Kokoro ga sakebitagatterunda. (2015) Script

Once upon a time.

In a certain land.

There lived a young girl who was very talkative, and given to flights of fancy.

And this young girl... was enamored with the castle on top of the mountain.

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The young girl dreams.

NOTICE Rest Rate: 5,000 yen Stay Rate: 7,000 yen

"Someday, I, too, will head to the ball at the castle with a charming prince!"


Mommy! Mommy!

Thank you for your hard work Oh, welcome home.

I'm home! Mommy! Guess what, guess what!

Just now, I found out about a huge secret! Here you go, some fried egg!



Really, Jun, you're a born chatterbox.

Hold on a second.

I'm going to finish making Daddy's late-night snack now.

Right! Daddy just came out of the castle!

Castle? Yes! The one on the mountain!

See, Daddy's a prince!

The princess wasn't you, but...

Did you miss the ball because you were cooking?

Wait, could you be a witch, maybe?

But I bet you're a good witch!

Bad witches are more...


You mustn't say anymore.

Why not?

You mustn't tell anyone about that.

Don't ever talk about it again.

Not ever?

All right, that's the last of it.

Please sign here.

Uh, right.

And so... the prince with the protruding gut was banished from his home by the good witch... and sent to the princess against his will.


Hey, where are you going?

Uh, I'll be in the car, then.

Right. Thank you very much.


If you've had a fight with Mommy, I'll help you make up!

So Daddy, you can just stay here like always--


You really are a chatterbox.

This is all your fault, don't you see?

Thank you for waiting.

All right, I'll lead the way.

Right, thank you.

Somebody, my prince...

Please come and rescue me right this minute.

Hey! I'm your prince.

Why are you an egg and not a prince?

But I am a prince! See?

If I hide this... You see?

My prince isn't all slippery like you, and he doesn't smell farty, either!

Oh, my, what a foul mouth!

You really are a chatterbox.

A chatterbox? Even an egg calls me that?

Because you're such a chatterbox, you'll be facing turmoil and drama in the life ahead of you.

Such a blabbermouth that you'll fall victim to shady telemarketers.

Such a blabbermouth that you'll be fitted with cement shoes and thrown into the sea!

In the sea?

That's right. Listen up.

If you don't want to lead that kind of life, you've got to seal away your words.



If you can sink your words into the sea, you won't ever get scammed by a telemarketer.

You'll get to meet a real prince, and you'll get to go to a real castle!


But what if I can't stop talking?

Then your prince, your castle. All that will go up in smoke.

Up in smoke?

They'll really, truly, go up in smoke.

The yolk. The whites.

Muddled together like a mess of scrambled eggs!

No way!

But what should I do? I can't seal--

All right.

To cure you of being so talkative, I'm going to put a zipper on your mouth.


No Junk Mail

The Anthem of the Heart

An egg?

Hey, kid! Kid!

Pick 'em up! Pick 'em up!


Yeah. Right here. Hey, thanks.

This particular god loves talking!

Speak into eggs and fill 'em up with all kinds of words.

Any words will do?

That's right!

Like "I wanna sleep with a hot woman," or "I want to bust that jerk." Anything!

Then, you hang them here, and it'll be like an offering.

And what happens if you do that?

Well, I guess there must be some kind of benefit!

Vague, much?

Morning! Good morning!

Did you prep for the class? Not yet.

What's inside the egg?

So what did you end up doing?

Of course, I whacked his ass with my bat!

These uniforms are cute!

Let me see.

Yeah, the color balance is great.

Like this logo here...

Oh, right. I guess having a great logo ties it all together.

Morning, Taku!

You got here late, huh?

I got held up. Hey, not bad.

Iwaki, you've totally outdone yourself!

You think?

Taku. Morning!

All righty! How about we take our seats?

Let's see...

Our unresolved issue, the Community Outreach Committee.

We've reached our time limit on that.

We're gonna decide on it now!

In the first place, why do we have to do it?

Only one class per grade, right?

I already did it when we were first years, you know.

Now, now, let's forget about small things.

Anyone who has the motivation! Announce yourselves in the next five seconds!

So annoying! What's up with that?

Five, four, three, two...

One, zero. Okay, time's up!

Just as I thought. Therefore!

I've already picked our committee.

Let's see...

Takumi Sakagami.

Jun Naruse.

Daiki Tasaki.

Natsuki Nito.


I don't know. What's going on?

Like he said... You've got to be kidding me.

Shimaccho picked this year's Outreach Committee himself.

No way am I doing this.

Hey, Dai.

Shouldn't you be assigning this to the people who have no life?

Well, no.

I'm a teacher of extreme integrity, so I don't play favorites like that.

After all, time is distributed evenly among you all.

Even the earthworms. Even the crickets. What're you getting at?

Just do it, okay?

That's an order, see.


What are you saying?

Hey! Dai!


don't want...

Naruse spoke?

Hey, so she can talk!

To... be... on the... committee.

Hey, Naruse?

You went too far, Shimaccho! Poor kid!

What are we gonna do?

Hey, Sakazaki! Sakazaki?

It's Sakagami.

Sorry, I was close, though.

Not that close.

Anyway, I'm leaving the rest to you!

That was pretty wild earlier, huh? Right?

DTM Research Club

Cut it out, Aizawa! Using Miss Mint for such a vulgar song.

What are you talking about?

Isezaki-Cho Blues is a classic, you know.

You gonna pick a fight with the great Mina Aoe?

Ao-- Right, Taku?

You look weary, Taku.

You should just blow off the Community Outreach Committee.

No one's gonna show up but the old folks from the neighborhood.

Like it's not your problem.

It isn't our problem!

But that selection of his.

He went for the passion of youth. The throes of adolescence!

Right, right.

An apathetic youth, locked up in his own shell.

A sulky high school baseball star with shattered dreams, and an eternally silent girl.

You know, I'd never heard Naruse's voice before today.

And also a straight-arrow girl who always seems to be in charge.

In terms of personalities, that's east, south, west, and north!


Shousuushi! (Little Four Happiness)

I did it! Are you serious?

I'm gonna go complain to Shimaccho.

Oh, crap! It serves you right, Aizawa!

Come to think of it.

That was the first time I ever heard her voice, too.

Got it!

Got it.

Hey! I can't you hear you, slacker!

Damn that Shimaccho. Who does he think he's dealing with?

But being on the committee with Natsuki might bring you two closer.

What's that supposed to mean?

The captain of the cheering squad always dates the ace. It's like a tradition!

Yamaji is our ace now, remember?


My bad.


They're calling you.

Okay, I'll be going!

Come to the meeting later, okay?

It's kind of painful, isn't it?

Oh, the baseball team?

Well, since their dreams of the Nationals weren't all that far-fetched.

Everyone was so pumped up, thanks to Daiki!

Their goal was to get past the third round of the summer preliminary tournament.

And thanks to their ace, who'd flourished into an elite talent, they could feel as if they were within striking distance of the Nationals!

It was such a crystal-clear dream, too!

Summer Nationals Ageha High Fails to Become Best 4 How tragic that he'd blow out his elbow?

Hey, don't be like that. Ikkun will be devastated.


All that practice for the tournament went to waste.

What are you doing? Break's over!

Sorry! We'll be right there!

Music Room I heard he should be here.

I'm coming in.

What's this?

As if this was his own place.

Eggs again?

What is this, Egg Day?

It works, huh?

Eggs, eggs

Let me offer them to the eggs

Let me offer them to the eggs Beautiful words These words Let me offer them To the eggs Am I being overrun by visitors?

Naruse? What are you doing here?

Naruse! You leaving already?

I'd like to decline being a committee member.

Good for her!

If she can talk, she should just tell you to your face.

Well, yeah.

I'm here for the same reason, by the way.

For real?

There's no way we can pull it off with those members.

Aside from Nito--

Then give me some names. People who could handle it.

Offer up some human sacrifices, and I'll be happy to switch you out.

You're too nice!

But that nature could be your detriment.

And who's the cause of it?

By the way, I really liked it.

That song you played.

That was just something random.

Around the World, right?

Such an old movie. I'm impressed you knew it.


I used to be around someone who was into musicals.

That might be just the thing!

A musical!

It'd be perfect for the Community Outreach event!

Where did that come from?

I'm a music teacher, you know.

Recitations and choirs, year after year.

They just don't do it for me.

They're more than enough for us.

Well, I'm not one to give up easily!

He saw.

He saw.

He saw right into my heart.

He saw right into my heart.

I'm home.

Welcome back.

That car...

What are you doing?

Yeah, I think these brakes are history.

Then use mine.

But don't you need yours to get to school?

It's fine. I can just walk.

You need to get to the hospital, right, Gramps?


Yes, you can reevaluate this one every year, so that should set your mind at ease.

After we're gone, how will the money be paid out?

No need to worry about that, either.

For example, when your grandchild--

Welcome home, Takkun!



Is this your grandson?


I see your grandson goes to Ageha, too.

Oh, so your daughter goes there as well, Ms. Naruse?

Uh, yes.

Do you know her? Miss Naruse?

Naruse? Uh...

Do you mean Jun Naruse?


Do you know her?

No, just by name.

Is that right?

Uh, by the way, under the plan I just described, there's another perk...

This is it. Oh, yes.

If you add this feature, you'll receive this perk.

All right, I'll be leaving now.

She's raising her daughter single-handedly! Isn't that admirable?

Hey, this is good.

Ms. Naruse brought those over. Cream red-bean pancake.

She's a cheerful little chatterbox, isn't she?

Her mother says she's always on the phone with her friends, so their phone bill's astronomical!

Uh, no...

You talk about private stuff like that?

Well, we're putting our lives in her hands, after all!

Oh, no, dear. Three is too much!

So she doesn't have a dad, then?

I'm sure you've all heard this at least once.

Over The Rainbow.

It's the huge hit number from the movie, The Wizard of Oz.

I know it! The one with the yellow brick road, right?

That's right. Swept away to a magical land, the heroine, Dorothy... does everything she can to return to her home in Kansas. It's a simple story.

In musicals, you convey your emotions through songs, and you sing and dance to them.

This makes it a breeze to communicate even the feelings you're too shy to express normally.

So anyway, let's watch this movie together today!

Nope, doesn't exist.

The word "musical" isn't in the Aizawa dictionary.

It kind of sends chills down your spine, doesn't it?

Right, right.

They could just say the lines... but then they burst into song. That's what I don't get.

Yeah, but like Shimaccho said, maybe singing the lines helps get your feelings across better.

You just uttered a gem, Taku!

You've been poisoned by Shimaccho!

It's not like that.

I see. So Tasaki's a no-show after all?

I did remind him to come, but...

It's not a big deal.

He told me he was leaving it all to us.

Let's just decide without him.

Not good...

This was supposed to be our historic first committee meeting!

Well, as far as decision-making goes, it's not like we have that many choices.

Maybe we should just go with choir or recitations?

What? But that would be the same old, same old!

But-- But--

But isn't that what people expect of the Community Outreach event?

As far as mingling with the community goes, no one really shows up but the elderly who live nearby.

The elderly have pretty modern taste, you know!

Not making any changes, just sticking with the status quo. How boring is that?

So? What are you getting at?

You know as well as I do!

You mean what we did in class today.


What do you say, Naruse?

A musical?


Naruse? Are you all right?

A musical? What are we gonna do?

I bet everyone's gonna vote against it.

Let's not worry about that now.

I guess not.

Then tomorrow in homeroom, let's let everyone- -

Jeez, that Tasaki's such a pain in the butt!

Where does he get off, bossing us around?

He's a piece of junk who blew out his elbow just when we needed him.

Showing up everyday just to rip into us.

Yamaji, you set him straight!

Not me. Just ignore him.

Yeah, but... Hey!

We're gonna head out to do some laps now!


I don't like that kind of thing.

If they have something to say, they should just speak up.

Uh, I've got practice.

So I'll be going on ahead!


Uh, I'm heading home now.

See you.

What's up with her?


Naruse, by any chance, do you actually want to do a musical?


Are you peeking into my heart?

What's this?

Don't pretend you don't--


Are you okay?


So, "On my way home from school..."

"I saw my father commit adultery at the castle on top of the mountain..."

And then an... an egg?

"Told me never to speak again. And so..."

The me who never speaks was born.

Uh... "This is not fiction, but..."

A true story.

A true story. Though I did embellish it a little.

The love hotel that used to be on the mountaintop?

Right. Pretty mind-blowing.

And I mean in a messed-up way.

Anyway, me peeking into your heart. You've got the wrong idea, okay?

That egg song the other day.

I was just randomly singing out a story I heard from some old guy here.

Look, don't you think it's unproductive to do this by text?

Besides-- Stomachache!


Are you okay?

When I talk, When I talk, I get a stomachache.

When I talk, I get a stomachache. I think that must be the curse.

Are you sure you're okay?

I think that must be the curse. Thank you very much. I feel a lot better now.

Is that right?

Okay, I'm gonna head home now.

You be care--

What you said today, do you really believe that?

Do you think you can convey your feelings better through song?

Are you talking about...

You're asking if it's better?

Well, singing, or music...

I think by nature, it was always meant to convey something.

So Naruse, if there's something you want to say... don't you think you should try singing?

Maybe singing doesn't count for the curse.


What's up with that?

My stomach's starting to hurt again. I'm going home.

Been a long day. See you tomorrow.

Oh, is it Naruse?

Yes. The lights are on inside, but...

Oh, but remember, the daughter here.

So Naruse, if there's something you want to say...

Let me offer them to the eggs

Let me offer them to the eggs Beautiful words These words Let me offer them My stomach doesn't even hurt!

I know morning practice is optional, but still...

What's with this joke of a turnout?

My bad, Dai.

It must be because I'm such a pushover.

When did I ever say that?

But-- You're...

You're doing a great job as captain.


Here are our options.


Interpretive dance.

Japanese folk songs and dance.


A cappella choir.

A play.

A play in English.

And just for the heck of it, as an original act... a musical.

These are the choices we've come up with.

So let's pick one of these and--

Out of these?

What a drag. What did they do last year, again?

Musical? You mean like the one we saw yesterday?

Isn't that setting the bar too high?

I don't care what we do, as long as it's easy.

You got that right!

Now, now.

I don't think it's half bad, this idea.

Rising to the challenge of something new. That's an awesome feat!

Not to mention, something new would look darned good on your school record.

Are you people morons or what?

What do you mean, challenge?

You know it's never gonna happen!

You don't have to say it's impossible before we even get started!

But it is impossible!

In the first place, what are we gonna do about that girl?

With a girl who can't even talk on the committee.

Singing, doing a musical. You've got to be kidding!


Hey, Tasaki!

What's with all the taunting?

But it's the truth.

Hey, Shimaccho!

Shouldn't we just get rid of that useless kid and pick a new committee?

Tasaki! That's enough. Who are you to call her useless?

You're the same wherever you go.


I feel sorry for the younger guys on your team.

What are you talking about?

The younger guys were complaining about you.

"That useless piece of junk!"

Swaggering at practice every single day, you're a real thorn in their side!

Hey, Sakagami!

You bastard. You're so full of it!


Shooting off your mouth like that when you don't know a thing.

What do you know about Dai, anyway?

Mishima! Calm down! Can't breathe...

Hey, cut it out! What's your problem?

Let me go!

No, I don't think that would be wise.

Hey! Sakagami! I said cut it out!

Come on! You did you just...

I can handle it!

Although I have anxieties, I'm sure... that... I can...

Naruse? Wait!


What was that?

Wow. That was Naruse?

Was that a musical? Out of nowhere!


Sorry. I kinda lost it.


I was out of line, too.

Hey, are you sure you're okay?

Shouldn't I get the teacher?

Nito, are you in there?

Is Naruse with you?

Is everything-- Sakagami.

Where's Naruse?


She's locked herself in a stall.

Is this from...?


Yesterday, we just happened to- -

Sorry I went ahead and said all that.

No, I'm sorry. I owe you one. Does your stomach hurt?

Does your stomach hurt? No, it doesn't hurt.

Does your stomach hurt? No, it doesn't hurt. It's not hurting me.

Does your stomach hurt? No, it doesn't hurt. It's not hurting me. Just like you said, Sakagami, when I sing, it doesn't hurt.

I see. So that's what happened yesterday.

That's why--

But thank goodness she came back to class after that!

Well, although things were pretty awkward in that classroom.

Well, yes.

Okay, I'm gonna have lunch in my clubhouse.


Naruse had a beautiful voice, huh?

I kind of get where she's coming from.

There are things that I can't say either, even if I want to.


...can handle it!

That song Naruse sang today. I recreated it.


After hearing Naruse, it clicked, right?

Right. That musical-ish DTM could work, too.

It might even be cool to set manga dialogue to music, huh?

Hey, sounds good!

Hunter! Let's do Hunter!

Kinda clich茅, don't you think? Not really!



Dai... You coming to practice today?


I have something to take care of.

If what Sakagami said got to you. That was nothing but--

That's not it.

I really do have an errand to run. I already let Coach know.

Is that right? Then--


I'll be waiting for you after practice at the convenience store again!

Yoko, come on! Right!

Hey, don't be jealous!

Who, me?

See ya.

Hey, you think Sakagami was showing off for Natsuki today?


I went to the same junior high with them.

Back then...

I'm starving! Let's stop by the convenience store!

Oh, man, miso potatoes!

Oh, no! It's already here!

Why didn't you get on?

What about you? In a place like this.

If I get home too early, my mom will freak out.

When I'm not playing baseball, it's like time has stopped.


If you're free, hang out with me.

Wanna go to that castle on the mountain with me?


But that's a love hotel! As if I'd go there!

Anyway, it went out of business last year...

You sure know a lot about it.

That's because I heard everyone talking about it!

Go out with me.

I told you...

I can't. I'm seeing someone else.


That's a secret.

Then how long were you with Sakagami?

Did you go to that castle with him?

We've never even held hands.


I don't even know his email address.

And you call that dating?

What does it matter?

Where are you going?

The bus.

The next train won't come for over 30 minutes.

If you want to kill time, then help us with the Community Outreach event.

It looks like we'll have our work cut out for us.

You can kill lots of time.


Oh, is it Naruse again?

Yeah, what should I do?

Should I tell the chairman...

Well, well!

Right, duly paid!

Confirming receipt of this month's block association dues.

Your mother's always late getting home, isn't she?

Isn't this a rough time for the insurance industry?

With so few people buying policies.

Oh, by the way...

How's school, Jun?

My kid's taking the entrance exams next year, you know?

And I was wondering about your school, Jun.

Good evening.


Welcome home!

You see, I came for the block association dues.

I'm sorry.

I've been so busy lately.

I've already collected them.

See you, Jun!

Good night, then.

Thank you for your hard work.

Don't answer the door if I'm not here.

It's disgraceful.

A child who doesn't speak. There are rumors all over the place. Really, now...

Oh, the car.


Hey, where are you going?

Let's see. Light bulbs, yogurt...

All right.

If she sings, huh?

What's this?

It's super-long!

Another one?


Hold up a second!

Uh... What's going on here?

Please turn my words into song.

Words, into song?

I don't get it.

Excuse me!

Excuse me.

I want you to do what you did with that egg song!


My feelings...

What I really want to say!

Into a beautiful...





Where's Takumi?

Out shopping.

I asked him to go get some light bulbs.

The one in the bathroom went out.

At this hour?

Stop asking Takumi to do everything!

I was in the middle of something- -

Come on.

It's this way.

Watch your step, okay?



Forget the pleasantries!

It's at the end of the hall there.

Is that a friend?

I guess?

Hey! The light bulb! In the bathroom!

Hold up a sec!

The young girl who likes daydreaming yearns to attend the nightly ball at the castle.

But this ball...

But this ball... was actually an execution site for criminals.

They are condemned to atone for their sins... by dancing forever, until they die.

Such a curse has been cast upon them.

Despite knowing the truth, the young girl, still wanting to go to the ball, begins to commit all kinds of crimes.

However... nobody ever charges her with those crimes.

There, a mysterious egg appears and incites the girl in despair.

Telling her, "The most egregious sin in this world... is to hurt others with your words."

The girl begins spouting every abusive word she can think of... hurting others... earning their dislike... and the next thing she knows...

She's lost the ability to speak.

I wrote it based on what had happened to myself.

This is kind of disturbing, you know.

So what happens in the end?

This is all I have so far, and I haven't come up with the ending yet.

What she really wants to say, huh?

Good evening!

Please help yourself, if you like!

I hear you're Ms. Naruse's daughter!

My, but you do have the same exact eyes!

Well, girls are--

Grams, is it all right if we use the room upstairs?

What? Yes...

Well, of course you can.

This is my dad's room.

His hobby is music.

So even though I didn't want to, he made me learn how to play the piano.

You can sit here.

Grams, huh?

There are a bunch of show tunes in here, see.

Like what I did with that egg song.

I can't write songs from scratch, so... we can just stick some lyrics into existing songs.

For example... this part from that email you just sent me.

Let's see.

At the glittering golden castle Night after night, it happens Attended by gentlemen and ladies That ball

Something like that.

That's overkill!

The lyrics are yours, remember?

My bad.

The thing about you, Naruse...

Even if you don't sing, you display exactly what you're thinking.


That's what I'm talking about!


Are you sure you don't need to get picked up?

I see.

We should talk to Nito about this tomorrow.

That we want to put on a musical for the Community Outreach event.

So be sure to finish that story, okay?

Turn what you really want to say into a story.



You can come after practice, of course.

Since we can't use the gym today, we should be done early...

Then we'll be waiting for you at the diner.

Text me if you're running late.

See you.

I don't even know your email address!

Killing time at the station again today?

Sarcastic, much?

If that's the case...

Were you nervous there?

Before we head to the diner, I want to stop by somewhere.

What the hell, man? I thought you had no interest in 3D!

Voice actors are 2.5D!

This is it.

What are you doing?

DTM Research Club

Jeez, if you're bringing a girl here, let us know in advance!

What's up with that?

Sorry, Naruse!

For doing this without telling you.

Does that mean you don't mind?

Thank God.

Listen, what if I was serious about doing a musical for the Community Outreach event?

A pain in the ass.

I totally don't like the idea.

But if you're serious, I'm in.

I do want to hear Naruse sing some more.

Is that a confession of love?

Of course it's not!

Jeez... My harem's already full!

There's no room for a 3D girl to squeeze in!

Gotcha. Your harem?

We've already got one song.

Within the time frame, the most we can fit in is six songs?

And then--

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Oh, he looked totally available, so...

Tasaki is on the committee, after all.

So what did you want to talk about?

Oh, the thing is...

Uh, is this...

A story that Naruse wrote.

Naruse wrote it?

We wanted to tell you... we want to adapt this story into a musical for the Outreach event.

So we're putting on an original work.

But this story...

Oh, the ending isn't done yet.

But are you okay?

With putting on a musical?


After seeing Naruse yesterday.

I see. And Tasaki?


Uh... You know...

About yesterday--

Ditching practice is a piece of cake without Tasaki around!

Yeah, seriously.

I wish he'd stop coming for good!

The second years are all slacking off.

There's no point. Right, Yamaji?


Okay. Can we have one menu?

Mishima's pretty ineffectual.

What's gonna happen to our team?

Shall we get potatoes? Potatoes!!



What do you think you're doing?


Who asked you to apologize?

Apologizing to me won't cut it.

Not even realizing what Mishima's going through.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Right back at you.

Yamaji! Knock it off!

What are you doing?

Not showing up at practice, taking some girl out...

You're wrong about that!

We're here to discuss the Community Outreach event...


Just spit it out, Yamaji.

When the new team hasn't even gelled yet, you really are laid-back.

What do you mean, "You're our ace now?"

All you ever do is throw your weight around!

You're an eyesore!

I wish you disappeared from my sight!

Cut it...

Cut it out!

Don't tell people to disappear like it's nothing!

Words can hurt people!

You can't ever...

You can't ever take them back!

Even if you regret, you can never take them back!


Are you okay?

About what?


That egg curse...

Naruse, are you all right?

Is she okay? A doctor! No, an ambulance!

What do we do?

Phone! Cell phone!

Was it 114?

Excuse me, you're disturbing the other customers.

Sorry, it's an emergency!

Shimonita Hospital


I get a call from the hospital and rush over, only to find...

What do you mean, a stomachache?

Is this that curse thing again?

Excuse me...

This can't get any worse.

Okay, you're all set. Please take care.

Thank you very much. Oh, no! I've got to get going.

OK. Let's tell Naruse--


My bad.

It wasn't your fault--

No, I--

Why do you do this?

Do you hate me that much? Never saying a word!

The neighbors always gossip about you.

What are you trying to do?

Are you doing this to spite me?

Say something, will you?

Be rebellious if you want to. I don't understand.

I... I'm so tired!

Of my job. Of the way you are. All of it!

You're Sakagami's...

Uh... Naruse - Jun - is a cheerful kid.

She's not a chatterbox, but... well...

She talks a lot inside her soul!

The reason she got sick today... was because she pushed herself too hard for our friend. So...

I don't know...

I know I keep saying I don't know, but...

I just want to say that Naruse is always really...

She's doing her best!

You know, I was pretty surprised.

About what?

About all kinds of things.

Hey, are you sure you're okay with doing a musical?

I think I understand how Naruse feels, too, so...

Because there were things I wanted to say and couldn't, either.

Back in junior high, when you were going through the hardest time of your life, I couldn't do anything for you.

Even though I was your girlfriend.

Even so...

Are Natsuki and Sakagami going out?


What Naruse said back there.

That words can hurt. That really hit home.

That was typical junior high kid behavior.

I'm such a boring guy. I was never a good match for you.

That's not true!

You never whine, no matter what, you're so considerate.

You always notice when someone's in trouble.

And also...


You're welcome.

No, but...

I was okay with being a boring guy, you know.

It was tiring to express my feelings or argue back to someone.

Clashing with others was a pain, so I was like, whatever.

But Naruse...

Even though she was suffering, she tried so hard to somehow express the words inside her head.

When I saw that, I thought I... What am I saying?

Well, I guess I mean that I want to cheer her on!

Sakagami, you have feelings for...

What's wrong?

I'm going to cheer her on, and you too, Sakagami!

Why me?

Because you've stirred up the cheerleader in me!

What's that about?

- Being able to talk to Nita like this again...

Boy, I'm starved! Let's get going!

- I have Naruse to thank for that, too.

You think so?

So you do have friends.

The block association dues. Thanks for that.

Naruse is always really... She's doing her best!

The prince bestowed upon the young girl, who'd filled herself with sorrowful words, extremely precious words of bliss, like water seeping into the desert.

I missed out on my chance to apologize.

What's wrong? He glared at me something fierce!

What? Maybe he's into you, Aki! That would be terrifying!


The guy who routinely ditches morning practice finally shows up, and this happens.


The others are already in the gym. Hurry over.


Huh? Dai!

We have practice in the gym...

I'm sorry about everything till now!


The game, my injury... that's all on me. Hold up, Dai!

It's not all on you... I know.

But the thing is, I've got to do this or we'll never get anywhere.

Even though I'm such a bonehead, I was thinking I was the only one carrying the load.

Bossing you all around, saying it's for the sake of the team.

But the truth is, I was shoving it all on you, Yamaji, and the other guys as much as I could.

But that's because I'm not a good captain.

That's not true.

It's not about that.

If I keep this up, everything about me is half-baked.

Even though you guys are clenching your teeth and taking it.

I know it's selfish of me to just apologize and be the one without a burden!

But can't you let me start over right here, right now?


Start over how?

Get healed up and shoot for the Nationals again with you guys.

I'm going to practice. Yamaji!

So what are you gonna do now?

I'm gonna start by dealing with everything I can now, one by one.

I see.

Really, I'm overcome with joy!

If you yearn so much to put on a musical, then I'll throw my full support!

Like it wasn't your idea.

Now if Tasaki would show up, we'll all be here.

We've got nothing to fear!

That's one thing that's probably not gonna happen.

What are you talking about?

No matter the time or place, when it comes to musicals, a miracle always seems to happen.

I wouldn't bet on--

Excuse me.

Hey, what's this?


Sorry I trashed you the other day!

If you don't mind, let me help make this thing happen.

Is that a no?


Of course! Thank you very much!

I'm looking forward to working with you, too.

What's going on?

See? It did happen, right? A miracle!

So anyway, at this year's Outreach event... we're going to put on a musical based on that handout.

What's up with that?

Why so sudden?

Isn't that a bit much?

You were against this more than anyone!

I know, right?

That's right.

I totally blasted Naruse, saying we could never pull off a musical.

But Naruse proved that we could, didn't she?

So we're gonna do it.

But that's just your own personal issue, Tasaki.

I wish you wouldn't drag us into it.


Why musical anyway? It's the most complex option.

And this is an original work, right?

We've only got a month and a bit before the Outreach event.

And only a handful of people from the neighborhood show up.

Right. That's why we should do something simpler.


At first, I didn't really care either, to be honest.


If even one of us is ready to go all-in, it'd be cool to ride on their coattails and pull out all the stops to get it done.

Me, too. We don't have much time, and it might be a lot of work, but as committee members, we'll do everything we can!

So why not?

If we do something, the more extravagant, the better!

Besides, this looks kind of interesting!

I agree. There are dance numbers in musicals, right?

I've been wanting to try my hand at choreography.


Taku! You're gonna let us handle the songs, right?

This will be the DTM Club's day in the sun.

Needless to say, I'll give you a hand with the music-related stuff.

We do have a bit of funding, after all...

You mean we can go hardcore with the artwork?

The costumes, too?

Well, I did say "a bit of..."

Well, if we have to do something anyway.

Singing and dancing? I can be a stagehand, right?

But I've got cram school.

And I have my part-time job. Hey, it's all good!

I've got practice, too, so I won't be much help, but if we each do as much as we can.

Right, committee member?

Of course!

Um, after hearing your feedback, of course, we'd like to allocate all the roles.

Well, in that case... Yeah.

Well, not like there's anything else I want to do.

Hey, what about casting?

Looks like the only really demanding role is the heroine.

Well, that's another thing we'll be...

Isn't Naruse going to play the heroine?

You're not?

All right, then it's settled.

The prince appears before the girl who'd lost the ability to speak.

Because other encounter with the prince, words of love begin to proliferate inside the girl's heart.

But the girl... is unable to voice them.

One day, an assassination attempt is made on the prince, and thanks to a ruse by the Egg, the girl is charged with the crime.

Because she can't speak, she fails to clear up the misunderstanding, and is captured by all the people she'd hurt till then and is sentenced to death.

As the prince looks on, the girl's head is chopped off on the scaffold.

That's when the words begin to gush out of the girl's head...

"I love the prince."

I don't know, it's pretty gory.

But I don't think it's bad for an ending!

You don't?

After the girl dies, everyone realizes the truth, right?

It clears things up with the prince.

Isn't Gon, the Little Fox like that, too?

It's got that fairy-tale vibe.

Well, I guess it's better than a random happy ending.

Yeah. I think it works.

Still, the prince is such a crucial role.

And I'm the one who has to play him?

At least you're a human!

I'm an egg. An egg!

Not that it's your fault, Naruse.

What's wrong with that? I bet you'll look cute!

Lucky you. You're in the chorus and one of the criminals, right?

What choice do we have? We told them we'd do everything we could as committee members.

And of course, all the main characters were forced upon the committee members.

Girl/Jun Naruse Egg/Daiki Tasaki Prince/Takumi Sakagami An egg. An egg...

Just resign yourself already.


Naruse, you just need to write the lyrics for the ending, right?

Do you think you'll be able to say what you really want to say?

I see.

The wind feels cold now.

Yeah, it might be torture for us to go on eating up here.

The words she'd lost start to shout out...

Start to shout out "I love you."

By the way, does this have a title yet?

Yeah, I think it's The Shin of Youth.

That's so lame! It has nothing to do with the story!

Coming! Oh, my, welcome!

Are you here for Taku?


Come on in!

Taku, your friend is here!

Excuse me!

Oh, my, what a spirited young man!


Hey, you're early. It's okay.

If it's a 3 o'clock call time, showing up at 2:50 is a no-brainer.

Hey, you can leave that open. This place is more or less soundproof.

Right. Pretty amazing.

Well, at least in number.

We can use them to decide the last number we haven't--

Hey, I don't know much about music, so I'm counting on you for that.

Anyway, where are the others?

Aizawa and Iwaki should be here any minute.

Nito and Naruse will come after they're done shopping for the costume people.

By the way, I hear you and Nito used to go out.

What? How did--

Uh, that was back when we were in junior high.

We were briefly an item--

Well, Nito's apparently seeing someone else now.

Of course she has someone.

Not that I know anything about it.

Let's play, Takumi! Hey, they're here.

Sorry, can you help me move the sofa?

Taku, your friends are here!

Everybody must be there already by now.

Shall we get a move on?

Let's see, on the map.

Naruse, have you been to Sakagami's house before?

I see.

Just once, when we were thinking up the story.

Just once, when we were thinking up the story. He set music to my words with the piano.

Sakagami played the piano?

It feels so strange.

It feels so strange. Going over to a friend's house, going shopping with a friend.

It never really seemed possible till now...

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! Having the nerve to call you my friend when we're only on the Outreach committee together...!

I'm glad that we got to be friends, too!

You totally make me want to cheer you on.

My heart just won't shout it out I can't help but feel that there was something I wanted to say

...Like this?

Hey, not bad.

I think it matches the melancholy of the ending.

When Iwaki said classical music, I wasn't sure what we were gonna do!

Works for me, this Misery.


Not much difference.

Oh yes, they are different!

Apologize to Master Beethoven! Okay...

Now we've got all the songs picked out, right?

All right! Now for the arrangements!

We might need to tweak the lyrics, too.

Also, the choreography and direction!

In any case, just one more push!

Boy, that took up a lot of time, huh?

True that. Having so much material is pretty daunting, huh?

Yeah, but this room really gets me fired up!

So sorry to make you help me!

Oh, those sweets? Put them in that bowl, will you?

They're quite good, you know.

Tell me, the song we just heard...

That was Takkun playing, wasn't it?

Is that right?

That song. My son loved it.

Since Takkun was such a good pianist, the whole family used to gather in that room and listen to him play...


Oh, my. What is it?

Let's see...

What are you doing?

Oh! Takkun. What does this say?

What happened to Sakagami's parents?

My parents are divorced, too.

My mom who left us, and...

After that, my dad's been busy with work or whatever... and left me in my grandparents' care.

Well, I guess we see each other once a year, at most.


Can I help?

No, we're good.

We'll be right there.

All right, then. Thanks for having us!

See you around, Taku!

See you at school!

Take care, all right?

Hey, let's stop by the book store.

We're taking the bus to the station, right?

Shall we go?

What's up?

Are you sure you didn't need to take that train?

The doctor told me I still shouldn't be running, so I'm trying to walk as much as I can.

Wait, you don't want to walk with me?

Still, that was pretty awesome, huh?

Both Aizawa and Iwaki really know their music.

And Sakagami looked so cool, playing the piano.

The people in our class all have their talents and skills.

So do you, Naruse.

Well, I guess I wasn't paying any attention till now.

What is it?

That's so admirable of you. To realize that yourself.

Jeez! You talking to a kid?

Come on, let's go.

I'm the one who never paid any attention.

The young girl had received such precious, blissful words...

But she wasn't aware of the prince's grief.

What kind of words could the girl utter to the prince?

You want to change the ending?

But Naruse...

This is the new ending.

Just before execution, All right, fairies! Let's try it together now!

The prince rushes to protect her.

Let's look at the lyrics for now.

At the prince's urging, the people ended up forgiving her.

The girl, the prince, and everyone else as well all get a happy ending...

I just thought that the elderly would enjoy a happy ending more...

We don't have much time, so cut the sad last song, and just act out?

I see. I did like the lyrics we've got now, you know.

Sure, they're gloomy, but...

The part where she shouts out, "I love you."

It felt that her repressed feelings were really precious to her.

That's what it felt like to me.

But I agree, a happy ending would appeal more to the masses!

Stop! Stop!

What's the problem, Aizawa?

Did we mess up somewhere?

No, that's not it.

Then what's wrong?


It's just...!

This song is about us evil fairies deceiving the girl, burning down the town, and massacring the people, right?

So is it really okay for us to sing it so merrily?

Well, what are we supposed to do?

We're ones doing the deceiving, so of course we're happy!

Mismatched lyrics and music. Happens all the time!

It's that dissonance that makes it riveting, don't you think?

Sorry about this, Naruse.

Something just hit me, see.

About that last song...

Oh, hey, I'm all for the happy ending!

But when I started thinking how great the atmosphere of the original ending was.

Let's see...



The song we heard the other day in class.

It actually fits pretty well, I guess.

In this musical I saw years ago, there was a number where they sang two different songs at once.

And I remembered how amazing it was, listening to Aizawa and the others talking.

I learned this one from my dad, too.

I left you hanging yesterday, didn't I?

My parents were already fighting all the time before I got into junior high...

My mom wanted me to get into a private school, but I was so hooked on the piano at the time, and I rebelled.

And my dad defended me.

I ended up going to a public school, but the discord between my parents only got worse.

And what happened next was what I told you yesterday.

Even though my own selfishness was the cause, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't say a word.

Since I blamed myself, I got scared to even touch the piano.

There's no way that it was your fault!

Then the same goes for what happened to your family.

I can't believe that it was your fault.

That's probably just how it is.

That's not true that something or somebody being 100% to blame or wrong.

Anyway, what I wanted to suggest was, if both of these endings are what you really want to say, why don't we somehow convey both of them?

Just a thought I had.

Sakagami, you're amazing.


Sakagami, you're amazing. You're amazing.

Would you mind playing it again?

Would you mind playing it again? I want to listen well and will put everything I want to convey in that song.

I want to cram it all in.

My... prince!

Music Room


The Shin of Youth Please come see this, if you want.


We're going on for real tomorrow!

And I'm still not sure about the lyrics...

Same here. I'm still worried about the choreography.

I know, right?

Morning, Sakagami!


You're here early.

Sure am!

Hey, Nito. About getting permission to use the gym this after--

Oh, right!

Sorry! I'll take care of it right away!

Hey! Natsuki?

No. I was going to join you. Wait up, will you?


We're done with rehearsals for all parts!

All right, it's getting late, so clear up and get out of here!


Don't "what?" me.

Tomorrow, the first years will be using the stage first, so make sure you do a good job clearing up!

Okay, let's get to it.

Then let's start with the big stuff...


I brought in the troops for the heavy lifting!


It's the baseball team!

All right!

Those guys.

Where should we take this?

That's fragile, so be careful, okay? Hey, could you give us a hand?

All right. Hey.

I'll take that.

Hey, thanks.

Not at all. But is your elbow okay?

The doctor finally cleared me.

I could start practicing next week.

Wait for me just a little longer.


Hey, Natsuki?

If you're heading back to the classroom, could you take this, too?

Oh, hold up a second.

Then can you go, too, Sakagami?

Hey, Nito.

Aren't you acting a little weird lately?

Like how?

Like how? You know...

It's nothing, all right?

What is it?

Really, Ikkun, you're such a bad boy!

Well, what can I do?

Lately we've been so busy prepping for this, we could never be alone.

But in a place like this...

How could they when it's crunch time for us?

I don't care if they're dating.

Doing that stuff at school.


Well... You're dating someone now, right?

How'd you know?

I heard about it the other day from Tasaki.



Stay away from me!

Wait, you...

You're crying.

Look, Nito...

Forget it!

Just forget it.

I'll take care of the rest.

Put that down, and...

Go be with Naruse!

Why would you bring her up now?

Because you're in love, aren't you?

With Naruse?

Hold up! Where'd you get that idea?

It's not like I'm in love with Naruse!

But, you're always concerned about her!

I mean really!

That's right, I am concerned!

But that's because... I don't know.

Didn't I tell you before?

Naruse's been trying so hard. So I want to cheer her on!

Isn't that what being in love is?

I'm telling you, you're wrong!

Why are you making assumptions about other people's feelings?

I can't tell!

I can't tell what you're feeling at all!

Yeah... guess not.

You can't tell what I'm thinking.

I've got to put them into words.

I always regretted it.

That day, when you tried to reach out to me...

I knew you were, but I didn't do anything about it.

That's why...

Seeing Naruse trying so hard...

I... I thought, "This time I'll--

As for me, after that, things between us got so vague...

But I was glad it ended up that way.

If I asked you. If I said it out loud, I thought it would really be over between us. All this time...

Does that mean...

Then the guy you're seeing...

But that's not how I should've handled it.

And now that I know that I handled it wrong, That's why I said I'd cheer you on.

Nito, I--

We should get going. Everyone's waiting.


Sorry. I don't want to hear it now.


It made me happy to hear you play the piano again.

What's wrong?

These are the bags I asked Naruse to bring.

Where's Naruse?

Seems like it's something urgent?



It hurts... it hurts... it hurts!

It's not your stomach, I see.

It's your heart that hurts.

It's the pain of youth.

Inflicted on you for breaking the seal...

I haven't spoken! Hardly at all!

When you're told not to speak, it's not just about words.

You have a heart that talks too much.

Takumi Sakagami...

I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him...

Stop it!

So you see?

Your egg is full of cracks now.

Aha, here it comes.

The slimy egg whites.

The about-to-be-hatched yolk...

I'm very disappointed in you.

Let's bring this superficial imprisonment to an end.

All right, It's time for...

Some scrambled eggs.

To think it would snow at this time of year!

Community Outreach Event

Community Outreach Event Hey!

Has anyone found Naruse yet?

No. And we haven't heard from anyone else, either.

There's nowhere else to look on the school grounds!

Not hearing back from the guys patrolling outside, either.

Is she really at school?

Well, her shoes were in her locker!

Sakagami, what about her cell phone?

No good. I can't get through.

And her voicemail's--

Sorry. I can't play the heroine. I was carried away. Really sorry.

She can't play the heroine?

What's that supposed to mean? Why so suddenly?

It's no good. I can't call her.

What are we gonna do?

Without our heroine, we've got nothing!

You think this has something to do with Naruse's urgent business yesterday?

Hey! When you two went back to the classroom yesterday, did you run into Naruse?


You took stuff back to the classroom, right?

It was around that time when Naruse went to pick up some bags.

Around that time?

Then that sound we heard...

Naruse heard what we were saying.

Heard you? Heard you say what? Hey!


Is Naruse here?

We looked for her off the school gro--

What were you thinking? At a crucial time like this!

Hey, Dai...

But we don't know if that's the reason, unless Naruse...


You can't be...

What am I gonna do?


What, you mean...

That thing you call the tangles of blind love?

What's up with that? Is that why Naruse's a no-show?

What's that?

Isn't that kind of outrageous?

After we all worked so hard to get ready.

That's kind of a jerk move by Naruse, don't you think?


What are you gonna do?


Hm, nobody's picking up at Naruse's house either.

What is it?

Well, it's just that...

You guys, I'm sorry!

No need for you to apologize, Taku...

The idea was ours, and with your cooperation, we made it this far.

And yet, Naruse is about to destroy it all.

And I think that's a truly heinous betrayal.

But I...

Even so...

She was so frantic. Even though her stomach hurts her when she talks, she ignored it so she could push on.

And since I saw that...

I want her to get up on that stage, no matter what!

Well, sure. We know how hard Naruse was working, too.

But the fact is, she's a no-show.

So I want you to let me go look for her.

What are you saying?

What are we supposed to do if you leave, too?

Iwaki, it was you who wrote all the songs, so you can sing them all, right?


Then until Sakagami gets back, I want you to play the prince.


Since you're the one who directed Naruse, you know the songs, don't you?

I want you to take Naruse's place.


You were only going on once anyway, so you can take this.

And Iwaki, the fairy and the prince don't come on at the same time, either!

Well, no...


Let me ask for your cooperation, too!

I just want you to give Naruse the slightest chance.


I promise to do my very best, too!

And I'll dance enough for both Natsuki and me!

Yoko, let's go over the part where the formation changes again.

Iwaki, if you're not up to it, I wouldn't mind playing the prince.

You wouldn't fit into the costume, Aizawa!


I'm counting on you.

Wait for me, Naruse!

Why, hello. Ms. Naruse!

The first years just finished their performance now.

If you like, this seat next to us is open!

Hey, Sakagami?

Sorry. Still no sign of Naruse.

Oh, it's not that. Here's a message from Tasaki, who went an ahead.

He says that Naruse's mam is in the audience.

Gotcha. Thanks!

We'll head over as soon as I find her.

Dammit. What are you doing, Naruse?

The me who never speaks was born.

Come to think of it.

Naruse did mention that day...

It all started with...

The ball at the castle!

They're taking a long time, huh?

- At the glittering golden castle...

- Night after night, it happens.

Me, too.

- Attended by gentlemen and ladies...

- That ball...

Hey, Nito?

- That ball...


What's this? You always dance in a short skirt as a cheerleader.

Have you lost your nerve?


I'd lost my nerve, probably.

All this time...

I might have been running away from making things clear.

But I'm done with that!

All right, then let's go!


Once upon a time, in a certain land...

There lived a poor young girl who yearned to go to the ball at the castle.

At the glittering golden castle Night after night, it happens Attended by gentlemen and ladies

- That ball...

- Her fluttering dress is like a red fish

- She swims through the hall, waving her tail...

- What are you doing here, may I ask?

- I'm counting an you, Sakagami!

Bring Naruse back as soon as you can!

If it's dark, then just a little bit

- Let me dream

- But if I find Naruse...

- Even if it's a dark deception

I don't care, I want to dance Naruse.

Let's go, Naruse.

Everybody's waiting.

I can't go back anymore.

Naruse? You--

It's already started, hasn't it?

No, there's still time!

Because they're somehow getting by for now.

It's hopeless.

I can't sing anymore.

Because my prince doesn't exist anymore.

Naruse-- Don't come near me!

Don't make me shout!

My stomach will start hurting again, don't you see?

Thought I could do it if I sang... But it didn't work out!


My heart talking.

It didn't work, after all!

It was just like the Egg said!

Because I spoke up, I became unhappy!

There was never any egg, and you know it!

Yes, there is!

There isn't!

There is!


I need him to exist, or I'd be lost!

I've ruined the play.

I've ruined my family.

If my being a chatterbox wasn't to blame...

What am I supposed to blame it all on?

What am I supposed to do?

So you're telling me that you wish to commit a crime?

That's right! I want to dance!

Even knowing that it's a ball for criminals being held at that castle.

Even so!

The girl makes a desperate appeal.

Well, in that case, you've got to commit a crime just as grave as theirs!

That's right! For example...

Stick my hand in my packet I've got one box of matches

- It's not even that cold and you light a fire Aizawa is doing his best in his own way.

- The wavering flames flicker upward but we're all doing our best even with all our misgivings.

- A faraway, sweet life

- Dancing, talking, the frills on your dress The worst outcome would be to mess up this musical, right?

- Romantic games at daybreak And if that were to happen, I think Naruse would regret it the most.

- Rise up in flames, burn it to the ground True!

Well, I guess you're right!

It's too late anyway, it's already started!

True! True!

I wish it would just burn up!


My soul.

All my chattering, too!

Naru-- I've got to blame it on my talkativeness.

Or I wouldn't know what to do!

I really don't know what to do!

Jun Naruse!

W-What is it?

You have a sweet voice, you know.

Talk to me some more.

Say what you really want to say.

Give me more of those words.

Didn't you hear what I just said? Of course that's not gonna happen!


Words hurt other people!

You can hurt me.

I don't mind if I get hurt.

I want to hear you speak the truth some more.


Okay, then, I'm gonna start hurting you now.

You pretend to be kind, but you're such a hypocrite!

Your armpits smell sometimes!

You're not even that good-looking!

Just because you can play the piano, don't be deluded that you're popular!

You liar!

You're always leading people on. You pretentious bastard!


That girl! That girl is equally to blame!

She's a liar! And she's a goody-two-shoes!

That's the most vile kind of person there is!





I've run out of things to say.


I've run out!

Is that all? All your words of truth?


Just now, you said my name.

I've never said your name before.

Say it.

Takumi Sakagami.

Takumi Sakagami.

Takumi Sakagami.

Takumi Sakagami!

What? I wonder why?

I was just like you, Naruse.

I'd talk, but...

I fell into the habit of not saying what I really felt, somewhere along the way.

And then, I started believing that there wasn't anything... that I really wanted to tell anyone.

But then I met you.

You don't usually talk, but you do have so many things you want to convey.

And I started to realize that maybe there were many things I wanted to tell someone and I wanted to talk about.

I'm glad that I met you!

Thanks to you, I think I realized all kinds of things!

This is all...

Thanks to me?

Not my fault?

That's right!

So there isn't any egg after all!

Because whatever he told you was a pack of lies!

Because your words made me happy!


Me, too. It's all thanks to you, Sakagami.

It's thanks to you, to Nito, to Tasaki, to everyone!

But I...

Let's go.

They're all waiting.

For you.

They're waiting!

I have one more thing that I want to say.

I love you, Sakagami!


But I'm in love with someone else.

I knew that.

The girl begins spouting every abusive word she can think of.

Let's stay and watch a little longer.

Hurting others. Earning their dislike.

Right. Jun and Takkun worked so hard to prepare for this.

So you've lost the ability to speak!

That's your punishment for your crimes!

That's what everyone wants, for you to lose your voice!

No. I never wanted that.

Farewell, my voice...

Beyond that mountain, into the lake sleeping so deeply Now it is gone Look, Tasaki!

- The sorrowful words that scar people's hearts

- Not wanting to utter them, it sobbed...

But this is perfect.

- Now it is gone Where we leave the girl who can't talk onstage, - Good morning, hello, how are you today?

It's all good.

Those ordinary conversations After all, musicals and miracles go hand in hand, right?

- How I miss them now My voice disappeared, much to everyone's joy Because everyone hates the words that I say Heaving with sobs, my voice left me and is gone Left behind, I can no longer even cry

And so, the girl who'd lost her voice finally collapsed under the weight of her crimes.

The girl is in despair. But just then, a prince passes by.

You were great, Naruse!

Yeah, your entrance was so dramatic.

It was really cool! That was a little nerve-wracking.

We were worried.

Naruse! Get your makeup on...

Hey, no crying! I won't be able to get you made up!

Naruse, you're on again right after this.

We're counting on you till the end!


I caused you all so much trouble.

And Still...

Come on, we told you not to cry!

You're seeing this through, aren't you?

- Inside the egg are...

Egg whites gone cold and an ominous yolk So there never really was an egg.

I'm the one who cast that curse.

I was the egg.

Locked away inside the egg, alone. Me, myself.

Just then, the world burst into song towards the girl.

This is it, huh? Go on!

Now, then...

- My heart begins to shout

- The world I see standing next to you

- Everything is so beautiful

- My sad past as well as the traces of my tears

- I'm going to shout out

- The feelings that were born since I met you

- I love everything about it

- This world that you gave me

Community Outreach Event

So listen, I'm gonna go confess my feelings to Naruse.

I'm starting practice again after the weekend, you know?

So I won't have much spare time...

That's why you're doing it now?

So, can I step away for a second?

We still have some cleaning up to do, so make sure you come back.

Okay, I'm going now!

Pretty amazing, huh? That Tasaki.



The rest of that conversation you said you didn't want to hear.

Can I talk now?


Right now, it's like you're piggybacking onto Tasaki, so no.

No, that's not--

Another time!

Tell me properly.

And I'll give you a proper answer.

Come on! Let's get back to work!

What's inside the egg?

All kinds of feelings locked inside.

Then, unable to keep them locked in...

It explodes...

And the world that's created then...

It is more beautiful than I ever thought.