Kong: Skull Island (2017) Script

If we can put this tremendous machine of ours...

...which has made this victory possible...

...to work for peace...

...we can look forward to the greatest age in the history of mankind.

Speed of progress in the satellite project...

...cannot be taken as an index of our progress in ballistic missile work.

I feel we're on the brink of an area of expansion of knowledge about ourselves...

...and our surroundings that is beyond description or comprehension at this time.

For the first time, we're putting cameras into space...

...and looking down on the Earth...

...allowing us to discover places and things we've never seen.

The most intelligent inhabitants of that future world...

...won't be men or monkeys. They'll be machines.

We set sail on this new sea...

...because there is new knowledge to be gained.

Whether this new ocean...

...will be a sea of peace...

...or a new terrifying theater of war.

"To tame the savageness of man...

...and make gentle the life of this world."

Let us dedicate ourselves to that.

Stop the war! Stop the war!

As citywide protests have brought congressional committee hearings...

...to a standstill promising more gridlock in the days and weeks ahead...

...the Beltway is experiencing significant...

Mark my words. There'll never be a more screwed up time in Washington.

But we can't let it stop us.

Come on already, let's go!

Get out of the way!

Maybe now's not the best time to ask.

Monarch is on the cusp of being shut down, Brooks. We're broke!

When this war ends, we'll never get approval for our expedition.

I'm not confident in our presentation.

I mean, all of our materials are loose leaf.

In one day, one day, I could have had all of this organized and bound.

...that we, today, have concluded an agreement to end the war...

...and bring peace with honor in Vietnam.

All American forces will be withdrawn.

We don't have a day. Hello, there.

Bill Randa here to see Senator Willis. Of course, Mr. Randa.

I left you a message this morning about rescheduling today's appointment.

But he should have something available in the coming weeks.

Oh, God. Al, you're looking well.

So you didn't get the message, Randa? To reschedule?

For the fifth time? I must've missed it. It'll be quick.

Okay, don't get comfortable. You got five minutes. I'm late for a meeting.

So, what imaginary monster are you hunting this time?

This is a satellite photo of an uncharted island in the South Pacific.

It has defied discovery until now.

Many civilizations spoke of it in legends.

Skull Island.

The land where God did not finish creation.

It's notorious for the number of ships and planes that have gone missing there.

Like the Bermuda Triangle?

Or like that aluminum foil hat that I like to wear on the weekends?

It's more like the triangle than the hat...

...but we like to think it's much more than that.

The 1954 Castle Bravo nuclear tests...

...weren't tests. They were trying to kill something.

I believe there's an ecosystem out there the likes of which we can't imagine.

And the place to find it is this island.

A place where myth and science meet.

Randa, it's a fairytale.

Harry Truman didn't think so when he funded Monarch in 1946.

You know, in terms of sheer waste...

...Monarch ranks right up there with the search for alien life.

Yeah, but those guys are nuts.

We should have shut you down years ago. This is an opportunity for our country.

Listen, Senator, Landsat is sending a mission to the island.

We could piggyback on that operation.

With your permission, of course. What're you hoping you'll find?

Resources, medicine, the cure for cancer, geological discoveries.

I mean... possible alternate fuels. Senator, look, just...

Listen, to be honest, we don't know for sure what's there.

Okay? But I will tell you what we do know.

Tomorrow night, the Russian Novosat passes over this sector.

And in three days, they're gonna have the same images we have. So...

...whatever's there, you want us to find it first.


I don't believe I'm saying this, but that almost made sense.

Thank you.

So, I will get the piggyback for you. I will.

But listen to me, listen to me. This is it. It's gotta end. This is it.

You promise me? Last favor? Okay?


One last thing.

I'm going to need a military escort.

Attention, all soldiers and base personnel.

Final troop withdrawal will commence at 0600.

Pack your bags, ladies. We're going home.

Hey, Mills. Yeah?

How many letters did you end up writing her?

Ten, fifteen. How many did she write you?

I don't know, three, four.

Man, you got a shitty mom.

Thank you, Cole, for clearing that up. Thank you.

I'll be sure to tell her when I see her in the next 48 hours.

Yeah, you might have a shitty mom.




You need anything, sir?

All good. Roger that.

So what're you gonna do when you get back to the world, Chapman?

I'm already set up with Eastern Air Lines.

Grace and Billy all moved in in Atlanta, just...

...waiting on me. What about you, sir?

All this for what? Sir?

Get out of here, Chapman. Go have some fun.

Is everything okay?


Colonel Packard! There's a phone call for you.

This is Packard. Packard, it's General Ward.

You and your boys up for one last op? I would not be opposed to that, sir.

Your orders to head home are already processed. Sure you don't wanna take some time?

I'm here to execute whatever orders I'm given, sir.

Don't get too excited.

Bunch of scientists called Landsat discovered a new island on their satellite.

They need helicopter transport for a survey job.

Roger that. And, sir?


Thank you.

Randa, I don't get it. You already got us a military escort.

Why do we need a tracker? And why SAS? Former SAS. No allegiance to anyone.

And he rescued 12 downed pilots in Danang, in '72.

But your source says that he spends most of his waking hours...

...in some back alley watering hole.

Is your Yale degree supposed to lead us through the jungle, Brooks?

Besides, my father told me never to judge a man by where he drinks...

...only how he holds it. You on board with me here?

You go.

Well. Okay.

So... how much do we tell him?

Just enough to get him to say yes.

Now there's a man worth talking to.

An uncharted island? Let me list all the ways you're gonna die.

Rain, heat, mud, disease carrying flies and mosquitos.

Sure, you could load up on the atabrine for the malaria...

...but what about the other bacteria?

And we haven't even started on the things that want to eat you alive.

We'll double that. You have no idea how dangerous this is.

I want five times that.

Plus, a bonus if we make it back.


Pay him. I mean, I think Mr. Conrad should be fairly compensated.

Here's to profit during peacetime.

One question.

You came here looking for a tracker.

Who or what am I tracking?

This is all the information that we have.

Okay? There is no map. Only satellite images.

So we need someone like you, with your skill...

...your unique expertise in uncharted jungle terrain...

...to lead us on our ground expedition. We're just scholars and scientists.

We need someone with experience. In case things go sideways.

Men go to war in search of something, Mr. Conrad.

If you'd found it...

...you'd be home by now.

Weaver. Yeah, it's Jerry.

Hey, Jerry. So, tell me, did I get it?

That Landsat thing? You got it. I did?

Hello? It's the Athena, docked in Bangkok.

Pier 14, 6:00 tomorrow night.

1800 tomorrow. Thank you. I really owe you one.

I don't get it. Why do you want a gig documenting a mapping mission...

...when you're up for the cover of Time? Jerry, when three sources tell you...

...the same thing word for word, you know they're lying.

There's something going on here, something that nobody is talking about.

I can't believe we're doing this. Are you guys kidding me? A day away.

One day away!

And, no, now we gotta go to another island with another jungle.

Vietnam's not an island, dumbass.

Well, Key West is, and that's exactly where I need to be right now...

...with a drink in my hand. Key West ain't an island either...

...it's a key.

You ain't funny, Cole.

Mason Weaver, photographer.

Mason Weaver is a woman?

Last time I checked.

Can I help you?

Two years in country. Where you been?

Embedded with MACV-SOG. You were in the shit.

I respect that. But it's people like you lost us support back home.

You're not actually gonna blame the people without guns for losing the war, are you?

Camera's way more dangerous than a gun.

And we didn't lose the war, we abandoned it.


Hello and welcome. I'm Landsat Field Supervisor, Victor Nieves.

This is my colleague, Steve Woodward, our data wrangler.

Our expedition takes us to a place every nautical trade route known to man...

...has avoided for centuries. As our satellites show...

...the island is surrounded by a perpetual storm system...

...allowing it to remain hidden from the outside world.

But with Colonel Packard's helicopter transport...

...we will be the first to break through to the other side.

We're also pleased to be joined, for the first time...

...by the resource exploration team led by Mr. Randa...

...and accompanied by biologist, Miss San, and geologist, Mr. Brooks.

Our focus will be on the island's surface, theirs, what lies beneath.

Mr. Brooks. Simple, really.

We'll use explosives to shake the earth and create vibrations...

...helping us to map the subsurface of the island.

We'll fly in over the south shore, and then strategically drop seismic charges...

...to better help us understand the density of the earth.

You're dropping bombs?

Scientific instruments. You hear that, boys?

We're scientists now!

You guys are not scientists.

We'll then land and make base camp for ground excursions led by Mr. Conrad.

Major Jack Chapman. All right.

Once on the island, the storm's interference will block all radio contact with the ship.

That means we'll be by ourselves.

Three days later, the refuel team will meet us here, on the north end of the island.

That may be our only safe departure window for an unknown period of time.

So, tip for everybody...

...don't miss it, please.

What are you doing down here? I could ask you the same thing.

Why does a geological mapping mission need explosives?

You weren't listening in class. Seismic charges for the geological survey.

You believe that? I didn't say that.

Have you met Colonel Packard yet? Yeah.

The guy's wound pretty tight.

Well, the man's a decorated war hero. That's the package they come in.

And you?

Isn't shooting a mapping mission a step down for a photojournalist?

The right photo can help shape opinions. And win you a Pulitzer.

Okay, Captain Conrad. What about you?

How did British special forces get dragged into this?

Just "Conrad." I'm decommissioned.

They offered me money. You don't strike me as a mercenary.

You don't strike me as a war photographer.

Anti-war photographer.

What you writing there, Chap?

Letter to my boy.

"Dear Billy. I know I said I'd be home by your birthday...

...but I lied straight to your face. I'm a terrible dad.

I hope this letter makes up for it."

That's too short.

This storm looks a lot nastier in person.

Maybe we should consider postponing the mission.

How far away is this island? 50 miles, maybe more.

Take us closer. You wanna launch, you do it from here.

Can you punch through that, Colonel? Our opening is now.

Through this hole right here? Yeah, it's a rare low-pressure pocket.

I appreciate your passion, Randa...

...but as Field Supervisor of the controlling agency, I say we abort.

That's it, we're gonna abort.

Wise call. I'm sure the Landsat inspector will be inspired by your courage.

No, he'll be inspired by my common sense. This is only a map survey.

To one of the last uncharted areas on the face of the Earth.

And you wanna call it on account of rain? Stay on the boat if you want to.

It could be years before we get another shot at this.

I'm told your unit is capable of handling inclement weather, Colonel.

Why don't we leave it to Colonel Packard to break the tie?

There is no way I'm getting on that helicopter.

We did ask to arm those helicopters. Shouldn't they know why?

Why? And raise an alarm?

Purely a precaution, Brooks.

Right. Two mikes till launch.

Troops and civilians, board assigned aircraft. Two mikes till launch.

What's the old man getting us into, Cole?

Nothing he wouldn't do himself. He's taking the lead.

I mean, doesn't he miss his bed? I miss my bed! Don't you miss your bed?

Do you even have a bed, Cole?

You got a bed, right?

See you at the rendezvous, Chapman. Yes, sir.

Complete FOD walkdown and clear the deck.

One mike to launch.

Battery? Check.

Generator start? Check, check.

Engine start? Check three times.

This is Fox Leader to Fox Group.

It is time, once again, for the Griffin and ant show.

As usual, remember, hold on to your butts!

Attention, pilots. You are cleared for takeoff.

Launch, launch, launch.

Combat formation.

Keep visual.

Fox Five, let me know when you close.

Fox Five is in the slot.

Roger that.

Fox team, form up on me. Keep it together!

Let's do this!

Maintain course.

Nothing we haven't done before.

"Dear Billy.

"You ever looked into a hurricane and decide...

'...maybe I should fly straight through it?'

"Because that's what's about to happen."

Dear Billy. You might wanna hang on.

Fox Leader to Fox Group. Switch to inertial navigation.

And remember the story of Icarus...

...whose father gave him wings made of wax...

...and warned him not to fly too close to the sun.

But the exhilaration was too great, so he flew higher and higher...

...until the sun melted his wings...

...and he fell into the sea.

But the United States Army is not an irresponsible father.

So they gave us wings of white-hot, cold-rolled...

...Pennsylvania steel.

Guaranteed not to melt.

Hey, that's pretty, huh?

Let's take them down, low and level.

Fox Leader to Fox Group. Split up, survey your zones.

Fox Seven, put Landsat on deck.

Copy, Fox Leader. Fox Three headed to Zone Six.

Put us down over there.

Everyone else, stay with the team leader.

Move that gear to our three o'clock. Let's go, let's move it!

Ready for seismic charges. Roger that.

Fox Group, let it fly.

Copy all, Fox Three. Heading 0-9-0.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

The seismic response is incredible.

Hey, Randa, you're not gonna believe this.

The bedrock...

...it's practically hollow.


Look out!

On guard, Fox Five! Fox Eight is down! Fox Four is down!

Respond, Fox Three!

Oh, my God! Fox Seven moving into position, 3 o'clock.

Does anybody know what that is? I don't know, man...

Three klicks west of Red LZ.

Jesus! I've never seen anything like it! Set a perimeter of 300 meters.

Roger. Climb 1,800.

Is that a monkey? What the hell is that?

Somebody talk to me, man. Turn right, heading 2-5-0. Contact...

Fox Leader to Fox Group. Form a perimeter.

Ready gunner positions.

Holy shit. Look at that thing! I'm freaking out here!

Fox Leader to Fox Group. Fire at will!

What the hell is that? I don't know!

Pull out now! Pull out! I don't take orders from you!

Get us the hell out of here! Fox Nine is down!

Fox Six, we got nominal control. We are going down.

Fox Five, this is Fox Leader. Fox Nine is down, one klick north of river bend.

Insert recovery team. Over. Fox Five is hovering.

We got men going out the door!

I need help here. I need... Oh, shit!

Kill this son of a bitch. Coming in hot! I got eyes on it!

Pull up!

Brace for impact!

Mayday, mayday, mayday!

Run to the side, you idiot!

Hang on! Watch out!

Oh, God!

Prepare to crash! Brace!

Fox Leader is down! Fox Five inbound for pickup!

We have him in sight! Hold tight, Colonel Packard, we are on our way!

Hang on, Briggs. I'm coming.

We're going down! I repeat, we are going down!

Listen, I want you to tell me something right now.

Do you love your mama? I love her!

How much do you love your mama? I love my mama so much!

Calling all units. Is anybody airborne? I repeat, is anybody airborne?

They're all down. Every one of them.

We're on the south side of the island. There's a river a couple of klicks from here.

If we stick to its banks, we'll make it to the exfil site on the north shore.

And then what? All our choppers are down.

We'll find a way to signal the ship. They'll send a search party.

We just have to make it by the exit window. I... I should be sitting at a desk.

So, wait, are we just not gonna talk about this?

My best guess is we're scattered over a four to five mile radius.

We should head north and join anyone we find. Are you all right?

I don't know how to answer that question right now.

I don't know what that was either.

All that money that they paid you? I hope you're worth it.

We're really not gonna talk about it? You know this is not normal, right?

Stuff like that doesn't just happen!

This is Fox Leader to Fox Group! Anybody with ears, come back.

Respond. Over. Fox, Chapman.

Fox Six, Chapman. Say again, your last.

Four klicks west, highest peak, November Alpha 3, 0, 0. Over.

Roger that, Chapman. West highest mountain peak. Over.

Fox Six confirm, we're at the Sea Stallion.

Chapman, hold your position. We'll come to you.

There's enough munitions on that Sea Stallion to kill this thing.

Survey your perimeter. Locate possible ambush sites. Over.


Reles, taking an R and R day, or you good to go?

I'm good to go, sir.

Chapman to all stations. Recon environment.

Cole, what's wrong with you? How you even got an appetite right now?

Eating's for the living.

We just got taken down by a monkey the size of a building!


That was an unconventional encounter.

Is that really all your brain telling itself right now?

There's no tactical precedence. We did the best we could in the situation.

Griffin Co.!

Thank God you guys are okay.

Good to see you, sir. We're all right.

How many left? Seven survivors.

Seven confirmed KIA. Galleta, Saraf, and Hodges.

Slivko and the rest are unknown.

Where's Randa?

How you doing? I'm fine. Thank you.

Good. Glad to hear it. I was worried about you.

You are going to tell me everything I don't know...

...or I'm gonna blow your head off.

Monsters exist.

No shit.

Nobody believed me.

Yesterday, I was a crackpot.

But today... So this was never about geology.

You dropped those charges to flush something out.

Who are you? You heard of the USS Lawton?

Neither did the public.

Out of a thousand young men on that ship, I was the only survivor.

They told my family she was sunk in battle, but I know what I saw.

It had no conscience.

No reasoning, just destroy.

I spent the last 30 years trying to prove the truth of what I learned that day.

This planet doesn't belong to us.

Ancient species owned this earth long before mankind.

And if we keep our heads buried in the sand, they will take it back.

My agency is known as Monarch.

We specialize in the hunt for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms.

You knew that thing was out here?

I'm sorry for your men, Colonel, I truly am.

Get us home, with proof.

So we can send the cavalry.

I am the cavalry.

It's called the Hollow Earth theory. Randa hired me...

...because I wrote a paper substantiating what most people think is a crackpot idea.

That there are these massive underground spaces isolated from the surface world.

Passageways. Randa believed this island may be one of those.

An emergence point for whatever lives below.

Ancient species like what we just saw.

I thought he was out of his mind.

This is Slivko. Do you read? Anybody out there?

We're headed north to the exfil location. Everyone here seems way too calm right now.

Do you copy? Anybody? We're out of range, Slivko.

Oh, shit.

Save it for when we get closer to the group.

Nobody move.


Slivko. What?

Put it down.

These men did not die in vain.

I swear to God...

...their deaths will not go unanswered.

Now let's get to Chapman and those munitions.

You ever heard the story of the mouse, the lion, and the thorn?

Yeah. There you go then.

In case we ever see that primate again.

You do know that story is about a mouse becoming friends with the lion...

...after taking the thorn out of his paw though, right?

No, it's not. The mouse kills the lion with the thorn.

Who told you that, Cole?

My mother.

That actually explains a lot.

Look out! Oh, shit!

Watch out! What is it?

Watch your six! Up above!

Up in the trees! Guns up!


No, no! Mills!

We got you!

I can't get a shot!

Cut the legs! Cut it off at the legs!

I got you! Go!

Shake it off, guys! Let's move out.

Stay tight.

What the hell is this?

Behind you! Everybody, stay calm, stay calm.

Conrad. Stay back! Stay back!

Guys. Stop, stop. Stop, stop!

Nobody shoot! Nobody shoot!

No, no, no. No need for that. Come on now.

Everybody, keep your wigs on now!


I didn't believe it when they said you were coming.

I was up all night just thinking about how me and Gunpei dreamed of this moment.

And now here it is. 28 years, 11 months...

...and eight failed attempts to get back to the world...

...and instead the world comes to me?

Ain't that a crack?

They never smile.

Did you crash here?

Sorry, miss. Lieutenant Hank Marlow of the 45th.

Put the old flight suit on for you.

You are more beautiful...

...than a hotdog and a beer...

...at Wrigley Field on opening day.

But you're real.


I told you. Didn't I tell you? I said...

"It's fine."

There we go.

There's something out there, man.

Oh, there's a lot out there.

Now, come on. We gotta get home.

You don't wanna be out here at night.

You probably noticed a lot of weird things on this island.

As long as we stay in here where the people live, we'll be all right.

That wall, is that supposed to keep out that thing?

No, he's not the one they're trying to keep out.


These people live up on top of the trees while we're down on the roots.

Some of them don't even seem to age.

There's no crime, no personal property.

They're past all that.

Thank you. Thank you.

So, good news.

They say you can shack up here.

I didn't hear them say anything.

Oh, they don't speak too much.

When you've been here as long as I have, you start to understand. You'll see.

Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. We can't stay here.

We have to get off the island. We have lives. I have a life.

Nieves, now is not the time. All right?

What lands here tends to stay here.

As far as I can tell, this ship washed up about 10 years before I did.

You've been here since '44? Yeah.

Hey, what happened with the war? Did we win?

Which one?

That makes sense.

This is all hallowed ground to them. So if you like your hands, don't touch anything.

Look at that.

The way they tell it for thousands of years, the people on this island lived in fear.

That's a hell of a long time to be scared.

And then, one day, the damnedest thing happened.

Some of the things they were afraid of started protecting them...

...against the things that were eating them.

But nothing lasts forever, I guess.

And this is where they honor the last of their saviors.


That's Kong.

He's king around here.

He's God to these people.

Kong's a pretty good king.

Keeps to himself mostly.

This is his home. We're just guests here.

But you don't go into someone's house and start dropping bombs...

...unless you're picking a fight.

Wasn't Kong the one who killed your friend?


One of them did.

Kong's god on the island...

...but the devils live below us.

And what are they called?

The Iwis won't speak their name.

But I call them skull-crawlers.


'Cause it sounds neat.

Okay. Look, I just made that name up.

I'm trying to scare you. I'm fine calling them that.

Are you cool with that? I like the name... Yeah, that seems like a great name.

I've never said that name out loud before. It sounds stupid now that I say it. Just...

You call them whatever you want. They're big lizard things. Nasty.

They come from the vents deep down. That's why Kong got so mad.

Those bombs woke up a bunch of them.

I tell you what. You're lucky he's out there, too, or you wouldn't have made it this far.

They're crafty bastards. Mean as hell.

Now, he can handle them as long as he gets to them when they're still small.

You don't wanna wake up the big one. How big is it?

It's bigger. It wiped out his whole family.

Kong's the last of his kind, but he's still growing.

And you better hope he does. Because the Iwis say once Kong goes...

...then the big one comes up.

Then it's, "Goodnight, Irene."

Listen, there's a refueling team coming to the north end of the island in three days.

You should come with us. To the north end of the island?

We're gonna get out of here. In three days?


You can't get to the north end in three days. It's impossible.

That's it. No way.

At least not on foot.

That is one ugly ass bird.

Dear Billy, this place is hell.

And monsters exist. Under beds and signing paychecks.

Come on, man. Seems like...

Like maybe he wants to go kill that ape instead of getting us off this island? Yeah!

Are we even gonna make it? Make what?

The exfil! We gotta be there in three days!

We'll make it. We're gonna make it. But, Cole, what happens if Chapman's...

Hey, the Colonel said he's there, he's there.

We were this close to getting it working.

Me and Gunpei were gonna take off for the open sea, try to get home.

That's when one of them things got him.

There she is.

Well, that's lovely.

You're damn right.

Does this thing even float?

Me and Gunpei spent six years of our lives building this thing.

She's called the Grey Fox.

And she floats.

Pulled the engine parts from my P-51 and his old Zero.

Found a B-29 on the beach one day. That was something.

You gotta be kidding me. That thing looks like it's made out of pure tetanus.

I know she ain't pretty to look at, but it's nothing a couple of extra hands can't fix.

Unless you got a better idea, I suggest we get cracking.

All right.

Come on, get up!

Well, would you look at that?

It bleeds.

Wha... We did that.

We hook up with Chapman, there's enough munitions on that downed Sea Stallion...

...to finish the job.


You know why I carry this instead of an M-16?

Took it off a farmer fighting for the NVA.

He surrendered right after we leveled his village.

He was 50 years old. Said he'd never even seen a gun till we showed up.

Sometimes, an enemy doesn't exist...

...till you go looking for one.

What happens when they show up on your doorstep?

I'll still have his gun.

Best of luck with that, soldier.

Okay. So, we've got 48 hours to make it to the north shore.

Slivko, do you know what you're doing back there?

Yeah. My pop's a mechanic. If I can't fix this, he'll disown me.

If he ever sees me again.

Hold the phone there, Churchill. Russia was our ally.

Now, you're saying we're at war with them?

It's more of a cold war. Cold war like...

...like they take the summers off?

What about the Cubs? The Cubs win a World Series yet?

The Cubs? Man, not even close. Were they ever good?

Happens to be my team. Where are you from?

Detroit. Okay.

Yeah, the Tigers. Did they win at all this year?

I don't know. I doubt it. Yeah.

I'd pick the Cubbies over the Tigers any day.

Who do you think would win in a fight? A tiger or a cub?

A tiger would win.

Yeah, because a cub is a baby bear.

A full-grown tiger can eat a baby bear.

Gotta think it through.

We also put a man on the moon.

No kidding? What did they do? Just leave him up there?

What's he eating? Tang. Spam.

Come on, we're losing daylight.

Fox Leader, this is Chapman, over.

Fox Leader, this is Chapman, over.

Dear Billy...

"...sometimes, life just punch you in the balls.

Damn it.

What kind of music is that?

What happened to swing? Benny Goodman?

You're like a time-traveler, man. I'm telling you, this is the new sound.

I don't know if I'm gonna like whoever's under this beard.

I really hope that thing you call a boat can get us upriver in 36 hours.

Because if we miss that window, we're literally, up a creek.

When I first wrote that paper on the Hollow Earth theory...

...the whole committee laughed out loud.

Not Randa.

The one guy in the crowd who actually took me seriously.

It felt good. Then I thought he was crazy when he said the earth was full of monsters.

I can't tell when I'm talking or when I'm not talking.

You're talking. Am I?

Yes. I'm talking?

Yes. Your mouth is moving.


I'm gonna stab you by the end of the night.


Just kidding.

If the boat doesn't work, we'll just take the train.

Isn't it odd the most dangerous places are always the most beautiful?

I'm trying to take a long-exposure photograph, but my flashlight broke.

Try this.

Thank you.

Royal Air Force? It was my father's.

He threw it to me from the train as he rolled off to fight the Nazis.

He was like John Wayne to me.

Some kind of mythic hero.

Did he come back? His plane went down near Hamburg.

They searched for him for months but...

...I suppose no man comes home from war.

Not really.

Mills, quit dicking around. I'm going on perimeter.

Colonel Packard...

...this mission to the crash site is folly.

I understand going after your man.

But the rest of it...

...this is beyond us.

You don't like the way I'm running things?

You know where the door is.

You set this in motion when you put this place on the map.

And I will not cut and run.

I know an enemy when I see it.

This man's name was Gunpei Ikari.

But you take away the uniforms...

...and the war...

...he became my brother.

And we swore we'd never leave each other behind.

Let's get off this island.

Not yet! Prime the lines.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Wind it up, let's go!

Keep going!

Third time's the charm. Here we go. Here we go!

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Come on, come on, come on.


Yes! Yes!

I guess this is goodbye.

Thank you.

If you're ever in Chicago, look me up, I guess.

Here, no. Let me... let me help.

Man's gotta do what...

Are you okay? I'm okay. I'm okay.

Allow me.

You should see me in the library.

I got a wife.

Had a wife. Have a wife?

Guess I don't know anymore.

We got hitched right before I deployed.

Got a telegram from her the day before I got shot down.

She said we just had our baby boy.

I got a son out there. Grown man I've never met.

Yeah, she definitely thinks you're dead, man.


I'm just saying. You don't know that.

You'd be surprised how long people wait.

Truth is, I don't expect them to be waiting.

I'd be fine either way.

I just want one last chance to see them.

That'd be good enough for me.

We're gonna get you home.

Fox Five, come back. Is there anyone out there?

Hey! This is Fox Five. We hear you.

Yeah! We're on a boat. We're on a boat headed up north on a river.

A boat? Where'd y'all get a boat? We met this, like, crazy Santa Claus...

...time-traveler guy from World War II. You'll meet him.

What kind of boat y'all got?

It's more of, like, a plane than a boat, really. Let's call it a "ploat."

We're on a ploat. We need their location, Slivko.

Hey, send up a flare so we can find you.

Roger that, Fox Five. Fire in the hole!



I repeat, we have a visual. Two klicks to our north.

Roger that, Fox Five. Fox One out.

Rendezvous point, one hour.

Mount up! Can we fit everybody?

Yes! We're going home!

Get down!

What the hell, man?

He's gone. Everybody, grab your gear. We have to keep moving.

We'll go ashore, meet up with Packard. No. No. Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Is nobody gonna say anything about the...

He's gone! And he ain't coming back. There's nothing to say.

Oh, my God.

Their flare was only two klicks north.

They should be here soon.

Unless they were eaten by something that's bigger than us.

Holy shit! Slivko!

I thought you were crazy. I wish I had been.

What's your count? What you see is what I got.

We lost one, too. Good to see you, fellas!

Who the hell is this? We picked up a hitchhiker.

Lieutenant Hank Marlow of the 45th Pursuit Squadron of the 15th.

You've been here since World War II? Yes, sir. I miss the parade?

I'll be damned. Snap to, Lieutenant.

We're gonna get him home, sir. If we follow this river...

...we'll make it to the boat, and we'll make it to the north shore in time.

That sounds good.

But we're not leaving yet. Still got a man out there, Conrad.

Wait a second. You got someone out there? Chapman.

He's with the downed Sea Stallion just west of here.

West? We can't go west! That's where the skull things live.

We have an old saying here. "East is best, west is worst!" That's why we say it!

You know, southwest... we could talk about that.

But you're gonna need a lot more guns if you're gonna go west.

Guys. I think that we should listen to Marlow.

This is crazy.

Hey. Your job is finding lost men, right?

Okay, sir.

But if we reach that position and he's not there, we don't send out a search party.

We're back here by nightfall, understood?

In 24 hours, we have to be on the other side of this island.

Roger that. Hear you loud and clear.

All right, you heard the man. Moving out in 10.

This is a good group of boys. We're all gonna die together out here.

You're a good group of boys to die with, I'll tell you that much.

You shouldn't have come here.

Don't forget to tell me this is a bad idea.

This is a bad idea.

Yeah, you smell that? That's death.

What the hell is this place?

This is what's left of Kong's parents.

I've taken enough photos of mass graves to recognize one.

The crash site's just on the other side of this valley.

We'll cross through and make it to the highest point west.

This place is a real no-no, sir.

We need to be going to the north side right now.

And you're welcome to do that, my man.

By yourself.

I'm not leaving Jack out there.

Now, who's with me?

We can make it. You're mighty right, we can make it.

Now, stay sharp. Keep an eye out.

I've only been here 28 years. What do I know?

Cole, we don't got time for that, man. Put the cigarette out.

Watch those fumes!


Let's go. We gotta move!


In here!


I told you this damn place was a no-no.

Damn it.

All right, let's move. Rally on me.

Rally up! Rally up!

Somebody cover the civilians' six. Let's move!

Oh, shit.


Set up the 50!


Bring the torch! Do your thing!

Slivko! Gas!

Marlow! Sword!

Slivko, hang on!

This thing's moving!

Now, look, Colonel.

You may outrank me...

...but I've been here a hell of a lot longer.

And I'm telling you that thing that just shredded us was only the first of them.

Now we're on their turf, and we need to turn back toot sweet!

Not as long as Chapman's still out there. I'm sorry, Colonel Packard.

Chapman is dead.

Doesn't change a thing! We're still going to that crash site.

What's at that crash site that you want so badly?

Weapons! Enough to kill it.

Kong didn't kill Chapman. But he did kill these men!

My men! You can't kill Kong, Colonel.

Kong is god on this island. He's the only thing keeping them lizard things...

...in the ground. He's right, Colonel, we can't kill Kong.

Now that other creature? That's the threat. And there are more of them down there.

If you take away a species' natural competition...

...they'll proliferate out of control. Then we'll end them, too!

After we bring this thing down.

I can't let you do that, Colonel. Wait! Hold your fire!

This is one war we are not gonna lose.

Nuts! You hear me? This is nuts!

Please! You need to listen to us! We're not at war. You're making a mistake.

Your lies got my men killed! And you're gonna get us all killed!

Not our fight. Whose side are you on, Captain?

Okay, Colonel. You'll find your Sea Stallion three klicks up that ridge.

Now, I'm gonna take these civilians back to the boat, and we'll wait for you there.

All right?

Saddle up! Let's go kill this thing!

Steve, you running with the big dogs or staying on the porch?

I don't wanna be on the porch.

Marlow, you okay?

We need to stop him.

You wanna talk with him about it again? He seemed to really go for it the first time.

He's losing his grip.

Now, follow me, and we'll get off this rock alive.

Dear Billy...

...I'm just trying to get home to you and your mom.

You be strong, now.

Much love.

Make sure those get back to his family.

Dear Billy...

...your dad was one of the best to ever do it.

There's water close by.

Are you lost? Which way?

Hang on.

Wait here.

I've got to get to higher ground to find the river.

Hey! I'm coming, too.

I'll be right here.

Keep your eyes open.

Up in the trees, too.

Why? Ants.

Big ones.

There's one.

Sounds like a bird, but it's a fucking ant.

Gather up everything you can, including those seismic charges.

They got his attention the first time.

This is a bad idea. Let's just get on with it.

Mills, Cole, let's prep this ordinance.

Make him a special gift out of that napalm.

The boat must be around that bend.

We have to go. Now.

Don't shoot!

Conrad, which way are we going? You three need to go back to the boat.

It's that way. Wait for us till dawn.

If we're not back by then...

...just go. You ain't gotta twist my arm.

Where are you two going?

We're going to save Kong.

Not without me, pal.

Oh, dear.

Men! Place your charges.

It's time to show Kong...

...that man is king!

Arm one. Arm two.

Arm three.


Don't do it.

I asked you fellas nice the first time.

We don't wanna fight here, Packard. This thing brought us down!

It killed my men! Kong was just defending his territory.

We are soldiers! We do the dirty work...

...so our families and our countrymen don't have to be afraid!

They shouldn't even know a thing like this exists!

You've lost your mind.

Put that detonator down.


The world is bigger than this.

Bitch, please! Slivko, get her out of there!

You know it's the wrong thing to do, son.

Put it down, sir. Packard!

Come on.

It's over.

That's the big one. Fall back.




Die, you mother...

Kong's down. Let's go!

They told us to leave at dawn. I know.

It's dawn. I know!

So what are we going to do?

This is the edge of the island.

Weaver, get up on those rocks and fire a flare.

With any luck, Brooks will see it.

We'll buy you time.

This way.

Come on. Every second counts.

Cole! Come on, man, we gotta fall back.

Go live your life. Get out of here.

Cole! Cole, no!

Cole, no! Stop!

Cole! Cole!

No! Don't!



Come on. Come on. Son of a bitch.

Come on! Go!

Come on! Go!

Come on! Hurry!

Come on!

Marlow, a little help here! She's temperamental. Watch out!

Clear! Clear!

Come on, you bastard!


Weaver? Weaver. Weaver. Hey, hey, hey. Hey.

You're okay.

So what do you think, fellas?

This way to Key West?

I think it is, brother.

This place will change.

Word will get out.

It always does.

Well, it's not coming from us.

We'll meet again Don't know where Don't know when But I know we'll meet again

...here we go now to the Cub half of number eight.

If you want to see a crowd go crazy, see what happens if this guy hits one right now.

Fly ball, very deep.

And the impossible dream just became the possible dream!

You just gonna sit there?

In the dark.

You're enjoying this, right?

Is this fun for you?

I promise I won't tell the Russians. I promise I will tell the Russians.

She's gonna tell the Russians.

Why are you keeping us here? I wanna go home.

We get it. There was no island. We were never on an island.

Island? What island?

Brooks, what the hell is going on? Welcome to Monarch.

This island is just the beginning.

There's more out there. What do you mean, "more"?

This world never belonged to us. It belonged to them.

The question is how long before they take it back.

Kong... is not the only king.