Kohinoor (1960) Script

Residents ofKailash Nagar and membersof the RoyalCourt...

It is quitesome time since thedeath of...

... the king ofthis province our well wisher,King Chandrabhan.

Though no hasinherited his throne, yet hispious soul...

...hasalwaysbeenguiding us to runthe kingdom ably.

Asthe chief minister of this kingdom and a loyal...

... subject of the king, I take pride in making an announcement...

... that the period for which the deceased king had asked me to...

... shoulder responsibility of running the kingdom, will end...

... by the beginning of the next month.

Today on the auspicious occasion of Holi,... and according to the desire of our deceased king, I decree,... that on the first day of the next month... the coronation of our dear prince should be formalized.

But the prince hasn't still come to the court.

Today is the last time, I will be acting as a custodian.

I am sure the prince will ably carry out his responsibility.

With my coming, why is there silence at this gathering?

It's not just a gathering, the royal court is in session.

Today an announcement for your coronation was made.

You should have been present in the court.

I ask for forgiveness. I got delayed because of my friend.

You mean because of this animal?

Sometimes animals turn out to be more loyal than human beings.

With the permission of my dear mother, who knows the prince... better than I do, I request all of you to...

... greet and congratulate the prince, and our future king.

Salutations to Prince Devinder Bahadur.

O God, when will you ever learn... that such kind of fun and games are for the subjects.

People from the royal family have to be tough and stone hearted.

No, aunty. My heart is just like yours.

It has no ulterior motives. It's clear like a mirror.

If I make my heart like a stone, how will...

... I know the feelings of my subjects. Right, isn't it?

All right. I will soon get you married, so...

... that you are trapped once for all.

Yes, mother is right. You should know... not only preparations for your coronation, but...

... also for your marriage are being made.

Princess Chandramukhi has been invited to attend your coronation.

I have heard such long sounding royal names many a times.

But when I finally see her, she' ll be so frightening to look at...

Such beautiful hair, a moon-like face, lotus shaped eyes... isn't she as pretty as the moon, just like her name is.

"Say it with colors today... in body and soul"

"Say it with colors today... in body and soul"

" Play all you want to... and fulfill your desires"

"Say it with colors today... in body and soul"

"There's color everywhere around today"

" In every lane, they spray color"

" In every lane, they spray color"

" In the squirt, there's the color of love"

" In the squirt, there's the color of love"

"Color your lives in this hue"

" Play all you want to... and fulfill your desires"

"Say it with colors today... in body and soul"

" Dance with me, my friends... for here is the festival of colors"

" In every household, color casts a spell"

"The world indulges in revelry today"

"Color your minds then..."

" Play all you want to... and fulfill your desires"

"Say it with colors today... in body and soul"

"Take the veil off your face today"

" Look at your beloved without a care"

"These fake colors, do not spray on me"

" In love, you may color me"

" Play all you want to... and fulfill your desires"

"Say it with colors today... in body and soul"

" With Radha, Krishna plays the festival of colors"

"On her, he sprays color from the pipe"

" He twists her arm, the ignorant one"

" My heart beats... so color yourself"

" Play all you want to... and fulfill your desires"

"Say it with colors today... in body and soul"

The kingdom's military commander offers greetings to the princess...

... on the festival of Holi.

The color fell on you by mistake.

I hope you will continue to repeat such mistakes.

This is the ladies wing. How dare you enter here?

I' m guilty. Here's the dagger, you can pierce my heart.

This innocent girl has no idea of the hunter's strength.

Did you send for me father? Yes my child.

How is the king's health now?

If the king stops worrying, he will recover soon.

Take this, Your Highness.

Let me give it with my own hands.

So that I receive his blessings.

... may you, my darling daughter, be the queen of two kingdoms.

The late king of Kailash Nagar, Chandrabhan Singh, was my dear friend.

His son prince Devinder Pratap is going to be coroneted.

So? He has sent this invitation.

But how will you go in this condition?

The caretaker ruler, wife of Divan Veer Singh,...

...who has brought up the prince like her own son,... insists on your going there. Why is that?

She desires that Princess Chandramukhi should be the queen...

... of both the kingdoms.

She has also sent this gift. Take a look. Take it.

Tuesday is auspicious. I have ordered the entourage to proceed.

I feel the princess should not make this trip alone.

But can't your brave soldiers take care of her safety?

The princess' journey should have my personal protection.

I am not going to a battle.

My child, this shows the commander's loyalty.

Whether it is loyalty or a proof of his cowardice...

... I don't wish to go with him father.

Your Highness the princess does not understand the affairs...

... of the state, at all.

I cannot displease my daughter at any cost.

Go my child. May God protect you.

In this basket lies this fool's death, and victory of my dreams.

This snake god not only brings God's message,... but also takes away a man's life, thus sending him to God.

The prince has arrived.

I think I've come at the wrong time.

No, we were just....

Were you involved in some complex problem of the state?

My coronation? Yes, yours.

I' m deeply under the burden of your favors.

What would have been my fate without you?

You' ll probably forget me when you sit on the throne.

And what if I die before I ascend the throne?

What do you mean?

I am already worried.

I've remembered something.

Where are you going?

To drown my worries amidst beat of the music, the...

... notes of flute, and the the jingle of anklets.

How long will I tolerate this dust? Come on, overtake him.

You ill-mannered fellow, move aside and let us pass. Or else...

What will you do?

I' ll cut you up with my sword.

Which one? The one sitting next to you?

You shameless man, you call a knife a sword.

Let it be, you fool. Leave it, l' ll handle it.

It gives us great pleasure to see artists from far away...

... come to our town to show their talent.

Today's function shall begin with a dance.

There's an open invitation to all the singers to take part in this competition.

You have our permission to begin, Raj Lakshmi.

Who will give the accompaniment?

Forgive us, your Highness, we cannot accompany this novice.

If this novice cannot keep pace, she will give up wearing anklets.

Do you understand music, its rhythm and nuances?

My talent will give you the reply to your question.

Sir, I request permission to accompany.

What note will you play? l' ll play, the instrument and sing.

I don't want this fool to accompany me.

Have you heard the notes of Jaijaiwanti in Darbari and Malhar...

... classical compositions?

Once I begin you won't be able to keep pace even with the first note.

Your Highness, I think the girl has developed cold feet.

Give your permission sir. Let this be settled in your presence.

"the melodious notes flow from Girdhar's flute"

" Radha dances in the beautiful gardens..."

" With dancing bells tied to her feet..."

" her veil covering her face..."

"with kohl in her eyes..."

" Radha dances in the beautiful gardens"

"She sways away, the beautiful one..."

"She sways away, the beautiful one..."

" like lightning piercing the skies"

" Mischievous and playful she appears to be..."

"as Radha dances in the beautiful forests"

"The mellifluous notes flow from Krishna's flute"

" Radha dances in the beautiful gardens"

" Radha dances in the beautiful gardens..."

" Radha dances in the beautiful gardens..."

" Radha dances in the beautiful gardens"

" Radha dances..."

My son, God has saved your life. The prince has got a new life.

What are you all waiting for? Go away now.

This is the result of your carelessness, prince.

You have no right to play with your life.

You mustn't step out of the palace till the coronation is over.

If death has to come, it can jump over the palace walls too and come.

I cannot understand who could have so much hatred towards the prince.

Not hate, its greed. And I know the culprit well.

You know him well?

Yes, I know him well. Then why don't you reveal him?

Such a criminal should be fed to the dogs. Who is it?

My lips are sealed, Aunt.

Does this make sense? Why don't you counsel him father?

Strange! Who has to counsel whom!

Prince, I don't like your childish behavior.

The clever prince has seen through our plan.

Time is short. But we must succeed in our plan at all cost.

Therefore this will be our final attempt.

Balbir Singh! I want to see your preparations.


May I know what brought you here so late at night.

Only to let you know that l' m alive, not dead.

I don't follow what you are saying?

Before you understand what l mean, it would have been better...

... if the earth had opened, and swallowed a greedy person like you.

That way I would have been saved from the trouble of explaining,...

... and you of understanding it.

Being the custodian of the throne, I order you to control your tongue.

The people who brought disgrace to you, instead of bringing my head.

I' m telling you for the last time that I cannot tolerate this insult.

Where are those cowards who came running here? I saw them with my own eyes.

Trust me prince, it has been my duty to serve and protect you always.

I gave my word to your late father. I brought you up like my own son.

How can I kill you?

Look at yourself carefully and repeat the oath you gave my father.

Death would have been far better than the humiliation, and guilt...

... which you are now facing in your old age.

Why did you do all this? For this throne and power and for this wealth... which is transitory, which no one takes it with them.

Shame on such greed and on a life which turns its back...

... on an oath and on a sacred trust placed in it.

Listen to me prince....

I've always considered you as my elder. I've always thought...

... of your wife as my mother and your son as my brother.

For the sake of the throne I won't make your wife a widow...

... and deprive your son of a father.

I don't want a throne... which depends on my losing a mother's love and a friend's trust.

You may grab all this power which you crave for, because l' m leaving.

But remember, if there is any justice in this world then you...

... will see the crown on my head.

Follow the prince and make sure that you bring back his dead body... before he leaves the borders of the kingdom.

The prime minister's problem has been solved on its own.

But he wanted us to bring back his dead body.

He has fallen from such a height that you won't find...

... even his bones, let alone his dead body.

It's enough to confirm his death. Let's go.

Come on quickly my dear. I' m dying of thirst... and you are shaking your waist and strolling.

How often I've told you not to comment on my tender waist.

It's been paining since yesterday.

Rub manure of a black buffalo, you' ll be all right at once.

Who are you?

You keep quiet. Who are you?

A waft of air, and dust. It enters from one side and...

... Ieaves from the other.

See, even my soles have worn out. I need a place to rest for tonight.

For the entire night?

You shut up!

Sir, go away. This is princess Chandramukhi's camp.

Princess Chandramukhi's?

Yes. It's not a guest house. What are you staring at? Go away.

What are you staring at me? Come on go away now.

Come on go out from here.

What are you looking there for? Come on this side.

These dark tresses seem a burden on your tender shoulders.

Yes, Champa my neck hurts.

That moment is very near when this burden will be on someone else.

What will he be like I wonder. You must be dreaming of him surely.

Yes. Actually I feel his presence even now.

Lord, it seems l' ll always remain unwed.


You always say that. What do I say?

You sent him and then snatched him away too.

Go and sleep.

From across the clouds a holy man has come from the holy pilgrimage...

... of Badrinath to bless the princess.

Go away!

You won't go till you are not pushed, and slapped.

Be careful. Don't even think of doing that to a holy man.

Otherwise fate will deliver punches on you... from its own supply, which it keeps.

Stop them princess. They are coming in the way of the good...

... fortune that's coming to you.

They want to remove your beloved from your sight forever.

Don't say that, Your Holiness. What is it that you want?

A disciple of God wants nothing from mankind.

Lord Shankar, get rid of these girls, and save her.

Princess, I appeal to you for help. I' m ruined.

Someone's cut it. Who has cut what?

My long hair. Who will marry me now?

She has surely sinned. No I haven't your Holiness....

Quiet. After promising a brave soldier your love,...

... you desired a stranger. But that old man can hardly see.

In future he won't even see this much. In this world...

...pious women's husbands are usually blind.

My beautiful youth will go wasted.

For six months tie a black horse's tail, to whatever hair is left.

Won't a white horse do Holiness?

No, the remedy found in a black horse's tail, is not available...

... in a white horse's tail. Get rid of all of them princess.

It's time to give you the message.

Please fulfill my dreams Holiness.

Make my life's journey a success.

I am immensely pleased with you. Today, at midnight when the moon...

... rises from the cliffs in the east, you' ll hear your lover's call.

Then, If you go towards that direction, you will see your lover.

Is it true Holiness?

My message is over. It's now time for me to leave.

"Two stars are to meet on earth tonight"

"Two stars are to meet on earth tonight"

" My love bears fruit tonight"

"The night appears to be a bride tonight"

"Two stars are to meet on earth tonight"

"O beautiful one, I come into your life"

" I long to meet you"

" Do away with the veil tonight"

" For hope smiles upon us tonight"

"Two stars are to meet on earth tonight"

"The one I longed to meet is coming over"

" He lays the stars and the Moon at my feet"

"The skies kiss my feet tonight..."

"for the world appears to be a bride tonight"

"Two stars are to meet on earth tonight"


You fools you treat a basket of stones and a bouquet of flowers alike.

Go away!

Forgive the humiliation caused to you by these rustics.

Shut up! If you know what's good for you, release me at once.

After fulfilling the desire of the heart, one doesn't want to return it.

Think before you say such things.

I've made this move of life and death, after a great deal of thought.

I will never retrace my steps.

You are worse than I thought.

You've always returned my love for you with venom.

You deserve only this.

I would have kept on longing for you like this.

But I cannot bear to see my love about to be snatched away.

I cannot bear to see you belonging to someone else.

I have served you and that father of yours whom the world calls king.

And today you have betrayed the same king, on whose generosity...

... you have survived.

I have been doing a favor to that old man who can't stand but...

... sits on the throne like a piece, on the chess board.

It is I who has been ruling, and will continue to do so.

All the affairs of state are in my control.

My destiny has been decided and no power on earth can change that.

Consider your plight carefully and then decide.

Keep your best men on guard. We will have to leave before daybreak.

I've seen many of your type.

They stray for a while and come back on track.

She's crying. Doesn't even speak.

Now she's watching the pillar, and now the door.

If someone requests me, l' ll open the door.

It's you! What's this? You can't I was resting my head at my beloved's feet.

How did you come here?

This formal way of talking won't do. You will have to open up.

All right, then l will have to leave.

What are you doing in this jungle? And how did you reach here?

By following your footsteps and the scent of your hair.

Your beautiful eyes....

Softly. We may be heard. I' m so relieved to see you,...

... otherwise who knows what that monster would have done.

Did you see his guts?

What are you talking about? We are meeting for the first time...

I've met you a million times and had long talks with you in my heart.

You are a big liar.

If I lie to you, may I drop dead.

That too will be my loss.

But I don't even know you.

Even when I hadn't meet you, I had showered my love on your picture.

What all I had thought. How I would meet you and appear before you.

Even though you are here now, but still my hands are not trembling.

Only my heart is beating loudly.

What are you staring at? Is this any time to talk?

Who's talking?

Then do something fast. Do what fast?

Think of a way to get out, otherwise that criminal will take me away.

You think he' ll take you away, while I sit and watch in that corner?

Then do something quick.

You must know that you are very beautiful.

You wait here. I' ll return after making arrangements.

Someone is coming.

Well done. I' ll just come back.

Who are you?

Walk towards the light.

What happened? l' m terrified. They' re still stirring.

These mosquitoes are troubling me.

You are worried about the mosquitoes. Come on now.

Who is that?

The commander in chief. He had a sword in hand so...

... I settled him....

Someone is coming. Let them come, l' ll take care.

Pick up the rod.

" Love has cast a spell... in the beautiful garden of roses"

" Love has cast a spell..."

" in the beautiful garden of roses is the emerald fairy"

" I no longer fear the assassin"

" My journey is now easy"

" I no longer fear the assassin"

" My journey is now easy"

" I new dream I see..."

" in which the world belongs to us"

" I new dream I see..."

" in which the world belongs to us"

" A world of love we have"

" A world of love we have"

" Love has cast a spell..."

" in the rose-gardens is the emerald fairy"

" We' re love-birds"

" Nobody can't predict our course"

" We' re love-birds"


No, l' m dreaming while awake.

What are you dreaming?

Its night, a gentle breeze is blowing and...

I' m resting my head on a beautiful lady's shoulder and dreaming.

I always knew.... What?

That I can't trust you.

That girl said the same thing. What thing?

That she couldn't trust me.

Why does she imitate me? Tell her to say something else.

Let's go from here. Where?


On our separate routes? No, together.

Always? Always.

Is that a promise? Yes...

I had warned you not to send the princess on that dangerous route...

... without my protection.

But you listened to your daughter and what we had feared has happened.

I cannot bear this terrible loss, and I seek your help.

Bring back my daughter at any cost.

Don't worry Your Highness, my men are searching every corner.

Announce that we will give a huge reward to anyone who finds her.

The state has declared that whoever finds the princess...

... will get a reward of fifty thousand rupees.

Fifty thousand!

You came to do battle?

I' m going in search of the princess. I' ll earn fifty thousand.

Bless me Sir.

God give him wisdom.

What will I do with wisdom?

Just bless me.

Please bless me. Never.

Then give me a gentle push. All right, here you go!

The throne cannot be kept vacant. We' ll have to crown your son.

For God's sake don't push my son into this sin. It will be an injustice.

No. Your son is the prince's closest friend and like his brother.

Do you wish that a brother should betray his own brother?

Then what shall we do? Even his dead body hasn't been found... which I could place on the throne. Shall I place his shoes there?

Yes. It's been done before in our country.

You fool! The throne cannot remain empty.

I' ll search my son myself, in every corner.

Even at the cost of my own life.

Wait mother, l' ll come with you.

Father he still hasn't regained consciousness.

Send for the physician again.

His life is now in God's hands. You rest, you must be tired.

You sleep father. I' ll sit here.

I've always served You, Lord. And showered flowers on You.

I've seen a smile on Your lips so often.

I have never asked You for anything.

Today I've come to seek help. Make him well.


You cannot take me alive. Your strength and crimes...

... cannot enslave my love.

You mean person, l' m going to a place where I will...

... always be protected from your evil designs.

Listen, it's possible that your love can bring your lover here.

Go on, if you wish to escape after deceiving this test of love.

That means he is alive? Yes, he's waiting for you.

Where is he?

He's in the room from which you have came.

Sir, your plan hasn't worked. I had told you already.

You were right. Love birds cannot be treated harshly.

Let's trap this butterfly with kindness and patience.

Transform this quiet fort into Heaven. Light candles everywhere.

Fill this place with music, and from every corner,...

...Iet there be sounds of the tinkling of bells and anklets. Go.

You seem very happy.

I' m rejoicing at your getting well.

One mustn't rejoice so openly. What do you keep seeking from God everyday?

Nothing now. I've received what I had asked for.

He really listens to you. I've also served God a lot.

Then request something for me too. What?

Ask God to send me that lady with black tresses, and the gait of a dear.

Why ask for what you already have?

What is this for?

The Lord has granted my wish. Before I make a request...

...on your behalf, He has made my promise given to him, come true.

I had promised God, that when you get well these feet will once...

... again dance to your notes.

Once again my heart will be immersed in my old dreams.

But l' m lost in a dream world where there is everlasting peace.

Where melodies of love played once, never stop.

Turn your dreams into reality. Strike the notes, l' m with you.

"O Magician..."

"you have my heart"

" Fill my heart with love..."

" I implore you in the name of your youth"

" O Magician..."

"you have my heart"

" Fill my heart with love..."

" I implore you in the name of your youth"

" From my heart flow the song and melody..."

"the wonderful climes are all for me"

" From my heart flow the song and melody..."

"the wonderful climes are all for me"

" A spell, I will cast. I will sing and dance"

" For you, I will give up the world"

" A spell, I will cast. I will sing and dance"

" For you, I will give up the world"

"O Magician..."

"you have my heart"

" Fill my heart with love..."

" I implore you in the name of your youth"

"The melodies of life, and the moonlight..."

" I am because you are, my love"

"The melodies of life, and the moonlight..."

" I am because you are, my love"

" A spell, I will cast. I will sing and dance"

" For you, I will give up the world, my love"

" A spell, I will cast. I will sing and dance"

" For you, I will give up the world, my love"

"O Magician..."

"you have my heart"

" Fill my heart with love..."

" I implore you in the name of your youth"

"O Magician..."

"you have my heart"

" Fill my heart with love..."

" I implore you in the name of your youth"

This precious necklace is for you from the commander-in-chief.

He has asked for you.

It's my good fortune. What does he wish?

A withered flower has to be revived with your special talents.

A withered flower? I don't follow.

I cannot say anything more. You will to come there.

I cannot go. Why not?

I too cannot explain. Dancer, you will be God has given me more than that.

The commander-in-chief's man.

Why didn't you go? I have a guest at my house.

Who can this withered flower be? I don't know.

Where does the commander-in-chief stay?

In the old fort of Rajgarh.

Where are you going? I have to go.

Have I offended you unknowingly?

No, l' m deeply indebted to you. I' ll never forget you.

Take me along.

Don't worry, God is with me.

When will you return?

I can't say. But I will surely meet you once again.

Greetings holy man.

What do you wish?

Nothing now. The flute player has found the drummer.

It's you?

Where is your pilgrimage going?

In search of the princess. My heart is most unsteady.

Is it for the reward?

Do you think l' ll waste my time otherwise?

Has your search led to any clues?

Yes it did. These walls have let me down in my search.

Not a window is left open.

Go away. Stay away from me!

Jayadev. If you order....

No, My dreams cannot be shattered like this. She has to live.

Sir, she has fainted from fear of you, and loneliness.

We have found the solution. What is it?

Being deeply in love, she needs the fragrance of flowers...

... and soft notes of music which will cure her affliction.

But where is all this? All this is here at your doorstep.

Who are you?

My father's name was Himalaya Singh Gangotri... and I am Bindyachal Narmada Prasad.

I want to know what is your profession?

I am an expert of the nuances of the throat.

All these classical notes, I can sing well. Listen....

Turn him out.

Sir, listen to me with the accompaniment of music.

Who are you?

I am the last son of the great music teacher Bhairon Singh.

I can drill a hole in the ceiling, with the simplest of music notes.

And you make a hole in the sky with one of the long notes!

Yes Sir.

In fact the rain falls through those very holes.

Just give me a chance, sir.

Throw him out!

That was only a sample Sir. I have many more....

What are you suffering from? l' m ill myself. See.

My father and I used to sell donkeys. We lost money there.

Have you come to buy donkeys?

Yes Sir. What did you say?

I didn't mean that. I' m carrying my master's musical instrument.

Which master?

Who has mastered melodies like Jaijawanti, Todi, Jhanjhoti.

I have brought this instrument who has excelled in all nuances of music.

What good is just bringing the musical instrument, you idiot!

Listen Sir, I don't object to a pure abuse,... but I will not tolerate an impure one.

I may be an untouchable, but times have changed.

You will see the magic of this instrument at the stroke of midnight.

When the moon appears and with the beat of music, withered flowers will start to blossom just like comely girls.

Sad and detached souls will begin to seek love.

What if this does not happen? Then cut off my head.

My teacher, where are you?

Don't sir, don't!

" Love spreads its wings"

" And I come to you"

" I am not in control of myself anymore"

"This crazy heart cries out for you"

"Open the doors to your heart..."

"your beloved is at your doorstep"

" Open the doors to your heart..."

"your beloved is at your doorstep"

" Your beloved is at your doorstep"

"On the night of separation..."

" I walked aimlessly through your lanes"

" Your beloved took the guise of a mendicant..."

"so listen to me, O fair one. Your beloved is at your doorstep"

" Your love, your beloved, is at your doorstep"

" You must meet your beloved today"

"The secrets of your heart, nobody knows"

"So dance with joy, O fair one... your beloved is at your doorstep"

" Your lover, your beloved, is at your doorstep"

" Lest things are ruined, do not lose your nerve"

" Luck smiles now... so what do you regret?"

" Your life is precious..."

"and your beloved is at your doorstep"

"Open the doors to your heart... your beloved is at your doorstep"

" Your lover, your beloved, is at your doorstep"

You can't be him!

The great musician, Kohinoor.

I, his disciple, pay my respects.

Please kneel down. Rise.

What is this? In my absence, my dear girl has become so unhappy?

She is like a fish without water.

... and wisdom, and drown you.

As you wish my Lord. But drown him also along with me.

Yes Holiness, drown me too. I' m greatly troubled.

His life is very complicated. It's my fortune that you are here.

The life of a sage, saint, a priest, is like a flowing fragrance.

That is why, I don't stay in one place.

Please stay, it will give us a lease of life.

You are a mere mortal and I am a disciple of God.

I tell everyone how the world was created.

I know when a person is unhappy, cold water is the answer.

I cannot stay here.

Have pity, Holiness, and stay on. Don't disappoint us.

Troubled hearts cannot find answers in this manner.

Please, your holiness.

A lover's problems and all the worries,...

... can never be smooth.

But your hopes and your worries, both will end.

What are these powers Holiness?

They belong to the family of those who are in love.

Who with their uncertainty and terror spoil the lives of the lovers.

I won't let you go my Lord. I' ll die at your feet.

Ignorant boy, don't make your grave at my feet.

My ocean of mercy within me has been stirred.

Let it stir My Lord.

Against my wish I will stay at this hut of yours...

...for three days and through my powers, l' ll remove your troubles.

My child! Yes my Lord.

Early tomorrow morning, in the presence of the princess,...

...we will have to recite the sacred words, so as to make her accessible.

Look into the flower. It holds a secret telling you how to escape.

Concentrate on the flower.

You do that!

You concentrate on the flower. You do that.

Get out from here.

I will break your head.

Bravo commander-in-chief!

You very bravely faced the first attack, of this war of love!

This red blood is the sign of your victory.

Go out, you don't have the strength to bear another attack!

Shut the door with your wounded hands my friend.

A person should act wisely. Such a tall, strong man,...

...with so much pride, having such long moustaches,...

... should have been handled carefully, my girl.

Grab him with both hands. You won't find such a handsome man again.

Remember girl, if you fail this time... for the rest of your life you will be suffering, and selling peanuts.

Be careful sir.

Be calm, be calm. I' ll get hurt.

Go away from here. Take this!

I' ll give a curse and you will perish.

Don't you dare!

No doubt you would have recognized me, princess.

Certainly Your Holiness. But after a lot of suffering.

My moustache....

Sir, get up....

What did you say? Say that again.

What is there to say? With you, I've got back my life.

What is this? Look up.

Does one shed tears after getting back one's life?

These are tears of happiness.

What happened to him. Nothing. He's wounded in love.

Where is my beard?


He's a nice fellow. Where is he?

Its a great insult commander in chief.

Your Holiness....

Problems of you two lovers has destroyed me.

My peace of mind is disturbed.

Get a whip. I' ll treat that proud girl a lesson.

No Holiness. Shut up!

Holiness, your actions have made me think.

Man's second name, is 'confusion in the face of difficulties'.

Do the eyes see? Most certainly!

Why do they see? What do they see? Who do they see?

These are the things to ponder my friend.

But how to awaken the feeling of love in a stubborn,... hard hearted girl? Do you know that?

By beating and whipping her!

I notice that you are losing faith in my powers.

Your mind has become confused and suspicious.

You are right Holiness.

Lord above, you cannot trust a mortal in this world!

I trusted you fully and saw the result with my own eyes.

Shame on you! With my good intentions, I made your barren heart... become receptive to accept someone's love...

... and this is how you show your gratitude,...

I need proof Holiness. Are you doubting my intentions?

You are testing my powers? Yes.

You want proof from me? Yes.

You will certainly get proof.

'The sound of melodious notes to the call of the master'

'Salutations to Love. Let their be a miracle!'

Present yourself, my disciple l' m here master.

You play the notes, and l' ll sing.

" In my heart, I hear the music of love"

" With his arrival, my loneliness disappears"

" In my heart, I hear the music of love"

"Grief is now a thing of the past; l' m delighted"

"The world comes alive, and roses blossom"

"Grief is now a thing of the past; l' m delighted"

"The world comes alive, and roses blossom"

" My heart rejoices..."

"for he is here and my loneliness is gone"

" In my heart, I hear the music of love"

" Meeting him is so much of fun"

"The days and the nights, all belong to me..."

"why must I be scared of anything now?"

"The days and the nights, all belong to me..."

"why must I be scared of anything now?"

" Happiness walks with me"

" He has arrived and my loneliness has disappeared"

" In my heart, I hear the music of love"

"On my lips are songs of love"

" Yet another secret my heart hides"

" Nobody will understand the deep-rooted secret"

" He is here and my loneliness is no more"

" In my heart, I hear the music of love"

Holiness, I believe you now.

Your favors have won me over.

The stone will melt. It will melt.

Yes of course.

... great acclaim in your art, your feet have become unsteady.

A dancer's feet move with her heart. My heart is sad, father.

You are in the presence of God, you fool.

Happiness and sorrow is given by him.

He was testing you before giving you a boon of this talent.

Seek His forgiveness.

You want to see a smile on these lips my Lord. You know...

... how to give love, but You don't know the pain of love.

I' m placing my anklets at Your feet.

If You wish to hear them...

... you will have to heal the pain in my heart.

Your holiness, at least wear this beard.

If someone should see you, you' ll be finished.

To romance with a beard on, is very strange. She' ll get frightened.

Why worry about her? Just look after yourself.

Your getting caught, will mean the end of my fifty thousand rupees.

Patience. Follow the flow of the tide.

Turn towards the wall. All right.

The passages here are strange. I had so much problem getting here.

Are you worried? No.

How are you? And you?

It's a long story, but do you have the time to listen?

I' ll keep listening, but you may get lost while talking.

Someone is coming. l' ll see.

Are you well? Will you have some milk?


I had just brought it. I' ll get another glass.

Nothing. Go.

Just listen. What?

Shut the door after you. Go!

My heart is trembling with fright.

I thought you had already given away your heart to me.

Keep quiet, I can't stand your pranks.

Do you realize what will happen if we get caught?

Then I would had got beaten up.

Fly away you bird, the hunter is approaching.

Hurry up, and fly away.

Go away soon.

Blood, master there's blood.

Wait, don't go there, otherwise the master's meditation will be disturbed.

Go away, or His Holiness will put a curse on you. and how does breath from your nose enter and leave your body?

... from heaven to earth, and again from earth to heaven Rejoice commander-in-chief, your struggle is over.

How is that? Tell me.

They are listening. Follow me.

Please tell me what happened? Please tell me.

As you desired, the princess' heart has softened, with my special blessing.

The sky has been pierced. As a result it will rain love tonight.

Holiness, I did not follow.

It is the princess' desire... that there should be a glittering gathering tonight.


In which she will sing her special melody.

What did you say?

And in that melody I will accompany her with my purest form of music.

Purest form of music. Yes.

The winds will do a classical dance and the stars and moon...

... will play the instruments.

" He's wants to wipe out love. He does not understand"

" l' m afraid to even utter the word love..."

"for they stand vigil"

" When Cupid strikes... what will happen of desires?"

" When Cupid strikes... what will happen of desires?"

" When this heart is plundered, what will happen to its guests"

" When Cupid strikes... what will happen of desires?"

"There are times in love when one courts danger"

" As of now, we lovers are safe and sound"

" When Spring comes... what happens to the crazy ones?"

" When Spring comes... what happens to the crazy ones?"

" When Cupid strikes... what will happen of desires?"

"There is a hue and cry..."

"among your admirers"

" Heartburn there is right now"

" When the wings are clipped... what will happen to the moth?"

" When the wings are clipped... what will happen to the moth?"

" When Cupid strikes... what happens of desires?"

"These tales of love are yet incomplete"

"The heart has yet to tell tales of the apocalypse"

" When the truth is told... what happens to the make believe?"

" When the truth is told... what happens to the make believe?"

" When Cupid strikes... what happens to desires?"

"The devil is said to wreak havoc on those in love"

" But we are still in our senses"

"Should we get drunk and go berserk..."

"what will happen to these crazy lovers?"

"Should we get drunk and go berserk..."

"what will happen to these crazy lovers?"

" When Cupid strikes..."

"when Cupid strikes..."

"what will happen to his desires?"

" When the heart is plundered, what will happen to its guest?"

" When Cupid strikes... what will happen of desires?"

Sir, war with love is over. The moon-like princess' innocent heart...

... is now filled with love.

Should I presume it Holiness that my waiting is over?

That my life's problem is over?

Life is a long journey of untold problems my son.

When one problem ends, a second one appears. When the second goes...

... the third appears, and when the third goes, the fourth appears.

Holiness, I did not follow.

It's to do with the seasons, the summer and winter, the night and...

... day. This struggle will keep changing.

But the strong pillar of love in a man's heart will remain embedded, forever.

Is that true or false princess?

Your work is done Sir.

You have given me a new life Holiness please accept this gift.

Holy men and saints don't covet worldly wealth.

It is a sin to refuse wealth which comes one's way Please accept it.

The stench of greed comes out of this average mortal's mouth.

But Holiness, don't break the fool's gentle heart.

I shouldn't break his heart? No.

Then give it to me.

" My arrow missed his heart and grazed his right arm."

They have come.

Mother it seems that searching for my brother we will be lost ourselves.

Don't lose heart son, the Lord is very powerful.

Are these God's powers. Lightening, thunder and storms.

Don't say such things at the feet of god.

He will surely stop this storm and make me meet my son.

Please bring my son back. Tell me where is he.

Princess Chandramukhi!

Why don't you speak?

What has happened to your melodious voice?

I had no idea that you are an uncouth musician, and a cheap trickster.

You will learn a lesson for your tricks prince, that your voice,...

... of singing melodiously, will bring scream with pain.

These iron bracelets will be on your wrists, and these...

... iron chains around your legs.

You will writhe with pain and I will watch.

Let the public of Rajgarh and the courtiers know, that today...

... for a serious matter. The crime will be known to all and

... so that the public learns a lesson and knows that...

... along with justice I too am still alive not dead.

Bring the person who has asked for justice.

I am the wife of the chief of Kailash Nagar.

I seek from you and this court the rights of my state and its citizens.

I give you my word as a Rajput that if I or any of my officers...

... have deprived you of any of your rights, then the same will...

Please free the prince of Kailash Nagar from jail and...

... from all allegation against him.

Who is that man who has dared to arrest our dear prince?

That wicked man is the commander- in-chief of Rajgarh.

A complete lie Your Highness. The entire court knows that...

... the death of the prince was reported to me by the chief of...

... Kailash Nagar himself.

As a result of that even the coronation could not be held there.

Whatever I have said is true.

What proof have you got that the dead prince is still alive.

What proof is there that I have kept him locked up?

I am the witness.

Your Highness, I am witness to the fact that the prince is alive and...

... is in the custody of the commander-in-chief.

This coward is a wolf in man's clothing.

In his greed, he even tried to destroy... the good name of Rajgarh and its ruler.

Princess, I wish to know in the presence of all...

Is this true?

I demand an answer. Is this true? Yes Your Highness.

Then I will burn your wicked body to ashes.

I will tear your bones apart and throw them to hungry dogs.

Arrest him. This rascal does not deserve to live.

Soldiers! Did you not here my command? I say, arrest him.

Zalim Singh, did you hear me?

You stupid man! You have cut off your own legs.

I was hoping that this fool will remain confined to his cage.

But you have summoned your death with your interference.

Have you turned traitors? You will be punished for this.

Your rule is over now.

Don't try to do anything.

I warn you, move back.

Father the time is short. Order the troops to attack Rajgarh.

Father, the prince's life is in danger.

My desires are in danger The kingdom is in danger.

The traitor commander-in-chief has created havoc. The princess...

... and the prince, both are in his custody.

The old king may be dead by now.

That is the way it should be. Weak kings don't deserve to rule.

What are you saying father? Have you forgotten the late king's will?

It deserved to be forgotten. I' m surprised at your stupidity.

Can't you see the throne of Kailash Nagar is becoming to you.

I can see it father.

But it will be a betrayal of a Rajput's trust which is his tradition.

Fool! You can be the ruler here.

I will never accept that. You are untrustworthy!

You want to rebel against me.

If you consider justice and loyalty unworthy, then consider me a rebel.

Lower your eyes, you shameless person.

Do you know the punishment for defiance?

What can you give me worse than death?

I won't let you take embrace death till I don't take revenge.

Your every breath and drop of blood is in my hands.

Take away the sight from the prince's arrogant eyes.

Burn his eyes with molten rods.

I beg of you not to take away the light from my son's life.

Don't hold your hands out to this rascal.

Have pity on me. Take my life and my eyes, but leave the...

... prince of Rajgarh.

I promise that after taking my revenge, his body will be...

... delivered to you.

Please forgive him, I beg of you. Aunt!

I won't disappoint a mother's love. Let the poor man be punished...

" I cross all limits, appealing against atrocities"

" Will destruction..."

"always be the lot of those who fall in love?"

" What life is this? What world is this?"

" What life is this? What world is this?"

" Everywhere we cast a glance, we see atrocities"

" What life is this? What world is this?"

"There are some who spend their lives in shrouds"

" And sorrow casts gloom in other eyes"

" Hearts are plundered..."

"atrocities abound everywhere"

" What life is this...? What world is this?"

" Human is a foe to human..."

"sullied with sin is man's hand"

"The world of love lies shattered"

" Everywhere we see, atrocities abound"

" What life is this? What world is this?"

"This merciless world I have never understood"

" Evil men play God"

" Where are you, God...?"

"There is atrocity everywhere"

" What life is this? What world is this?"

What has happened to you? Your eyes....

Don't weep.

Prince. Do not weep.

Take him away. Take away from him what I've worked all my life for.

I don't want to ever see the two again. Take him away!

Don't take him away from me. You remember I had said that

... shed tears of blood?

These two hands have blinded him. The dancer has avenged herself...

... but my revenge remains.

You have no more bonds left. My love gave the prince a...

... new life, but your love brought him to death's door.

Don't you feel ashamed to talk of love you witch.

I' m not a witch, l' m a dancer.

You had to show your low status! If you are so proud of your love...

...then burn your hands which have blinded your love.

This too is a manifestation of love. You are shameless! Get out.

I' m going. But remember, if you don't surrender to the...

...commander-in-chief tomorrow, your lover's corpse will be before you.

You will be responsible for his death.

" My love gave the prince a new life,..."

"and your love brought him to death again."

" You will be to blame too, when he is hanged in front of your eyes."

Let me go, don't take his life.

I' ll do anything. Take me to the commander-in-chief.

Princess, I can't believe it. I thought I had lost you forever.

You will have to accept before everyone tomorrow to become...

... this kingdom's and my queen.

For the sake of the prince's life I accept all your demands.

Alas! If you only understood my love for you.

To build a palace one has to knock down many ruins.

I want a promise from you.

Ask. You have every right.

Before all this happens, let me meet the prince once.

The prince? For the last time.

To see you happy I will harden my heart and grant your wish.

Take this devotee to her blind god.

Misfortune has robbed us of everything.

This storm of torture has overtaken, even our love.

The darkness of each night turns to light in the morning.

But my eyes will not see the happiness in my life.

When the morning dew shimmers in the sun my heart would be broken.

Only the empty walls of this palace will be there.

My lover's murderer will be my husband.

I know why you have struck this hard bargain.

In fact I could do nothing for you.

Isn't it my misfortune that the flowers I pluck for you turn to thorns.

I pray for you but you get only suffering.

One doesn't weigh love by joy and sorrow.

These sorrows can bring tears of blood but cannot take away...

... the love in our hearts.

These chains can tie my body but cannot imprison my love for you.

But I am a woman. My body is is meant only for my love.

I promise you that in this test, I will not give my faith.

I will not betray you.

Come close to me.

I am always close to you, my Lord. I only wanted to tell you that...

... I am going.

Away from this cruel world, where taking your name will not be a crime.

Where there is no punishment for loving you.

This gamble of love isn't over yet.

Man has decided, but God has still to decide.

You can see?

And you thought that I have destroyed my love with my own hands?

I betrayed the world princess, not my love.

You have done my love a great favor.

It's not a favor.

A devotee has done her duty.

I have sent a message to Kailash Nagar.

Will Surinder reach here with the army here tomorrow?

Yes, according to your command your faithful soldiers will...

... definitely try to reach here early tomorrow.

I pray, that you get success.

Welcome, Your highness.

The boon of love which you have given to me princess...

... I thank you with all my heart.

Wish me luck that tomorrow at your marriage I give...

... a dance performance.

While my love sings with me.

Yes of course. I will welcome my new bride...

... and my new life with your dance and a song by this musician.

Brave men, of Kailash Nagar The life of your prince...

... is in danger.

Be ready. All of you come with me. We have to reach there very soon.

Let's go!

"The day of sorrow is past"

"So smile, my love"

" A new dawn is about to be ushered in"

" Love blossoms amidst the music..."

" life must sing the song of love"

"The day of sorrow is over; so smile, my love"

" For the dancing-bells, I sing..."

" love is in the air"

" For the dancing-bells, I sing..."

" For the dancing-bells, I sing..."

" love is in the air"

"The hour of our union is here"

" Happiness sways to the tune of the times"

"The tinkling of the dancing bells will usher in nice times"

" A new dawn is about to come"

" New times are upon us"

" A new dawn is about to come"

" New times are upon us"

"The desires of our heart will be fulfilled"

"The same songs we will sing on a happier note"

" A new note life is about to sing"

" Love blossoms amidst the melody..."

" life is about to celebrate the new dawn"

"The pall of gloom has lifted. So smile, my love"

It's not good to cry like this.

Keep quite. I beg of you.

Congratulations to the prince. The enemy has surrendered.

You are responsible for this victory.

But prince, my duty is not over yet.

I am ashamed that he is my father, and is responsible for your misfortunes.

You can give him any punishment.

Is this punishment any less that in front of his own children...

...he stands with his head hung in shame?

Your son has compensated for all your crimes.

You are free now.

Salutations to the prince! Salutations to the princess.