Kkeut-kka-ji-gan-da (2014) Script

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I'm on my way asswipe!

How did you get out of there?

Where are you? Forget it.

If you tell me where the key is, I can just hide it for you.

I have the key, how many times must I tell you?!

When are they arriving?

The rat squad“ be here within the hour.

Fine, get off my ass.

I'll be there soon, don't touch my stuff.

So get here ASAP.

Got another call.

When will you be back?

The elders are upset that head of the family is gone.

I wouldn't have left the funeral if it wasn't serious.

What's going on?

I'll be there soon, so sit tight with your hubby.

So much for passing off as a good son.

Just get here quick!

How's Mina? What's she doing?

Your kid's fine!

Hey... sis...

What a fucking day!

That fucking mutt...

Hey mister.






Yeah, what?

Daddy! Whatcha doing?

Hey Mina... Sweetie...

Did you buy the cake? What?

Huh? What? Yeah, that...

You promised, a chocolate cake!

Right, a chocolate cake.

Did buy it yet?

Daddy? Sweetie...

I'll call you back!


Jesus Christ...

Evening. DUI checkpoint, sir.

DUI check. Evening, officer.


I'm Western District Homicide Det. Ko Gun-su...

Northern District officer Lee Dong-yun.

I see, thanks for your work.

Keep at it, thanks bud.

Could you blow into this?


You drank? Didn't you?

You did.

It's my mother's funeral, so I had a drink.

Can't you let me off the hook?

Give it a blow please.

My mother passed away.

I see, one moment please.

Officer Lee! Yeah, one sec.

Get out of the car!

Get out of the car now!

What is it?

He attempted to flee the scene.

Are you deaf?

Evening, officer!

I'm Western District Homicide Det. Ko.

I had a sip at my mother's funeral...

Couldn't I get a pass?

No ID, and he was acting suspicious.

Officer Lee, come on, man.

What's your ID number?

Come on, we're all cops here.

So what's your ID number?

760625-12653172 There's an extra number.


There are 14 numbers, ID consists of 13.

Write it down properly. I am sir.

It's... 760625—1265...

Let's check with the database in my car.

What for? We're doing that right now.

Call my district and verify!

It'll be simpler that way.

Let's get it over with...

Hey, hey!

Don't touch my car! You had an accident.

Call and verify!

Back off, sir.

Officer Choi, pop the trunk.

Yes, sir.

Hey! Stop it!

Don't you dare!

Let's just check the database...

What do you think you're doing?!

Grab him, grab him!

Let go, you son of a bitch!

Let go!

Fucking bitches!

Grab him, now!

Incoming radio from HQ.

Go ahead.

The ID is verified, he's a Western Det. Ko.

How can you do this to fellow cops, goddammit!

Open this drawer.

Why so many locks on this?

Is Det. Ko here?

He's mourning at the moment.


What's inside?

He said to leave it.


You know his temper.


Thank you so much. Not at all, sir.

You, come here.

Mr. 14-digit, come here!

Officer Shin Hyun-jin.



Don't talk back, okay? Yes, sir!

Watch it. Yes, sir!


Sir, you should get a designated driver...

No problem, good night!

Yo 14-digit! It's all your fault!

Boys, that's enough!

You're all fucked.

What the hell happened here?!

What brings you here past midnight?

You're accusing a mourner over some money without context?

IAD isn't run by humans?

We're only following our orders.

Ship out.

Come back after the funeral.

Don't just stand there, pack up!

This here is a list, of those who took bribes from local businesses.

L said pack up!

Doh Hee-chul, $1,000, Choi Sang-ho, $3,500, Ko Gun-su, $3,500, and over 10 grand...

You're on a different level, chief.



What? What now?

What's with you?! What's taking so long?!

Just let me be!

Let you be? Mom's getting prepped!

We need you here! Get here now!

Fuck, everything's just perfect!

Daddy, your foot!

Hey, sweetie.

Why aren't you sleeping?

I already did. Where's the cake?

Sorry, I...

I'll buy you next time, okay?

Mina, I'm sorry. I...

Make room in the grave for us too.

I'm sorry sir.


I'm sorry, but could we do this later?

Yo, Ko Gun-su!

Shouldn't you at least pretend to take some responsibility for this?



You want me to... take the heat for you all?

While grieving?

What a fucking timing!

I'm sorry, we really are.

But we all can't go down.

This should end with you.

I'll take care of you, so don't worry.

Take care of me?! Cover your own ass!

You're not getting out of this!

Even your brothel trips are on record!

'Ms. Autumn' is your regular, right?

Motherfucker, are you nuts?!

Yeah, fuckhead! I wish I was mental!

Fuck you man! Come at me!

Hey, , hey! Lets go!


Mother's ready for casket.

My condolences.

Take care, sir.

License plate 2644, please move your car.

It's designated for the hearse.

Please do not park there.

The unit was raided, couldn't even find an envelope.

Give her a good send off.

Insert any of her personal items you'd like to put in.

We'll hammer the nails in this order.




Mr. Ko? Yes?

License plate 2644, please move your car.


Where are you going?!


What's that there?

Isn't that Gun-su?

What's with him?

Chief, let's dig into the IAD guys.

We need leverage.

I doubt there's anything, they're IAD after all.

Come on, Internal Affairs is still police.

Don't overestimate Korean cops.


Sir, I'd like some private moment with my mother one last time.

But... that's rather unusual.


Until midnight. Thank you.

By the way, what's that for?

These are for my daughter.

I see.

Thank you again.

I'm sorry, mom.



Holy fuck...


I'm a terrible son, I'll make it up to you...

Anyone inside?

Did you hear that, just now?

I'm not sure.

Security 1, security 1.

Yeah, this is the security office.

Could you check something on the security feed?

I'm outside the chapel, I got a report of disturbance.

Huh? What the heck?

Can't see inside. Have to go in and check.

Is the key there?

I'll ask the funeral director to check it out now.

Okay, thank you.

Will you stay and wait?

Not really.

Let's go then.-Okay.

Stay there!

Thank you.

Mom, I'll get him out soon.

I'm so sorry.

What the hell?

Give me a break!

Please, not yet!

I'm begging you!

Hang up! Please! I'm so close!

Mom, mom, please, do something!

Hang up! Hang up! Please!

It's time, Mr. Ko...


Mr. Ko? Yes?

My Lord is always nearby...

Why is this so heavy?

Careful, go slowly.


Mom, I'm sorry!

I'll be back soon.

What a great son.

Mother! Gun-su!

Great son indeed.

Gun-su, we should go now.

Hey, hey!

What's this?


Some bastard stole her toy soldier!

I'll snap that bastard's neck!

She was wailing so I got it from the hospital shop, it's not expensive.

Hospital shop?

It's pretty fast.

Mina, that's enough, I'm gonna get mad.

IAD backed off quite easily.

They confiscated the money and called it quits.

We all went to great lengths to save your ass.

We're the best, aren't we?

Thank you, I'll see you tomorrow.

Okay, I understand.

Mister, get out.

Are you drunk?

Good afternoon. Western District Det. Ko.

Why did you park on a right-turn lane?

You know better.

This is a recently confiscated homemade C4, the explosive yield is tremendous, and can be remotely detonated.

So desperate to make an impression on the new commissioner.

Not too many reporters.

It detonates 2 minutes after pushing this button.

We'll start the demonstration.


We'll also blow 4 societal evils as part of our campaign with the bomb.


Det. Ko's back.


Sent her off well?


It all worked out in the end.

An emotional turmoil, eh? Thanks to you.

Don't be sarcastic, Choi took care of the mess.

Nice, eh? You owe me a dinner.


How's Ms. Autumn?


Ask this fucker, fucking newbie.

Careful, they'll be on your ass again soon.

Looks like it'll go off now.

Making a fuss over some fireworks.

Holy fuck!

That was huge! Someones fucked.

Holy shit!

Chief, look...

Isn't that your new car?

Your Grandeur!

Goddamn son of a bitch!

They should've been more careful...

Why isn't the key working?


What's this?

Cold cases, and cases nearing statute of limitations, we're told to focus on these.


Probably our punishment.


Suit up!

We got a tip. What?

Lee Gwang-min.

The very definition of a killer's face.


What are you doing? What?

Let's go! Okay.

This fucker was a front for bars and brothels, he's suspected of killing 2 of his competitors.

This'll not only get us off the hook but promotions too.

If we get him, you cuff him, I'll let you have this.

I'm the best, eh?

Fucking dog...

Chief, maybe it was a prank call.

No, I can feel it.

Sir, I don't think he's here either.

Where is he then?

Who... knows?

Get your gun out!


Police! Freeze!

What the hell? No one's here.


Chief, take a look!

So he did live here.

Maybe he got tipped off.

Let's look around for any evidence.


Where could this fucker be?

What are you doing there?

Central District officer Lee Jin-ho.

What's up?

I was checking up on a car accident report.

This must be it.

AW injuries?

The report says, hit-and-run victim was carried off in the trunk.

When? Today?

No, a few days ago.

On the night of 21st?

Who was the tipper?

It was from a pay phone, hung up before we could get ID.

Det. Ko! Find anything?

Officer Lee! Salute!

Hey man!

Remember Lt. Park who helped us on the IAD matter?

He's in Park's unit. Yeah?

What are you doing?

It's a hit-and-run, the perp left with the body.

Oh yeah?

Brass balls on that one.

Find anything?

I have to check the security cam feed.

Good, we should take a look too.

Maybe Lee makes a cameo.


Go follow up on it. Okay.

Chief, I can do that, I'll check it out.

Yeah? Sure.

Nah. Choi, you do it. Okay.

No, allow me.

Buy Park a round of drinks afterwards.

You don't know him anyway.

I've been away too long, I don't mind.

I'll take care of it.

I need to take some photos.

Yeah? I'll meet you later. Okay.

See you soon.

Is that so?

A big fat rain check then.


Today was perfect.

What brings you here?

Evening, sir.

What's got into you? I love you, man.

Snack time.

Anything? Not a thing.

How's the hit-and-run case?

The video quality is bad, and this must be the spot, but nothing yet.

Bad quality, huh?

Officer Lee. Yes, sir?

Let's eat.

Come on, take a break.

Wait, rewind a bit.


The video, rewind it.


Right there.

A frame forward.

There! That's it!

Brake lights! What about it?

Other cars just drove off, but Why'd this car brake here?

Because something popped up, so he braked!

What happened next?


Where's the accident point?

About here. See?

Made impact here, and he fell on this spot.

Look, that bitch.

The mutt's watching something.

Which means, something happened here.

This is the night of 21st. The car type is...

It's Lotze, definitely.

A black one.


You got a Lotze, right? What?

Is this a Lotze?


The plate is...

That's an 8, first one.

Gun-su, looks like an 8, right?


More like 3. It is indeed 8!

Left side is kinda visible too.

It's 8!

Next one is...

I can't tell.

Can't see shit.

Are we still going away for the weekend?

For Mina's birthday.

We are, I told you already.


I wanna talk about something, don't be mad, okay?

Can't we kick out our shop tenant and open a toast shop there?

I'm told snack shops do well there!

I'll pay the full rent!

We can't kick them out before lease's up.

But you're a cop.

Cops aren't gangsters!

Come on, let me. Please?

We can't live off you forever.

OW! Hot!


You Okay?


I gotta do something about that shower head.

It's a great idea, don't you think?

Let's talk later, okay?

By the way. What now!

Did mom have a man?

What are you saying?

I went to a fortuneteller yesterday, and he said mom had a man.

By her side, even now.


It's weird, he got everything else right.

About his failed flower shop, even your divorce.

Maybe mom did have a lover.

What? She did?

Yeah, I guess.

Wow, that's awesome!

Isn't it?



Western District homicide.

Good afternoon, I'd like to report a wanted man.

One moment please.

Go ahead.

I saw Lee Gwang-min.

What? Who?

I saw Lee Gwang-min.

Listen, mister.

Don't make prank calls, okay?

Western District homicide.

I think it's the same dude.

What is it?

He's asking for you.

What is it? I said don't prank call!

I wanted to make a report, why is that a prank?

Fine, let's hear it.

Like I said, I saw Lee Gwang-min.

Where is he now then?

That's what I wanted to ask you.

Are you jerking me off? What a guy.

No, I mean, where did you take him, Det. Ko?

Say what?

Did he fly into the sunset or dug himself into the earth?

Black Lotze's Ko Gun-su.


Western District...


Det. Ko.


He wants you to answer your phone.


Your cell phone.


Who is this?

The one who knows you killed Lee.

Sleeping fine after killing a man?

I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Who are you?

Det. Ko, you're beginning to look pathetic.

I think you're gravely mistaken about something.

Wow, nice job fixing your car.

You've been busy.

Oh that...

I had a minor collision that my insurance took care of.

You got it all wrong, right?

Already got an alibi? I'm hanging up now.

Should I report that Lee was spotted at Mt. Yangja?

I hope you buried him well.

That never happened, so stop calling, motherfucker!

I'll report when you hang up.

See? You killed him.

Son of a bitch!

Tell me, who are you?

I've had it!

Swear at me once more, I'll report.

Got your attention?

Salute! Salute!

You're not in the right mindset to listen.

I'll let you sweat a bit and tell you my demands.

And don't bother looking for me, I'll report if you annoy me.

You look better than I expected.

Must not feel guilt.

Great attitude.

What the hell!

The light's green, why aren't you going?!

Shall we... go?


I said $10 per second.

You already made...

$150, $160, wow, $200.



Get ready.



What's wrong? Huh?

Had a nightmare?

Were you napping?

We've been hiking all day.

Where were you?

Mt. Yangja.

Isn't your mother buried there?



Why there?

Lee's cell phone's last known location was there, but due to network overlap, we didn't get a pinpoint location.

The car looks new, did you replace the bumper?

Had an accident?

Yeah, I told you about that.


Replaced the whole front?

Good thing you weren't hurt.

Your phone, you got a call.


How can a cop be so bad at a chase?

Did you give it a thought? Can we talk now?

I have a question. Okay.

How did you see me...

burying Lee? It was pitch dark.

Dark? Doesn't mean I can't.

Let's not get sidetracked.

You didn't see it yourself.

You don't know where Lee is.


Whether you report, or start digging, go right ahead.

But you'll never find him.


There's no proof that he was buried, asshole!

There's no proof, you fucking asshole!

I'm done, fucker!


Gun-su, be cool!

Be cool.

Answer the damn phone.

Dinner anyone? Western District...

Sure, I'm friggin' starving. One moment...

He wants to report a car accident.

Then transfer to traffic. Hey, hey, hey!

It’s a prank call. Yeah?

What is it?

We've been getting prank calls all afternoon.

Prank calling should be fined, that'll teach them.

Go eat, go on.


They'll bitch at us for not answering later.

What a headache.

Hey, hey!

Stop it! What's wrong?!

What's going on?!

How dare you ignore my calls! Shall I expose you?!

What's wrong?!

What's with you?

Shit, it's not him?

No, no, no.

What, wrong man?

He's our colleague.

A cop? Yeah, a cop.

Fuck, I've gone mental.

Sorry, I'm so sorry.

You looked like the man who conned me.

I'm sorry, truly.

Chief, this is Lt. Park, who helped us on the IAD matter.

Lieutenant, so good to meet you, we owe you.

This is our savior! Yes...

Gun-su, you got a beat from our savior.

Det. Ko Gun-su? Yeah.


I don't believe this.

I hope you're not bleeding.

I'm sorry again, let me formally introduce myself.

I'm Park Chang-min.

Something about you two.

Saved you last time, almost killed you today.

You got a great face.

Hold on, let's see here...

I'm sorry.

Gonna visit the toilet.

Almost had a heart attack.

That's Lt. Park?


You startled me.

There are 2 types of humans.

One who lowers his tail before the alpha.

And the one who tries hard after a beat.

Which one are you?

You're a cop?

Didn't I give you a jolt? That sinking feeling.

What do you want?

That was the most important and smart thing you've ever said.

What I want? It's simple.

Bring Lee. No questions.


Curiosity killed the cat.

Let's not mince words, just get him.

That's too bad though.

I really don't know where he is.

Not good.


Wait, wait, wait.

You pack a punch.

A cop shouldn't hit another cop.

You got a mean hook.

If your hook hurts this much, imagine Lee's pain when you ran him over.


Come out!

Come out, asshole!

Connecting a few jabs got your ego through the roof?

You okay? Still breathing.

This is too gay for my taste.

Hold still.

Take it easy, drink up.

I'll get him!

I'll get him! I Will!

Now we're seeing eye to eye.

Dang it.

Get Lee ready by tonight.

I'll call.


There has to be a reason.

Why is he looking for a dead man?

Give me a break!

What's this?

Bullet holes...

He was already dead?

Who's there?

That bitch...


Yo, Gwang-min! Why's it so hard to reach you?!

I thought Lt. Park got to you already.

Where are you?

Why aren't you answ...

You're not him... Who are you?

38-years old, Jo Neung-hyun.

3 prior convictions, from the same town as Lee, probably worked together.

Triangulate him at 1-minute interval, and send his mugshot and current location to my phone!

Sir, that's illegal.

I need to get a warrant and...

Warrant my ass! Time's ticking!

Just send it, I'll take the heat!

Det. Ko? Yes, sir.

Where is he?

I'm not sure.

Where is that son of a bitch roaming around?

What's this?

Those are our unit's traffic tickets.

I wanted to take care of it before we're fined.

Mine? No...

Gun-su's, eh?

US$120.00 Like a bat out of hell.




Asshole, I'm not here for you!

Let's just chat!

Stop right there!


Buddy, you okay?!

Watch out for the cars!

Is he nuts?!



What a fucking moron...

I just want to talk...

I really don't know!

All I want to know is... the reason why Park's looking for Lee.

I don't know, I swear!

Please let me go, okay?

You really don't?

I don't! Fuck you!

Fine, just go.

Thank you.


Step forward.

Go on. Wait!

Keep going. I cant!

To your next life.


Go ahead. Don't untie it!

Don't untie, you assho... Please!

Step forward, I'm letting you go!

I'll talk! I'll tell you!

I'll fucking talk!

Don't swear motherfucker! Don't fucking swear!

I'll tell you.

Lee stole Park's key.


To a private safe. Park's key.

What's inside?

Talk, asshole!

Fuck! I'm so fucking scared! Son of a bitch!

From the beginning, speak concisely!

I'll talk.

Don't make me ask you again.

Okay, I'll talk.

The drugs that Park brought in...

Drugs? Yes.

When Park was in vice squad, he snatched the confiscated drugs.

I hear tons of drugs get confiscated by the customs, he sold some off, and ran bars and clubs with it.

It was a mega hit.

Once you taste it, you can never go back.

You'll become a permanent regular.

Even the Yakuza wanted a piece of it.

Park was a major player in this scene.

When Park went to sign a deal with Yakuza, Lee took off.

With the money and drugs.

So where's the key now?

Lee keeps anything important on his body.


What the hell am I doing?

So nasty!


Ko Gun-su! Stay there!

Don't move.

What the fuck man?!

Drop the knife!

Listen... Drop the knife!

Come on, man.

Drop the fucking knife!

Just relax.

Back off.

Hey, hey!

L...l didn't do this.

Then why are you here!

I didn't! I didn't kill him!

What happened is...

You have to believe me!

Here, take a look.

You had the accident on 23rd.

This is from 2 days earlier.

Your car was already wrecked before the accident.

Am I still wrong? Am I?!

Alright, just lower your gun.

Hey! What are you doing?!

We're no model cops, but you've gone too far!

Come on! You got it all wrong!


How did you end up like this?

Forget it, just drop it.

I'll confess back at the station, so let's go.

I'm really tired today.

Whatever happens, I just wanna rest.


You wanna rest?

Always so nonchalant.

Manslaughter and disposal of body will get you near life.

Who cares about you, but your kid?

You drive me insane.

Absolutely insane.

Fuck it, I don't care.

Do whatever, it's up to you.

Take it.

Fuck it all.

Would I live comfortably with you locked up?

You got an interesting fate.

Your mother's funeral is barely over, and now this?


Don't thank me, I don't wanna hear it.

Help me.-What now?!

I'm being blackmailed by a cop.

What's this nonsense?

You know him.

Park Chang-min.

I think he killed Lee too.

That corpse up there, that's Lee.

You have to believe everything I tell you, okay?

That night...

I did hit someone.

Hold on.



It's me, is Det. Choi with you?


Get out, this is important.

Are you watching us now?

If you don't want to be a burden on him, get out.

What is it?!

You like being a peeping tom?

Shut up and come to the street in front of you.

5 more steps forward.

There? Yes, where are you?


Hello? Hello!


Son of a bitch...


How was the aim? The driver's good eh?

Chatting up is all but over.

Dig up Lee by 6 a.m.

What have you done?

I told you I'd bring him, fucker!

Are you crying?

Didn't know you were emotional, focus on the work.


It's off.

I'm turning myself in. You're finished too, motherfucker!

You're finished!

Yeah? Hold on a minute.

Who is it?

It's Lt. Park, I called earlier.

Oh, hello.

Good to see you. It's him on the phone.

Gun-su's not here yet. Don't you dare!

I'm at your house now.

Wait inside?

I see, hurry now.

Hi, you must be Mina!

Don't! Please don't!

Welcome home.


Mina's sleeping.


What's wrong with you?


Wasn't someone here?

Your friend...

He dropped off a toy, he said he'd be back.




Fucking hell...

I made hotel reservations, so when Mina wakes up, you guys go on ahead.

Got it?

You're not coming with?

I'll come as soon as I finish work.

When will that be?

I'll be there ASAP, so get there first!

Are you in trouble? Of course not.

Here, this is the reservation slip.

Okay? I gotta go.

5 blanks returned, and here's 5 live rounds.


Detective, could you sign the release form?

It's not here...

One moment.

Detective, we ordered some food, would you like to join us?

Their sauce's a little different.

It's so good.

I'll give him back alright!

Slow down now.

That's far enough.

Bring the body over.

Load him.

Hold it, stay put.

Look what we got here?

Hold still asshole! Car key...

Got anything else?

Well, look at this.

Move aside.

Still inside.

Those bullet holes, did you shoot him?

Yeah, about that.

Okay, I shot him, then bam! You ran him over.

So who killed him?

You? Or me?

Okay, well...

That's not very important.

Are we done here?

Need a receipt or something?

I'm going.

Wait, one last thing.

It's a blank.

Hey, hey! Wait!


I've been a fucking cop for a decade!

Would I come here without an insurance?!

If you fucking kill me, then a timed e-mail will be sent to the station in the morning.

It contains details of your drug dealings, illegal brothel operation!

As well as the murders of Lee and Det. Choi!

I'm sure those are just a few of your crimes, but I bet $180 that you'll at least get a life sentence!

I think you missed a few others.

Go ahead, shoot me!

Are you gonna shoot? Get it over with.

If you won't, then holster it, fucker!

Time's ticking.


Why would I kill you?

You're a useful guy, Why'd I do that?

We're on the same boat, right?

Let's work together.

It's about time you play with the big boys.

You gotta live hard. And raise Mina properly.

Damn, that was awesome.

Take care, man.

Why is that fucker coming this way?!

No, no, no!

Just keep going!

Det. Ko.

There's an amazing diner no one knows near here.

I'll let you in on the secret.

The soup there... I don't want it!

Your loss.

Yeah, I'm on my way. What's Mina doing?

Hold on.

Mina, it's daddy.

Sweetie, it's dad.

Did you eat your birthday breakfast?

Yes, I ate so much.

While I'm not there, be good to aunt and uncle.

Have all your meals, okay?

Okay. Get here fast, daddy.

Sure, sweetie.

Wait a little longer.

Daddy, bye!

Yeah, bye bye.

I love you, daddy!

When's dad coming? Very soon.

Oh yeah? Hey Mina...


Good, you were home.

Thank you.


I was too.

Come in.

Come in.



Son of a bitch!


Holy shit...

Thanks to you asshole, I broke the diving record.

What are you doing?

Come on out!

Wanna go again?!

Open this door, shithead!

Let's see...


What the fuck are you doing?!

You're fucking dead!


Did you fly?

Come here, you fuck!

You're fucking dead!

You fuck!

You fuck!

Fuck off!

Theft and distribution of narcotics, operating a brothel, homicide of an officer, hit-and-run, theft of evidence...

This will bury us all.

Let's cover it up.


What should we do with him?

Why so soon after a new commissioner took office?

Chief Jang, right?

Yes, sir.

Can you take this to your grave?

For his sake.

Yes, I'll take it to my grave.


I understand how you feel, but life isn't all about that.

A year flies by when you're relaxing in the country.

Giving your severance to Choi's mother is fine.

But what can you do besides being a cop?

There're over 12,000 jobs in this country.

I'll find something.

With you gone, I got nobody!


Remember when you became a cop?

You had 1 adamant goal.

Retirement with full benefits.

Yeah, the ultimate goal of all civil servants.

Let's not lose focus.

I'll delay your resignation, so come back soon.

I'm off.

Sir, make a border of the mound, make it strong.

So it can't be dug up.

It's not a king's tomb, no one will dig it up.

Just make sure it's strong and firm.

Your mother raised her children well.

No one tends their parent's graves this well nowadays.

I've noticed you before.

You're a good son, a very good son.

Feels nice? "Good son."

With you out of work, how will we live now?

What a life...

Young-chul. Yes?

Look into a small used truck.

Used truck? Why?

Toast shop you mentioned.

We should start with a snack car.

I'll talk to the chief about it, we can park in front of the station and feed the unis.

Bro... Sir.

How many dicks work at the station?

What? Officers, I mean.

Probably around 370-380 in total?

Let's see then.

$1.50 per toast, low estimate of 250, so in a day...

How much?

Dunno, I wasn't a math major.

Come on!

Let's pack up and go.


Come up, say good bye to grandma!

Come up! Okay!

Say good bye to her.

Good bye, grandma!

I'll come again.

Wipe your hands. Toss that.

Very good.

Clean hands!


Boss, we got a client.

Check him.



It's ours.

Then show him in.

Shouldn't we check his ID?

Boy, if we did, we'd be out of business.

Withdrawing? Yes.

How much of it? Everything.

I think the safe owner gave you bad info.


Enter the passcode inside.

A HARD DAY LEE Sun-kyun.

CHO Jin-woong

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