Kung Fu Traveler 2 (2017) Script

The invasion of the aliens... had disabled all the thermal weapons on earth.

Robot No. 1 and engineer Xu Ziying traveled back... to the Qing Dynasty when the martial arts flourished, and learn the Southern Boxing.

With lots of twists and turns, Robot No. 1 sacrificed itself so the essence of the Southern Boxing could be delivered back to us.

The artificial intelligence robots began to fight back against the aliens, and the earth is once again peaceful.

We should send out a second robot.

Since we're capable of defeating them, shall we continue with the plan?

But time travel simply consumes too much energy.

Kung Fu Traveler 2 Northern Leg There are different classes amongst alien mecha.

The alien mecha of higher class is obviously more powerful.

Keep sending out the robots... to learn more comprehensive martial art techniques... in order to deal with the alien mecha of higher class.

Robot No. 2 will be sent to a pre-determined era to learn the more aggressive Northern Leg techniques.

Due to the fact that Robot No. 1 was ambushed by the aliens, No.2 will be equipped with more advanced... and powerful features.


Have you completed loading the programs and the mission commands?

Yes, Director Tiger Chen.

This mission is very dangerous. Your predecessor...

I will complete the mission.

You're confident.

Because I'm more powerful.

Okay. Commander Xu Ziying will be there waiting for you.

Please deliever my message.

The video has been turned on. Go ahead.

Take care of yourself!

Destination time: September 21, 1898 Northern China 22:18

Ah! Is it the immortal, or the devil?


Over there.


Over there.

Over here! Over here!

Come over here! Look!

Is he dead?

I don't think so.

-Dead. -He's dead?

No, he's not.

Is there anything wrong with him?

There's nothing wrong with him at the moment

-He just passed out temporarily. -Okay.

Who am I?

Who are you?

What's your full name? Speak!

Commander, he was struck by the lightening... which could have injured his head.

He might suffer from amnesia.

Questioning him now...

Where are you from? Why are you here?

To find someone.

To find someone? Who are you trying to find?

The master of Northern Leg. I want to learn the techniques from him.

You're quite ambitious! King of Northern Leg?

He is the grand master of the leg style.

He can kick away the flying bullets.

That's total nonsense! How come I've never heard of it? Huh?

You're pretty lucky that you didn't die from being struck by lightning.

Consider yourself blessed with good fortune How about this? Stay and be a soldier here.

I'll have to give you a name.

Since this is the year of the Dog, from now on, your name is A'gou (doggy)

-A'gou. -Yes.

A'gou, A'gou.

Hey, A'gou...A'gou!

Have you found the guy called Bei (North)?


How about the one called Nan (South)?

Nan? If I find Nan, I can find the King of Northern Leg?

Try it!

Hey, A'gou! A'gou!

A'gou! Wake up! A'gou!

Battery Level The quartermaster said you must be hungry.

Hurry up and have your meal!

Thank you!

If you really want to thank me, help me wash the clothes.

Hey, A'gou, are you washing the clothes?

Can you wash mine too?

Put it down.

Thanks, A'gou!

Hey, A'gou! drinks on me later!

Thank you, A'gou!

Thank you! Thank you!

He has washed the clothes from everyone in the camp.

Is he stupid or something?

I don't think so.

This guy spent the whole night washing clothes.

As a result, everyone in the camp will accept him as one of their own.

The more flawless he seems,

the less I can trust him.

So, watch him closely.

Since you're so reluctant to trust him, why did you take him in?

If he is indeed sent by someone, keeping him close will help me find the flaws easily.

The King of Northern Leg does exist!

Why don't you believe it?

Once, he was surrounded by more than a dozen of guns at a dead end.

He lifted up his leg... bang...bang...bang!

He kicked away all the bullets flying toward him.

Commander is suspicious of him, and wants to keep him under close surveillance.

We can't approach him, and he doesn't recognize you.

This appears to be an issue with the intelligence part of the program.

There must be something wrong with the computer.

He does remember... that his mission is to find and learn from the King of Northern Leg.

Find a street-performer and see if it'll refresh his memory.


(King of Northern Leg) Come on! Ladies and gentlemen!

I have studied the martial arts since my childhood... and gained some good leg skills.

I will show off my skills in front of all of you today.


Malfunction. Unable to save.

Malfunction. Unable to save.

Malfunction. Unable to save.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're all ordinary people.

It's unavoidable to get hurt.

We must have good medicines with us at all times.

How about some heat-activating ointment?

Hey, why did you stop?

You with the peculiar hairstyle seem gifted.

Are you here to challenge me?

I... I didn't come to fight you.

I want to learn your leg skills. Come on! Show me more moves!

Are you making fun of me?

I'm not.

Come on, show us!

Ok, let's do it.

Don't disappoint us.

If I lose, I will leave.

If you lose, we can still be friends.


A'gou, how dare you!

How dare you pick a fight with a civilian? You...

Somebody... escort him back to be disciplined according to the military law.

Commander, I was wrong.

I'm glad you realized you were wrong.

He is not the King of Northern Leg. I made a mistake.

You...you're really good for nothing.

You want to learn the martial arts?

Why do you insist on learning from the...

King of Northern Leg?

Can't you just find someone else?

There're so many styles of kung fu in the world.

All of them are established by people.

A'gou, you need to learn to create your own style.

-My own style? -Yeah!

-Me? -Yes!

-Make my own? -What's wrong with that?

Are you not as good as the others?

Achievements are not just for the privileged.

You can do it if you work hard.

A'gou, nobody is born to be better than the others.

Your only weakness is your lack of confidence.

When I was 18 years old, I left home to be a soldier.

At that time, I had never even worn socks... let alone firing a weapon or eating western-style food.

Look at me now. I have 5,000 soldiers following me, 5,000 guns, 100 horses, and ten cannons.

I accomplished all of these with my own hands.

I still don't want to create my own style.

I just want to find the King of Northern Leg.

But you can't just wait here.

Do you know the concept of maintaining a job while looking for a better one?

Maintaining a job while looking for a better one?

Yes. How about this...

From now on, learn from Cuckoo first.

No way!

Why? Her leg skills aren't bad.

You'll benefit a lot from her.

I don't want to learn from her.

I don't fight women and I don't want to break my own rules.


A'gou, you need to realize when there's something good in front of you.

You're in no position to be picky

Fine, go find Instructor Xu.

Let her find you a master.

Commander, release me first.

I have sent someone to check on that street performer, but he was killed. I suspect...

It was Cuckoo who killed him.


Regardless if he has anything to do with A'gou, we can't take any chances.

What if he's not what you think he is?

If A'gou is just an idiot who has a clean background, that's even better!

If he's just an idiot, why do you want to cultivate him?

If an idiot can turn into a master under my cultivation, wouldn't that benefit me as well?

Then this troop of strong soldiers... will be even more willing to make it big with me in the future.

I'm from the school of Chuojiao (Kicking Feet).

Chen practices Tantui (Bouncing Leg).

These are the most famous styles in the North.

He doesn't even know how to properly greet the masters?

A'gou, you should put your fists together and bow to us.

Masters, please accept my sincere greetings.

Tantui is divided into Linqing Tantui, Shaolin Tantui and Jiaomen Tantui.

I practice the Linqing Tantui.

There is a saying that goes like... those who practice boxing without any leg skills, will always be clumsy.

There is another saying that says the leg is the key to defeat.

Another one also says...

Tantui are like having four hands, it's feared by human and spirits.

How about that? Awesome, right?

I don't know.

You don't know?

How would I know if you're awesome without seeing it?

Zhiguo, why don't you show A'gou a few moves?

No problem!

The characteristic of Tantui is... when you lift your leg, it won't be higher than the knee.

There is an old saying that...

Chuojiao will follow after the hips turn.

Zhang, your Chuojiao is quite powerful.

Zhiguo, Commander has found us a good student.

Don't gloat yet. Have you got it all? Show us.

A'gou, come on.

I realized something this morning. He learns fast but forgets it even faster.


After the class of Theories of War at 10:10, he went to Chen Zhiguo to learn Tantui.

He was taught two moves in an hour and ten minutes.

In the beginning, he learned fast and proficiently.

But he forgot them all at the end.

Chen Zhiguo was very angry and yelled at him for ten minutes.

He had lunch at 12 o'clock.

At 12:30, he went to Zhang Qi to learn Chuojiao He spent two hours learning but could not remember any of it at the end.

His computer system must be fixed manually.

But if he can't recognize you, will he accept the manual repair?

It'll be difficult to do it here.

We must figure out a way to take him to the base.


Oh man...I'm not sick.

I am really not sick.


-There's nothing wrong with me. -Come on.

I'm really not sick.

It's just a checkup.

Doctor, I think there is something wrong with his brain.

He learns really fast, but he forgets even faster and remembers nothing at all.

That's right, doc. please check him thoroughly.

From the look of your hairstyle, you might be suffering from... hyperactivity of yang fire due to yin deficiency.

Doctor, I'm not sick.

You don't even have a pulse, how can you say you're okay?

Activating biomimetic mode...

He went to the traditional Chinese medical center in Jin'an district.

Is everything ready to go at the base?


Your pulse seems to be stabilized now. Here, I'll write you a prescription.

Get your herbal medicine according to this prescription.

Cupping What kind of kung fu is this? I want to try it, too.

Are you going out?

I'm going to check on the store.

How many times have I told you?

That store's not going to make much money for you.

There's no need for you to work so hard.

If you were with me, you wouldn't need to worry about anything ever again.

Commander, is there anything I can help you with?

Look...It's about...

I want to invite the people from the German Embassy to lunch.

I would like you to be my interpreter.

I will arrange someone to go with you.

No...you know these foreigners are cunning as a fox.

I feel reassured only when you're by my side.

I need to go to the store today as...

I have something to deal with there.

Fine, just forget what I have said.

Zhiguo, we have never gone this way before Can we make it through?

-Don't worry, I have a plan. -Okay.

Gu Feng Antique


please follow me.

Let's go.

Gentlemen, please take a look... at the blue and white pottery of Ming Dynasty.

Instructor! Why are you here?

This is my store.

Oh I see.

Come over here.


Do you feel that you've seen me before? That there's something familiar about me?

Do you know why?

Because you're my instructor.

Because we have a certain connection.

You're not human. You're a robot from the future.

And I am your guide.

What are you talking about? I don't understand at all.

It doesn't hurt, does it?

A big wound like this but yet it's not bleeding?

Do you think you're just gifted?

How many gifted people are made out of metal?

I have waited for you for 17 years.

Instructor. Are you messing with me?

I know I lost my memory, but you shouldn't mess with me like that.

My body is strong like the steel.

I have the invincible armor to block all swords and spears.

Listen to me, you're a robot!

I know machines, I've seen them at the Commander's house.

There are machines that make bullets, and machines that build cannons.

If a machine can become a person, it should be called a "Machine Goblin".

I can fix you.

I can make you remember everything you have ever learned.

Put it on.

-What are you doing? -I'm fixing you.


Hey, how did you put me inside there?


Have you completed loading the programs and the mission commands?

Percentage Matched This mission is very dangerous. Your predecessor...

Take care of yourself!

I remember it now.

You must be my family member from the previous life.

No wonder your image is always in my mind.

It must be our destiny.

This is me from the previous life, right?

What's up with his outfit?

I guess we can live with your current comprehension of the situation What are you waiting for then? Heal me.

Cure me.

Both of you were drunk.

-We drank? -Yes.


I don't know why. You two wanted me to drink with you.

Then both of you got drunk... and I had to hire a carriage to take us back.

Teach me Chuojiao.

You still want to learn it?

-Man... -Hurry up and teach me!

-Fine, watch carefully then. -Okay.

I remember it now. Really. I do!

Can you really remember?

He's doing it.

Take care of yourself!

Take care of yourself!

I thought... I have forgotten what you look like.

The moment I saw Robot No.2, I realized...

you have always been in my heart.

There are two reasons why I stayed with the Commander for 17 years.

First, I know you will travel back to this point in time.

Second, I'll need to rely on the Commander... to find the King of Northern Leg.

According to the historical records, Commander wrote a book... and that's the first time the King of Northern Leg was mentioned.

I have asked him about it several times, but he didn't seem to be familiar with him.

Maybe this King of Northern Leg won't appear for a few more years?

Instructor, you're so awesome!

If that's the case, your battery will...

And the ongoing war in the future will...


Instructor, you're talking nonsense again.

I don't understand any of those nonsense.

You need to be treated again. Let's go.

Instructor...I'm here to pay for my treatments.

It's not enough?

It didn't cost me this much when I went to the traditional Chinese doctor... who gave me a big pack of medicine.


-Come with me! -Instructor...

I'm fine now. I'm healed.

I'm totally fine. Goodbye, Instructor.


Wait a minute!

Instructor! I'm a human and not a robot. I'm the same as everybody else.

If I were a robot, how could I eat, drink, pee and poo?

That's the biomimetic features in your program.

The way you learn martial arts is different from that of others.

You're using a 30-megapixel camera to capture the images... which are then analyzed and stored... with the quad-core processor.

Theoretically, you're able to learn what see instantaneously... and use what you've just learned.

It's like having many small minions working overtime in your brain.

Right. What's wrong with that?

-That's how everyone is. -Human's memory...

Wait a minute.

Can you slice the brain in half and show me?

Maybe we both have small minions... working overtime in our brains. See you, Instructor!

Should we just tie a rope around him and force him back here?

No. The programs in his system are somewhat messed up.

Don't over-stimulate him.


Looking for the Kind of Northern Leg?


We need your help to find him.


It's you who asked me to teach him kung fu.

Although he has learned the leg skills of the two different branches, he has not been able to master it fully.

That's easy. There's no need to find that King of Northern Leg.

It's just a bottleneck in his training.

Let him go and challenge others.


Yeah. It'll improve his skills while he practices how to survive.

When I was young, I challenged dozens of martial arts schools in the country.

That's how I achieved everything I have today.

It's decided then. I will take him myself.

Let's find the schools known for the leg skills.

We'll be able to get the secret scroll of each martial art branch, and combine their best as our own.

Good job!


Let's go, A'gou!

Welcome back, Commander.

Take a seat.

Brothers, thank you for your hard work in the past few days.

Today, let's have a feast.

Come on.


Commander, should we ask him to come over?

No, just let him read.

I wasn't wrong about him.

He challenged eight schools in seven days.

What we've acquired is worth 10 years of work from him.

Martial art training is about virtue.

You teaching him like this...

Go to the kitchen and ask them to cook more dishes for all of us.

Go ahead.

Come on.

You two, help serve our brothers. Enjoy!

All these years, don't you have the ambition to conquer the world?

I'm talking about A'gou.

It's the same thing.

Why do people want to learn the martial arts?

It's to be the number one in the world.

When he gains power via learning the martial arts, he will desire more.

For me, my desire is to be the top.

I need your help.

I'm not interested.

You won't even do it for me?

Our deal was for me to help you seven years.

And this year is the last year.

You're forcing me to make a move early.

It has been seven years. Don't you know my heart at all?

What do you mean?

What were you doing? You didn't come back for dinner... and kept Commander waiting.

-Go sit down. -Yes.

A'gou, here, sit by my side.

Let me ask you...did you learn anything?


Great. I will take you to another one tomorrow.

But it's not a martial arts school, but a security agency.

Security agency?

The top master of the agency has a scroll of Leg skills from Shaolin Temple.

With it, your leg skills will definitely improve to a whole new level.

Shun Yuan Security Agency

Commander Yuan, the judicial commissioner of Qing Dynasty is here to see Mr. Tan.

The top master's last name is Wang, right?

Who is Mr. Tan?

Mr. Tan lives in this agency.


So are we here to challenge them?

Of course. We're definitely here to challenge them.

It's not just a routine challenge, do your best and have no mercy.

A'gou, don't make me regret all of the work we put in on you.

Don't worry, Commander.

Excuse our poor hospitality. Please forgive me.

Mr. Tan, how have you been?

This top master looks so average.

I hear Commander has challenged a lot of martial arts schools.

I was wondering how the commander got the leisure time to challenge the schools... when you're already busy in dealing with the military affairs.

I guess Commander just want to see me?

Mr. Tan is indeed outspoken and witty.

Exactly. I came just for you today.

You could have sent an invitation. I would've happily accepted it.

I have to avoid being noticed.

A relationship between an officer in the imperial court and a military town... is strictly forbidden, not to mention a crucial member like Mr. Tan.

Oh, that's an overstatement.

Mr. Tan, I would like us to be sworn brothers.

You're in the imperial court while I'm in control of the army.

Thank you for your kindness, Commander.

Unfortunately, I have no such plan.

I know. It's not because Mr. Tan thinks any less of me, but rather it's to avoid the rumors.

Fine, how about...

Let's bet on it.


I hear that Master Wang... is the top monk from the Shaolin Temple.

It just happens that I have a young soldier... in my camp who doesn't know his own place and wants to... come and learn from him.

If he wins, let's be sworn brothers.

What can people say about that? Right?

How can such an important matter be decided based on a bet?

A small bet is just for fun. Mr. Tan, you have to raise the stake.

Director Wang has a scroll of Leg skills from Shaolin Temple Why don't we put that in our little bet as well?

No. I will not agree to this.

I'm not going to return empty handed today.

Is Mr. Tan really not from our Tantui School?

Lower your voice. Mr. Tan is the backbone of the country, and very much valued by the emperor.

Then he definitely doesn't know Tantui.

I would like to see this young man myself.

Mr. Tan, please allow me to accept this challenge.

You came to challenge us, so according to the rules...

I get to choose the weapon.

This is the Five Tigers Chopping Sword that made me famous.

It's 3 feet and 7 inches long, and weights 8 jins and 4 liangs.


Shaolin Tantui


Why is Instructor Xu here?

Kill him.

Kill him.


Warning Do Not Violate the Three Rules for Robots Good.



Mr. Tan, two of your men are fighting my guy.

Isn't that against the rules?

Bro! Bro!

Come over here.

I will take A'gou to see a doctor.

Mr. Tan, a bet is a bet. Admit defeat.

What else do you have to say?

I was possessed by an alien just now. He was going to kill you through me.


Robots are programed to never hurt a human.

It's one of the Three Rules for Robots.

If a robot violates the rules, it will self-destruct.

So it turns out I'm really not a human.

It's a relief that the malfunction wasn't serious It's not all bad news since you got your memory back.

However, the aliens found me which means they'll definitely come back for you.

I'm not afraid.

If it can possess me, it can possess anybody around you.

I don't have much time left. I will get weaker and weaker.

So I must learn the Northern Leg as soon as possible and complete the mission.

But I still haven't found the King of Northern Leg.

I have learned the Chuojiao, Tantui, and the secret scrolls from various schools.

As soon as I have thoroughly mastered them, I can create my own style.

Northern Leg According to the imperial decree, our troop will be in charge of the defense affairs such as patrolling the streets, and civilian security and protection.

All of you were cultivated by me.

We are all brothers risking our lives for each other.

From now on, I hope you can show me the morale and... the spirit of a new army.

Are you confident?

Hail Commander!


Let him through.

A'gou, how dare you come back?

You think the military law is a joke?

Commander, I couldn't move from my injuries... and have taken some time to recover.

I think you were hiding so you can practice your martial arts.

How do you feel now after such a long practice?

Can you use your legs to kick away the bullets?


Useless! I'm telling you, with a sufficient distance and fast leg skills, you'll be able to kick away the bullets with your legs.

You have practiced for so long. Don't you want to try it out?

Commander, I'm willing to give it a try.

Brilliant! I'll see you on the field.

This move... is Chuojiao's "Eight Immortals Birthday Feast".

That's perfect.

I don't want my soldiers to blindly follow the so-called authority.

I want you to be the authority, your own authority.

-Hail Commander! -Hail Commander!

Instructor Xu.

How can I help you?

We had a deal. I'll leave... if you start a war.

I've helped you train the new soldiers... but I won't help a tyrant to victimize his subjects.

Instructor Xu, you don't understand.

Mr. Tan and I are friends now.

He's formed an alliance with you?

As long as he's not against me, the country will be mine sooner or later.

He is loyal to the imperial court.

A hero's born when the sword's pulled; but the suffering of the commoners lasts for decades.

I've dealt with him for so long for the sake of the commoners If he still can't appreciate my kindness, then I'll have to...kill him.

You are still going to start a war.

Birds of different feathers don't flock together

Did I say you can go?

You're trying to have her make me stay?

Don't make me do this.

Ziying, I really don't want to lose our seven years of friendship.

You're on your own. Good luck.

Kung fu.

Were you surprised?

Small things like this is not worth my time.

What I want are sizable troops of soldiers, horses... and the whole country.

I'll give you two days... to deal with that ragged store.

Bring A'gou back, too.

Whether it's our seven years of relationship, or my cultivation for A'gou, both of you should pay me back.

You promised me you wouldn't start a war.

I regret it now.

I will teach him a lesson.

He is quite smart. You might not be a match for him.

It's my fault.

Coming from the future, I have underestimated this era.

It seems that... if he was born in our time, he would have been a fierce hero too.

Him? Is he more brilliant than Director Tiger Chen?

These two are completely different people.

Regardless what era he's in, Commander can't stand to be alone.

Whatever it is, there's something off about him.

He looks at you as if you belong to him

I have devoted seven years of my life to help him, after all.

I also have hundreds of years of experience ahead of this era.

I had a deal with him.

He can't start a war, hurt the innocent, or dominate the country.

He wants to dominate the country?

It has already started.

He's been building up his personal influences, training the new soldiers, controlling the local districts, and forming alliances with different ministers of the imperial court.

Why did Mr. Tan form an alliance with the Commander?

Was it really because he lost the martial arts challenge?

Of course not!

He knows the Commander's ambitions.

He did it to keep the Commander at bay... to buy more time for the imperial court.

According to the history, Commander will... kill him and start a rebellion in a few days.

This war will last for decades.

What can we do?

Kill him?

The problem is...

I can't kill those who had been mentioned in any recorded history.

If we change the history, the consequence will be devastating.

That is the number one rule for time travelers.

Take off your shoes.

Actually, I don't need to wear shoes.

Stop talking.

You are missing Director Chen as you sew my shoes?

Ah...I'm right. Shall we talk about it?

What's the point of chatting with a robot?

I know about what happened with Robot No.1 You practiced Southern Boxing... when something's bothering you.

Am I right?

When did you become a fortune-teller?

Then tell me, when will I marry?

It's not likely in this lifetime.


Because you are still in love with Director Chen from the future.

When you talk about Director Chen, your temperature rises by two degree, and your voice pitch dropped.

Go and pack up. We'll head out to find the King of Northern Leg.

No. I want to see the history that you mentioned.

-Why? -Because I'm curious.

Are all of these true?


Commander deserves to die. I'm going to kill him.

Maybe the future would be better if the history was changed?

Without the decades-long war, maybe the country would be in a better shape.

Then when the aliens invade us in the future, we wouldn't fail.

It's possible.

However, countless lives may disappear, including you and me.

Are you afraid?

I wouldn't be here if I'm afraid of dying.

I have another idea. Why don't I try to persuade the Commander... not to kill Mr. Tan.


Yes, me.

They're inside...

It doesn't look like he'll give us a chance to do so.

Let's go.

There's no one on the left, keep going that way.

I'll stall them.

Let's go together.

Go now or we won't be able to leave at all.

A'gou. I won't spoil you anymore. Fire!

Cannoneer, you're up.



Where did he go?


Over there...



Let's talk, alone.

Okay. What is it?

I'm not an ordinary person.

This is not some kind of trick. You may touch it.

Actually, I've figured it out a long time ago.

You're not an ordinary person.

You can't kill Mr. Tan.

A'gou, you are in no position to talk to me like that.

You're planning to kill him tomorrow.

Because while he pretends to form an alliance with you, he has already notified the imperial court to be prepared.

Your spy in the imperial court, has already got ahold of his file.

Are you a fortune-teller?

You study Tui Bei Tu (Poems of Prophecy)?

Zi Wei Dou Shu (Astrology of Fate)?

Or have you foreseen the mystery of the future?

I'm from the future.

In other words, I came back from tomorrow.

I know what you are going to do tomorrow.

But I'm warning you, you'd better not do it.


I promise you. I'll follow my heart.

I won't do anything against my conscious.

I have gone to warn the Commander. He won't dare kill Mr. Tan.

The history will be changed.

Maybe you and Director Tiger Chen can finally be together in the future.

He's gone.

I stimulated your deepest consciousness and pushed him out.

And what you said earlier?

You mean your love with Director Tiger Chen... or...I love you?

You perverted robot!

Did you really go warn the Commander?

Then...will the history really be changed?

If Mr. Tan doesn't die... at a quarter to one tomorrow, we will be sacrificed and disappear.

In just a little while, the history will be changed if the Commander... doesn't kill Mr. Tan.

And we will...disappear from this point in time.

We'll disappear from the world.

Will that be like the Butterfly Lovers?

It's said that nothing was in their tombs when people dug them out.

They turned into butterflies and flew away.

Why are you laughing?

I do prefer this version of you.

We didn't disappear.

Commander killed Mr. Tan?

I had a chance to escort Mr. Tan, but he didn't want me to.

He said he was willing to sacrifice his own life...

so others would realize the importance of peace.

I smile at the sky as I die under the sword.

I will go, leaving my soul to linger in this world.

He sacrificed his life for the sake of the country.

Since you're leaving to travel the country, could you do me a favor?

Would you deliver this to the Great Wall?

What are you going to do?

I'm going to ask the Commander... why he killed Mr. Tan knowing what's going to happen in the future.

There's no need for you to ask.

Maybe...it's impossible for us to change the history.

Maybe...Commander was possessed.

It may be a trap for you to go to him now.

It has been a while so my electromagnetic gun... has lost its power.

My body is an electromagnetic gun.

No way. Don't forget the Three Rules for Robots.

You can't kill a human.

Besides, even if you're able to force the alien out of him...

I won't allow it. This is an order.

Don't act rashly.

Give me some time to figure it out.

Cuckoo is an extraordinary woman I recruited from Russia.

She started her practice of multi-style... integrated martial arts since childhood.

She has mastered her leg skills... to the level of professional proficiency.

The world is diverse, tolerance is a virtue.

Warning! First rule for Robots, do not harm humans.

I'm curious... why did you do it even after knowing who I really am.

I wouldn't be who I am if I get easily scared... just because of a few things people said.

Then it's time for you to accept the punishment!

Oh, really?

Let's see...how capable you are.

...how capable you are.


How could you be willing to let it control you?

It will destroy the earth in the future.

Every inch of the land under your feet will turn into a sea of fire.

It's so far away from now. It's none of my business.

What I know now is that I will be successful... and the world will soon be mine.

Are you sure? Why would it come out once it possessed you?

You can't kill me. I will never die nor perish.

I will forever exist on this planet.

And you...every one of you will be turned into a killing machine.

I will make humans destroy each other.

You can't destroy me.

What are you doing?

You will die when you run out of battery.


Why are you here?

What happened?

What happened to me? Where is A'gou?



What happened?



Issue an order... to stop dispatching our men and... withdraw the whole troop.

Yes, sir.

What happened here today... will remained classified. No one's allowed to talk about it, not even a word.

If anyone...

I will make them disappear.

Find someone to write a biography for him.

Let him be known.

If A'gou could know Commander's kindness, he would be grateful.

I will arrange someone to write a biography for him.

The King of Northern Leg

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