Komban (2015) Script

Attention everyone! Our 3 villages, namely, Vellanaadu, Semmanaadu, Arasanaadu is led by our all time leaders Mr.Bairavan and Mr.Kundan Ramasamy Whatever they decide will be abided by Vellanadu and Semmanadu As usual Arasanadu will stand apart and we will not bother them Mr.Ramasamy's son Muthukalai has been chosen as the Semmanaadu's town council leader by Mr.Bairavan Whoever our leader points out will be the town council head Because there is no better person to decide in Semmanadu other than Mr.Bairavan Tamil comedy dialogue played Selvam! Stop kidding and switch off your mobile.

Didn't you say that everyone abides to what Bairavan and Kundan decide?

Can this mobile abide to what they say? Let's see if it obeys!

Try informing the mobile! When a mobile phone doesn't obey them how can we humans obey?

Look, they'll keep nominating their friends & relatives. I will not listen to any of that!

I will be the Town council head for Semmanaadu! If you can't agree to it, let's fight it out!

Kundan is the leader of vellanadu and his son is the leader of semmanaadu it seems For how many days will they keep saying this? Get me the gravy!

Coming brother Pandi , They are trying to get hold of all the 3 districts That wont happen till im alive

How dare you mock my dad!

Spare no one!

Pull him down!

Don't leave him! Chop his legs off!

Bring him over!

Leave me!

Kill me!

Or else I will kill you all!

Don't spare me! Kill me! Now!

Or else, all of you will die.

We kill people who dare to stare at our father How dare you raise your voice and challenge him? Should you be alive anymore?

Give me that!

Dad This will be the case for anyone who opposes you here Lets see who will be against us in our district

Has your husband woke up?

How will he wake up so soon?

Its our fateto wake up early and leave to work They will sleep till noon

Hey ! The van has arrived come lets go Please maintain queue

Come up brother Get up quickly I'll get you candies if you go to school. Come on now!

-I don't want to go the school Come on now!

-Won't you go to school? -Why are you being rude to the kid!

He won't attend school it seems If you don't attend school you will turn out to be useless like these guys!

Come on now!

Has everyone come, Niraikulathan?

Yes brother, everyone has come Where is Udaiyavan?

Stir it up nicely! more!

Hold it properly Hold it!

-Can we weigh it? -Sure!

-Weigh it -How much is it?

-Twenty Kilos -Why don't you feed it with some more water?

More water will make it stiff!

Ok. Give it to me.

Only we have a goat weighing 20kgs in the whole of this market!

You won't trust me. Here's the owner. Ask him.

He is asking for 6000 bucks. You talk to him.

Who asked you to fix it up at 7000 bucks when it can fetch 8000?

Your brother is better!

He quoted 7000 and now you say it as 8000!

It's for the temple. So let's fix it up at 6500.

Hey Alangaram! Why do you give off this goat for 6500 when it can fetch you 10,000?

It's not an ordinary goat. It has been specially fed with dirt water to increase its weight to 20 kilos!

Moreover it was bit by a snake!

-Is it? -Can't you see the goat's ear? You'll be dead if you eat the flesh!

It's not an ordinary snake! But a venomous one!

-What is your name? -Halwaraj!

Looks like people can trick you easily. Won't you look at the goat's ears before you buy?

If it weighs good you guys won't even be bothered even if the goat is pregnant!

What Uncle?

Why are you causing trouble in our business?

Aapanaadu is known for its justful nature! You and your brother seems to tarnish it time and again!

-If my nephew gets to know of this.. -What will he do?

-Is he a big shot? -His name symbolises that!

He is not what you think.He is a leopard! A six foot leopard!

Good for us! We can crouch and attack him!

-If you crouch he will jump on to you all! -What if we jump on to him?

He will thrash you all!

One can dance only when the drums are played But God appears only when the rituals are performed! The God is on his way!

Look here Komba, this is none of your business.

Why bro?

Where are you heading to?

You wish to fight Komban, that isn't a mistake, but trying to kill Komban, isn't that a mistake?

How was that? Give me one chance

How dare you feed the goat with dirt water!

Will you?

You and your brother seem to do this always If I find you tricking people, I'll slit your throat!

Tell me sir!

It's already late Oh my! Am on my way Where to? They are on their way, lets go.

What was the issue at the market?

Padikaasu's nephew has been tarnishing our village's image for the sake of money!

I gave him black and blue at the market.

Hope he won't be causing any more troubles.

He skinned them off!

He won't dare to cause troubles after your treatment.

Your men have been granted bail and whatever had to be done to others has been done.

The elder brothers will get their bail soon. Don't you worry!

Sir the magistrate has come. Let's not wait here. Let's go inside.

It's already 10.30 and they don't seem to call us.

The judge himself is coming now!


Greetings! You...

Don't you recognise me?

Not at all!

Even last month didn't I ask pension for people like us who visit the court regularly!

You also threw the paper weight on to his face!

-Who are you? -I am his sidekick.

Who is that guy discussing with the magistrate?

He is Komban, a native of our Aapanadu.

What do you want now?

I have an important issue to mediate so please take my case first.


Kombaiyyapandian Kombaiyyapandian Kombaiyyapandian

Your case is adjourned to next month 26th. Leave now!

-Sir.. -What is it now? For him...


Thorapandi Thorapandi Thorapandi Your case is also adjourned to 26th

-My uncle -Rajakili Rajakili Rajakili Rajakili All your cases have been adjourned to 26th.

People of your village don't have any other task is it?

What to do sir! We can't be silent at the atrocities.

-We get into a fight and your men immediately file a case! -And we see you everyday because of that!

So you are not afraid of the police?

How can we do social service if we are afraid of the cops?

What about your income?

Where do people with self respect earn these days You talk well

-Where are you going for the mediation? Karuppasamy temple at Semmanaadu

Why don't you hurry up? We need to be at the temple on time!

How can we start without uncle Muthaiya?

Muthaiya hasn't come yet? Where is he?

Please ensure a good life for my daughter!

-Daddy! - Yes dear!

Give! Give!

Look at my dad's excitement, at the sight of brandy!

Give me some more!

That's enough. Now eat this!

So much fried fish for just a small glass of brandy?

You are hale and hearty simply because you eat so much for such less brandy!

Since you are working hard, am giving this as a medicine.

Eat now. - Ok dear Muthaiya! Muthaiya! - Coming!

Can you hold this! These guys won't even let me...

It's getting late. Aren't you coming to the temple?

Are you all ready?

Are you too going?

Why? Aren't you coming?

Why should I come? For this?

-My daughter has given it to me. I am not coming. -Our people are all going together And you say that you aren't coming!

It's good if we go as just humans. But here caste also comes along with us!

There will definitely be a fight in the name of caste. I am neither interested in caste nor the trouble it brings!

There will not be any troubles this time. Aapanadu people are coming to mediate.

Oh they are coming is it? You just have to kindle and they will take care of the rest. You guys will never change!

I am not coming. - It's ok if you are not coming. Send Pazhani as my company.

She is calling you. Accompany her Be careful.

Dude ! Come Come Greetings! Greetings!

How are you? Am good. Can we talk it over?

Dude No one knows that you all have come to mediate. If they get to know then it will cause another issue!

What is the problem?

You see it for yourself.

So you never came to butcher the goats! You came to mediate is it?

You leave this place now.

First you leave. Your wife is here! Why is she coming here?


First & foremost thing, I should mary him off to some girl.

Where are they going? -They are going to mediate it seems. You go now.

What are these guys searching for?

Its nothing We are searching for the God's idol!

The idol is missing? Would someone have stolen it?

Who will steal from such a petty place?

Then where did the idol go?

It wouldn't have gone anywhere! It must be lying there!

How do you say that it is lying there? - I am the one who threw it there out of rage!

Why brother?

Brother! We come as a gang to this temple only to drink!

We drink to cause trouble! How can we be quiet if we are not allowed to do that?

Whatever trouble has to happen will happen! Nobody can stop this!

We found the idol!

The God's are on our side! Fill it up!

These were the guys I told you about. He is the one who is leading them!

They wait to create troubles and throw the idol! This is why Muthaiya didn't come.

I don't care what you are going to do. There should not be any trouble this time and the idol shouldn't go missing!

Uncle Take the sword Chop! Let's see!

The elegant dothi Eyes that are sharp as sword The mighty moushtache That kills disputes in town The king that lives with us Any problems that the subjects raise He solves it in no time as he takes it as his own The intelligence to act by self Need no advice from others Needs no philosophy to act The king born with self-respect The elegant dothi Eyes that are sharp as sword The mighty moushtache That kills disputes in town The king that lives with us Any problems that the subjects raise He solves it in no time as he takes it as his own

The rogues behind the women in town have to be cut off first What's important is the respect that the women sees us with With pride and courage in heart Save the elderly of the town Their blessings and good wishes Shall keep you away from sins Trust me upon these words I am born to the god that saves the town I have the will to make anything possible

The elegant dothi Eyes that are sharp as sword The mighty moushtache That kills disputes in town The king that lives with us Any problems that the subjects raise He solves it in no time as he takes it as his own

This time you saved all the troubles with your dance. What are you going to do next time?

We'll ask them to build a wall around Pandithorai! Why are you bleeding from your head?

They thrashed me for not paying my dues for the vehicle.


I hit him! Should I cuddle with him if he defaults on the payment?

I have nabbed these kids here because their parents didn't pay their due.

Look how he has pampered his kid using my money!

If we lend money, it should be repayed Or else, we will thrash!

You nephew has poor choices of words!

He has thrashed up a native of our village Won't you question him? He was the one who asked me to thrash up!

We are the ones who lent the money & he is the one who borrowed. Who are you in between?

-Who do you think I am? I don't care, just repay the money How much is it?

He has defaulted for 2 months. 1500 per month. 3000 for two months & 500 interest. Totally 3500.

Interest on the interest! Sounds ridiculous !

Now that you have given their money, give them back the blows they gave you!

What are you saying?

He thrashed you since you didn't pay him, isn't it? Now that you have repayed it, give it back.

Give it back with their interest. - When I am here why are you asking him to thrash them!

I'll thrash him... Try doing it!

I am going to chop you into pieces....

Why are you stopping me instead of hitting him? - I know what am doing! Calm down!

Stop jumping!

He knows about me. I will bash anyone who stares at me & chop if they try fighting!

Chop now! Let's see! Chop me!

What are you staring at?

If you are a man, Chop me!

He talks about chopping men and you ask him to cut vegetables. - First let him do this, then he can chop men!

Causing trouble wherever he goes!

I'll listen to what you say Will you do the same?

What should I do? Try attending that call!

There is no switch on that phone and how do you expect me to attend it?

Yes, I know you will ask for switch in a touchscreen phone!

You keep talking like this and I'll poison you guys one day!

Dont try too hard, the food you serve already tastes so.

I am blessed with a baby boy!

Is it? Mom, Muniandi is blessed with a boy!

Ask which hospital Which hospital?

Krishna hospital. I'll be there in the morning. pour me some Gravy!

Komban! Tomorrow is salary day Please go to the matchbox factory and collect my salary.

Wasn't it for you, my brothers questioned the people who failed to pay the dues?

And your villagers will bash them for that and you will be a mute spectator?

You better avenge for my brothers or else my dad will do that!

Shut up & calm down! Don't talk unnecessarily.

There is a reason why I am silent at all these atrocities by Aapanadu people.

He has not only hit you. He has also thrashed my brother this morning!

The reason I'm mute seeing all this is because there is something that I need him for.

I need his support to become the leader of Aapanadu.

Because Aapanadu obeys him!Let's get this done & then we shall handle him.

Don't tell all these to father-in-law!

Don't you divulge anything out of rage!

Here dear. I had been to Mamangam and got Biriyani since it's your favourite!

You and your husband have it.

What are those dirt patches on your shirt?

Since we didn't have enough labours to load the coal, me and brother were doing that.

Ok then leave now. See you!


What is it dear?

Nothing dad...

My husband wishes to be the chairman of Arasanadu Had you told me earlier I would have made him the chairman of vellanaadu!

Forget it. He is the next chairman for Arasanaadu!

Nobody can change that! Enough?

I didn't marry for I'll have to work and this Muniandy has loaded us with his works!

This Muniandy has made us toil like a woman! When it comes to work you always grumble.

Come and collect the batter.

Let's first measure this. - You can measure them later. First get the batter and finish the work!

This Muniandy has made us do all his work!

Stop it! Why do you want to get the batter before measuring?

He asked us to do so. That's why!

Are you an escort to obey orders?

Come on now This guy just called me an escort!

Hey Pazhani!

The Arasanaadu guy is here, today Vanam is going to get busted.

You have pasted the packs just like your wrinkled face!

Who asked you to do all this during your final days!

Look at that face! 3 gross less!


Look at how stiff these packs are This is why we should have young women do the work Two Take it dear!

Come here!

It's already filled. Can't you see it is overflowing?

We know how to measure. You just shut up!

Show all your valour somewhere else. Not here!


I told you right!Vanam is goin to get busted! Look there!

How dare you mock at the women who come to measure the packs!

You disrespect women who come to work?

He is angry!

You sent him to measure just once. He picked up a fight and cost you your job!

Indeed, he did it in a way that he can't get back his job now!

Muniandy can never have his job back He was talking ill of women from our native. What else should I do to him?

I should have chopped him there! It was my mistake of letting him go!

It was my mistake to have given birth to you!

Why did you ask him to go?

Can you keep quiet for a while?

Will you obey my words?

I' ll obey whatever you say. But I won't give a damn to whatever my mom says!

Don't go anywhere tomorrow. We are going to the bride's place.

Are you looking out for a bride for him??

If you go in search for a bride for him, they will thrash you for sure!

You search for the bride. I'll marry!

But the girl you search for should not nag me! Another important thing...

The girl should never be like my mom!

First let's see whether you get a girl!

I am not accompanying you to the bride's place. You carry on!

Will he like the girl that you have found for him?

We are going to see the girl that he likes! - What?

The girl whom I have found will be liked by him and you! The entire district of Ramanathapuram will like her!

But they will have to like our Komban! Why wouldn't they like him?

Arasanaadu is fond of him. Then how will the girl not like him?

How can you avoid us while searching for a bride for Komban!

Why are you all coming?

Kotaiamma! It's not only us. Look behind you!

Do you think they'll consent for this marriage if we take all of them along?

Muniandy,if the whole village turns up seeking the bride for your brother, they won't be able to refuse!

I would have agreed to give my daughter if you had come alone!

I am shocked because entire Arasanadu is here! - Happy now?

The hair in the head looks groomed when it is cut but it hurts when it is plucked.

A girl's marriage is is very similar to that. Things will look good during the marriage but it's only the life after that will define if the marriage was good or painful!

You said it right! You keep quite My dear! Pazhani!

She is pretty!

They have come seeking your hand in marriage. What is your opinion?

Why are you asking me? Whoever you decide, I'll marry him!

You have to always be with me! That's my only condition.

Whoever agrees to that I am ready to marry them.

There will not be any problems with that. You have to come to my house I am talking of your marriage but you seemed to be concerned about me!

Now, for a daughter so loving, imagine wat kind of a boy should I be looking for.

I am not saying that I will not give my daughter's hand to your brother but I will have to enquire about the groom before I decide.

In that case, it is very doubtful!

Take it.

Why have you brought this useless guy along with you?

He will know about all the other useless guys. That's why I brought him along!

He is a talented guy! You know me very well uncle!


3 fresh juice.

You are looking so smart. Very dashing.

Brother How is Komban of Aapanaadu?

How in the sense?

Nothing much...

If you are looking for a groom for your sister..

..won't you enquire about the groom He is asking about Komban's character Character?

You can doubt the quality of this gold ring but you can never doubt Komban's quality

But the only problem is , he is a bit short tempered. That's all!

He is very short tempered. Short tempered!

Why are you all boasting about his temper? Is he that hot headed?

Indeed, pepole who have faced him knows very well!

Many say that he is short tempered. I am a little worried about that!

Muthaiya, he is the guy we are talking about!

It's been two days since I've ate. Please spare some money son.

I won't give you any money. I'll buy you food. Is that ok?

That would do. I'll be very thankful It's been three days since we've had food. Please buy food for us too.

What are you thinking Muthaiya?

I have decided, he is my Son-In-Law Who is he to enquire about me?

He is the girl's father.

Let him be. Why does he have to enquire all around the town about me?

All that matters is if I am responsible and not what my responsibilities are.

We might be rude but we aren't shameless Yes...Yes..

The minute he spoke ill about Arasanaadu, I have started hating him On his face, I have to tell him that "I don't like you neither your daughter nor your name"!

Rajakili, ask him for the address.

Stop you idiot!

One of you has provoked my nephew!

The guy who transfers loads at the bus-stand... that stinkface Muthaiya..Where does he live?

You think he is useless like you?

He is a well respected Godman in Semmanadu.

You speak ill of such a well respected man and you call him stinkface?

You should be....I'll be back in sometime If I still find you around, I'll spit out your throat! - now that was uncalled for.

Come on uncle, show some respect!

Come on now.

Come on uncle, don't be upset for silly things.

I wouldn't have complained even if he had beaten me up He called me useless...What does he mean by that?

He meant that you are good for absolutely nothing.

What do you mean by 'absoutely nothing'?

Absolutely Nothing!

Insane guy..

He called this Rajakili useless!

Sister...sister.. Missed her.

The whole street is empty, now whom shall we ask?

There is a person approaching, ask him.

Show some respect. Note that he is carrying a weapon and might just use it.

Sir, The guy who transfers loads at the bus-stand-Muthaiya sir Where does he live, sir?

You are calling me sir? Are you insane? Don't you have brains?

I hope you are fed with normal human food!

You are referring even Muthaiya as Sir?

By addressing as 'Sir" will you sound educated or will I or he sound educated?

Get lost or else I'll hyptonize you!

Whatever way I ask they are giving it back. How else can I ask?

Dear Nephew...

Everyone here seems to be short tempered. You enquire, they will respect you and respond, I guess Let's go shopping after work. what do you say? - Excuse me -Tell me brother Brother Why is he standing like a statue?


What were you about to ask?

The guy who transfers loads at the bus-stand-Muthaiya, where does he live?

Why does he want your address?

Don't tell him - Ok Why do you ask?

Can't you tell without knowing the reason?

How can I show the house to strangers?

Nothing, he had come the other day to my town to fix his daughter's marriage with me So I thought I would meet him and.. You thought you could see the girl ?

Yes, we thought we'll see the girl and ensure that she isn't like you.

She isn't like me, she is just like this girl.

If the girl is like her, then I would pay my respect to your town and take her away with me.

Then pay your respects, because this is the girl whom you had come to see.

The moments I see you, my blossoming flower I am lost in words to describe you Remember her father spoke ill about our village Leave that, we'll avenge him for that - so what about this girl?

She is my wife

Oh! black beauty Oh! black beauty Oh black beauty Your red lips gives me jitter Your smile gives me goosebumps The enriching smiles that you shower through your red lips My lips shiver And my heart pounds I own your lips I have insured them too I own your lips I have insured them too I live by rules I abide by disciplines Your sheer look has disrupted my discipline Oh black beauty Oh black beauty Oh black beauty! Your red lips gives me jitters Your smile gives me goosebumps

The hair is not so lengthy -And you are not tall as a horse That's where lies your beauty The beauty that pulls me along

Not a skinny model figure Not a healthy structure The beauty of a sculptured idol The beauty that pulls me along The beauty with fragrance A wholesome beauty The beauty with fragrance A wholesome beauty Never have I seen such beauty I gave myself to you Never shall I part from you Oh! Black Beauty Oh! Black Beauty

Those beautiful ears The shoulders that are untouched That's your beauty The beauty that attracts me to you

Diamonds that add beauty to your nose Emerald that add beauty to your ears You are a wholesome beauty The beauty that pulls me along The swan-like walk The chariot-like waist The swan-like walk The chariot-like waist I shall surrender my entire life to you And never revert it And even if I can, I shall not Oh! Black beauty Oh! Black beauty Oh black beauty Your red lips gives me jitters Your smile gives me goosebumps

Please come. Welcome.

Stop your dance.

Stop dancing.That is the girl's father.

How are you uncle? I hope you are fine. I'm fine

Kombaiyanpandian s/o Malayappan hailing from Aapanaadu Pazhani D/O Muthaiya, Hailing from Semmanadu, as per Aapanadu traditions..

..let's follow the customs and get the couple married before the auspicious time is over.

What do you say Muthaiya? Let's get them married.

Can we wait for few minutes as an important guest is on his way.

Brother, is my mother here? Here I am I can't wait for strangers.

Uncle please start the proceedings.

Hey start the proceedings and the celebrations Ladies whistle out the traditional tune.

Tie the knot.

Greetings Muthaiya Welcome welcome.

Had to handle an important case and it got delayed. - Ok You?


Where is his side-kick?

Greetings sir Muthaiya, these two are often found in the courtroom.

Why do you turn sober? Doesn't mean that everyone inside the courtroom is a bad. and everyone outside aren't good.

Your are the right person for this guy.

You should be thankful to Muthaiya for letting you marry his daughter.

Come and get his blessings.

Sir This Komban will never fall on anybody's feet except his mother's

Pazhani get mother's blessings.

Come. Look at this.

Why do you look so surprised?

Everything is for you. He spent Rs.1.5 lakhs and got everything done within a week.

When asked why he spent so much, he replied that the girl who trusts him and enters his life should have everything.

I was never lucky to have such things from my husband like what your husband has done for you. The reason I am saying all this is because I don't want you to mistake him for ill-treating your father during the wedding.

My son is like clay these people around are moulding him, but it is good if that clay becomes a piece of art but I am afraid if it wouldn't be. You are the one who should ensure it becomes fine.

Come on nephew, others fly down to US, Africa for honeymoon Why are you still here?

Dear son the way you insulted Muthaiya saying that you will only fall on your mother's feet... there, you made the people of Arasanaadu, proud.

It's not that. I wouldn't have been concerned if he had informed my brother of his disagreement to marry his daughter But when he refused to the whole village, it irked me a lot.

Lucky that he has a very good daughter or else I would've insulted him much more!

I won't spare anyone who ill-treats their mother and motherland Dear nephew, what has this Arasanaadu done for you?

It's not my question! It's your brother Muniandy's!

It's usual to live in a village, but when the whole village comes forward for you, that is your pride!

My whole village came down seeking the bride for me, what else could I ask for?

Nephew, Muniyandy's call. Talk to him

This guy is a loser... What is it brother?

Where are you? - In Savvadi Hug them and sleep there!

Don't you know what today is all about?

Has everyone slept? Yes they have. Come soon.

Last night...

Pazhani, get me the soap

Pazhani get me the soap Yes, it is visible.

What is she doing?


Let me check this way

Yes, it is visible

Dear Pazhani I have bought meat, prepare it for son-in-law.

Why does Son-in-law look a little upset.

Oh I see, so this is it!

Dear, come here. Come here.

What are you looking at? It is better to wake up to your husband's face... instead of father's face and it brings good health to the girl's father too.

I didn't say this, your mother did.

Pazhani , fathers are like forehead for daughters... husbands are like the bindis no matter how big the forehead is, its the bindi that brings the beauty. so take care of your husband first then you can care for you father. Ok?

To place my photo in my house her father is convincing her. Sounds ridiculous Just leave it You always require an elder's support for every task. Isn't it?

Oh so you are joining the elder's group. I see. you require elder's support not a youngster's support. Isn't it?

Youngster's support? You come up with all such new ideas... and this is what you did last night. you had given your wife a tough time. So you will do all the easy part and direct all tough things to me. So you will steal and I should sell, isn't that what you meant?

Leave it uncle - Now you see why you need an elder's support, that too mine.

Now that you have proved it, leave it.

Nephew, check that Where? - There. She is getting her forehead tattooed.


What is it Pazhani? You are all covered up?

I feel very cold and feverish.

It is indeed fever. What else do you expect after getting a tattoo.

You father is an old guy, he will put down lot of proverbs but are you a fool?

Getting a tattoo..that too on forehead..

Look here. Don't talk ill of my father. I'll obey whatever he says. because he is like a child to me.

Yes indeed, is it a must that we need to have a child of that size!

Stop talking like a pro. Can you get rid of this fever?

Have I put up a board outside that says "M Kombaiyaa Pandian. M.B.B.S"?

I am butcher , how can I get rid of the fever?

You can't right. So stop boasting and leave.

All you do is talk ill of my father Now what? You want me to get rid of your fever?

Yes - Ok, look at me.

Look into my eyes.

Whats this?

Baby food For what?

You told that your dad is like a kid right? So I got this Ok one is for my dad and form whom is the other one? that is for my kid.

Objection your honour Apart from this, there are other few murder reports filed against them Hence I request you to postpone their bail request.

I am rejecting your bail request I order to produce the opposite party by 15th of next month

This is to let you all know that..

..the town meet is set to happen at 3 pm today..

..men, women, children and everyone in Arasanadu

..are requested to take part, as per the headman's invite What are you thinking uncle? Don't you worry We'll attend the meet & you're the next Chairman of Aapanaadu No, it'll be better if father in law comes Look uncle, dad is worried over the fact that brothers haven’t got their bail approved Why do you need him? We're with you. We'll handle it.

I'm concerned about Komban!

Why do you think of him? I'll ensure he doesn't make it to the meet

Muthu, I've bought 200 skins, and 5 goats

Stop unloading No one else should do the unloading at the market apart from us. Hope you know!

We've been doing it all these days. Why are you imposing new rules?

It stays that way. Do not unload!

Okay, going forward we'll let you unload. For time being allow us.

You can unload but then we'll take the wages for it.

Else I'll slap you Come again?

I said I'll slap him Go ahead, let me see that I'll stab you on the throat!

What is your husband up to?

Does he expect the police to be a mute spectator to all his atrocities?

If at all I receive any complaint anymore, I'll shoot him down!

Advice your son-in-law..

..or your daughter will be a widow!

What can I say? Thought he would change at least after you stepped into the family He's still wandering around fighting and creating troubles. I wonder to whom will he abide!

You have to ask him dear You're the one affected by this!

He is coming..

Why is your voice audible till the streets? Your's is heard till the police station!

I don't know when you'll control your tongue That will happen when you control your fury Nobody can talk to you! Don't torture me

Ask him..

Ask him dear..

What was the problem in the market?

Look here Pazhani..

I face thousands of problems at various places. Don't inquire anything at home If you do so, our personal problems may turn public!

That isn't good for both of us!

Ask me whatever you like. I'll get it even if I have to pay my life as a price!

Instead, not just you, anyone who questions me about something I hate..

..will first lose their respect

..and then their honor!

Why is he being so rude?

It's getting late for the auction Yeah, coming sir

Have food!

Her question has filled my heart and tummy as well!

If Padikaasu becomes the leader then it won't be good for our village.

..he badly wants to acquire the leadership!

We'll take care of him.

Make way. They are waiting for me Greetings everyone! Sorry, I'm late as I had an important work What important work do you have!

Sit down..

Tell me dad..

What's up? Has the auction begun?

About to start dad Turn off your phone

Let's start

Reason behind conducting this auction on behalf of Arasanadu is..

..to avoid fights, murders and enmity among us This is done despite knowing it's unethical This auction for Panchayat Head position..

..can be participated by any tax payer of Arasanadu In case of any problem in the auction, the decision taken by the people will be final Those who agree to it can start bidding The starting rate of the auction is One Two..


Why are you calling out? Only People hailing from Arasanaadu can bid Ammavasai, my brother-in-law is bidding instead of me Pattasu, that's your personal stuff. He is an outsider to Arasanaadu Is your mouth stuffed? Why don't you call?

Come again?

Show your valiance in your own town, not here!










Twenty two..

Twenty four..

Twenty five..


Pattasu brother Enough of both of your bids If you both continue bidding this way, the price will be exorbitant!

That isn't good for the town Even if you're wealthy enough to pay, Arasanaadu doesn't have enough space to store it Hence, as per your bid, 25 would suffice the cause Let's write down both your names on a paper and place it before the goddess!

The one whom she chooses should pay the amount this year Are you okay with this? - Yes Why do you ask him? Yours is the final decision of the town Go ahead and write Uncle, write it down Yeah, I will Niraikulathan Pattasu

It's done. Shall I pick one?

Pattasu brother, you always doubt us. You pick the chit.

Read it out yourself

Whose is the chosen one?


Niraikulathan will head the Panchayat election that's set to happen in a month Pay your respect to the gathering Thanks Komban Thanks everyone Out of Rs 25 lakh..

..we'll use 20 lakh to construct a Marriage Hall in our town

..balance 5 lakh will be spent towards the issues in court Happy?

Make your payment...

Yeah, okay. Bring the suitcase


Who is he?

The one who was discussing with the judge that day!

What's the problem between you two?

He claims that we're into unethical business & he doesn't like it!

So he prevented me from winning this auction!

How did he do that?

They stopped the auction when it exceeded Rs 25 lakh saying it wasn't good to continue They chose to go for a lucky draw Why did you agree to it?

Uncle's name was not even written, but he was made to pick the chit He even showed that to us! We had a fight the other day. I didn't tell you because uncle asked us not to!

Give me the Paan

Start the vehicle

Find out if he is there at his home.



Where is Komban?

He's not at home. He might be near Savadi Who are you?

I'm the devil who has come to claim his life

How's that move?

Why have you come with your henchmen to our place?

Where's Komban?

Why are you searching for him?

To pay respect!

To pay respect? We'll send him ourselves Komban prefers meeting people like you at your place!

Is that so? Will he come?


Uncle, Komban!

Sendhatti, lower the sword Listen, showing off your sword or yelling out to me..

..is something I don't like at all!

Why did you come in search of me?

To pay respect?

If you make my son-in-law the councilor of Aapanaadu, I'll pay utmost respect to you!



That's perfect!

Nothing will be audible, neither my blows, nor your yelling!

How dare?

Why are you overreacting?

Stop there!

The junior shouldn't react when the senior is here!

I totally hate being with or talking to people like you or your son-in-law That's because of your behaviour and your unethical business You can show your valiance anywhere, but not to me or my town!

If you do so then it won't take long for me to thrash you!

I'll not be proud of thrashing you. It's only shameful for you!

If at all you come to my town again..

Muthaih Practice well..

This is how we'll parcel your son-in-law You'll find it easy to carry. Practice well Pattasu, is this the way to talk to him?

Get lost or I'll thrash you.

What are you looking at?

I gave him a chance even this morning. He doesn't understand..

..he came to my uncle's home and thrashed his henchman!

My uncle will not be quiet anymore The next murder in Ramanathapuram..

..will be your son-in-law's You and your family can no more live peacefully in Arasanaadu Mark my words. We'll finish off you and your family

I'll not spare you

You could've come to me to finish me off. Why do you want to trouble my father-in-law?

You have threatened him too!

I'll kill both you and your father-in-law!

Have your food dad.

I don't feel like Your husband goes around fighting for the well being of our town!

We didn't bother about it much.

He has a rift with Kundan Ramasamy's son-in-law He's arrogant!

He'll do anything for money He's so ardent about acquiring powers!

In a similar dispute, Semmanadu Selvam..

..was stabbed to death He does the wrong things impeccably My son-in-law does everything good, but it appears bad to the people!

Whatever may be, it's putting my daughter's life in trouble!

Who will make him realise all this?

His replies are mean if we question him.

He has come. Don't ask anything while serving food Our men will show their anger only on food!

His moustache should be shaved first!

Pazhani, what curry have you prepared?

I'm very hungry!

What's your problem now?

What's with me? You cause all the troubles!

What's your problem because of me?

You are just back from thrashing someone. Isn't that a problem?

Who said so? Your father?

If you disrespect my dad, that's it!

This is how I've been talking all these days. What's it all of a sudden?

Pazhani, I already told you not to inquire about issues that happen outside.

Similarly, you shouldn't tell me what to do and what not to Who else will ask?

Isn't she your wife?

Wife should talk only about the necessities at home..

..shouldn't ask details about my actions!

What if I ask?

Nothing much, I'll thrash you!

Don't you know anything else apart from thrashing?

You just go around and pick up a quarrel Policemen and scoundrels threaten us here It's fine when I'm here.

What if I'm not around?

..what if they threaten when a lady is alone in the home?

As a parent won't I be worried?

I'm being patient just because I married off my daughter to you.



What will you do?

I've been respectful since you are elder but you are exceeding your limits.

What will you do? - Be quiet He seems to be patient Let me see what he'll do. You need not be patient Come on, raise your temper. Ask him to vent out his anger!

Look, I'll fight and stand against anything that I feel is wrong.

Why do you want to talk to the one who doesn't know to respect? - Who doesn't know to respect?

Does he know to show respect? Don't talk that way What's it Pazhani? You seem to be rude?

If you keep pointing your finger to me... - How dare you raise your hands!

Komban's father-in-law attacked him brother Is this the way to say this! There is a clash between two men of Arasanaadu and Semmanaadu!

How dare you raise your hand on me? That too at my place!

Leave me!

So what else do you expect me to do?

You stay at my home and create ruckus between me and my wife!

How dare you hit me?

Please stop it!

No dad, please Leave me..

I'll stab you!

Oh god, what have you done?

Hit me I got my daughter married to you..

..I need to bear with all these!

Does giving your daughter's hand mean that you will create problems between us?

Why don't you go away after getting her married? Why do you make your living here at my home?

What did you say?

I wouldn't have questioned you even if you had hit him more My father is with me because I wished for it.

But after you questioned him that way, both me and my dad..

..will never stay in your home anymore Come on dad..

Where are you going?

No dear, please..

This level of arrogance is not good for a man!

I'll not be with you even for a second after you behaved this way!

I'll make my living with them, even if it's a shameless one!

Brother. You don't worry What you did today is right. Only when there is a revolt, justice will be maintained.

He will never change if we don't do this. He will realize only when he is left alone!

What is this?

This is the medicine for both the injury on your head and agony in your heart I'll not be serving it. Just drink!

People who work hard drink to relieve their physical stress If one starts boozing for the agonies in one's heart, then the women of our village should start boozing!

Will the household and nation be able to bear it?

Whatever the reasons are boozing is always harmful!

I will not booze anymore!

Why did you break the bottle?

She always hits me!

My wife always hits me!

-Why don't you hit her back? If I do that, she bites me!


I am unable to break her head!

That's why I broke this bottle!

Now that you have broken it, clear the place!

Thanks brother!

He has taken my bottle for empathizing with him!

You see! Women always create problems!

Problems either for the mind or the body!

You were the one who said if a man votes one can win only once but with the votes of women we can win everytime!

Will they simply just let you win?

They torture you! And this is the only medicine to that!

This is a medicine. You know why?

It solves all problems!

Grab and gulp it!

Muniandy is here!

Because of you he is a victim of many cases now you make him a drunkard too?

If you make him drink again!

Wonderful advice!

You just shut up.

Come on now

I was away for two days and you have created such a ruckus!

I didn't call for it!

Pattasu disrespected my father in law, so I had to hit him!

My father in law doesn't understand that and he is instigating my wife!

They listen to him and start creating an issue out of it!

Mom was showing faces and my wife wouldn't serve food properly!

What wrong did I do? Did I ever ogle a girl or was I drunk and lying near the sewer like this guy?

When was I lying near the sewer?

You shut up Will you hit your father in law for this?

What do you expect me to do when he was about to hit me?

Do you think a father will keep quiet if you hit his daughter?

Don't I have the right to hit my wife?

Doesn't he have the right to hit his son in law?

Don't talk all this nonsense!

In short, he doesn't like me!

Did he get his daughter married to you without liking you?

He married his daughter to me because I look handsome and am flourishing in my business!

And I have a good name in the village Good name in our village?

They all said that you were short tempered!

Do you know what he said for that?

Though the villagers said good about your brother they all said that he was short tempered.

What if he is short tempered. He is kind hearted too!

He feeds the hungry. What more is required?

Who else will I marry off my daughter to?

We are destined for this relationship!

Did he really say that?

Did he exactly say that?

Yes he did!

You have fought with such a man on the streets!

You didn't break his head, but the trust he had on you!

Pazhani Did you father eat?

At his sight the vessels start trembling!

I wonder how many times you keep cooking for a single meal!

Give it dad! - Leave it dear!

Please don't mind what he says dad!

Why would I dear?

The tone he used might be wrong But the intention is good No one cares for their mother these days but he cares even for the father in law How lucky am I!


I will not fall at anybody's feet other than my mother's!

What if you marry off your daughter?

Will you keep creating problems between us?

You should have left after the marriage Why are you living with us!

Take a look at this shirt.

Your father in law got it for you!

This shirt will suit you very well This color?

If I happen to wear it..

..I would look like the candy vendor!

Can anyone wear this?

Muthaiya's son in law is here!



Your shirt glitters like the one who sells candies!

Oh my! He is folding his sleeves! What did you say?

I said that you look like a candy vendor!


You look handsome like a candy vendor!

Did you just arrive? - Yes!

Dear Pazhani!

The tomato that cost Rs.20 yesterday costs Rs.30 today.

Pazhani You've served him with coffee?

Your father didn't get hit properly is it?

What are you talking? He is my husband!

Do you expect me to expel him? I can't do that!

You married me off to him You confront him Don't tell me all your problems You are like my eyes, dad He is like my arms

You've learnt to speak well Why did you come here?

Won't you let us be peaceful for three days?

I didn't come to take you along I came in search of my wife Why are you searching for her?

She won't come along with you. You don't say all that! Let her say!


I cannot promise that I will not create any trouble, but i'll reduce gradually!

I swear this on my mother! Oh my god!

Why do you swear on me?

How many times have you done this earlier!

I've promised you, but have I ever sworn on you?

I will not be part of any troubles henceforth If you still don't trust me, I'll stay here I don't know what more to say Brother! Don't trust him. He does this always!

You be quiet sister. What do you say?

He says he'll stay here Let him stay here for 10 days That's wrong dear A father in law can stay in his son in law's house But a son in law should not stay in a father in law's house even for a day!

It is neither respectful for him nor an honour for us!

You leave What do you mean?

I am coming along too dear!

Wrong is it!

You will change only if you get some more from him! Nobody listens to me!

I am gonna kill you! Try that!

Here they are looking for my dear son!

They can't exist without each other!

Why have you come in search of me? Who is Muthaiya here?

It's me We've got a complaint on you. What complaint is it?

I can't tell you all that. Find it out at the station.

What is your name? Sathya sir Your father's name?

Malaisamy sir K Malaisamy sir Where is my father in law?

Wait here Come here for a minute The inspector didn't arrest him to be jailed, but to finish him off!

Why are they trying to finish him off?

To avenge me?

You hit Kundan's son in law, Padikkasu, isn't it?

You know what Kundan did?

You should've butchered him the day he came here. It was your mistake to have waited so long!

He hit me first. Then he hit your son in law. Your turn is not far off!

If we don't stop him..

..not even the dogs will respect us

Is your husband fine?

He is fine Komban's wife is here at the hospital Is he there?

Why do you need him?

Kidnap her and he will surely come in search of her!

Keep track of her. I'll be there!

Brother. Please make way.

We are stopping you to make your husband come here!

Why do you want to bring my husband here?

Don't I have to hit back at the one who hit my son in law?

Call your husband Sendhatti, hand over the phone to her


Stop right there.

Stop there I say!

Who is he?

Her father


Seems like you fell right away on my feet?

Looks like you won't let your son in law come here!

Even if you are going to kill me, I am not going to let my son in law come here.

I am not trying to save him, but you!

If he comes here, he will butcher all of you!

I am not ready to make my son in law a criminal!

He might not come for you, but he would definitely come for his wife!

Touch me if you dare!

Touch me!

Touch me if you dare!

Touch me How dare you push my dad

How dare you try raising hand on my daughter?

Come here.

You go home.

Move away!

That oldie who hit my dad..

I want to kill him!

Get him inside the prison How is that possible?

File a complaint saying that Muthaiya of Semmanaadu..

..bashed up Kundan of Vellanaadu. We'll take care of him

Take care They are capable of doing anything.

What's your name?

Kaalimuthu Father's name?

Usulampatti Mani Which court? - 23rd court Tell me your identification marks There's one here Get away. What's your name? Sokku


Sounds terrific?

Get lost!

What's your name?

Muthaiya Are you from Semmanaadu?

Yes sir



Muthaiya from Semmanaadu He is the one. Take him along Get away!

I'll finish him off Today itself!

That's fine, but how will you execute it inside the jail?

Inbaa, they'll screen the film at 7 We'll turn off the power at 8 I'll turn on the generator at 8:10 Let's finish him off in that 10 minute gap How will you identify him when there is no power? - Take this Apply this fluorescent powder on him He'll be clearly visible even if it is pitch dark! We can easily finish him off But who is he?

Paneer will bring him Bro, is he the one?

He is well built!

We can stab him on all sides!

Don't worry. We'll finish him off inside!

Yes, we will. No one can stop us!

Just a minute Komban..

How are you doing?

Yeah, doing good. How about you? Fine What's the issue? Whom did you kill? I didn't kill anyone Someone here is planning to kill my father-in-law I've come here to know who that is Who is your father in law?

Uncle, bring my father in law.



How did you come here?

Will those who filed the case against you, spare us?

Your son-in-law is out there. He called for you.



Take him to the dais

Go ahead uncle - Come brother

Attention everyone..

The one here on the dais is my father-in-law Muthaiya of Semmanaadu Someone seems to have brought him here to take a look!

Take a good look at him Don't mess up with a wrong person

Uncle, take him in

You don't know about him We kill people only in case of any disputes But he first finishes them off and then discuss the disputes!

You're planning to kill his father-in-law in his presence Are you aware of how he got into the jail?

Who has the guts to kill my father-in-law when I'm here?

He thrashed the inspector to get into the jail If you finish off his father-in-law in his presence..

..you're the smartest in this jail!

It's left to you now. I am leaving!

They're fighting even here. This is why I didn't want to come. Let's move When they fight outside, won't they do that inside too?

Look there, its an action movie.

Are you Komban?

Sir is calling you!

Come on

Sir He is Komban

Are you the one who thrashed Muthalathurai inspector to come inside?

Show your guts elsewhere Don't wag your tail here!

Are you waiting for the clock to strike 8?

It will not wait till 8!

He's the one - Finish him off He is the one. Don't leave him.

Chop him off!

Where is he?

I've played all these during my childhood days!

You are lucky that I've sworn my mom!

Don't you trouble my father in law again!

Your father in law will not be alive tomorrow morning!

Save yourself first!

Brother Why did you take such a risk in saving that Arasanaadu guy?

We should use Komban to finish off Kundan's sons to avenge Selvam's murder!

Attention all prisoners..

Bail is approved for prisoners of enquiry As I read out the names, please assemble at the punishment cell.

No 1, Iyyanar. Father's name: Niraipandi No 2, Muthu Kaalai. Father's name: Kundan Ramasamy No 3, Sandhana Kaalai. Father's name: Kundan Ramasamy Four What's this?

You wanted to kill the oldie and you guys are leaving now!

Your brother didn't plea for bail I got that for him!

What are you looking at?

I didn't mean that you will not be alive.

..I meant that you won't be here anymore.

If you continue the same, you won't be alive!

Get away!

How did he get the bail without your signature?

They need my signature only in a civil case..

..but this is a criminal case. Anybody can get bail for anyone His father-in-law is close to the judge.He has made right use of it!

Let's get him out on bail, the same way he did for you and finish him off!

You'll finish him off is it?

You'll finish ? is it ?

He's getting us the bail Will you finish him off that easily?

He should be finished off!


Get Him out in Bail Thanks a lot for bailing out Kundan's sons & us. - What are you doing? Get up.

Get up I say.

Get up

On your marriage..

..you were boasting that you wouldn't fall at anyone's feet except your mother's But now you prostrate at my feet?

I said that to insult my father-in-law But today I fall at your feet for him Thank you very much sir.

As the mighty sky bends down..

..the heart melts down Generations may pass by to match a family like us The victories that only courage wins..

..love has taken over now The pure fragrance of the umbilical cord

..is infused in the Mangal Sutra Once a man of arrogance, now a man of justice Scars are blooming out as flowers!

As the mighty sky bends down The heart melts down Generations may pass by to match a family like us Don't we have to purchase new clothes for son-in-law for this Diwali? Come on.

Look here.This is for me.

This is for you.

Stretch out your hand.

What is this for?

Going forward for every Diwali , the son-in-laws should gift father-in-laws with clothes and jewellery.

I didn't say this, your son-in-law said it.

It is very difficult to understand your husband!

Never a word of affection. Never did I show my ego A selfless man to save my name There is no walk of togetherness And am no god to respond Even upon hitting the rock bottom, does he utter noble words I try to control my tears But it outbursts as a flood Forest fire transforms to a divine light!

Even the gods envy us..

Check out how my wife has lightened up the house for Diwali.

Oil is scarce for people to cook, but your wife uses plenty of oil to light the lamps!

You'll have to work more to purchase more oil!

Such lightened up houses symbolizes cleanliness Cleanliness leads to good health, good health leads to efficient work, efficient work leads to wealth wealth leads to good character and good character forms the legacy.

Who said so?

My wife So you are not a freethinker?

Why do men require brains? They won't put it to correct use.

Only if women have brains our lives will be good.

Who said this? - Myself Everyone are playing with words, shall I tell a proverb? - No need You just won't let me grow.

Why? What are you going to achieve further?

Look there, my wife... shining like a goddess.

Pazhani, that's an excellent decoration work you have done.

Light how many ever lamps you want, I'll purchase more.

Yes light up how much ever you want. Nephew, you definitely need to work more!

If you had got married on time, even you would have had a family by now.

Sister, I might not have a wife but don't tell me that I don't have a kid. He is my son!

What are you looking? You are indeed my son.

What happened?

What happened Komban? Is your sacrificial goat lying in pieces?

This is the first of the many deaths waiting for your family!

Very soon your father in law will be like this and you will follow soon!

Komba, usually everyone files a report against you It's surprising that you are here to file a case!

You thrash me and you want me to file a case for you?

That too for your goat!

If we have to file a case for killing a goat, then you should be filed with all of them! because isn't that your profession?

Don't come here to file case against Kundan for such silly incidents.

If he kills someone, then I'll file a case against him!

But you should bribe me for that!

This inspector should be removed from this station.

It's because of corrupted officers like him, people like Kundan roam around commiting crimes.

It forces us to get involved!

Do you recognize him?

Isn't he the guy who had a rift with us at the matchbox factory?

He must have provoked someone else today I don't think they are going to spare him.

Why are you talking like this? Do something and save him.

Keep quiet. This is the reason for problems between me and my wife!

Why should I invite trouble trying to save someone?

So now your wife seems to be of utmost priority!

Why don't you save him?

How do you expect me to fight?

You can!

Why do you think otherwise?

You have a hero within you not a normal one but a Super hero!

Super hero?

Yes a super hero like...

Now come on! Give me the push Here you go

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Come on brother.

Get in.

Keep going.

Dude I asked you for 5,000 bucks instead you have got me 10,000?

Look here, Kundan's henchmen attacked us at the bus stand.

This shopkeeper is the eye witness Now file a case against Kundan.

Now that you've paid me, definitely I'll file the case.

But Kundan has bribed me very often Let me check with him I am always loyal So you didn't kill him. All you did was just scratch him?

A good henchman does more than what is expected of him.

Stop boasting about yourself and get lost. Pick up the call.

Why is this loafer calling now?

Get lost!

Tell me inspector.

Komban is here to file a report against you Shall I go ahead and file it?

How much did he give?

Mere 10,000 bucks.

I hope that will help you for miscellaneous expenses. Go ahead and file the report.

Thank you very much.

You see he has agreed to file a case against him!

Is the count correct?

It is. - Let me check it!

Can't trust you.


You are under arrest.

Sir , Sorry sir Dont Take his picture.

Everyone move aside. Give way. Sir, please leave me Please move away.

Sir what happened inside? Why is he being arrested?

My name is Kombaiyapandian. I am a butcher hailing from Arasanaadu.

Kundan hailing from Vellandu had threatened me and my uncle.

So we had come here to file a case against him but the inspector here...

It's celebration time Those who want to booze, drink as much as you want.

You start with the music first, then you can booze!

Sir, why do we have to celebrate?

Why do you ask like this?

Today, you are the face of every news channel from Chennai to Ramanathapuram.

You taught that inspector a good lesson and that is why we must celebrate Start music!

What are you thinking?

I'm happy to see people celebrate my son-in-law's triumph but those who are hurt because of this triumph will now be more ferocious and enraged.

I don't know what they will be upto!

Smart fellow!

He trapped the inspector knowing that he is on our side. Indeed he is a very smart fellow!

He is a rare breed!

He goes a step beyond what we plan

Uncle We have an excellent chance to kill Komban.

We are nearing the day to..

..carry out the rituals for our family deity Uncle, this time I'll bear the expenses.

We agree to that but we need your father-in-law to be there as the godman.

Will you be his substitute?

Oops! I think I just provoked him.

Due to the current scenario, I am very doubtful about participating We perform these rituals only once in a year and shouldn't we do it properly?

Remember, this is our family deity, if we fail, the curse will fall upon our children Try to understand... - Uncle.

When is it? 14th day of the month of Maasi My father-in-law will definitely be there as the godman

This is our best chance and we shouldn't fail this time!

These are the documents of the properties that me and my sons have earned unethically.

Though my properties are intact I have lost my honour.

If the honour has to be restored, Komban and his father-in-law should die.

Kill them and I will gift you with all my wealth

Kundan won't let this go off easily.

And now we are offering him a chance to finish us off.

I don't have a good feeling about this, Komba...

..about you going to the temple during such times.

What are you saying Muniyandi?

Should we refrain ourselves from going to the temple just because of them?

Aren't we used to all this?

No one can prevent us from death.

Be it your life or mine, it's not in the hands of Kundan It's in the hands of the god Let's see what they can do to us? What do you say son?

Why do you talk so mean Thorapandi?

He has hired all the henchmen around He has announced a bounty for the person who kills Komban Do you think they'll be quiet? All of them are roaming around with rage!

How many of them are there?

No matter how many of them are there, my nephew is enough...

Yours and his life might be in the hands of god but my nephew will take care of Kundan!

That's my boy!


Uncle What is it dear?

Why are you upset?

It's nothing...

I have always wished for a good husband for my daughter.. and that she should live a happy life Every parent wishes for the same but does everyone's wish come true?

But my wish has come true, because of you.

Initially I had second thoughts about you since you were short tempered!

But when you came down to my house accepting your mistake...

I realized that I was wrong!

A man can give up anything... but will never accept his mistake and ask for forgiveness. You did that.

You did that keeping your pride aside

My daughter will never get such a husband in all her lives!

But I've a feeling that such happiness in my daughter's life has been spoiled by my actions.

It's all because I picked up a fight with Kundan today it has lead to such big issue Uncle What wrong did you do?

You did that in order to save me from all troubles!

As a father in law what you did for your son-in-law was right.

As a son-in-law As a Son what I am going to do is right.

Uncle All my life I wished for one thing and that is my Pazhani

and you are related to me through her Ever since I was a child I've been living with my Mother but have never lived with my Father Now I wish to live that life with you.

As far as I am concerned all the father in laws are more like a Father to their son-in-laws

I won't let anyone touch my father nor kill My dear...

I had always cried that I had given birth to a rogue but now I feel happy Komba..

Till now, as a mother, I have never asked you anything. but I ask now I am not worried how you are going to do this..

Muthaiya brother should live happily Always a good person shouldn't die...

A wrong doer shouldn't live....

Do you hear... A wrong doer shouldn't live!

What happened?

You don't have to worry about anything.

Nothing will happen to your father, I am there.


I want nothing to happen to you to.

Touch any one of these

Uncle, the Godman is on his way

Vanam, the godman is on his way. Don't spare him.

Ok. I'll call you once I'm done with him.

Slit him ! dont leave him

Who is that inside it?

I've heard that the godman attacks those who block his path Is it?

A Godman doesn't attack Rather grants wishes Will he grant anything I wish for?

What do you wish for?

I want the life of Muthaiya whose body is possessed by God.Can you grant that?

Take it!

Godman himself has permitted.

Didn't you hit me with your footwear the other day?

Try now Try now Let me see who saves you now!

Hit me I say, hit me!

How dare you?

While trying to save your father-in-law you forgot to watch out for your wife I guess.



Uncle Uncle Uncle, your sons...

Run, run for your lives.

What are you staring at?

If I can take care of my father-in-law won't I take care of my wife?

Did you watch out for your son?