Klute (1971) Script

Can I do this? What do I do? Shall I do this?

Okay. There.

I don't have a plate yet. I've had four in front of me.

How do you like, white or dry?

This one doesn't have any meat.

Here it is. I like white and dark.

Well, give this to whoever's done.

We've got two tons of potatoes.

Tom. Tom.

I'll drink to that.

Did you know the subject, Thomas Gruneman?


Very well?

He was my best friend.

We grew up together.

Can you account for his disappearance in any way?

Mrs. Gruneman? No.

Did he recently appear to be agitated or depressed in any way?


Now, Mr. Cable, at the plant, did he voice any grievance or discontent about his work there?

No, not at all. Tom operated best when he was under pressure.

Please forgive me, Mrs. Gruneman, but I have to ask.

Did your husband ever show... any moral or sexual problems or peculiarities?

No. No.

Any marital problems in general, that is?

We were very happy.

Did he ever mention, specifically, a girl or a woman in New York City?


No. Why?

We recovered in his desk at the plant, in one of the drawers, a letter, a typewritten letter, that was evidently written on the Friday before he disappeared.

It was written to a girl in New York City, and we contacted the police.

They brought her in, questioned her, and she said that she had received six or seven letters of this kind.

Can I see it?

Well, it's an obscene letter, Mrs. Gruneman.

I would like to see it.

I'd like you to remember that it was written by a very disturbed man.

I don't believe it.

I'd like you to know that situations of this kind are not unique, Mrs. Gruneman.

A man will lead... a double life, a Jekyll-and-Hyde existence, and his wife has no idea what's going on.

Has anybody talked to you about the financial arrangements?

Well, that depends, naturally, on how long you want me for... and what you want to do.

I know you.

It will be very nice.

Well, I'd like to spend the evening with you if it's... if you'd like that.

Have you ever been with a woman before, paying her?

Do you like it?

I mean, I have a feeling that that turns you on very particularly.

What turns me on is because I have a good imagination, and I like... pleasing.

Do you mind if I take my sweater off?

I think in the confines of one's house, one should be free of clothing and inhibitions.

Inhibitions are always nice 'cause they're so nice to overcome.

Don't be afraid.

I'm not.

As long as you don't hurt me more than I like to be hurt...

I will do anything you ask.

You should never be ashamed of things like that. You mustn't be.

You know, there's nothing wrong. Nothing is wrong.

I think the only way that any of us can ever be happy is to let it all hang out, you know.

Do it all and fuck it.

Hi. Would you stand up, please? Hi.

Hello. Hi.

Okay. Hi. Can I see your eyes? Let me see your hair.

Take your hair... your hat off. Take my hair off?

Yeah. Okay.

Too pretty. Too pretty.

She's kind of exotic. That's the coloring.

The coloring is great. Yeah, I don't know.

It's not quite it though. No, not really.

Hello. Can I see your hands?

Mmm. Thank you.

She has some funny hands. Yeah.

No. No.

Hi. She is great. Beautiful eyes.

Yes, lovely. That's the coloring.

Yeah. Let me see you smile.

I think she has that cross between... She's great. But I've seen you before.

I think so. Have you done any cosmetic ads?

Yes, I have. You have?

How could they send us people with a conflict?

I don't believe this. Call that agency.

Irene Dunne would've had it. That would be perfect.

C minus. C minus.

Got to find her today.

Okay, that's it. Thank you, ladies. Thank you.

Bring the next group, please.

I'm exhausted. One more day of this, and I'll pull out my hair.

Hello. Hi.

Okay, ladies, just have a seat, please.

It's been six months.

Tom Gruneman's been missing for half a year.

And all the FBI has to offer is a report that must bore even you.

There are thousands of honest, decent men who simply disappear every year.

Neither Mrs. Gruneman nor I are willing to just dismiss this case.

Therefore we feel entitled to investigate on our own.

You're entitled.

There are some very competent...

John Klute offered us his services, and we've accepted.

Klute knew Tom, and he has a great many ideas about the case.

You ever done any missing persons work before?


Have you spent any time in the city?


Speaking frankly...

You're wondering why we thought of Klute.


He's interested.

And he cares.

Why didn't you ever find out anything from that girl?

We held her under surveillance, expecting your boy Gruneman to show up there.

He didn't. We arrested her on a CP charge.

Convicted. Two months women's city prison.

Offered to reduce sentence, she cooperated.

She thought she remembered Gruneman from those letters from before.

She made that connection.

But she hadn't seen him since then and couldn't identify his photograph.

A good call girl, she'll turn 600 or 700 tricks a year.

Faces get blurred.

And since then, she's reported several incidents, like breather calls, anonymous phone calls.

Also, somebody may be following her, watching her.

Things like that.

So I guess it's conceivable that Gruneman's still around there.

Still bugging her.

Hey, Trina. Bree.

Listen, I could use a quick 50. You got a commuter for me?




Terrific. Yeah. Bye.

Hi. I'm Bree.

Yeah. Uh, come in, please.

I'm glad to know you, Bree.

I'm glad you could come.

Sit down, please.

Um... Where you from?

Can I get you a drink?

I'd like a ginger ale. Thank you. That would be nice.

I'm from Chicago.

You come to New York often?

Often? No, I don't come to New York too often.

Two or three times a year, maybe. That's too bad.

What kind of party did you have in mind?

We could...

We could have a nice half-and-half party for 50.


We could have a good time for 50.

Or if you wanted something extra, it would be a little more.

Um... Yeah. Have...

Maybe a nice... Listen, would it be all right...

Tell me. What do you want? Tell me. I mean...

Tell me what you want. Hmm?

Oh, wow.

Wow. That sounds fantastic.

That's so exciting, but it's going to cost you more.

That's fantastic.

That's going to be 100.

Sure. Fine. Oh, yes. Very good. Yeah.

100. Very good.

Mmm. I like to get business out of the way at the beginning.

That way we don't have to think about it. Then we can... just have a good time.

Mmm. I like your mind.

Yeah. So.


Is this the bed?

This is the bed.

Very nice. Very nice. Very nice.

There's the bed in operating position.

You're so nice.

Come here. Come here.

Oh, my angel. Oh, my angel.

♪ We gather together To ask the Lord's blessing ♪

♪ He hastens and chastens His wisdom divine ♪

♪ And from the beginning The fight we were winning ♪

♪ Lord, be at our side ♪

♪ Divine ♪

It's 12:00 midnight. This is Jim Donnelly, WNEW News.

Con-Edison has again resorted to a cutback in voltage to conserve generating capacity.

At three percent...



Who is it?

Miss Daniel, my name is Klute. John Klute.

I'd like to talk to you. What do you want?

My name is John Klute.

You said that.

I'm an investigator. I'd like to ask you some questions about Tom Gruneman.

Who? Tom Gruneman. He wrote you some letters.


He was a research engineer at the Tuscarora Laboratories in Pennsylvania, and he disappeared from there last December.

And I've been hired to look for him. Why?

You know what I'm talking about, Miss Daniel.


Can I ask you some questions, please?

Do you have any identification?

You're not a cop?

You're not FBI?

You're a private detective?

And you just want to ask me some questions.


They're not very recent. That's last year.

They're quite good. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Tell me, what have you done that I might have seen on Broadway or off-Broadway?

Well, I study with George Tainter.

George? George is very good. He's a good man to begin with.

And I've been in two of his productions... workshop-type productions.


They're very nice. Very nice.

Tell me, how do you feel about being an actress?

I like it very much. Mm-hmm.

Do you think you know yourself? I like acting.

As much as anybody, I guess. Do you really know yourself?

No. That's very important.

I forget myself when I act. No, you can't forget yourself.

You have to know yourself and kind of like yourself.

You have to relate.

Relate to people. Mmm.

I had an identity crisis two years ago, and since then, I've been working to know myself.

That's very important. Very...

Don't hide your face.

You have a nice face. Excuse me. Just a second.

Jillian? Yes, okay, send her in.

Well, I'm very busy. It was wonderful for you to stop by.

If you're in anything off-off-Broadway or...

How are you today?

I'm not gonna be able to come back anymore.

I'm sorry.

Because I just can't afford it.

Did I fail you, Bree?

I've been coming here all this time and paying you all this money.

Why do I still want to trick?

Why do I still walk by a phone and want to pick up the phone and call?

Did you think I had some magic potion?

You'd come in and tell me what your problem was, and I would just take it away?

What's the difference between going out on a call as a model or as an actress, and as a call girl?

You're successful as a call girl...

Because when you're a call girl, you control it, that's why.

Because someone wants you.

Not me.

I mean, there are some johns that I have regularly that want me, and that's terrific, but they want a woman.

And I know I'm good.

And I arrive at their hotel or their apartment...

and they're usually nervous, which is fine, because I'm not.

I know what I'm doing.

And for an hour...

for an hour, I'm the best actress in the world, and the best fuck in the world.


Why'd you say you're the best actress in the world at that time?

Because it's an act. That's what's nice about it.

You don't have to feel anything. You don't have to...

care about anything.

You don't have to like anybody. You just...

You just... lead them by the ring in their nose in the direction they think they want to go in.

And you get a lot of money out of them in as short a period of time as possible.

And you control it, and you call the shots.

And I always feel just great afterwards.

And you enjoyed it? No.

Why not?

You said there's nothing wrong with it. There's a difference...

I don't think there's anything wrong with it... morally.

I didn't enjoy it physically.

I... I came to enjoy it because it made me feel good.

It made me feel like I wasn't alone.

It made me feel...

that I had some control over myself, that I had some control over my life, that I could determine things for myself.

Oh, I don't know. I don't know why I'm here.

It's so silly to think that somebody else can help anybody, isn't it?

I could come over tonight. Are you alone?

In about an hour.

Okay. See you in an hour.


You look beautiful. Thank you.



It's good to see you again. Likewise.

I just got back from Cannes, you know.

And I...

well, I have something rather exciting to tell you.


Cannes was very amusing.

We played baccarat and chemin de fer.

And a very nice little Italian marquis was rather enthusiastic about me.

But a young man can be so silly.

And then one night...

at the gambling tables...

I saw him.

A stranger. He was looking at me.

He was standing very still on the other side of the room.

And his eyes were looking right into me.

And I knew that, for the first time in my life...


Not young. He wasn't young.

He had gray sideburns.

Actually, he looked rather like you. Yes?

No one could tell me who he was.

Was he an exiled prince or a mercenary?

But there was a feeling stirring inside me, a pagan feeling.

And the next day on the beach, in my beach pavilion... it was so warm on the sand.

And I saw him again.

He was staring at me.

His eyes were burning into me.

I was helpless.

He didn't even have to say anything, and I knew.

I knew that somehow...

I've never liked young men.

And I knew that... that he would awaken something in me...

that no young man had ever awakened.

He was...

He was so wise.

And he taught me so many things...

with his hands... and with his mind.

I felt so beautiful.

Miss Daniels. Can I come upstairs and ask you some questions now?

You bastard.

Is this the shakedown, hon?

You picked a loser. I don't have it. I'm looking for Tom...

Jesus. You think I'd be living in this kip if I were taking calls full-time?

I'd be back on Park Avenue.

Can I ask you some questions?

Or you'll get me thrown back in the brig, you mean?

Have a seat.

Would you like some wine?

Or some beer? No, thank you.

There isn't any beer anyway.

Look, I've already told the police everything I know.

I don't even remember the schlub.

Yeah, they showed me that already.

I understand this is Gruneman. Mm-hmm.

I told them, I don't remember.

Family-type man, it figures.

Look, will you please just try to get it from my side?

A year ago...

I was in the life full-time, living on Park Avenue.

This very nice apartment, leather furniture.

And then the cops dropped on me, they caged me.

Started asking me about a guy, some guy that I'm supposed to have seen a year before that.

Two years ago!

He could be in Yemen.

Gruneman, what does that mean? It's a name. I don't know him.

They start showing me these pictures, and they don't mean anything to me.

Then they started asking me if I'd been getting letters from some guy out in Cabbageville.


Yeah, all right, I had been.

Very sick letters.

So they said, "Well, that's Gruneman."

So would you please tell us when you and he...

Well, there was a guy... once, a freak.

Could have been him. Apparently, Gruneman liked to beat up on girls.

And, well, this guy hired me and then he tried to kill me.

That was about two years ago.

Tommy baby, olly, olly, in free, kid. I got the gumdrops.

You remind me of my uncle.

What else do you remember about the man who beat you up?


Except that he wasn't kidding, that's all.

See, usually it's a fake out.

You probably know about that.

They pretend to tie you up, you wear a dress with a cloth belt, and they pretend to whip you.

It's their money, I don't care.

I'll swing from a shower rod and whistle "Maytime," except this guy really freaked out on it.

But you cannot identify this man as Tom Gruneman?

I can't identify him as anybody.

So... is that it?


why don't you go downstairs...

You have such a nice mouth.

...and get those tapes, and bring them back up here... and we'll have a party, you and I?

Wouldn't that be nice?

What about afterwards, about the telephone calls?

Just phone calls, right?

What is it? The phone rings, you answer, there's nobody there.

Kids getting their kicks, burglars finding out if the apartment's empty.

It happens all the time in New York. It doesn't mean anything.

You reported that you had been followed.

Look, I'm sorry. I've been... leading everybody astray.

It doesn't...

Yeah, okay, I get these feelings, but they're just feelings, that's just me.

I'm sure you'll find this amusing, but I'm afraid of the dark.

Or sometimes I get spooked. I think I see people, hear things.

Or I go out in the morning and think somebody's been prying open my mailbox.

Or if there's trash in front of my door, I think somebody's trying to freak me out.

It's just nerves. I'm a nervous broad. It doesn't mean anything.

Bree Daniels.

How is Ted? Yeah.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I'd love to. Maybe the next time you're in town?

I'd like to meet you very much. You've got a nice voice.


Actually, I'm having a conversation with a very nice cop.

He's not a cop actually, he's a private de...

Is that how you get most of your dates?

Somebody gives your name to somebody else?

Most of them, yeah.

And that how you met the man who beat you up?

I don't remember. It was two years ago. God.

How else do you get dates then, pimps?

Oh, you're very square, cookie.

No, pimps don't get dates for you, they just take your money.

The police have given me a list of names.

I'd like to ask you about them. Frank Ligourin?

I'm sure this is gonna amuse you too.

But I'm trying to get away from all that.

What about this evening, the old man?

You saw that? Goddamn you!

He's 70 years old.

His wife is dead, he's been cutting garments since he was 14.

He's maybe in his whole life had one week vacation, and I'm all he's got.

And he never lays a hand on me.

What harm is there in that?

And what's your bag, Klute? What do you like?

You a talker? A button freak?

Like to have your chest walked around with high-heel shoes?

Like to have us watch you tinkle? Okay.

Or do you get it off wearing women's clothes?

Goddamn hypocrite squares! Okay.

I hope this isn't going to make my cold any worse.

Now tell me about Frank Ligourin.

He was my old man. We broke up.

When? When did you break up?

About eight months ago.

Would you mind not doing that, ple...



Well, I thought I could trade you for those tapes.

Doesn't it get lonely down there in your little room?

Maybe I could bring you some friends. I've got some terrific friends.

No, thank you.

Men have paid $200 for me, and here you are turning down a freebie.

You could get a perfectly good dishwasher for that.

What are you doing with my keys?

Give me your hand.

I knew it.


Don't be afraid. I'm going to sit you down on the bed.

There's someone on the roof.

Sit. Sit!



You didn't get him. No.

Was it Gruneman?

I didn't see him.

Who sent you on that date?

Frankie Ligourin.

You and I will go talk to Frank Ligourin tomorrow.

Don't be afraid. I'm not.

Would you like me to hold you?

I'm just trying to figure you out.

I may say, not many people have been very successful at that.

That's all right. I'll figure you out before the evening is over.

I hope you do. And, in a way, I hope you don't.

The only responsibility you have to me is to enjoy yourself.

Inhibitions are always nice 'cause they're so nice to overcome.

'Cause I'm very bad. I...

In what way? How are you bad?

In my head, I have very wicked ideas.

Lots of them.

I'm sure as you're sitting at your great desk, you have all kinds ofstrange things going through your mind.

You should never be ashamed of things like that.

Nothing is wrong.

You know that I will do anything you ask.

I think the only way that any of us can ever be happy is to... is to let it all hang out.

I was just finishing up some work, mocking up a few photographs.

I used to be a photographer. Bree tell you?

Before I got into publishing.

He knows you're a pimp, Frankie.

He knows you were my pimp.

Excuse me. Bree, why don't you wait outside?

I always respected Bree. I'd like to make something clear.

I just got a couple of questions. I want to make something clear.

You know, I don't go after a girl.

Girl comes to me.

Her choice. Right?

I'm looking for a man, Tom Gruneman.

Miss Daniels tells me the date that beat her up two years ago might've been that man, and that you sent her on that date.

Two years ago? Sorry.

I understand you use narcotics.

Maybe I could have someone come over and look at your... arms.

I may stand better with the cops than you do.

Why don't you sit down and relax?

It was a family matter between the girls.

Had two other girls then, two other girls besides Bree.

One of them, Jane McKenna, she blows a little jealous of Bree, you know?

Bree comes first.

And evidently she knew this freak, beats up on women.

She cons me into passing him on to Bree.

So Bree'd get hurt.

I didn't know till afterwards.

You can't tell them that one of their own in-laws laid a freak on them.

Peace in the family.

Beyond that, I don't know.

That's all she wrote.

Did you see the man?


How can I get hold of Jane McKenna?

Baby, would I be telling you all this?

She copped out long ago.

She committed suicide, Baxter.

And the other girl, what's her name?

Arlyn. Arlyn...


How do I find her?

I don't know. She's a junkie.

Make that scene, you could be anywhere. Here, San Francisco. They just drop out.

Anything else?

Did you like my friend Frankie?

Not very much.

Didn't he tell you what you wanted? Where can I find Arlyn Page?

You're not going to find Arlyn Page. She's a junkie.

Didn't he tell you that he sent me that guy?

Jane McKenna sent you that guy.

Well, she's dead.


Your tapes.

Golly gee, just what I've always wanted. Dirty phone calls. Ah!

What for?

I'm through with your part of it. You told me what you could.

Well, tell me, Klute.

Did we get you a little, huh? Just a little bit?

Us city folk?

The sin, the glitter, the wickedness, huh?

All that's so pathetic.

Fuck off.

I'll tell you something, Jack.

It is in the bells that I hear my voices.

Not today when they all rang. That was nothing but jangling.

But here, in this corner, where the bells come down from heaven and the echoes linger... or in the fields where they come across the quiet of the countryside, my voices are in them.

Hark. Not so... Gently.

Do you hear?

♪ Dear child of God ♪ That's just what you said.

At the half hour, they will say:

♪ Be brave, go on ♪ At the three-quarters, they will say:

♪ I am thy help ♪ But it is at the hour when the great bell goes after:

♪ God will save France ♪ It is then that St. Margaret and St. Cath...

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Script, please.

Very interesting accent. Thank you.


Thank you.

All right. So what do you want, cop?

I can't find Arlyn Page without your help.

I told you you wouldn't find her.

If I can't find her, I can't find him. If I can't find him, you're in trouble.

So what do you say?


It's going to cost. Time is money.

Okay, well, I can pay you $100.

A hundred dollars. I can make that at a lunch break.

A hundred dollars is all I've got.

Hey, you were very good upstairs.

Kid, will you buy me a coffee?

Buy you lunch. You want lunch? Mmm.

Come on.

Whenever it suits you.

No, make it Monday at 8:00 p.m.

I said, Monday, 8:00 p.m., baby. Now, don't be naughty.

He's a lovely man.

Comes here, spends a bundle of money, and never even touches the girls.

Comes from Grosse Pointe, has a big house, eight servants, but all he wants to do is come here and scrub out my bathroom.

8:00 p.m., Monday, Mr. Clean.

Now, Arlyn Page, I had to let her go.

No. With the kind of people I get here, I couldn't have a gal who was half zonked out all the time.

You know, I get the crème de la crème.

No, she was trouble.

And I don't allow any trouble here.

Che cipuò fare?

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Do you have any idea where I can look for her?

Oh, try Momma Reese's.

Bree... if you ever get lonely, or you haven't got any place else to go, you come here.

You'll always have a home here.


She's a junkie.

She was with you after she left Frankie, wasn't she?

Well, she's not now.

I tried to do everything for her.

I took her into my own place, my own little flat on 1st.

You know that sweet place?

We could've had everything together, everything.

Then the bitch sold my mink.

Do you know anybody that's seen her, at all?

As far as I'm concerned, she's dead.


Who is it?

Bree Daniels.

I couldn't sleep.

I keep thinking I hear noises.

Can I come in?

Come in, yeah.

Oh, it's probably just my imagination.

Sit down.

I'm sorry I woke you up.

I just...

I don't think he's going to come back again.

I just don't want to be alone right now.

Do you mind if I stay here a while?

If you'd like to go back upstairs, I'd come...

I'd really rather not go upstairs.

Why don't you lie down here? Sleep here.

Come on. Where are you going to sleep?

I'll pull that out.

Lie down.

Thank you.

Good night.

Good night.


What's the matter?

You were terrific.

A real tiger.

Are you upset because you didn't make me come?

I never come with a john.

Don't feel bad about losing your virtue. I sort of knew you would.

Everybody always does.

Arlyn Page? Yeah, she was with me about three months.

She was lucky I kept her that long.

She was out of it.

Somebody said she was streetwalking over on Lexington Avenue.

Or was it 8th?

You might take a look.

Or try Bill Azure, if you can find him.

Yeah, she used to dress the way you do.

The whore? Yeah. I threw her out.

Do you know where she went from here?

Live like animals, her and the man.


She was living with a man?

He was worse than the whore.


Arlyn Page? Arlyn, it's Bree.

Cappy, is that you?

It's all right.

Cappy, we got a radio...

Arlyn, it's okay.

Bree, honey, I'm waiting for someone.

You've gotta help us. We've gotta ask you some questions.

Can't you see I'm strung out?

It'll only take a couple of minutes. Ask her.

A couple of years ago with Frankie and Jane, Jane sent me a guy that beat up on me. If he sees you, he won't come.

Was she seeing a freak, one of her regular johns?

Was he a freak?

Yeah. What about it?

Did he come around a lot?

No, he was an older guy. Guy was older.

It's very important.

Arlyn, get them out of here! I'm begging you.

It's very important, please. Can you give me a description of him?


Cappy, listen. Don't... Listen to me. Cappy!

Cappy, don't run, Cappy. Cappy, don't run!

I've got a radio. Cappy!

Take me high, take me higher ♪

♪ Lift me off my desire ♪

♪ Take me high, take me higher ♪

♪ I'm a rocket, I'm a fire ♪

♪ Take me higher, take me high ♪

♪ Send me, send me, baby Up to the moon ♪

♪ Ooh, hold me Then move me on soon ♪

♪ Further and further into the night ♪

♪ Fly me onto the stars and the light ♪

♪ Take me high, take me higher ♪

♪ Lift me off my desire ♪

♪ Take me high, take me higher ♪

♪ I'm a rocket, I'm a fire ♪

♪ I need you, baby I need you, baby ♪

♪ I need you, baby I need you, baby ♪

She wouldn't be reliable anyhow, a narcotics addict.

Well, I believed her. I believed her absolutely.

The man who did those beatings was not Tom Gruneman.

Suppose it wasn't Tom. Where does that get you?

Tom is still connected to the case because of the letters, whether he wrote them or not.

I think the only way I'm going to find him is to find the man who did do the beatings.

The only way I'm going to find him is to pursue Arlyn Page and try and secure from her some kind of identification.

I'll be flying back to Pennsylvania on Friday, and I'll fill them in on things.

How is it back there?

I think you're homesick. I'll be back on Thursday.

John, I want to tell you how much I respect your dedication.

Thank you.

'Cause I'm very bad. I have very wicked ideas.

I'm sure that as you're sitting at your great desk, you have all kinds of strange things going through your mind.

You should never be ashamed of things like that.

Nothing is wrong.

Do you mind if I take my sweater off?

I like to sort of walk around here with no clothes on.

Better. I think people wear clothes much too often.

I think in the confines of one's house, one should be free of clothing and inhibition.

I think the only way that any of us can ever be happy is to let it all hang out.

Do it all and fuck it.

I was trying to get away from... a world that I had... that I had known because I don't think it was very good for me... and I found myself...

looking up its ass...

and seeing people that I used to know and that I...

that I liked a lot...

that were my friends...

sort of... girls... and...

that could've been me.

I mean, I know I'm not stupid.

Ah, well, I guess I just realized that...

that I don't really give a damn.

What I would really like to do is be faceless and bodiless...

and be left alone.

You're lucky they're still here.

We don't keep unclaimed possessions in suicide cases more than a year.

Number 497.


Yeah. Jane McKenna.

I thought there'd be more.

Well, there's this man that I... this detective... and I don't know exactly what is...

happening or what he wants out of me or anything like that, but he took care of me.

Did you feel threatened by it?

When you're used to being lonely, and you... somebody comes in and moves that around, it's sort of scary, I guess.

How do you feel when you feel scary?


At whom?

Whoever it is that's making me feel that way.

Do you feel angry at him?

A lot of the time.

How do you feel angry? What do you want to do?

I want to...

manipulate him.


In all the ways that I can manipulate people.

I mean, it's easy to manipulate men. Right?

They were bringing a freighter down through Kill Van Kull, propellers washed it up on top.

"Arlyn Page" was probably an alias.

I'm sorry... Hey, man, can you... can you help me out?

Yeah. Yeah. What?

I mean, can you help me out?

I mean, it's... that's my baby, dead.

And I got to get up.

I mean, you don't know what it means, my baby, dead.

Got to get up. Yeah.



Lieutenant Trask, please.

John Klute.

I think we should run down a check on everybody who knew Tom Gruneman.

I don't think the man who wrote the letters was Tom.

Just run down a check on everything, I guess.

I'll talk to you.

You're up, eh?

How are you?

Trask wants you to call him.

He told me about Arlyn.

It probably doesn't have anything to do with anything... but just as a precaution... when you go out, if you'd tell me where you're gonna go, a phone number where I can find you.

Just so I can always keep in touch with you.



I'm all right.

Yeah, I know.

I feel physically, that's what's different.

I mean, I feel... my body feels...

I enjoy... making love with him...

which is a very baffling and bewildering thing for me, because I've never felt that before.

I just wish that I could let things happen and enjoy it, you know, for what it is and while it lasts and relax about it.

But all the time, all the time, I keep feeling the need to destroy it, to break it off, to go back to the comfort of being numb again.

I keep hoping, in a way, that it's gonna end, because I had more control before when I was with tricks.

At least I knew what I was doing, and I was setting everything up. Now I...

And that's what's so strange, is that I'm not setting anything up.

That something is, I mean...

You obviously know what this is like, but I've never felt it before.

It's a new thing, and it's so strange, the sensation that something that is flowing from me naturally to somebody else...

without its being prettied up or...

I mean, he's seen me horrible!

He's seen me ugly, he's seen me... mean, he's seen me whorey... and it doesn't seem to matter... and he seems to accept me...

And I guess having sex with somebody and feeling those sort of feelings towards them is very new to me, and I... and I wish that I didn't keep wanting to destroy it.

I'm trying to stay out of it.


You know what?

I'd love to party with you, but I...


Well, listen, Martha, why don't you try to get somebody else, and if I change my mind, I'll call you, okay?


You're not going to get hung up on me, are you?

Yes, sir, can I help you? Can I have a bag, please?

A couple of bags, please. All right.

All right.

Well, yeah, let me see how much those weigh.

Okay, let me have some of those small tomatoes.

No mushy ones.

Yeah, okay, thanks.

What you got in your bag? What?

What have you got in your bag?

Can I have a cantaloupe, please? Cantaloupe?

How much for it? Dollar-50.


He cut up my clo...

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


I can be a very bad girl. I sometimes need a spanking.

I have very wicked ideas.

I will do anything you ask.

You should never be ashamed of things like that.

There's nothing wrong.

I think the only way that any of us can ever be happy is to let it all hang out.

Do it all and fuck it.

The only responsibility you have to me is to enjoy yourself.

She can't remember.

It could've been on a...

It could've been hidden in his pocket. I've seen one of those.

All right, I'll wait for you here.


Trask and some officers are going to come and examine your apartment.

I want you to stay here today and tomorrow.

You'll be safe here.

I'll only be gone for a few minutes tomorrow.



You look like you've been with many women, but I didn't know if you'd ever paid for a woman before.

You wouldn't need to.

So if you do, it's because it... obviously because it excites you.

Because you're not a man that would have to pay for a woman.

You could have any woman you wanted.

The only responsibility you have to me is to enjoy yourself.

You know that I will do anything you ask or you want since you know that there are no limits to my imagination, and I place no moral judgments on anything.

We checked out 42 letters of Tom Gruneman's friends.

And we only came up with one with any similarity to the obscene letter.

All right, there's Tom Gruneman.

Different margins, different spacings.

That's mine.

You said, "Check out everybody."

Same margins, top and sides, but he does best with his middle fingers.

We get fainter registrations from outside keys.

Notice how invariably he does that with the T and the H.

Who is it?

Peter Cable.

But you have no case. There's not even a body.

I'm sorry we have to meet here, John, but I'm rushed for time.

I have an important business meeting tonight in Chicago.

Any developments?

I think I can close the case.

I think I can close the case if I can have $500 to purchase Jane McKenna's address book.

I don't understand. What do you mean?

I've found a contact who will sell me the book.

A little black book containing the name of the client that beat up Bree Daniels.

He's also the man who came into Bree Daniels' apartment yesterday and wrecked it.

We know that now because of the semen that he left in her underwear.

The blood type is AB and Tom's was type A, so it wasn't Tom.

I think this man killed Jane McKenna and killed Arlyn Page.

I think he drowned them.

I think you should prepare yourself for the fact that possibly Tom is dead.

The only way I'll find out is to find him, and I need the money before tomorrow night.

You're meeting him tomorrow night? Yes.

He'll come to my apartment and bring the book.

At what time?

About 8:30.

All right, fine. I'll notify the board as soon as I get to Chicago and have them wire you the money immediately.

Thank you, John. I certainly hope you're wrong about Tom.

Thank you, sir. Good luck.

I don't want you to do this.


I'm just going to a girlfriend's apartment.

I can't stay here, obviously.


Not with him.

This other girl's got a very big apartment, lots of room.

It's not necessarily how it looks.

Look, we all respect each other, right?

I respect you.

Bree respects you.

But you gotta respect her too.

Her best interests.

Mrs. Daniels, I have to close up now.

Leave your name and number with the service.

I'm sure she'll get back to you as soon as she has a chance.

I can't.

Well, I have to close up now.

I almost killed somebody.

I'm certain the doctor would like to speak with you about it.

I'll have her call you as soon as she gets home, I promise.

Can I use your phone?


Is Mr. Goldfarb there? Mr. Goldfarb Senior.

I've got to talk to somebody.

I'm just a little way across town. Can I come over?

About half an hour?


Detective Trask, please.

Hi. John Klute.

He didn't take the plane, he canceled out.

I'm at home in my apartment.

I don't know where she is. She's left. I'll find her.

Okay. Well, I'll leave word if I go out.


I have an appointment with Mr. Goldfarb.

Mr. Goldfarb!

Mr. Goldfarb!

Hello. What can I do for you?

I'm sorry. I mean Mr. Goldfarb Senior.

My father left about 15 minutes ago. He didn't feel so good.

Can I help you? He's working himself to death, poor man.

You sure I can't help you? It's not important.

No, really, I don't mind.

You're gonna miss your train, Mr. Goldfarb.

Excuse me.

Did he leave a message for me, Bree Daniels?

Oh! I thought that was for tomorrow.

Mr. Goldfarb's wire.

Oh, yes, Mama, I'm coming right now.

I know you don't like to get in in the middle of the picture.

Yes, right away. Bye-bye.

We're closing now, miss.

May I leave Mr. Goldfarb a message?

Poor man, everybody's friend.



This is Bree Daniels. Has the doctor checked in yet?

When she does, would you tell her I'm at 246-1383?

And I'll wait here about five minutes.

Can you tell me how I can get in touch with the doctor?

Doctor hasn't checked in yet.

I'm trying to locate a Miss Bree Daniels.

Bree? I'm sorry, sir, but we only take messages for the doctor.

Has she called in or anything? Has she called the doctor at all today?

I believe Miss Daniels did leave a forwarding number.

Can you give me that number? - We can't give out that information.

I'm a police officer. Don't make me prove this. It's important.

Sorry. You must understand my position. I must comply with the rules.

Yeah, I understand all that. Will you just give me the number, please?

Can we talk about this reasonably?

I know you're expecting some kind of extravagant behavior, but...

Do you believe me?


We can talk?

Well, it's just an ordinary matter.

I'm a very well-off man.

I have a position to respect.

And I would feel, personally, very uncomfortable to be... connected with a certain kind of woman.

I'm sure you understand what I mean.

Look, John Klute works for me.

I know you're his contact.

And I know he's trying to acquire Jane McKenna's book.

I'm in a position to offer more for it than he can.

You don't understand what I'm talking about, do you?

Yes, Jane McKenna's book. And I'll try to get it for you.

No. Obviously you're frightened and you're lying.

No, I'm not. I will. I'll try to get it for you.

Is this something Klute's invented?

Is this a trap for me?

Klute knows about me, doesn't he?

Knows what about you?

Then everybody knows about me.

So it doesn't make any difference what I do anymore, does it?

I have no idea what I'm going to do.

And I'm so deeply puzzled.

I've done terrible things. I've killed three people.

But yet I don't consider myself a terrible man.

No more than others.

See, Tom Gruneman discovered me.

We were here on business together, and he found me and Jane McKenna in my hotel room.

She had become hysterical, and she started screaming, and I guess I hit her.

I don't actually recall, it all happened so quickly.

Anyway, she fell and hit her head, and that's when Tom came in the room.

I guess he must've heard her screaming.

But I never understood really why she did that.

She had never screamed before.

And it was the revulsion and the contempt that I saw on his face...

and the certainty that sooner or later he would use it against me, within the company.

And I tried to endure that as long as I possibly could, you see?

You just want me to keep on talking, don't you?

No, I don't. I do understand. I really do.

Well, that's what you all do.

You make a man think that he's accepted.

It's all just a great big game to you.

And you're all obviously too lazy and too warped to do anything meaningful with your lives, so you prey upon the sexual fantasies of others.

I'm sure it comes as no great surprise to you when I say... that there are little corners in everyone... which were better off left alone.

Little sicknesses, weaknesses, which should never be exposed.

But that's your stock-in-trade, isn't it, a man's weakness?

And I was never really fully aware of mine... until you brought them out.

How far out of town are we?

About five miles outside of New York.

Do you mind if I turn the lights down?

No, it's up to you. Turn the light out if you'd like.

My name is Peter Cable.

I work for the Tole American Corporation, which is situated in Pennsylvania and in New York.

Obviously, I would not be telling you these things if my intentions weren't honorable.

Oh. You look familiar to me.

In what way?

I don't know. Your face looks familiar to me.

I guess I have a confession to make.

We did meet before. About two years ago.

And I often wondered whatever happened to Arlyn Page, and here you are.

Yeah, I remember.

Listen, I've got to get out of here. I mean, I can't...

What's the matter?

I remember you. What do you remember?

You beat me up, that's what you did!

It's okay. Just freaked me out for a minute, that's all.

I promise to drive you back afterwards.

Okay. Why don't you just tell me what you'd like, and then after you tell me what you'd like...

I'd like to spend just some time with you.

I have been looking for you for two years.


That's my business.

I will say that you gave me a great deal of pleasure.

I saw in you things that I had not seen in other women of your profession.

I will not harm you at all physically.

It's all right. No, it's not all right.

Of course you know it's not all right.

No, it is all right. But you have to tell me first, and then...

And if that's what you want, that's fine.

Arlyn, why don't you lie down on the bed and make yourself comfortable?

I'll not strap you in or tie you down. Just lie down on the bed, please.

Be comfortable. Nothing's going to happen.

Nothing's going to happen.


Why don't you make yourself comfortable? Why don't you take your clo...

I am perfectly comfortable.

Just put your head down.

You have such lovely long blonde hair.

Hmm. Turn your head.

Like that.

No! No!


I've explained to him what I have to do, and I think he understands.

What could ever happen for us? We're so different...

I know enough about myself to know that whatever lies in store for me, it's notgonna be setting up housekeeping with somebody in Tuscarora, and darning socks and doing all that.

I mean, that's just... I'd go out ofmy mind.

I don't know how I feel about him. I...

- It's so hard for me to say it! God! To say what?

I'm going to miss him.

Bree Daniels.

How is Roy?

Well, I'm leaving town right now, and I don't expect to be back.

You're very nice.

Thank you. Good-bye.

I have no idea what's going to happen.

I just... I can't stay in the city.

Maybe I'll come back.

You'll probably see me next week.