Knucklebones (2016) Script

Heil Hitler!


Where are you?

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, blood runs red.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, wake the dead.



I'm not mad!

I just need you!

Mommy's hurt!


Come here right now or you're going to be in big trouble!

You're all going to be in big, big, trouble!



You want this?

OK, what will you give me for it?

A kiss.

Well, I don't think my fiancé would like that very much.

Here, how about I just give it to you?


Have fun.

Oh my God.


Let me see this thing.



You know that I really do love you, right?

I know. I love you too.

Which is why this makes what I'm about to say so difficult.

Oh, what?

You're not breaking up with me, are you?

You're breaking up with me?

We're about to graduate.

I mean, I don't want either of us to miss any other opportunities.

Opportunities? Is it another girl, Ryan?

Just tell me the truth! I think I deserve that much!

No, it's not another girl. I love you.

It's just that right now, I think this is the best for both of us, you know?

So that's it?

I'm sorry.

Shelby, Neesa, let's get a move on!

Hey sweetie, are you ready for camp?

What's on the docket today?


Archery, I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Where's your sister?

Still in her room.

I think Ryan broke up with her last night.

Were you eavesdropping again?

Bus is here, later tater.

Neesa, are you in there?



Knucklebones, Knucklebones, blood runs red.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, wake the dead.



Knucklebones, Knucklebones, blood runs red.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, wake the dead.

Hi, Sheriff.

Hey Mary, how's that old man of yours?

Fine. That's good.

Neesa Avery?

Room 305.

Tell Arn hi.

I will.

You know, statistically when a parent commits suicide, the odds that one of their children will try to take their own life increases.

It's not like that.

It's not.

I knew your dad for over 20 years, Neesa.

He was a good man, just a little emotional, like you.

That's the wife, riding me as usual.

You ever meet Cindy?

Yeah... at the funeral.

She said my father was going to hell

'cause he took his own life.

Sorry about that.

She can be a bit Bibley.

You didn't believe her, did you?

I do now.

You'll feel better if you eat something.

At least take a pain pill.

I love you, sweetie.

What if your sister would have found you?

Neesa, one of your friends is here to see you.

I'll leave the two of you alone.

You know what you should have done?

You should have shoved that stuffed elephant right up his ass.

I know.

Was it another girl?

It was probably Linda Harris.

You want to go tie her to my rear bumper and see how fast she can run?

He said it wasn't another girl.

Yeah, well he's a liar, obviously.

Are you still wearing that stupid promise ring he gave you?

It's an engagement ring.

That's not stupid.

We need to get you out of here. Get dressed.

The guys want to go check out some old haunted factory or something.

I don't know.

My mom will freak.

Who wants to play board games?

Oh my God. Let's go.

Nice stop, Travis.

That's kind of how I roll. I just go.

You kind of just rolled right through the stop sign.

Stop means go.

This place is super creepy.

I love it.

You would like it, Kia.

Whose idea was it to come way out here?

The guys, of course.

Yeah, they think if they get us all scared and vulnerable they can have their way with us.

Guys only think about one thing.

Three girls, two guys, Adam, three girls, two guys.

I'm liking these odds.

Whew, it's hot out here.

Yeah, I'll tell you what's hot, Adam.

These girls are hot.

Look at 'em.

Huh? Huh? OK, leave me hanging. I got this.

Leave me hanging. Why don't you... Thank you.

I'm going to get this flashlight. You get the beers, Adam.

I got this flashlight.

This place is huge.

So what is this place supposed to be?

It's an old garment factory.

It was originally built during World War ♪ To make uniforms for the troops.

Closed it down back in the 70s after a bunch of people got butchered while working the graveyard shift.

They say the place is still haunted now by the ghost of those dead workers.


So why did we come here?

Because there's no such thing as ghosts.

Don't say that. You'll anger them.

Dibs on the crazy chick!

What's that smell?

The '70s.

I know, right?

I wonder if they made bell bottom jeans here.

And mini skirts and hot pants.


You guys probably think we're so weird.


Hey, where'd they go?

They're probably hiding to scare us.

So predictable.

Well, now that they're gone, let's talk about them.

So which one do you want, Neesa?

What do you mean?

Which guy do you want?

Yeah, you get first pick, Neesa.

Me and Kia will duke it out for runner-up.

I'm so going to beat you.

Like hell you are.

Damn it!


What is this place?

You should have saw your faces!

Stop it!

The generator still works!

Adam, this is so freaking awesome.

We've got three chicks.

Oh God, Adam.

Is that your new phone?


How do you like it?

I love it. But it feels too big in my hand.

That's what she said.

That was a good one, huh?

Right, Adam, that was a good one.

So, Neesa...

Hi, honey.

Yeah, I got the messages about your mother.

I know she's upset.

I have no idea who's stealing her newspapers.

No, I don't have any leads.

Why doesn't she get up earlier?

She sleeps almost all day.

Hey, I got another call coming in.

I got to take this.

Sheriff's office.

What do you mean, she's gone?

Neesa never leaves without telling me where she's going.

It's like she's a different person now.

I'm sure she's fine.

I tell you what I'm going to do.

I'm going to go hit all the convenience stores in town, see if anyone's seen them.

On a serious note, OK, guys, I got a question for you, Guys, listen, listen!

I got a question.

What if you were to travel into the future... right... and jerk off your future self?

Would that be gay or just masturbation?

It would be experimental.

Seriously, this has been weighing on my mind.

OK, so, would it be politically incorrect for a special ed teacher to refer to one of her students that's late for class as tardy?

Are you the teacher?


Because if you're the teacher, no.


If a turtle that just loss its shell would be considered naked or homeless?


Both, obviously.

That poor turtle.

Yeah, that wasn't funny, Neesa.

Not in the least.

You guys suck.

So Neesa, why'd you try to kill yourself?

What the hell, Travis?

Jesus, Travis, we're just having a good time, OK?

It's not really an appropriate topic.

I understand we're having a good time.


A suicide attempt is a cry for help, right?

Right, well, I'm trying to help.

You're trying to be an asshole is what...

No, I'm not.

I'm a nice guy, wear my heart on my sleeve.

I didn't try to kill myself.

I did kill myself.

The doctors said I was dead for at least six minutes.


Shouldn't you have, like, brain damage?

Look who's talking.


Oh, great, look who's talking.


You guys have had one too many, I think.


Did you hear something?

No, I didn't.

I didn't hear anything.

It sounded like children singing.

Told you, brain damage.

I'm serious.

It sounded like it was coming from down that hallway.

Down that hallway right there? Yeah.

Well, you know what time it is.

It's time to go check it out.

Let's go.

Let's go. Excuse you.


OK, so who wants to go down first?

That's what she said.

Why do you keep saying that?

Because it's funny.

No, it isn't.

It's kind of funny.

Told you.

OK, fine, I'll go first. OK.

No way, guys.

Don't be such a scaredy cat.

Come on, Sam.

I want to check it out.

Well, of course you do, you have a death wish.

Neesa, I'm sorry.


No, I didn't mean it like that.

Yeah, you did.

Come on already!

Hang on, guys! I'm coming!

That's what she said!

Pretty creepy, huh?

Yeah, I'll bet they didn't recover all the bodies of the dead workers and now their tortured spirits are crying out for a proper burial.

That's a pretty good theory, except for the fact there's no such thing as ghosts.

Yeah, you keep saying that, and we're not having sex later.

We need to find those bodies and give these people a proper burial.

I've been saying it from the get go.




There! Did you guys hear that?

I didn't hear anything.

It sounds like it's coming from behind this wall.

There's no door.

You know what? I can bust through this.

Let me just go get some tools from my truck.

I've got this.

Stand back.

It looks old.

Yeah, and valuable. Let's open it.

Yeah, we should definitely open it.

Hang on, guys.

I'm not sure it's a good idea.

You're the one that wanted to come down here.

I know, but I mean, something doesn't feel right.

They obviously hid it behind that wall for a reason.

Yeah, to hide the evidence.

This building has been abandoned for over 40 years, right?

So whoever this box belonged to is long gone.

I guess you're right.

You know I'm right.

Back to the party room.

Woman, you come with me.

Hey, you know I didn't mean what I said back there.

It's just you didn't even come talk to me first.

You're my best friend.

I know I'm a selfish bitch sometimes.

But if I would have known how bad you were hurting, maybe I could have helped.

I know, Sam.

And I know you brought me out here to try and cheer me up.

And it means a lot, really.

Just promise me you'll come tell me before you try anything stupid like that again, OK?

Yeah, I promise.

Look, I'm fine.

I'm fine. I swear.

Let's open this bad boy up.

What is all this stuff?

These look like shipping receipts.

This is weird.

Most of these show destinations in Germany.

No way, look at this.

They were making uniforms all right.

They were just making them for the wrong team.

An actual Nazi SS uniform?


OK, why would they be making uniforms for Nazis in the middle of Texas?

Are you kidding?

Dozens of major US companies got busted back then for war profiteering.

Yeah, no telling how many other little operations like this were doing the exact same thing.

Whoa, look who's learning stuff.

Yeah, it's called internet.

Big words.

What's that?

The markings on this chest appear to be Sumerian in origins, while the summoning stones themselves seem to be carved from the left hand of an adult human male over 2,000 years ago.


Gozer the Gozarian.

Gozer the destructor!

Never mind.

It looks like some sort of demon summoning ritual.

Hitler and the Nazis were really into the occult.

So what's it doing here?

Maybe they sent it to the owner of this place as some sort of payment or reward for helping them.

Let's try it out. What?

Let's see if this sucker works.

You want to summon a demon?

Come on, please?


What about you, Samantha?

I guess, whatever.

I'm sorry.

But I'd like to strongly object to the whole summoning a demon plan.

Yes, yes, thank you, one reasonable person in the group.

Yeah, shut up, Adam, you're just trying to get laid.

Fine, we'll vote.

OK, who doesn't want to try summoning a demon?

Oh, three to two, you lose.

Hooray for democracy.

This is Ryan. Leave a message.


It's me.

Look, I wanted to tell you that what happened to me the other day, it wasn't your fault.

It was just really upset at the time.

But I wanted to tell you that I miss you.

And I love you so much.

Oh my God. I'm sorry.

Is everything OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Uh, they're ready for us, so.

Oh, OK.

OK, it says the words of the incantation are not as important as the rhythm and intention.

Also, all of the dice bones have to land inside the center area of the pentagram for the summoning to work.

Got it?

Got it!

OK, here we go.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, show us your face.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, appear in this place.


You suck!

It was a bad roll. Fine, you go next, Travis.

We're about to get ourselves a demon.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, come out and play.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, this is totally gay!


That's how I roll, sweetheart.

Shitty roll.

OK, Neesa, your turn.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, blood runs red.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, wake the dead.

Nice roll.

Now what?

I don't understand. It...

How did you break it? When did you break your arm?

Kia! Kia?

Kia, what's going on?

What's happening to her?

Oh my God!

Something's coming out!

Oh! Is that a hand? Oh my God!

What the fuck!?

What the hell?

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Hurry! Hurry!

The door! The door!

No way that just happened!

What was that? Was that Kia? Was that Kia?

It came out of Kia. What did?

The demon we just summoned!

There's no such thing as demons!

Hello, 911?

911, what's your emergency.

Yes, we're at the old factory of Highway 5.

Someone or something just killed our friend.

And I think it's trying to kill us.

What the fuck?!


You weren't expecting that, were you, fucker?

Frankly, I thought this was going to be a lot harder.

That's what she said!

Wait! Where's Travis?

Oh, shit! You guys get out of here!

And I'm going to go back for him!

No! Are you crazy? That thing will kill you!


What are you waiting for? Let's get out of here!

What's wrong?

Remember you told me to tell you before I did something stupid?


I'm about to do something stupid.

You're going to get yourself killed, Neesa.

I don't care!

Well, I do! We'll go and get help!

What if they're dead by the time we get back?

What if they're already dead?


No! No! No! No!

I never was good at that.



Don't worry, Travis!

I'll only put the tip in!





Shh, shh.

It's still close by.


You guys almost gave me a heart attack.

Travis is dead.

We better get the fuck out here, OK?

Who's got the keys? I do.

Let's go.


What's down there?

It looks like a garbage chute.

I'm not going down there.

Yes, you are.


Well, I got a lead at least.

Talked to Jeff over at Grady's.

He said they stopped in there and bought some beer on the way out of town.

Said they headed down farm road 82.

What's out there?

About 50 miles of cow crap, not much else.

I'm starting to freak out.

Relax, Nancy, I'll find her.

Do you have any idea where they may have headed out that way?

No, I would...

I know where she went.

I wasn't eavesdropping.

So who turned on the furnace?

Maybe it was the demon.

Why would the demon turn on the furnace?


Maybe he was cold.

It's 100 degrees out.

Maybe he's hungry?

Sure is a long ways out here.

You guys better not be wasting my fucking time.

I'm telling you, man, these old warehouses are full of copper.

This place better have a bathroom.

Really? Again?

Why don't you just go pop a squat behind a bush somewhere.

Hello? There could be poison ivy.

Hey, there's lights on.

Do you think there's somebody inside maybe?

If they are, we'll fuck their shit up.

Yeah, there should be some good shit in here.

Oh fuck yes.

Look at this fucking place.

Hey, Star!

You want me to come with you?

I'd rather be horribly murdered.

All right.

It's your loss.

Yeah, get that metal, baby.

What's that, Mely?

Whoo! Can you hear me now?

Tinkle, tinkle, little star.

Hey, what the fuck?

Is that you, Andy?

You fucking pervert.

You need to get the fuck out of here.

Holy shit.


Fuck yeah, baby.



Is anybody there?


Looks like we're just in time for dinner.


You kids nearly made me chuck a mud guppy in my grippers.

I was just in the back emptying my piss jars.

Ew! Who are you?

Mr friends called me Choctaw Bill, back when I had friends.

Well, I'm Neesa. This is Sam and Adam...

We don't have time for this. OK, that thing is trying to kill us.

What thing?

We don't know.

I know this sounds crazy.

But it's like... it's like some sort of demon.

A demon? You mean Knucklebones?

Please tell me you kids didn't.

We did.

Oh man, I knew this would happen.

Wait, you know about this thing?

We had a run-in a while back.

My mother used to work here back in the '70s.

She used to bring me with her.

We couldn't afford no daycare.

But late one night, me and the other kids were playing hide and go seek in the basement.

That's when I found the bone dice.

We thought it was a damn game.

The demon killed everyone... my mother, the other kids, would have killed me too.

But I hid.

I've always been a good hider.

It wasn't a game.

But there were rules.

They describe something called the banishment ritual.

Instead of all of them landing in the center of the pentagram, this time each dice had to land at a separate point in the star.

The demon almost got me.

But I squirmed away and ran back up to the summoning circle.

I got real lucky with that roll, one in a million shot, I'd wager.

And, poof, just like that, the demon was gone.

Shortly after that, some men in black suits came and escorted me off the premises.

We found the dice in a box in the basement, sealed behind a wall.

I was afraid of that.

Been coming here for years looking for them.

Eventually, I just moved on in here.

There wasn't anything about any kind of banishment ritual, though.

I was afraid of that too.

I've had a long time think about this.

Call me crazy if you want.

But I think the whole thing is some sort of military weapon.

You're crazy.

Think about it.

Release this thing in a heavily populated area.

No one knows anything about it, or how to get rid of it.

Thing could kill millions... supernatural warfare.

But now that we know about this ritual, we can get rid of it, right?

We still need the dice.

And they're back upstairs, right?

We're not going to make it in time.

Plus, you said it was a lucky roll, right, a one in a million chance?

That's not very good odds.

So what are we going to do?

I think we should just run for it.

That's because you don't know shit from apple butter.

Hell, you'd never even make it to the main road.

That thing is as fast as it wants to be.

The only reason you're not all dead already is 'cause it likes fucking with you.

Demons feed on your fear.

What if two of us create a distraction and the other two go for the dice?

So who's going to create the distraction?

I will.

I'll go with you.

Sam, you go with Choctaw Bill and perform the banishment ritual.

Hold on a second.

I'm fucking this bull.

You kids are just holding the horns.

Fine, what's your plan?

We'll do what you just said.

Neesa? What?

In case we don't make it.

Sam, we're going to make it, OK?

I promise.

You kids ready?

Time to paint your butts white and run with the antelope.

Back up the garbage chute.

I don't see him. Let's go for it.

It's a trap.

We wait for the signal.

OK, let's go.

I can't. I'm too scared.

Fine, stay here.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, make this roll.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, save my soul.

Looks like you used up all your luck, little Billy!

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, death and decay.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones go away!

Say hello to your mother for me.

Run away, little girl!

Run away!

Oh my God. Sam!

Neesa, it's going to be fine. No, it's not!

It's going to be fine! No!

Hello again, Neesa!

We met before, in hell!

You and I are gonna have a lot of fun together.

You stay away from her!


Neesa, get down!


There's bodies and blood everywhere!

What the hell are you kids doing out here?

Stay there!

No! Come back here! Please!


We have to get out of here! Please!

You didn't kill it! You can't kill it!

We gotta get out of here!

Never bring a gun to a knife fight!

You spoiled little girl.

Fine, if you won't play with me, I'll find someone else who will.

Later tater.


You stay away from her, you fucker!

Mom! Going to bed! Night!






Mom! Mom!

Stop it! You're acting like a child!

They're coming for you.

Look! There comes one of them now!

Aw, you're so pretty.

I could just eat your bones.

Is it weird that I like the sound of screaming?

Got you.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, fire and flame.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones go back where you came.


This is impossible!

Knucklebones, Knucklebones, live to tell.

Knucklebones, Knucklebones go to hell.





Is anybody still there?


Oh, hey, Neesa.

You're still alive.

You bitch!


Jesus, Ryan, you scared the shit out of me.

What? I'm sorry. Did I scare you?

You have no idea what I've just been through.

What have you been through?

I'm sorry, babe, but I haven't heard from you.

You haven't been responding to my text messages.

And, you know, I've been getting serious Samantha withdrawals.

And the doctors said the only cure was for me to come see you tonight.

I know. I lost my phone.

Look, Ryan, I'm not really feeling comfortable with all this right now.

Wait, wait, did you say something?

I'm serious.

Neesa's my friend.

This isn't right.

I mean, she tried to kill herself when you broke up with her.

You didn't tell her that the two of us were together, did you?

Of course not. Of course not.

I would never hurt her like that.

Yet, you were having sex with her boyfriend for six months behind her back?

I never said I was perfect.

And, plus, you are really cute.


Hold on.

What? What's wrong?

I think I got a cramp.

It's fine.



God! God dammit!

I think I broke my leg.

Not again.

This can't be.

What's happening to me?!

Oh my God.

Hey, Sam!

We found your cell phone.


Neesa, I'm sorry!


Hey, Neesa, I told you we were gonna have a lot of fun together!