Kung Fu Yoga (2017) Script

Monk Xuanzang of Tang-Dynasty China... went west into India in search of Bhuddist Sutras.

His pilgrimage initiated the ties between the two kingdoms.

Later Tang China sent his envoy Wang Xuance to India.

He made an great contribution to the relations between China and India.

Arunasva, leader of Magadha Kingdom's elephant legion in India attempted to seize the throne and make himself king.

On Wang's second mission to India Arunasva led his army to waylay...

When reached there, they had to face Wang Xuance.

I am General Bhima, here to rescue you by the command of Her Highness Gitanjali.

Get on the horse!

Ambassador, Arunasva has attacked Magadha... and the city of Rājagaha has fallen.

Bhima shall escort you back to the Great Tang Empire to request military aid.

Along with some valuables and treasures as tributes.

General, the fate of Magadha is now in your hands.

General, we have crossed the border of the Tang Dynasty.

Ahead of us lies a frozen lake.

I am afraid it cannot support our weight.

Please wait for me here. I'll go ahead to find a safe way.

Wang Xuance safely crossed the frozen lake.

When he looked back, he saw only a vast expanse of whiteness.

Bhima and his men had disappeared.

Everything seemed like a dream.

Later, Wang Xuance, aided by troops from Tibet returned to Magadha to defeat Arunasva and his 3000-strong elephant legion, defeating the country just by himself.

But what about the treasures of Magadha?

Where had they gone?

Until his death, Wang had no answer.

He wrote a memoir called 'A Journey to Central India' narrating the events during his mission to India. Later...

In his next lecture, Professor will explain how Wang Xuance single-handedly overturned a country.

Roll-call will be taken. Please don't be tardy.

Tutor, let me help you.

No, I can do it. Thanks.

Miss, we can pack these artifacts ourselves. You can leave now.

Bye bye!

You are more popular than these artifacts.

Replicas... only replicas.

Pigments on Terracotta warriors are mostly natural minerals.

Red is cinnabar and green is malachite.

Blue is azurite and purple is barium copper silicate.

This reagent can accurately show the mineral's compositions and color and will not damage the Terracotta warrior.

Come over here.

This is the result of our latest research.

You will find color restoration much easier.

Hello, director. Hi.

Jack's discovery is an enormous achievement for our institute.

You can go back to your work.


What's up? Tell me.

I just love your no-nonsense style. Let's go... to your studio.

To my studio?

Why to my studio?

Let me tell you, a lady PhD has come... from the Palace Museum Research Institute of Rajasthan India.

Lady PhD from India?

Obviously to seek after your color restoration technique.

Jack, this is Dr Ashmita... from the Palace Museum Research Institute.

Nice to meet you, Professor.

Your reputation precedes you.

Your continuing research about the Kingdom of Magadha has filled a gap between China and India. Thank you.

Just call me Jack. Jack.

Doctor, how are you?

Good, thank you.

I'm Zhu Xiaoguang, Professor Chan's TA.

You're Zhu Xiaoguang? Your thesis is absolutely brilliant.

You've seen my thesis?

We published it together.

My name is Nuomin. Welcome to China.

Hi, Nuomin.


Our work is nothing without Professor Chan.

Of course.

Professor, your research into Magadha is impeccable.

However, I have an important clue that might help you. Please.

Look at your ears!

They are red!

This is the map left behind by General Bhima.

I think that the lost army and the treasures they protected are somewhere on this map.

Where did you get it? It was passed down to me.

This map is a thousand years old and is badly damaged.

I can't tell anything.

Let's give it a try.

Be careful with it.

See if it can be restored. Okay.

The reason I came here... is to invite you to explore and solve this mystery with me.

We could increase the cooperation in archaeological research... between China and India.

It would also be inline with the "One Belt, One Road" policy.

So well said!

Ashmita, your tremendous political awareness surprised me.

Our professor Chan is the best archaeologist in our country regarding this exploration... No, just one of them.

...he is the only choice.

I'd better get going. Director!

By the way, Ashmita, Jack's guest room here is very comfortable.



This thing... throw it away.

I will get you a new one. See you.

Bye bye.

Goodbye, director.

Nice guy.

So, let me show you to your room? Sure.

These holes are caused by worms or they stand for lakes?

We will find out in a minute.

She seems to have known we possess this technology.

And now, for you right leg up over your head...

It's too hard for me.

Xiaoguang, move over.

Your turn. Cool!

Can I join? There are many yoga fans in China.

Good, very good.

So much food.

Thank you. Good job.

This is nothing compared to Yoga practice.

I learn from her. Enjoy it.

You won't be joining us?

No, I've been fasting lately. I'll just have some of this.

You're into fasting over here as well...

Yeah, Chinese fasting is very similar to Indian...

"Au revoir"!

You mean "Upavasa?"

"Au revoir." "Upavasa."

"Bon appetit."

Does he always cook like this for you?

First time.

Xiaoguang, look!

Is he always so energetic?

First time.

Did you see that? First time!


Let's go to see this chap, who is the son of my good friend.

My friend spent his life searching for the Magadha Treasures.

His son might have kept those findings after he died.


Uncle Jack.

Skip uncle, just call me Jack.


Haven't seen you all these years. Now you look just like your dad.

When I was small, didn't you say I looked better than my dad?

You are a smart-aleck like your dad for sure.

No, I am not like him. You are both archaeologists.

I am only a treasure hunter.

Your dad thought he was hunting for treasures.

It seems you want to finish it off.

On the phone you said you had a nice surprise for me, what was it?

Come with me.

Jones, the son of a good friend.


This is Dr. Ashmita. A pleasure.

Nice to meet you. Jones, this is my...

Let me guess...

You must be Dr. Ashmita's assistant?

Teaching assistant. Wow.

May I know your name? I'm Kyra.

That's a very pretty name. Thank you.

Look at you! You are turning red! Professor.

My assistant.

How are you? I am Nuomin.

Nice to meet you! Hi!

Where is Xiaoguang? Xiaoguang!

Hi, I am Xiaoguang.

The treasure your father looked for throughout his life.

Professor brought it from India.



If you want to have a look at it, we can work together.

Archaeology... treasure hunting.

You aren't hunting treasures, you raid tombs, which is illegal.

What did you guys just say?

You think about it.

This is the chance to prove your father gave his life... for something more than just a legend.

Here we are.

This gold coin was found by my father on these river banks 10 years ago.

He led an exploration team here, but unfortunately, he was the only one who returned.

See, my old man always believed this gold coin was connected to the treasures. But...

I've been researching, and I haven't found the link.

May I have a look at it? Please.

Thank you.

It's not just a gold coin. This is Bhima's family emblem.

You see these three holes?

It's for attaching it to the armor.

This must have belonged to General Bhima!

When General Bhima and Wang Xuance got separated in the snowstorm, Bhima and his men took shelter in a cave, however an avalanche hit and they got trapped.

General Bhima must have escaped and then drawn the map!

If this is true, it should be upstream from here.

Xiaoguang, check the water temperature.

Yes, professor. Okay.

Let's go up to see which mountain is avalanche prone.

Okay? Okay.

Let's go.

Xiaoguang, scan the surrounding terrain.


According to your coordinates... it's just three hours upstream and you'll find the entrance to the underwater passage.

This is as far as the drone can go.

You're on your own now. Keep it up! Good luck!

Xiaoguang, we are near the headstream of Twin Dragon River.

Got it.

This is it.

Xiaoguang, we arrived. Great!

Little yellow fish, let's see what you can do.

Here we go. Oh my God!

That is so cool!

Let's get her in the water. Okay.

Professor, these are images of the underground river.


Look, there's a space above the surface.


Can you find its location? Yes.

Uncle Jack.

Under the blue banner is the subterranean space.

About 1 km away from the outlet of Dragon River's water.

If Bhima really came out of there, he must have been under water 7 minutes.

It's impossible, without diving gear.

No, it's the Fetal Breath-Holding technique in yoga.

Before we were born, we all spent 9 months in our mothers' bellies.

It's not that humans can't survive under water, it's just that we've forgotten our ability to do so.

World champion free divers... can hold their breath for more than 8 minutes.

They all practice Yoga.

Hi, Jack. Long time no see. What gives?

Want to ask you a favor. What is it?

I'm in the Kunlun mountains.

Near the border? Right.

What do you need? To drill a hole.

A hole for oil? No, not oil hole. Ice.

We happen to have new equipment for that.

I might have found treasures. Treasures of what?

Of ancient India's Magadha Kingdom.

We'll talk when you get here.

- Okay, see you in three days. Good.

What else? Maybe a massage.

If only we could put in some chili.

This Tibetan tea smells really good. Try it.

Thanks. You are welcome.

Thanks. It smells really good. Thank you.

Hey, can you hear it? The alpha wolf is calling his mates.

Where? Don't move.

Right behind you.

I see them. Two over there.

The rest are behind the glacier. Jones, come.

Where are going? Meet the wolves.

We must strike before they do...

Xiaoguang hold the fort. I am in charge?

It sounds like fun. I am going too.

Remember. Wait up!

We must be meaner than them.

Where are they going? They're looking for wolves.

We are on their turf now. Wolves' turf!

We are here to show force.


Remember the kungfu I taught you?

Sure, even the verbal formulas.

Say them to me.

"Heart, mind, energy merge to become 3 internal unions."

"Fist - foot, elbow - knee, shoulder - hip merge as 3 external unions."

"Avoid long-range raids and attack within striking distance."

"Hit where needed without forewarning."

Knowing the formulas is not enough. Have you been practising?

Sometimes. Sometimes means no. Why not?

Couldn't find a worthy partner.

This is why I think you are like your dad.

I practise with you to show the wolves.


I teach you another formula.

"When upper body moves, the lower echoes."

"Upper body moves... Here it comes!



"When lower body moves, the upper leads."

"When upper and lower bodies move, waist moves forward."

"When waist moves, the upper and lower bodies conform."

Strike with accuracy.

Move with swiftness.

Kid! What was that move? -"Use your brain."


You did just the opposite! Sorry, I got mixed up.

Be ready to attack someone in the distance or someone close by.

You say one thing and do another.

Kid, you did okay. Stand up.

Chinese kungfu has its roots in the Chinese culture.

There is a lot for you to learn.

When I go back, I should also read up.

The wolf is eyeing me. You two come and fight here.

Never mind him. Let's go.

Where are you going? Wait for me!

Wait for me!

You leave him there?

Don't worry. He will find a way down.

Told you to keep an eye on them.

Since you went to catch the wolves we made a few snowmen to scare the wolves off.

Scare the wolves? Yes.

Wolves are coming. Help!

Quick! Grab snowballs! Go! Wolves are coming!

One, two, three! One, two, three!

One, two, three!

Your thigh alone can feed the whole pack of wolves for 3 years!

Ashmita's in China and they found the location.

The men are keeping a very close eye on them.

By the grace of God, we'll finally get that which is rightfully ours.

And the honor of our ancestors will be restored once and for all!


It's incredible. Yeah.

That's unbelievable.

Amazing. Modern technology really rocks.


Watch out.

Good luck. I will be fine.

Watch your head.

It's beautiful down here!

Bring the equipment down. Yes, copy that. Right away.

Found the vanished Magadha treasures for the Tang Dynasty in AD647.

The location is about 30 meters under the ice surface, inside a huge ice cave.

Another tremendous discovery. Congratulations!

You are a part of it.

Hands up! Stop.

Move it! Get over there!

Watch it.

The melted water, in the course of its movement, creates an ice lake.

This is an englacial river.

Through this river, we found this site.

General Bhima and his men must have found this cave while taking shelter from that snow storm.

The avalanche hit.

They all got trapped inside.

With the clothes they were wearing, would have frozen to death.

What is this thing?

I may have found the remains of the Magadha soldiers.

Hold it for me. No.

Take it.

For archaeologists, this is nothing to be afraid of.

No big deal!

What did you see?

The bodies are still intact because they are frozen.

Are you scared?

I am here. Nothing to be afraid of.

It's real gold.

This is Magadha gold coin.

Kyra, what's that piece of ice you're trying to kill?

It's just Bhima's... headrest.

His headrest?

Thirteen cases of gold!

Don't move!

Get down!

No one fires!

Get up! Come here!


Some call it "destiny."

Some may call it "meant to be."

But I call it... I make it happen.

Who's he?

It's not important for you to know who I am.

What's important is that everything here belongs to my ancestors.

Who's this guy? He's the 79th...

Don't get into the history. Get into the facts, and...

Everything here belongs to the Gitanjali family.

No! Everything here according to the law, to the government.

In here, I'm the government.

Bring all the treasure up.

Tie them up and let them freeze to death.

Yes boss!

Go! Go! Go!


Put that gun away! Watch out!

He's just a professor.

Go! Go!

What are you hiding?


Check her out. Okay.

Go! Go!

Give it to me.

Go! Go! Go!

Jones! Stop! Don't move!

My God!


Come on. Okay.

Stop right there!

Make sure no one comes out alive.

Yes, boss! Seal them off.

Professor, we will freeze to death.

There's a knife next to you. Grab it with your teeth. Toss it to me.

Are... are you sure?

Archaeologists deal with human remains.

What's to fear? He's been dead for 1300 years.

I think I'll find a new job.

No need!


Can you do it? Of course!

My arm... don't do it.

Jack. Yes?

Let the breath move up the spine, from the perineum to the third eye.

Let your lungs fill with air, but focus on the third eye.

Now release the breath.

Let it flow back down the spine.

Feel the spine guide the body.





Got it? Not really.

I'll do it my own way. Okay.

After you.

Come on, Jack!

Just... just one more step.


Jack! You okay? What?

Jack! What? Your stomach?

Jack! What?

Yes! Okay!



Okay! I'm going to look for help.

Just stay. I'll be back.

The results indicate that your health is back to normal.

Yet we recommend a few more days of observation.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Professor Chan, Director Liu is here.

Professor Chan. Director Liu, good to see you.

You found the Magadha treasures en route to Tang Dynasty.

Another feat for archaeology of China and the whole world.

Our job is to unearth more treasures.

Did you catch those raiders?

Our police officers intercepted them on the highway.

Look! Greetings from some leading comrades!

You can read them later. I have to hurry back to the site.

Appreciate your hard work. Thanks.

Goodbye! Take care of him.

Thank you. Bye.

Professor, so many greetings.

That's not what matters.

What matters is we have fulfilled Wang Xuance's wish:

Found the soldiers who went through ordeal with him.

They were nameless fighters, but they are all part of history.

Professor! Look! What?

Diamond of Magadha in auction next week in Dubai.

Ashmita forwarded it to me.

Professor, she left you a message.

Jack, it's not just a diamond, it's the key that unlocks the Magadha treasure.

We must get it back. Ashmita.

Jones has committed crime of theft.

We need to get back the diamond and return it.

Jack, see how well connected I am in Arabia?

When I told the prince you were my buddy...

He immediately invited you to the camel races.

He even personally drives us there.

Thank the Prince.

Thank you Your Highness for your hospitality.

You're welcome.

The one with the red tag is my dad's camel.

With the black tag is the Prince's.

If your family's camel wins, what will you win?

Do you see those cars?

How much does one of those cost? The winner gets one.

Your family must have won many cars before.

My dad's camel has never won yet...


What is the remote for?

Moving the whip. See? There is a whip Hey. I am not here for vacation. I know.

Tomorrow, you must win the bid for me.

Go! Don't worry. Everything is ready. We will get it.

It is speeding up!

Your camel is moving up.

Faster! Red!

It's overtaking!

Come on!

Go! Faster!

I finally won!

I finally won!

Xiaoguang, where are you? By the pool. Don't see him, do you?

I find Jones. Come over quickly.


So big? How to wear it?

It is not that big. There is one two times bigger.

That was the rough stone. This way please.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to today's auction.

The diamond that we are about to bid on today... is a staggering 212-carat one-of-a-kind treasure.

Do you have to wear so little?

Everyone wears a swimsuit on the beach. What's wrong with mine?

I don't care what other people wear. But I have a problem with you.

Why are you blushing again?

90 million dollars lady in the corner. Thank you.

90 million dollars!

We are already to a 100 million dollars to the young lady.

110 right here in the corner.

110 million dollars! Do I hear 120?

120 million dollars. Again!

120 million dollars! Thank you very much!

Just a second.


Hope nobody bids again. I don't think so, already too high.

130 million dollars!

It's the Prince, Dad.

The Prince? Dad's friend.

Do I hear 140?

The Prince is also here.

Tell him not to bid. Has more money.

We don't have enough money in the account.

I don't care!

I want the diamond! No more bidding.

150 million dollars! Gentlemen in the corner.

150 million dollars!

Dad, 150 now! We don't bid anymore.

Consider it a favor to me. What favor?

If it were 1.5 million... This is about 150 million.

It is the key to the treasures... You are the best archaelogist.

Can you guarantee that you will find the treasures?

160 million dollars! Lady in the white!

Who told you to raise the placard?

Didn't you tell me to hold it up?

I... Jack!

No, listen to me. That is the diamond of Magadha Kingdom.

It's also the key to the treasure.

I don't want to hear it. Maybe someone will make a bid.

Sold! Dad, you are so posh!

160 million dollars! Oh my God!

Everybody! Everybody!

Party on me! Tonight!

Randall has been outbid.

I'll keep an eye on him. Okay.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, everybody. The party is over.

Why didn't tell me you were coming? Finally! We've got you!

Sorry guys, party's over.

See you tonight! Moon Island on me, yeah?

Oh man! Sorry brother, I know, I'm sorry.

Why did you steal the diamond?

You said you only wanted to fulfill your dad's wish.

You archaeologists, don't you want an item to see the light again, so people can treasure and preserve it?

The present buyer will surely treasure it because he paid a huge price for it. Stop finding excuses.

If we don't bring back the diamond, professor will take the blame for stealing cultural relics.

Don't worry. Perhaps we will find the secret behind the diamond.

Now you say perhaps. That won't do.

What are you doing here? None of your business!

Listen to me...

What are they fighting for?

Come here!

What is going on? What do you think?

My hand... Dad!

Don't hit me! For you!

I'll get the key. I'm unlocking it! Jack!

I'm opening it!.

Kid! Grab the box! Run!

Hurry! Dad!

Don't give it to me!

Give me that! Don't hit me! For you.

My heart!


What's wrong with your heart? Dad!


How's your heart? You broke my heart!

Look after your father! Dad, you okay?

My 160 million dollars!


They took the diamond! Jack is going after them!

What? They are at the lobby!

Let's go. Come quickly to the entrance!


Go! Go! Get in!

Just go!

Excuse me.

Sorry! Professor!

Where to find a car? Find a car!

Park it well.

We have a car! Quick!

Go find your own car!

I have a car! Great! Go!

Two cars are going in wrong direction.

Nice Kitty!

Can you speak Mandarin? As-salamu alaykum.

Patrol 511, multiple cars are travelling along Sheikh Zayed Road in reverse.

Head towards Abdullah Street to block them.

Hold on!

Just hit it!

You okay? You speak English?

Calling station, the hummer is armed.

Heading towards Marina Bay.

Step on it.

Be careful.

Don't panic...

What are you doing?

My car door!

Come help me here. What will you do now?

Get back the diamond for your dad. Okay.

Take it easy brother. Peace be upon you. Don't get mad!

Jack! I got it. Good job!

Patrol 511, road block has been setup at the intersection bridge.



A big Tibetan Mastiff! Lion!

It's a lion? It's a lion!

Nice kitty. Jackie?

Same name like mine?

Little Jackie!

Little Jackie!

Little Jackie! Uncle Jack!

Uncle Jackie...

Little Jackie!

Little Jackie!

Little Jackie! Jack!

Where is the diamond?

We lost it again! Don't get off the car.

Little Jackie! How are you?

A 160-million-dollar rock went up in smoke just like that.

When will you transfer the money back to my account?

I saw the one on the motorbike who took the diamond.

It was Ashmita! She set us all up.

Never expected her to be a bad person.

It's hard to say yet who is bad or good.

One must be responsible for his or her own action.

Give back the money. Yeah.

You hear it?

Even if you pay me the 1.6 million, there is buyer's premium from the auction I am still losing money. I'll go find her in India.

I will need to report to the police station.

Any progress on Xiaoguang's and Jones' visas?

They just got theirs. Will be here tomorrow.

The hall is divided into three parts and consists of nine bold arches.

They used red sandstone and is plastered with white shell plaster.

Coco, it's been a while! Nuomin!

Professor, this is Jiang Wen. How are you?

Hi, foreign student? Yes, I am from Beijing.

I'm doing a PhD in history.

I am also Professor Ashmita's Chinese tutor.

Excuse me, Doctor. Professor Chan from China.

Please to meet you. Honour to meet you.

Nice meeting you!

And you've come from China? Yes.

Is that you? Yes, that's very much me.

But the one I met in China...

I know who you're talking about!

Class dismissed!

Thank you Madam.

Please come, come with me. This way.

In order to find you, she had to pretend to be me.

Truthfully, she is the 68th generation descendant of Princess Gitanjali of Magadha.


This is a big garden.

She lives here by herself? Wonderful!

Here comes our Princess, Professor Chan.

Professor, say something.

Welcome to India, Jack.

Not necessary. I've come for the diamond.

Jack, thank you for helping me find it.

I know it was wrong and I'm sorry, but I had no other way of making sure you'd come.

After all, you're China's greatest archaeologist.

Just one of them.

Would you mind coming over? Sure.

Please sit.

Jack. Meet my sister.

She is not your assistant? No, I'm her younger sister.

Hello. Hi.

Jack, we need you.

Help us use the diamond to solve the mystery of the Magadha treasure.

What's so special about this diamond?

Could you please explain it to him in Chinese?

My pleasure.

Eye of Shiva.

Whoever possesses it shall possess the entire world.

After Shiva was reincarnated, his Third Eye remained in this world.

Legend has it that it is the key to Magadha imperial treasures.

A thousand years ago, Arunasva mutinied and usurped the throne.

What he was really after were the imperial treasures.

This diamond was most vital.

Who's that guy in the ice cave and Dubai?

Why does he want the diamond?

That's Randall. The last descendant of Arunasva.

Are there any other clues? Yes.

Ever since this diamond was mined, it was set on the scepter that symbolized Magadha's power.

So diamond and scepter were one unity.

But how it can open the door to the treasures?

We're still trying to figure that out.

Jack, do you like your outfit?

Yes. Just a little bit tight.

It's time to pick up Jones.

Right, you'd better hurry. Okay. See you.

This is the clue I was talking about.

This is the Amala Temple.

It was built during the Vedic period.

Legend says... that the Magadha treasure is inside one of the 27 temples.

Every year during the festival of the Sun God, the “Path of the Light“ is revealed.

I'm sure if we could find the pathway, it will lead us to the treasure. But the festival is tomorrow.

Vedic designers made temples according to astronomical principles.

There's a book about this.

We can start from there. Vastu Shastra.

The oldest book ever written about architectural design.

And I know where to find it.

Strange. What?

Why isn't it centered?

In ancient India, people combined architecture and astronomy.

What is King Harsha zodiac sign?



Look! That's Amala Temple.

Look! The lines match up with constellation Draco!

See? So it means it's not Gemini.

Thuban. What's that mean?

It means the head of the serpent.

The northern pole star of Draco.

I think the path to the Magadha treasure is located at the temple that matches the star.

But according to the map, it's the smallest temple.

King Harsha might have done this to hide something.

That's a good guess.

But we still need to prove it.

Wait. Let me take a photo. Okay.

Ashmita and professor have found some clues and want us here.

This is the most popular local bazaar with traditional performing artists.

That dude will surely get a sore throat.

I know about this one. That is the...Indian rope trick.

You seem to know quite a lot.

This is a trick from ancient India.

When Wang Xuance served as an envoy to the western regions, his memoir 'A Journey to Central India' also mentioned it.

How did he do that? Indian magic.


He will climb up the rope?

Come with me and you won't get hurt.

Go! Go!


Snakes. I hate snakes!

Got you!

Jack! Professor!

Jack! Help me!

Move on!

Come with me or I will get you.

You want it back?

Jones! You okay?

Alright? Don't move!

Go! Uncle Jack!


Get in! No!

Come on! Let's go!

Lucky that I got delayed by my visa or else we'd all be snatched.

Watch closely. Find out where they are kept.

Hello Jack. Boss is waiting for you.

And you, you have to stay in the car.

Please come with me.

Jack. Welcome to my humble oasis.

Let me show you around.

Actually, you look better without them.

He discovered Professor's gadget.

Let these guys play with your toys.

Look! How noble they are!

Aren't they so beautiful?

Jack, people say the lion is the king of all beasts.

I disagree.

Jack, these small, ugly little creatures, there's something special about them you know:

They never lose their objective.

Jack! Jack! Help!

They wait, hungry, and attack when the time comes.

A pack of them can take... any lion.

What do you want?

You know, our ancestor has sacrificed their lives collecting the treasure of Magadha?

But her family has been hiding that from us for the past one thousand years. I want it back, Jack.

Take it. Let them go.

I don't care about the diamond.

I care about you, helping me, open that treasure.

I don't know if I can.

Aren't you the greatest archaeologist in China?

Just one of them.

The treasure belongs to the world, not to one man.

The origin is not destroyed. Everything is empty.

The material is not different from the immaterial.

Both are one and the same.

Stop! Professor, sorry for interrupting you.

Buddhism left India for China two thousand years ago.

And it's no longer in fashion here.

Open it or they die.

No, no...

I'm a little worried. I go in to have a look.

Be careful!

I guess the professor's not going to save us now, huh?

We'll find a way. How?

I mean, I know you're smart, but how?

I'm gonna die!

Hey, c'mon.

We're all going to die. Everybody dies.

But I'm gonna die now!

I don't wanna die now!

Stop crying. Come on.

Hey look. You are having a running nose now. Stop crying.

Yah I know.

I need help...

Help you with... with your nose? Yeah.

Make you feel better? More...

Jones! Xiaoguang.

Come get us out!

How? Come down, pull up the cage.

I come down? Yes.

Okay, just a minute.

What are you trying to do?

I go down to help them. Too many hyenas down there.

I can see they are all she-hyenas.

They should love... Tender fresh meat!

Watch out!

Xiaoguang, behind you... in front of you!

This is for you. Brilliant, Xiaoguang.

Come on, let's go. Don't let go.

Guys, hurry up! No, no, no.

Come on. I got you.


Good doggy. Jones.


Bad dog!

Bad dog!

Really bad dog!

Jones, help me!

Xiaoguang! Grab my hand!

Help me! Hold tight!

That way.

What should we do?

Jump! Me next!


Now what?

We will get out the same way you got in.

At Xiaoguang's command, you run as fast as you can, got it?


I'll distract them.

Come here.


Find a way to get to Xiaoguang!


Quick! Come on, let's go!

Let's go!

Xiaoguang, come up here! Hold tight!

She bit me.

Give me your hand.

It's fine now.

You okay? Okay.

You're bleeding.

It hurts! Will it cause infection?

Can you suck the blood out for me? You'd better go to hospital.

Don't even bother to ask her. What?

Come, let's go, go.

Do we have a plan? Just figuring it out.

Look. This is the Temple of Thuban.

Can we go in? I don't think so.

Yes, we can. Follow me.

Come on, move.

Please don't wear the shoes. Please go out.

You're right.

Take care of him. Get him out.

You two, open the gate.

These are the constellation of the ancient India.

Give me the sceptre. Give it.

I love Indiana Jones! Are you kidding?

Are we waiting for the sunlight?

Technology! Put the light up there.

Turn on the light.

Here are the 27 signs of the zodiac.

Twenty Seven?

In ancient India, there were 27. You didn't know that?

What's your sign?


Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika.

These three make up Aries.

Stop boring me with your silly superstitions. Focus!

Gemini. Gemini.

Hold tight!

Oh my God!

Be quiet. Okay.

Don't move.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, too.

Oh shit! Don't move.

Good! It's gone. Thanks.


How could you do this to me? I promised that I'd get the diamond.


Another one? It's the same one!

Same one?

Jack! Do something!

Sorry! Jack!

Hold tight! I can't!

Okay! You're safe!

I'm okay, Jack. Don't worry!

Did you see the cave? Where?

Okay? I count to three! Okay.

Go. Three! What?

You okay? Just hold on.

Namo Amitabha.

I think maybe there's a way out. Okay.


Are you guys having fun?


I like... We like... rock climbing.

You go first.

Follow him. Yes Sir.

Guys! Don't go... don't go yet.

Don't leave me up here.

This is for what really has value today.

This is passion, devotion, dedication.

No one can do this anymore.

Light it up! Right! Let's go!

Guys! Get the gear. Let's start.

What are you doing? Stop!

Please! Respect history...


Do you know how much the global gold reserve is?

It's 32 thousand tons.

And this is much more than that.

And of course, we have all these boxes full of treasure.

Open the cases. Take it easy.

Guys! Hey guys!

Can you help me down?

Let me figure it out. We'll come back to you.

Please don't go. Don't leave me here.

What is this stuff?


No gold inside.

What are you doing?

This is about medicine.

This one is Buddhism.

You just don't get it!

He, who possesses the Eye of Shiva, possesses the whole world!

But it never meant power and money.

This is the knowledge and wisdom to help people live better lives.

The modern world was built by these ideas.

You're too blind to see it!

We are living in the modern world and this is rubbish!

This is a treasure.

It has the power to transform all of us.

Now, according to Indian law...

Don't try to teach me the law of my country!

I know it better than you!

And don't you forget, Jack. I follow the law of nature.

Only the strong survive.

Somebody's down there.

We have company! Just take care of it!

Let's go.

Do you know why this bridge is broken?

The sea of bitterness has no bounds.

Turn your head to see the shore.

What is this bullshit...!


Never touch a woman's hair!

Come. This way.



Leave her alone! Really?

You worry about yourself!

"Eighteen strokes to subdue the dragon."

Bodhidharma, from India!

"Mystical kicks in succession." Chinese Kung Fu!

If you kick my legs again, the girl dies.

Don't kick him.

Good kick!

I told you the treasure doesn't belong to you.

It belongs to the whole world. To the people.


Put it down.


You okay? Yeah, you?

I'm fine.