Kiss Me (2011) Script

Final boarding call for flight TF168 from Stockholm to Malmö.

Well, that's fine, too, but it would make my mother very happy.

A bit more, please.

Hold the glass still. - Hang on.

Is that all I get?

And a little splash here...

Oh shit!

So that's how it's going to be!

Happy birthday!

Oskar... - Hang on.

Tell us something about Lasse. - Crap.

My sister and her boyfriend are late.

Oh, no, no... what are they doing?

Your mum's a bit of a slut. - Your dad's a horny bastard.

Now it fits! I'll never take it of. - You promise?

Of course I do.

Can you hold this? I'll get the bags.

Let's have a cigarette first.

It's a bit crooked.

Come on, you little nutter.

Shall I tell Dad, or will you?

Of course you should. He's your dad.

Sorry, could I borrow your lighter?

Hang on, it didn't take.

Mia! You're here! Hi!

Have you been here long? - No, we just got here.

Have you met? This is my sister Mia. - Frida.

And this is her boyfriend Tim. - Frida is Elisabeth's daughter.

Oh! I see. - Let's not just stand here.

Thank you very much. But above all, I want to say thanks for this incredible food that Oskar and Frida provided, and...

I get so nervous when I have to speak like this.

It's very...touching that you're here for my 60th birthday and above all... to celebrate my engagement to Elisabeth.

And even more importantly, thank you, Elisabeth, for saying yes.

Look who's here! Come in! - Hi, Dad.

Another surprise. This is my daughter Mia and - hi, Tim - this is Tim.

This is wonderful.

Now I'm totally surrounded by love.

I'm just going to sit by Elisabeth and relax. I want you all to have fun tonight!

That's what we're here for, right?

Well! That's the biggest gift yet!

Now I'm getting emotional.

Mia just told me that she and Tim... are going to get married.


Hi, Mia, great to see you. Congratulations.

Hi, Tim. Congratulations.

Pardon me for interrupting, but I'd like to say a few words myself.

I'll start with you, Lasse.

We may not always agree on everything.

But that's okay. Above all, you make my mother very happy.

And that's all I care about. - And Mum, you deserve the best!

We've managed to become a family very quickly, and that makes me happy.

Where are you, Oskar?

And I hope we continue in that vein.

And most of all that you remain as happy as you seem to be now.

I'd like to propose a toast to Mum and Lasse.



Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Lasse...

Elisabeth seems great.

Elisabeth is incredible.

I know you're going to like her.

You look well, Dad.

I feel great!

Can't you and I take a walk in the morning, the way we used to do?

You mean when I was little?

What are you playing at? Flirting? - What?

With who? - Frida. You're getting on splendidly.

Yeah, I didn't get any on the flight.

Morning. Is the toilet free? - Sure, go on in.

Dad? - I think they're still asleep.

Hi. Ready for our walk? - Hi, Tim. Thanks for yesterday.

I thought we were going out this morning.

Are you upset? - No, I'm not upset.

I think you're upset. - Tim, she's upset, isn't she?

She's definitely upset. Mia doesn't like not getting what Mia wants.

I was going to ask you to come to Fyn and advise us on an extension.

But I see now is not the time. - I'd love to.

But only if I can have some time alone with you.

Of course.

Bye. - Bye.

Everyone. How about a toast?


Tim, how's the company? - It's doing well.

The first few years are always rough, but I think it's going to go great in the long term.

We just got a giant project.

Fabulous, congratulations.

And when do I get to be a granddad? - Stop nagging, Dad.

We're in no hurry. - Don't wait too long.

I don't want to be in a home by then. - Lasse! Tone it down a bit.

Thanks, Elisabeth. Why pressure me? Maybe Frida will be first.



So where's the honeymoon, Mia? - I don't know.

I don't even have a dress. I haven't had time to think.

No, we haven't. - I'm thinking of wearing Mum's dress.

If you don't mind. - Of course not, honey.

Why would I?

Mia isn't at all like I pictured her. - No?

Did you expect her to be more like Oskar?


Mia is more like her mother. - Is your relationship okay?

Why do you ask?

Doesn't it appear to be?

Dad really didn't like my idea about the wedding dress. Did you notice?

Maybe you should listen to him.

Turn of the camera. - Come on!

I don't have the energy!

Frida. Did you cheat on him? - God, you're nosy!

I know. Did you? - I've never cheated, and I never will.

I think it's horrible. - Same here.

Especially with Dad's indiscretions. Mia says we have Mum's faithful gene.

That sounds good. - He's diferent now he has Elisabeth.

Really? - Yeah. He's so calm now.

And I think there's a good chance you'll have a baby before Mia and Tim.

You're so sweet. Mia's lucky to have you.

You're like the best little brother. - Just doing my job.

What do you mean, listen to him? Don't you like the dress?

Honestly. It's an ugly 70s dress.

What diference does it make? Why is that dress so important to you?

I don't know...

I've always liked it. I always told Mum I wanted to wear it at my wedding.

I just want our wedding to be perfect.

I want us to be happy, and no dress or your father should ruin that.

I think she's really groovy. - I noticed. You can go instead of me.

No time, I have to work.

Can't we get one of those too? - Sure.

Okay, I'll call when I get there. Bye!

Oh, great, that's Aston's. One of my students. Just toss it in the back.

I know it's none of my business... - Go ahead and ask.

You and Oskar... Are you dating or something?

What? - I don't know, it just seems...

What's it to you? Is it the age diference you're concerned about?

Excuse me, "what's it to me?" We're about to become family.

Don't you think it's a little... - Come of it.

We don't have the same parents. You're making it sound like incest.

But I've got to say, your little brother is awesome in bed.

Jesus. I don't want to hear that. - What? He is!

That was a joke, about Oskar and you? - Yeah.

I couldn't resist teasing you. You seem so anal.

Oh god, sorry. I didn't mean...

I didn't mean analanal, I... - It's okay.

Oskar said it's been a while since you've been home?

Last Christmas. - I see.

Lasse seems a bit diferent when you're home.

Maybe it's because I'm so anal, but I've never felt so analysed before.

I'm not trying to analyse you, it was observation.

Look, I'm sorry about that incident on the ferry. That I was so...

Uncharming? - Exactly.

Mia, can you come out here a moment?


This is where I thought we might build an extension.

Maybe a guest house, maybe with a sunroom or something?

What do you think? - That could be nice.

We could build a cube here...

...with a glass veranda overlooking the woods. Where's Dad?

He had an urgent meeting in town.

What, so he's not coming? - No. Didn't he tell you?

No... - Oh, this is awkward.

I'll go in and start dinner, so you and Frida can get unpacked.

Hi, you've reached Lasse Sundström. Leave a message.

Damn it, Dad, you can't just leave me on an island in the middle of nowhere!

I don't know these people!

Thank you so fucking much!

So, where is Mia? - I don't know. I'll go and check.

Take a torch. She might be lost. She's a city girl.

She was going to make a call.

I know she's a bit hard to approach. - No, you think so?

But try to be nice, okay? Hey, I know...!

Bring a little wine and cigarettes. - "Try to be nice"? I'm always nice!

Right, go now.

Is this where you're hiding! Wine? - Thanks.

Have you ever been married?


The closest I've come is an engagement that lasted...

...exactly five months, three weeks and two days.

Wow. What happened?

I discovered I was engaged to someone I didn't know.

I thought I did, but I didn't. - He stopped rocking your world?

No, I've never met anyone like that. I don't know if I'd like that.


I can't believe you seriously thought I was sleeping with Oskar!

Well, I don't know you. - You're funny. I like that.

Come here, let me show you something.

I think they're here somewhere...


There's more cofee if you want it.

Mia? - No thanks.

Hi, I was wondering if you have cars for hire?

So there's no other way to get of the island?

Okay. Thanks. Bye.

Mia! Do you want to go fishing?

Why did you kiss me?

We can't pretend it didn't happen.

Well then!

Shall we go?

We're going for a swim, we'll be by later!

So you're saying you like...? - Girls, yeah.

You didn't know?

Then why did you kiss me? - I don't know.

I just did.

Does this stress you out?

I love Tim. - Of course. But you can be...

...attracted to more than one person. - "Attracted"? Look, I'm not like you.


Are you sure? - Of course I'm sure.

Is something wrong? - No.

No, I'm just tired.

Good morning! Did you sleep well?

Then let's go.

Well then, here we are.

Oh no, what's wrong, Frida? - The engine is sensitive, give it time.

Oh. Health.

I told you to have someone look at this car.

I know that, Mum, but nagging isn't going to make the car start.

You know what? I think we should take the bus, or we'll miss the ferry.

We'll make the bus if we go now. We might as well.

Fifty-six people have already RSVP'd to my e-mail about the wedding.

Have you got everything? - Yeah, yeah.

Is something wrong? - No.

Are you angry with me?

I like you so much, Frida. But I'm all turned around inside.

I understand!

But I'm here. You can talk to me.

Frida, I love Tim.

I don't believe that.

We've built a life together.

I know you have feelings for me.

I'm marrying Tim in a few months. I can't feel this way, don't you see?

I just can't.

Then you'll just have to keep on living with him.

Okay. I just wanted you to get to know each other. I suppose it was stupid.

I'm here to see you, Dad. I wanted to show you my work.

Discuss the wedding. Don't you see? - Of course. Go ahead and talk.

Can't you pay attention to what you're doing? Tighten it a bit more.

Come on, tighter!

You really want to wear your Mum's dress on the biggest day of your life?

If it's a crack at me, don't bother. - What?

I know you think the divorce was my fault, but we both made the decision.

But only one of you was screwing her best friend and lying about it.

Honestly! We were having problems long before that.

Fine. What's this about the dress? How is it a crack at you?

Just because I had an afair... - I don't want to hear about that!

Right, I get it. - It's ruined enough already!

I get it! Shall we set up the net?

Are we going to play or not? - No!

I did this for you! - Hey! Time to eat!


Now pull a little harder!

It was really selfish of you not to show up at the cottage.

Can't we stop the nagging? - Nagging?

You have such a great relationship with Frida, and I...

Could you pass the salad, please?

Does anyone want any bread? - No thanks.

Mia, did you say we're house-hunting? - How nice. Great investment!

We've been looking for something small, that we might possibly expand later.

Have you found anything? - No.

We've looked at a few places, but nothing has really interested us.

I can't...I...


...stay here. I had a kebab earlier and I...don't feel well.

I think I'll take the car and go. - When did you start eating meat?

Uh, it was one of those, uh...

A vegetarian kebab.

A vebab. - A vebab?

Yeah. - Isn't the whole point of kebabs meat?

Or tofu. - That doesn't sound good at all.

But Frida, you've had a lot of wine. We'll call you a taxi.

I can drive you. - That's...

Why eat a vebab unless you really want meat? I don't get that.

No, well...I suppose you can't understand everything all the time.



I've missed you so much! I made dinner, come in!

What is it? Am I all wrong about the dress?


Is something wrong? Did something happen between you and Tim?

Did you have a fight?

Your mum and I also fought a lot before we got married.

It's just nerves.

It's nothing, Dad. It's just...

Can't you just say what's wrong? - I'm just a bit tired.

Look, tomorrow... can show me your blueprints...

...and we can spend the whole day together.

Sound good?

Hi. - Hi... What are you doing?

I'm going home with you. - Home?

Weren't you going to stay a week? - Yeah, but I changed my mind.

Going back to your parents isn't your thing, is it?

Aren't you going to take her flower inside? She gave you a nice vase.

It's not a flower, it's an orchid.

And it's been here for 30 years, Elisabeth.

If you tended your family like your orchids...

...things would be diferent.

At least say goodbye to Oscar! - Shh! I just want to go home.

God, it's great to be home again!

Next time I want to go back, remind me of this trip.

What happened here?

Ran into a tree branch on Fyn. City girl, you know.

I need to go to the office a while. - No, don't! Do it tomorrow.

What is it?

I love you.

I love you, Tim.

Plastic baseboards. We'd have to do something about these floors.


I've always wanted one of those. - It would be nice in winter.

You're kidding! - What's wrong with Jakobsberg?

It's so run-down. We'd have to replace all the floors.

And there's no space for a nursery. - That might be years away!

Not if you stop taking the pill. It won't be more than a year and a half.

I don't want kids now. You know that. - Well, not rightnow.

But in the near future.

Right? You do want kids with me? We are getting married, right?

We need to plan ahead for kids. - You can't plan for everything in life!

Well then, explain to me how things work!

I'm sorry about yesterday.

You're right.

I panic when you plan our lives. Don't you see how stressful that is?

You need someone to take charge. - What did you say?

Look at Oskar! He's grown himself some wonky moustache.

He looks like a psychopath, don't you think?

Hello, Tim speaking.


It's very lonely here. Can't you come to bed?

I'm coming. I am.


What is it? - I don't know.

You've been like an alien the past two weeks. I hardly recognise you.

What is it?

I'll leave you alone.

Will you come by for dinner tonight? - I can't.

Why don't you ever come and eat with us anymore?

Did something happen? - No.

Frida, what is it? - I don't know how to say it.

Mia and I, we... - Mia?

Something happened between us.


Can you please try to explain?

I think...that Mia is bisexual, but I don't think she wants to acknowledge that.

What the hell does that mean?

That I'm in love with her.

For god's sake!

I asked you to try and be nice to her, not to fall in love with her!

Gee, sorry... Like I meantto do this. - How can you joke about this?

You can love whoever you want, but not Lasse's daughter!

Anyone but her! - What can I do? I'm not proud of it.

And Elin? - She doesn't know, but she senses it.

After you've been through the exact same thing!

Do you remember how crushed you were? And now you're doing it to Elin.

That's really cruel, Frida.

What were you thinking? - I wasn't!

No, you weren't!


I've never cheated, and I never will. I think it's horrible.

You're home? I waited for you for an hour!

I'm sorry, I didn't have time.

I missed you.

What is it?

I can't. - What?

Honey... God, I so hate doing this to you!

Who is it?

It's Mia, Oskar's sister.

Rough for Lasse, two dykes in the family. He had trouble dealing with us.

I'm in love with her.

So you've cheated on me with Mia. Who is going to marry her boyfriend.

What the hell are you playing at?

I really don't want to do this to you. I know exactly how you feel.

I know...

You know what the most disgusting thing is?

I really thought you were better than this.

You're just an experiment to her.

She's never going to leave him. Don't you realise that?

Well, it's... They were hung over when they stomped these grapes.

Give me that glass!

So, what's this moustache thing? Some age crisis?

I don't know. It just happened. Tim got all freaked out.

He said I had to shave it of if I wanted to be his best man.

Can I kidnap him this weekend? Drag him of for a bachelor party?

Sure, do that.

Have you heard from Dad? - Yeah, he's fine. You haven't talked?

No. - Okay.

Frida said to say hi. She's in town this weekend with her school.

They're holding a concert at Östra Real.

You two should come. You two can hang out!

I was talking to Frida...

She doing all right?

Not really. - No?

She's in love with your daughter. - What did you say?

Say that again. - I hear Mia has feelings for her too.

But Mia is engaged to Tim. - I know.

Maybe she's bisexual? - I don't think so.

Let's eat. Sit down. - Are you joking?

String beans?

So it's okay that my daughter is gay, but not Mia?

My daughter is not homosexual, Elisabeth.

You think it's wrong? Disgusting? - Have I said that?

But it's not really normal, is it? - Well, it isn't fucking normal, is it?

No parent really wants their kid to be a poofter or a dyke, do they Elisabeth?

So Frida isn't normal?

Lasse, when Frida came out... wasn't easy for me, I'll admit.

But now I'm very happy that she is who she is, and that she stands up for who she is. She wouldn't be my daughter otherwise.

Let's not talk about this anymore, okay?

How would that solve anything?


This is insane!

Who the hell areyou?

What the fuck are you thinking?

Jesus Christ!


I shouldn't have come, I have to go. Oskar couldn't come, but he said...

Wait, wait, wait.

Give me five minutes and I'll send the kids home with their parents.

Wait for me.

Don't go.

I'm so happy you're here!

Are you hiding here?

I want to go away with you. Far away.

Would you like to?

I think you've lied to me.

I can't be the first girl you've been with. it that obvious? - It is.

I thought about it when we were on Fyn, too. Why didn't you tell me?

Are you ashamed? - No.

I just never thought I'd feel this way again.

Did you love her?

Would you be jealous if I said yes? - Yes, absolutely.

Does Tim know? - No.

It was long before him.

I've never cheated on him. Before now.

I want to be with you all the time.

But I don't want to be someone that you cheat on Tim with.

I really want to build a house by the sea somewhere.

In Andalusia or Catalonia.

I'd live with you in a shoebox. - Seriously...

What if we did it? Just took of, you and me.

Started over somewhere else.

Why can't we start over here?

Is it too realistic for you?

Is it too unromantic?


I've never had such strong feelings for anyone as I have for you.

But all you want to do is run away.

"Start over"?

Do you know how much I long to do that?

But you're marrying Tim in three months.

I'm an idiot.

What are you up to?

Do you love him?

You can't marry Tim.

I couldn't survive if you did.

Dad? Has something happened? - No. I just wanted to hear your voice.

And thank you for the vase. - Okay. You're welcome.

Are you okay? - Yes, I'm fine.

I didn't realise it was so late. Let's hang up.

Okay. - Good.


We could live like this, couldn't we? This is almost like a shoebox.

I wouldn't want it to be like this. It's not real.

We're locking ourselves away from real life.

It's hard for me, Frida. I'm not brave like you.

I just wish people wouldn't ask questions.

I want them to ask questions. I'm proud of you.

I want to show the world how much I love you.

See you at one o'clock.


I don't get any stubble or anything. I thought it looked cool.

I think I've always known about Mia. - What?

Even though it's only been a suspicion, I haven't been able to deal with it.

You know, when Frida told me...

...I went into a panic thinking about everything I would miss.

A wedding, being a grandmother, that kind of thing.

But now I know better. - Yeah.

I just want her to be happy.

I've got some errands in town. - Now? We're leaving soon.

What? - Youbooked a meeting with the priest.

So! I bet you're nervous!

Weddings go by really fast, so try to live in the moment as you stand here.

It goes like this: First you say your vows. Then I turn to you, Tim.

Tim Aaron Bratthall. - Tim Aaron, nice name, Bratthall.

Do you take... - Maria.

You'll have to speak up, so those in the back hear. Once more, a bit louder.

Maria Eva Sundström. - Maria Eva Sundström as your wife?

I do. - Then it's your turn.

And then the obligatory kiss. Badabing, badaboom.

And then you're married. Till death do you part. The end.

I can't.

I'm sorry!

I'm sure she's just nervous. Go and talk to her, then come back.

This happens all the time! All the time.

My my...


Frida! Frida!

Thank god, I thought you'd left. - I can't do this.

I can't marry Tim. I'm in love with you. - You're not done with him.

You're not done with your life together. What happened today, when I was waiting for you, that's always going to happen.

I needed to wake up from this dream of you, and I did.

Don't you know what I sacrificed? - You're not the only one!

It's not just about you.

Frida, please don't go. - You won't fight for us.

I'm fighting now! - No, you're not!

Frida, don't go. Frida!

They're the wedding menus. They just arrived. Great timing.

I've been looking for you everywhere. - I have nothing to say to you.

But I am thinking about what we're going to say to our family and friends.

Sorry, the wedding is cancelled.

Apparently Mia's a dyke. did you know?

I saw you with Frida.


I'm sorry you found out that way. - Get out.


Tim... - GET OUT! GO!

I think the main reason we were going to marry is that everyone expected it.

Are you ashamed of me?

I just want you to be happy and healthy.

I don't think I have a choice. This is who I am.

Do you think it's my fault? - Does it have to be anyone's fault?

Why Frida? - Because I love her.

Seven years, Mia.

Seven years.

I thought I knew who I was building my life with.

I'm so sorry, Tim.

You don't exist to me anymore.

I'm going south with Dad.

I'll move out when I get back.

Hi. - Is Frida home?

No, she's not here.

Do you know where she is?

Are you Mia?

Can you tell me where she is? - Over my dead body.

Where's Frida? Elisabeth, do you know where she is?

She needs peace and quiet, Mia. And you're not what she needs.

Elisabeth, I've made a total ass of myself. I have nothing left.

If you know where she is, please tell me. Now.

I really hope you know what you're doing.

Her flight to Barcelona leaves in 40 minutes.

Go now!