Kino Eye (1924) Script

KINO EYE On Its First Reconnaisance First Series of a Cycle "Tapestry of life"

Production of the Film Office of Goskino.

THE FIRST Non-fiction Film Thing Without Actors Outside the Studios.

Film Organized by DZIGA VERTOV Camera Operator: MIKHAIL KAUFMAN

KINO EYE At the Church Holiday or The Effect of Homemade Vodka on the Village Women.

With the Village's "Young Pioneers."

Today is the International Day of the Cooperative.

"Women Workers and Villagers, Go!"

Children's Cooperative.

With the City's Young Pioneers.

The Cooperative is Fighting... the high Cost of Living.

Will You Help It?

The "Revolution" Troop was ordered to investigate the marketplace.

Two girls, Kopuchuska and Anya.

The boy, Latishov.

How much is a drink?

Kopuchiska's mother is shopping for meat.

How much is the beef?

Don't buy from the private sector. Buy from the cooperative.

At the Cooperative!

Moscow Province. Cooperative of the Handicapped.

The First Red Supermarket.

The Cooperative receives meat directly from the slaughterhouse.

Kino Eye moves time backwards.

What twenty minutes ago was a bull.

We give the bull back his entrails.

We dress the bull in his skin.

The bull comes back to life.

In the stockyards.

In the railroad cars.

Back to the herds.

The Young Pioneer, Latishov.

"A letter for you."

End of the first reel.

Morning at the camp of the Young Pioneers.

From the camp to the Cooperative.


Serving as the village barbers.

The tin shop helps the villagers.

The nursery children visit the camp.

We're Pioneers - New People. You Can Trust Us.


"Thank you, children, you helped us a lot."

Kino Eye tells how this camp was founded and built.

Gathering of the village troops.

Club House.


A few minutes remained until the opening ceremony.

A worker.

A peasant.

"Now our children don't go to church, but nonetheless I'm grateful."

The village's Young Pioneers.

"We, the village Pioneers, will study with you."

"We will go with you step by step."

"Salute the flag!"

"Raise the flag!"

End of the Second Reel.

Kino Eye on the Chinese Magician.

How the Chinese magician Chan-gi-Wan earns his bread.

Here is where the magic is.


"Look! A whole arm!"

Here is the arm, now you see it, now you don't.

"There is nothing here.

"Nothing here."

"Now we'll make a live mouse."

The magician's pay is in units of bread.

From the Young Pioneer's diary: "If the clock could go backwards, the bread would return to the bakery."

Kino Eye continues the Pioneer's thought.

From bread to dough.

From dough to batter.

The sacks of flour back on the wagon.

At the mill.

The rye returns to the railroad cars.

The mother of one Komsomol and five Young Pioneers.

The Pioneers at the village nursery.

Borya, leader of the troop.

"We must help a poor widow."

The poor widow's hovel.

The widow.

The Young Leninists help her.


"A letter for you."

Coming back from work.

They bathe.

Kino Eye shows how one dives properly.

End of the third reel.

Up the river to the village of Sannikovo.


Kino Eye witnesses the birth of the village troop of Young Leninists.

"Lenin worked all his life and fought for the workers and peasants."

"Young Leninists continue this work."

Last day with the peasants' children. The storming of the camp.

Farewell to the village.

At the same time, an elephant visits the Young Pioneers in Moscow.


As heavy as 350 people!

6:00 a.m. On the way to the zoo.


End of the fourth reel.


The homeless wake up.

The awakening of a cocaine addict.

The everlasting sleep.

The murdered citizen turned out to be I.

Udakov, a worker at the Mosselprom Brewery.

A girl named Shura.


Alms for the Tubercular.

You smoke and drink. You help Tuberculosis attack.

Our Ultimatum.

On Tverskoy Street.

The same place seen from a different angle.

On Sukharevka Street.

"Can you spare something?"

For the fight.

Against tuberculosis At the tuberculosis sanitarium.

Kino Eye at a state "country home".


"Remember the dead!"

"You know Jesus Christ? That's me. My hair is l-o-n-g..."

"I myself haven't been born yet."

"I demand you to stop the massacre!"

"You are a police officer of the old regime, and it is unacceptable that the Workers' Soviet don't know about it."

"look at me, men!"

"How unbelievably beautiful I am!"

"To hell with the icon! Bread is my God!"

Having been two weeks in the insane asylum, "Scrip" has returned to Sukharevka Street.

"I don't take scrip."

"I don't give scrip."

"I don't take dollars either!"

The representative of flotsam.

Black market.

The paramedics.

"What happened?"

"An old man is out of breath. Please help."

The sick man's wife.

MOS-SOVIET provides for the workers' education.

Electricity gives millions of horsepower to the village.

[Diagram explaining the workings of a crystal radio receiver.]

Tuning, telephone and crystal are labelled on the receiver.

But how can we use it?

Installation of the antenna.

In disbelief.

2000 meters of Kino Eye stride, soviet!

Battle between the new and the old, culture film - Goskino - Moscow.