Knockaround Guys (2001) Script

Nervous, huh, kid?

Matty, when your father went away...

I welcomed him asking me to look after you.

I considered it an honour.

And not because he was Benny Chains... or because your mother was my sister, but because of you.

Ever since you were a little kid, you been nails-- tough as fucking nails.

When you go down there, be decisive... because that is the motherfucker... who is responsible for your pop being sent away.

Matty, tonight is the night that you become a man.

This is all wrong. Totally all wrong.

Teddy, you know. You got to know.

Guys, this is Bobby Boulevard.

That's the life, Matty.

It's always the guy you don't want it to be.

Hey, Matty.

How you doin', kiddo?

Hey, Bobby.

Oh, no, Matty. Matty, come on.

Why would l want to rat on anyone? No.

Come on. Hey, hey, Matty... who taught you the hook serve, huh?

Got you 7 points off your dad first time you ever set foot... on a handball court with him, huh? Who?

You did, Bobby.

You remember the time l got you that bundle of "Hustlers," huh?

You made a fuckin' fortune... selling 'em to those kids at Aquinas Prep.

Wasn't me, l swear. I'm no informant.

Shut the fuck up!

I feel better already.

Come on, Matty. Now's the time for stomach, son. OIK?

You gotta decide, does this guy live or die?

Come on.

Just give the trigger a gentle squeeze.

I'm sorry, Uncle Teddy.

It's all right. It's fine. Don't worry about it.

Look, you're not cut out for this. We know that now.

Go on outside.

What are you gonna do to him?

Nothin' much. Bang him around a little bit.

Move him outta town.

It's your fuckin' lucky day, Bob.

Go on. Here. Make yourself a phone call.

Sure. OIK, Jill.

Right. I'll see you at the stadium. Bye.

So, Mr. Demaret.

Matty. Matty. Fine.

So, personnel tells me you were up for an assistant's Job... but you got Joanne over there to convince me to meet with you.

So... Excuse me.

So, l want to be an agent, you know, a sports agent.

And why am l gonna make you that?

Well, honestly, Mr. McCreedle...

I think l been preparing for it my whole life.

When l was a kid, l started going to ball games... and l remember spending a lot of time alone... but l could always count on ball season to keep me company.

I had this uncle in the ushers and ticket taker union...

Local 176, so l got to know all the ushers... at Yankee Stadium and Shea, too.

Before l knew it, l was wired at the Garden... and l never missed a Rangers or a IKnick game.

As far back as l can remember, working with ball players... was really all l ever wanted to do.

Well. Good patter. Yeah, let's see what's on the page.

"Bachelor in sports marketing."

Work..."Ubonne Plumbing"? That's right.

Now defunct. You were the president.

"White's Taxi and Livery." Also president.

"Gianda's Catering Hole."

That's Benny Chains' place, right?

Yeah, that's correct. He owns it.

So, are you, like, related to him?

Yes, l am. He's my father.

Well, that's a pretty close relation.

Well, you've got enthusiasm... but there's nothing in your Job experience for me to--

Listen, l know-- No, l'm glad that you came in.

I know what you're thinking, because l've heard it before.

It's always the same story for me.

I get cold-cocked the minute my father's name is mentioned.

You gotta Just-- you can do this, all right?

Look past the name and Just hire yourself a guy... who's gonna bust his hump every day for you. Gimme a--

Let me stop you right there. You put on a good show... but l think l know what you're really trying to do here.

You come on all nice and respectable... then l hire you, and then you lay the strong arm on me.

Would you Just hear me out?

When my father started this place... you know how many guys like you and your father... tried to break off a piece?

I'll tell you what he told them: go whistle.

All respect, but you've got me wrong.

Do l?

I'm here for a Job, all right? Just a fucking Job.

In what prosecutors are calling... a death knell for organised crime... indictments have been handed down across the board.

The government's case is only the latest blow... to the weakening power structure of--

That's game!

I set you up for that. Nice fuckin' yonkas, Benny.

Too good. The man is too fucking good.

That's why he is the boss.


You know why your dad's so hard to beat?

Most guys let it bounce, but Benny Chains anticipates.

He charges, no hesitation.

What's that, Manganaros?

Yeah. I was in the city on an interview.

Got you guys some of the good stuff.

Another sport agency? Yeah. Last one, too.

Fuck 'em. You know, Teddy, in the last year...

I been to over fourteen interviews.

Various companies, same result-- door slammin'.

Listen, to those cocksuckers, you are what we are.

Yeah, well, they're right.

It's time l did something about it.

Hey, all right. Hey, the champ!

What about another one?

Jesus, that was quick. Mercy rule?

Well, you know, closed 'em out!

The man was outclassed. What can l tell ya?

I got somethin' for ya.

OIK, Just in time. Here. Couple of scoots, huh?

That from Cristian?

Yeah. The man's a sport, a gentle, likeable guy.

I never paid a check in his Joint in the old days.

I feel half-bad about collectin' this.

So, why did you?

We got to. We're collectin' everywhere.

Guys supposed to be comin' across... with a set amount every week aren't hittin' their figures.

How are we gonna kick it up above... if it doesn't flow into us first?

You figure they're holdin' out or Just not earnin'?

Not earnin'? There is no not earnin'.

You think people stopped fuckin'... and stopped bettin' and stopped borrowin' this month?

What the fuck's the matter with you? You don't get it?

Someone's stealing from us.

Look, Pop, is there anything l can do?

Nah. Nothin' for you to sweat. We're workin' it out.

Come on. Teddy, would you help me out here?

You said it yourself.

Outside of Brooklyn, no one's gonna give me a shot.

What are you complainin' about? You drive a Cadillac.

Look, Pop, l got a handle on the low-level stuff... keepin' the taxis running, overseeing the crap games... the odd union meeting, but it's time.

I'm ready to step up.

If you're Jammed up here... there's gotta be somethin' l can do, right?

You brought us the sandwiches! What else can you do?

Listen, l'll see you later.

Hey, Tony.

These ladies-- their check is on us today, OIK?

Of course.

For dessert, you can go powder your noses.

Just leave your numbers with Tony.

Listen, Chris, not for nothin'... but your old man's not gonna like this.

He says no more checks on the arm for random broads.

You're hurtin' him too much ever since that bachelor list... came out in the "Post."

What do you want me to tell ya? The ladies love me.

What's up?

Why is it every Junkie thinks newspaper cleans glass?

Couldn't tell ya.

Here ya go. Thanks, chief.

No, don't do that.

That's extortion, for Christ's sake.

The window's even dirtier than it was before.

Come on, what's the matter with you?

Guy's got the worst Job in the world.

Nah, worst Job has gotta be mop boy at Show World.

I'll tell you what, l'm not moppin' up spooge... but it's not that fun for me anymore.

I never thought l'd have a fuckin' Job.

My father wants me to have 5 days a week-- Iunch and dinner.

Man, when l was growin' up...

I didn't see him running no diner room lunch and dinner.

You got that right.

Man had crews running while he sat there at the Bergen... sippin' his espresso and countin' money.

Yeah, but he had to get out. You know that.

Another conviction, he'd be gone for life, right?

But he's still named Scarpa, and where does that leave me?

With a small piece of a restaurant... and all the hassles of his old life.

Bad press. Fed surveillance. Liquor board shakedowns.

Not to mention people whispering when we walk into a room.

Face it, Chris. To regular people... we're stone fucking goombahs, you know?

But to knockaround guys, to our fathers... we're nothin' but a couple of errand boys.

Shit. Sometimes l think l ought to change my name.

No, l need the name. Gets me laid once a week... at least.

Hey, Johnny Marbles. Matty.

Scarpa. What's up?

Almost bent my plane on this Jet up there.

Just dodged a goddamn Aer Lingus air bus. Irish bastards!

Why don't you stop flyin' this bottom feeder... upgrade your pilot's rating to Jets?

Sign me up. Fly all over the world... work in a stewardess-rich environment.

What l really need is a shot with your father.

I'm serious. Would you talk to him for me?

Tell him it's been a year since anything's been up my nose.

OIK, ten months, but l'm ready. I'm locked down.

You ready to go, or what? Yeah. Where's Taylor?

I got nothing for you, my friend.

I checked the meter on my machines.

Now, they've had plenty of play.

I gave you that key so you could borrow a little... float yourself for a few days.

But half that money is mine, and l want it.

What can l tell you, Taylor? l run a business here.

I have expenses.

If l'm not paying fast enough for you, turn 'em off.

Take them out of the store.

What the fuck are you doing? Are you crazy?

They're your own fucking machines!

Don't do this to me, por favor.

The milk guy's getting paid... the potato chip guy's getting paid... the beer guy's getting paid... every-fucking-body's getting paid... and you look through me?! You fuck!

I got it, l got it. It's right here.

Hey, Teddy. Good to see you.

Hey, Deserve, we were Just talking about you.

Look at him. Teddy Deserve.

Guy gets kissed more than a mezuzah.

I'll see you later.

One day, Taylor, you're gonna be walking in here with Teddy.

Nah. He'll use me when it suits him... and he knows l'll do the work.

But l don't get carried away with it.

My mother's a Jew, and you know what that means to them.

I saw your bit on the handball court... you know, talking about being ready.

You meant that shit, right? Yeah.

'Cause we've been down this road before, Matty.

I was twelve years old, Teddy.

How long are you going to keep holding that against me, huh?

Time to move past it. You think so?

Fucking-A. So do l.

And l told your father that.

You did?

Remember the problem we were talking about?

Shortages? Right.

Georgie Yarkus out in Spokane... is floating your father some wood for a short term.

Got to go get it, but we got nobody we can trust.

We're still hashing out the details... but you could be involved. Yeah?

I done what l could, Matty. It's on you to convince him.

I'll see you later at the hall.

Hey, look alive.

Evening, Matty. How you doing, man?

Sounding good, Jimmy. How you doing?

Hey, what's up, Matty?

Hey, how you doing, Joe? Hey, paying customers, Matty.

Hey, Vito. Hey, Matty.

How you doing? Good.

Pump it out, gentlemen. Get your rent.

There it is! Come on, sweetheart!

Hey, Matty! Fellas. Hey.

Did you have a visit from Tuxedo-Max?

That's right. Help yourself to a cummerbund.

Twenty up! Twenty up!

Come on. Billy's babes need the bread.

You need this money picked up from Yarkus in Spokane?

I'm your guy.

The answer's no.

You get detected crossing state lines with all that lumber... feds trace you back to me, l'm fucked here.

Listen, l can get this done for you...

'cause Marbles has got a plane. He can fly out and pick it up.

Better that way. Besides, it's a simple fuckin' run.

Hold on. Marbles?

He's half an idiot, and that is the good half.

Come on. He's in, he's out.

Pop, listen to me. I swear to God, he's turned it around.

And l'll oversee the whole thing.

Would you give me this much? l can get this Job done.

Matty, l hate to knife you here, but it's my experience: a guy gets something done because he needs to.

Now, maybe it's my doing.

The way l raised ya, privilege and such... but l'm having a hard time figuring out... what it is you need.

Not for nothin', but most guys go in for it...

'cause they don't got no other way to survive.

Well, neither do l.

Listen, l got us an opportunity, Marbles.

You need to fly to Spokane. Felts Field.

There'll be a guy there named Georgie Yarkus.

He'll hand you a bag. Don't look in the bag... don't open the bag, don't let go of the bag.

Only stop for fuel, then get back in the plane... and fly straight home to me. And don't fuck this up.

Benny Chains said to tell you, "Don't fuck this up."

I know, only stop for gas. Don't worry.

I keep her on the barber pole the whole way back.

Come on, stay alert.

Well, Just one.

Have a good flight. Thank you very much.

Hi, Louise. Sheriff.

How are you doing, Louise? Good, Donnie.

Yeah. Say it again, Tease.

If l had mad moochie, do you know what l'd buy?

I believe l do, Decker.

Doctor Go-Fast design pro-model street luge.

Carbon-fibre front fender. With the vibe-absorb seat.

Yeah. Z-roller trucks. Fuckin' boss speed, man.

Even hyper super-mondo wheels.

Definitely super-mondo wheels, man.

That don't look store-bought to me, Stan.

Nope, it's mariJuana, Donnie.

Want to deal with it now? Best l deal with it later.

Hey. Fifty-four gallons. Just top her off.

I swear to Christ, Matty. I swear to fuckin' Christ.

What did you do?

I swear to Christ. I didn't turn my back for a second.

What are you saying to me, huh?

I stopped to get fuel. I don't leave the bag in the plane...

I'll tell you that much. But these cops--

Cops? What cops?!

They looked right through me.

It was like they knew every thing l'd ever been guilty of.

I couldn't double back to the plane.

It would've seemed too obvious. I had to make a decision: walk right into 'em, expose your father... or stash the bag.

A few of the boys were going down the way to--

What? l'm not invited?

No, l'll talk to you about that, but l Just wanted... to extend to you, you know, an invitation, 'cause l--

Fifty-four gallons of 100 octane low-lead, please.

That'll be 116. 10, sir.

Credit or-- Cash. I'll pay cash.

You Just keep the difference.

Don't be ridiculous, sir. Let me open my strongbox here.

One moment. No, it's gonna take too long.

Why are you in such a rush?

I got a schedule.

Hey, this one ain't tagged.

I have your change. No, really, it's OIK.

Take your change, son!

We don't see too many hundred dollar bills around here.

That's one-seventeen... eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

Forty, sixty...

Long as they keep moving through.

Where's that flight headed? Last flight of the day.

The only place they fly is Billings.

Listen to me! Who the fuck has the money, Marbles?!

Matty, l have no idea.

That road is total bacon, dude!

That was sick!

Fuck. All right, where the hell are you?

Wibaux, Montana.

W- e-e-b-o--

No, W-i-b-a-u-x.

X? Yeah, X.

What do you want me to do now?

Don't do anything, OIK? We're coming out.

What are you doing?

What are you, a fucking ballerina now?

No, it's t'ai chi. First off...

I'm refining my centre, and it stretches you out.

I'm all crimped up from sleeping in the fucking plane.

Plus, it's a deadly art.

You're a fucking hard-on.

That hurt. I absorbed the impact, though.

Shut up, all right?

I go on the line for you. I give you a shot. For what?

Jeez, Matty, l told you, there were cops.

It felt like a set up. What can l tell you?

Look, l know l fucked the dog on this one--

No, you didn't Just fuck the dog. You fucked me.

Matty, l swear, all right? lf l have to work... the rest of my life, l'll pay you back.

Where was the last place you saw it?

Right here.

You told me not to take my eyes off it. I didn't.

I thought it went to Billings. I was wrong.

But l scoped every passenger. Crew, too.

I watched every piece of baggage come off.

It's got to be here somewhere.

I'm coming with, right?

Do what the fuck you want.

My friend here lost a bag yesterday... and l was wondering if you'd be so kind--

Hey, you find that bag yet?

Like l said last evening, l am the lost and found... and no bags have been turned in.

Louise, l know this is gonna sound irregular... but what was in that bag was extremely important.

What l need from you is a list of arriving passengers... airport staff, home addresses... phone numbers, this sort of thing.

Sir, that is quite impossible.

Well, l'm willing to pay.

What l can do is call the sheriff... and ask him to help you with your search.

No, that's all right.

Could you tell me who l can rent a car from?

You're talkin' to her.

Look at this place.

Guys like us could be running it in a week.

First thing you do in an open town... is the control the cart-out.

I'd put my name on every garbage truck running through here.

Listen, someone's got that money.

My uncle, he says we got to announce ourselves to them... make them want to find us.

Make them beg us to take that money back... they're so scared, so long as we leave them the fuck alone.

OIK, how do we do that?

I don't know.

Like this: we find the toughest guy here...

I mean, the worst guy they got.

The guy all the other guys cross the street to avoid... and we glaze this tough guy... give him the beating of his life... way past the worst he's ever given.

Looks like they're multiplying, Donnie.

Best we keep on our toes.

Let me take care of this.

How are you doing? Fine.

Listen, l need some information. I want you to take this.

I can't break that. Your tab only came to 14.30.

Look, dear, what's your name?


Bernadette. You Just tell me where l can find... a little trouble in this town.

Used to be you would have already found it.

But since l'm taken... you could always try the Shamrock tonight.

It's like a fucking homecoming over there.

Are you kidding me?

They got action here, Matty. Legal fucking action.

Grab a table. I got the beers.

Hi there. Do you boys need anything?

No, we're good...very good.

Listen, l'm looking for the guy who runs this place.

Owner lives up at Mile City.

No, no, l mean, you know, the guy who runs the place.

I'm the night manager. You sellin' somethin'?

Never mind. Just give me three beers, would you?


Here. IKeep it.

Hey, Gordy.

Howdy, sidewinder. Take your best shot.


Howdy, sidewinder. Take your best--

Got me.

Howdy, sidewinder. Take--

Got me.

You see anybody in here with an unusually thick roll?

Nah. I've been watching.

Who the fuck are Brooks and Dunn?

They're real good, aren't they? They're Teri's favourite.

Hey, Teri, come here.

How are you, dear? People really dance to this?

Sure. Show me.

Show you? Yeah, come on.

All right. It's easier than easy.

Jesus Christ.

You dance good. Where are you from?


Oh, great.

These are nice guys here, Gordy. We were Just dancin'.

Why don't you keep to yourself?

Well, you were askin' about me.

You got my attention now, don't ya?

You run this place? You the man? You the guy l come to... if l wanted to sort some things out?

No, l'm Brucker. I'm the guy askin' what the fuck you want.

I am also the guy decides if you and your friends... walk the fuck outta here or not!

Yeah, he'll do.

Five hundred.

Five hundred what, douche bag?

Five hundred fights.

That's the number l figured when l was a kid.

Five hundred street fights... and you can consider yourself a legitimate tough guy.

You need 'em for experience, to develop leather skin.

So l got started. Of course, along the way... you stop thinkin' about being tough and all that.

It stops bein' the point.

Get past the silliness of it all.

But then...

after... you realise that's what you are.

Look, l got no problem with you, all right?

I'll tell you, you learn a lotta things... on the way to five hundred, none more important than this...

Son of a bitch.

Listen to me.

Before we walked in here this was your town, right?

Well, this is how you get it back.

Something of ours went missing.

Whoever took it has gotta be making it obvious... so l want you to find out who.

When you do, you come meet me at the motel.

Do you really think whoever's got the money... would be stupid enough to Just geek around with it?


Chocodiles? Oh, yeah.

That it?

Where do you keep your Cocoa Puffs?

Get that, will ya, Teddy?

Yeah? Hey, Teddy. It's me.

It's you? lt's Matty. Where the fuck have you been?

I'm with Marbles. I'm trying to take care of this thing.

But l figure it's pretty much under control now.

Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

You tell me what's really going on here.

Hey, Pop, listen. I've had a few complications, that's all.

Yeah, like what? Where are you exactly?

Look, l'll be home tomorrow. You'll be home?

I told you not to fuckin' go anywhere.

You got the bag with you at least, right?

Yeah. I'm going to get it right now.

You don't have the fuckin' bag?!

Pop, listen-- He begged me!

It's under control, l swear to you.

He begged me for this shot, and you, you convinced me... to give it to him.

Pop, would you listen to me?

I should have known fuckin' better.


Matty, that bag is not full of nickels.

It's got about a half million dollars in it... and now your father owes the guys above... and Georgie fuckin' Yarkus. If we don't get that bag back... in the next forty-eight hours, it's the three Rs for us: the roof, the river, or the revolver.

Get that fucking money.

Yeah, l know. Teddy, listen...

I've been trying to deal with this--

Fuck. Fuck!

Clueless, do me a favour. Call Santos over at the 504.

Air transport union? Yeah.

We need a flight plan and a tail number.

Looks like more than the usual Thursday night Macarena... huh, Heslop? Yeah.

Hey, Clute, anybody been in here... spending an unusual amount of cash?

Yeah, these two little skateboard punks.

They wrecked the beef Jerky display... stuff all over the floor.

Hey, Gordy.

That's a pretty fancy new set-up you got there.

Afraid l got some bad news for you boys.

IKinda like that scarrage on your face--

I ain't in the mood, Tease, all right?

Look at these fuckers. Covered in camouflage... sitting out in the woods all day, stakin' out a turkey.

What do they need to do that for?

Go to fuckin' Graztiti's, get a Butterball.

You know, we were gonna go once.

November 14, 1986.

Come on. Yeah.

Just me and my pop, goin' upstate for deer.

I remember, l was gonna get woken up at 4: 15 in the morning.

The knock came, all right.

Whole fucking door came off its hinges.

OC task force, feds, NYPD.

No. Didn't take any chances with Benny Chains that night.

You know, l always wondered what it would have been like... if we had left the night before, you know?

At least have those couple days together before he went in.

Man, yes!

So this could've been you, huh?

Yeah, the hat, the face-net, the whole deal.

A different way for me. What can l tell you?

I found out what you told me to.

Hey, dude. You think if we give 'em back the money... you think they'll let us go?

I've been thinking, dude.

You believe this?

A couple of kids.

Back home you find a bag of dog shit... you go looking for who it belongs to, right?

Donnie. Morning, Stan.

Back to the salt mines? Gotta make one stop first.

All right, no, l see... it's a valid point about splitting, dude.

Could we not take the luges with?

No, man, they're too bulky. We gotta sacrifice 'em.

But my stuff-- Dude... we'll get you new stuff.

Go time.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

What the fuck is that?

I knew you weren't sick, you lying sack of shit.

Fuck. Hey, Dad.

Watch your mouth.

What's in the bag, son? I don't know, look.

More of that reefer l saw you smoking?

Give me that!


Where'd you get this?

Get in the house. We're gonna talk about this.

Get in the house.

We were rich once.


Son of a bitch.

So, what do you think, Stan? Wanna bring in the hypos... or call straight to the federal bureau about the money?

What l think is, we work pretty darn hard, Don.

Pretty darn hard.

That we do.

And we work pretty cheap, too, don't we?


So, fifty-fifty clean.

247 for you, 247. 5 for me. That's sheriff tax.

You know what, Stan? Why don't you keep it all?

I'm more than a little uncomfortable here.

Your comfort concerns me not a hitch.

You're keeping your half 'cause you're in it with me.

And we're partners, Donnie.

Partners, OIK?

It's one thing running around here trying to track the bag...

...but cops? That makes it a different story for me.

I'm not fuckin' around with any cops.

They start asking where the cash came from... how we gonna answer that? He's right.

Well, l gotta do something. 'Cause in helping you...

I might have killed my old man.

How the fuck do you figure that? All right, l lost the bag... but l ain't getting arrested behind it.

What good is that gonna do us?

Arrested. Can you believe this guy?

That'd be the good news.

That bag was like life support for my father.

He needed it yesterday.

What can l do you for, boys?

Well, l'd say about a half a million, Sheriff.

Is that so?

See, my friends and l, we're looking to get out of your town.

But before we do, there's something we can't leave behind.

This ain't the lost and found.

People around here are real careful with their property.

You wouldn't wanna misplace your cow or nothin'.

You got some set of oysters on you there, boy... walkin' in here like you belong.

But be that as it may... you say you lost some money, a high dollar amount.

As a public servant, l'd like to help you get it back.

Why don't you tell me what happened?

Listen, why don't you and l Just have a little word in private?

Come on, son.

You see, where l come from, Sheriff... there's what you call the spirit of sharing.

People help each other.

But since l've been out here...

I've picked up on a real streak of independence.

How's that?

The way l see it, is you've been watching my money for me... protecting it. And l appreciate that. I do.

You and your partner have an opportunity to profit here.

You're driving mighty close to the line now, Skip.

Why don't you Just cut the bullshit?

Do you know who l am?

Well, l could call Mary down at the hotel... and have her read me the registration.

Why don't you tell me? My name's Matty Demaret.

Look, l don't normally volunteer this much... but l'm gonna tell you because it's important.

I'm Benny Chains' son.

Well, l don't know no Benny the Chains... but let's Just say there is this money--

Look, l saw you take it off the kids, all right?

I know you fucking have it. So what you and l have to do... is come to some sort of understanding.

All right.

You understand this.

Stand down! Stand down!

Get back behind the counter. Turn around.

Turn around!

IKeep it trained on him, Don.

You had it coming, you son of a bitch.

Guy you arse-whupped in that bar is a cousin of mine.

By marriage. Get him up!

Forget this shit, Marbles. Straight to the airport.

Abso-fucking-lutely, man. We oughta chalk this one up... in the loss column and Just move on.

Move on? Look at him!

What are you gonna do?

You're gonna kill a couple of cops?

Pull over.

Marbles, pull over!

Matty, what if they call the feds?

Look, if that sheriff was gonna call the FBl... or anybody else, he would've already.

Taylor's P.O. would've been pulled.

That whole fucking motel would've been swarming with law.

They would've taken us into custody... the minute we walked into that station.

They don't want us in the system... because they don't want anybody else knowin' about the money.

What are you talking about? They're keeping the money.

Look, you two can leave if you want to.

But l ain't goin' anywhere.

Scarpa. Goddamn, l've heard that name.

Yeah, well, Bill IKurtis was talking about him... on the history of organised crime on A&E.

You get A&E with satellite? Yeah.

You think that's his kid?

Oh, yeah, l surely do.

You know something else, Don?

That Demaret kid wasn't Just Jaw-wagging.

His daddy Benny Demaret... seems like he's Just under the top guys.

Holy shit, Stan. An underboss?

Look, we're not rousting Juvies here.

They're not Just gonna let this go, that kind of money.

They're gonna call their uncles and their fathers... and they're gonna come here looking for the money.

The place is gonna be crawling with 'em.

You're watching too darn much of that satellite, Donnie.

Nobody's comin' to this marine's town... and doing a damn thing.

Just think about it. They can't Just call... and say they lost the money. They'd have done it already.

They do that, they end up in a barrel of acid... or whatever else they do with their bodies these days.

I see what you're saying.

I Just don't figure on them leaving empty-handed.

See, that's the thing. We can't let 'em leave.

I'll tell you one thing, next time l see those fucks...

I'm gonna be packin'.

I keep a piece in my plane.

I'm sorry, Johnny.

That is a big Heartland Lodge buck right there.

Feature this.

State senate thinks they can tell me how to run my shop.

So, yeah, there is a three-day waiting period... technically. But that's mostly enforceable... for your garden variety Latino stick-up men... which you boys don't appear to be.

No, sir. Definitely not.

Listen, l appreciate you moving this along for us.

Here's a bill for all your trouble.

They trouble? l thought they would be trouble.

No. No. No trouble. Ouestion 'em, mostly.

Just question 'em.

Just wanna yoggle-doggle with 'em.

You give me a call if you see 'em.

You sure nobody from out of town has been here?

No. Oh, out of town.

Yeah, John Heater come up from Beach.

Had a party goin' huntin' up Big Timber.

No strangers? No stranger than you.

I gotta say this one time. What's that?

You and Scarpa take the car and drive.

Leave me here with Marbles. It's his fault anyway.

Are you serious? No, there's no way.

It's not even a choice.

Matty, l'm not Just talking about this little field trip.

I'm talking about all of it.

You had it right in the first place.

Looking for a regular Job, being a citizen.

I tried it, man.

It's the only thing left now.

You don't want a piece of this.

Matty, for ninety-nine guys out of a hundred... this is lose-lose.

It's not like the way it was thirty years ago.

It's not like the stories your uncle was telling us... when we were growing up.

Now it's either a bullet in the back of your head... or Jail for life.

Just snap it back in there.

So you know all this, but l don't see you trying to get out.

I said you. Come on, we're talking about you, here.

Sorry l got you into this, Taylor.

It's Just more of the same for me.

Just more of the same.

You fellas are on a real busman's holiday, aren't ya?

Hey, look at you.

You roll into town with more guys than Sinatra, right?

Teddy, l Just want you to know how truly sorry l am.

I know l fucked this up right from the get... but l'm gonna do everything l can to make it right.

Marbles, that voice is cutting right through me.

You are unlikable. If it wasn't for Matty...

I'd love to kill you right now.

As it is, l'd like to kick you through the uprights...

Iike a fuckin' field goal.

So, where are we at?

We've had a wrinkle.

Cops are involved. Dirty fuckin' cops.

Yeah, he said cops. They give you that makeover?

They do nice work.

You want to talk inside? No. We're not gonna talk here.

We'll go over the state line into North Dakota.

If anybody's lookin', we don't want 'em to find us yet.

Sheriff Decker's a lifer.

Came from the military, highly decorated.

Been in office eighteen years. The man controls the town.

Good. A man used to running things... gonna think he can run us, too.

Marbles, pay the check.

Matty, you ride with me.

I gotta ask you something.

None of my guys would even be here... if they weren't trying to help me out.

They shouldn't suffer for that, you know?

If we get that money back... nothin' happens to Marbles, all right?

Used to be there was a way to do things... and things got done.

No room for whining, no room for mistakes.

Now, everybody's feelings are involved.

A guy steps wrong now, he ends up on the witness stand... or on the fuckin' Barbara Walters.

But l'll tell you what, Matty. Since you're askin'...

I'll give you a one-time-only.

Nothing will happen to your friend. OIK?


You know, this whole thing's my fault, anyway.

I figured l wasn't a kid anymore.

I figured l was ready for this. Age got nothin' to do with it.

You take Taylor, you put him in that basement... it don't matter if he's a toddler or 103 years old.

He's gonna pull that trigger, and you're not...

'cause you're not made that way.

And that's good, OIK? Don't get down on yourself... and the sheriff will surface soon.

We'll sort the thing out.

You might want to notch it back there a notch.

We got work tonight.

I don't know, man. I'm not feelin' ready.

We ran a check. We know who you are, Mr. Demaret.

We're willing to deal.

Don't want guys like you unhappy.

Good. So let's get this done, then.

I'll come down.

No, l don't want you walking into my station again.

We meet tonight. I'm off duty at twelve.

Brickman's Meats. It's past the tracks.

So why not now? I'll say when.

Bring your friends if you're worried.

I'll tell you what. I don't like the sound of this.

If you want to see your money again... that's where it's gonna be.

You're not talkin' about leavin' are ya?

I am.

I think you should come with me, cuz.

Matty needs us.

Matty's got all the backup he needs.

Bus rolls by the interstate and goes to Billings at 11: 15.

I booked us a room at the Sheraton... back in New York by tomorrow morning.

My father works things out with Benny Chains... six months from now, nobody's gonna remember a thing.

No chance. No fuckin' way.

You're my first cousin... and l have a responsibility to you.

This whole thing is my fault. It's my doing and l'm sticking.

If you gotta go, you go.

All right, let's go in and see how we set this thing up.

That makes it twenty.

How about a check? I go to cash it... you cancel it the minute l walk out of town? Nah.

Borrow it from your friend. Hey...

Mr. New York mile-a-minute, why don't you shut your mouth?

You're makin' my ears hurt.

That'll be enough of that, fellas.

Go on and have a drink. Ain't none of your business.

You don't want me to make it my business, huh?

Believe me.

Come on.

Can you imagine these hillbilly bastards... tryin' to be tough guys?

Fuckin' great. Great to see you guys throwin' in like that.

I mean, l didn't expect to see you so early.

I thought we were gonna meet later... but still, you guys were like the goddamn cavalry.

Where's Scarpa?

He stepped out. Why? What's goin' on?

Where's your fucking cousin?

Wait. Matty said nothing would happen to me.

Check with Teddy. Who do you think sent us?

Come on. Where's Scarpa?

I don't know.

This is no time for bean shootin'.

Maybe he's at the hotel? We were at the hotel, Marbles.

Well, then, l don't know where the fuck he is.

Well, l guess it's Just you, then.

Believe this?

It's almost time.

I'm telling you, Marbles and Scarpa are bailin' on us.

That's about the only thing you can count on in this life.

There's nobody wouldn't hurt you if it helped them.

Yeah, well, l know that now.

You ready? Let's go.

Shouldn't be long now, Donnie.

We Just walk right into it.

IKeep this guy talkin', all right?

Turn off the part of your brain that thinks. Just react.

It's gonna be a lot louder than you can fuckin' believe... and you might not hit a thing.

Come on. Over there.

So, where are the other two clowns?

Where the fuck is my money?

No, we want to see the other two.

Come to think of it, we can find them later.

Slow down, Farmer Brown.

Jim, don't point a fucking gun at me.

Fuck! l knew it! Shut up.

I know you thought this was a manageable situation... but some situations are unmanageable.

Now, is a dumb shit like you... at least smart enough to bring the money?

Hey, arsehole!

Put 'em down.

Put the guns down!

What the fuck is he doin' here?

Well, it's like this, Don.

There's a lot of money in the bag.

Holy shit!

Chris. Holy shit.

I thought you'd left us. No, l had to come back.

Where's Marbles?

What? l thought he left with you.

No. He said he wouldn't leave.

Let's see what we got here.

It was you.

You came out here to do this. I know what l told you, kid... but nobody fucks up like your friends did here... and comes out of it clean. No.

Bullshit. You came out here to take that money.

There were never any shortages. You're the one who's been... robbing from my father, you son of a bitch.

Matty, it's not like that.

Stop fuckin' tellin' me how it is, Teddy.

My whole life, you been tellin' me how it is.

You've been lying to me.

You put me in that basement with Bobby Boulevard...

'cause you knew it would break me.

You came here tonight to kill me.

Tell me l'm wrong.

Go ahead. Tell me l'm wrong about any of it.

What the fuck do you want to know?

I did what l did.

Walkin' off that handball court... dumping game after game to your fucking old man.

Can l tell you, l could beat his arse... carrying a lawn chair in my left hand... so, yeah, now l'm takin' mine.

No, you're not. I'm not?

What are you gonna do, Matty? You gonna shoot me?

You're not gonna shoot me.

I got shoes older than you, kid... and tougher, too.


There it is.


This'll finally get me out of the shit that Teddy put me into.

Yeah, that's good.

Look, l know l was wrong about you.

Matty, you can come in with me now.

You know, there was a time l really wanted to hear that.

Ever since l was a kid, l've been tryin' to live up... to what l thought you wanted me to be.

I fucked up my whole life for it...for you.

Matty, l thought it was what you wanted.

I never wanted you in this thing.

That's what you said, but you know the truth, same as l do.

You never once looked at me like l was a man.

You never would have, either, if l hadn't have done this.

I'm out.

I'll see ya, Pop.

You told him?

Yeah, l did.

Good. You're finally done with it.

Done with this, too.

What now? Now?

Now we get the hell outta here.