Kristy (2014) Script

[summoning whistle]

[whispered] Kristy...

Girl screams

[Echoing cry] Help me!


Whistling 'Jesus Loves Me'

Screams Continues whistling...

Whistling fades as music builds

[whispered] Kristy...!

Police are still searching for 21 year old college student Heather Price, reported missing three days ago after leaving a friend's house in Mills Fall.

At the time of her disappearance Price was wearing a striped sweater, dark blue jeans and sneakers.

Anyone who may have...

Terrified cries.

The time is now.


Kristy is a strong word of Christ.

You kristy Kill, you kill God.

Kristy is pretty, pure...


Find them.

Hunt them.

Know their fear.

Show your work.

More will follow.

They are weak.

They...are ...Kristies.

"To see the world in a grain of sand"

"And heaven in a wild flower"

"Hold infinity in the palm of your hand"

"And eternity in an hour"

"A robin redbreast in a cage"


You're so immature! I'm laughing because you sound so bored.

I'm not bored. I just...

I don't get how to break it down.

It's poetry you nerd... not math.

Did you just call me a nerd?


It's not an equation. It's an experience.

As far as poets go Blake's pretty much a bad ass.

You just need to... embrace it a little more.

We're not all future novelists!

Future novelist?

I like that!

Ok, well, I can't get a B in this class.

I have to keep my academic scholarship.

It'll be fine. I'll help you through it. No you have to get a head start. Remember?

Come on! You're the one who opted out.

Aaron it's fine. I got laid. You can go.

Hell - bring Nicole if you want!

It's silly that you guys are staying here.

You think a long weekend of girl time is silly?

Actually it's kind of hot.

It is and you're gonna miss it all. Now get off the bed.

I don't think so!

Heisenberg was all about unforeseen outcome.

Light fending, sodium nitrate exploding with water...


That sounds like an unexpected outcome to me. Yes?

Oh, I know Mom. We talked about this. The flights are so expensive.

No they always jack it up for the Thanksgiving.

I said they jack it up.

No I'll be fine until Christmas. You have Tammy and the baby.

Want these lights on Justine?

Oh, uh...

No you can turn them off. I'm almost done.

Just come. She won't bother us. I swear.

Aaron don't you remember the 4th of July when she asked me how my dishwashing program was going?

She doesn't get work-study.

Oh. Does she understand that some people have to work for a living?

Jus!... Stop.

I swear to God you can be so stubborn.

You just tell me what you want!

I want you to stay.

With me.

Just one time.

You know my family.

I have to go home.

Einstein saw order in the universe and believe that nothing happens by a chance.


Heisenberg believed that the world was inherently chaotic, more random.

I miss you guys too.

Hey, Jus!

Oh, it's just... It's Scott the groundskeeper.

Don't work too hard, huh?


Have a happy Thanksgiving. You too Greg.

I think the Einstein quote was: "God does not play dice with the universe."

And in Heisenberg's world,...

God does roll the dice.

Say it.

Say what?

You know what.

You can't corner me with technology.

Say it. Aaron come on!

I love you.

I love you Justine.

Be safe.



Hey Wayne! How are you doing? Hey! My stay behind!

Doing my laundry before I hit the books. [Wayne chuckles]

Oh, oh! I am so sorry!

Are you okay? Oh yeah!

No it's just this basement...

So are...are these gonna do this all weekend?

Yeah that's what I heard.


Oh, okay uh...


So... you have room for one more?


And don't forget the red wine? Uh, no. That's just the given.


...smashed and there was blood on the tire.

Investigators say personal items were found in several dumpsters.

While police are canvassing the area...

...they won't comment whether there is a connection... two young women who have been recorded missing since late [Tuesday?].

Hi Anna!

Are you going back to London?

No just friends up state.

You and Nicole really staying behind?

[Sighs] Yeah - our turkey pot pie awaits...

Dasvidaniya! Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah it's all good.

Dad! I know!

Yeah...I'll be cool if she's cool.

Ok. I'll see you soon.



Please don't kill me! My dad is back.

He surprised the family and he wants to spend the holiday in Aspen.

The car's on its way.

Come with me!

I get another plane ticket!

You can't stay here all by yourself.


It's okay. I'm fine. Really.

I am so sorry. I swear I wanted to hang out with you.

It's just my dad's taking a break from the campaign, and the whole family's gonna be together, and it's like Aspen!

Nicole: I understand! It's fine!

Family's family.

And promise me you will get off this campus.

Get some fresh air somewhere away!


Take my baby.

I don't even want to breath on your Beamer [BMW].

Oh please! Use it!

You know you want to.


Oh! Come here.

You be safe. Okay? Ok.

Thank you. Uh huh.

OK. Bye.

[Laughs] Hey - last chance!




See you after Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the Beamer!

[Radio host] Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at 106.5!

[2nd voice] That's right. And hopefully everyone is spending it with their family and friends.

What do you think Jimbo?

[1st Host] Oh man. It is a beautiful morning perfect for Thanksgiving.

[2nd Host] Hm-hmmm. But then you are actually on for some rain later this evening, just about the time everyone should be [chatter fades]

-[1st Host] Let it rain! -[2nd Host] Let it rain! let it rain!


No I'm having fun.

Nicole just went out to Market Max to get some more snacks.

How's dinner?

Uh...turkey pot pie vines - proper holiday feast.

We're saving the wine for later.

I don't know. I'm...

...having a hard time with that one.

Oh really quiet here. It's really peaceful.

What the hell!

Hey Wayne - those lights are out again.

Yeah. I phoned a systems check. They're running a wire...

...but the crews won't be back until Monday.


Taking Nicolle's little pony out for a spin?


Max or Ben & Jerry's calling my name.

Oh. Copy that.

Can I get you anything? No I'm cool.

Are you sure? You're my Thanksgiving bud.

Mountain Dew?

Pumpkin pie?

Soda and pumpkin pie. Done!

Hey, uh, make sure David at the gates knows that you're on a stay behind.

OK. Thanks Wayne. Bye.

Hi. I'm Justine Wills. I'm the stay behind?

Right. You got your swipe?


Good because I'm gonna close the gate in an hour.

Oh it's okay - I'll be back in 20.


More on the Heather Price store as it develops...

...but on the lighter note, early shoppers standing in line...

...for those Black Friday sales will need plenty of tents and strong umbrellas

'cause we've got some nasty weather moving in tonight care of a low pressure...

Thank you.

[Violet] I like your car.

You're so pretty.

Student right?


Yo Rockstar - if you're not gonna buy anything you need to boogie.

How much are these sunglasses?

What does price tag say?

I want a discount.

Let's see your ID.

[demands] I want a discount.

Hey, look, I'll pay.

I'll pay.

I don't want anything from you.

All right. You try to do something nice to someone and this the shit you get.

You don't know what shit is...

[whispers] Kristy.

You're the one!



You all good?

There are some people out there.

A bunch of bored townies doing Thanksgiving huh?

I don't know. Did they follow you? Are you okay?

No I don't think they followed me. It's just...

It was weird. I think they were just trying to scare me.

All right.

We got your back in here all right? You know that?

Yeah. I know you do.

I got your back.

Good 'looking out'...

Good night Wayne. Good night dear.


Hey! What's up?

Hey! You all right?


Why? I just...

I don't know. I just want to hear your voice.

I had this weird thing happen.

What happened?

You' yourself?


Yeah. Nicole kind of left.


Uh...she has family issues.

Wait. How come you didn't tell me?

I don't know. I just didn't want to guilt trip you.

- Well I'll come back. No, no Aaron. You don't have to do that.

- It's nothing. I'll be there in two hours. No. Don't come back. It's fine.

Justine I'm gonna let you spend the night by yourself.

Hey Dave.


Keep your eyes out on the perimeter would you?

Copy that.

Look - stay there and enjoy your family.

Talk when you get back.

[Sighs] Okay.

Are you sure you're okay?

Everything's fine.

Everything's fine.

[gentle whisper] Kristy...!




Cannot connect.




Oh, come on. Come on.

I like your room.

Pretty boy!

You got it all Kristy.




Wayne! Wayne!


Justine get out of there! Wayne!

Just... Just get out!


No I'm Justine!

You're Kristy.

The hunt begins.

[whispers] Run to God Kristy!


Scott! Help!



Scott! Help!


Watch it! Scott! Are you home?!


Wait a minute! Hold on. Hold on a second!

Oh my God! I could have died!

Are you okay?

What are you talking about? Lock the door.

No, no, no. No. Lock the fucking door!


They killed them. Wait. What do you mean they killed them?

What are you talking about?

It's cut.

Everything's cut.

No-one's here. Ok. Wait. Hold on now.

Hold...hold on a second.

Listen to me.

You got to go real slow in explaining what's happening

-'cause I'm really fuckin' stoned right now.


There's people out there...


There's people out there...! and they killed David and Wayne.

Some kind of cult. Do you have a cell phone?

[quietly] Where's your cell phone?

- [impatient] Where is your cell phone? Just relax!

[Whispers] They're out there!


The lights are on the motion sensors.

They'll come on if anyone near the house.

Take a seat for a second.

Take a seat for a second! I'll be right back.

Titus! Stay here!

Phone's around here somewhere. Let me find it.


I'm right here.

Where's you cell phone? Shh! Shh!

Police'll never get here in time. Scott! Where's your phone?

They're here! Hey Titus! It's okay!

How many are out there? Four. Four at least.

Don't go out there! Stay with the dog.

Now you know I have a shotgun!

Now get off my campus!

[Eerie summoning whistle]

[Summoning whistle]

[Justine] Titus! [Scott] Titus no!

Titus come here!


[dog whimpers]


[Dog in agony]

Get off my dog you fucking pieces of shit!

A piercing yelp then silence Where the fuck are you?

They killed my dog. They got my baby.

Pieces of shit! [Justine] We have to go!

Right now!

Get the keys! They're on the table! Where?

Where's the phone!

I don't know! I don't know! Check the desk!

Oh God!

God where the fuck is it!?

Have to call 91.....

I got you, you son of a bitch!



[Scott cries out]

[summoning whistle]

[summoning whistle] Justine screams

911 Emergency Direct?

Did someone just try reaching us on this line?

My name is Justine Wills! I'm at Birch College!

There're people try to kill me! They killed the guards. I need help.

You're gonna be ok. Where are you right now?

I'm on campus.

... the...the library.

I'll be in the library.

I have the keys. I can lock myself inside.

I need you to stay on the line.

Go now but keep your phone open.


I'm here. I'm inside.

I need you to stay on the line.

We have a unit close by.

They'll be right with you.

Thank you.

Oh God thank you!

You're welcome...


[Violet taunting] Kristy, Kristy, Kris-tee!

Don't you realize that the maintenance man's number is posted all over this campus?

Smile Kristy.

I'm not Kristy!

Why are you doing this?

Pretty hair.

Pretty car.

[Violet's echoing whisper] Kristy! Kristy!


Kristy! Kristy, Kristy, Kristy...Kristy!

Oh my God!




[Calls] Aaron!

[Screams] Aaron!

What the hell?




You okay?






Who are you?



Come here!

Come here! We have to go! We have to go!

Come here! Now!

We have to go!

Come on! Justine what the hell is goin' on?

We don't have time...

Are you okay? What the hell...

[Anguished] No!


[plaintive] No!

[embittered] No!

[resolute] No!

Fuck you!

Fucking die you piece of shit!

[engine stalls] Come on.

Aaron come on.

I love you.

I love you Justine.

[whispers] You can do this!

Kill Kristy!

Kristy is pretty, pure...


No God, no law...

...can protect them.

[echo] Kristy!

Kristy! Kristy!

[Calm] I wouldn't do that.

What is this?

Unforeseen outcome.

All dead.

You have nothing.

She was one of many.

There are more out there.

Information from the lone survivor of a previous attack on a college campus has lead authorities... ...Police in Colorado arrested three young men

...and are looking for the fourth in connection with a series of murders...

...Now coming in from Portland, Oregon

...four more... Multiple gangs in many states...

...practicing a series of ritual killings

...This cult apparently has multiple cells that may be responsible for the abduction and murder...

...Police confirm she had a cell phone...

...containing vital intel on the methods and whereabouts of [news reports fade]...

Justine is dead.

My name is Kristy.