King of New York (1990) Script

Read this, puta.


Want a date, honey?

Money, money, money. Check this out.

You want to stop?


Tubes, my boy, what's up?


What's taking so long?

It's gonna take a few minutes.

We ain't got a few minutes. We got to get busy.

Why don't you do what you got to do so we can get busy?

Do me a favor. Here.

Calm down. Relax.

I'm gonna show you how to do this.

I'm gonna show you how to test this. Like that.

Right. It's dope.

It's dope, Tito.

You ever get the feeling you was being watched?


You got any soda, man... like some root beer or something?

I hurt my leg playing ball.

I got these aspirins I want to take.

Now, what the fuck is he...

Tell him to turn this shit off.

What kind of help you got? Watching cartoons?

Tell my man to turn the tv off and get me a soda.

And make sure it's cold.

I like my shit cold, especially when I play ball.

You play ball, Tito?

You don't look like you play no ball.

But nice gloves. I like those.

Hey, Jump.

What's up?

It's copacetic.

Now maybe you satisfied.

No. Maybe now I want to check out another one.

What the fuck I look like, Joe Neckbone?

Trust ain't one of my stronger qualities.

You know what I'm saying?

You fucking disrespect me.

I guarantee the shit.

To hell with testing.

Let's get to the large plus ten percent.

Did he say ten percent? Wait a minute, Tito.

We had a deal. What's up?

What ten percent you talking about?

Transportation costs, amigo.

I got expenses.

Well, take the train... if you got expenses in transportation.

Why you want to be greedy?

You fuck the sucking greed. That's our price.

No one else even talks to you goddamn motherfucking coņos.

Now take it or leave it.

Why you want to talk to me like that?

Take it or leave it?

Take it or leave it?

I take it.

'Cause I like you, I'm gonna take it.

Pack the shit up.

You in power, Tito.

You the king.

Where's my soda?

What the fuck is this?

They're for the bullet holes, puta.

Room service, motherfuckers!

There's somebody here to see you.

What's in the cup?

Root beer.

You want some?

There's some things I don't do.

Welcome back home, Frank.

Check him out.

Congratulations, Frank.

Check him out.

Congratulations, man.

Them Colombian motherfuckers... they took permanent vacation in hell... if you know what I mean.

Wow. I must have been away too long... because my feelings are dead.

I feel no remorse.

It's a terrible thing.

I heard being in jail makes you feel like that.

I got a present for you.

Check it out.

They were King Tito's... but he don't need them where he is now.

I thought maybe you would donate them... to a clothing drive or something.

Having a good time, huh, Jump?

I been waiting years for this.

Emilio Zapa sends his regards.

You know how I love money.

Well, help yourself.

Is the meeting set with Dalesio?


You need to let me bust a cap... in that moonheaded motherfucker's ass.


He's a fucking glitter boy.

He's looking to get sprayed, laid... played, and slayed. Know what I'm saying?

I heard that.

You gonna come down, say hello?

You hobnob with them homos, you want to.

I'm going downtown, find me a girl... get my knob polished.

Time for a real party.


How come you never came to see me?

Who wanted to see you in a cage?

Of course.


Champagne. Let's break out.

It's King Tito's.

King Tito's gloves.

It's a good thing he's dead 'cause I'd take that glove...

I'd wrap it right round his...


And it's how much?

Wait for the paperback, and you can get it.

It's too fucking much for me.

You should read that book, Joey.


Because I think you might learn something.


How to be good?

Joey, just don't say a word, OK?

Why not?

Because I don't want you to say anything.

But we're going home, right?

I know. I'm tired already. Where is he?

Welcome home, Frank.

Good to see you.

Nice to see you.

Thanks for everything.

To freedom.

Come on.

Bill, nice to see you.

Bill, Charlie, you know Frank.

How are you?

Good of you to come.

Judge, how are you? Nice to see you.

Listen, I want to introduce you to...

I'm gonna say hello to your junior partner.

Hiya, Frank. Good to see you.

You should be more careful... of the affairs you attend, counselor.

One is known by the company one keeps.

Ain't that right, Joey?

Pete, how are you?

Hey, Frank. Welcome home.

Hello, Frank.

Welcome back.

You know everybody here, I think.

Pete, how's the family... Brian, Dennis?

Better than when you left town, Frank.

They're all working.

How about you?

Back from the dead.

Frank White. I've heard a lot about you... and it's all bad.

Don't believe everything that Pete writes in the columns... because... well...

I've been reformed.

A lot of people will be happy to hear that.

Huh, Pete?

What can we expect from the reformed Frank White?

I want to be mayor.

Thinks I'm kidding.

But first, I want to talk to Arty Clay.

Why don't you relax?

We're supposed to be having a good time here.

Tell him I got things on my mind.

I want to talk them over with him.

The guy's a fucking animal.

He ain't gonna meet with you.

Maybe you can do one of his lieutenants at best.

Tell him...

Frank White wants to talk business with him.

Just tell him that all I want to know... is where and when.

You know, counselor, they did a wonderful job... with this gentleman.

He's better than ever.

If you'll excuse me...

I'll see you people in a little while... if I'm still around.

Look at you.

Look at you.

What's the matter? You're not glad to see me?

You belonged where they put you.

Maybe this time you'll stay out of trouble.

That depends on how good my lawyers are.

I thought people like you... didn't believe in the legal process.

I thought people like me were the legal process.

You know what?

You know what I'd like to do to you?

I would like to take you on the subway.

What can I do for you?

Tell Arty I need to speak to him.

Wait here.


There's some yarm out there that wants to talk to you.

Ace is still the better.

Arty, you're still...

What's happening here?

You got aces?

Two hundred.

Two hundred? I got to see your two.

All right. One shot.

Last ticket.

Johnny, give me something good here.

Take it easy.

Arty. Gentlemen.

Who goes? Arty.

I bet two hundred.

Go ahead.

I got a message from Frank White.

He wants to sit down. He wants to talk.

You tell him I don't talk to nigger lovers.

Let's go. What's down?

He says he's got things on his mind... that he wants to discuss with you... and he wants to know where and he wants to know when.

You tell him in fucking hell, that's where.

He's gonna wish his lawyer... left him fucking the Sambos in the joint... when I get through with him.

I was making money off them Colombians.

That's right.

If that's what you want me to tell him, I'll tell him.

It ain't clear enough?

You tell that son of a bitch... he made a big mistake with me.

And you tell him something else!

This is what Arty Clay has to say.

You tell him personally from me!

Stay outta here!

Come on, sit down. Let's go.

Come on, you go.

I missed you.

Your watch and your wallet, blood.

How about that?

Come by the Plaza Hotel.

I got work for you.

Ask for Frank White.

Come on.

It's up to me, right?

You guys are in trouble. I bet two hundred.

Hurry up, will you?

I'm down a lot of money here.

Let's play cards.

I got your message, Arty.

You stupid son of a bitch.

You running games here?

I want to play.

Sure, Frank, play. Bring your friends.

I want to play with Arty.

Come on. Let's go, will you?

Jump deals.

Blackjack. House out.

You got some balls coming here.

Pick up the card.

Come on. Pick up the card.

Pick it up.

From here on, nothing goes down unless I'm involved... no blackjack, no dope deals, no nothing.

A nickel bag gets sold in the park...

I want in.

You guys got fat while everybody starved on the street.

It's my turn.

You think you're gonna live long enough... to spend that money, you fucking hump?

If any of you... are tired of getting ripped off... by guys like that...

You come with me.

I'm at the Plaza Hotel. You're welcome.

You're all welcome!

To join!

Man or ghost, I'll kill you again.


Aiesha, how you doing?

I'm very upset about what happened today.

I told you, Frank, I did the best I could... and you know that.


I told you I tried to make it work, Frank.

Hello, counselor. How are you?

Alisha, how are you?


The city councilman was just explaining to me... why that hospital in the South Bronx... didn't survive the fiscal cut this afternoon.

I'm telling him about how disappointed I am.

I was explaining to Frank... that there simply wasn't money in the budget... to fund that facility.

In a city of twelve million people...

I find that hard to believe.

I hoped we could do better.

I hoped so, too, Frank... but there simply was no money in the budget.

If you think it's so easy... why don't you try funding it yourself?

Maybe I will.

How about sixteen million by the end of the quarter?

Tell your friends they'll have the money.

Counselor, you're this man's legal advisor.

Why don't you explain to him the hard financial facts... of running a municipality.

I know what this city needs... and privileged districts... shouldn't be the only ones with hospitals.

Forget it, Frank.

I want that place kept open.

Forget it.

The city can't afford it and neither can you.

The city doesn't know where to look for the money.

Let me give you some very expensive advice... go someplace where you can stay out of trouble.

I thought that's what I pay you for.

Hello, Frank. I want to talk to you.

I don't think so.

Come on. O'Neill can wait for two old friends, can't he?

I'm not your friend.

Come on, Frank. We missed you while you were away.

Thought about you, too.

I heard a rumor about you.

What's that?

I heard you got AIDS... getting dicked up your ass in prison.

That's what I heard.

I thought about you every time I jerked off, dickhead.

Why don't we just take this outside.

Next time, wear a tie.

Get Abe.

Here we go.

Excuse us, folks.

Excuse us. Easy, easy.

What the hell is this?

We're taking him in for questioning.

On what grounds? This is harassment, Bishop.

You're welcome to come along.

Even your client's got a right to counsel.

Come on. Get out!

Look inside.

Let's go.

What's that?

You tell me.

I don't know.

This is the only chance you get, White.

What's it gonna be?

Are you arresting me?

Oh, fuck. Here we go.

If so, do it.

If not, I got people waiting for me.

Shut the fuck up, motherfucker!

Hey, Frank.

All right, that's it.

Come here, Frank.

Here, Frank, meet somebody.

Meet somebody, huh?

Piece of shit!

That's it!

I'll kill the motherfucker!

No, I'm gonna cap him. Let me cap the mo...

Get in the fucking car!

This how you do things?

I know what you're up to, White. Forget it.

I'm gonna make you and your friends disappear... long before that.

Welcome home, fuck face.

Gilley, get in the fucking car.

Last fucking time, you fuck.

We're onto your fucking ass.

Give your friends that message.

Ladies and gentlemen... can I have your attention, please?

The best man has something to say.

First of all, I'd like to thank Tommy Flanigan... for being the only black male at an Irish wedding.

Are you comfortable, Tom?

I'm from the South.

Are you comfortable?

Real comfortable.

All my buddies here, all my brothers.

He's sweating.

Joe Mulligan, father of the bride.

Come on up here, Joe.

Joe provided these lovely decorations for us.

Where'd you get these, Joe, an A.A. Meeting?

Not only that, he paid for the whole thing.

The whole two hundred dollars.

Joe, by the way, put your shotgun away.

The test came back negative.

Roy Bishop, do I detect a little Afro Sheen... on that unusually wavy hair of yours?

Tip... Kathy... to the finest couple...

I've ever had the pleasure to know.

Join me, folks.

They're the only couple... that's still together in this neighborhood.

I wish you health, wealth... happiness, a lot of babies, no cops.

We don't need no more degenerate donkeys... running around with guns.

All bullshit aside... and may I speak for everybody... we love you. God bless.

Hear, hear.

Here's to youse.

How did I do?

I'm proud of you.

Hey, Father, thank you for coming.

Let's get Father laid.

Give me a real drink.

Get Dennis a drink over here.

Get the house a drink.

The bar's not open now. You pay.

That's my wife!

It was a fucking joke!

Would you relax? Virginia, come here.

Come here. Excuse me.

Tip, take a tip.

Gilley's after your wife.

It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

Hell, it's more than obvious.

He'll find the vampire marks sunk into her neck.

Get outta here!

What's what, my friend?

How you doing?

What's what? Terrific.

Yeah? How come you're not dancing?

I'm gonna leave that to the father of the bride.

Are you sure you're gonna make it through the night?

Aw, shit. You kidding?

I'm the one that needs the honeymoon.

All they do is stay in bed all fucking night.

Do me a favor.

Give this to the kids.

I got a million things to do.

Wish them my love.

You sure you won't come in?

Nah. I got a million things to do.

I'll see you during the week.

You take it easy.

Take care, Pops.

You can tell your boyfriend to forget about it.

He ain't got enough money.

Maybe he'll surprise you.

I don't like his fucking surprises.

He's got a lot of nerve even sending you here.

You could step all over that shit... and still get a hundred twenty a gram.

And I got two hundred twenty pounds of it.

Comes to fifteen mil, street value.

And I want guarantees nobody in this town can give.

Especially him.

Look, Larry, why don't you set the terms?

I'll go back, and I'll tell Frank.

If you two see eye to eye, we'll make a deal.

If not, everybody goes their own way still friends.

What do you say?

That cocksucker ain't got no friends.

And before I even think... of sitting across some table with him... he got to know one thing...

I ain't no fucking greaseball named Arty Clay.

You got it.

And he pays for your cut.

Why don't you stick around?

I got "Frankenstein" coming on next.

Stop fucking with my lady. You know what I'm saying?

I told him, stop fucking with my bitch.

And when he started crying like a bitch... he got fucked like a bitch.

You know what I'm saying?

We're gonna shoot the bitch!

We'll just shoot the bitch!

Hey, Joe. What you want?

Don't forget the hot sauce.

You want white meat, right?

No dark meat! No problem.

Don't shoot me!

Can I help you?

Can you help me? Yeah, you can start... by giving me fifteen pieces of chicken, motherfucker.

Mix it up. I want barbecue, and I want crispy.

You getting this all down?

I want six pieces of corn... and I want, uh... yeah, give me eight spareribs... and give me twelve pieces of shrimp.

Some onion rings.

You want tartar sauce or ketchup on those?

I want tartar sauce.

You got any potato salad?

No, we ain't got potato sal...

Get away from the games! All right?

You ain't got no money. Just get away from the games.

What the fuck is the matter with you... talking to them like that?

They ain't got no money. Is that it?

Yeah, that's it.

Make sure you get my food, get it now... and don't be drooling on it.

And I better not get none of that cat.

I want chicken.

Here you are.

Y'all go play the games.

No offense, ma'am... but you make sure they get what they want.

Go ahead.

Y'all go play them games. Hear?

What's happening with the food?

What's up? I ain't got all day, you know.

That'll be 56.70, total.

Did I say I was finished? I want something to drink.

Maybe I want some birch beer. You got birch beer?

No, we don't have no birch beer.

You don't even know what that shit is.

You got any root beer?

We ain't got no root beer, either.

How much is this? 56.90

56.90? Fuck you very much.

Hey, scumbag, guess what?

You're under fucking arrest.

Yeah, motherfucker? How about that?


It's all over, Jimmy.

You're under arrest for the murder of Miguel Mata...

Salvador Tito, and Rafael Santodomingo.

You have the right to remain silent.

Shut the fuck up.

What's this? Did you use this on Mata?

Yeah, same one I'm gonna use on you, punk.

Laugh now, motherfucker, but for the rest of your life... you gonna be somebody's bitch.

Some motherfucker named Bubba.

But you're a motherfucking bro!

Don't you slap me, motherfucker.

I'm gonna slap the black off you.

Take the cuffs off, you motherfucker!

I'm gonna finish his ass off!

This is the happiest day of my life. You know why?

'Cause we got a real, live, talking witness.

I don't leave no witnesses!

Oh, yeah, motherfucker? Well, you must be getting old.

I'll teach you to fuck with my friend.

I'm gonna fuck you up!

Without private assistance... everything we've seen will close down.

I can't stress enough how much your help could mean... to the thousands of families... that depend on us for medical care.

Please, just look around.

Look, Larry...

the most anybody's gonna give you for your stuff... is thirty grand a key.

That's about three million dollars... on a bulk sale.

So whoever buys it's gonna turn around... cut it, bag it, and sell it on the street... for a hundred twenty, a hundred fifty a gram.

That's a hundred fifty thousand dollars a key... five times what they paid you.

So now your quintal's worth fifteen million dollars... a markup of eleven million something... that you get no part of.

I know you don't have the manpower... to peddle the uptown streets, but I do.

You put up the stuff, I put up the guys to sell it.

I take the heat and the risk... if there is any.

We divide the difference... setting aside something for places like this.

What do you say?

If I was into socialized medicine...

I would have stayed in the Peking province.

I want cash for my goods.

How much?

Three million up front... like you said... with another half a mil when you unload it.

That's a lot of money.

I got a lot of shit.

Make up your mind.

You know something, Frank?

This conversation made me realize... just how fucking crazy you really are.

It's all set up.

I don't think you should go down there alone.

I don't trust that crazy Chinese guy.

Know what I mean?

It's Enrico Mata.

They got him recovering in a hospital somewhere... with a police guard around him 24 hours.

He's agreed to testify for them in court.

They got Jump cold this time, Frank.

It's Murder-One.

Did Abe get them set bail?

A million dollars apiece.

So go sign him out.

Posting that kind of money's gonna raise... more problems than it solves, Frank.

Also, I want you to get Abe... to talk to some of those friends of his... see if they can't get this cop transferred... or retired or something.

I want him out of my way.

He's chief investigating officer... on a multiple homicide.

It's stupid to even think about it.

Ask him...

before I blow Bishop's brains all over his fucking wing tips.

Get some guys and pick him up.

You got it, Frank.

Hope you had a good time.

My old man's back.

That's right.

Captain Crunch and that doughnut crew is here.

Yo, fellas, what's up? Long time no see.

Bishop, we having a party downtown.

Why don't you bring Howdy Doody and the Chocolate Wonder?

I hear your mother's gonna be there.

We having a real good time down there.

You know what I'm sayin'...

Give me some.

Black man.

Some flowers for your witness.

Jimmy, we got business to do.

We got business to do.

Get some cheap ones.

And you can kiss my ass, too.

I'll see you downtown.

You'll be all right?


Proud of yourself, counselor?

If you got a problem, take it to the judge.

Come on! Let's go!

Where's the stuff, Larry?

And now, ladies and gentlemen...

Mr. Freddy Jackson.

All my life I've been waitin'

For a time when I'd be free How I prayed For liberation And a little bit of dignity I heard the heartbeat of the city How it pounded and it sounded in the night The children's voices were so pretty I'm gonna reach out I'm gonna take it I'm gonna make it all right Dream on For a better day Where we can live our lives out And our hopes won't fade away Dream on For a better way We'll join our hands together And build a brand-new day Dream on Thank you.

You're all so tremendous.

I was born in this neighborhood... and as I grew up here...

I used to pray that once I got out...

I would never have a reason to come back.

I'm glad those prayers weren't answered... because my neighborhood's lookin' mighty pretty lately.

And I've been encouraged... both in public and in private... that where there's a will to help... there's a way to do it.

So on behalf of the neighborhood council... myself, and New York City...

I want to thank you for what you've done... and I ask for your continued support... until we have the kind of General Hospital... this borough needs.

I'm gonna reach out I'm gonna take it I'm gonna make it all right Dream on For all that could be right We can make it happen We can make it paradise Dream on For a better way We'll join our hands together And build a brand-new day Dream on

We're reporting live from the benefit... at the Harlem Ballroom... where city luminaries are gathered... to celebrate the long-term project... to rebuild the Community General Hospital.

As one prominent local politician said to me...

"It's a proud moment for the city...

"and all New Yorkers. "

Officials from state and city agencies...

Roy, he's a movie star.

Frank is a fucking movie star now.

Oh, my God.

Help me, gentlemen.

A toast.

Come on, toast. Frank. He made it.

Fucking King of New York.

The King of New York.


We, on the other hand... we waste our time interrogating witnesses... lifting fingerprints... my favorite and yours... court orders... right, Roy?

Court orders so Frank's Park Avenue attorney... can get him out in ten minutes.

Ten minutes later, he's on the street.

I thought we were what's right.

I thought the law counted for something.

But this whole system favors the scumbag.

We make, what, thirty-six thousand dollars a year?

Thirty-six five.

Thirty-six five. Thank you.

I was the best man at your wedding...

Thank you very much.

36.5 to risk our lives every night of the week... and Frank gets rich on killing people.

There's only one way to get Frank.

We can make it look like a rival gang... if that makes you feel better.

You gonna shoot everybody you can't arrest, Dennis?

That's not your fucking...

You know what my problem is with you?

I can't do my job.

My job is to protect the people of this city... and you won't let me.

You do anything stupid, I'm coming after your ass.

With or without you, I'm gonna get rid of Frank.

So now you know.

This guy belongs in a fucking rubber nut squad.

He's a nut.

You know, Roy... every time Frank kills somebody out there... it's our fault.

Can you live with that?

I can't.

Something that you've looked at all your life...

it crosses your mind that you'll never see it again.

I've lost a lot of time.

It's gone.

From here on, I can't waste any.

If I can have a year or two, I'll make something good.

I'll do something.

Something good.

Just one year.

That's all.

I want to get into a significant instrument... or a series of instruments... with respect to the buying of the dollar against the yen... not against the Deutsche mark... or against the Swiss franc or any other currency.

That's Salvador Tito, Miguel Mata...

Emilio El Zapa, Arthur Clay, Lawrence Wong.

Take a good look, counselor.

You represent the man responsible for that.

Are you out of your mind?

You're a lawyer. You're a member of the bar.

How can you be part of this?

Part of what?

Can't pretend you don't know what he's doing out there.

I don't pretend anything. You got evidence, prosecute.

By then it'll be too late.

Bring him in.

We're gonna go see Frank, all right?

Yo, Joey D, what's up, my boy?

You gonna dis me?

You ain't gonna introduce me to your friends?

I want to make a good impression on them.

I want to know who I'm selling drugs to.

Know what I'm saying?

You don't sell drugs, my brother.

You shoot people.

I'm unemployed.

Ain't nobody left.

I can't help you with that.

Where you going?

This is Axel Carter.

How you doing?

How's Los Angeles?


Listen, you want me to get you something to drink?

If you don't mind, I want to get right down to it.

You got a lot of shit to move... and Joey thinks I might be interested in pursuing it.

Taste it.


Price tag's twelve million.


I can get you six... and I'll give you another six... after I recoup from street sales.

Half the cash, you get half the drugs.

It's all or nothing.

Tell you what. I'll leave Carlos here... to walk through the rest of the shit... and I'll be back later.


So, how far to the shit?

It's right next door.

Come on.

I'll see you later.

Got your stuff?

Take him upstairs.

Come on. Let's go.

Let me get a light.


Watch out!

Follow me, motherfucker!

Party time, motherfucker!

Come on, you son of a bitches!

I'll kill you, motherfuckers!

Die, motherfuckers!

Get off the fucking car!

Yeah, you motherfucker?!

It's a motherfucking cop.

Oh, shit!

Nobody rides for free, motherfucker!

Shit! Fuck you! Fuck you, motherfucker!

Yo, what's up?

How's your fucking paint job, Frank?

Get in front of him.

Get the fuck in front of him.

Get the fuck out of the way!

Move your fucking car!

Move it out of the way.


They're gone.

I don't believe this.

I don't fucking believe this.


What's that?


Come on, Jimmy.

Me and you, buddy.

Where's Frank?

Tired of being his fucking flunky?

I see he left you.

Come on, Jimmy.

Where you at?

Me and you, Jimmy.

Hey, Jimmy, guess what?

I got a piece of chicken here... you chicken-eating motherfucker!

Be like a man!

Just me and you.

Jimmy, let's talk it out, brother.

Where the chicken at?

Yo, black. Get me a soda?

Where's my soda, black? You know I like soda.


Where's your girlfriend, motherfucker?

Hey, scumbag!

Shut the fuck up!

Kill me, you motherfucker!

Just go ahead the fuck on!

Go on!

All right. You're not bad.

You got to relax.

Just relax.

Can you take a breath?

Let me help you.

I got the motherfucker.

Yo, motherfucker.

Just kill me.

I love you.

I love you, Tommy.


What am I going to do without him?

We extend our hands together... in prayer and supplication...

You motherfucking...

Hey. You.

Over there!

Bring his ass over here.

Come on, get up! Get the fuck up!

Where's Frank?

You want to go see Frank?

Don't touch me.

Don't fucking touch me!

Yo, chill.

Shit, man. Listen.

You gotta listen to me.

Frank... they gave me some names.

I checked them out.

They were fucking cool.

I had no reason to think they were cops.

Those motherfuckers...

Those motherfuckers, they set me up!

They set me up just as much as you, Frank.

You gotta believe me.

It ain't like it seems.

Just tell me why.

Don't lie to me.

Just tell me why.

It was the money, all right?

It was the fucking money.

Don't touch me.

They offered me more money than I'd ever seen in my life.

I'd be in the protection program.

I was out. I was free.

You can understand that.

Where's the money now?

We've got it. He was carrying it around.

Bury it with him.

I'm sorry, Frank!

Frank, I'm sorry!

When the D.A.'s office investigated... the sudden death of Arty Clay... they found that he left a $13 million estate.

How do you explain that?

Then there's Larry Wong, who owned half of Chinatown... when he passed away.

Larry used to rent his tenements... to Asian refugees, his own people, for $800 a month... to share a single toilet on the same floor.

How about King Tito?

He had thirteen-year-old girls hooking for him on the street.

Those guys are dead... because I don't want to make money that way.

Emil Zapa... the Mata brothers, they're dead... because they were running this city into the ground.

You expected to get away with killing all these people?

I spent half my life in prison.

I never got away with anything... and I never killed anybody that didn't deserve it.

Who made you judge and jury?

Well, it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

For the likes of Arty Clay and the rest of those bums... you slap a tag on me for fifty thousand dollars?

You make me public enemy number one?

Is that some kind of joke?

I got a message for you and your friends.

You tell them...

I got a quarter-million dollar contract... on anyone involved in this case.

Now we all get to know what it's like... living without knowing when some asshole's... gonna step outta the dark and blow your head off.

I want you to know what it's like to live that way.

You tell them what I said.

What makes you think you're gonna be around... long enough to see that?

Where's the fucking phone?

We're not talking about me.

We're talking about taking over drug cartels.

You think ambushing me in some nightclub's... gonna stop what makes people take drugs?

This country spends... a hundred billion dollars a year on getting high... and it's not because of me.

All that time I was wasting in jail... it just got worse.

I'm not your problem.

I'm just a businessman.

Take out your piece.

Be careful.

The cuffs.

Cuff yourself to the chair.

It's a stupid thing to do, huh?

Sit down.

Put them on the chair.

Now you know what it's like.

Welcome to the circle.


A man with a price on his head... shouldn't ride the subway.

It's over. Let it go.

You let it go.

See this?

You want to see something?

How bad do you want me?

Don't worry, but don't move.

Frank, put the gun down.

And make it easy?

I've done things in my life you wouldn't even think about.

Why should you be different?

You got that gun. Use it. Come on.

No more stories, Frank.

Put the fucking gun down.

See this woman? Nice woman.

You have a family?

I don't want to hurt you... but I will blow you away if I had to, understand?

Yes, sir.

Could you do that?

Leave her alone, Frank.

It's me and you.

You can't hide behind her forever.

I don't need forever.

Just drive.