Koroshiya 1 (2001) Script

First Avenue, Kabuki-cho

Are you sure this is all right, Mr. Fujiwara?

The Boss said so, didn't he?

He doesn't need a bodyguard in this apartment, anyway.

Shouldn't we at least stand guard in the hall?

While he's busy fucking a girl?

I didn't mean that.

You're a hitman. Just shut the fuck up till you're needed.


Is that you, Takeshi?

You're home soon, aren't you?

You just won't go away.

I'm working now. I'll call you back.

Dad, Dad...

Tadanobu Asano Hideo Yamamoto

Takashi Miike

Stop it. No!


Cut it out.


Stop it. Please.

How does that feel?


Who is it?

Ichi the Killer Hi, Miyu Miyu?

It's me, Long.

Inoue, stop it.

Getting juiced up, just to blow some fucker away.

Ichi's taking care of everything tonight.

All we ever do is mop up after him these days.

I got it!

I told you to stop!

What are you doing?

If I can't shoot up, you can't talk on the damn phone.

Let's go.

He did it again. Disgusting as ever.

What's this guy Ichi like, anyway?

Let's get started.

What the hell happened here?

You were the Boss' bodyguard last night!

Kaneko was, too.

Don't try to put the blame on others!

Sorry. I'm sorry.

Kaneko, you have any idea where the Boss is?

Oh, Sir! Welcome!

Has Anjo really disappeared?

And how much money is missing?

About three million yen.

Then... I guess Anjo took the money, and ran off with the girl.

Sir, the Boss would never do such a thing. Never.

All that time in jail... must've softened his brain.

A guy grows old, gets obsessed with some broad, can't tell his ass from a hole in the ground.

Another gang could be behind it, sir.

A lot of them could bear a grudge.

It wasn't Anjo making enemies. It was you.

The Boss is definitely still alive.

Please excuse us.

Don't you have a girlfriend?

No. It gets lonely, you know.

Why don't you get a pet?

I used to have one. An alligator.

They were a handful, so I flushed them down the toilet.

I see.

I remember I had a dog once, when I was in elementary school.

What kind?

A mongrel. He was so cute.

But the old geezer next door, he had a German shepherd.

He was always making fun of my dog.


So I started praying.

I prayed for something to happen.


Is Karen here?

She's over there. Please follow me.

And something did.


His dog died.

It died.

Oh my God!


I killed his dog.

I strangled it with a jump rope.


Did you hear?

The Boss disappeared.

Oh yes, I've heard.

He took the money and ran off with some fucking 17-year-old girl.

He wouldn't run off with anyone except you.

One of the gangs must've snatched him and the money.

You mean he's killed already.

What are you going to do, then?

You gave your whole life to him.

He's not dead. I'm going to find him.

Yes, Yes. You'll find him... but I think he's already six feet under by now.

Don't make me mad, Karen.

He's alive. I'm 120% sure of that.

He's waiting for me to come and find him.

Yeah, but...

You're the Boss' woman.

What the hell are you talking about?

I'm sorry.

Today's my birthday.

Your birthday? It's your birthday?

Today's your birthday?

Then this is your present.

I thought I told you to quit.

They were kicked out of the syndicate.

Where else can they make a living, but in Shinjuku?

They do all the dirtiest.

Murder, arson, smuggling, and rape.

Long time no see.

So you're back in Shinjuku, huh?

There's nowhere else we can make a living.

Did you hear what happened over at your place?

A little bit.

Get in touch if you hear anything. I can pay.

Yes, sir.

Do it quick. Die.

I'm sorry.

I can't hear you.

Hurry up and die. Hurry up and die.

I'm sorry.

No use apologizing.

Stop crying!

You can apologize all you want,

it's not gonna make a difference to me.

You stupid son of a bitch.

Don't tell me you still haven't found him.

Give it to me.

I want you to turn Shinjuku upside-down.

Don't show your face unless you've found the Boss.

It doesn't look too good, does it?

That doesn't mean I don't think it's hopeless, of course...

I'll find him! Please leave it to me!

I'll get it.

It's nothing more than rumors, I don't know how true it is.

The Funakis are Sanko Syndicate members, just like us.

And their offices are right here in this building.

Exactly. Got their eyes on anyone coming in or out.

They probably staked out your Boss.

What the hell for?

Kakihara, three years ago you cut Funaki Suzuki's Gang out of a video porn racket.

Rumor has it he hasn't forgotten about that.

So Suzuki's behind all this?

It's just a rumor.

Suzuki's been bad-mouthing you.

He's spreading some pretty ridiculous stories.

Said you and Anjo have the hots for each other.

What the hell are you talking about?

Takayama, bring him here.

Bring who here?



Are you afraid of him?

That's not the problem.

We just don't have any proof.

Proof? When did you start worrying about proof?

If we're wrong, we'll give the Funakis the old guy's dead body.

Get going, Takayama!

I got it.

Hey Jijii [Old Fart], go get us some shrimp.




What the hell's going on here?

Kakihara! What the fuck is this?

You look great, Mr. Suzuki!

Where's the Boss?

The Boss? You mean Anjo?

He and that girl took off with your money, didn't he?

What did you say?

Wait! Stop, dammit!

You're doing this because you think I took Boss Anjo?

I know you're pissed off over the video deal.

You've been bad-mouthing me everywhere.

No, I haven't.

Yes, you have. Hasn't he, old man?

Who the fuck are you?

You're saying you didn't dub those videos?

So you are doing stuff behind my back.

Okay. It's true about the videos, I'll admit that.

But I don't know anything about your Boss.

You've gotta believe me!

I'll ask you again. Where is the Boss?

I don't know. I've got no idea.

Boss, that's too...

Hey. wait!

How did he get the camera and mike in there?

I put it there.

You did?

Jijii asked me to before the gang kicked me out.

You knew Kakihara then?

He didn't know. I went under the knife afterwards.

Plastic surgery?

So how come you chose that face?

Shut up!

Well, I've gotta make a call.

I'm going to kill all of you.

One more time. Where's the Boss?

How would I know?

Somebody already killed him!

He's still alive.

So what?

If you won't talk, maybe your little one will.

No. Don't do that.

Give me a break, dammit!

What the hell?

Is it Suzuki?

Kakihara! What the fuck are you doing?

This? Just a little torture.

What did Suzuki do?

Stop it!

Take that off, Kaneko.

Who the hell are you?

I'm the one to ask why you're here, Funaki?

We got a call about Suzuki being in trouble.

He thinks I took Boss Anjo.

Suzuki wouldn't try anything that stupid!

Let him go.

You wouldn't happen to be mixed up in this, would you?


Someone told us Suzuki's taken the Boss.


The old fart.

Who gave you the intel?

The old fart.


You! Go and find him!


So here you are again.

You're the only one who's happy...

seeing a girl all marked up like this.


How what?

How did he beat you up yesterday?


Did it hurt?

I thought I was gonna die.

The bastard. I wish he'd die.


Yes, if only...

Shall I take him out for you?

Ten million yen?

No, you dumbass! A hundred million yen!

That's more like it.

We don't have that kind of money.

How 'bout you hand over the video business?

All our money disappeared with the Boss.

If you take the videos, we're out of business.

Think you can just get away with this damned stunt?

Just kick this asshole out already.

You may be right.

I'll pay my penance.

Snipping off a finger or two won't do.

I have a taste for sweet things.

So what?

I'll cut off the part that can taste them.

What do you mean?


Yes, all right. I'm on my way.

I'm going to look for the Boss.



What took you so long?

I had to stop at the hospital.

The hospital?


Look, it's amazing.

What do you mean?

It's all right. The human body can regenerate itself.

I'm okay now. See?

Remember when you met Jijii and his gang at the club?

One of this guy was popping veins, got one of the girls to check, and she said it was heroin.

I found this really fancy place for heroin. Come on up.

Who is it?

I'm Karen from "Hirando."

Good morning.

Have you heard from him?

Why should I tell you?

If you're not here to score, fuck off.

Don't you have any manners?

What kind of person are you?

This is Kakihara, the pierced guy from Anjo Group.

Hey, who said you could come in?

I don't know about that, but I don't associate with bad-mannered guys.

The Boss is gonna die.

What's this guy talking about?

If I don't hurry, the Boss dies!

If you're not here to score, get lost.


What happens if he dies?!

Jijii, come back here and gimme a hit!

He was already in there when we got here.

I tied him up, just in case he tried to escape.

Where's the old man?

What's this?

That's our office.

I found this.

Boss Anjo...

So it was you? You did it?!

Where's the Boss?

I'll tell you. Just get me a hit first.

Where's the Boss? Where is he?!

Anjo... he's gone underground.

If you won't give me a hit, just kill me, Bro.

Who are you?

I know your work. If you're just gonna kill me anyway... just do it quick, "Older Brother."




Are you Kano?

But your face is different...

So you did this?

Ichi did it.

Who is this "Ichi"?

All I did was clean up the mess once he'd finished.

But Ichi's next target is you, "Older Brother."

You were in love with Anjo, weren't you?

Not as a queer, or out of admiration.

You're turned on by the pain when he thrashes you.

You're desperate to find him... so he can hurt you again.

Think I'll forget what you did to me?

Kakihara, I'll never forgive you!

I'm gonna to blow that fucker away!

What'd you do with the girl?

He asked you, where's the girl who was with Anjo.


We've got orders to find the girl you took with Anjo.

Return her at once!

Wait a minute.

You guys are making a mistake!

We'll kill you.

We'll slaughter your family.


Listen to me, dammit! It wasn't me.

I had nothing to do with it!

Believe me, please.

Ask anyone else, please!

We're running out of time.

Time's up.

What do you mean "Time's up"?

We'll cut you here.

It won't hurt... much.

No, please. Help!



Got it.

Someone saw a ripped-mouth punk attack Anjo's office.

That's Kakihara. I knew it!

I can't breathe in this mask.

...Should've made it better.

It gets foggy, so I can't see a thing when I breathe.

Hi, Miyu Miyu, how are you?

This is it?

Stop it!

You only made 30,000 yen all day?

Stop it! Don't hit me anymore!

Hey, tell me.

You've a cunt and you suck dick, still you made so little?

Who's looking to beat me to a pulp?

Don't talk back to me, bitch!

How're you feeling, huh?

Who the fuck are you?

Get in here!

What are you doing? Goddamn peeping tom.

What the fuck is this costume?

What are you doing?

Can't you talk, asshole?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What's this "I'm sorry" bullshit? What's the matter with you?

Why are you crying?

I'm not...

Yes, you are.

No, I'm not.

You're fucking crying!

You are crying!

No, I'm not!

What the fuck?

What are you doing?

I killed him for you.

I promised I'd kill him for you...

but don't worry,

I'll just hit you instead.

You'll beat me up instead?

Thank you.

Kakihara, you're expelled from the Syndicate.

Due to your insolence, the methods you and your men employed to look for the Boss, like lynching Suzuki and rubbing Funaki the wrong way.

You got anything to say?

Are you listening?


Is that all you wanted to see me about?

That's all.

Well, thanks for everything.

I guess he's gone.

Hey, Suzuki... you sure this was the right thing to do?

He seemed to take it a bit too easily.

He wouldn't come back for revenge, would he?

I forgot one thing.


I'm taking over the Anjo Group.

So we're being kicked out?!

That's right.

So every Yakuza in Shinjuku is our enemy now.

Anyone who wants out, better speak up now.

Allow me to return the sake cup from when I pledged my allegiance.

Is that right?

They've kicked out Kakihara.

Where's the money?

I've put half into the account you gave me.

Half? You broke your promise.

Once the job is done, I'll deposit the rest.

300 million yen is a lot of money.

What if you blow it?

Clear the yakuza mansion of everyone but Kakihara in four days.

They get in the way. You can do that?

Don't worry.

I'll get started right away.

Be sure to squash them good.

Where are you going? What am I supposed to do?

Just wait here. Don't move.


Victim sliced in half from the head down.


I had a dream... about Miss Tachibana.

The girl who got raped, trying to save you from bullies?

She cried out to me for help while it happened,

But my legs were shaking so bad, I couldn't move.

I still have dreams about her calling to me for help.

You wanted to save her so badly?

I... wanted to rape her.

You wanted to save her, didn't you?

She wanted it to be me. That did it.

Ichi, pull yourself together!

Why would Sailor do such a thing?

Who are you talking about?

Why would Sailor do such a thing to me?

Get a grip on yourself, Ichi.

Well? What's the matter?

You're expelled from the Syndicate, haven't you?

If you come, it'll cause trouble...

Who do you think you're talking to?

It hurts.

Kakihara, lay off!

It's stretching... It'll tear apart!

Karen, Karen!

Karen, you've got to do something!

Help me!


Can I do it, too?

It hurts!

What the hell are you doing. Karen?

Masa, you know what?

Let me be your girl. I'll spill all the beans.

Take your shoes off.

Hurry up. Go and get it.

Come on, hurry!

Hey, give it back to me. What?

Your dad quit the police 'cause he lost his gun.

It's all over the papers. What a pussy.

They're both idiots, him and his dad!

They used tax money to make those guns, don't they?

Yeah! Give our money back, asshole!

Hurry up and bring it back.

Hurry up and bring it back.

Can you hear what I'm saying?


Quit staring.

Get lost, jerk.


You're my woman now, right?

Then do it like before.

Does it hurt?

Keep going.

Listen, when you're inflicting pain on someone, you don't think about the pain they're feeling.

Focus on the pleasure of causing pain.

That's the best you can do for your partner.

It's okay. Do it like you want to kill me.

The Boss was much better than you.

That's enough.

You're not the one for this.

Hey, come back!

Those guys are your target.

Get in there fast, and finish them off.

I can't.

Sure you can.

They're all bullies. Lackeys of the man you killed.

Easy targets. Just let yourself go.

No way. There's too many of them.

Come on, Ichi. You want revenge, right?

Weren't you going to kill all the bullies?

Those men extort money from poor people.

They trample on the weak. They're bullshit.

You've gotta take revenge!

See that guy with the shaved head...

Looks like Imamura... he bullied you at school, yeah?

Isn't the punk next to him a dead ringer for Tokito?

Didn't he destroy your textbooks?

Well, Ichi?

He does look like him.

Get your revenge, man?

Killing's not nice.

Don't worry. They're all scum.

They weren't the same ones who bullied me.

They're assholes. They deserve it.

How did it feel today?

I don't wanna kill any more.

Don't be stupid!

If you don't kill the bad guys. who will?

I don't want to kill.

You're going to keep killing them, right?

I don't want to.

Kill the bad guys.


Thank you for saving me.

What's the matter?

Are you all right?

What's your name?


We're friends, aren't we?


What is this mess?

Boss... What's this?

So he's here, after all...

Isn't this something?

I'm scared.

Hey! All of you! Don't run away!

Everything's bursting out...

Aren't you gonna run?

Not until we avenge the Boss.


This is really something.

Look at this.

The human body's made from a single tube. Like this.

I'm sorry, Boss. They're all gone.

Don't bother.

Takayama, call East Shinjuku Police Station.

Are you reporting this to the police?

No. I want them to give us a hand.

Some kids were bullying me...

A super-tough dude kicked their asses for me.

You can do karate and all that, right?

Teach me how.

Go home.

I could be strong and take revenge on them.



Papa's got a job to finish.

Maybe someday, I won't be able to come home.

So, if anything happens to me...

Go live with your mama.

I won't.

Don't worry,

I'll be all right alone.


What's taking so long? Go get Ichi.

I don't know what he looks like.

Find anyone who smells like blood.

Go get him!

What the fuck are you doing?

You've got a lot of nerve.

First you puke all over one of our girls, then you say you have no money?

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Answer me, you bastard!

What's so funny?

Give our money back. Right now.

Just sell your kidneys.

As long as we get our money, asshole.

How much does he owe you?

And who the hell are you, anyway?

How much did he borrow?

500,000 yen.

Who do you work for?

None of your business.

Watch your mouth.

What are you looking at?

Hasn't he had enough?

Why don't you pay his debts off?

Watch out. You'll get hurt.

What gang are you with?

The Anjo gang.

I don't know what backwater you're from, but you look like a sitting duck to me.

Are you Japanese?

Don't you understand what I'm saying?

Anyhow, get outta here.

I said, get a move on!

Don't be shy. Eat up.

Boss Anjo, he's the cop who lost his gun.

He's known for his Olympic marksmanship.

You must be hungry... go ahead and eat.

Mom's not coming back, is she?

She did leave you for another man,

but I'll always stay with you.

Stop jabbering and eat.

Where're you from? China?

This is no place for you.

You get it?

Don't be so jittery. I'm not bullying you.

You remind me of myself, a long time ago.

Someone I owed big time. Murdered.

He took me in when I had nowhere to go.

I must find his killers and avenge him.

Eat up. The noodles will go soft.

How're you feeling?

Where am I?

You get bad dreams, don't you?

There're faces in them... Like photographs of the bullies.

Those are the ones who bullied me?

They're just like them, but... they're even worse than the ones who bullied you.

Your bullies aren't the only bad ones out there...

The ones who watched and did nothing are far worse.

You've got to get of them all.

That's why you got strong, isn't it?


Miss Tachibana tried to help me.

You were weak, and couldn't help her.

But now, you're strong enough to take anybody down.

It's time for revenge.


Do you mean killing people?

You bet it does.


I don't want to.


I'm sick of killing.

You'll never be a man if you chicken out like this.

My dick's standing up.

Since when?

I dunno.

Why didn't you tell me? It'll start to rot.

That's what you get for not following instructions.

Here's some tranquilizers. They'll calm you down.

What's wrong? Take the damn things.

I don't wanna kill anybody.

We'll worry about it later. Take the damn pills.



In all my time as a cop, I've never seen anything like this.

Even you can't do it, Brother.

Sure I can! You and me!

There's something inhuman about what he does.

People are either sadists or masochists. Usually a bit of both.

But Ichi's 100 percent sadist.

I want to meet this Ichi.

But Ichi will come here anyway, won't he?

There's no way to be sure of that. It's just play.

Assuming I don't want Ichi to kill me... if I know that he is going to, I'll be in despair.

Knowing that he's coming after me, I'll do all I can to stop him, of course.

You better find him for me.

I know someone with leads on him.

One of them's supposed to be some Chinese guy who makes money off girls working the clubs.

If we find him, we can track down Ichi.

A Chinese pimp, huh?

A club girl I know got me this.

Well, Brother Jiro?

We can't say no to Big Brother Kakihara.

We've gotta thank him for our jobs.

He's been such a help to us.

We'll find this dickhead Long for you soon.

There aren't many Chinese pimps around here.

Excuse me...

Hey, it's Kaneko!

The cop who got sacked for losing his pistol.

What are you doing here?

I'm a gunman.

Is that a fact?

A guy who lost his gun, working as a gunman!

Are you? Really?


What are you waiting for? Get a move on.

I want to fuck, fuck, fuck...

It's no use.

Hello? Miyu Miyu? It's me, Longie.

Could I come over? Right now?

So, you leaked intel on the girl?

I did.

Then it's just a matter of time... before Long gets caught.

And what happens after that?

Ichi's going through a bad patch right now.

A bad patch?

He can get it up, but he can't ejaculate.

Really? That's weird.

Tell me. What's this Ichi like?

I can't tell you about that.

Come on, tell me about him.

Okay, if you insist.

He's kind of cute.

Your type?

Not exactly.

He's definitely a crybaby.

What's that?

He was bullied when he was a kid.

Even now, when he gets mad, he starts to cry.

He keeps it under control at first, but then he loses it... and goes on a killing spree.

So he's sick, then. Right?

He's a sweet guy most of the time.

But when he loses it, he turns into a killer.

I think I can understand that.

But he wasn't really bullied, you know.

He lost some of his memory after killing his parents.

He became convinced he was bullied as a kid.

So, I feed him stories whenever a job comes up.

And he believes they're all true?

You're that good at hypnosis?

You be. But once I overdid the rape story.

I told him he got picked on in high school, and a girl who tried to help him got raped.

He got really... excited over that.


Yeah. A story about a girl who was raped.

Can I ask you something?


Am I under some sort of hypnosis, too?

Of course not!


Shut up!

I feel sorry for you, Kaneko.

First, you lose your gun. You get kicked off the force.

You join the yakuza, which is okay, but now there's a killer on your heels.

You're some unlucky monkey.

I've got no regrets.

I've got lots of them.

I got where I am because I'm tough.

Sometimes I look at those wage-slaves and wonder...

could I have lived like that, too?

What will you do when all this is over?

I only want to avenge Boss Anjo.

There'll be no one left to taste our revenge.

Think about your son.

He'll have to manage on his own.

There's just one thing on my mind.

I've never met a woman this this tough.

Jiro, you're losing your touch.

She's just abnormal, somehow.

Then it's time...

for the Saburo-Sleuth to step into the ring.

That brings back memories.

No sweat, Brother. I'll track Long down.

I'm impressed.

Takayama, keep an eye on this woman!


Hey, what're you coming for?

Did I ask you to come with us?



I said I didn't want you with us.

Can't you read the room?

I'm sorry, Long. Sorry.

God, this is awful.

Are you all right?

Sorry, Longie. I'm sorry.

Want some water?

I said, do you want some water?

Do you want it, or not?!

Sorry, Longie...

Say something!


Stop it!

How come Jijii doesn't answer?


Good evening.

This is revenge for Inoue!

C'mon, add some feeling to it!

When you inflict pain, you gotta put your heart into it.

There's no love in your violence.

What took him so long?

What the fuck?

Sorry. I'm so sorry.

Are you all right?

Are you okay?


Are you... Ichi?

Don't you remember me?

Don't you remember me?

It's me. Tachibana.

Long time, no see.

You don't remember me?

Remembered I tried to help you, and in the end...

Do you remember now?

It's been a long time.

Yes, it has.

Are you really Tachibana?

Of course!

I'm sorry.

You had apologized before, didn't you?

After they treated me like a toy.

If you felt so sorry... why didn't you come and help me?

I'm sorry.

That was the worst experience of my life.

I wanted to die.

After that, I fell into complete... and utter despair.



That's right, despair.

The worst state anyone can imagine.

After that, I wanted men to treat me like dirt.

To humiliate me... torment me.

I like to be abused.

Meanwhile, I found an S/M partner online.

But when I asked him to cut me with a sharp knife, Do you know what he said?

"If I do that, you'll bleed!"

I was so disappointed.

I was hoping you'll cut little pieces of me.

Cut pieces off me...

Cut pieces off you.

I wanted him to carve me up with the blade.

I want no mercy.

I want to cry, to scream, and struggle.

While being hit for no reason, by someone who has no emotion.

No trust, no interest, no sexual desire for me.

I wanted him to cut off my toes, then my feet, and work all the way up.

And just before the moment he stabs me in the heart, I wanted to save that for real desperation... but soon, it will all be over.

Have you got a hard-on?

You don't have to feel sorry for me.

I wanted you to rape me as well.

Rape you?


Raped by you.

I wanted you to make me go as slow as I could...

Then maybe I wouldn't turn out this way...

Did you really want me to rape you, Miss Tachibana?

That's not what I mean.

I didn't want it from you, I just wanted it from anybody.

The only thing that could help me was despair.

Ichi, tell me...

while you were watching them as they rape me,

did it turn you on?

You wanted to fuck me, didn't you?


It's okay.

Fuck me, and make me your girl.

You wanted to be raped because... you didn't want to be raped.

You didn't want me to do it, so you wanted me to do it... is that it?

Sailor didn't want me to do it... because she wanted me to do it.

That's right, Miss Tachibana!

What's the matter?

I'll cut pieces off you, Miss Tachibana.


No, no way.

Miss Tachibana.

No...no...no...no...! Look at me... Look at me.

I'm not Tachibana.


Actually, I am not Tachibana!

No! Look at me!

Look at me!

No! Look at me!

No...no...no! I am not Tachibana!

I understand now.

No! No..Urgh!

I understand. You don't want this, because you really do want it.

No, Stop! Stop!

It's impossible!

Miyu Miyu?

Miyu Miyu!

What happened? Why is she dead?

He went too far, trying to get her to talk.

Didn't you, Kaneko?

You're getting in my way.

I told you it wouldn't be pretty.

Let me ask again. Where's Ichi?

I told you. I don't know!

Ichi is a hundred times more abnormal than you think.

He's a monster who kills without any feelings.

Why can't you understand such an easy thing?


Think you're making this happen by yourself?

You're wasting your time, asshole.

What do Peeping Toms like you know?

I'm not just peeping.

I'm controlling everything... Including you.

Don't you think everything's going too well, pervert?

Your inevitability doesn't mean anything.

Ichi's just gonna kill you, idiot!

The penalty for not knowing Ichi... is a sliced penis!

That's great! Let's do it!

Takayama, get some scissors.

You won't be able to fuck like before.


I'll try to remember about Ichi!

I'll be outside. Tell me when it's over.


You feel like working?

Okay. Come over to Yakuza Mansion.

There's lots of work to do.

That stuff really makes me crazy.


You bastard!

Where's Ichi?

Behind you.

Ichi doesn't have time for a dumb gorilla like you.

No! If you do that, I'll die.

What's that noise?


It's broken into pieces.


Don't. You can't make it.


This Ichi is some kinda monster.

Even you couldn't do that, Jiro.

What do you mean?

I'm gettin' scared.

We'll go look for him, too.

Hold it.

You stay here.

It's you and me, guarding the coop.

Hey. Can a human yank off an arm?

Just with their hands?

I asked, can a person yank off an arm off their hands?

Listen. Can a human tear off an arm with their bare hands?

Of course not.

That's impossible.

I can't hear you.

No way! Really?

I'll have little Saburo shaking in his boots.

Ready? I'm gonna give it a try.




So you're back, are you?

What apartment are the bullies in, old man?

Before you go, listen to me.

The man who brought you ramen the other day... he's your long-lost older Brother.

So the next time you see him, make sure you say hello to him.

My Brother?

My older Brother?

Dammit. Everyone looks down on me...

I can do it!

I'm sure I can kill Ichi. Ichi!

My Brother.

Who's there?

Saburo, what kind of guy do you think Ichi is?

Well, he must be like a monster.

I'm scared...

Even you, Big Brother? You're scared now?

No, I'm scared of myself.

Full of expectations.

It's been ages since I felt such anxiety and anticipation.

The few times I felt like this, I got letdown.

I really want to lose myself in despair.

What if Ichi also lets me down?

What's wrong?

Jiro... He's dead.


I felt the same tingling when Big Bro Ichiro died.

Are you sure? Then let's go back.

It's Ichi!


I'd hoped I could be Jiro myself, someday.

This is something...

Oh, fuck!

The same as ever.


What is it?

He looks like that guy...

His name's Ichi.

What did you say?

Ichi. He's the one who saved me the other day.

Dammit! Dammit!


You stay here.

Wait a minute.

You scared me. Wait!

You're so fucking scary! You're coming at me again?


What are you gonna do now?

Don't disappoint me!

Why would you do that to me, Brother?




Hey, wait a minute!

Tell me, Brother.

Tell me!




Why, Brother?

Stop right there!





I'm sorry.

You're a complete disaster.

You're the greatest pervert of all.

Get up, Ichi.

Time for Round Two.

Get up and fight!

What's the matter with you?

Come on, dammit!

Did you hear me?

Come on!

Stop fucking around!

How're you going to kill me like that?

How can we have our challenge, if you act this way?

Come on, Ichi.

Come on, Ichi.

Get up and fight. Come on.

Come on!

You're so selfish!

What are you doing?


Nobody... kills me...

Wow, this is great!