King Solomon's Mines (1985) Script


The symbols are definitely Canaanite.

And you can translate them?

Is it the map to... At first glance... but I shall have to study it. I shall need time.

That is impossible, Professor Huston.

Who the hell is this? You will translate it now.

Like Hell he will. Come on, Professor.

Open this door!

When it is translated!

My door!

Now... will translate it...


Where is this place, anyway? That way.

Then why are we going this way?

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Miss Huston, trust me.

It's a jungle out there.

We lost our shadow.

What does he mean, "shadow"? - We've been followed for the past few hours.

What do you mean, "followed"? I mean, Miss Huston... that we go somewhere... and someone sneaking around behind us tags right along.

But why? You're more likely to know that than I.

You tell me.

There it is. Tongola.

Umbopo, make camp on that rise.

I come. It is safer to enter Tongola in numbers.

We won't be there long enough to get in trouble.

What did Umbopo mean, "safer"?

Tongola's not noted for its hospitality.

Well, then maybe we should take him with us.

Maybe they should all come with us. Uh-uh.

The trouble in Tongola is Dogati.

For Heaven's sake, sergeant, stop that dreadful music.

I cannot. Colonel Bockner's orders.

Sergeant, if you wish to continue swallowing, stop the music.

Colonel Bockner? Your nauseating breakfast is getting cold.

Get away. Get away. Go away!

What animals. What filth...

How can you stand this place?

These filthy animals have been most profitable for me.

Ah, ja. Because you are Turkish and unprincipled. Primitive.

Like this godforsaken country.

You don't even appreciate good music, like Wagner.

This was Wagner, you Turkish imbecile.

You realize I'm getting impatient?

Very impatient. So is the German Reich and the army.

The German occupation of Africa... Be silent! I too am growing impatient!

Of your pompous preening, you knackwurst-eating hypocrite.


Our welcoming committee.

Mr. Stealth is still hot on our trail. What does he want?

Someone doesn't want you to find your father.


I have seen her. She has come into the city. Quatermain is with her.


Well, here we are in beautiful Tongola, so I think it's time you leveled with me.

Leveled with you? I don't understand...

You've been holding out on me since the beginning.

We want the route to the mines, Dogati. The mines. Quatermain is no problem.

So stop quivering at the mention of his name, you Turkish coward.

I have a problem with Quatermain. He considers himself a man of principle.

And like you, he objects to my meager existence in this miserable town.

So what? He will be no problem for Germany.

We will simply kill him.

Prisoners? Slaves.

Dogati's doing. Dogati?

For a hundred bucks you can own one for life.

A hundred bucks? That's terrible. You can always bargain.

Colonel, soon the girl will be ours.

And Quatermain will be groveling at my feet.

Miss Huston, meet the Mapaki.

We'll talk about it later, boss. Excuse me.

Don't worry, they were just grocery shopping.


I hired you to take me to the house of Isis... not to take me on a tour!

It's just in the next courtyard. Thank you.

You take, sir? Very cheap. Make good pet. No.

Miss Huston?

Miss Huston?


Have you seen a girl? An American girl?

I have... I don't wanna buy...

Buy for the lady. Get out of my way.

I'll take that rug!

Sorry. Wrong color.

Let me out this minute!

What wondrous weavers we have here in Tongola. A talking rug.


Oh, no...!

How do you lock this thing?

There. Now, how else may I help such a lovely lady in distress?

Are you Kassam? I am Kassam.

Great! You don't know how glad I am to see you.

I'm looking for my father, Jediah Huston. He was to meet you here today?

No, not today. Perhaps you can browse while you wait.

He wrote two months ago saying he was coming to see you about a map.

Many people come to see me about many maps.

Ah. This is a fascinating piece. Egyptian, from the age of the pharaohs.

Some other time. You must remember him.

He's a tall, thin man, grey hair.

It's a very special map. I have many very special maps.

There. It suits you. And these too.

Can't you people take "no" for an answer? I don't wear bracelets.

Hey, what are you doing? What are you trying to pull here?

Nothing. We were discussing your father and a very special map.

Quatermain! My table!

In town an hour and already you're keeping bad company.

Please, there's no need for the gun.

I was merely showing her some Egyptian slave bracelets.

She's seen enough. Get her out of that thing.

If you like these, I'm sure I can make you a very good price.

Tell you what. I'll give them to you at half cost. Half price.

Where's my father, you cheap-suited camel jockey?

I am deeply offended. I said before, I know nothing.

Before, you didn't have a gun pointed at your nose.

Yes, it's coming back to me...

Huston, you say? Huston...

Thin, tall man...

Grey hair. Yes, he was here.

He examined the map and then left. What map?

Will you stop stalling?

I am too embarrassed to say. Give it a try.

To King Solomon's mines.

What? You see? Quatermain knows.

There are hundreds of fake maps. Hundreds of them.

Unscrupulous merchants palm them off on unsuspecting tourists.

Any merchant will sell you a map. All faked.

Maps? Maps? Forget about the maps!

Tell me where my father is. Make him tell me where my father is!

Please don't touch it! It's priceless.

Priceless and not for sale? That's just not you, Kassam.

Formaldehyde. The Egyptians used natron. This is new.

4,000 years old and you call it new? More like four clays. It's still wet.

You don't think...?

' Rupert! ' Rupert?

Rupert? I've been swindled. You killed my father's assistant!

No, I swear...! - Where's her father, you towel-headed creep?

I do not know, I swear.

Talk, Kassam, or I'll slice you into croc food.

Please! I bought an authentic mummy. I've been swindled, believe me.

Kassam, if you don't start talkin', I'm gonna start slicing.

No, no. Please, please. No, no.


I have a sick child. Practically blind.

My statue! Oh, my God!

Kassam, I'm gonna have to shoot you before she kills me.

Oh, that's bad luck for me.

These symbols... they're Canaanite.

Oh, my God.

This is it, isn't it? This is the map.

Yes, yes. But you've ruined it.

This is a map? Yes. You see?

The belly is the plain of Nalog... leading to the twin mountains, the breasts of Sheba.

A dead Rupert, the map... This proves my father was here.

Kill me and you'll never find Huston.

Then he is alive? Yes. Dogati and Bockner have him.

Bockner? It disgusts me.

Greedy men trying to force Professor Huston... to translate the map to King Solomon's mines.

Where is he? Your father is stubborn.

That's what's kept him alive.

And that's why they want the girl, to use as leverage.

I am personally repulsed by such a concept.

Where is he? I do not know.

You liar!

No more pushing me around! Get up! You're trapped, both of you.

I'll take care of him. Jesse, no!

I'll fix him.

Thank you, Miss Huston.

You took care of him all right...

If we live through this, which is doubtful... remember: Guns you shoot, knives you throw.

Watch this, Kassam!

You've got two choices:

Run like hell or climb up and put it out so we can talk.

You've got 20 seconds. Allahu akbar!

Come on. Let's get out!

Come on.


Seeing you dying is going to give me such pleasure, Quatermain.

I've got it!

They've still got my father. Getting killed won't help him.

Umbopo, take her over there, hide her. Yes! Let's go!


Umbopo, please let me go. Wait. I'll protect you.

This ends your stupidity in Tongola.

A map destroyed, time wasted. A disaster.

The map is here, in Huston's head, and we have him.

Schweinehund! Your refusal to talk, your impertinent stubbornness, is delaying us.

Tomorrow we take the train for the German camp in Barumba... and there I will have only two words to say to you: "Talk or die."

That's three words.


If by the time we reach Barumba you have not revealed the way to the mines...

I will peel off your skin, inch by wretched inch.

Sorry, pal. No sprechen sie the language.

"Gun" I understand.

Mind if I smoke?

I've got it!

Get in! Dogati and the Germans are on my tail.

Umbopo, come on. Come on. Come on!

Come on. Come on. Get in.

What's this? It's a dummy.

They come in handy sometimes.

I'll take it.

Brace yourselves.

Faster! Faster!

Watch out! Oh, my God!

Move these people! Drive over them! No.

Get away! Give me this gun.

It's suicide.

We can't leave father here. I know where they're taking him.


Hey, come on. Get up. Time to get up.


Morning already? Yeah. We got a train to catch.

You know what I was dreaming about?


Never mind.

Miss Huston, we have to get a few things straight.

Finding your father is not gonna be easy. That means...


So that means you will do what I say when I say and how I say.

And if you got any other little secrets lurking around, you better tell me now.

Crank it up, Umbopo. You know everything.

Besides, you should understand why I was so secretive.

After all, what did I know about the great white African hunter?

You could have stolen my map, slit my throat and buried me.

Hell, I could still do all that. Umbopo, hop in.


I guess he doesn't trust your driving.

He doesn't trust anything that moves without eating grass.

Come on, Umbopo. Get in.

So when you're not terrorizing darkest Africa, what do you do?

I'm a student. Archaeology.

You can imagine studying archaeology in Iowa...

So when my father went to London to teach, I tagged along.


I'd like to thank you.

You've... well, you've been very kind to me.

Kindness had nothing to do with it.

It's the thought of all those ten-pound diamonds.

You don't even believe in the mines.

No, I think it's the thought of rescuing a damsel in distress that appeals to you.

Miss Huston, you are not in distress, you cause distress.

Ah, here it comes. The train to Barumba.


Here she comes.

Do you think it's gonna stop? I don't think it's gonna stop.

It'll stop.

It's not gonna stop.

Nope. It's not stopping.

It's gonna stop.

It's not gonna stop.

It's gotta stop!

Damn. It's not stopping. Come on!

I'm gonna look for your father. My hunch is they've got him in the caboose.

Don't even think about it. Umbopo will take care of you.

Oh, great...

Surprise, Dogati!

Very good, guys. Yeah!


Great reflexes, boys. I'm proud of you guys.

Well, hey...

May I?

Let's have some fun!

I have had enough! But obviously you have not had enough.

Have you? Eh? Have you?

Will you talk?

Will you? Will you?

Will YOU?

Look what you did.

Unless you reveal the way to the mines, I will pluck out your eye... and crush it underfoot like a grape.

I will do this with various parts of your body... until you are but a stub.

And I will not give you the luxury of dying.

Make him talk!

Did you find him yet? Keep out of sight.

Daddy! No! Jesse!

Jesse! Put me down, you ape! Put me down!

No! Don't put me down! I don't believe this.

For God's sake, get back up here!

Quatermain! No!

No! Let go of me! No!


Bring me his head.

Well, what a wondrous surprise.

Professor, if you do not tell me the way to the mines...

I will pluck out your daughter's eyes and crush them underfoot like a grape.

I will do this with various parts of her body... but you know all this, don't you?

All right. All right. I'll tell.

Don't tell him, daddy! You don't have to tell him anything.

All right. Tell him a little.

As a reward for your cooperation, I will ask Sergeant Dorfman to kill you. Quickly.

Food, food, food.

I find that torture gives me such an appetite.

This is to punish you for not talking for so long.

Look what you've clone again!

You know, I find you most attractive.

You're a swine. I was not talking to you!

I was talking to your father. But I'm not fussy.

I'd rather bring pleasure than pain.

Come here. Come here, Sahneschnitte.

Come. Come here, little Sahneschnitte.

Come, strudel. Don't be shy.

Adolf Dorfman will be good to you.

Very kind.

I see in your eyes you find me attractive too.


Umbopo! Glad you made it. Yes.

Hold this.

I've got it!

Come on. We gotta get out of here, they may come back for us.

I feel so ashamed. I told them everything.

You've nothing to be ashamed of.

There's a village near here. We'll patch you up.

No, you must leave me here. No, daddy. We're not leaving you.

The important thing is stopping those men.

Forget it.

Let those primates get themselves killed chasing a fantasy.

It is not a fantasy, Mr. Quatermain.

My whole life has been spent searching for King Solomon's mines.

If they fall into the hands of those men, my whole life will have been wasted.

Promise me you'll get to the mine first.

Promise me you'll stop them. Please!

Even now, they may have too great a head start.

I'm gonna do it, Quatermain, whether you help me or not.

Umbopo, get the professor to the village. Yes. I'll join you later.

I don't believe in the mines. But I'm beginning to believe in you.

Come on.


Be careful, Professor.

Looks like it's landing.

It's landing. There must be an airfield. Come on.

Ladies first. Thanks.

Keep down.

Hi, boys.

Great. Get in the plane, quick. Get in the plane! Come on.


Great. Now I'm gonna spin the propeller and you press this red button.

Got it? I spin the propeller, you press the red button.

The red one. Push the red one. I'm pushing.

Push harder.

Hey! Jesse!

What the hell are you doing? I can't stop it!

I don't know how to do this. The throttle!

Let go of the throttle!

If I live, I'm gonna kill her.

Stop it! Will you hurry up?!

Hey! I'm on your side, remember?

My father always wanted a boy.

He'd know how to drive this thing. Jesse!

For Pete's sake, slow down!

It just took off! Don't worry, I'll get the hang of it.

Are you nuts? It's like driving a car!

Are you absolutely nuts?

Just look after yourself! Hang on!

Real bullets.

So, you are wanting to play chicken?

I have never yielded. Never!


Up! Up!

Ah, so, you are not a coward.

Pull back on the stick! Pull back on the...

For God's sake, open your eyes!

Very brave.

But if you have eine kleine brain in your head, you will be pulling away now!

It's right there between your legs! Pull on it!

What was that?

Where the devil has that Schweinehund gone?

Mind if I get in now?

Okay, I've got it.

We must cross rivers, climb mountains. Must we listen to this too?

I told you, this is Wagner, and I admire his music.

Wagner is the greatest composer that ever lived.

You mean he's dead? Of course.

Allah be praised.

You are an uncultured barbarian.


That must be Dogati and the boys. Let's go down and take a look.

Maybe we can stir something up.

With their great understanding of German, that should bring them back.

What are these?

Drop 'em and you'll find out.

They're coming back. They're coming back. You see?

With these primitive natives, it's not the question of language.

It's the aura of authority, of command.

I commanded them to come back here to me... and they are running away.

That's all they can do, these primitive cannibals!

Running away and eating people. Eating people and running away.

Have you ever seen the German army run away?

Well, I ask you. Have you?

I'll show you!

There's a lot of smoke coming out the back.


And there's some brown goop leaking out the side!

Double damn!

We're gonna have to put her down.

We'll jump for it. When she hits, she might blow.

It's our best chance. Come on!

Here we go. One, two, three, follow me.

You all right? I don't know yet.

I never should have let you fly it.

At least we're headed in the right direction. Look.

The twin mountain peaks.

The breasts of Sheba.

Now, if you'd crashed between them, we'd be at the mines.

Okay, okay. Next time we steal a plane, I'll let you crash it.

Trouble? Nah.

That's trouble.

What are they saying? You don't want to know.

Isn't that the guy from... Yeah.

Nice to be among friends, huh?

A time for discretion, not valor.


I think I'm gonna run out of bullets before they run out of spears.

Did you see his necklace?

Yeah. A little pretentious for my taste.

They're friendly. How nice. Sure could have fooled me.

And that necklace, 21st dynasty.

So? When Solomon was King of Israel.

So? So, don't you see?

It's just more proof that the mines aren't a legend.

That's a comfort.

What's wrong? Jesse... they're having us for dinner.

Well, couldn't we just beg out? I mean, without offending them?

They're not inviting us to dinner. They're having us for dinner.

Oh, goodness gracious!

Well, do something! You're the adventurer!

Sure. You take the thousand on the right. I'll take the thousand on the left.

Apparently they prefer white meat.

Oh, Quatermain, I'm scared. You too, huh?

Don't worry. I'm working on a plan.

You are? Yeah.

I don't believe this! Hey...

I don't wanna die!

I don't wanna die! Hey, Jesse.

Hey, look on the bright side, huh?

At least we're the main course!

Oh, sure! The brave joke!

Well, I don't need to die with dignity!

I wanna scream!

We're not dead yet, Jesse.

I hope they choke on us.

Not exactly my choice for a last meal.

How's that plan coming?

Still a few details to work out.

Excuse me.



Oh, it's... it's getting hot.

It's gonna get hotter. Follow me.

Did you find a door?

Just do what I do.

Come on!

It's rocking. It's rocking. Good. Come on. More.

When it goes... when it goes, hang on. Okay.

Hang on tight. Okay. Go.

One more time. Okay.

Seem... seemed like a good idea at the time.

Are you hurt?

Are you hurt?

Oh, God! Everything's moving.

Just let me lie here for a week.

Anything broke?

Oh, everything's spinning.

God, there's eight of you.

Hey, come on. We gotta get out.

Go on! Shoo! Go away!

Not a good idea.

So, what are we gonna do?

Wait him out. He'll get bored and wander off.

Did anyone ever tell you you look ravishing with... onions in your hair?

Thank you.

Think I should wear them all the time? Oh, yes. Delicious.

Dogati! Come on.


Come on.

Quatermain's gun.

Then he has been... eaten?

Blind optimism.

Till I see the body, he's not dead.

Bet you never had this much fun in Iowa. Or exercise.

Can we stop for a second?

Not till we put more jungle between us and Dogati.

Can you make another hour or so?

Can you?

Jesse, there's no time to... Jesse?

Jesse? What the...?

They washed my shirt. Yeah.

Me too.

You're not gonna... put it on right away, are you? Kinda hot.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Why are they bringing me all these things? Why are they making such a fuss?

Maybe they've never seen a white woman before.


Well, at least they're friendly.

Obugwa. What?

Obugwa! They must be Obugwa.

Another tribe that legend says guards the way to King Solomon's mines.

Unhappy with the world the way it is... they live upside down hoping to change it.

Oh, that's sad.

Must be hell to keep your change in your pockets.

What is it? I don't know.

Looks like... like floating stars.

What are they bringing me now?

Maybe it's some new kind of cocktail.

What's goin' on?

Maybe they think you're their queen or priestess or something.

Or maybe just the most beautiful woman they've ever seen.


Let's get outta here.

Good shot! Unfortunately he was on our side.


Donnerwetter. They are dropping like ripe plums.

Thanks for the ride, fellas!

Isn't that exactly like that other statue?

How nice of the Obugwa.

They want to show us the way to the mines.

Gagoola! Gagoola!




When they come for you, I'll go for prune face.

If I can get a hold of her, maybe I can bargain our way outta here.

Okay... What the...?

Let go. Let go!

No! No! No!

No! Let him down!

Please let him down. Please.

We didn't do anything to you.

Please let him down.

Oh, please don't kill him.


I love him.

Holy mackerel!

You're gonna be sorry when he gets to you.

Look out!

I am Twala, the rightful ruler of the Kukuwanas.


Put me down! Let go of me!


Idiot! Forget Quatermain. Let's go for the mines. Here is the highway.

When the mine is ours, remind me to cut out this idiot's tongue.

This is Gagoola's secret passage to the mines.

Why did they take Jesse? Follow me.

Come on! Follow me! Hurry!

Give me that.

You idiot. You've led us into a trap.

You saw the markings. You don't understand the markings, do you?

Turkish imbecile.

The breasts of Sheba.

After you, Colonel Bockner.

Turks are afraid of fire?

Germans too.


I can't read the markings! We'll follow Quatermain.

No! This way.

Around here.


I kill you with your own gun!

No. Stay.

Looks like they're getting into trouble.

The diamonds belong to the German Reich!

We will not be denied!

The German army will not stand for it.

Help me. Help...!

Let's go.

Stop them. Kill them! Fire!

My gramophone. Fritz! Idiot! My gramophone. Save my gramophone.

I'm sinking! I'm sinking!

Stop sinking. That's an order.

I'm happy. No more Wagner.

Forward! Forward!

We're all going to get killed! We've got to get back!

Now, Herr Colonel Bockner... follow me, Herr Colonel Bockner.

At last! The mines of Solomon.

And only one man stands between us and limitless wealth.

From now on, I am in command. Make sure you don't forget it.


Go first.

No! Wait!

Gagoola will kill her.


Get her out of these things. Come on, let's go.

Follow me.

Do not step on this stone.

This one.

Come on!

The queens of the Kukuwanas.

Sheba, first of the queens. You are so like her.

When I saw you, I knew I must return.

When Gagoola saw you, she knew to keep her power, you must be sacrificed.


You will never leave here with the diamonds!

The German army will not stand for it!

Just in case, go there.

If you find nothing, come back here and wait. Go.


They got in. Run!

My God.

You could buy Iowa with a handful of these.

Quatermain! I'm coming!

No time to be choosy! Grab what you can and let's get out.

Come on!





Are you dead?

Are you kaputt?

That's enough. Just one more.

Can you move it?

The whole Kukuwana tribe couldn't budge this thing.

Oh, no.

They gotta be kidding.

I'll see if I can stop it.

Get on the other chest!

The lid! I'll get the lid.

Help me with this thing, will ya?

Get it over to the chest. Watch your head.

Prop it up on this corner.

Wait. Watch my hand. Careful.


Pray. Pray this works. Oh, God, I hope so.

That ought to... give us a... minute to think.


Jesse, come over here.

I don't think I can get through. Yes, you can. Hurry.

This one better hold...

Oh, good! It worked!


What's that? Oh, my God! Quatermain!

Oh, Quatermain!


Looks like they thought of everything. It's getting deeper.

Yeah... Don't panic. Oh, Quatermain, there's no way out.

Jesse, don't panic. Don't panic. It'll probably run out of water.

I think I'll get out of this thing, anyway.

There's plenty of air, and I'm right here, so don't be scared.

I'm not scared. I'm not scared. Do I look scared to you?

Hey... Hey!

It's just a snake, sweetheart. It's only a snake. Don't look at it.

Don't look. It's only a snake. Keep 'em closed one minute longer.

One minute longer. One minute longer.

Go! Go! Go on!

Is it gone yet? It's gone. It's gone.

All right, Jesse. It's all right. I think I'm gonna be sick.

Oh, Quatermain, if this is it, I mean if this is the end...

Quatermain, I just want you to know that...

I swallowed a bug!

Hey, good. It'll keep your strength up.

Quatermain, the only one who thinks your stupid jokes are funny is you!

Find the highest place. At least we'll die... young!


I love you, Quatermain!

For me.

For me.

All this for me.

For me.

And what for me?

And what for me?

You think you kill me?

Old Turkish invention.

Now you are the fool. You are the imbecile!

Never call a Turk an imbecile unless you make sure he's dead.

With all this, Germany will win the war... and rule the world. You and I will be heroes!

But I don't want to be a hero.

Now... fill your hat.

And your pockets.

And your mouth. What?

You heard what I said. Eat the stones.

You're mad. You're insane.

What use are the stones inside me? Don't trouble yourself, my friend.

When I get you home, I will split you open.

Now... eat the stones.

Now swallow. Now swallow them!



Now swallow.

Now more.


Now more, you fat pig!

Move, you German pig!

You made me swallow the stones, but I forgive you.

German laxatives are the best in the world. They will work wonders.

I shall think of you as I sit down to, uh... count my blessings.

But I will not shoot you. I will bury you alive.

Only this time you better die properly, silly Turk.


We'll have to swim. Wait.


Stay where you are!

You have diamonds. Take them out.

After all... diamonds are no good... to the dead, are they?

Put them in here.

All of them, I said.

In here.

Come get 'em yourself.

Childish people.

Step back.

The German army will not stand for it!

No, don't!

The diamonds belong to the mountain.

Go on, Umbopo! Get her out of here!

At last.

Quatermain! We go together!

Far be it from me to pry into your personal life, Umbopo... but you might've told me about yourself and the diamonds.

Do not be sad that you leave without the diamonds.

For you are the last to see the mountain's secrets.

That memory you'll have forever.

Goodbye, Umbopo.

You know, I'm gonna miss Umbopo. Yeah.

But he made me feel guilty at the end. Guilty? About what?

Well, I thought you and your father should come out of this with something.


I won't feel guilty if you won't.