turned into a serious mood.

Stop joking around.

Stop joking around!


It's just a joke.

Hey, let me go.

Hey, let me go!

I'm sorry.

What are you doing here?

This isn't your house, right?

What are you doing here?

I'm asking why you're at Yamauchi's place?

Why is Sakura hanging out with you?

Our relationship... is not what you think.

Then what is it exactly?!

It's nothing.

Hey, wait! We're not done talking!

Sakura... hates possessive people.

Her ex-boyfriend seems to be one.

What do you mean possessive?!

So it was you who took it.

What are you doing?!

Sakura, why are you always hanging out with him?

Don't ever... come close to people I know!

I'll lend you my father's clothes so take a shower.

I'm alright.

More importantly...

I'm sorry...

About before...

Me too.

I'm sorry.

This got dirty.


So the class chairman was your ex-boyfriend.

I wonder if it's alright that I'm with you.

It's just like what he said.


...just met you in the hospital by coincidence and just passed by you.

It would have been better if someone else who thinks of you more seriously would be...


That's not it.

It's not a coincidence.

We didn't just pass by each other.

We all chose it ourselves, that's why we're here.

It's not a coincidence that both of us are in the same class too.

It's also not a coincidence that both of us met in the hospital that day.

It's not even fate.

The choices you made, and the choices I made, made us meet.

We met out of our own will.

Good morning.

Kyoko. Your wedding's coming soon.


I'm sorry about this when you're busy.

Ah, no no. We make a living from our flowers.

I have to give my affection every day and take care of them.


Good morning.


Wait right there, you jinx!

I heard that Sakura is in the hospital with appendicitis.


Strange things been happening to her since she started hanging out with you.

Why is she in a hospital when she's healthier than most people?

Did you curse her?

Hey, are you listening?

Anyway, nothing good happens when you're around.

Never get close to her again.


What? Geez. Tell me at least if you're coming.

My hair is a mess!

It's not appendicitis, is it? Are you alright?

I'm alright. It's just an examination.

There were some abnormalities in the readings.

I'll be discharged in around two weeks.

That's good to hear.

Do you want the notes from class?

The essence of the poem is to shape the emotion.

Like prayers and wishes.

That's why with one phrase, you could arrange and lay them like you please.

Okay. Thank you.

You're welcome.

You should be a teacher.


Because you're good at teaching.

I like it best when I'm alone.

It doesn't fit me when I don't concern myself with others.

But I think I have a good eye on people.

Ah. I think Kyoko will be here soon.


It's okay. I want the two of you to get along.

No, I'm not ready for that.

Hey, try it.

What about?

Practice having a friend.


"Please be my friend." Now, say it.


I won't let you leave if you don't say it.

Please be my friend.


Please become my friend.

You should look in their eyes. Otherwise, there is no feeling.

Please be my friend.

That's not good at all.

That's enough already.

Besides, Kyoko will refuse anyway.

I'll be leaving.




Why are you here?


Hey, Mr Get-Along-Well.

Where is my father's jersey and underwear you borrowed?

W-what do you mean borrowed?!

What do you mean underwear?!

So the reason you became a teacher is because Ms Sakura said so.

That makes me laugh.

I was serious when I said it doesn't fit me.

It's been six years since I became a teacher. And it's been a year since I moved here.

I really wonder if it was the right choice.

I still think about it when I go to school.

I wonder if I can confront the students properly.

Please don't quit, Mr Shiga.


Ah well... Because...

Ms Sakura will surely be sad.

[ Letter of Resignation ]

She might be like that but she's more fragile than most.

Stop getting close to her with half-hearted feelings.

You really like her.

Of course.



...have a friend when I was in middle school.


Sakura was the only one who always talked and laughed with me.

If Sakura wasn't there, I would've been alone.

I'm sure even now...

I don't need any other friends than Sakura.


If you hurt her,

I'll never forgive you.

Have you heard? He's a stalker.

I heard he snuck to Sakura's hospital bed.

I heard he even stole Sakura's underwear.

Stalker? Everyone's funny.

Hey, do you know how things became like that?

I'm the one who wants to know.

That's probably because I'm with you.

That's not it.

It's because you don't talk to anyone.


Because no one really knows you. It's better if you talk to them.

I won't do something that useless.

Once you're gone, I'll just go back being alone.

I'll make everyone forget about me immediately.

You must not die like that.

If everyone knows you properly, they will understand you.

Don't worry about what happens later.

I don't mind being loved or hated by people.

What is with that self-containment?

For example, don't you want to know how I think about you?


What do you think I think about you?

I dunno... Isn't it that we get along well?


Then what do you think of me?

I won't tell you.


I think I will write the answer in the Disease Coexistence Journal.

What the hell?

It's alright if you read it after I die.

I'll only give you the privilege to read it.

Promise me.


Don't just say "okay".

I promise.

[ Disease Coexistence Journal ]

"Hiding my illness of my pancreas,"

"there is no way to determine how long I will live."

"The patient's disease will quietly and calmly break down the pancreas..."

[ Sakura Yamauchi ]


Hey, I'm going to sneak out of the hospital now.

Why don't we go on a trip?


Because I don't want to be a murderer.

It's alright.

I promise that it won't be "A dying girl snuck out of the hospital."

"And died on the way".

Definitely no.

I wanted to see cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom?

What month do you think it is now? They probably would have withered...

I heard that cherry blossoms pretended to wither and continue blooming.

Pretending to wither, the truth is the next sprout is immediately sleeping.

They are not really withered.

They are just hiding to surprise everyone.

And when it's the warm season, they blossom at once.

They say, "Surprise!"

Did something happen?

No way.

You came.

It was somehow strange.

So you found out.

The truth is, my confinement in the hospital was extended.

I see.


Just one match, will you play "Truth or Dare"?

It's better if you ask straight if you want to ask something.

That would take a lot of courage.

The truth is, everyone is a coward.

I will entrust it all with luck.

One, two...

During these times, I thought that God would support the sick.

What will you do?

A match is a match.


Truth or dare?


Regarding me, what do you think...


What do you think of being able to live?


Wow. You're serious?


It is the ability to communicate with someone with their heart.

I guess.

To be recognized by someone.

To be liked.

To be hated.

To be together with someone and hold hands with.

To be hugged.

Miss each other.

That's what it means "to live".

"I don't know what it means to be alive alone."

"That's right."

Even though liking them but hating them.

Even though happy, but actually depressed.

That ridiculousness

is the proof of "I am alive", I think.

That's why,

I am glad that I am here with you like this.

My everyday life you gave me

is my treasure.

I've wanted to go on a trip again.

Why do you sound like there won't be a next time?

Do I sound like that?

You do.

Don't die, okay?

I will die.

Of course I will die. You too.

That's not what I mean.

If my pancreas gets worse, I will die.

That's not it!

Don't die yet.

You're hiding something, didn't you? You're being obvious.

Your reaction was strange when I asked you if something happened.

Even if I'm like this...

Even if I'm like this, I'm worried about you.

Do you want me to live?

Very much.

I didn't think that you needed me that much.

Let's travel again once you get discharged.

Let's watch the cherry blossoms bloom together.


That's why make sure

you get discharged.


I wonder what Ms Sakura wanted to hear.


In the truth or dare game.

I don't know.

I really don't know.

It ended

without me knowing.

They said I can be discharged tomorrow.


Then let's go look at the cherry blossoms tomorrow!

Found it.

A famous place where cherry blossoms bloom even if it's not spring.


It seems like Ezo is the best place to see cherry blossoms during the first ten days of June.

This mountain is something.

Hokkaido next after Kyushu, huh? Good work.

Thank you really. It's amazing you know this.

Because photography is my hobby.

What some gum?



It's nothing.

What is it? It's nothing, really.

Is it good?

It's delicious.

[ Hokkaido Superb Viewing Spot ]

1: Meet up at Sweet Paradise.

2: Go to Kushiro airport by plane.

3: While riding the Kanasaki line, eat a crab meal.

I got discharged!

I went home and got dressed up so it took some time.

I am now going to the library to return the books I borrowed during my stay in the hospital.

I might be a little late.

Congratulations on being discharged.

It seems like you don't mean it.

Praise me more.

But it doesn't come to mind.

Come on, do it.

You're the third cutest in class.

I told you.

Ah, I will feel sick again, you know.

You are strong and brave.

You love to be alive. You love the world.

Love people. Love yourself.

You're really amazing.

If I have to confess, I want to be like you.

A person who accepts people.

A person who people accept.

A person who loves people.

A person who people love.

Someone people can touch people's hearts, that I can feel, "I am alive".

I wonder if I could be like you?


It is not enough to put them into words.

The truth is...

[ I want to eat your pancreas ]

I didn't get a reply since then.

No matter how long I waited.

There is the possibility of heavy rain tomorrow.

Now on our next news.

Today, at around 2 PM, at the sidewalk of Kirioka, a high school student, Ms Sakura Yamauchi, was stabbed by a weapon similar to a kitchen knife and died.

According to the police, she was lying down when a man notified 119.

When the police rushed to the scene, they found Ms Yamauchi bleeding and lying on the ground.

She was transported to the hospital where she was declared dead.

She was stabbed by the random attacker that has been troubling the public for a long time.

The unknown culprit was immediately caught.

I was naive.

With her little remaining life,

I was convinced

that she could completely do it.

I was a fool.

Nobody really knows what will happen tomorrow.

That's why during the passing days one must cherish every moment.

That's what she taught me...

It took one month to prepare myself.

It's alright if you read it after I die.

I'll only give you the privilege to read it.

Bid your farewells properly.

Thank you very much for coming today.


I have something to talk to you about.

The truth is...

I knew about her illness.

I was actually afraid and didn't have the courage to come.


I have to read it no matter what.

Her "Disease Coexistence Journal".

So it was you.

"If I die,"

"I want to give this diary to someone."

"He's the only one"

"who knows about the Disease Coexistence Journal", she said.

"Because he's a coward,"

"he might not come to the funeral."

"But I'm sure he'll definitely will come and read this."

"That's why I want you to give this to him.", she added.

April 12.

A certain someone came to know my secret.

I panicked.

But I pretended that I didn't mind.

And then he made a normal face.

I was surprised! So surprised!

Is there someone like him?

The truth is, I was curious about him even before.

He was always reading a book.

It seemed like he's restraining and fighting himself.

I wanted to know more about him.

I became a library committee member with the classmate who knew my secret.

The class numbering is a mess. Look carefully at the classification table.

To draw his attention, I purposely botched the classification.

I made a list of things I want to do before I die.

I would like to have an overnight trip with a boy.

I want to eat delicious noodles.

I want to do things that I cannot do with a boy who's not my boyfriend.

It was really a bad but good day.

I cried by myself a little.

I have been crying a lot these days.

The truth is, I was really afraid of the last examination in the hospital.

It was unbearable to be so afraid.


When I saw his face, I was so relieved that I felt that I was about to cry.

I panicked and hid it to mislead him.

But I found something I could do after I was hospitalized.

Where is my father's jersey and underwear you borrowed before?

What underwear?!

The truth is, I'm trying to make a certain couple bump to each other.

I want them to get along but I think it's going to be difficult.

I cannot eat.

My body feels heavy.

At the dead of night, he snuck into the hospital.

I gathered my courage and challenged him with truth or dare, but I lost.

Even though there is something I wanted to ask him no matter what.

When he left and I was all alone...

I cried.

I cried a lot.

I'm going to do my best that I can to live as long as possible.

I cannot move today.

It's been days since I've ate.

I had permission to go out for a moment.

It seems like it's nearing the "end".

I will travel again with him for one last time, as we promised to watch cherry blossoms.

With Kyoko, I've wanted the three of us to travel together someday.

But I'm happy enough.

I can be together with him again.

I'm already happy thinking like that.

Alright. I'm leaving the hospital temporarily!

I feel somewhat energetic today.

I'm about to see you today.

Take care.

I'm off.

Have fun.

She really was...

I really thank you.

Because of you, she was able to live the fullest.


I understand that this is not right...

But I'm sorry.

Is it alright if I cry?

Good morning, Mr Shiga.




I will now prepare your change of clothes then.


If you please.

It would have been perfect...


Ah, that's the only one that's perfect.

After the 900 series, they're not properly organized.


I see, sorry.

Because she was tasked to do that, she abandoned it halfway.

Even if she did that...

Ah, which reminds me...

Which is it again?

Ah, it's this. This is scribbled with a drawing.

Isn't it a pity for a book to be lost?

Can't you classify it without a decimal number?

The class numbering is a mess



Mr Shiga?

Treasure hunting.


Isn't it alright to make small mistakes?

Doesn't it make you happier when you make an effort in finding it?

Something like treasure hunting.

Um, take me to the wedding ceremony at Godaizaka.

Yes, Sir.

That cherry blossom earring is lovely.

Yes. I borrowed it from my best friend.

Yo, Shiga.

You're late.


I'm now going to see Kyoko in her wedding gown.

My heart is thumping so hard.

Can you come?

I'm so nervous, come with me.


Want some gum?

I will call the groom then.


Come in.


Um, I've brought along Shiga.

Come on.

I'm sorry to barge in like this.

I didn't even respond to the invitation I received from you.

I understand it is inappropriate.

It's just that... there's something I have to tell you now no matter what.

I really must talk to you about it.

Is this

from Sakura?


This is my letter to you when I am dead.

I'm sorry for suddenly surprising you with this.

I've always kept it a secret from you but...

I am dying because my pancreas is failing, so by the time you get this letter from him, I will probably be buried in my grave.

Him? It's him.

He's the one you're always glaring at, my Mr Get-Along-Well.

Kyoko, let me say this first:

I love you.

That's why I'm truly sorry that I hid my illness from you.

But just believe in this.

I really loved you, that's why I couldn't tell you.

I didn't had the courage to ruin the time I had left with you.

I really loved the times when I laughed, got angry, saying stupid things, and cried with you.

Become happy, okay?

Get married to a lovely husband, and give birth to an adorable baby.

Have a happy family more than anything else.

Thank you, Sakura.


Become friends with him, okay?

To the guy who you always glare at, my Mr Get-Along-Well.

Please be my friend.


Please be my friend.

You should look in their eyes. Otherwise, there is no feeling.

I'm sorry that I gave this to you so late.


Will you be my friend?


Are you alright?

What should I do?

Geez... Why at this time?



Dear Haruki Shige.

So you finally found this.

You're late! What took you so long!


Can I call you "Haruki"?

I've been wanting to call you that for a long time.


Even though our time together was short, I was happy to spend that time with you.

Thank you.

Maybe she wants to get along with you.


That girl...

No, no. I don't think so.


See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow, Kuriyama!

During the time when we played truth or dare in the hospital, I'm going to tell you what I wanted to hear.

That is

"Why don't you call me by my name?"

That's because you didn't even call me by my name even once.

It was always "You, you, you" from the beginning.

You're terrible.

But you know, I realized this when you snuck into the hospital:

Knowing that I will be gone someday, not as a "friend" or "boyfriend", I do not want to be someone special to you.

But I admired you for being like that.

Not being affected by anyone. Just living alone.

A strong Haruki.

Because I'm weak, I got my friends and family involved with my grief.

But you know, you are always by yourself.

You're really amazing, Haruki.

That's why please give that courage to everyone.

Fall in love with someone, hold her hand and hug her.

Even though you're gloomy, dull, reach out to a lot of people.

For me.



You know, I wanted to be like you.

I want to live being a part of you.


I must not use such common words.

That's right.

You might hate this but...

Even so, I...

...want to eat your pancreas.