Kin (2018) Script

It's Mr. Hicks from the school again. This is the... third time I've called about the incident that happened this morning.

Look, we both know Elijah is a good kid and, uh...

I know your family's been through a lot lately, but...

I have been seeing some changes in him that I'd like to talk to you about, so please... uh... give me a call back as soon as you can.

All right? Thanks. Bye.

I called your dad.

He can't make it.

Come on. I'll drive you home.

So, you got another haul for us or what? Almost there. Let's copper it.

Copper and aluminum, 70 cents a pound this week.


Anyone there?


Oh, my God.



Suspension, huh?

Get your shoes on.

I need your help out back.

Why are you gettin' in fistfights, son?

He was talkin' about Mom.

Come here.

Come here and sit down.

You know... if I'm hard on you, it's because the world is hard.

You've seen that.

But this... this is not what your mom would have wanted.

Come on. Come on.

Here, take my toolbox.

We're gonna need a third place for dinner tonight.

Your brother got out.

I want you to be careful around him.

Remember what I told you.



Six years didn't seem like such a long time 'til just now.

You got big.


This is just for a week or two.

I know.


Let's go see what you did to my digs.

What are those? My shoes.

You wear those in public?

I'm saving for new ones.

With what, Dad's cheap-ass allowance?

Oh, you got a... little... lemonade stand thing going?

I can respect that.

Oh, hey. I got a pair of Chucks hiding in a trunk around here somewhere.

If I find them, you can have them. Sound good?


'cause those smell like shit, man.



You guys wouldn't believe how much you miss a home-cooked meal in prison. Glad you like.

I do. Hmm.

Those are new.

Yeah. You like 'em?

These, um... ward off evil spirits.

That one wards off Mexicans.

I'm sorry.

Just glad to be home.

What's your next step?

I'm gonna get a job. Yeah?

Doing what?

Well, actually, I was hoping that you might put in a good word for me down at the site you're working on.

No, no. Can't do that.

Why not? Because I can't clear an ex-con.

If you told them I was your... It doesn't work that way.

Great, so... six years, no visit, no word. I visited.

Once, to tell me my mom was dead.

Thanks, Hal.

And I come home, no complaints.

I just ask one small favour, and you'd rather see your own son flippin' burgers?

Better than being a thief.

I gotta step out, bud. I'm sorry.

I got people I need to see.

Don't bother waiting up.

Hey, uh... Jimmy.

Skylar told me to come through.

He's got this bag on his head... and they got the shovel, right, 'cause they're gonna, you know, afterwards, right?

He swings back, hits...

Hey, Solinski.

Welcome home, my man.

You remember my brother, Dutch? Yeah.

How's it going?

That's Remy. Don't worry about him.

He's in a time out. Hey, man, come on...

Stick your nose back in that corner!

That is, if you want to keep it.

Contemplate that shitty attitude.

So, Jimmy... you wanna burn one or just get right to it?

Uh... I'm good. I don't wanna take up any of your time.

Um... I just came by to say... that I know I owe you guys some money.

Uh-huh. And, uh, I'm takin' that real serious. Good, 'cause protection ain't cheap. Dutch, what's he gonna do us for?


You don't got our 60?

No, uh... no, but I just wanted you guys to know I'm not dodging you.

Man... that is a bummer.

'Cause you see, Jimmy, me and my brother, we don't... we don't project any illusions about who we are or what we do, you know?

We were very clear that first day, post-charges or what have you, about how we deal with loans.

'Cause, uh... there are people who do business like you...

...and there's people that do business like us.

So, um... is there something funny about the language on that you didn't understand, or... some kind of... fine print problem? No.

No. 'Cause, uh... we know you have your... the father.

What's his name? Harold?

And a... little coloured brother too, right?

I got that right?

Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, I guess we could go collect from them.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on.

Hang on. I was just saying I didn't have it here.

I didn't say I don't have it.


OK then.

What? They... they were right here.

Have a good night.

Jimmy... I wanna help you.

I really do.

But you've gotta understand something... you've got a decade of bad decisions under your belt.

You're gonna have to work at some jobs that you don't like.

You're gonna have to gain experience.

You're gonna have to gain trust.

Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

No, we should talk now.


I need $60 000.

I didn't want to ask you, but I've got no other options.

What? 60 000? I don't have that kind of money.

You gotta hear me out, OK? No, no, no, I don't. No.

Not in my house. Whatever it is, I'm not interested.

There's a safe in your office.


I will never ask you for anything ever again.

I swear.

You want me to steal for you? Let you steal? What is this?

This isn't for me. Well, who's it for then? Who?

Dangerous people, people you can't just not pay back!

These guys kept me alive in jail.

If I don't pay them back, who knows what they'll do?

Do you understand what I'm trying...

I'm trying to help you guys!

You get out of my house. Get out of my house! Out!

Dad! Dad... Dad.

You know, I really hoped I was gonna come back to the house that time forgot, but... you've made some changes.

My room? That's gone.

You got your replacement son sleeping up there, in my bed.

You've erased every trace of me.

What do you think Mom would have said?

Don't you talk about your mom.

Now you get out of my house.

I'm not gonna tell you again.

Here's a list of things I need done today.

All of this? Before I get home.

You don't go to school.

You work for me.

Look at this guy.

He's a chump. You say something?

You trying to hurt my family?

What is this?

Well, there's a bunch of old scrap yards that pay money for... You're scrapping now?


Just this place off Grand River.

Does this place... does it have a fence around it and a locked gate?

Does it have a sign that says "stay out"?

Huh? Yes.

All right. I've got a list of property developers at my office.

Now, you and I are gonna go down there, and you are gonna call each and every single one of these places...

Dad, it's just a bunch of old metal.

It's not yours, Elijah! None of it.

Go get in the truck. Dad, I didn't...

Do you want me to call the police? What am I gonna do?


It was just stuff that's been sitting there for years.

Everything that has ever been stolen was something that was "just sitting there."

I don't even know why I listen to you.

You don't have a choice in that, kid.

I'm your father. No, you're not.

The only reason I'm here is because you guys wanted some kind of... replacement kid.

Look at me.

You are nobody's replacement.

Your mother is... she's not here anymore, but you are our son, and now it is my job to raise you right.

And I am doing the best job that I can without her.

I love you, son, and that's why we're here.

Stay in the truck.

Dad? "Dad"?

Shit. Look, you can't be here. You gotta turn around. This is Dad?

Hold on. You gotta leave. Hey, Dad.

Hang on, man. What are you doing in here?

We're just taking the money out of this safe.

Dad, you gotta get out of here right now.

Just turn around. Just walk out of here. Trust me.

I don't know what my son promised you, but that is not his to give, and it is not yours to take.

It isn't?

No. Taylor, please, man.

This doesn't have anything to do with him, all right?

Shh, Jimmy. Your father was talking.

Please, you were saying?

I don't have a gripe with you. Oh.

But we gotta put all the money back?

You do.

All right, hang on. No, wait. Wait.

I love this part.

But not like you love your freedom.

Please, Dad.

No! No!

Dutch! Dutch!

Dad! Dad!

Dad! Dad, hold on! Hold on!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, shit!

What's up? What are you doing? Where's...

Where's Dad?

Did you see that chain that was broken? No.

At the... uh... at the south gate?

Yeah. These guys broke in and they... dumped over a whole shit ton of concrete back there. And he called you to pick me up? Yeah.

Yeah, why wouldn't he?

Well, I heard you two arguing last night.


How much did you hear?

Well, he was kind of pissed off. I heard him kick you out.

Yeah. We're family. That shit happens.

Well... why are you so sweaty?


Is everything OK? Yeah.

Yeah. It's fine, man.


I guess so.

Yeah. Uh-huh. He's here.

Oh. You wanna talk to him?

All right. Yeah. Sounds good.



It sounds like it's a real shit show out there, man. That spill's gonna take a week to clean up, round the clock shifts.

He said something about after school... uh, daycare.

"Daycare"? I'm 14.

I'm not 6. I told him. I told him.

We gotta pull together, dude.

I mean, I know I've been away for a long time... and you've been busy with school and stuff.

I got suspended. No shit?

Well, even more reason then.

For what? I told Dad that we should go on a road trip. Me, you and him.

Well, just me and you at first, but he'll come find us later.

We could go out West.

Lake Tahoe. Mom loves it out there.

Hey, it's gotta be warmer than here, man.

And Dad's OK with this?

Yeah, he's fine with it.

I called him. You wanna... you wanna talk to him?

Call him.

Look, you wanna have an adventure or you wanna do chores?

I know what I'm doing.

Great. Go pack some shit.

Now? We're out of here in 10.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Come on.

Yeah! All right. You ready? Give me that bag.


Did you put your whole room in here?

All right, jump in. Let's go, come on!

Toss this shit.

Hey, there he is!

Rise and shine. Welcome to Iowa.

Man, I'm starving.

How about some breakfast?

By the time we came of age, the game to beat was down on Clinger Street.

There was this fella named Big Reggie.

I'll never forget the day Big Reg decided to lay claim to my Walkman.

I came home, crying and bleeding.

When he saw the state I was in, before I knew it, we were walking back up the block to Big Reggie's house.

Dutch busted in the door, caught him on the shitter and stabbed him six times in the ear.

For me.

He did it for me.

If I'd have known how you were gonna end up...

...I would've kept this Walkman on me every day of my life.

You were a monster, Dutchie...

...and I'll love you forever for it.

Thank you for coming.

Find Solinski.

I want his head.

Hey, who's there?

Come on, guys. You're not supposed to be in here.


This is Hal. Try the office or leave a message.

Hey, Dad.

Jimmy says you're busy, so...

I hope everything is OK.

I guess we'll see you in Tahoe.

All right.

Oh, and I'm sorry... for stealing.

You know, if you're still mad.

And if you still want me to make those phone calls, I will.

I miss you. Bye.



The cell you got off that dead guy, it rang while you were asleep. Some guy named Jimmy left a message.

Tell Snick we're gonna need his phone guy.


Hey, Dad. Jimmy says you're busy, so...



Jimmy. Huh? What?

We were supposed to check out 20 minutes ago.



Go pull up the truck.

I can't drive.

Yeah, you can. Nobody gives a shit.

No, like, I don't know how.


All right. Lock the wheel to the left.

Like this? Are you serious? Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

More gas, more gas.

Yeah. Hold it.

Now? Now!

There you go!


Yeah! OK! Keep it going!

Come on, come on, come on!

Yeah, keep it going! Tighter, tighter, tighter!

Come on! Come on!

I'm sacked.

You wanna call it quits in the Rockies tonight, man?

Yeah, all right.

Hey, are you into performance art?

Is that your kind of thing?

Are you sure this is OK? Definitely.


What's that for?

That's for the girls you like.

You guys been taken care of?

Well, uh... I'm gonna have a shot and a beer, and my older brother here is gonna have a pop.

What's your name?

Venus. I'm Jimmy.

Pleasure to meet you.

Have you talked to Dad?

Yeah. We were texting.

I told him we were behaving ourselves.

Thank you, Venus.



Here we go.

I like her. She seems nice.

Hey, Steve. Can I get a whiskey?


I'll take a beer.

So who's your friend?

Oh, uh, he's my brother.

Adopted, obviously.

And do you think it's a good idea that he's here?

Well, he's 14. He's surrounded by... beautiful, half-naked women and I'm giving him as much pop as he wants, so... yeah, I'd say it's pretty good. Right.


I have a lot of money on me.

I'm looking to get pretty drunk, he's looking to get pretty caffeinated, and it would be great if you'd join us.

Hey, the kid's asking, not me.

Could we get another round of shots?


Chug, chug! Come on! Come on!

Where you guys headed?

A cottage near Tahoe.

It was my mom's favourite place to go to... so we're going there. And your dad, he let you get in the car with this crazy guy?

This maniac? I guess.

Hey, we're here to do life lessons!

He's here to become a man. Aren't you, bro?

Is it working? Do you feel manly yet?

Let me tell you something, OK?

Coming to a place like this never made anybody a man. Ever.

Your brother's cool.

He's fun, but... he's about as grown as you are.

You can tell him I said that. Milly!

You're up next, girl. I gotta go.

Be good. OK.

Oh, hey!


This is for you.

Thank you.

You get her number?


OK, look, you... you asked me before if I had a girlfriend.

I don't.

It's just I don't talk to many kids in my grade, you know?

I just never felt like I fit in, like, anywhere, really.

Hey, you're an outsider, man.

I dig that.


What's up with you and Dad?

I mean, he never talks about you much, and when he does, he's... always mad. Um...

Me and Dad... we were just never there for each other.

And now...

Why are we talking about this shit, man?

I mean, we're on vacation here, right?

We're supposed to be enjoying ourselves.

Let's just try and enjoy tonight, OK?

Cheers, brother.

Perfect. There's Sparkles.

I'm gonna go have a dance with her. Watch this.

Jimmy. Jimmy!

Hey! You can't be up here.

Mike, it's fine. It's fine. Off the stage. Off the stage! - I know her, man!

Off the stage! Whoa, whoa, hang on!

Jimmy! What are these guys...

You can't come up here, man. It's Lyle Lovett!

Lee, actually. It's a nice place, Lyle.

If you don't mind, I'm gonna have a dance with this girl.

Oh, silly boy.

We don't allow johns on the stage.

If it wasn't for all that cash you're throwing down, we wouldn't let your little friend in here neither.

Lee, I got it. He'll sit down. Bitch... who told you to stop dancing?

You got two seconds to start shaking that ass.

Whoa! That's not how you talk to women, man.

All right. How about this: you guys... all right... just look the other way.

Buy yourselves a drink, OK?

Jimmy! Leave him alone! Stop! Calm down!


Move. He's mine.

Stop! Zip it, bitch!

Let him go.

Let him go, and we'll leave.

Come on. We're leaving.

Let's go. Give me your keys.

Milly! I hope you know what you're doing.

Yeah. Me too.

I found it. "Found it" where?!

Just this place I've been going for scrap.

You found this thing in a vacant?!

Let me see! You're drunk and you have a concussion! I really don't... I'm fine! I'm fine!

I just wanna see it, all right?

Man! Somebody's gotta be looking for this thing. Ow! Shit!

What happened?

It just closed up! Maybe it doesn't like you.

You try it! I'm not touching that thing!

Make it work.

Huh! Oh! It likes you just fine, huh?

I didn't even know what it could do until back there.

Yeah, but you had a pretty good idea, didn't you?

Well, shit, man!

Let's see it again!

Light up that haystack right there.

Come on, man. Don't be shy now. You've got this.

Holy shit! Oh ho, ho, ho!

Holy shit. Oh, my God! Did you see that?

Yes, I saw that! All right.

Don't stop now. Please be careful.

Oh, this shit is crazy!

Whoa! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

That thing is a cannon!

That's insane. I can't believe we just left this thing in the back of the truck!

What, you want me walking around with this?

I can't believe this guy!

Wow! Those guys' faces back at the club!


What? Jimmy? What?

Shit! Shit! What?!

My bag.

My bag with all my money, I left it in the bar.

Well, how much are we talking?

60, 70. What, thousand?

Yeah! Thousand?

60 grand and a space gun? Who the hell are you people?!

Get in the truck. Let's go.

Come on! Point that thing backwards.

Are you guys... serious?

20, 40, 50...

60, 1, 2, 3. 64.

I'm sorry.

'Cause this is the Ritz, right?


It does that.




Where'd you get that on your hand?

My parents.

Well, my original ones.

Mom or Dad?

I don't know.

I mean, I was just a baby, so... That's how you wound up with, uh... From a shelter.

When I was just a couple months old.

Check it out.

My parents gave me these for crying.

Yeah. Sometimes people who aren't ready to have kids have them anyway.

What'd you do?

At the time?

Um... probably kept on crying.

Yeah, I left home eventually.

When I was, I don't know, a couple years older than you, maybe?

Been on the move ever since.

Hmm. You know, I've...

I've had to say "peace" to pretty much... everyone I've ever met.

It's pretty messed up, huh?



Don't hide it, OK?

It's proof you're a survivor.

And it looks cool.

Where can I take a piss?

The bathroom's for employees only, friend.

I can't go if you're gonna be staring at me like that.

Tay, man...

Look, the... the guys are wondering if we're planning on stopping for rest.

The kid said "Tahoe" so we're going to Tahoe.

They can rest when they're dead.

Watch yourself, it's slippery there.

So what's your angle?

Don't get me wrong. I mean, I like you.

I know he really likes you... but you can't expect us to believe you just joined us out of the goodness of your heart, so...

Yup. The plan was to rob you and bail in the middle of the night, but... Oh, wait! You're broke.

You're an asshole.

You're an asshole!

I was stuck there, all right?

Lee has a way of getting girls he likes to stay... as long as he sees fit.

You feel me?

The two of you guys walking in there, handing it to him... first I've ever seen that.

I got in your truck

'cause you guys seem like some good guys, you know?

Plus, if you... did try anything funny, I'm pretty sure even I could take you in a fistfight, so...

To fistfights?


That, um... thing... your brother has in there?

You need to call someone about that.

Can't do that.


Well... whatever it is you've gotten him into, he's gonna figure it out eventually.

I hope you're ready for that.

What if I knew a way to get your money back?

What if I tell you... I want a cut?

I want a cut of everything you get over the money you need returned.

And you guys give me a ride West.

You ever rob anyone?

It's been a minute.

What about card games?

Look man, it's your choice either way.

OK? But I've gotta do this.

Look, I just don't want to hurt anyone.

We're not. That's what I'm saying.

We're gonna scare them, but we're not gonna hurt them.


I promise.

And besides, we got a giant ray gun, dude.

They're gonna be pissin' in their pants!

OK. Lee's here. That's his truck.

You ready? You got this!


This is some real shit.

They're not messing around in there.

Neither are we.

OK. Ready? Let's go.


Jimmy! You didn't say anything about a cow farm!

I'm in. Look at the big shot here!

You done? I'm out.

Remember, you're the boss. OK?

Three, two, one.

All right! Hands up!

Hey! This is a robbery!

Hands up! You know what this is!

All right.

Lyle, you stand up.

On your feet.


Now, did you tell all your buddies about our little incident back at the club?

Huh? Did you tell these guys what happens when the kid fires that thing?

Huh? Do we need another demonstration of the ray gun?!

Clever. All right.

Here's what's gonna happen. Me and this guy are gonna walk to the pot. The rest of you are gonna stay here and play the statue game.


I'd like my money back.

Let's go.


Jimmy, please hurry up.

Come on... come on.

He ain't comin' back, kid. Stop talking.

And don't look at me either.

Is that for me?

Thanks. All right, keep 'em up! Nothing's changed!

Go. Get out of here.

All right. Guys... genuinely sorry for the interruption.

I'll take my leave.

Oh, and Lyle? Milly sends her love.

Get them!

Go, go, go, go, go! Go! Left!

Go left!

Get up, kid! Come on!

They're coming, man! Move! Move! Move!

Quick! Through here!

Out of the way, cows!

Come on, come on, come on, come on!

Hey! - Go, go, go, go! Guys, we gotta go!

Jimmy! Come on! Eli, let's go!

Guys, get into the truck! Get in the truck! - Get in the car right now!

Eli, we gotta move!

Ah ha ha! Later, bitches!

I can't believe you flipped his truck!

Eli! You are one big, bald son of a bitch!

That was amazing, dude! How'd we do?

I got a bag of money here! Ahh! Yes! I knew it!

But, uh... I happened to obliterate his nuts.

Why, thank you! You are my hero, cowboy.

How about that, huh? What do you think about that, huh?

Yeah! What do you think about that?

Good job, brother! Oh, my God!

Woo! Yeah!


Morning, sleepyhead.

Breakfast slushy?

No, I'm good. Suit yourself.

So tell me, kid.

How's it feel to be rich?

I don't know.

But seriously, Dad's not gonna be cool with this.

Well... ahem.

I mean, the lotto's 10 miles away.

We're on a hot streak. Should we keep that shit going?

Hey. How's your room?

It's got two beds. Huh.


I'm glad you're here.

I wanna talk to you about something. Sit down.

All right. Um...

It's been pretty incredible, um... this last little while that we've had to... brothers for the first time.

I wanna make sure that you know that this is important to me, and you're important to me.

And there's something that I've gotta tell you and...'s kind of hard to get out. Um...

Hey, guys.

Check out what I got in the gift shop.

Pretty cool, huh?

It's cool.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean... No. It's fine. It's fine.

I was gonna go to the tables anyway, so, um...


We can talk about this later, man. Yeah?

I didn't mean to interrupt. Sorry.

It's fine. It's fine. Hide your gun.

Keep the door locked.


Jimmy, you OK? Yeah.


He's fine.

So... what do you wanna do?

We could, um... go downstairs and find you a girlfriend.

Can I use your phone?

Who you calling?

My dad.

He's still coming to meet you, right? Everything's...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I just... just wanted to talk to him.

Yeah, OK.

Thanks. No worries.

In an unusual twist, police are now saying the two suspects in the murder are Harold Solinski's own sons: 28-year-old James Solinski and his adopted African-American brother...

What? ...14-year-old Elijah Solinski. According to police, Elijah Solinski has no previous criminal history, but James has an extensive criminal background including multiple felony convictions.

Authorities believe James to be the likely ringleader and are strongly urging caution in the event of any sightings as they believe James to be armed and dangerous.

Police had previously revealed the identity of the victim killed during the robbery as Harold Solinski, a local area man who neighbours have described as hardworking and a loving father. Eli... Eli, we have to go.

Come on. Come on.

I'm so sorry. Thank you so much.

Oh! 3 for 3. 200 on black.

Young man! Young man! Eli! Excuse me, sir.

He can't be in here... I know. I'm so sorry.

I'll grab him. I'm sorry. We got a minor on the floor.

Hey. It's all right.

Did you do it? Huh? Huh? It's all right.

What are you talking about? You lied and lied.

Stop it. I can't believe this whole time you haven't told me this!

Just wait a minute. What are you talking about? You're a liar!

Look, get a hold of yourself. You killed him, Jimmy! You did!

Listen. I know you wanna hit me right now, but we gotta go. OK? Come on.

We gotta go. We gotta go now. Get off of me!

Security to the main floor. Security needed.


Look, I think we might have something here, man.

I just got sent this from Audrey.

He's in Nevada. Cops got him.

Looks like we're headed to Solaco County, boys.

Let's go.

Just try and hide, Jimmy.

Try and fuckin' hide.

OK. Let's go.

Here you go, kid.

They treating you all right?

They haven't charged you with anything...

Jimmy, they only gave me 10 minutes.

It didn't happen the way they're saying, OK?


Me and these guys... we were stealing money from his safe.

That part's true.

I owed them money, and they were gonna kill me if I didn't do it, and... they were gonna kill you guys too.

Dad walked in, and...

I begged him.


Eli, look at me. Please.

I pleaded with him to turn around and walk out the door, but he wouldn't do it.

I know I'm not a good guy, but there was nothing I could do in the situation...

Jimmy. I didn't want any of this...

Stop talking.

If he was hard on us, it's because the world is hard.

A good man does the right thing... even when it's not the easy thing.

My father taught me that.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.


Eli, wait!

Can I help you? I'm looking for a...

Caucasian degenerate, was brought in here a couple hours ago. Had a little black fellow with him.

Yup. And who are you?

They here?

I couldn't give you that information even if they were. OK, pal? Got it.

Shots fired outside.

All available units report.

Shots fired.

Yeah. They're here.

Take it off.


Wait! Freeze!

You can hide behind that desk.

I'll hold them.

Hey. What's up?

My bag.

Where is it?


You've seen what I have.

Evidence lockup.

Down the hall. Through the door.

Stay low.

Cover the front.

Find them. He's here somewhere.

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

Oh, f... I got one.

Mondays, right?


But not like you love your freedom...

Look at you, Jimmy.

Might've found yourself another jail cell.

This is nice. Someone get me some keys!

Come on, big boy.

Where's your little brother?

Huh? Huh?

I'm gonna do something I want him to see.

Morgan Hunter, FBI.

Well, we're all set if you wanna go in.

OK. Gun!

Get back! Go! Go! Go!

Watch him.

He likes to run.

Whoa, boy. Whoa. Hey.

You're pretty scruffy-lookin'.


Get away from my brother.

So, uh...

What the hell is that thing?

You all right? Stay down.

Help! Where are you guys?

Come on! Any ideas?

What? Got any ideas?!

What the hell was that?

What the hell was that?

Dude, he's reloading! Shoot him now!


Well, that's one way to do it.

Be careful, man.

Get down!

Eli! Talk to me!

Talk to me, Eli!

You OK?


Maybe keep that thing on the first mode, yeah?

I got this, OK?

Stay behind me.

Zero One NCL, we've got two unknowns in the lobby.

In the lobby! You're surrounded. Lay down your weapons and get on your knees! You never should've had to go through any of this.

Be more like Dad.

Less like me.

Just be better than me.

Listen, man...

I don't have the words.

And you don't have to forgive me.

But you have to know how sorry I am.

Tac's arrived. In position.

Lock your fingers and put your hands on your head.

When they come in, just do everything they say.


I think we'll be OK.

I love you, kid.

All this for me, huh?

Looks like we all die today. No... - Heard a lot about you, kid.

Nice to finally meet you.

Had a brother too, once.

Jimmy met him.

Didn't ya?

I got a vehicle approaching the north perimeter.

You got two bikes coming at you fast! This is the police!

You're approaching an active crime scene! We got two bikes approaching!

Stop or we will open fire!

Don't look.

Don't look. I repeat: we will shoot! - Open fire!

You gotta stay down. Stay down!

The things we do for brothers, huh?

Breach the guard! Go, go! Go, go, go!

No! Eli!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on.

Let's just talk a minute, alright?

We're not here to hurt you.

But that weapon? We're gonna need that back.

It doesn't belong here.

I'm gonna need you to trust me, OK?

Elijah, you're one of us.

Look, let me show you, alright?

Under that scar... is the reason why you're able to operate that thing.

Those soldiers you found in that factory... they were sent to kill you.

We took 'em out, but you weren't supposed to see any of that.


Look at me.

Come on, man. I'm gonna need you to hand this gun over, because we're running out of time. We got two minutes.

It's OK. This is important. It's OK. There you go.

Come on. Relax. It's OK.

Thank you.

Hey, don't worry about her. She's just looking for a doorway back to our world.

And yours.

You were hidden here to keep you safe because our people are at war, Elijah.

Right now you're still too young, but we are gonna need you, man.

Soon enough.

I got one.

Kinda cool, huh?


What about my brother?

Hey, your brother... he's gonna be fine.

Doesn't look good for him, though. Sixty seconds.

Look, I know things have been tough for you here, and all this ain't making it any easier.

But remember, just because you're by yourself doesn't mean you're alone.

You've got me.

You just looked out for your brother.

And now I'm doing the same thing for mine.

We'll be seeing you again. We're all counting on it.

Let me see your hands! I'm unarmed!

Don't move. I'm unarmed.

You alright?

It's gonna be OK, Eli. It's gonna be OK. Find those two riders.

They're in here somewhere.

I found the statement you were giving inside.

Your brother seems to be matching it blow for blow.

With the exception of a few things.

I'd say he's covering for you.

Which I might just advise you to let him do.

What's gonna happen to him?

He's gonna go away for a while.

But if he keeps cooperating, it might not be for as long as he thinks.

You gonna tell me where that weapon is?


We're not done.

Yo, Eli!