King Kong (1976) Script

OK Boan, how much you got here? About 1,800.

What's going on? There's Bagley.

Mr. Bagley! Something haywire. We haven't loaded enough pipe.

Less than 2,000 feet. That'll be enough.

On Huangatan, it didn't come until we were past 26,000 feet.

This hole proves out within 2,000, or it's a write-off.

How are you this evening?

All right.

The barometer is still falling. It's a lousy forecast all right.

We should stay here another 48 hours.

Every hour we delay gives others a chance of beating us to the island.

I thought only we knew... We'll sail right away.

You'll be sorry.

All right, Mr. Carnahan, ready to let go.

Stand by fore and aft. OK, haul the gangway ashore!

Let it go.

Roy. Fred.

Well, here's to the big one.


Mayday, mayday.


I'm reminded of Amsterdam.

Ever eat a raw herring with a beer chaser and a scoop of ice cream?

- Captain here. I picked up a mayday call.

- It faded before I could get a fix. Keep listening.

Let me know if you get anything.

Like you said: "The hell with the weather."

We can get out of this by backtracking around Timor.

It'll only cost us a few days. Keep on course, I'm fine.

I gotta admit, for a New York desk guy, you got a lot of guts.

I sold this one to the board.

If that island doesn't produce huge, I'll be wiping windshields.

Men. Carnahan.

I'd have told you earlier, but I couldn't risk any talk.

Men, we may be sailing into the history books. Hit the lights.

I believe we're headed for the biggest oil strike ever.

Here in the magic circle. It's magic all right.

Are we supposed to find oil under 2,000 fathoms of sea?

Just sea is what the charts say. Now let's take a look a low angle.

This was taken in 1943.

This wake was left by the ship that took the photograph.

No sign of land. Here's a fog bank you wouldn't look at twice.

Let's look at another picture.

This is taken from precisely the same angle.

Same area, same fog bank.

This was taken two weeks ago. 35 years later.

A bank of fog that doesn't change a wisp in 35 years. Fantastic.

Still nothing to explore, except for one reason.

A spy satellite photographed it by mistake.

I got hold of the classified pictures via a donation to someone.

No names, but he lives on Pennsylvania Ave.

OK, fellas.

Roy Bagley, would you take over and let science make the point?

The satellite was to analyse exhaust gases from a missile test.

So it was loaded with two special kinds of film.

No, first the infrared.

The different colors represent different surface temperatures.

You mean there's land there? Correct, Joe.

An island, hidden by a perpetual fog bank.

Never seen by human eye nor walked by human foot.

The infrared patterns aren't like any I've ever seen.

More surprising, though, is what the spectrograph picked up.

Chemical composition of our mysterious fog bank.

Free hydrocarbon radicals, excess nitrogen, carbon dioxide.

And, not poisonous but very damn curious...

This has to be caused by vapors seeping up through the ground.

Vapors from petroleum deposits. Yes!

That island is the tip of a huge underground tankjust waiting for us.

I'm betting everything I've got. I'll take 50 cents of that.

The excess CO2 might also be accounted for by animal respiration.

Turn the lights on. Animal breathing.

Are you crazy?

And I'm not so sure human feet have never walked the island before.

In 1605, Fernando De Queres was blown south from Tenotang.

He wrote of the piercing the white veil. That's the cloud bank.

And landing on the beach of the skull, where he heard the roar - of the greatest beast...

The rest of that log entry was suppressed by Rome.

In 1749, a water-logged lifeboat was found in the same area.

It was empty, but drawn in blood on the port - was a likeness of a huge, slouchy humanoid thing.

And this strange warning:

"From thy wedding with the creature who touches heaven, lady, -

God preserve thee."

I also heard of a note in a bottle from a dying Japanese in 1944...

What the hell are you talking about? Who is this joker?

Beats me. He's wearing a crew jersey.

I'll pay any fair amount for my... passage.

You're a stowaway? Jack Prescott. From Princeton.

Dept. Of Primate Paleonthology. You lying hippie!

You're from another oil company! The meeting's over.

He's got one of our T-shirts.

This doesn't mean a thing. Gulf or Exxon can fix a fake passport.

Who the hell are you? I am Jack Prescott...

My interest in your island has got nothing to do with oil.

You're not even a good liar. You couldn't find out where we're going.

You bought charts! Come on. Who'd you pay off?

They hadn't sold charts for this area in years. A friend tipped me.

I did pick up some charts in Surabaya.

Take this spy below till he's hungry enough to stop spouting ape shit.

Let's go. Come on.

There's something out there. Oh, come on!

Honest to God, look! Quit horsing around.

Come back here!

There's something out there! About 2 o'clock. Use your glasses.

Son of a bitch, it's a raft!

All stop.

She's alive!


I've had first-aid training, Captain. Will you all clear out of here?

You have to undress her, huh? It's usual.

In case of internal injury or shock syndrome.

Get outta here! Clear out.

Eye Magnate. Beverly Hills.

There's no sign of injuries anywhere.

C- Y-N-A-R-A. Sounds like a yacht.

Careless yachtsman, to lose this. Remember that mayday call?

You can stop sweating. Navy record's clean, it all checks out.

Fingerprints. The guy's kosher.

I know just how to use him, too.

The girl's about to come to. She could be hysterical, so follow me.

Can I get a cheeseburger here? You went to medical school, right?

What have you got, crystal balls?

There's nothing I haven't checked.

I know the day and hour you completed your toilet training.

Now we gotta figure a way for you to work off your room and board.

You're pretty good with a camera. I've snapped a few monkeys.

Congratulations. You're now our official photographer.

Hello. Everything's fine.

You're safe and well on an American merchant vessel.

Where's Harry and everyone?

You mean they're gone? Do you remember anything?

No. No.


I was on deck and then...

Then I was swimming to a star. To a light.

Let her call it a star.

The life-raft was blown over board near you. It had an automatic flare.

I'm Fred Wilson, I'm in charge.

The yacht didn't get very far after the SOS.

The radio reported that someone found a piece of charred hull.

We're sorry, ma'am.

So am I.

Harry had discovered me.

He was going to put me in a movie he was making in Hong Kong.

Dumb luck.

But I guess I really can't complain.

When you're alone adrift in the Pacific and somebody just...

Who spotted me, by the way? That young fellow.

How can I ever thank you?

I'm Dwan.

D- W-A-N. That's my name. Like Dawn, - except that I switched two letters to make it more memorable.

I'm a mere Jack. You must be kidding.

How could anybody who saved my life be mere to me?

You need some rest.

I haven't had a good one of those in years.

Are we headed back to Singapore? Not directly, ma'am.

I guess it doesn't matter. I'm in no rush.

Harry probably wouldn't have put me in that movie anyhow.

Oh, my God!

What a meaningful miracle!

I owe my life to a movie. Is that so?

I swear to God.

Harry was showing this film that I refused to watch.

That's why I was up on deck when the yacht exploded.

Did you ever meet anyone whose life was saved by "Deep Throat"?

Come on, men, let her rest.

Maybe my luck has changed.

You know something?

I always wondered how Cortes felt when he first saw the Inca treasure.

It was Pizarro, and he died busted.

Here we go... Solid land all right.

This is its profile east to west. Typical Pacific formation...

This would be the slope at the beach, the mountainous sector at the west.

Let's get in closer.

What was that? Just a glitch.

False echo off a flock of birds. Spot anything unusual?

Not a thing. Look at the screen, Fred.

All those going ashore, report to the companionway.

Hi there. How do you like this for beach wear?

Fantastic. I'm afraid you can't come ashore, though.

Wait a minute.

You said I could come on the first boat.

You should wait till the recon is gone.

You want full coverage of this landing, don't you?

I must be in it. The all-American girl saved from a yacht - by "Deep Throat".

Don't print those, I'm married. Guaranteed to be on People Magazine.

Printjust one. Really, Mr. Wilson...

I need a break, and you owe it to me.

Because I am a holder of a Petrox credit card. I really am!

Ask your computer.

I may be late on my payments, but you take 18%% % interest plus charges.

Dwan, you come ashore with us. Captain, she'll come ashore.

Good luck. As soon as you get through, get on the horn.

Hey, Jack? Maybe it's him. Fred Wilson.

I had my horoscope done before I flew to Hong Kong.

It said that I was... Here you go.

It said that I was going to cross over water - and meet the biggest person in my life.

That's interesting. The current is 18 degrees cooler than the air.

What does that mean? The fog might lift at the edge.

Crossing 20 fathoms. Shallowing rapidly.

Standing up ahead. I think I hear breakers.

Shore boat to Explorer. There's a curtain around the island.

We just broke through. There's a beach dead ahead.

In two words: No problem.

Let me get down! I haven't touched the ground in weeks.

That's good.

Jack! I'm coming ashore.

Wait, hold it. All right.


Let's start getting a line on this island. Bring the mosquito spray!

We won't have to start wondering which way to go.

You want to start setting seismic charges this morning?

Yes. Got to knock the stucture. All right, move out!

There's a waterfall ahead!

Last one to get in is a rotten egg.

Don't go running off anymore.

We'll wait here for them.

Just stick close by me, OK?

Holy Mother! That looks as old as the pyramids.

Could be. But the pyramids weren't repaired six months ago.

There's earth on those timbers. It has to be replaced after each monsoon.

Are you telling me there's people here?

What's more, I'll characterize them. Scared people.

Scared of what? I don't exactly what it is.

But apparently, they thought they needed a wall to keep it out.

Let me straighten you out on a couple of points.

One: This wall is an ancient ruin.

Two: The island is uninhabited.

And three: There's an uninhabited German beer hall in there.

Let's go.

Fred? Look down there. Take your binoculars.

What? Down there, that pool.

Do you think it could be? The surface seems viscous.

It sure as hell could be oil.

Sweet Jesus! Rockefeller!

Maybe it's a wedding. A good guess.

It's scheduled for the night when the moon's full.

Where's the groom?

See the one in the ape mask?

You might say that's the groom's stand-in.

The groom is on the other side of the wall.

You mean it's bad luck if they see each other before the wedding?

Ghastly luck for the whole congregation.

Oh, Christ!

You want to talk for us?

I'll try.

Shoot in the air only.

What's he bitching about?

He's probably telling us we've contaminated their magic.


Remember, in the air.

What is it?

He wants to make a deal. Six of them for Dwan.

Tell them that I like him, too, but not that way.

In the air!

You'll have trouble with the chief. I will buy the chief.

What have we got that wogs go for?

Radios, pots and pans, all sorts ofjunk.

This is no longer the 19th century. You can'tjust grab their island.

I'll check that with the UN. In the meantime - we scare them into the boondocks with a July 4th number.

Are your men ready to set the charges?

Kong! Kong!

You heard him chant. He exists. You saw the wall.

Who do you think they were planning to give the girl to?

It's some nutty religion. A priest dresses up and gets laid.

We'll humor Jack. Take plenty of TNT.

Any sign of a monkey bigger than four feet, send it bang-bang.

You wouldn't. Bet me.

Even you wouldn't be asshole enough to wipe out a unique new species.

The kids would burn every Petrox gas station in the country.

He could be right. Kong, Kong, Kong...

What are you doing? I'm going to steal a boat.

Seriously? As soon as I've swiped supplies.

I'm going on a camera hunt. That sounds dangerous.

It's a chance of a lifetime. You either grab it or you're dead meat.

You shouldn't go ashore tonight. It's not a good night for Aries.

How did you know I was an Aries?

By the shape of your ears.

All right, I asked Fred Wilson. He knows everything about you.

I really wish you wouldn't go. Is it better to watch an old movie?

There's nothing else to do.

Use your imagination.

80 times around the deck is a mile. We could jog.

I guess my camera hunt can wait a couple of hours.

Excuse me, I'll just finish stealing in the galley.

You'll disappoint me if you're here when I get back.

What do you mean? I hope you'll wait in your cabin.

Here you are, son. Get it out right away.

All right.

I said that pool might be oil. We can't be sure...

Think positive. Guys who think negative don't get far at Petrox.

"Has to be the biggest ever. No problems at all."

Well, you're the boss. Don't worry about it, Roy.


Help me!


We're too late. Set off the show.

Help him with that bolt. Cover the gate.

Get on the other side! Pull!

Open that gate!

The lights will hold him back! Don't shoot.

He's taken her. No one's taken her.

Who do you think went through there, some guy in an ape suit?

You all right? I just fell in a Goddamn hole.

No, you didn't. You're not in a hole.

That's a footprint.

Carnahan here. We've gone over two miles. There's still no sign of her.

It's better than finding remains. Unless he's gobbled her down.

Give me that thing. Mostjungle apes eat only fruit.

Mostjungle apes don't have a size-90 foot.

The men have had it. I'm going to pitch camp.

Are you a bunch of old ladies? Come on.

Keep moving.

Carnahan's right. It makes more sense to stop.

All right, Carnahan. You know the drill.

We'll plant seismic charges for mapping and fire rockets...

Right, right! Will somebody be on the radar?

Any large, furry blimp seen moving in your direction, you'll know.

That footprint measured 6.4 feet.

If that were for real. How high would that make him?

Multiplied by about eight, I guess.

He'd make a hell of a commercial.

"The battles we at Petrox fight to fill your tank."

If he's not going to eat her, why did he take her?

Apes are very territorial. He'll probably take her to his turf.

What for?

Joe said you said that the ape was going to marry her.

Is that some kind ofjoke or... I don't know, Carnahan!

I'm as ignorant as you. Quit asking me so many dumb questions.

I can't stand heights.

Honest I can't. When I was ten I got sick in the Empire State Building.

Put me down!

You put me down!

You put me down!

Put me down.

Please put me down.

You Goddamn chauvinist pig ape!

What are you waiting for? You wanna eat me?

Then go ahaed! Do it! Go ahead and eat me!

Go ahead! Choke on me!

I didn't mean that. Sometimes I get too physical.

It's a sign of insecurity, like when you knock down trees.

Such a nice ape. Such a nice, sweet monkey.

We're going to be great friends.

I'm a Libra, what sign are you? No, don't tell me.

I'll bet you're an Aries. Of course you are.

I think that's just wonderful.

Help me!

Help me!

Radar had him on the screen.

3.6 kilometres west of your flare. He moved in a random manner.

Not in our direction? Affirmative. Random. Like a circle.

Maybe he's lost her. She got away and he's searching for her.

Carnahan! Wait a minute!

- Have you set seismic charges? The men are doing it now.

Don't move until it's finished. He's nuts.

The girl might be running for her life from a gigantic turned-on ape.

I know how you feel.

But there's an energy crisis.

We must all rise above our self-interests.

You hypocritical bastard... Save your wind, he's signed off.

Let's get going.

I ain't busting my ass for no whites.

OK. Who gives a shit that the ape's headed in our direction?

There's Roy. Well, Fred...

I finished testing the samples from that pool.

It'll be real great oil! Son of a bitch!

Fred Wilson is crazy, is he?

Wait till those candy-asses in New York hear about this.

I'll grind them... Like I said, it will be great oil.

As soon as Mother Nature finishes cooking it a little longer.

How much longer?

Hardly a tick of clock, in geological terms. Say 10,000 years.

Till then you'd get better mileage filling your Cadillac with mule piss.

Oh, my God!

I hate to kick a fella when he's dead, but I told you.

You shouldn't have told New York you were bringing in the big one.

The big one. Jesus!

Who says I ain't gonna? Wilson to Explorer.

Get me a channel to Surabaya, I want an engineer drop.

OK, Jack, you go first.

Come on, it's solid as a rock. OK, let's go.

Stop firing! Jack!

Boan! Try to make it back.

I'm going on.

All hands, stand by for recovery.

Over and out. Recharge the batteries.

Air drop done, right on target. Perfect. Haul your asses.

Get that equipment working.

You think I'm crazy? You said it.

If I had found oil, Gulf, Shell, Exxon would be crawling all over here.

Not this one, pal. Kong is all me and Petrox.

A Fred S. Wilson exclusive. Move your ass, Shorty.

You think it'll ring the bell? Promise oil, bring back a monkey?

Look at Exxon's "We'll Put a Tiger in Your Tank".

Beach green to Carnahan. Report back immediately.

Do nothing to endanger Kong. Acknowledge.

Carnahan, do you read me? Do you read me?

Give us a hand over here.

Wilson! Still no contact with Carnahan.

The radio's not working. No sweat. I want to take out a search party.

I can't spare any men. Six guys are cut off in the bush.

And you're building monkey traps. You're playing with their lives.

Don't worry about it.


Where's the others?

Come on, Kong, forget about me.

This is never going to work. Can't you see?


We've got to do it.

Are you ready?

Radar update. Monkey spotted 1,800 yards west by north-west -

- heading 0-89, velocity 2.2 miles per hour.

Estimated time to your position, five minutes or less.

Kill the lights. Everybody clear out!

Logan, how are you doing? Almost finished. One minute more.

That's enough. All set, Mr. Bagley!

Ready, Boan? OK. It's hot now.

Are you sure that monkey will be able to bust through that gate?

Pull back the bolt halfway.

Come on. I can't.

Open the gate! Help!

Help! Jack!

It's Prescott, open the gate.

Come on!

Close the bolt!

Wilson, blow the Goddamn thing!

Still want to play?

Dwan! Congratulations.

Hey, Jack. Do I look different?

Yeah, you shine. That's right.

I'm a star. It's all set.

Coast-to-coast tour. We open in New York. Lights, cameras, Kong!

And probably Nureyev and Fontaine.

I want Balanchine to choreograph "The Beauty and the Beast".

Any chance of you two getting married?

I don't know. This is so sudden.

We could think of some nutty way of Kong giving away the bride.

It'd be tough to get him to do it. Probably just old-fashioned, huh?

I don't know. What do you think, Jack?


After all these years, I'll finally end up with a shrink.

How can I become a star because of someone - that was stolen off that gorgeous island and locked up in that tank?

It's not someone. It's an animal that tried to rape you.

That's not true. He risked his life to save me.

He tried to rape you, honey.

Ask the natives what they thought of losing Kong.

They'll miss him a lot. Like leprosy.

You're dead wrong. He was the terror, the mystery of their lives.

A year from now, the island will be full of burned-out drunks.

When we took Kong, we kidnapped their god.

It's like there's a curse on all of us.

I'm tired of your trying to confuse this girl.

This is her big chance. And yours. There's stars at Princeton - just like in Hollywood. You want me to get Kong another keeper?

Coast-to-coast tours? "Beauty and the Beast"? It's a farce.

Just say the word and your contract is torn up. Tell me right now.

See you opening night.

Oh, God, I'm tired of thinking.

The ape had the right idea. What's that?

Wait a minute.

I'll be right back.

All hands on deck!

Fire detail, report to the control room.

This is the captain. Sea water pumps to full pressure.

Prepare to flood tank No. 4. I"m ordering the ape drowned.

Hey, Kong! Here I am.

Do you remember me? Remember your blind date?

You haven't forgotten, have you?

Dwan! Come back here! He's going berserk.

Stop, or I'll jump. Dwan, please.

You can't help him now. Don't come any closer.


Hey, Kong? Why are you waking up all these people?

No one's going to hurt you. You're just going to be a star.

Don't flood the tank! She fell in.

You could've...

Jack! I'm so glad to see you.

What is it? You're not dressed. That's right.

I was wrong when I called this thing a farce, it's a tragedy.

I'm quitting your circus, Fred. You signed a contract.

You took an advance. I donated it in your name.

To the SPCA Fund for Sending Kong Home. Here's your receipt.

Sue me. Don't leave me tonight, please.

My horoscope says... Shut up. I love you.

Come with me right now. The hell with the contract.

Go ahead. But I promise you you'll never get another booking.

You'll end up tap-dancing at rotary clubs.

Don't you understand? Yeah...

I do. Sorry.

Stay well.

Ladies and gentlemen of our TV-satellite audience, -

- you are seeing this live around the world-

- as it is happening here in New York City.

You have better seats than these lucky King Kong contest winners.

Thus, Beauty set foot on the forbidden island and was seized.

Great was the fear as Beauty was lashed - to the dreadful bridal altar of the Beast.

Now the earth booms.

Kong's power! Superpower!

Hail the power!

That's the power of Kong, and Petrox!

No! Don't push her around!

Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing to fear!

That is an escape-proof cage certified by the city government.

Come on out! Easy.

His feet are still chained.

It's all right. Come on.

We're in position.

The Queensboro Bridge is buttoned up. What's the situation at Brooklyn?

I"II tell that monkey to spread before he crosses it.

Come on, there's a train coming.

Hit the lights.

This is a message to all traffic.

Clear all streets. Proceed to shelters.

Repeating: Clear all streets. Any person found looting will be shot.

Keep running.

Jack! Buy me a drink, will you?

Come on, buy me a drink.

Ten more blocks and we've got the key to a great apartment.

We've put a river between us.

The bridges are mined, and apes don't swim. Your book says so.

Please, buy me a drink. Buy me a drink over there.


What's the matter?

Déjà vu. I don't know where, but I've seen this view before.


We don't want to get shot as looters.

OK, get smashed.

How about that nice offer you made me? Do you still want me?

Look, chinchilla. Looks great on you.

I asked you a question.

You know what I earn? Do you think I need furs?

Yes. Excitement is in your blood like dope.

You're going to need new fixes I'm not able to give you.

Don't be stupid.

It's OK.

Probably some National Guardsman ran his tank into a powerhouse.

Do you remember that black-out?

And all the babies born exactly nine months later?

Well, here's to all the future sons and daughters of King Kong.

I'll drink to that.

The hell with furs. Tell me, does that nice offer still stand?

It depends on Kong. He's bigger than both of us, know what I mean?

Don't tease me, I'm serious.

Of course. I know where I've seen that view before.

I think we've got a chance. Sit tight, I've got to make a phone call.

Keep it down, everyone.

What do you think? Is he flipped out or not?

Hello? Hello...

Excuse me, Professor. You say you know where Kong is headed.

Yes. You can trap him without danger.

Get some helicopters and blasting nets on top of him.

No problem. Where is he headed, Professor Prescott?

Promise me to capture him without injury and I'll tell you.

Do we have a deal? Yes, Professor.

Where is Kong heading?

A place in Manhattan that looks exactly like his natural habitat.

Let him climb to the top of the World Trade Center.


He's coming down Fifth Avenue on schedule.

The power is back on. Keep quiet, get in the shadows.


Hold on! Close your eyes!

The helicopters are coming to net him!

Hold on!


What are those men doing up there? Didn't they get my orders?

The rotten bastards!

He's still got the girl. Follow me in a tight holding pattern.

No! Don't put me down.

Hold on to me.

Hold on to me, or they'll kill you.


Oh, God.


Hold on to me.

Please don't let me go.

Don't kill him!

Don't kill him!