Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) Script

Hey Rahul! Want to be friends?

She's just like her father. lsn't she?

Tina's very critical Rahul.

She doesn't have much time.

We tried our best.

She had severe internal bleeding. We couldn't do anything.

She knew there would be complications in her delivery.

She also knew how much you wanted this child.

She loved this baby more than her life. l want my daughterto now me.

Who her motherwas, what she was like. l want herto be able to answer all these questions herself.

l am leaving these 8 letters for her...

... 1 each of her 1st 8 birthdays.

These letters have everything that l want to tell my daughter

These letters are going to be her memories.

You are very bad.

You are very bad.

Rahul, Want to be friends?

Promise me you will never cry.

Anyways, you look very bad when you cry.

Also promise me that...

... you'll name our daughter Anjali.

l am sorry Rahul. l am really sorry.

Don't go.

Promise me you'll name our daughter Anjali.

Hi! l am Anjali...

... and you're watching channel Anjali. l am going to grow up and be a V. J...

... you know just like Neelam.

Hey cut cut cut.

Ooops l'll be back afterthe break.

My hobbies are eating chocolates, ...

... beating up boys, irritating granny...

... and reading mom's letters.

Hey l'm late. l have to get ready and go to meet papa. l'll be back next week same time, same place.

Watch me.

Hi, Anjali, listen to me. Look.

Look... l'm only...

... 2 hours late.

Right. Okay. Sorry. l was busy.

So was l. l haven't even watched television today...

... because l had to come to do your shopping.

l can't handle everything. l'm your daughter not yourwife.

Why? lf l can be both your dad and mom...

... why can't you be both... Okay.

What? Felt bad?

A bit.

Sorry Okay.

That is why one says...

... there is only one god in many forms.

No matterwhat form, he knows our devotion. lt is important to keep this bond with god.

She speaks so well, doesn't she?

So, that's all fortoday Now we'll have... l got this gift for St. Valentine's day Rupa! Me?

Rupa will chant the divine hymn.


Chant Rupa.

The divine hymn... l forgot it.

What? What are you saying Rupa?!

Can you believe that sisters? She has forgotten the divine hymn.

My dear if you don't pay attention to prayer...

... what will you teach your children.

The way we think and the things we say...

... have a deep impact on our children.


Speaking of children... Namaste. Hi! sexy.

Who taught you that? Papa.

Go get ready for your School function.

Granny... the letter.

When is your birthday? Tomorrow.


Come on, hurry up.

Yes, there are our seats. Come sit.

Come Mr. Khanna, sit.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to the Just one-minute competition. lt's a strange competition. Children have to talk on the stage...

. . and the topic is given right there in some strange bowl.

On the spot sir, on the spot.

Stop it Balbir, control yourself. Never mind. lt's ok.

Every student will be given only one minute. Just one minute.

Just One Minute? Only one minute to speak?

Exactly. Very unfair.

But yet ourJassu wins every year.

She's so talented you know.

Best of luck Jaswinder. Same to you.

OurJaswinder is the best.

Actually Anjali is also taking part.

She'll come second. Don't worry.

Thank you. Oh welcome!

Our first contestant is Jaswinder Singh.

Oh! My sweetheart.

My topic is Prayer.

Every morning we pray to the lord.

Papa says prayers will keep god happy...

... and he will protect us.

Mummy says that by praying Grandma will get impressed...

... and will leave the big house for us in the will.

Prayer... yes, my favourite actress's name is Puja...

... and even my best friend's name is Puja.

Wow! My daughter is the best.

Next we have Anjali Khanna.

Pick yourtopic.


Yourtimer starts now.





l am sorry.


A mother is someone who loves us so much, ...

... that we sometimes can't understand it.

A mother is someone who makes us realise how good we are, ...

... there is no one better than us.

Her happiness is in our laughter...

... and sorrow in our sorrow.

She is someone we can't live without, ...

... she is everything.

Only we don't have her.

But we have papa, and he is quite nice too.

Then you give me a hug.

That's number one!

Rahul, you remember Mr. Shama? He had phoned.


Our neighbour in Delhi. He has sent a proposal.


Me. Shut up.

He said the girl is sweet and beautiful...

... but l refused flatly. l did the right thing, didn't l? Yes. l did the right thing? Yes. l was right?

Yes mom.

Well l must have done the right thing. l never do anything wrong.

So what if the girl is sweet and beautiful.

Everyone is beautiful these days.

Who wants to get married? Mr. Sharma has gone mad.

Keeps sending me proposals.

Why doesn't he get himself married and just leave me alone.

What's wrong mom? l just find this family incomplete.

Why? You are there. l'am there...

... Anjali is there, l don't find it incomplete.

When l go out with my friends, ...

... they all complain about their daughters-in-law. l can't even do that.

This is a big problem.

So you need a daughter-in-law to complain about.

No son. l just want you to be happy.

l am happy mom.

So you won't marry again?

Mom, we live once, die once, get married once, . .

... and love once.

We don't do these again.

You are fine, but what of Anjali.

Why? What's happened to her?

You don't feel she needs a mother?

She's okay.

She's just fine.

She's got something which even l don't have.

Her mother's letters.

Happy Birthday Anjali.

My dear, Anjali. Happy Birthday Anjali.

You are 8 years old today. l'm sure you look just like your dad.

That same smile, those same eyes.

No. l look like you.

Does your father still go Old habits die-hard.

Today you are a big girl and you will be able to understand...

... what l have to tell you.

Today, l will tell you a story...

... about your father, me and Anjali.


You're late again.

Can't wake up so early.

Can't wake up orwere you scared.

Rahul Khanna is never scared.

But loses to Anjali Sharma everyday in Basketball.

Don't want to play?

What's the point, you will lose again. l won't lose today. You say that everyday.

We'll see.

We'll see.

lf you can't play atleast don't cheat.

Don't call me a cheater.

Anjali, don't call me a cheater.

Rahul is a cheater He is a cheater, cheater. l am not a cheater. Cheater.

Stop screaming like a girl. Hey! Don't call me a girl.

You're right, you're not a girl.

Atleast betterthan those girls you run after.

Excuse me! l don't run after them, they run after me.

Wow! Rahul's so cute. Yes.

He's so sweet, he's so handsome.

Not as handsome as you, you have a better moustache.

Was that a joke? What if it was? l don't like jokes. l don't like you.

Shut up

Rahul and Anjali have fought again.

Rahul and Anjali have fought again.

Rahul and Anjali have fought.

Rahul and Anjali have fought again.

''What sort of a boy is this?''

''What sort of a girl is this?''

''What do l do with him?''

''What do l say to her?''

''He fights with me!''

''She irritates me!''

''He troubles me''

''She gets upset''

''He is crazy''

''She is crazy''

''But he is your best friend dear''

''But she is your best friend dear''

''Oh my! Oh my! this boy. Oh my! Oh my!''

''Why does he play these pranks? Ask him please, why''

''Sometime he fights with me, sometime he quarrels with me''

''Stay away from him''

''This boy is crazy''

''Crazy... Crazy... ''

''Oh my! Oh my! this girl Oh my! Oh my!''

''Why does she play these pranks? Ask her please, why''

''Sometimes she fights with me''

''Sometimes she irritates''

''Trouble her, but only from a distance''

''This girl is crazy. Crazy... Crazy... ''

''Only she understands what she says''

''No one else can figure that out''

''She's like this and she's like that''

''No one can figure her out''

''So run for your life, she is surely upto some mischief''

''This girl is crazy. Crazy... Crazy... ''

''This boy is crazy. Crazy... Crazy... ''

''He teases us as he comes by''

''He does not listen''

''Look, look, he is crazy beware of him''

''He is weird and yet he is dearto me''

''This boy is crazy. Crazy... Crazy... ''

''This girl is crazy. Crazy... Crazy... ''

Oh God! Just look at this room. Filthy.

These girls will drive me crazy.

Hey! What is this mountain on your head?

These are rollers, Rifat bi

Rollers don't impress boys. You can take that from me.

Then how do they get impressed, Rifat bi.

Oh god! What are you wearing?

Come on tell us. l don't know.

Tell us please. No!

Tell us.

Okay! Boys get impressed by a girl's mannerisms, ...

... herwalk, hertalk And?

And l don't know.

You girls talk to much. Come on, clean up this mess.

God! What do l do with this girl, Anjali, what is this?

What are you wearing? lt's cool Rifat bi.

Cool? Try to be feminine once in a while atleast.

Not like them but...

Rifat bi, you say the same thing everyday.

You know, l beat Rahul in basketball again.

Stay away from that boy.

Why? He is my best friend. He is my buddy.

When best friend becomes boy friend, ... one doesn't even get to know. Rahul? Please.

Yes, yes. l know all about that.

Here l've got you some pudding. Don't tell anyone.

Oh! Thank you Rifat bi. Leave me, mad girl.

No short skirts in the college please.

Good morning Ms. Briganza.

Good morning boys, Nice colour Piyush.

l'll complain to your parents that...

... you wear short skirts to college in orderto excite the boys.

Excuse me!

l said no short skirts in college please.

Oh! Ms. Briganza.

You said something Malhotra?

Oh! l was just saying, that short skirts are not allowed in college.

What? But this is the latest fashion...

... infact, some girls don't even wear skirts these days.

Don't tell me Ms. Briganza. Yes!

And am l not looking nice today?

You're very queet. Queet?


You're very cute.

But if you expose like this, then these youngsters...

What do you mean by these youngsters. Am l not young?

You're... young. Very young.

But you wear very boring clothes. l Know. Till Mrs. Malhotra was alive...

... l would occasionally wear fancy clothes.


But now there is no point. What do you mean?

Mr. Malhotra... Ms. Briganza... Mrs. Malhotra.

Happy friendship day.

Sharma. Always scaring me.

What are you doing now. lt's a friendship band sir.

Besides being your student, l am also your friend now.

Oh! Good!

Sir, you look very happy today.

What do you mean? -Just generally.

Oh! Generally. Well, my daughter is coming home today.

Your daughter? Tina.

She is coming back from London. From London?

She was studying at Oxford University.

Oxford University?

We used to all live there.

But when Mrs. Malhotra died, l couldn't stay there anymore.

So l came back to my country. Tina didn't come back with you?

No. She had to finish her education.

But l miss her, so l told her to complete her final year, ...

... in our college, after all we are no less than Oxford.

Yes Sir!

You'll take care of Tina, won't you? Of course sir.

Happy friendship day. Thank you sir.

Who? Rahul?

Yes! l'm the first girl forwhom Rahul has tied a friendship band. lsn't it exciting. Of course.

You know l am tying a friendship band only for you.

Really Rahul? Really Sonia.

That is because you're the nicest...

... and most beautiful girl l've known.

Really Rahul? Really Sonia.

Oh Rahul! You are telling the truth, aren't you?

Really Tanya. My name's Sonia.

See! l got so lost in your eyes, l forgot your name. l just can't believe this Rahul. Trust me.

Oh Rahul! Oh Sonia!

Oh Rahul!

These fell off. You cheat, you liar.

Hey come on... Tanya... What's your name?

Sonia. Go away! Wasted my half-hour.

You don't get tired running afterthese stupid girls.

Hey! l don't run after... l know. Can't you find one girl with beauty and brains?

Beauty and brains?

Where will l find such a girl?

l'm only passing my time with these girls. l haven't found her as yet.



l'm looking for a girl who makes something happen.

Makes what happen?

Makes something happen in my heart.

Makes what happen?

Something happens.

You won't understand.

When she walks, the world looks on.

And when she stops, time stops.

And when she smiles...

She, she, she. What will you do when you find her?

What will l do? Yes.

l'll kneel down in front of her, spread my arms and say...

... Hey! Whoever you are... l love you.

l love you. Sorry?

Don't be. l love you.

Excuse me.



Hi! l'm Anjali and you are...


Tina! Right? How do you know?

This morning the principal...

Ya! ya! Don't take that old slob's name first thing in the morning.

So Tina! Your first day in college?

Yes. She just got back from London. How do you know?

Rahul, this morning the principal... l just told you not to talk about that baldy.

Baldy! So Tina...

Where were you studying in London? Oxford University.

Ox... How do you know?

Rahul, this morning the principal...

Yeah! yeah! Let the Baldy be.

We have this grouch of a Principal. She's his fan.

Grouch? Grouch is right. But forget him.

Tell me how is your first day in college?


Good morning Archana.

Feroze... cut your hair.

Short skirt... Oh god.

There's groucho. Morning Sir.

Short skirts are not allowed in college, you know that?

You know l just got back from London...

... and haven't had the time to unpack.

Sir, it's Tina's first day here, she's just gotten back...

... from London and hasn't had the time to unpack.

She wore whatever she could find. And how do you know that?

Sir, l've known Tina since childhood.

Since childhood? Really?

Really Papa. Really Pa... Papa?

Mr. Malhotra l need you here.

Not there sir, in the staff room.

He's an old slob, a baldy, and a g...

Great? Good?

Grouch. But he's not all that bad.

Happy friendship day.

We've only just met, friendship is a farthought.

So... something happened?

No, she's not my sort. Why?

She's not lndian enough. She's born and brought up in England.

And these London returns are little weird.

A girl should be one you can take home to your mother.

No. She's not my type.

She's not my type. You won't find anyone this way.

Why? You're there.

Me? Just shut up. lf l don't find anyone else, l'll marry you.

See. Anyway no one will marry you.

Here, this is for you. What's this?

This is our college sweatshirt. Cool?

Thanks. Anjali... May l ask you something?


Why is everyone staring at me?

Why the boys are staring, you know!

And the girls are wondering what the boys are staring at...

... and that is why even they are staring at you.

And look if you have any problems, ...

... just come to me or to Rahul.

Rahul? The one who yesterday...

Yeah! He's my best friend and we sort of rule this college.

This is Rahul.

We have a rule in this college.

We make every newcomer sing. You know Do Re Me...

Rahul, she's the principal's daughter.

So! We can't break our rules for anyone. Right?

But Rahul? Shut up,

You have to sing a song for us, forthis college, in Hindi.


Why you forgot how to speak Hindi in London, is it?

Sorry! One minute.

Rahul how can she sing a Hindi song?

Why? She's the principal's daughter. lf he can't teach her then how will he teach us, ...

... and you shut up.

So, Tina, you will sing a song in Hindi...

... and fast because we don't have much time. Right?

Living in London and studying and growing up there...

... has not made me forget my roots...

... and you don't forget that.

Hey! You're sitting in my place. Oh! l'm sorry.

No it's okay. Hey Adi move.

Good morning class.

Good morning Ms. Briganza.

Today we are going to start a new lesson - Romeo & Juliet.

An eternal love story.

Before we begin, l want to ask you all -...

... What is Love?

Tina? You tell us, What is love?

Me? l don't know.

You tell us, what is love?



Rahul... What is love?

Love is friendship.

lf she can't be my best friend, l can't be in love with her.

Without friendship there is no love.

Love is friendship.

Thank you for sharing that with us Rahul.

Love is friendship.

So! Want to be friends?

Oh my head! My feet.

Oh Sorry Mr. Malhotra, Ms. Briganza here.

l hope l didn't disturb you...

... and even if l did l'm sure you don't mind.

Of course not Ms. Briganza. l called to tell you that the rehearsals are complete...

... and our college will come first tomorrow.

Rest of the teams don't stand a chance. You know what l mean.

This is all because of you Ms. Briganza.

And it's all for you Malhotra.

Really Ms. Briganza?

Really Malhotra.

Oh Ms. Briganza.

Oh! l have fallen.

And the next college is our college... St. Xavier's.

What! Oh my god. They can't make it?

Ms. Briganza, there is a curfew in their area...

... and they can't leave. Now what do we do?

Mr. Malhotra let me think please. ldea... ldea.

You have to do this or else you both are going to fail.

Bur Sir, how can we sing and dance. We don't know anything.

You know these students, they will skin us alive.

Of course it's a good idea. Nothing will happen to you.

The students who were going to perform today...

... have recorded a tape of their rehearsals. l'll play that tape and you just have to move your lips.

Like in the films. Okay. lt won't work.

What do you mean it won't work. Of course it will work.

My name is Chin Chin Chu Moonlit sky, you and me, Hello Mr. how do you do?

Anjali, you don't have any concern forthe reputation of your college?

Come on Rahul, it is for the college.

Come on, help us Tina. No, l'm not coming.

What are you saying?

Why are you asking her? Let's go.

What do l play? This must be it.

'' You are a foreigner, You are a foreigner,

You won't be here with us for long... ''

Looks like, l have put the wrong tape.

Joe music off. Lights off.

''l found someone''

''l found someone''

''l found someone?''

''What's come over me?''

''Why do l feel so lost?''

''Either l was insane earlier Or l've just become so. ''

''Dreamy eyes and unkempt hair, What have you done to yourself. ''

''l found someone... ''

''l've lost my heart... ''

''What can l tell you my friends... ''

''l am all shook up... ''

''l've found someone... ''

''l don't know what's happened to me?''

''People have begun calling me Romeo. ''

''And why is that so?, We should also know. ''

''What's happened to you?''

''Till yesterday l was quite fine. ''

''My heart was filled with happiness divine. ''

''Then why are you upset? What are you disturbed about?''

''Have you lost something?''

''l have found someone... ''

''Who is this disguised as a cloud?''

''Who has come and taken over my heart?''

''l would like to say it but l can't name it. ''

''Don't name it but say something. ''

''Give us a slight clue. ''

''lt's in my eyes lt's in my heart''

''What can l tell you friends... ''

''l've found someone... ''

''l don't know what's happened to me''

''Why am l so lost''

''Either l was insane earlier or l've become so now''

''Dreamy eyes and unkempt hair''

''What have you done to yourself''

''l've found someone... ''

''l've lost my heart... ''

''What can l tell you my friends... ''

''l'm all shook up... ''

''l've found someone... ''

Anjali, what's wrong?

Don't know why, l am missing mom today.

How can you say this when l am here for you?

Stupid, tears don't solve anything.

Anjali how long have you known Rahul?

From the first day at college.

You know what l did? l defeated him in arm wrestling.

Eversince we've been best friends.

Rahul is your best friend, isn't it? l am Rahul's best friend.

Aren't you in love with him?

Hi! Shall l go? Where?

Today's Tuesday...

Rahul goes to meet his relatives every Tuesday.

But l'll stay if you want.

No, you go Rahul. You'll get late. l have some time.

No Rahul you'll be late, go, go, bye!

God please see that l don't fail in my exams this time as well l am a bit weak in Chemistry. So, you take care of it.

Hey! Look forward.

So, your relatives stay here?

Yes, here... here... here...

So, Rahul Khanna comes to the temple every Tuesday.

Yes. How sweet.

Why did you lie at college then?

Actually boys don't go to the temple. So!

But you do... Yes.

You come every week? Yes.

How sweet... Don't call me sweet.

Actually my dad used to say that...

... don't tell this to anyone at college.

He says that a Man should bow to 3 women...

... to mom-to one's mother, to the Goddess Durga... and...

And? And...

Wear it. What do they say, cool, you'll look cool. l was just trying. Don't know, how they wear all this.

There's nothing wrong in looking girlish once in a while.

Here, your mother's letter. You were missing her, weren't you?

And listen, take this too. What is this?


Hey Tina.

Rahul... what are you doing here at this hour?

Actually l couldn't sleep and l thought even you won't be asleep...

... and would be thinking of me, so l came...

Do you like flowers or chocolates? What? l haven't got either, l was just curious...

Got chocolates too...

... don't you think it's too hot out here?

Okay! lf you insist.

Hey sit down... feel at home.

lsn't this the novel where the butler murders the married couple?

Why are you wasting yourtime reading such a thick book, ask me!

Rahul, you didn't finish your story.

This couple goes on a holiday and leave their butler behind...

Later one finds out the butler is...

Not this story... Then?

The one you were telling me at the temple Which temple? l don't know any temple.

The story about a man bowing to three women, ...

... one's mother, the goddess Durga, and...

And? And...

Papa? Groucho...

Shut up. Rahul, papa's coming...

Congratulations. Shut up Rahul, go from here.

No... not from there, go from there.



l'll climb this ladder and catch the culprit What is it? Torch.

Throw it. Okay.


Who hit me?

A ghost! l'll become a ghost as well. The ghost will also get scared of me.

Where has the ladder gone?


Why are you sneaking into your own house?

Rahul, what are you doing? l was on my way to see you.

Me? Why?

Hey look, a shooting star.

Where? Not down here, up there!

They say if you make a wish on a shooting star, yourwish comes true.

You believe that? Let's try. Come on.

''You came close to me''

''Smiled ever so sweetly. ''

''You gave me dreams. ''

''These days my heart is neither awake nor asleep''

''What should l do? Somethings happen in my heart. ''

''Oh! What a feeling this is!''

''What is this unquenchable thirst?''

''l know not, this drunken stupor of love that's consuming me?''

''No one knows, why one loses one's peace, when in love''

''What should l do? Somethings happen in my heart. ''

''My prayers have been answered''

''God knows when and how l fell in love. ''

''l wonder how, l found peace in turmoil. ''

''l sit alone, weaving memories. ''

''What should l do? Somethings happen in my heart... ''

Butler's the killer... Butler's the killer...

Hey! Look at that.

Hi guys! How do l look?

Just like Tina, right?

Here? Okay.

l'm mad, aren't l? l wanted to look beautiful like you, ...

... but l don't even know how to.

You are beautiful, Anjali.

You're lying.

Didn't you hearthem laughing?

Those people are... -... idiots like me.

Actually you're the most beautiful, because you're very special.

Atleast you're not like those girls, l keep running after.

You know, you can have any boy you want.

Anyone? Anyone.

Anyone? Anyone.

But he has to be cockeyed.

Where did you get this lipstick?

From that girl 'Babli' in our class.

l'll bash her nicely.

Love is strange, love is weird. lt's unaware of happiness and pain.

Papa Rahul. Papa?

What papa?

You can't keep secrets from me.

But Rahul? Couldn't you find anyone else?

Come on papa.

Actually, l would have felt as bad, ...

... even if it were someone else.


Because l'll have to share your love with him.

l love you papa.

That is the problem. l love you too.

Have you told him as yet?

l just feel that Rahul and Anjali...

Tina, Rahul only loves you...

... and Anjali is his best friend, nothing else.

No papa.

Somewhere hidden in this deep friendship is deep love...

... and l don't want to come in the way of this love.

The whole college knows that...

... Rahul and Anjali are just friends and nothing else.

Go tell him that you love him.

But l don't even know, if he loves me.

Don't keep matters of the heart a secret. Go and tell him.

l love you.

l really love you.

l neverthought l'd say this to someone, ...

... but l really love you.

l hope l can get myself to say this to her... l wanted to say it to her so often...

... but couldn't get the courage...

... and whenever l meet her l decide to, but... somehow...

Tell whom? Tina. who else?

Let's do this again. l'll be Rahul you be Tina.

l love you.

l love you too.

She'll say the same thing, won't she?

Ya. Come here.

Shall l tell her?

Shall l go right now?

''O! my Lord, love comes with so much pain''

''The heartfelt remains in the heart... ''

''and does not escape from one's lips''

My first love is incomplete Rifat bi. My first love is incomplete.

l love you.

''You did not remember me, there's nothing more left to say''

''The heart cried and the eyes welled up There's nothing more left to say''

''You did not remember me there's nothing more left to say''

''The heart cried and the eyes welled up There's nothing more left to say''


''l gave you all my joys, gave you all my smiles''

''Your locks enticed me, bidding messages of faithfulness''

''You couldn't care for my love. There is nothing more left to say''

''You did not remember me there's nothing more left to say''

Anjali... Anjali.

Rahul you look ahead, l'll look there.

Anjali... Anjali...

One minute.

Where are you off to?

Home. What? l got a letter from mom. My father's not well...

... and there is lots of work in the new house.

Have you gone mad? You got a letter and you're leaving?

You're not going anywhere. Rahul, l have to go.

How can you go in the middle of the term?

Rahul please... Go afterthis semester.

Rahul l have to go. You can go afterthe final exams.

Rahul l might not come back even forthe final exams.

l'm not coming back Rahul.

You are leaving college, leaving me...

... and you didn't even tell me about it.

Rahul please... l don't want to know.

Rahul l'm going. So go.

Rahul l'm not coming back. l don't care.

Anjali don't go. Who'll l play basketball with?

You used to lose everyday, anyways.

But why are you going?

My parents need me... And l don't?

Now you irritate Tina. You've bothered me enough. l'll fail. Then fail.


Stop chasing those stupid girls now.

l'll miss you Anjali. l'll miss you too.

That day l realised that perhaps...

... l had come between Rahul and Anjali.

Perhaps, l had come between two friends...

Anjali's silence told me everything.

And that day l was sure... ... that she loved your father.

Perhaps even l couldn't love him as much.

Anjali neither called norwrote.

She had gone away from our lives. Forever.

You father used to say - 'Love is friendship'.

Yes. l became his friend but could never be his best friend.

Your father is alone now but won't say anything.

He needs a friend, he needs love... that friend is Anjali, that love is Anjali.

Get Anjali back into your father's life.

Return Anjali her first love.

Anjali and Rahul are made for each other.

This is the truth and this is my dream.

Will you fulfil your mother's dream?

Get Anjali back in Rahul's life.

Get Anjali back in your father's life.

Make my dream come true.

Happy Birthday! Give me five.

This is Malhotra speaking, using STD on my personal line.

Are you all coming tomorrow?

Yes! As soon as we reach Delhi, we'll take the Faridabad train.

The one at 4 O'clock? Yes! What are you doing?

Me? l was just... nothing.

No... sorry not you.

These Mumbai butlers are something else.

Okay then, l'll pick you up tomorrow.

Sure? You forgot last time.

Last time... this time l'll be there

... by the way, the requirements forthe death anniversary...

Yes! l am getting it all with me. Don't worry.

Okay then, bye. Bye.

Hi Guys!

This is Neelam and you're watching your favourite show, The Neelam Show.

Like always we are going to do something new...

We are going to play a game.

Would you all like to play this game?

lt is said that this game gets matters of the heart to the fore.

l will say a word...

... and you have to say the first word that comes to your mind.

But you get no time to think.

We'll start with you, Clouds?

Sorry. Times up. Clouds?


Beautiful? Neelam.


Heart? Love.

Okay... Love? -Seema.

What? You love me? Yeah!

This game really works.

You saw how real feelings came rushing out. Now you try this game...

... and we'll be back after a break.

Stupid game, stupid Neelam. Don't call my Neelam stupid.

Okay! Let's play your game.

Okay! Ready, start, go... Sexy? Granny.

Papa play seriously. Okay.


Papa you can't take so long. l'm having water. Okay, now we'll start. Tell me.

Clouds? Air.

Mad? You.

Home? Us.

Love? Friendship.

Anjali? Sharma.


Who is Anjali Sharma?

Who is she?


Papa, it's my birthday...

Okay. Anjali Sharma studied in college with me. ln your College?

She was my friend. Friend!

My best friend.

Her name's very nice, what was she like?

She was unlike any other girl.

She was like one of the boys.

All the other girls spent time on make up...

... but Anjali played Basketball.

She wore clothes like me. Yeah! really.

Anjali was mad. Dressing up and looking beautiful...

... was just not her scene.

Enough or do you still want to hear more?

Papa where is she now? l don't know.

Anjali, l can't believe that you are getting engaged.

By the way, Guruji has come to fix the wedding date.

Show me that one.

How much will you adorn yourself, Aman's getting impatient.

Tell him to wait, this bride will take sometime.

''Your groom has been waiting for long''

''Don't delay anymore come soon''

''l've come to your doorstep l've come to take you away''

''l've come to exchange my heart for yours''

''My every heartbeat has a message for you... listen to my heart''

''The Bridegroom has come home... ''

''Why's the bride shy?... ''

''The Bridegroom has come home''

''Oh! dear heart you can't make excuses... no more''

''Now the bride will have to go with her groom''

''What's her vermilion whispering to her?''

''l've got hooked in his net of love''

''Dear friends, how did this happen?''

''Tell me, tell me''

''Oh my darling! Your friends too have a crush on me''

''They won't have much to say Ask them''

''Go, go, dear liar Why do you make self praises''

''Your love has something to say Will you listen to my heart!''

''He is innocent and oblivious. l've done him a favour by accepting him''

''Someone please convey to him''

''She teases me deliberately l've given my heart in return of her favour''

''Do convey to her''

''You're not aware of heartbreak''

''Your love has something to say Will you listen to his heart''

''With henna on your hands bedecked with jewellery''

''Teary eyed you will make us all, and leave in the morning''

''We will miss you lots, We will miss you lots''

''l've come to your doorstep l've come to take you away''

''l've come to exchange my heart for yours''

''My every heartbeat has a message for you... listen to my heart''

''The Bridegroom has come home''

''Why's the bride shy?... ''

This is the old address. Where do l get the new one from?

What Grandpa, you can't even do this much for me? l can do it for you but... Really!

The college principal can't even do this much.

One minute... She would definitely know where Anjali Sharma is.

l'm sorry. l had promised Anjali that...

... l would not give her address to anyone.

We were hopeful that... l understand sir, but l made a promise to Anjali.

Rifat bi, l'm also Anjali, you won't tell me either?

Sir, she's getting engaged today...

... and herwedding is within this week.

Her Guruji will finalise the date today.

The preparations forthe wedding are underway.

You have come very late. l am also going by tomorrow afternoon's train.

This marriage cannot happen. Mummy said so.

Guruji, we need to finalise the wedding date.

Yes dear.

This is Aman's horoscope. Yes.

Aman wants to go to London this month. lf you could find a date this month itself?

This month? Yes Guruji.

Sir, if you would have come earlier...

Yes, but we didn't know...

Anjali's stars have a negative influence right now.

Until it changes she cannot get married.

What about next month Guruji? Not even next month.

Not before December.

l had heard of God's grace, today l've seen it.

The child's prayers have been answered Anjali's wedding is postponed to December.

Anjali, can l ask you something? Yes.

Are you happy?

What sort of a question is that? Of course l'm happy. l've got engaged.

Aman's really nice, he loves me a lot and...

But do you love him?


l have already loved mom.

l'm not sure l can do it again.

Just think of this as a compromise.


l neverthought that my daughterwould marry out of compromise and not love

l'm your mother and l want you to be happy too.

But a home based on a compromise is a house, not a home.

The rest is upto you.

Oh! l can't handle this religious stuff... Yes l can.

Today Guruji is going to chant hymns and read the sacred book.

Wow! How exciting. This Guruji will get a...

Why? He has delayed my wedding. l can't stand these hymns any more.

Even God gets fed up with so many hymns.

Why? Don't you want to ask God for anything special? l've got you... what more could l ask for?

Well l do want some kids but that l'm afraid l'll have to do myself.

Behave yourself!

Aman l saw you bare bodied, exercising this morning.

What are you saying? Kammo... even in your old age?

Old!... old must be you.

Don't trouble him. Do you have a brother?

My Gurpreet is also very pretty. What are you saying?

Forget Gurpreet, My Jaspreet is Ms. Chandigarh.

Ms. Chandigarh or Ms. Sector 11.

Okay come on now, Guruji has started.

Okay, bye Aman.

Anjali, there is a call for you.

Thanks a lot mother-in-law. Welcome son-in-law.

Hello!... l love you.

Huh... Aman! Listen, l have a problem.

What? Don't leave me like this.

Aman l don't know who is on the line.

And anyway you are going to Shimla for your summer camp.

You're going to Bombay as well.

For24 hours and you're going for a month.

Aman, l go there every year to teach singing and dancing.

Those kids are part of my life.

Even they are a part of your life.

Only l'm left out.

Why do l get the feeling, you don't love me?

Because l don't.

And that you don't want to marry me. Right, l don't.

Hey! Any tantrums this time...

... and l'll drag you by the hand to the marriage pandal.

You'll force me? lf need be.

You have the guts to do it?

Try me.

l'll stay here with your aunts.

You go to Shimla for your Summer Camp Summer Camp!


Summer Camp? Shimla?

No way. Too much snow there.

Papa, it's a summer camp. Whatever... ls this okay?

Yes. Papa they teach singing and dancing there...

... and you know l am fond of that.

Since when have you been fond of singing and dancing? l've said no means no.

Papa not fair. Let her go.

All kids go to camps. She'll also... Mom! l'll handle this okay.

But Rahul try and understand. l'll also go with her...

Papa l want to go, l want to go, please papa.

No Anjali.

Shut up. l said no. Now neither of you will go.

You felt bad? l'm sorry.

lt's okay.

This doesn't mean you're going. l'm going to the conference. We'll talk when l get back.

Papa. Now what?

You haven't worn your pants.

lt's okay, you wear it if you want to.

Drivertake out the pant... the car.

Anjali... How will we make your father come to the camp?

Oh Granny! Rememberwhen dad was in London and l fell sick.

Yes my baby.

Granny. Papa left everything and came back immediately.

Oops sorry! Don't worry about it man, it's okay.

lndian Exporters Conference, good evening!

May l speak to Aman Mehra please?

Whom shall l say is calling? Anjali.

lndian Exporters Conference, good evening!

Hello! Can l speak to papa? Papa?

Your father's not a film star. Tell her his name.

Sorry. May l speak to Mr. Rahul Khanna please?

Whom shall l say is calling? Anjali Certainly, Anjali.

Quickly tell him we're going and put the phone down.

Hi! Rahul Khanna.

Hello! Aman, l can't hear you. l can hear you. Tell me?

Hi sweetheart! l'm really missing you.

Listen, l'm off to the camp tomorrow.

Where to? Summer camp.

Again summer camp. l said no once to you, didn't l?

Listen. l'm feeling very... give me a kiss.

This is your mother speaking. Look. l don't like these jokes.

My mother passed away 10 years ago.

Why is everyone trying to pronounce me dead today?

No summer camp, no summer camp. Understood?

Aman why are you screaming?

That's because l've told you, you're not going. lf you say one more thing, l'll get home and... slap you.

Aman you've gone mad.


Your dad's gone mad.

Anjali? Anjali?

Hi! l'm Rahul Khanna. Aman Mehra, how're you doing? l guess because of the same name she got confused...

Bet you, my Anjali is prettierthan yours.

No! My Anjali is very beautiful. l'm sure but not as beautiful as mine.

My Anjali is my 8-year-old daughter.

Shit! You're right. Your Anjali is prettier.

Dear Papa, How are you? Sorry we left without informing you...

... but you know how much l love singing and dancing.

Don't miss me too much. Love Anjali.

That's not possible for me to do...

Good Morning kids.

l am Col. Almeida, the camp manager. l'll now measure your height and weight.

24 - very nice, 30 - very good.

80 - very... what child is this?

Hey! Who are you?

Me? l am Granny. Whose Granny?

Anjali's. Who are you?

Col. Almeida. Camp Manager.

No grannies', mummies' and daddies' allowed on this camp.

So l should've let Anjali come here alone?


Have you seen Ms. Anjali?

Ms. Anjali!

What?... What?

The British flag in lndia... ? l'll sort him out. Almeida...

You have no shame? You've hoisted the British flag. l love England.

My fatherwas an English tailor.

He made this flag.

Britishers went away and left you behind.

You fool, you should teach the kids ''My Bharat is the best''.

Here you go. Thank you.

Hey! What's your name?

Sorry. What's your name? Anjali.

Hey that's my name too. Hi!

Why is your name Anjali?

Perhaps my parents liked the name.

Why is your name Anjali? Perhaps my parents liked you.

Where is this Almeida?



l need your blessings mummy. Almeida.

Stop following me. Where is the kitchen? l want to see how you cook food.

And where is the prayer room? Puja has not come on duty today.

Prayer room, where one prays to the lord.

We don't do that here.

What? There is no prayer to the lord.

Lord? Who is the Lord?

Counting stars?...

Counting stars?...

London Bridge is falling down, falling down... up

Dear God, How are you?

Please keep papa happy and see that he doesn't miss me too much.

You know he can't do anything without me. Okay.

Caught you.

All prayers for papa, nothing for mama?

Why ask God for anything for mummy?

Why? She's with him.

Whatever she wants, she can ask for it herself.

Hey! Now go to sleep. Sweet dreams.

Miss you papa.

Hi guys! Welcome to the Neelam Show...

... and today we are coming to you live.

There's so much noise here, so check it out...

Hi Guys! This is Neelam and you're watching...

... The Neelam Show.

Like always we're going to do something new and different.

Today's theme is love messages.

Messages anyone? l have a message. We've got one here.

Whom is your message for? Superna.

Who is Superna. My girlfriend.

Your message?

Look Superna. Don't call me. l've found someone else.

Hey! Another message.

l want to give a message too.

Like the one he gave... And his message is for...

For Anjali.

l love you Anjali.

Why have you left me and gone?

You know l feel lost without you.

Come back or else... just come back.

Please come back.

Who is Anjali?

She's my 8-year-old daughter.

She's gone to some camp in Shimla.

Neelam can you tell herto come back? She'll listen to you.

Anjali... Papa really loves you.

Come back soon. He misses you.

Come back home. Okay.

Mr. Khanna, meeting fortomorrow at 11 a. m. is confirmed.

Ooops, Mr. Khanna forgot to tell you, the fax has arrived from London.

Hi Rahul! Party at my place tomorrow. See you there.

Papa... aachoo. Cold... ?

Are you feeling okay?

Yeah. Why?

No. You're looking... beautiful, that's why... Saree.

l didn't know about Tina. l'm sorry.

How could you know? You just disappeared.

We changed our residence. You changed your friends as well?

When l needed my friend the most, you were not there.

You didn't marry again?

Couldn't find you... or else would have married you.

We live once, die once, get married once and love...

Only once.

You didn't get married either?

Couldn't find you.

Hey! Look a shooting star. Still believe in it?

No. You? No.

What did you wish for?


What news? Bad news.

They are behaving like they're meeting forthe first time.

Good night Rahul, Good night Anjali.

Now what do we do?

You have any idea granny?

The solution now lies in prayer and devotion.

Oh Granny. Now you only tell me what to do?

What are you doing? Have you gone mad? ls this what l have taught you?

Big boys don't fight, she's a girl. Why are you fighting?

She hit me first. l just said that girls can play Basketball and he said...

Boo girls can't play Basketball.

He said the truth and you fought with him.

Why! ln college Ms. Anjali beat you everyday in Basketball.

Shh! Quiet! Not everyday, sometimes.

Rahul, you lost everyday. Remember Anjali, you lost everyday.

Rahul, you lost everyday. No Anjali.

Yes Rahul.

Don't lie in front of the kids.

What l'm lying? So am l lying? Liar.


The truth is you could only Hey! don't call me a cheater.

That's what you are... a cheater.

Anjali, not cheater. Rahul is a cheater.

l challenge you right now, let's play.

Don't be silly Anjali.

Why? Are you scared Rahul?

Rahul Khanna is never scared of anyone.

We will see. We will see.

l'm sure Rahul will win. We will see!

You'll lose again Rahul. l've been practicing for 8 years, l won't lose.

Listen, be careful with your saree.

Don't hit me.

What was that!

Hey! lf you can't play atleast don't cheat.

Hey! Don't call me a cheater.

That's what you are - a teacher... cheater.

''There is a strange girl, she is a dream... ''

''ls she for real or a story''

''Look at this mad one, she's not changed''

''She is still the same crazy one''

''There is a strange boy, he is a dream... ''

''ls he for real or a story''

''Yes, yes, this mad one has not changed''

''He is still the same crazy one''

''We were close and yet so far those were strange circumstances''

''Those were strange times when you were so close''

''Where are you lost, l'm right here if only you would look''

''l was lonesome even in a crowd''

''You were forever in my memory''

''lf someone stops me now my heart will brim over''

''l can't stand steady only you can help now''

''There is a strange girl, she is a dream... ''

''ls she for real or a story''

''Yes, yes, this mad one has not changed''

''He is still the same crazy one''

''You gave me dreams''

''l am neither awake nor asleep''

''Somethings happen in my heart... ''

''Somethings happen in my heart... ''

Mamata here's your letter.

All your mothers are complaining that... you all are not writing to them and l have complained to your mother...

... that you don't say anything.

Everyone is going to write home, in front of me.

Here pass these on.

Anjali, come on write a letterto your mom...

lf you were here, you'd be proud of Anjali being your daughter.

Because she's so nice.

She has to be, her name's Anjali after all.

But the best thing about her is that...

... she looks just like you.

The same eyes, the same face.

l don't find this family incomplete anymore...

Hello kids! Good morning. Are you ready?

Say cheese.

Taking photographs without me? Anyway l'm here now.

My saree looks nice? Beautiful.

Shall l sit there? Come sit please.

No not there, a little higher.

No not there, a little higher.

Where is he sending me? Higher.

Little higher. Yes. Shall l sit here?

How do l look? Fantastic, beautiful.

What happened? l don't know. Something is missing. Something wrong.

Okay now?

lt's perfect. Shoot it.

Excuse me. Now one of just the 2 of you.

No Mr. Almieda, enough.

Anjali, just one.

Colonel, please colonel, really. Come on Anjali.

Wow! How can anyone look so good?

Yes! Anjali is looking very nice here.

Really, l didn't even notice her.

Liar. She's not here so you What to do mother-in-law?

Aman, Since the wedding is in December, ...

... why don't you go back to London for a while? l'm not budging from here. Why? l don't trust your daughter.

She's taken forever, to agree forthe marriage. Till we don't...

Tie the knot... Yes!

Tie the knot l'm not going anywhere.

You love her a lot don't you?

No... Yes.

But l get the feeling she doesn't love me.

She doesn't, right?

Hey! Mother-in-law... she doesn't right?

Aman, you've gone mad.

She didn't answer.

Today we are going to play a new game. lt's called Dumb Charades. ln this game there are 2 teams.

This is team A.

And this is team B.

One team will secretly tell 1 or2 members of the otherteam...

... the name of a film The players have to act out the film And make theirteammates guess the name of the film.

You can't say anything. Simple! We'll start with team A

Yes! But how do l do this?

Now look, it's like...

You can't say anything. Cheating...

This is cheating, you are a cheater.

Come on! Can't you do this much. Come on.

Yeah! Everybody yeah! She's doing it.

''The Colourful One''

Yeah! That's right. ''The Colourful One'' yes.

You were really sexy! Thanks.

No, no, no, l can't do this.

Come on granny...

At this age kids! No. no Even l don't see Hindi films, you know. l like'' Gone with the wind'' Shut up!

Okay son.

But she's my mom.

You go there. Where?

Go there... Why?

Becuase l'm telling you that's why. Granny gone mad.

Yeah! Now bend. Bend.

Like this?

Mummy... Madhuri... ''How Are We Related''

lt's my turn.

There's no such film.

There is papa. No there isn't.

There is. But l haven't seen any such film.

But, hey wait a minute.

Ofcourse, it's a film. l've seen it myself.

But what is the name of the film.

Three... three words.

Yes l've understood there are three words, what else?

Rahul, what are you doing? Your son has gone mad.

Rahul l can't understand anything, what are you doing?

What is it?

l love you...

Do it again...

l love you.

You couldn't do that much? No. l wish you would've, we would have won.

Come on kids, hurry up get into the barn...

Hey give me that, thanks.

Have you gone mad?

l'm feeling very cold.

Come with me. l'll take you to a place.

No music.

l love you.

Hey! l love you too.

Almeida you can't even fix a leakage. Go on, go up.

Mom, did Anjali come here? Her she is.

No... not this one, the other one.

Here hold this and help.

l want to talk with you.

You call this sty a summer camp?

Hi guys! Hey, l know you from somewhere.

Telephone man.

What's up dude. What're you doing here?

ls that your Anjali?

This is my Anjali.

And this, is my Anjali.

You're just like Michael Jordan. You're too good. l'am not that good. l've been beaten. l don't believe it... Who won?

Anjali. Your Anjali.

No, your Anjali. My Anjali...

She played basketball?

Tell me, what kind of a girl was she in college?

She was the life and pride our college.

Everyone came to herwith their problems.

Well, nothings changed.

Even l've come to herwith my problem.

What problem do you have?

My problem is that l love hertoo much, you know. l know.

What kind of friend are you?

You didn't even come for our engagement.

You're engaged?

Yes, but with great difficulty.

The wedding is in December, hopefully.

Hey! Tell your friend... lf she doesn't marry me in December... l'll... marry this basketball.

We live once, we die once, we get married once and love...

Men are very weak...

They make principles but don't realise that...

... no principle can override the heart.

And we remind these stubborn weak men that...

... bonds of the heart are based on feelings not principles.

But these bonds are created...

... by telling the other person about one's inner feelings.

Tell him what you feel Anjali.

Sometimes saying what one feels can break one's heart.

But by not saying it you won't, be happy.

Congratulations and celebrations, ...

... we wish Ms. Anjali a happy wedded life.

Congratulations and celebrations...

Anjali, you didn't even tell me.

Aman told me that you are getting married.

Are you happy?

You are happy, aren't you?

Having heard this, are you happy? l'm very happy.

Then how can l be happy? l don't understand.

Somethings happen Rahul, you won't understand.

Somethings happen Anjali... you won't understand.

Uncle, May l ask you something? Sure Why are you marrying Ms. Anjali?

What? Why? ls something wrong?

Yeah! lt's simple. You're so handsome.

What happened? So good-looking.

Oh! Thank you so much.

But Ms. Anjali is not that good looking.

You're right. She's dark, fat and short.

You know, you can get anyone.

Anyone? Yes!

Then will you marry me? Me? No, no, no...

Why am l that bad?

Then you'll have to find me a nice girl.

Found her. Who?


This MTV one? Hi! This is the Neelam Show... Yo!

Then what about this Anjali?

You'll have to find someone for hertoo.

Found him. Found him?

Shall l tell you? No, no, no...

Please, let me tell you. No, no, no...

l want to leave tonight itself.

Goodbye Mr. Almeida

You're leaving?

Please don't go.

You gave this to Tina when she was beginning a new life.

Today you are going to begin a new life...

... and l am sure, you and Rahul Start preparing forthe wedding.

l don't want to wait anymore.

But Guruji said that there is no auspicious date before December...

Mother, dates don't bring happiness, destiny does...

... and no one can change that.

Look! Aman's here and that too on a mule.

Bindya... Panditji has come. Leave everything and look after him.

You are Rahul, right? Yes, Anjali and l... l know.

Anjali is getting married today?

Yes. She decided to get married so suddenly that...

... l didn't get any time to prepare...

Yes, l'm coming. Please sit, l'll just be back.


They say if you make a wish on a shooting star...

... it comes true...

The auspicious time is running out, please call the bride.


The auspicious time is almost over, please call the bride.

Anjali, let's go.

l'll drag you to the marriage pandal, l told you so didn't l?

You know, l always wanted to see that love in your eyes...

... that l have in mine.

Today, l've seen it, but it's not for me.

You're mad Anjali. You've always loved him

Eversince you've known love, understood love, ...

... You've loved only him.

Rahul is your first love...

... and no one understands first love more than l do.

You were going to give this all up for me? Stupid!

How can l come between this love...

... that was never mine in the first place?

And anyway, someone told me that...

... l'm so handsome, l can get anyone.

Aman l... What are you saying... ?