Klovn the Final (2020) Script

Machine Translated from SE to EN - April 21st 2020 Now, at least I'm getting insecure. Did Hans and Lisbeth bid back?

They are coming. So I actually think everyone is coming.

It's my birthday, after all. They do not want to miss it.

I'm lying and wondering if I should have ordered fireworks.

Yes, it could well have stood "Frank 50 years" with rockets.

No. That's too much, I think. I do not think so.

Do we have to snuggle up a little before we sleep? What do you say about that?

Well, well, if you ...

... thinks it's too long ago then we must do something.

Are you ready? Yes.

Then I'll run. Yes.

It is so nice. It is so good.

Honey, what's up?

You crack my back on me. I have to.

I can take it down a bit. Otherwise, I get acid pulsations.

I can't when we lie down. Yes Yes. I pull myself out a bit.

I can't do that. Why not?

It is an impossible position.

Should I sit on you instead? What?

I have just eaten. I have the whole stomach full.

It would be nice to be healthy when people come to celebrate me.

You only get 50 once.

I long, honey. I do.

No... Can't I touch you?

No, no game. I want focus on the party, darling.

Therefore, I have decided that you and I'm going on a little ride.

We are going to Iceland and fishing salmon up in the Selá River. Congratulations, Frank!

Fat. - Huh? Selá River. How good you were, honey.

Salmon trip to Iceland. What? It is the best gift.

Are you not happy for our gift too?

The mower. Yes, it was fine.

I long until you turn 50. Then you should get a vacuum cleaner.

It will be good to me.

Would you like to dance with me? I would love to.

Hello. Excuse me for interrupting.

As some of you know, I sing now in a choir called Bare Ladies.

And that's why I would love to sing a song - to my own little stupid man.

Frank, do you have five minutes? Huh? Now?

I'm just gonna... No, the bus is going now.

I have a canon tip for you. It comes in very much to me.

Obvious. There came something perfect for you.

I got a playland out in Ishøj.

Is that something I should invest in? Yes. What do you think about that?

That's the future? We're not just talking a playland.

That's the beginning. Then it will be Kolding, Vejle, Fredericia, Aalborg.

I've been thinking a little about myself I'm not going to get any more out of it.

If you go into it then come it does not go away for you.

Now we're running the top shelf, okay? See it as a birthday present.

It's crazy generous of you. I think so too.

Is it over? Is it over ?!

I didn't hear a shit!

You haven't missed anything big. What the hell is that? Are you crying?

No no no. It's eye drops. I don't feel a shit anymore.

I have eye drops so the girls see that I'm sensitive.

"Oh, Casper is sensitive."

Hey you. What happens? Was it Mia's song?

No, I was just getting dirty. Is it true? Gullis ...

How good it is. People are very happy.

Well, honey? Did you like my gift?

The mower? No, the song.

Well, the song. It was also a gift?

Oh okay. Yes, that was great.

Of course it was. It was fun with ... Yes, yes, yes.

I really liked that. And fun to ... - Hi, Mogens.

Frank, I'm going home now. Now? It was early.

I don't fit into the company, so I think you should take this one.

I can't sing it. You should have it anyway.

The party is over soon. Yes, but it's from the family.

Just bring it home, because ... I don't play badminton anymore.

Mature, of course ... Do you know what? We'll take that song, okay?

We should probably get that song too.

Was it a bad mood? What are you doing?

So ... I said hi then. Damn it, that is.

Frank, Frank, Frank. Hi Andreas. Hi.

It's really a fun party. Yes it is.

Let me say thank you.

If so, you and Mia will come until you still divorce - you just need to know that I follow you as your doctor - and I know your records ...

You got drunk. No no no.

Mia, Andreas has gotten drunk. Oh really?

You must hear that. He says that we two should separate. What?

Andreas says that you told him to ...

Really good party.

Did you tell him?

I just said that I had thought of it.

But not so that I had decided.

Thought, decided? Why did you think about it?

Yeah, because ... I don't know.

I've started to think on what to spend my life on.

Now Malte has and Fie moved away from home.

And I just feel that sometimes not really feel seen.

I look at you all the time. I look at you every morning.

You didn't even hear me sing. Yes, I did.

What was it I was singing? Then we can cross-examine each other.

What kind of shoes do I have? What was it I was singing? Respond.

What kind of shoes do I have?

You didn't even hear me sing. No. You don't see me, Frank. Okay?

We'll take it another time. Okay?

In other words...

Good morning, Frank. Hi, Lars.

Thanks for yesterday. It was a really nice party.

Yes, it was ... It was fine, yes.

Lars, what was that song? that Mia performed with yesterday?

She sang "Stupid Man". Thanks.

So, you mean what you said yesterday or ...?

Where are we somewhere?

Everything is moving forward. We got a new roof last year.

You understand what I mean, huh? Yes.

Do you love me at all? You can believe I do.

I want a man who wants me.

Are you going to have a hug, musician?

Playing land is a great idea and we're going to Iceland tomorrow.

Can Iceland be postponed 14 days? No, we're leaving tomorrow.

The trip is bought, Frank.

I wrestle a little with something at home. With Mia.

She wants to get divorced. What?

I've had some minor accidents lately.

I happened to shit in my pants. There is something about the bacterial balance.

I think I have to pee and ... Can I stop you there?

We are going to Iceland tomorrow. For several reasons.

Must be tomorrow or in 14 days?

It can't be any other time.

It was a huge project to get together.

It would be a disaster against Mia if you do. Now she's on ice.

What is she going to do? On ice. She'll go and miss you.

Then you come home and give her a cream and then she will be happy again.

Yes Yes. Mia on ice.

Can we stand in the handicap spot? They don't need any handicapped places.

People who can't walk should not try a climbing posture.

There he is. Welcome.

Hi, Christian. Hi, Christian. - Hello, Kurt.

It is "wonderland". It's not stupid at all.

Jesper Book said so that it was the top shelf.

It's a pure gold calf. That's the word. A golden calf.

We get Muddi ... Hamuddi and then we get a tour, okay?

Good to see you, huh?

Hi. A laundry badge stacked up. Yeah, damn it.

I came walking and thought:

"What good she is. What's that ugly brand? "

That was nice of you. Have a good day, okay? Hi.

Was it someone you knew? Not yet.

What happens? It's an old trick.

Press down on the girl's wash mark. Then you move a little at the neck here.

Then they shake, okay? It's like a tiny orgasm.

This place. Check out what many lonely, filthy ...

30-35 is a woman's best age. Many people like young.

I like the old ones at 30. That's my thing.

Is that why you buy in? I want to meet women.

Then we are here.

This is Hamuddi. Good day. Hamuddi.

Good day. Hamuddi. Frank.

It's our cafe. There you can buy slush in different colors.

That's the icing on the cake. Exactly. That's our volcano.

Good quality? Great quality.

Table tennis, table football. There is something for all tastes.

Yes, but ...!

How good you are.

It is good. What do you think?

It has potential. Yes, it's a golden calf.

We continue. Then we continue.

Here is the object description. We have arrived at a good price.

I must say that. Five million.

That's five million which can come within a week.

It's a fast business. It's a lean message.

A realistic bid.

You think the commandment is lean? You steal it for five million.

It takes place in orderly conditions. We do not bring money in a bag.

What do you mean by that?

There is nothing wrong with that. You get the money.

Give me three days to think. Three there. What do you say?

Yes, I think so. I have a small question.

Do you have any statistics on - what time of day it is most single women here at Dinos playground?

There are most women here. It's mostly in the afternoon.

Most women, most in the afternoon? Thanks. Then I have no more questions.

Please, sir.

Delicious, that playland. We should just have that.

See you tomorrow, Frank. Yes that is good. It is going to be fun.

And Franke! Hand luggage. Yes, yes, of course.

And bring a tuxedo. Why do we have to wear a tuxedo?

It is a surprise that requires that you bring your tuxedo.

Then I say no more. See you. Okay. Yes, hey.

Should you bring a tuxedo to Iceland? Yes, Casper said so.

He has a surprise. I thought you would go fishing.

I will, but the day has lots of hours.

We will meet bankers. Don't fool yourself up there.

Why should I be stupid?

Why ... Don't be nice when in Iceland?

Mia? I'm certainly not the only one who has had a minor accident.

Well, you have guests? We're Bare Ladies. Choir.

We just had this ... I didn't know you had guests.

I found them in the laundry basket and just wanted to show you that ...

Yes, that is happening. I also have happened to suffer a small accident - and so I just wanted to show that so unusual is actually not.

Can you go down and get dressed and put them in the laundry basket?

Well, then ...

Hi dad! Hi, Malte.

Where are you going? I'm going to Iceland now.

Now? We're going up and fishing salmon.

You have two minutes to have a snack and talk a little?

I don't have time now. I'll get Casper.

I would love to hear what you have to say, but it can't be now.

Can you have a good time now, honey?

So we agree on something and take a good one talk when dad comes home.

Health Mom. No, you must not say goodbye to my mother!

Hello. I do not think that we have met. Hi. Frank.

Betina. Naughty mom. Yes. I've heard of you.

What a cool motorcycle, huh? Yes.

I'll get CC. We are going to Iceland.

Hello, CC? Hi, Frank.

Hi, Fnug.

Hi, Frank. No, how cruel it was the last. What a great party.

I didn't know Mia could sing so well. It was completely crazy.

Yes Yes. She is singing.

I'm tickling now. Are you worried about you?

And the little fool. And the little fool.

Can you take care of Mom? Okay Love. See you.

You call when you arrive. Yes.

Is your mother gone when I get home?

No I do not think so.

Cool. It's awesome, I think. Yes I think so too.

How long does she want to stay here then?

She hasn't thought of that yet. She hasn't thought of that?

We just cozy up a little longer. We have fun. Love you.

Bye! Yes!

We're going! Yes!

What is it? It's mine...

It's a jacket. It's a tuxedo.

Yes, a tuxedo jacket. Why are you wearing tuxedos?

We are not farmers. We are grown men who gets away and experiences things.

Get well now, Betina. See you!

You made my daughter pregnant. I am very happy for that.

I know how horny goats are. I have been riding high all over the world.

I'm not the trucker you met at a resting place in Dresden.

I am an educated man.

Do you have a small hand job? What are you saying to me?

Do you have a hand job? I should have no hand job.

So you behave properly. But I behave well.

It can't be here in the car. It's not possible at all.

Now we have to catch the flight.

Why does she say that? She's totally crazy.

Now it happens. Now we're off.


Aren't you glad Mia is on ice? Well, I hope it works.

Oh no. Oh, there's a washcloth.

Do you want to take it? No.

Isn't it a little early? No.

Yes Yes. Just. Oh. A laundry stick stacked up.

I go in with my friend and sees two beautiful girls - and then a nasty brand stands out.

Are you going out and traveling a bit? Where are you going?

We are going for a quick trip to Berlin. So am I. No.

We're going to Iceland. Huh? - Yes, we're going to Iceland.

Shouldn't we have a glass in there when we come across the other side?

I have a gold card for SAS Lounge.

I want to hear about your journey and I have great tips for Berlin.

Shall we say it? Cannon!

Then we will see up there. Lovely. Hello Hello.

Are you crazy? It works every time.

It is fantastic. I haven't seen that before.

What are you doing? I put down your laundry badge.

Your laundry badge stacks up, so I pushed it down.

Why do you have your hands down in my pants?

I think you misunderstand. I just wanted to be polite.

Polite? You took me on the ass!

Explain to her. What happens?

Who are you? And why are you taking me on the ass when I check in?

Calm down, calm down. No one's gonna take you on the ass.

Nobody's taking my ass?

What's going on here? He stuck a finger in my ass!

Do you realize how scared I became?

We will not go further here. Are you kind and follow along?

Let me take this. - Hello. Hello.

Which thing, huh? Sick move. Misunderstanding and mess.

What happened? It's actually very simple.

I see a laundry stick that sticks up and then I stick it down.

I use that trick when I see a girl whose wash brand stands out.

That's because it's ugly. I don't like laundry marks.

There is no difference in printing down a badge in the neck and pants?

Yes, I have clarified that today.

I go out and talk to her and hear what she says.

May I say something? Not for to ruin your fine work.

We have a flight that is going soon. We really want to come up with it.

I understand that, but it will not.

You do not say. Check-in is closed.

We're going to Reykjavik. Do you know who Bent Fabricius-Bjerre is?

The fine older gentleman has a brothel with 75 giggles from all over the world!

I will experience that! I do not want to look at you who don't let me in!

Is it Castello Alleycat?

And now you have destroyed a large one surprise for my friend.

Now sit Mick Øgendahl and Bertelsen up there and having fun with the bastard.

We sit here with you.

I totally shit in what to do in Reykjavik.

You don't fly out of here today.

I think I'm fainting. Who's going to pay the tickets then?

Is she the one who accuses me? Shit in the tickets now, Frank!

It's all about the damn fuck!

I'm going up to that brothel now! Now you fucking take it easy.

I'll fuck somebody and you will help me with that!

In other words...

I said it was pussy from five continents?

Worst to miss is flight and pussy and we just missed both.

I can't go home. No, I can't either.

Should we go to Malaga then? We won't get to the airport.

Now I say something completely crazy.

Let's move into Lars and Tina's house in two days? He's in Tuscany.

They are gone for a month. We can sit there for two days and have fun.

I would fuck a girl from Congo and now I'm going to sit in Lars's house?

It's a little different, huh? I am buying it.

So we cook good food.

Mia is on ice. You do not have to meet your mother-in-law and we cuddle.

We do it. It's your birthday. That's funny.

Duck. Mia is in the tea shop.

There's wine. And champagne. What is it?

Holy shit. Lars likes spring rolls.

I stand looking out over the sea. Is it beautiful up there?

Yes, I can see a small choice that rolls out in the waves.

Bowl. It is so good. It is so good.

I found the wine cellar!

The art is that all the time Keep them moving a bit.

Isn't it just spring rolls? I want it good.


CC? Yeah?

Damn it, that is. Well, you did the puzzle, I see.

Lucky we weren't at Alleycat. By then it had gone completely overpowered.

Damn fuck, that is. When you have gone up I'm horny and go out on Facebook.

Do you remember Pancake-Ronja?

From Skanderborg? You put a finger in your ass.

I'm starting to mess with her. Stop it. Why do you do it?

She was still mad at me. Long story short:she loves me.

What is it? It's been going on all morning.

Now you will laugh. You're laughing to death. Check it out now.

The volcanic eruption has sent ash in the air around Keflavík Airport -

- deteriorating visibility and make landing and landing difficult. The authorities have canceled all air traffic indefinitely.

That means no planes coming to or from Iceland Isn't that brilliant?

Then we can't come home. We are home.

Not in Mia and Fnug's heads. You didn't understand it at all.

We had not come up if it had been there yesterday.

Now we can't come home. What are you going to do?

Should you talk to Mia now and say that we are in Lars and Tina's house?

We ride it out. It's one, two days.

You come home on Monday. You probably survive.

Wouldn't Mia be on ice? Then I think that one day extra is great.

Yes, it's Frank here. Hi. Hi. Good to call you I've called many times I saw it. Are you home now?

Yes. We have been quite worried. Why didn't you answer the phone?

Well, there was little ... evacuation.

Suddenly things went wild.

There came security people and got us out of the hotel.

Are you okay? Yes Yes. It's not lava on the streets.

Yes, it was a dog that was on fire on the outskirts of Reykjavik.

I will miss you. You took my toothbrush

- It's a little annoying. I couldn't find my own.

- But took care of you then. Yes. See ya. Hi.

She already misses me. Huh?

"Mia already misses me," I said. That's brilliant.

Two days, that's all. Perfect. The volcano tops it.

I am doing ...

It's actually spring rolls like I'm waffling here.

How do you want them? I want them done well.

Then I take a medium. Then we can taste each other's.

Hey, Frank.

Can I borrow your toothbrush? Don't you have your own?

I forgot about it. It is therefore I haven't brushed my teeth.

Can I borrow yours? It's actually Mia's toothbrush.

Can't you just take some toothpaste and rinse your mouth?

But I ... But I can borrow Mias toothbrush, do you think?

We do not lend toothbrushes in our family. That's a principle.

Yes it's me. - How is it? The stupid volcano continues to spray ashes. How is it at your place?

- Great, except for one thing. Well, what is it?

I've got pin worms. It itches so I'm going crazy I go a drug treatment with cousin Andreas

He has prescribed you something to the pharmacy in Reykjavik If you have pin worms don't itch your ass - because then you get the eggs under your nails and stick them in your mouth.

I'm not standing out, Frank.

I have to stop, because I will water flowers at Lars and Tina No, stop!

Mia is on her way here! She's going to water the damn orchids.

Clean, tidy. What do you think I'm doing?

Beware, beware, beware.

It's Mia.

Hi, Little Christian.

I'm just watering flowers at Lars and Tina.

Frank is not at home, so then I have to.

No, he's stranded up there in Iceland after all. It's typically Frank.

It's actually really nice to be a little lonely now.

That would be nice, Christian.

Oh okay. No, how nice you are. Thanks.

I'll be there in seven minutes.

Has she gone? Has she gone?

Yes. Have you been there all the time? Didn't she see you?

No, I'm with my back. In other words...

Hi, Frank.

I'll make some spring rolls for you. Let me get that toothbrush now.

That means all the air traffic to and from Iceland is still canceled

I have good news. Dinos playground is yours. Five million Fantastic!

Funny, funny ... Funny, Happy. Happyland.

You'll be happy when you go to Happyland.

I said no!

When were you thinking of watering flowers?

I gave Kamma the keys. You cannot give to all people keys to Tinas and Lars's house.

It's my aunt.

I poop.

No. No. No, CC! No!

I said no. I've said no, so be it!

Casper, I have a shit box news.

We must deal with the pin worms in a smarter way.

I will sleep with socks on. You don't scratch your feet.

No, sock on the hands. I found Lars' socks and put them on.


Casper, Casper! Are you kidding, Frank?

In with you! Damn it, that is.

What are you doing? It's medicine.

Steno Pharmacy. God damnit, Cousin Andreas had called.

I couldn't stand it anymore. You must never do that again.

I think Malte is teaching. You have a good look at him, don't you?

Can I watch? Do you see so much?

Yes Yes. Yes Yes.

Why is he in your bedroom? No clue.

He has put on Mia's bra. Can I see?

He is dressed as a woman. Keep watching, what do you see?

What the hell is going on over there? Can I see? I want to see Mia's bra.

Oh, oh! No! No, now it's a guy there, Frank.

What then? Damn it. Look.

Do you see it? No, it's Gay-Noah.

Who? One of his friends.

A really gay guy. He has been there since the folk high school.

Now it should be fucked. Now you quit.

They have pulled too. They just pulled too, so ...

What did you see? Nothing.

They pulled before and then I thought that it is possible. What the hell do I know?

They stood and hugged or what did they do?

I can only guess. What did you see?

Two men hugging and then it is pulled too.

That's what it is, Frank. What is what?

It seems as if it would bend.

Should I cook for you? Spring roll?

That's what he was trying to say. He wanted a man-to-man snack.

It's not that dangerous. Seriously.

They also have love and sex and passion. It's just something else.

We like girls, but Malte likes a hot jam.

Do you have to go into details? I must say that.

Why a hot jam? Get teeth on a cold snoop.

"Imagine coming home to a freezing cold! "

Get used to it, Frank.

We look at some gay porn, then you know what it is.

Do you have a gay porn movie? We can go online.

Do you like Narnia? There's a cruel Narnia gay movie.

I don't like Narnia. "Into the cupboard, out of the cupboard."

With fancy lighting.

That's just it, Frank. Yes.

It's not that dangerous. No, no, that's what it is.

I go out and take some fresh air.

Frank? Can I see it clearly? Yes, you can only see it clearly.

I want to know who is who or what happens.

Hi, it's me. I just wanted to hear ...

Have you seen Malte lately? - It's a few days ago. I have to tell you something. Only Ladies have got one job So we're going to the Blue Planet on September 5 and sing

Yes, then I'll sing solo. I just got to know that

On a Helmig song.

It's going to be exciting. I'm a little nervous I just got so happy because we got it And so out there. That's great fun Frank, hang on a bit. It knocks on the door

Hey, then I was here again

I hang up now, because ... I just got a visit Susan came now. We're going to eat sushi and watch a movie. We'll hear Excuse me, did you say Susan came?

I don't want Christian on the playground.

He mocks me with that behavior.

I give him a unique chance to be part of a project.

And then he comes sneakily. Fimp him.

Don't say it's too long. Why would I say that?

After adult, mature considerations ... Watch out for "adults" and "mature".

He can think he's too small. I say he must not join.

Now you should hear, Christian. Casper and I talked about the playland.

We have actually decided that we want to run it ourselves.

Yes, it means without you.

It depends a little on your commitment. You have not been fully involved.

We are also afraid that you confuse the children. Christian?

I like them. Long-fried.

Eight hours at the lowest heat.

Cheers. I appreciate all the variety.

More salt too, actually. No, I think it's salty ...

Dad? Hi, Malte.

What ... What are you doing here?

You should be in Iceland. Yes, but so am I.

Why aren't you in Iceland? Well, it ...

Well ... You eat spring rolls here?

The flight did not go and then we went to this house instead.

Mom and I have been worried. Don't be.

And so you sat in this house? We have fun. There is nothing wrong with that.

Why didn't you come home then? Because it's a volcanic eruption.

Yes, but it does not affect you. But we are in Iceland.


What is really important is that you don't say anything to mom.

I don't want to lie to Mom. I'm not asking you to lie.

I'm just saying you shouldn't to say you saw us.

I can't.

Everything is a bit complicated between me and your mom and ...

I do not like this.

Malte, Malte, Malte, don't go.

We need to talk about this. I will take it.

Malte. No, Malte! God damnit. I ask you to stop.

Take it easy, Frank. I beg you to stop.

Can't I talk to Malte? Now the discussion is a little heated.

It's unworthy. Stand there. He should be quiet.

I don't want to lie to Mom. As if you haven't lied before.

That doesn't help. Now I'm talking to Malte.

You should not be afraid. Only if you start talking.

Three good friends who are Serbs sit in the Værebroparken and sniff the carb.

I can call them now and then they come and find you.

Then they take a hobby knife and then they take your soles of your feet.

It happens if you say that I've been to this house.

Is that understood? Yes, that's understandable.

It was good. Have a nice day.

Nothing is going to happen, Malte. It will not ...

The dark is the eggplant. No, it is not. Taste.

What is it? I actually can don't pinpoint it completely.

The Icelandic ash cloud looks to stay longer than you thought Passengers are stranded in much of Europe -

- and especially in ... I want to go home, Casper.

I can't stand anymore, Casper.

Mia was visited by Christian again yesterday.

They sat and moaned there all evening and ate sushi again.

Then think what luck we have that is not stuck in Iceland.

Then we had been forced for three weeks step over a horny Mick Øgendahl.

That's where the prostitutes are.

I can't do it anymore, Frank. No, then we might as well give up.

I do not want any more. We're going home now.

Then you are cursed. We have become that before.

Do you get rid of that? So I take and fix my bag.

Haven't you showered here in the house? No, I haven't.

When you get home now we say the same thing.

Remember that you have indicated yourself. It must give credit!

When you admit you should have lower penalties. If you first ...

What is it?

I am coming now. Yes. Now look there.

Then I probably can't do more for you today. Take care for now.

Caramel, caramel, caramel.

Suck, suck.

Has she put anything in her throat? I don't know.

I think she has bronchitis.

There is nothing we can do ... She's an old woman.

Did she leave? I didn't hear the door.

But did we hear it go again? Didn't she just go out?

She must be gone. Okay.

Let's go.

Comb? No no no no.

Comb? Comb?

I think she's dead. I think she's dead.

I told her she was in her throat.

No, no, no, no, Casper.

No no no no.

I can't get hold of that at all. Now everything crashes, it does.

Casper? Huh?

What are you doing? What I am doing?

Check if she breathes. Under the dress?

Yes, I did a little quick.

It's sick unlucky. Misery sutures are the worst kind.

Then we are in Iceland again. We're back in Reykjavik.

We were so close.

Keflavik Airport is again open after a volcanic eruption

- That's good news for ... Yes!

Iceland's airspace has been opened, Casper!

They have opened in Iceland! They have! The airport is open!

Casper! They have opened the airport. We can come home!

Yes! It's absolutely fantastic.

We can't come home like this.

What do we do? Should we wash clothes? Tuxedo.

Good job, man. Well done myself.

You have to throw away your toothbrush. I had it upstairs.

That's because you were so mean.

Did you stick my toothbrush in the ass? So you got a homework. There they are.

Okay, in ... So we just pretend that ...

Natural, natural, Frank. There they are!

Hello! Hello.


Move. - Hello Hello!

Should we just go in? It's nice that you pick us up.

What do you think of us? Do we look good? Why do you look like that?

We have to be a little nice. That's why we brought tuxedos.

Hi, Casper. Have you also just landed?

Hi. Hello. FNUG.

Where have you been? We've been to Iceland.

You also ... We just landed from Reykjavik.

Have you also been to Iceland?

Then you almost must have been on the same flight, right?

Did you sit there in front or? Where were you sitting?

We sat at 23 and 24. We sat at the front.

Have you just been to Reykjavik? We need to go.

We have a ... We have something to do. Hey, hey, everyone!

I'm sorry I didn't brought something to your home, darling.

We were completely full of it to pack bags and come home.

It is here.


23000? It's crazy, after all.

You've been here for four weeks. They should not make money on that.

- What can we help with? I'm on P8, level 1.

Or first ... What's the name? First row.

We received a bill of 23000. - You pay well. My husband has been stuck in Iceland because of that volcano.

It can't be right that he will pay 23,000.

You have to pay. Or advertising online I refuse to pay 23000! It's not going to happen!

What kind of response? - I'm sending a couple of co-workers. Yes thank you. What kind of welcome? It's the money machine, of course.

Now they come.

It does not matter. It was us who heard from us.

My husband has been stranded in Iceland because of the volcano.

False alarm! We received a bill of 23000.

Relax. Why couldn't we just talk to them and explain?

They hadn't listened. It's totally stupid.

I stood there for four weeks and may pay the price.

It's nice to be home again, Darling. I must say that.

Actually, I came to miss you.

It is also wonderful to have his toothbrush back.

No, don't brush your teeth with it! Casper has put shit on it.

What has he? Yes, he's had it up his ass.

Why the hell does he have it? What?

Why did he have it in his ass? Yeah, it's really weird.

Why did he do that? I actually don't know.

It's really weird. Yes, yes, yes.

But we have been to Iceland. We have been boring up there.

I've had his up in the anus. What have you?

Sooner or later you get tired board games and start teasing each other.

What the hell have you done up there?

What we have done? I said that.

We've been out and watched puffins - and been on a rollercoaster and we've been to Blue Lagoon.

I thought Fnug said that Blue Lagoon was closed.

No. Why would it be closed?

I don't know. She told me that at the airport.

Right. It was ... It was for that she talked about Blue Lagoon.

It was closed. Yes of course. Because of the ash and that.

We were at Lagoon Lagoon. Then what?

The tourists are at Blue Lagoon. But the natives use Lagoon Lagoon.

Can't you do me a favor? And get it organized with Kamma.

That is the last thing we have to end.

Do it, Frank. We owe her that.

She sacrificed herself so we can stand here today.

She was suffocated in an accident. An accident? Or did she sacrifice herself?

Think for a bit. If she doesn't had died we had gone out - and then you had to retaliate that you had lied and were a pitcher.

But since she died, she was forced we stay and therefore we are free men.

Thanks to Kamma. It's nice.

This one dies completely!

Shouldn't we invest in a ball skull? Kurt!

It looks good. Hello, Kurt.

I have good news. Can we hear?

It's two months until you take over Happyland - and it already has received money into the account.

Good! It's the golden calf. How?

I have sold handicap parking places.

You can ignore them now. Who bought them?

It has your new neighbor:Fun City. Fun City. What the hell is that?

It's not built yet, but it is a very large German playland.

It will be twice as big as pea. Will there be a playground?

Yes. They have 35 play countries across Europe.

Isn't that a questionable investment - with five million in jump balls if there is a bigger ball sea?

Absolutely. Why didn't you say that?

I'm not a real estate agent. Kurt, hell!

It depends on how your playground is. Happyland. Notice the word "happy".

"Fun" is also good. It is perhaps more international.

Wouldn't you rather have "fun"? I'd rather be "happy".

Stop it! Why didn't you a deep scan of that project?

I thought you were researching the market. We never investigate anything.

Mr Muddi must have known. He has always known that.

He's the villain. I don't tolerate it, Casper.

Muddi, the purchase must be canceled. Why?

In order to... We've got a spring mask.

And to open a playground right here.

You've played with fake cards.

Muddi, the purchase should be canceled. Quiet now.

Hamuddi is his name, not Muddi. I won't call him "Mr. Muddi".

Shut up, Frank. My name is Hamuddi. H-A-M-U-D-D-I.

Okay. But I won't call you "Mr. Hamuddi".

It's a playground. You must go now.

We know Serbs in the Værebroparken.

So you're threatening us now? We're not as nice as ...

What are you saying? We stay here.

Darat. Darat! Hey!

You're not going to sit there! Stick out!


Come down! I stay here.

What are you going to do now? What? I don't know, but come down now.

Holy shit.

Oh, as a fan. I fell down from the top of the volcano there.

Get out. Come on.

We've been blown, honey.

What then?

It was nothing. Hi, Christian.

Everything okay ... on the playground?

Yes, that was a shame that we couldn't ... fit with you.

It's Mia. Yes a moment. I am going out.

What? What are you saying?

Are you okay?

I know what you have in the binoculars. I have nothing special in the binoculars.

Have you eaten sushi in my house? I probably have.

Frank. Yeah?

Kamma - she's dead.

How can you know that? Tina just called me.

They just came home and found Kamma dead.

No, what a terrible thing. Such a shame. My aunt is dead.

I don't know how it went. They came home and found her dead.

It was terribly sad to hear.

It was really sad to hear. I'm terribly sorry for that.

I think it's so awful.

It was really sad to hear. It's really a shame.

Pass away.

We have gathered here to say goodbye by Kamma Ingeborg Rasmussen.

Your dear Kamma ... We have to sell the play land.

Before it comes out that there will be another playland.

Frank, frankly. Can you stop?

I've told him three times that he should be quiet.

Have you talked to Kurt about it? Talk to Kurt ...

I'll sell to Little Christian. Christian?

Poor Andreas. Sorry about the grief.

How sad it is. It is so boring.

Sorry about the grief. Thanks, Lars.

Yes, we all do, honey. What a good thing you came home early.

My flowers are also dead. Now that we regret the grief.

You should water. How often have you been there?

I haven't been there at all, for Casper and I were in Iceland.

We got stuck up there in a volcanic eruption.

The orchids are drenched, rotten. Kamma must have watered them.

You haven't been to us? No, he's been to Iceland.

Our neighbor has seen you out in our garden.

When did he see it? A week ago.

I haven't been there. I don't know what he's talking about.

250 spring rolls have disappeared. It might be Kamma.

250? It's totally illogical.

Wait a minute now. It's true. That's how it is.

Just before Casper and I go to Iceland we water the orchids.

Then we take a couple of spring rolls. 250 spring rolls?

When were you there? I've not been there.

It is very strange.

Have you been there and watered or have you not been there and watered?

What happens? That's that pressure again.

What do you mean, Frank? One print.

Are you sick? I do not know.

If I've got something in my head. A tumor or bleeding.

I've wrestled with that. Why didn't you say something?

I didn't want to worry.

You must be scanned immediately.

That explains a lot. We're going.

Where did you put the car? I don't remember that, honey.

It's over here.

Now we get to check it out, okay?

I wonder why Malte did not show up at the funeral.

You should not interpret anything in that. It's as if he's avoiding me.

Hello. What the hell? Hi.

What's up with you, Fnug? It's not me. It's Casper.

That's me. We got his head scanned.

Have you been scanned? Yes. Head.

We are scared that he may have a tumor.

Huh? Yes it is true.

Frank will also have his head scanned. Are you going in and scanning as well?

Why should you be scanned? Yes, because he is completely confectionary.

Casper has been exactly the same.

He has been completely confused about everything that happened in Iceland.

Frank has, too. Yes, but I have been.

He thinks they were at Blue Lagoon and it was closed.

It wasn't Lagoon Lagoon you had been on, did you say?

Wasn't it Lagoon Lagoon?

There's nothing called. Lagoon Lagoon?

Frank said you were at Lagoon Lagoon. That I was at Lagoon Lagoon?

Was I? It is possible. Well, you've been totally confused.

Damn it, that is. I'm really scared now.

Good that we are scanned. So we'll see who's sick.

Get well. Same.

Frank Hvam? We hope it is not something.

Come on. Let's go. Uh, what a scary thing.

Good luck, Frank, okay?

It's not something you've come up with? Darling?

It's a little strange to Casper too has been a turn in the scanner.

I just know I can have something. Something's wrong with my head.

Yes I understand that. If you come with me out.

You can't just twist my cancer history.

I damn well don't know how time to scan.

I am a simple man who also have problems.

With that said, I actually think - that we have reached the bottom and now it can only go forward.

Betina will drive the earth around the motorcycle. I'll soon get out of that predicament.

She's just leaving? She's going on that shit hill.

Malte has called. He wants to have a drink. Positive.

Hi dad. Well, there you are. Hi.

Good that you came.

What happens? You will not come funeral and does not call mom.

People get nervous. Everything has just been a bit chaotic.

That's why we have to behave quite normally.

We must protect our secret. You haven't told anyone?

Good. That's what I wanted to hear. We can keep a secret.

We can do that. That's why I thought too that it would be an obvious opportunity.

Man to man talk? Hey, Frank. Come on. Hurry up.

What happens? We're going to Reykjavik now.

Are we going to Iceland? I don't need the sweater in Malaga.

What happens? Betina wants to see pictures from Iceland.

I have no pictures from Iceland and then she calls Mia.

She hasn't seen any pictures, because we haven't been to Iceland!

That's why I booked airline tickets to Reykjavik now.

Now, Frank! Did she talk to Mia?

She's talked to Mia and now they want to see pictures.

I know what you're wrestling with. Maybe it's a phase. Knock it down.

Where the hell is he? What is this? What have you said?

I have said we are in a hurry. I have booked VIP.

Frank and Jesper? Frank and Casper. You are late.

A VIP tour? Let's go.

I can change it with a pen. I can't.

We go to the car. It's the white jeep.

Just the first letter? It is okay. But we are in a hurry.

We're a little stressed. VIP tour.

No, this one.

It? It is surprisingly large inside.

You're turning on big, huh? It is very spacious.

Don't blame it on me. Then I'll take the next flight home.

Wait. I haven't stopped yet. Yes, it is okay.

You better see it from here. We can not make it.

Wait until we stand still.

Okay. Le, Frank!

You can get medicine over there. We are done.

Casper, remember that this is called Lagoon Lagoon.


Whale watching.

I have to stop first.

Is this up there?

We can wait for the next one. Come now!

Can you move together? No, take the picture.

It feels if you are afraid. Take the picture now, hell.

Casper, Casper, sch. It's Mia. Hey.

Yes, hey, honey. - Are you with Casper now?

- Come to Fnug in half an hour. What are you talking about, honey?

You haven't been to Iceland. So we'll see you in half an hour We can be there tonight. - Why can't you come now? Where are you? I'm in Iceland.

- Now you have to give up. It's true. This time...

What the hell are you doing? Why do you say "in Iceland"? Have you gone crazy?

We are revealed. They know that we haven't been to Iceland.

Do you know what this is, Frank? It's your journal.

And I wrote a recipe ...

... to you at Vermox against the worm which would be collected in Reykjavik.

And do you know where it was downloaded? At Steno Pharmacy on Vesterbro.

Where the hell have you been? We have been to Denmark.

Have you been to Denmark? And not at all in Iceland?

Why didn't you just come home? I didn't, because ...

I was actually in Iceland. Stop now. So, Casper ...

I'm as shocked as you are about what Frank is doing.

At the airport Frank left finger up in the buttocks of someone.

And then I board the plane and see an empty seat.

You bought the medicine. Casper also had pin worms.

I lie down a bit.

I come down and explain everything and then we go out and eat alone.

Can you look at me a little? You have lied and lied and lied.

I've been lying about Iceland. It's true.

For four weeks!

So ... Now I don't want to sit here on the prosecution bench itself.

I'm not the only one lying. How honest are you yourself?

Yes, you invited Christian home. You ate sushi and flirted.

But at least he sees me!

How's that at home? I have no home, that is.

We actually slid a little apart. What did you expect with that shit?

So it must be. - Hello.

Come in.

Hi, Christian. Hi, Frank.

We did not actually get a grip about that playland.

Yes. Let's give Casper five minutes before we sign on?

There he is. Sorry, guys.

Sit down. I've been expelled from home.

Have you been thrown out? How?

I would receive from my mother-in-law a hand job once a week.

Then I said "no way". Why do you say "no way"?

I shouldn't have a hand job by my mother-in-law.

Oh my God. If that's the price. Shouldn't we sign on now?

We agree that you sell Happyland - to Christian for SEK 4 million?

So you lose a million. That's what we sign.

Then you write, Frank. Yes.

I'm really sorry. I'm glad you sell to me.

Then the deal is done. Christian, Happyland is yours.

I am very happy for that. Thanks.

There you did away. It's a fantastic deal.

Do you know that it will be a Fun City beside our playland - which will ruin you completely? A bigger playland with new balls.

Kurt made sure it didn't come. There will be no competitors.

I've talked to a contact at the municipality and had it stopped.

They do not get Fun City building permits. So it will be a pure golden calf.

A playground must not be built there. Tender, acceptance, agreement.

Businessmen. So there. We burn a million kronor.

It was your idea to sell and Christian agreed to buy.

Have a good one. Frank, you're with me.

Oops, Frank. I almost forgot about it.

Mia gave me this. I would give it to me if I met you.

Hope everything is there. Have you been with her?

Not yet. But the day is not over.

Anyway, we're leaving. See you. I don't know anything about that.

Frank, come on.

Let's be a little positive. Not when he treats me that way.

I have a taxi standing here. I have an adventure waiting.

Now you have to think positively.

And now you'll see. When we come ... Frank?

Christian? Can I borrow it there? What are you doing?

Now you are not visiting Mia today.

Frank, stop that. It's childish.

I can't reach. Run, run!

Don't buy such a high car.

You are gone for a while and then is one's wife together with a dwarf.

I'm also expelled from home. Betina said the scan was a lie.

We're sitting here. We are on an adventure now. But where are we going?

To something called Tothaven, a small ecological town.

There are goats and turkeys. Do we know anyone in Tothaven?

Yes, we know a person. One named Ronja.

Stop now. It's all about fucking.

I'll fuck there and I don't know why.

It's weird. It's as if my brain has been locked.

A cruise robot that has been fired and then it's "lock on".

What should I do in the meantime? Eat organic pancakes.

When we come out you should see.

And the gift giving continues. Rubber boots for you and me.

Hello Hello. Hello, tasty food.

Hi, Ronja. Hi, my girl. Hi, Casper.

Hello. Welcome. Nice to see you.

Hi, Frank. Welcome. Is it fist-bumping? Okay.

Did you have something we can eat?

I only have dirty bumps and the party song.

We have a party song with us. Is it enough?

There we were lucky.


Cottage? I must see it. I must fanimej.

Is it organic?

Yes, my wife scared me.

I'm in a couple relationship crisis.

I found something for you. It is contact adhesive. You have to try it.

Has everyone?

As a younger man, you were wonderful caring and honest

a dick you were and an amazing father

you were always useful for the healthy and the listening Yes, so you were the world's best Frank Bowl!

Cheers, Frank. Now I'm blushing.

it is no longer we barely recognize you Now you're betraying the family to get what you wanted You think you have everything but do not want to share You have your head in the ass on yourself Perfect! Yes. Congratulations to you, Frank. Bowl!

Cheers, old friend! Congratulations.


Good morning, Frank. Good morning, Ronja.

Did you sleep well? Yes, I've slept well.

I'll get eggs, so I can make more pancakes.

Okay. Yes, you have to.

Ronja? What date do we have today? September 5th.

Casper? Casper, have you gone up?

It is okay. I say thank you. It is good. Hi.

I have an idea. I have a good news.

Yes, you! The scan images that was taken on me. There is a shadow.

You have skull cancer? Maybe.

But then I did not lie. It is very fun.

I want to see Mia sing solo on the Blue Planet.

Then I can stand at the front.

She asked me to see her. Then she knows I love her.

I'm coming with. We have to knit. I get claustrophobia.

There are animals everywhere. It's a crazy place.

We have to leave when Ronja is gone. Yes of course.

You don't have the key to the car, do you? I can find it. Then we take the car.

Steal it? Yes. I'll take my clothes.

She's sick, Frank! Yes Yes. Okay. Yes, yes.

Okay. Then it's rock and roll, huh?

Shout if she comes. I don't want to talk to her.

Casper, she's coming. Do you have the keys? What?

Lend me that one. Now we have to think fast.

What are you doing? No, Casper, it's contact adhesive!

Hi, Ronja. Thanks for yesterday.

I have received a very bad news.

What the hell have you done? in the eyes of me, Frank ?!

Yes, yes. - It's contact adhesive.

Oh! Oh my eyes! Casper, are you okay? Quiet.

We have to rinse our eyes. Where is the car?

What should you do with the car? We have to get out of here! We go!


Yes, we're leaving now. It's my car.

Yeah, well, I don't know what should i say about.

Did you drive without me? You've given me glue in the eyes.

I can not see you. I go on the sound like a fucking dolphin.

Help now, CC.

You can't stand crying. Then no one picks us up.

I'm not crying. My eyes react naturally to glue.

There you go, Casper. Let me do it, Frank.

Beware now.

Good day. Hello.

Where are you going? Copenhagen.

Go then. It's not dangerous.

You don't know what the hell it is.

Thousand thanks. What a wonderful trip.

Kiss Kiss. Cannon. Thanks. Yes thank you.

Hi dad. Hi, Malte. What are you doing here?

I'd leave laundry. I will bike out and hear mom sing.

I'll do that too. Cannon. Who is...

Yes, it is ... We got pushed. This is Malte, my son.

Say hello to the girls. Or what should we say?

I have thought on one thing, Malte, for a long time.

I know what you've been trying to say to me. And you are who you are.

You are born as you were born. I know you're gay.

I'm not gay, Dad. It's hard to talk about.

I've seen how you roam around with Gay-Noah in the bedroom.

You misunderstood it. But I saw it in the binoculars.

I want to be an actor.

Noah helped me get in in a role I want to play.

Well, aren't you gay then? Absolutely not. Not at all.

Yes, Malte! You fooled me. I thought you were ficus.

Dad has had a bad time. No, it's fantastic.

See you, Dad. Yes we do.

He wasn't gay anyway. It was a surprise to me.

But it's not an easy life either.

So it's something like a dad so obviously a little relieved.

We're off to the Blue Planet.

Hi. Two tickets to Bare Ladies.

Do you have tickets then? Because it's sold out tonight.

I'm a family member. It does not help.

It must help. She says you can't come in.

You must have a ticket. Do you have it? Then you will not come in.

Hi there, thanks. Can you knit now, mate ?!

Hello. Damn, it's full roll. Welcome. Much pleasure.

See you guys. It's totally raging now!

Do you really want to get in there? Is it really important to you?

Okay. Get ready.

It's a laundry badge, for hell.

See you.

What the hell are you doing? It was because your laundry badge ...

Do you stick your finger in the ass on people?

I thought you were so nice. Ouch!

What the hell are you doing?

Came up!

Oh, honey, I saw you singing. I did.

I've been a cash partner.

I've had my head in the ass. I've been awful.

I want to be part of the family again.

I want to be there 100 percent for you and Malte.

I love you.

I love you too.

Now the taxi is out there, so now we go.

Did you see daddy shit in the water? Yes, I saw that.

It's so wonderful. Can I hold him?

Did you happen to be in the water on The Blue Planet? Damn it, what a pig.

They call it the "Brown Planet" now. It's true. They vote for it on P3.

There we have him. I'll get him some.

Betina ... He has to sleep.

I also want to try to keep him.

Haven't you kept him yet? Didn't walk around with him.

Can't you lift him? I haven't been allowed.

We go to the girls. She's tough.

We talked about how stupid it was you go to Iceland for those pictures.

But what the hell are we doing? After all, we were getting busted.

Really. Can't we see them? Yes, you can.

Frank, go the distance. Anyone want to see the pictures?

It's fun when you know the story.


It's Geysir. Their big geyser there.

Did you get the shirts when you got there?

You look so stupid. You get them in customs, yes.

There we are in the Blue Lagoon. It was stupid, because it was closed.

It hit us while we were there.

You couldn't use that. It's at our house.

This is our kitchen. Yes, it's in your home.

Your house? Yes Yes.

What the hell is that? I don't know either.

Stop it now, Betina. That's my phone.

Lets see. We do so there.

Have you been to Lars and Tina's house?

What the hell are you doing? Damn it.

Have you eaten the spring rolls? What? No, honey, what are you doing?

Is it my toothbrush that you have in the space hole?

No! Have you pissed in my orchids?

Then we stop there. Nice picture.

It's my aunt. It's incredibly inappropriate.

No, Casper, for hell.

I don't remember that. What a disgusting thing it is.

That picture is brand new to me.

It is simply too much. I think it is. Stop!

Come on. We're leaving now. I really want to see the pictures.

Come now. No. You can of course...

SE Text:Thomas Jansson