Kler (2018) Script

"Watch out for false prophets.

They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

By their fruit you will recognize them." Matthew 7:15-16 CLERGY

It was getting dark When I saw some messengers arriving I was still in the middle of ploughing But I eagerly listened to them saying They said: Mary's got a son Mary's got a son Mary's got a son Mary's got a son Mary's got a son

You managed to drag us out.

You weren't afraid at all, right?

To our miraculous rescue!

"He said to them, 'My house will be a house of prayer, but you have made it 'a den of robbers."

The Gospel of St Luke, chapter nineteen, verse forty-five to forty-eight.

"Don't try to prove your manhood by how much you can drink.

Wine has been the ruin of many."

That's why I don't drink wine.

He doesn't know! He doesn't know!

The Wisdom of Sirach.

Chapter thirty-one verse twenty-five.

Do you know the best part of the story?

That... one year before the miracle was proclaimed they called for a tender to build a parking place for forty coaches.

Praise the Lord...

...bucks and gold. ...bucks and gold.

Tell me something.

Aren't you good here?

On the contrary. Why Rome then?

What do we do?


Thirteen seconds!

It's a home run!


What are you doing here?

I came to Father Kukula.

Mrs Nowak's dying.

I'm going in vain again.

She's supposed to die today.

Do you need a lift? No, I've got my bike.

Your father's drinking again?

It's OK.

Mary's got a son...

Fuck, you must have seen it...


And who's got the banks?

Who the fuck has the banks?


I'm not saying it's Jews. ...and Toruń.


Praised be Jesus Christ.

Now and for ever.

Through this holy anointing may the Lord in his love and mercy, infinite mercy, help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Amen. Amen.

Formed by divine teaching we dare to say:

Our Father, who art in Heaven...

A funeral parlour. Trustworthy and I can recommend them.


Let go of me!

What are you doing? Calm down.

Stop it! Now! What's it all about?

Sgt Madecki, District Police Department.

You've been reported to disturb quiet hours.

Your IDs! But it's OK now, isn't it?

Your ID and car documents, Father.

He ripped off my mirror.

Give me your ID!

And the breathalyser for Father 'cause he's been driving drunk.


There's a misunderstanding at my church.

It's Stg Madecki. Talk to him.

Inspector Bury wants to speak with you.


But... The card...

Yes, Sir.

God be with you.

Get it! You'll buy a new one.

What am I supposed to do?

I'll move the car. What am I...

We'll talk later. Wait!

...and it occurred he had a wife.

And I got scared I wouldn't manage myself.

And I killed my unborn child.

And what was its name?

Whose name?

The child's name.

But, Father...

All right.

Your penance will be ten "Our Fathers" and ten "The Hail Marys".

And "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy".

Leave it!

You promised you wouldn't drive drunk.

I've killed a hare.

Go to bed!

Bring Zajdel over! The car needs fixing, right?

How are you going to go to school like that?

I'm OK.

Has Jan called? Yes, he has.

He said his mother was getting better and he would be back a day after tomorrow.


Of course it's good.

People start talking he's got a woman and that's why he's always away.

What is it?

Praised be Jesus Christ.

GBP don't agree.

What do you mean they don't agree?

Who's responsible for that?

Rabczynski, but he won't pick up the phone.

So find him and make him bring the geologist over.

The mass is in a week and it'll be broadcast all over Poland.

I can't do anything about that. Limos can't come closer than 100 metres provided it doesn't rain.

Have you ever seen an archbishop walking in mud?

And what if the president's wife is going to wear high heels?

Those examinations sucked.

The geologist carried them out when it was dry.

He wrote the ground couldn't get wet.

The contractor didn't secure it. It's your fault.

Our fucking fault? Forgive me, Father! Our fault?

You must remove mud and build the road to the altar.

Substructure's made of crushed aggregate. I can't I'll pour lean concrete on it.

Do you have any fucking road in these plans?

If that comes out, I'll go to prison, not you, or Father.

Later, you can tear off the asphalt and there will be no trace of any road.

The good of the Church requires to bypass the regulations.

I don't know. We must put at least two layers of asphalt here, prepare everything, empty the dumper, bring over two rollers... remove the ground, right? Yeah.

How much?

Eight by one hundred fifty. I don't know...

...a thousand square metres?

How much money?


Praised be Jesus Christ. You called for me, Father.

I've got a problem.

I was coming from dinner at a fellow priest's.

We hanged out a bit longer and a hare or deer jumped out on the road.

I didn't manage to swerve. How much?

The headlight, bumper, mirror...

Wouldn't it be better to change the car after Christmas pastoral visits?

At least...

...a thousand.

And five hundred.

We can make a deal.

OK, but take the car in the evening so that people don't talk.

Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and for ever.

What brings you here?

We must... We'd like to get married.

Wait a minute.

We'll need to speed up pre-marital counselling to avoid scandal.

But how? I have no time slots.

I've got money. I'll pay.


As you can see our parish is poor.

Drainpipes must be changed. Do you know how much they cost now?

Two thousand. As much as a wedding.

I won't charge much for the baptism. You're young. Give as much as you can.

Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and for ever.

Are we playing today? When will you return my slingshot?

When you win.

Rudy! Pass it here!


Come and play with us.

...two, three, four, five. The line is here. Stand here.

Make a nice wall and cover yourselves.

Now! Go on!

Stop! Once again! Stop!

Give it here!

Why didn't Rysiek play?

Thank you for calling back, Tomek. I need some asphalt... for tomorrow.

I get it... not over the phone. I'll drop by. God be with you.

Miracles are your domain, not ours. Everything went for Balice.

How much if we skip invoices?

A hundred and twenty.

But in cash and today.

A priest is walking down the street and he sees some shit.

"Damn it, I said "shit", Fuck, I said "damn it".

Fuck it, I didn't want to be a priest anyway.

Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and for ever.

Can we have a word?

What's the problem with the building site?

A problem? It's a little damp there. The mass isn't jeopardised. Let's talk.

If the EU withdraws the grants for missing the deadline, we're fucked.

Soon, I'll need 150 grand for the road substructure and asphalt. In cash.

How am I going to get it?

The engineer blew it. Morda chose him so he should give the dough.

Otherwise, fucking forget about the mass.

...once when lying on the beach in Nice I felt hatred for birds which wanted to make holes in one of my greatest works.

Praised be Jesus Christ. Praised be Jesus Christ.

And when I was still at seminary...

How is the Church going to react to further accusations of child abuse by priests?

Maybe I'll be able to help with...

I'd eschew any inelegant manipulations with facts implying an attack attempted by anti-clerical circles.

We are talking about singular, isolated, and even unsubstantiated incidents.

...the desks and daybeds... Archbishop Spec, priest from Tluszcz and Kobylka, Duczki, Radzymin, Saska Kepa...

A priest from Kamionek... Tylawa, Tarchomin...

We sometimes err, let evil tempt us, provoke us.

The Church is holy, but it's made of sinful people.

And I wanted to ask about the progress in the construction Desks too? Thank God! You're irreplaceable, Father.

Of the Sanctuary and the Centre of Thought.

The works are meeting the deadlines. Now we're during the foundations stage and finishing the tender for heating installations...

...does this film have any catholic values?

So who gave money for it? One word, Father.

So who gave money for it? One word, Father.

I'm writing an article about manipulating tenders.

The conference is finished. I have no time. Excuse me.

In the tender for IT equipment for the Catholic Schools Complex supervised by your foundation the ordering party demanded particular specifications.

What is your point?

Only one company on the market had such a set in their offer.

Why did the foundation overpay and where are all the computers which never made it to the school?

I don't remember the details. I would have to check that.

I have no time now. Excuse me.

I'm giving you two days, Father, then the article will be printed with or without your comment.

...when he needed votes he was always available and now, when he's been elected, you're sending me a deputy prime minister.

What the fuck is this?

What the fuck is this? Motherfucker?


The head of state must come to the mass!

The good of the Church requires that!

God be with you.

How much?

Fundraisers for hospitals brought almost ninety-three thousand, and the fees... How much more do we need?

Forty-eight thousand, two hundred.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

What's the weather like in Rome?

Now and for ever.

It's sunny, but I don't have good news.

Yes, Monsignore.

Archbishop Mordowicz is blocking your transfer to Vatican.

Yesterday, we got a letter from him in which he informs us that he needs you in the diocese.

I'm sorry.

The post in the congregation is still waiting for you, Father.

Let's keep it touch.

Of course.

Two metres by two or four by four?

A double or a single one?

A smaller one. Single.

Be quiet!

Naughty boys!

There is a plot, unpaid for and abandoned.

It'll have been twenty years in half a year.

At the central alleyway.

How much?

The sums vary.

Last week, someone paid me a visit of a similar nature. And...

...I have here...

And this someone gave me...

...he gave...

one thousand...

...two thousand.

But for a worse plot 'cause at the wall.

If the Christ from Rio de Janeiro is thirty-eight metres high, and the one from Jaslo only thirteen, how high is the Christ from Swiebodzin with the assumption that the Christ from Swiebodzin will stand on the head of the one from Jaslo and together they will be eleven metres higher than the one from Rio?

Rysiek, take the broom and come with me.

I want this solved when I'm back.

Let me see!

We'll be right with you, Ala.

...then Little Red Riding Hood met the wolf.

Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and for ever Boys, thank Father Leszek. He's brought you gifts.

God bless you!

What's your name?


Aren't you happy with the gift? I'm afraid I'm going to die.

Henio, everybody will meet Jesus one day, me too.

But you're old, and I'm not.

Jesus loves some people so much that he would like to meet them quicker than others.

He'll take them to his heavenly home,

so that they wouldn't have to suffer here, on earth.

You masturbate, right?

Yes, I do.

Don't worry.

He stopped beating me.

He doesn't love me anymore.

In a sacramental marriage God sometimes puts us to the test.

Trust God humbly, and first seek guilt in yourself.

...therefore, we fully become humans when we truly love God, when a woman loves a man, and when a man loves a woman.

And this love is at the origin of the community, longing for closeness to God or to another human being, and longing for ordinary closeness.

The donations of clothes for the poor, but washed clothes, bring to the sacristy every day after the evening mass.

From this wretched land, This valley of tears, To Heaven we raise Our yearning cries.

O, Divine Heart, Our only treasure!

Hear our sinful Hearts lament.

Please, accept Our prayer...

Jesus Christ!



Be careful!

Let's go!

You can't get in, Father. Oh, come on!

You aren't allowed in here, Father.

Doctor! Not now.

Good evening. How's the boy?

We're waiting for the test results.

How could you do this to me? I'm sorry.

You thought I'd never find out? I didn't know.

But who told you to read it? Who told you?



Are you OK?

The phone... I wanted to puke and it fell in.

And you know the best part of the story?

That a year before the miracle was proclaimed they called for a tender to build a parking place for a hundred coaches.

I don't know if it's gonna work.

I'm pregnant.



...didn't you take any precautions?

My faith didn't allow me.

I'm here for the car.

Come here.

This is director Romanski and director Czekaj from PZPC.

Their company is going to win the tender.

How much is it to be?

It's confidential, Your Excellency.

You were saying?

You're mumbling today.

I suppose it's six million without thirty thousand.

God be with you!

Hey, you! Play!


Here you are.

Be careful, it's hot.

Next one, please.

Excuse me.

I wanted to ask about Ryszard Malinowski, Information is given by the practitioner.

The boy who was brought here yesterday. He's not here now.

I want to know what's going on with the boy!

Go away from the window, please. I'm not going anywhere until you tell me how he is! Next one, please.

Today, we're going to read about Eucharist.

My father says that we could read the Epistle of Paul to Timothy and find out that St Paul tells bishops and ordinary priests to have a wife.

Indeed, the first Epistle to Timothy says about abstinence, which the Roman Church...

Is that true that an altar boy passed out during your mass?

...elevated to the highest rank by imposing celibate on priests.

When women start claiming money for children, the Church will go bankrupt.

My father says that homosexual acts occur among all species, but no known animal lives celibate.

This is against nature!

Your father is against nature, you moron!

What's going on here?

Praised be Jesus Christ!

New drainpipes. A gift from the faithful.

Now and for ever. Can we have a word?

Well, what am I going to collect money for now?

Well... it's about having it fixed, right?

It's about collecting it and not about having it collected, you fool!

I'm sorry.

It's just that...

you must get rid of it.

You bastard!

I don't have good news.

We are not going to win the tender.

I had the impression, and you let me believe it, Father, that our deal is, de facto, finalised.

Yes, I know, but the circumstances have changed.

Of course I will give the car back and fix the window... You didn't understand me, Father.

I'm waiting for good news till the end of the week. God be with you.

What is nephron sparing surgery?

It spares renal parenchyma.

You don't cut out the whole kidney, but only its fragments.

Not everyone is fit for it.

How much does it cost?

They do it best in Mainz, but National Health Service doesn't refund it.

The operation, stay in the clinic, chemo, convalescence...

Roughly speaking, two hundred thousand euros...

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Here you are.

I promised you, and here it is... with the Holy Father's signature.

The Holy Father...

Thank you for remembering, Father. Don't mention it.

By the way, Edward, could you do me a favour?

Bad people are trying to mess with the construction of the sanctuary.

I need help.

Well, it's great!

What's it all about?

What did he do?

Why all this show with the police car?

Have a seat.

The doctor examined your altar boy and reported a possible crime.

The judge interrogated the boy in the presence of the prosecutor and psychologist who stated that the boy might have been raped by a clergyman.

Did you do it?

How long have we known each other, Janusz?

Did you buttfuck him?

No, I didn't.

Will you agree for DNA examination and taking a sample from under your foreskin?

Do you know how he lives and who visits this place?

How many times has his step-father been in custody?

Yes or no?

How are you?


What the fuck are you doing here? Why the fuck are you here?

What the fuck... motherfucker!

You'll talk about it tomorrow. God be with you.

Edward sends me.

During the times of Polish People's Republic the Fourth Department of Security Service ran, so called, group "D".

It operated within Section Six.

It specialised in attacking priests: kidnapping, beatings and torture.

At least one priest lost his life as a result of those actions.

What does it have to do with PZPC?

Marek Czekaj.

He used to be a boxer then.

He trained in the militia club Gwardia and even won a medal at the Olympic Games in Moscow.

You can do with it what you want, Father provided... Provided...?

A church divorce for my daughter...

The Church does not discriminate anyone; however, we need to remember that nothing will grow from manure.

That's why... I'm leaving you.

It is obvious that the Church Two thousand.

Should spread its care over families...

You aren't listening!

You fucking drunk, I need two fucking thousand to be rid of your fucking bastard. Can you hear me?

...negating the structure of love, which means a sacramental marriage of a man and a woman in their equal dignity and unique, constantly discovered complementarity of its components: the male and the female one. A healthy family enriches you.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Now and for ever.

I'm coming with a pastoral visit.

Power! Power!

Zakrzewski Adam, Zakrzewska Bozena...

...Zakrzewska Anna.

Electrically-operated. No need to change batteries.

She's not a devoted Catholic.

She's divorced, doesn't accept pastoral visits.

19 Wojtowska Street, flat 67.

Is your mum home? Yes, she is.

Go back to your room and play, Mati.

How do you know my address, Father?

May I come in?

Yes, Computer World bribed me to manipulate the tender.

They gave me game consoles.

Every single one of them together with the "missing" computers were given to children from care facilities and the oncological hospital.

You can check that.

Anyway, the hospital authorities owe me something.

There is a possibility of sending one child for renal tumour surgery to Germany.

Have you heard of NSS?

Mainz is too expensive for me.

The Curia has money.

But you have to do one thing for me.

What now?

We have to report it.

They'll dig the whole place over!

The prosecutor will stop all the works.

There is another one.

Jews or recent ones?

How much?

Fifty metres from the altar.

Twenty-five thousand for the manager and the same for the digger operator and they'll sign a statement that digging them up and not letting the issue go public was their own decision taken in order not to undermine the construction of the sanctuary.

He has to say... Listen to me!

He has to say that any attack on the Church means attack on Poland.

...our dear Archshepherd please accept...

...this very crosier, a modest symbol of a shepherd's power and may it be a symbol of our devotion and brotherly love.

Gold yet modest.

Fourteen thousand euro for a chasuble...

Is your mother any better? Yes.

And what do you do in your life?

I'm bored as a rule.

I live my life. I bring up my daughter.

And what about her father?

How did you get those scars?

What do people in the village say about their priest? Cool or uncool?

Cool, but you drink too much.

Loneliness, Death's cruel sister.

They're crooked.

What are you thinking about?

What are you thinking about?

That I'm a shepherd who, out of many sheep, loves one most.

Hi, Zosia.

Is your mum home?


Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and for ever. I'm looking for Hanka.

I thought she's with you.

When she's back, send her to me there's plenty of work.

I don't believe you did it, but people...

Be careful, Father.

Praised be Jesus Christ, Jan. Now and for ever.

We must report it to the police.

No need to.

How's your mother?

Doctors say she's better. They discharged her yesterday. Thank you.

What are you doing, Szymon?

Am I supposed to bless toilet bowls?

Are they crazy?

They'll give 25 thousand for the sanctuary.

When would that be?

Force through the Sejm the enthronement of Christ as the King of Poland, request for Most Blessed Virgin Mary's, Queen of Poland, assistance and intercession and a call for a common prayer in the National Rosary Crusade.

Plus a chapel in every office and a total ban on abortion in the Constitution.

But the Constitution...

With all due respect, dear MP, now I'm talking.

I'd humbly ask to speed up the procedure of transferring the claimed lands and real estate in the city centre back to the Church. And who the fuck knows what else.

That's not the end of good news.


A family from Germany.

They'll come to see him.

The coffin is already in the church.

Something happened? No.

Our new business cards.

Maybe I'll take the funeral?

I'd rather you heard confessions.

Through Jesus Christ, who is our Resurrection and Life, pray to merciful God to listen to our prayers and supplications.

Lord, hear our voices raised in prayers.

Lord, hear our prayers.

Let us pray for departed Zofia Nowak, whom our Lord commanded to pass out of this world, that He will bid her be partaker with His Saints.

...perpetual light shine upon her...

Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions.

Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity The procurator and psychologist came, but I don't know anything.

They questioned the boy, that's all I know.

Eternal... Paedophile!

...rest grant unto her, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.

For I know my transgressions and my sin is ever before me

...through the merits of Jesus Christ thine only Son our Lord.

Queen, mother of mercy, Our life, sweetness, and hope, hail.

To thee do we cry, Poor banished children of Eve.

To you we sigh, Mourning and weeping In this valley of tears.

Turn then, our advocate, Those merciful eyes toward us.

And Jesus, the blessed fruit...

Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and for ever.

Are you a paedophile, Father?


Leave her alone!

Look at him! Paedophile!

Didn't I tell you?

Paedophile! Paedophile!

You paedophile! For Christ's sake!

What are you doing? What?

Paedophile! Paedophile!!

What?! What am I doing?

Come on, folks!! Paedophile!

Stop it! Motherfucker!

Have some respect! It's my mother's funeral!

He's over there!

The other side!

He's over there! Let's get him!

Get him!

Where is he?

Get out, you children fucker!

Maybe he is on the other side. Let's check the other side.

Let's go to church!

He's fucking run away!

Paedophile! Paedophile!

What have you done?

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

Show it!

Which moron is responsible for discipline in this room?

I am, Sister.

What is the punishment for soaking the bedsheet?

What do the regulations say?

Now, we're gonna have bum fun...


Freedom is a foundation,

and the foundation must be solid.

One must build on a rock.

One can't stand with one foot on a pier and the other one in a boat.

A man has to define himself.

"All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful.

All things are lawful for me, but I will not be enslaved by any."

Metropolitan Curia in Cracow...

You've reached a private gynaecological clinic.

For Polish press two.

My car is ready, right?

Yes, but the paintwork was more expensive.

There were more cases like that in the hospital.

Two years ago they brought a boy from a care facility run by the Convent of St Mary the Lord's Handmaid.

And what about the police?

They weren't informed.

It never came to light.

Medical records went missing and the doctor who treated the boy got a contract abroad.

Why are you telling me that?

Because I know you're innocent, Father.

How do you know that?

The boy was brought on 15 August.

I even remember his name, Marek Tomasik.

And on 15 August you were on a pilgrimage.

I know because I was to go too, but my husband got ill and then he died.

They called from the Curia. They want you to meet Archbishop tomorrow.

Maybe it's good because people keep gathering at the church.

...I realised that we're judging reality we know nothing about.

You spent six years at seminary and you don't know whether it's your way?

We're calling for preaching which would not be soft but firm and solid.

If it is soft, we're going to have the same situation as in the West.

Good morning. How can I help you?

Hanna Tomala. Is she here?

I'm sorry, we don't give any information.

She called you, you can check.

I really cannot tell you that.


I'm afraid I can't.



What are you doing! You can't go there!

Sir! You can't go in there!

What are you doing? You can't go in there!

What the fuck!? Get the fuck out of here!

Who let him here? Who?

I'm sorry. Goodbye.


Yes, Your Excellency, I've read it.

OK, I'll be there.

Sixteen million from our taxes down the toilet...

What fucking tickets?

Take off your fucking cap! Fuck off!

When the state stops financing the Church from the taxes and the faithful start...

Dear Passengers, we're about to reach Krakow Glowny...

Collect your bags.

Whose bag is this? Mine.

Whose is this one? Take it. It's mine.

Do you go to football matches?

Get out of the car.


Are you coming or not?

Marek Czekaj, a boxer, and his career in the Security Service.

What the fuck is this? I'm asking you! What the fuck is this?!

They can't win our tender for heating installations.

Sit here and wait.

Bless, O Lord, Thy gifts and our poor brothers and sisters who will...

Your Excellency... Run!

We kindly ask you to pour the first portion.

Come over here!

Come here!

Could we imagine a more Christian and Evangelical deed?

One at a time!

What a Jewish bitch wrote it!

She needs a lot of money to cure her son in Germany.

If Your Excellency pulls some charity strings...

What then?

...her child will go for treatment, to Germany, and she won't write about the residence in Mazury.

How does she know about Mazury?

Your Excellency, I don't know if this is a good moment, but I wanted to talk about my departure to Vatican again.

This is not a good moment, Lisowski.

This is fucking not a good moment!

Father Andrzej Kukula from... Wait!

Have the president's people called? Yes.

The helicopter? Yes, the helicopter.

Everything is back as it should be, your company's going to win the tender.

There is one issue though.

You better don't fuck with me!

Someone has to finance a basketball court for children from a care facility.

The cost is around fifty thousand.

No problem.

I was told about what happened in your parish.

It's not true.

Of course, it's not true.

It's not true. However...

...we'll have to remove you from the sight of hateful eyes.


We must think about the good of the Church.

Therefore, you'll go the facility for retired priests in Pyzdry.

You'll pray it over...

And if I don't agree? ...until...

this unnecessary disturbance stops.

Breakfast is at 7:00 a.m., dinner at 1:00 p.m. and supper at 6:00 p.m.

The club-room is on the first floor and the chapel's at the end of the corridor.

On the premises of the facility alcohol is strictly forbidden.

God be with you.

I can do nothing else but to hear people's confessions.

I won't support you in any other way.

It's up to you, but not less than four hundred.

More devoted and pious parishioners give five or eight hundred zlotys.

When do you want to bury him?

We don't know because... ...it means...

...we must wait until we get the body...

...from the autopsy. He was hit by a car.


Three days ago.

He was going fishing.

At dawn.

Where was that?

Near the road. Around two kilometres from the turn to Bajdy.

Past the shrine.

He was the only provider for the family. Mum...

We're so hard up now.

Go now.

I won't take any money from you.


You're a good man, Father.

And if you are a good man, you're a good priest too.

Go now.

The truth cannot hurt anyone.

The Church doesn't like criticism.

By not showing evil and harm, I won't give the Church a chance to see this evil that's eating at it.

He was preached about as the one who threatens...

Where did we lose this loving God? The artist who cares about his work?

May I?

...but... I don't want faith...

Andrzej Kukula.


Good Heavens! Long time no see!

...and when I reached that point when I puked from the pulpit during the Midnight Mass I decided to go to rehab.

And now I'm gonna make it. May God be my witness!

I've visited our parish recently.

You know Piotrek hanged himself?

The Stachs' son?

And Tomczak is gone too.

He drank himself to death.

But they have a very good parson now.

He's young and wise.

Why are you telling me all that?

Maybe you want to know what happened with the old one.

He's here.

Room 28.

There's nothing wrong in playing with willies.

I'm a priest, I know that.

After over thirty years from the alleged incident, you decided to sue a priest?

What do you mean "alleged"?

I was twelve, I remember everything.

You'll have to swear on the Holy Bible.

Are you ready to bear the burden of the priest's possible tragedy?

I'm sorry, whose tragedy?

You're ruthlessly attacking Christ's church. Why?

For media plaudits?

But... he abused me many times.

Unfortunately Father Janusz will have to sue you for defamation because in your letter to the Curia you called him "a paedophile".

Yes, I did.

Please, remember that many priests falsely accused of molesting children tried to take their lives.

What are you doing?

For God's sake!

What are you doing?

Swear to your mother and father's lives that you won't tell a soul about it.

I swear.

Do you recognise me?

Say: "I swear before God".

If you don't keep your word, you'll burn in hell.

The archbishop wrote a letter in which he instructed the faithful to pray for the harassed priest.

Father Michal gave me vodka with juice, I felt sick, I wanted to puke and then he touched my genitals and started to masturbate me.

He was only in his dressing gown, he was masturbating.

I was ten then.

I went to confess to another priest...

I vividly remember him saying

how important it was to keep silent.

In the light of law the cases are past due.

They wouldn't do anything to those priests anyway.

I called the Curia to find out where this...

Who recorded it? Priest was...

A journalist from Holland.

Every religion lesson started from...

He drew the curtains, grabbed my hands...

Don't shout, then it won't hurt more.

And what about the money?

I took some from the alimony fund.

We'll have to deal with Father Marian somehow.

I was nine then.

The journalist said he also molested my mother when she was a child.

He did it all the time.

Everybody knew about it...

Good job, Teodor.

It's a really great job.

It's Father Kukula, praised be Jesus Christ.

This blind boy... maybe there are still some documents at the emergency department.

Will you check that?

You could always count on me just like today, couldn't you?

Sure I could.

When you were in Rome

I bought that cassette for you too.

You said you destroyed it.

Yes, I destroyed it, ...but I'm getting retired in a year, and I don't want to spend my last years in the facility for priest.

Do I forbid you anything, Teodor?

I deserve a severance pay.

Trust in God.

Trust in God.

I invest all my money in the sanctuary.

Not for myself...

Not for myself.

I need a flat.

Smile, you're in candid camera!

"God the Father of heaven, have mercy on us.

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us."

I wanted to speak with you, Father.

But not here.

Two rooms.

Three would be even better.

Zosia is already big and the child will grow fast.

And I saw the kitchen in a catalogue. Brown but, you know, classy.

Hey! Eat it!

And we need a juicer to mash soup for children...

Hanka, stop talking for a while.

Why are you so dazed today?

Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and for ever.

Due to investigative measures we are checking all vehicles with navy blue paintwork owed by local residents.

Follow me. We've already seen it.

And just out of formality: where were you on the night of 12th to 13th?

What do you mean "where"? At the presbytery. You're asking a priest.

Goodbye. God be with you.

God be with you. God be with you.

What have you done, Tadek?

So, this is your apartment, Father.

If Archbishop Mordowicz agrees for my departure to Rome, I won't need it.

What is your point, Father?

All that can be yours.

As a life lease.

What do you want me to do in return? A fellatio?

When you were in Rome I bought that cassette for you too.

You said you destroyed it.

Morda will never give you that much. He won't give you anything at all.

I'm giving you until tomorrow, and then I withdraw my offer.

I trust only one bank.

I don't know its name...

In the course of preliminary proceedings...

...no priests were charged.

The proceedings were carried out following...

May I?

...the guidelines from the prosecutor's office which provided material and legal supervision over the investigation.

I find no deficiencies. The case will be dismissed. Thank you.

He's innocent.

The only victim of this smear campaign is the oppressed priest.

How is he? He had a nervous breakdown.

You can see it yourselves. It's so easy to torment a priest.

Praised be Jesus Christ, Father Lisowski.

Now and for ever.

I'm Schmidt. Günter Schmidt.

Hi, I'm Bettina Schmidt.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

We're sorry. Our plane was delayed.

It's OK.

Let us go.

Praised be Jesus Christ. Is anyone of you Marek Tomasik?

He's Tomasik, Father.

Don't disturb the priest. Praised be Jesus Christ.

Now and for ever.

Did you call me, Father?

Who sent you here?

I have some reasons to suppose that something happened to this boy.

That someone hurt him. You'd better...

15 August!

You'd better look after your own parish. 15 August two years ago.

One day latter he was in hospital.

Go away, Father.


And I'll inform the Curia about your intrusive behaviour.

German children are very tolerant.

Praised be Jesus Christ. Praised be Jesus Christ.

Is everything OK with the documents?

Mr Schmidt is asking about the documents.

Everything is perfectly OK.

Everything's OK.

Krzys, are you happy you're going to your new home?

Mrs Schmidt is asking...

It should be enough for daybeds and desks.

Thank you for having listened to me the other day, Father.

The Church is meant to be a community, but when one has a problem, there's no one to talk to.

I'll come back on foot.

Was it him?

Did he give you the console and the TV set?

You can tell me.

I know what you think, but I didn't do it.

The good of the Church requires not to interfere with matters which may bring misfortune to all of us.

Do you remember that fire?

I saved your life.

God be with you.

And what about the child?

What about me?

Before I give you my blessing, I want to tell you something important.

Please, sit down.

I'll tell you a story about a boy who spent all his childhood at a presbytery.

His mother was a housekeeper there.

Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning Give me oil in my lamp, I pray It was a hard time in Poland.

Martial Law and crisis, but the parson was very generous for the boy's family.

The Church used to receive aid from the West.

Every week the boy's family would receive gifts from the priest.

And then, one day

the priest gave the boy something to drink.

A bit later, the boy couldn't control his body,

and then the priest hurt him for the first time.

I swear before God.

The boy would go to the rapist priest for another two years.

For two years the parson

tormented and artfully intimidated him.

Talked about deadly sin hearing his confessions and absolving him at the same time.

The boy told his mum about everything then went to boarding school

and entered theological seminary.

He thought he'd come to terms with his past.

God be with you.

When finally this nation united with Jesus, this Polish nation entrusted to St Mary shouted out: "We want freedom!"

God! Thou surrounded Poland for so many centuries with the grandeur of might and glory, and with the shield of your almighty protection from all ill fortunes...

Fucking go behind the armchair!

Get up!

You're a pussy!

I've killed a man.

Inspector isn't here.

Five days ago. His name was Grzelak.


What can I do?

Come in the morning, Father, OK?

He's sober.

I told him, but he won't go.

Yes, Sir.

I've already told you it was a hare and that's why...

...you secretly had the headlight, bumper and the mirror fixed?

No, the mirror happened earlier.

I saw nothing for it was raining and...

For goodness sake!

I was drunk.

You'll go to the Curia and leave the letter for the archbishop.

And then if you want, you can go to your mother.

What about my wedding now?

Remember that as long as you help people you're a god priest.

God be with you.

God be with you.

The place doesn't match.

We took samples of paintwork and it doesn't match either.

You got lucky and hit a dog.

You're free, Father.

God be with you!

Adam Biedron. Truly Polish vigil candles. A pious hero.

Seat him behind the president, let him enjoy the moment.

Wesolowski. In the front.

Professor Duczynski. Fuck Duczynski.

He's acted a smart guy recently.

The state-church relations. A fucking specialist.

Mail, Your Excellency.

One letter marked as confidential.

From Father Kukula. He wilfully left the facility in Pyzdry.

Do as you wish, but I don't make me look at him.

Your Excellency, Write it down: our Most Reverend Sheppard, Duczynski, third raw.

It is with the deepest regret and a broken heart that I'm writing to you because I am to write about horrible things.

I never thought I would be forced to raise such difficult and painful a subject; the subject of sins and trespasses against children committed by one of my brothers in faith.

Are you still doing karate?

Stop the atrocities against innocent victims.

Come on! Let's go!

I know that the good of the Church, our Mother and Carer, is very important to you.

I know the identity of at least two of his victims.

When were you supposed to be here? Yesterday, right!?

Easy on the gas! Push!


Come here, Lisowski!

Come here, you moron!

What is this?

Do you know what it is?

Don't you have anything to do? Get lost! Now!

Due to the significance and scale...

I'm forced to inform about Father Lisowski's deeds...

Do you know what it is? You're going with me.


I'm sending the copy of this very letter to national and local newspapers and magazines.

I'm doing this for I know I'm turning against a powerful and influential priest who is able to silence any unfavourable opinions.

You're finished.

The Church will not help you out.

Are you sure, comrade Piglet?

Many cases of molestation could be avoided if the relationship between parents were healthy.

Don't smash him. Don't place nails in his hands...

This inappropriate attitude or abuse often manifests itself when a child is looking for love.

Libelling Father Lisowski will be perceived as a personal attack on Archbishop Mordowicz.

A miserable priest, broken by the media hate campaign.

He got lost himself. It clings.

It searches and gets lost itself then draws another person into this.

It's so easy to intimidate a priest.

...attack on Father Lisowski will be perceived as...

Put me through to Sliz! At this hour?

Right. Why fucking hurry up? Call him in a year!

...a personal attack on... ...don't smash him...

...when a child is looking for love... don't place nails...

It's the archbishop.

...it often manifests itself...

I need help.

When Rysiek is 18, he'll take it.

Bring the housekeeper over!

And you check in the church.

Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and for ever.


I don't know yet.

For some time, his behaviour revealed that he suffered from some kind of mental health problems.

Father Kukula refused to accept the Curia's help.

His behaviour started to raise controversies among the faithful.

In this situation, the Church authorities decided to take a difficult decision to suspend Father Kukula.

Unfortunately, before...


I've got nothing.

I've got a reference on the third side.


Nothing! Nothing!!

Is that all?

Fasten your seatbelts, please.

We're about to land.

Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning Give me oil in my lamp, I pray Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning Keep me burning till the break of day Praised be Jesus Christ.

Welcome the representatives of the Unions...

I'll fucking show you!

...years devoted to serving Mary I spent in poverty not caring about material goods

...not once and not twice, when I was to suffer for my faith, and I did suffer!

Not once and not twice did I repeat:

"The Lord gave... You Excellency, he's landed. Let's go!

Let's welcome the President of the Republic of Poland and his wife!

Get in!

Brothers and sisters, for fifty years...

...of my priestly service I have always been following the idea... How do you like it?

...idea of serving God, Turn it off.

...truth and humility It's only for the start.

When I get a job, we'll rent something bigger.

...and in this humility we shall withstand heavy blows dealt to us with no constraint and no mercy forgiving...

...forgiving our trespassers.

When I was to suffer for my faith, and I did suffer for my faith, not once and not twice did I bow my head in humility repeating:

"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away."

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

Oh God! No!

Let this work be blessed, this crowning of my life...