Kuruvi (2008) Script

Cuddapah - Andhra.

Escape from here.


They tried to escape.

Singamuthu, you are an elder.

Don't you have any concious.

Look at their state.

This place is surrounded by a 2 km. electric fence.

My boys with guns.

I've recruited them like any army.

All this for what?

So that, none of you escape.

But they escaped from the bus in midway.

We won't let them go.

So, I'm grooming a hunting dog, Cuddappah Raja.

He caught them by their throat.

How dare you hit him?


How many more should I kill?

If everyone goes to the hospital, who will work here?

If you commit 1 wrong, I will cut your legs.

2 wrongs, I will cut your hands.

If you try to escape, I will cut your head.

Get up, brother. What happened to my brother?

Where will you escape?

Will you go to the police?

Will you go to the collector?

No matter where you go, I can't be touched.

Because I am Konda Reddy.

I'm not just an MLA, this village is mine.

You bastards!

Even God can't save you from me. Hang him.

What happened to my brother?

I don't know whether god will come to save us, but my son will come.

When he comes to know about we suffering here, your countdown starts.

If this stone has some power, my words too have a power.

He will come. I swear..

Not only your son, anyone who dares to come here, this will be his fate.

Get inside.

Go. Listen to him.


Boys... I'm ready.

Take the pumpkin.


What is this?

Saffron. Tell the truth.

This is my blood, right? Yes.

What did you put inside the pumpkin?

If I put coins, it may get scattered.

So, I put this alms box.

You rascal! I thought of giving a good introduction.

But you broke my head.

What's your problem? Nothing.

Why is your car covered? What is the number?

I asked for the car number. Aren't you the racer?

My friend is the racer. He is on the way.

When will he come here?

Clear these things in 15 minute and get ready.

If you fail, I will throw you and your car out.

Will he come?

You don't know him. He will make us nervous.

But he will come with a thunderous noise.

You said it will take a week to repair this.

Look what happened now. Our boy is a king.

He repaired it in time.

There is no magic here.

We must work.

If we do it with a flair for it, Go & finish off other work. Go We thought of making few bucks. But you...

I will finish it.

Who is he?

He's last year's winner.

Black is my favourite colour.

Did you see black?

She has got a good shape.

She is dancing too much.

Why is the car covered? Is the car feeling the chill?

Don't touch our property? What if I touch it?

I may be forced to touch your property.

Then leave this place.

You can go. I like your sexy looks.

Just 5 more minutes to start the race.

Will we get piles if we eat rice? This is new.

You & your car must be ready in 5 minutes.

If you fail, you may have to quit.

These are danger signs.

Take the mobile. Call Vel.

Vel, the race is going to start in 5 minutes.

I solved a small water problem. I'm starting now.

If not, I will be chucked out.

Have Kheer. Let me taste it.

I repaired only the water pipe. Why celebrate it with kheer?

Today is your father's birthday.

Singamuthu's birthday. Then, we must celebrate it.

He took loans all over and ran away.

Don't say that.

He gave money to everyone.

I know how generous he is. He has 3 wives. fathered a child every year and even celebrated a silver jublie too.

Please don't say that.

He treated us like queens.

You are looking like queens. But I am like a servant.

Okay. I am getting late to the race. I am moving.

Velu, get your father's blessings.

Father, I must win this race.

And I must get rich.

Only then, I can clear all your debts.

Brother... Sister..

Stop it. What's your problem now?

My husband has gone to Singapore. How are you dear?

So, you have come here to say for a month.

Is he going to Singapore & Malaysia to sell tooth powder?

Won't you inquire him?

It's a business visit.

Wives always support husbands. Go inside.

Pay Rs. 200 to the auto man. Okay right.

All the best. Thank you.

All the best.

A cool breeze caressing me... What a shame!

When you can wear it for a game, can't I wear it? Get lost Hey Apps! Hi!

C'mon. Zip Zap Zoom.

Look at this car.

This is Mr. Vetrivel's car.

What is a mouse doing here?

I haven't revved the car yet. But the people are running away.

Not looking at the condition of our car, but running on seeing the mouse.

Has our Ganesh come here too?

A small mouse on the race track. Really.

Why isn't she scared?

She has seen some big rats.

Hey look! What a funny vehicle!

You guys covered this iron box?

He is last year's winner.

He is making fun of us with his Bombay girl friend.

Will you come in a fish cart in the next race?

He is right.

Look at the condition of this car.

Don't underestimate our car. This car has won many races.

At the end of the race, you will know which will win and which will lose.

Come on to the track. I will finish you.

Now all the racing cars are driven to their respective positions.


Sorry sir. My friend Velu is in the race.

On track No. 3, we have Sakthi Vel.

On track No. 6, we have Mr. Shavron, last year's champion. On track No. 2...

Velu is my friend. Take money and announce his name.

Shut up.

I once again see Mr. Shavron... Hey Velu...

I once again see Mr. Shavron... Hey Velu...Velu.


Looks like Mr. Vetrivel's car is in problem.

He looks confident.

Here now, the race gets started.

3..2..1, Go.

The excitement has started.

Come on...dear. Come on...boy.

Will he win?

He will come first and will take the bumper prize.

Boss, the car bumper is gone.

I told you to buy a new car. But you never listen to me.

Will we win? Shut up Ask me. We will win for sure.

Will be prizes be given here?

If required, they will even door deliver it.

Why all this? Go man....go. Get lost.

I've to go this way. Go.

Is this what door delivery means? Shut up.

Why is every part of your car falling apart?

That's the advantage of that car.

Unnecessary parts will be discarded automatically.

Just like girls discarding boys.


It's a fantastic day for Mr. Vetrivel.

Sir helmet. Get lost.

You thought I will lose.

He is just Vel before entering the race.

Once he enters the race, To win, you need fire in your heart. Got it?

Hereafter drive the car on the track Not on somebody's back.

Forget it. If he gets fire from bottom, it is called piles.


Hey... move away.. brother is coming.

This is Kuruvi's song...

Let's celebrate...

Who are you?

Listen to me, who are you?

Painting new? Why is everything outside?


What's this Velu? They are keeping the things out.

Won't you listen to me? Wait!

Who are you guys?

I told them to put everything outside.

I told them to keep safely.

Who are you to keep them outside?

It was yours yesterday, but now it's mine.

This is the only property left for him by his father.

But the documents are with me!

Give me, I paid him Rs.5 millions!

He promised to repay in 6 months to take the documents.

I was in jail for 6 months.

My boys told that your father gave a cheque, but the cheque bounced due to insufficient funds.

So, I'm taking the property.

How can son be responsible for dad's loan?

I expected this, so I took everything in writing.

Give it.

You gave and my father received it.

My father is no more, but I'm here, did you ask me?

Right, I'll ask you now.

When will you repay my money?

Your money will reach you in a week.

I trust you.

Come on boys. How can you manage big bucks?

Take this and collect it from the man in Malaysia.

Come back to me with money.

I don't want the house, I want money. See you.

Who will keep these things inside?

Keep the things in it's place. Keep it inside.

Okay.- If I don't get money, house will be auctioned. See you.

Your husband has spoilt the means of livelihood too.

Few cheques passed from Gocha industries.

My dad got the money.

One cheque payment was stopped.

May be stopped because your father ran away.

If we go to Malaysia with the cheque, we can get the money.

But how to go there?

We owe a lot to him for the car repairs, you want me to sell the car to him.

I'm here to solve the problems.

We can settle the dues and get some extra money too.

No, not a penny less than 400 thousands.

The bolts are very tight.

Hit on the head with a crowbar.

Everyone wants the winning car, but we refused.

We don't need to sell it for our livelihood.

They are quoting a cheap price for this race car.

I said not a penny less than 400 thousands, but he's asking for 300 thousands.

Good price! Sell it.

Is it okay? Keep it, send the money.

You mean this junk?

How dare you call it a junk? What do you mean?

Vel, you won the race with this car.

Anythig we own is like a family member, I'm keeping it for 50 years as a sentiment.

That maid servant? I meant Ambassador car.

I must go to Malaysia to get money from a man who owes my dad.

Or else my house will be auctioned.

Go to Malaysia?

Then, no need to sell the car.

Will you go as a "Kuruvi"? "Kuruvi"?

Nothing wrong in it. Many lndians are living there.

You've to take Indian goodies to them.

And come back with electronic and perfumes.

You can meet the man and earn few bucks too.

Will you go?

Yes, we'll fly as "Kuruvis"(couriers).

He said we'll be recieved here.

Are they the "Couriers"?

Hey "Courier"! May be it's him?

Let me give him a clue.

We are the mangoes of Salem!

That guy has recognised us.

Are you the "Couriers"? Yes.

Sang a song? To find you.

Are you a discoverer? You could've held a bill board.

Let's go. Excuse me.

What? Good body! yes!

Do you eat fodder? I mean good healthy food!

Things are perfect. Give them their things.- Take it.

Bookibinthong is on the way. What do you mean by that?

You'll stay in Pandian lodge there.

Stay there, your ticket and goods will reach you by evening.- Okay fine.

Can I get that here tonight? What?

Did I call him to get so angry?

Can you guide me to this address? Read it.

Right Line Industries. Okay.

No. 17, 1st floor.

Jalan Samundar Street. Okay.

Kualalampur. Okay. No name?


Gocha? Why do you want to meet him?

He owes money to my father.

To get money from Gocha? Idiots! Stop the car.

The address you asked is far away, his club is very near.

Where? There!

Gocha club is on the street end. Forget about it.

Do you want to piss? Stop joking.

Why are your legs shivering?

I'm learning to dance. I've to prepare from here itself.

Our return tickets? Go to him, he'll give you.

Hurry up! Still here?

They were about to get us lynched.

Are you really going to dance classes?

You want me to go with them to Gocha? They kill for nothing.

These guys want to get old dues. He's Malaysia's 'Basha' (Don)!

Enough! Drink!

Give him one more drink.

Come on baby, drink.

Why are you getting me drunk?

Because you'll not feel the pain!


Blood Diamond.

They say it's found only in South Africa, but it's found in Cuddappah also in Andhra Pradesh, I and my brother are mining it illegally.

Rogues! Are you smuggling diamonds in workers' body?

He's steady even after many drinks, what if he sings?

Shall we go?

I'll meet him and come. Come fast.


Is Gocha running a juice shop? Drums Shivamani!

For me too?

Only for couples!

Money to use toilet? I'll use toilet in Madras.

Please leave. No. We go meet Gocha.

No these is club rules.

He's not allowing in without a female partner.

You're weak in English, how did you manage?

I told her the truth. You got her for me, thanks buddy.

She's mine not yours!

Couples! See you.

What? Greetings!

I'm coming from Madras.

I'm coming from Madras Vetrivel lndustries.

So what?

Your company owes Rs. 5 millions to my dad.

Come after 10 days.

Wake him up! Get up brother!- What?

I've 2 days visa only, I need to go with money. my family will go to streets, my house is mortgaged, if you inform Gocha sir...

I've your bounced cheque and bank statement. Check it.

Why did you tear it? I don't know who you are! Get lost!

I can't go without money... Go away!

Go away. Leave the place.

Get going!

Send him out. Go....

Why is he dull?

What did Gocha say? Did he pay?

Did you showm him the cheque? What happened?

Make a choice!

Where are you going? What were the 2 choices?

First is honest way.

Second choice? Violence!

What was my choice? Second!

He has started his job!

Still there?

A man from Chennai is here with a bounced cheque.- Who?

Singamuthu's son!

My son will come. The day he knows about us, you'll face the music then!

Singamuthu's son? Where is he?

Today he's here for money, what if he comes back for his father?

Kill him!

I'm not a coward.

I don't take it, I will pay back.

Will you call Gocha or shall I bring him here?

He is dead meat.

I'm cool but when I get into the act, it's all fireworks!

Take the wind out of your sails!

Pick up the phone and call him.

Finished him?

Finish me? I finished your nephew and the club.

Take the debris! Who are you?

Son of Singamuthu to whom you owe money.- Stop!

Is it the way you repay the loan?

I came for the principle amount only, but I'll make you pay intrest also.

Go to the club.

He beat my nephew and my men in my club.

What were you all doing? Where is Guna?

Sir! Isn't he like our Guna?

His father predicted he'll come.

His father was a good man, but this man is a bad guy.

He's dangerous! Kill him!

He's not here!

We searched him all over the city, he's no where.

Did you call to say this?

Come back if you kill him, or else get lost!

They will not get him, I'll kill him myself.

He can't escape from our boys.

We are getting late to the New year party, come let's go.

They are talking about us. Yes.

A bottle of liquor and an egg would've been great for me.

You brought me here to enjoy, but we are getting hunted here.

Don't worry, the New Year is dawning for us only.

Pull it out!

Will you get me a chocolate?

Why are you dancing? Pull it out fast!

Has it come out? No, not yet!-

What happened? You're in a mess!

What happened?

Sister didn't like the ring, I pulled it out and we both fell down!

Removing the ring will not cancel your engagement.

God too can't stop this marriage.

Your marriage with Suri on January 4 is sure to happen.

I hate him!

Can you tell this to your brother? Impossible!

You've seen him, right?

Wine, women, drugs and always carries a gun too.

How can I be happy marrying the rogue?

Look, you were a child when I was married, all my difficulties vanished on seeing your face, you call me sister-in-law but you're like my daughter.

You must be happy, if you like anyone elope with him.

I'll manage your brother.


Somebody must be really dare to elope with Gocha's sister.


Hurry up! Get dressed up for party.

Your brother is waiting, I can't answer him.

Come out boy!

They are carrying guns, Iet's be couriers than get killed.

I can't go back without money.

We can go without money but not without life.

Think again.

I gave a thinking.

Shall we escape?

Only if they recognize us!

Hi guys, how are you doing?

Very beautiful!

Okay? Okay what?

Dress is okay? What about the face?

You're right.

Look there! Black soil!

Let's paint face with Malaysian black soil.

Good idea! Stop!

It was my idea, so I'll do it first.

Isn't this goes well with the get up?

You look great!

How come you're always lucky?

That's my charm!

Why does he get good things always?

I don't like this face, oh! drinks!

You carry on and I'll go after the drinks!


Dear friends, since my sister's engagement was held in Cuddapah, I couldn't invite you all.

So, this new year party is my treat to you all. Enjoy yourself.

All are watching you.

Oh my god! Who is she?

Can't bear this itching.

Why is this gorilla staring at me?

Does he know who I am?


I see chicks & liquor all around me. Where did he go?

Put one drink for me.

Sir your brandy...

Give that to the beast.

Hey, my glass Hold it.

Is it you? Yes, I think its me!

Where were you? A girl is after me.

But a gorilla is after me. Oh god! Here she comes.

I'm not aware of that.

I want to take your snap. Snap?

Camera cell phones must be banned.

Shall I help you to hang your photo in your house?

One... Two... Three...

You stopped me from having a peg of liquor.

Speak boss...

I have asked to call me after reaching Malaysia But you didn't, you pigs.

You're very much worried about your couriers.

Tomorrow is my son's reception.

Get back the goods that were sent there.

The goods will reach your place.

To Noor Mahal, Triplicane, right?


Not just you, I want the goods also to be there.

We may or may not come. But your goods will reach you.

Stop, is she the one who is after you?

The groom is over there. Why are you dancing here?

Yes, it is her.

She is Tacha's sister. What?

I mean Gocha's sister.


Come fast.


I don't know where to go.

This way.

What place is this?

What bothers us? Let's drink & enjoy.

Someone is coming.

It must be their men.

Aren't you fully in?

It's Gocha.

This diamond has never come to the market.

It's value is Rs.640 millions.

Is it for sale?

You always asked me what are we going to do?

I've decided what to do.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to steal that diamond. What for?

To stop our house from getting auctioned, I must steal that diamond. But how?

What's the time now? 1 1 :59.

10 seconds before 12:00, the power will go off.

When the power is restored at 12:00, the diamond would be mine.


What's that noise?

You pig!

Oh, I fell down Come fast...

Five, Four, Three, Two, One Happy New Year!

She is searching him everywhere...

She is hunting for him...

She has just seen his eyes only...

Can you find him? There he is!

He is a bad boy... Too bad!

He struck like lightining... Oh no!

Stole away my heart...

You know?

He is a very bad boy..

He left me crazy...

Find him out...

You know?

Even God will appear before him...

Why war? We have entered into a new year...

Come and hear this mindblowing rap song...

You saw his impressive eyes and heard his mesmerising voice...

He made you blush and stole your heart...

He is dear to all...

Look there, he is our young Commander!

He has enchanted me with a magical spell...

Not yet found his whereabouts...

Haven't yet found him...

Who is he? Where can I find him?

You know...

Hey girl! Your man is a super bird near flowing river...

He is dynamic and energetic man...

He's a firebrand action hero...

He is dear to one and all...

She a mad girl...

I got distracted by him...

I was shell shocked on seeing him...

His place? I didn't ask him.

Can you identify him? No!

I was left dazed by him...

He is like a live volcano...

He strikes like a tornado...


It's me, Singamuthu's son.

What? Singamuthu's son?

Just listen first.

You have a sheep with handcuffs.

Check whether he has the diamond?

Open the box.

The diamond is here.

Just lick & see whether it is a diamond or not.


Bite it.

It's sweet.

A candy will taste sweet, my boy.


I don't need your diamonds.

Repay the money you owe my father and take back your diamond.

You have only 15 minutes left for the flight.

Don't waste time on your henchmen.

You come alone...with money.

Gocha has come alone.

He is not alone. He is with his goons.

You wait for me. I'll have some fun with him.

Hello! Gocha, won't you reform?

I told you to come alone.

But you've come with your pigs. Are you mad?

I stole your diamond from your place.

What will you do here?

Where are you?

The showdown will now be in Chennai.

He is over there.

Catch him.

You look very tensed. Looking for someone...?

He might have boarded the flight before you could come here.

Not just the flight, even if God of death has taken him to hell, I will bring him back from there and kill him.

What are you doing here? Did you get him?

I don't know where he went. Find him.

He must be somewhere here. Search properly.

What's the point in having so many men?

I want him. Go.

Get in.

Welcome sir.

Boss, I am innocent.

You're not wearing any pant I believe.

I am very innocent, boss.

What are you doing here?

Gocha is not wearing his pants.

It's a girl. Girl?

What's wrong with you?

What happened to you?

I see Gocha everywhere.

Will he come here?

He won't come. How?

I have done something for it. What?

Treatment with blade. Blade treatment.

Take the tickets.

My ticket No, you're not allowed What's the problem?

You are hurt and bleeding!

You scoundrel!

You poked a sleeping lion.

Can I have your ticket please.

Is he here?

She is asking for the tickets. Tickets?

A ticket (girl) is asking for tickets.

Oh here

She looks like Gocha's sister.

She is Gocha's sister. Go & sit.- No.

A palm fruit is enough for sparrow no need of a bomb.

You go that way. I'll go this way.

Oh God!

Sorry madam.

What sorry? Can't you see?

You should have kept your legs inside.

If you keep your legs this way, everyone will step on them.

See how he is talking!

Hello...is it the first time?

Is it first time to board a flight? No.

Travelling in flights is like travelling in buses.

I think this is pilot's maiden flight.

While coming, I saw him looking for brakes.

Last week, a flight took off from Nigeria met with an accident, 150 people died.

3 days before, a flight took off from New Zealand & fell into the sea.

Yesterday in Moscow... Stop it.

This is my first time in flight.

I heard you saying something else a while ago.

I Iied.

I knew it looking at the way you put on your seat belt.

The belt is for you not for the bag. Oh really!


When you're so scared, why board a flight?

I'm going to meet an important man. lmportant man?

Yes. A man came to our party.

Party is for people to come. Who is he?

His name is Courier.

His name is Courier. My name is Terrier.

He stole and left Stole?

Come on, let's go Where can we go?

To bathroom But he stole my heart.


I thought he stole gold & diamond. Then what?

He was like the hero of the film "Mask of Zorro".

He was jumping, flying... I was attracted to all his moves.

I went after him. I slipped & fell down.

He flew in the air and saved my life.

Rope in one hand and me in the other.

He touched me in all places.

Lip to lip.

A small gap.

He dumped me in the water & vanished.

I tried to see his face. But I just missed.

But I have decided that he'll be my life partner.

Why am I telling you all this?

Forget it.

You know that his name is Courier. But you didn't see his face.

How are you going to find him?

I didn't see his face.

But with this scarf, I can recognise his eyes.

Without eyes looking into each other, without hands caressing each other, love never sprouts.

Without shooting us with a gun or cutting our throats with a knife, Gocha is not going to leave us.

What's in there?

What everyone has.

What do you mean?

It's the amulet tied by my grandmother.

To stop evils spirits getting near me. Don't touch it.

If you do so, it is like making fun of our beliefs.

Keep moving. My grandfather's amulet is much bigger.

Check here.

Check here.

Check my back.

Are you ok? Ok How was my escape?

You told them to check thoroughly.

Where is the stolen diamond?

I put it in Gocha's sister's bag. It has come out safely.

Hands up

A lighter. Thank you No mention

Is this wallet yours? Not mine Our people lose their wallets somewhere and look for it elsewhere.

It is safe because I found it.

You're such a good man.

Who are you? Me?

I'm Bujji Babu, from Uzhaikum Karangal.

Call taxi owner cum driver Can you drop me at Hotel Raintree. Sure.

Can I keep this bag also? No, I will keep this bag She is very alert.

She is gone.

The one in the phone...is it you? Yes.

A man left Rs.3 millions in my taxi.

I handed it over to the police.

S.P. Chowdhry gave me this award.

What now?

She mentioned some hotel's name. Muniyandi vilas.

Gajendra vilas.

Saravana Bhavan.

Street corner shops.


Good morning sir! How can I help you?

We want a suite room.

Pay Rs.15000. Rs.50000?

No sir. Rs.15000.

You mean Rs.50000. Give me Rs.50000.

Who is she?

Financier! What? Financier?

My would be wife. That's fiance.

Be it anything. Give me the keys first.

Come inside.

Do you like the room? What a beautiful room!

Those who trust me should never get cheated.

I don't want money. If you want to go out, tell me.

I will take you there.

Do you know Triplicane? I know.

Can you take me there? Sure.

You freshen up. I will wait for you.

How sweet!

Attack! Great escape!

Look here! A girl with just a towel.

Must be blue film shoot?

Bus at 5:30...

The film is "Bus at 5:30". They are remaking it in Tamil.

They are filming bathroom scene in the reception.

Look there.

It's the girl from Malaysia.

What bloody sorry?

How could the taps go dry when she in the shower?

Look, she is wrapped up in a towel. Making fun of her?

Liquor doesn't stop in bars till 3 a.m.

How could there be no water in the bathroom?

This matter has to be opened now.

It is about water crisis.

Someone stole her baggage.

Stole her bags?

You're worried as if it was your bag.

What do you mean?

Be it your bag or ours, everything is same.

They are our bags.

We came by flight together.

We sat next to one another.

We both are Tamilians. We both are Tamilians.

When a Tamil girl has a problem, I can't keep quiet.

Call the Manager.

What do you want us to do?

We must get our bags in 10 minutes.

If you don't...

Don't talk without knowing what had happened.

What more do you want to happen?

You've turned a homely girl into a cabaret dancer.

This is not going to work. We are talking so seriously.

And he is busy playing video games.

You thought we will create problems, right?

What really happened, uncle? Someone has cheated her.

He booked a room saying that he is her husband.

Saying she had just delivered a baby, he took the advance & went away.

What happened then?

Am I narrating any story? Leave this place now.

I may have to call the police.

He claimed her as his wife and had a child too.

Looks like he might have named the child too.

He is busy watching something else.

You're watching her for the past one hour.

You're waiting for that rose wicket to fall, right?

I show you something. Want to see?

What's that?

It's my grandfather's loin cloth.

Take this, Madam.

Do you know him? No.

Did you note the taxi number? No.

But taxi had a photo of his recieving shield from the Commissioner.

That's our Bujji Babu!

The same guy!

He's a fraud!

It's not the Commissioner,it's Sivaji Ganesan in film 'Thangapadakkam'.

Mr. Chowdhry? How this girl got cheated?

Where will he be? I know his house.

Can I have your cell phone please?

I'll give you mine. Thank you.

She's making a local call, it won't cost much.

Malaysian line is clear. Calling Malaysia?

Hello! - Sister-in-law! Why didn't you call me till now?

I lied that you've gone to a friend's house.

Taxi driver robbed my baggage.

I lost everything, passport and money.

I Iost the mask of courier also.

Where is Devi?

Line's cut. Cut?

Line isn't cut. Rs.300 over!

I make only missed calls to my father also, I saved Rs.300 for 3 months,

Where is she?

She's in Chennai to meet the courier.

Son-in-law! Courier! Let's go to Chennai!

Why is the place crowded?

I think this is not Bujji Babu's house.

This is some fake Godman's house.

What is Godman?

It's a profession of rogues to cheat people.

Excuse me aunties! Is it Bujji Babu's house?

What did you ask now? Why are they attacking us?

Are you that fraudster's friend?

Shut up and drop your weapons!

I'm officer Major Sunderrajan, from Ambattur Real Estate, Elephant Gate department! Sorry sir.

Yeah...he's my assistant and that girl is his assistant.

In civil dress!

What did you show them?

Voter ID card!

People fear any laminated lD card.

Okay. Where is Bujji Babu?

He robbed all of us, my gold chain, her moped, we all are his victims.

Victims are pouring out.

He escaped before we came here.

My God! House under lock.

Somebody there is crying profusely.

Why are you crying?

They lost only things. You?

He robbed my virginity!

What were you doing when he was on job?

I was watching TV serial.

Got raped while watching TV serial?

It's molest!

It's a hopeless case.

We missed him.

He's smarter than us, so escaped.

He's here! I'm sure! What makes you so sure?

Look at the guy going there!


How can I jump?

Can I get a lift for you? Jump!

I can't. Then?

Tell him to bend.

Who? You!

I'm from a respectable family, how can I bend?

She's Gocha's sister, remember that!

She appears thin but heavy like a boxer!

Tell me what's the matter?

Military vehicle? Is it a joke?

Photos with film stars Rajinikanth, Kamalhasan and Sivaji.

This fraud is playing havoc with many lives.

Look after my mother well, I love my mother...

I'll donate my kidney also.

One? We are here for your both kidneys.

Who is she?

Fraud! Give me my bag, I want my bag.

There's only one dirty bag here, nobody is willing to buy it, you can take it.

Where is my small bag?

You change the dress, we'll inquire him.

You take your own time.

Where is the small bag?

On the cot!

Small bag!

Thank you. No mention.- Bye!

Couldn't you've told that after 5 minutes?

Leave him, what if she escapes?

We can beat him later.

Why later? Open the shutter and law will do it's duty.

Take him!

Did she escape with the bag? Did she give us a slip?

Never cheat people who helped you, you'll pay for the sin.

Give me a hand.

Nice meeting you... Hello...

Help me!

I can't walk. I'm sure it's a fracture.


Sprain, that's how we call here.

I must attend marriage at Bhai's place.

Will you limp to his place?

You can walk only if sprain is relieved.

Sprain? Will you do it?

I do for arrogant men only, not for women.

Who will do it then?


Who? Your mother!

Our mother, a great masseur!

If you take her there, they make her lie and do oil massage, bag will be on table and it will go missing.


Sprain, pain and everything else.

My mother is a great masseur. Pick her up!

Look at your son!

He has come with a pregnant lady!

Remove it, you're out to spoil my character.

I told you not befriend that rogue.

Oh my God!

Missed by a whisker!


Who is she?

She's Devi from Malaysia, she fell & sprained her leg.

Why did you bring her here? Take her to a doctor.

Doctor? He said you relieve sprains with massage.

Who said that?


Why are you asking me to do it?

Her brother owes us money. What should I do now?

Apply castor oil and think of my father, and show anger on her, the sprain will vanish.

What to do now?

Don't you know? Make her sleep on belly.

Do I've to?

Lord Muruga!

Not you mom, make her do it.

It's been years, she lost the touch.

Got sprained here?

How am I going to do it?

What to do now? Castor oil!

Why are making fun of me son?

Apply the oil and start singing a song.

Sexy hip beauty...

Fair complexioned beauty...

She's singing in tune.

Singing? She's crying in pain, massage properly.


Hold something for relief!

I'm holding!

How is it?


Why are you spoiling yourself joining with that fraudster?

I'm fine!

Grandma's treatment worked!

I'm fine now!

It's gone! So I'm going!

I'm leaving.

You forgot the bag.

Gave it in an emotional outburst.

Why are you going away? We haven't yet finished it.

Sprain is gone, I'm fine.

Our job isn't over yet.


Tell her!

You can take rest and go.

No, I must meet courier in the marriage at Bhai's place.

This area is very bad, you may get molested, sleep here.

Be ware! Be alert!

She's using the bag as pillow.

Courier! You can't escape from me.

I found you!

I love you!

I love you so much! Really!


Where is she? Who?

Last night's guest. She?

Last night...

Playing fun with me singing songs?

We haven't done anything to your girl, she's taking bath.

Say that first.

Go carefully, don't pounce on her.

Your kiss is classical Tamil...

Good morning sister-in-law!

Can I get a coffee?

No need to ask, this is your home, you can have anything you like, you have all the rights.

I think entire family is crazy. Take your coffee.

In a tumbler?

I want cup and saucer.

Have it, sister-in-law, that's my brother's tea tumbler.

Your brother's? Nasty tumbler!

Where am I to keep it?

If the tumbler is nasty, what about kissing my son?

Kiss? Yes.

Did you enter my bedroom last night? I did.

Shouldn't I come to my bedroom?

You kissed me without my knowledge.

Your entire family saw it.

Is that worrying you?

I didn't do it, you kissed me. Me?

You were mumuring about courier and kissed me passionately.

How could I? Like this...

Why didn't you stop me?

You do everything and then accuse us.

I'll not stay here.

Go, grandma will be in reception, settle the bill and leave.

You cheat! You rascal!

Why are you banging the car?

Get lost blackard!

I heard all this! Trying to get smart with me.

Diamonds are missing!

Diamonds are missing?

May be it's in her bag? May be!

Where? Go to Triplicane!

Is it him? No.

Is it him? No.

Is it him? No.

That's police!

Hello madam.

Sorry. That's better!

New courier recruits.

We recruited two new faces.

They will give up self respect but not the biryani here.

Take your mask.

The bag is here!

She's smiling at me!

Frowning at you!

Frowning? Be steady.

Steady? Give me support!

Why did you come here? For a free meal?

Didn't I tell you? We'll find the couriers for her.

Don't try to act smart, I checked everyone here.

Just two new recruits are left, She's going to find them! Very happy!


Why did you catch my back?

You caught my bag, so I caught your back.

How is it?

Good, but few pounds lesser will be more beautiful.

You know me? I'm PC of this area.

Police? I'm very sorry madam.

What's in this bag? There's something...

He's lying, that's my bag!

Robbers are after me for 2 days. Give the bag.

I can return after the inquiry only.

Hey come here! Are you drunk?

Can anyone drink in Bhai's marriage?

Come on blow out!


My friend has started blowing!

Accomplice too?

It's an invincible charm...

I'm searching you...

You are searching me...

I aim only for victory... Allah the great!

I will see it...

I need it...

I want it...

You are a cool fire... A running dream...

A rocker!

Your eyes are mischievous...

You don't appear trustworthy...

I do what I say...

I'm a man of action...

There will be a challenger to pin you down...

I'm your enemy but buddy to myself... Allah the great...

Let's rock the aprty baby!

Look at my dance!

I'm king of style...

Dance baby dance...

I'm a Superman...

I'll keep going...

You never catch me...

My aim never fails...

My man will come for you...

Hey girl! Don't show off...

Without knowing the fact, you're challenging me...

You're a big liar...

What are you in search of?

I'm the star! Superstar is my role model...

Stop! Who are you?

Who are you? I'm Abdul Razak.

Greetings Bhai. Greetings.

Isn't Singamuthu's son Vetrivelan here?

We never betray people's trust.

Killing people is our profession.

Come here!

No Brother..

Thats all..

Hey, what happened.. -He escaped Catch him.

Take that,its for you only.

Where were you? Your malaysian friends is in our home now Tell him I am Gocha..

His name is Gocha velu..

He came to give back our money.

Whats your name ..

All of them were girls Velu come fast, he came from long way for us.

No emergency, ask hm to take his time.

He strained so much to search our home No problem mother, atlast I found right..

Usually.I will settle immediate, somehow delyaed on your son's case . I will settle today.

I am on the way.

Where were you? Someone is waiting for you.

Where is he?

My child was crying, he took him out to calm him.

Took him?

We all are here.

Where is Gocha?

I am here.

Come up.

Welcome Courier.

The child was crying.

I gave him the gun. He stopped crying.

He doesn't know it's real. He is playing with him.

But you played with me knowingly.

Where is the diamond?

Give it to me.

Give it.

You're son of Singamuthu.

So I'm dealing with you locked up in a cage.

I didn't come here for this diamond alone.

I wanted to see you too.

Because your father was speaking great about you.

Surprised to see me talking about your father.

Your father is in my custody as a bonded slave.

Play with him.

Is it nice?

Your father also came to Cudappah for money like you.

I told him to finish the job of another contractor and take the money.

He believed me & started the work. What is it?

This is Kimberlite stone.

Diamonds are sure to exist under these stones.

I also know that there are diamonds under it.

Am I a ghost to guard the diamonds which are inside?

It's wrong to take the diamonds.

It should go to the government.

Your father refused to mine the diamonds.

Pay us for the work we did.

We will go back to our village. Let's go.

I pity your father.

He didn't know what I am really.

I thought of killing your father in Cudappah itself.

I didn't kill your father.

If you get mine diamonds, you will live.

If you don't... Boss, don't kill him.

My partner killed your father's men.

Your father always said that his son will come.

Now I will tell him that he is dead and he will never come.

You shouldn't die like this.

Our boys will cut the lift's wire, then, the lift will go down and you will go to hell.

And if you still want to keep up your father's promise, come to Cudappah if you are a real man.

Take the lift up.

Cut the wire.

My son.


Don't cut the wire.

Don't cut the wire.

You will get ruined.

No. Go.

You said you will pay me.

What's happening here? What happened?

A man came here to give us money.

But he killed Velu.

What happened?

He is stuck in water inside the lift.

Your father is in my custody as a bonded slave.

And if you still want to keep up your father's promise, come to Cudappah if you are a real man.

Mother...Velu is here.

Thank God you are alive.

Brother... My son...

Are you fine?

He is a scoundrel!

He pretended to be a good man and cheated us all.

My father didn't run away fearing debts.

He is in his custody for the sake of people.

What are you going to do now?

He locked me in the lift and challenged me to come to Cudappah if I am a real man.

I am now his death not his enemy.


Till now you saw your son doing jobs.

Never saw me hunting.

He's in for a show!

You'll be new to that place. Are you going there all alone?

Don't worry about him.

If something happens to him, there are millions to support him. Velu, you go.

I will take care of your family. You handle that Gocha.

Buddy, how are the marriage arrangements going?

They are going fine.

What happened to him? Tell me.

I buried him along with the lift.

Is Singamuthu's son dead? Thank you.

If he is a bad man. I am worse.

Devi, your courier is dead.

When a sparrow flies...?

Where are you?

He is not dead yet.

He has come to our place.

Surprised to see a dead man alive?

A cyclone always comes with dust.

When a sparrow smashes you...?

When a sparrow flies...? Boys, let's go.

You challenged me to come here if I am a real man.

Now I am standing infront of you. What now?

Do you know the meaning of a real man?

Having a few henchmen behind you is not a real man.

Be it any place, any time. Someone who has fire in his eyes, power in his hands and guts in his heart and the one who fights all alone is a real man.

You're dead meat!

One must have had milk from his mother.

Guys like you who had donkey's milk can't be a real man.

Stop braying like a donkey.

You did everything right. But made a small mistake.

You told a son about his father's whereabouts. Superb!

We don't listen to our father's words. It's because of our age.

But if our father has any problem, we will not listen to anyone.

We will hunt them down.

He is the real son.

You won't understand these things.

You know me as Gocha from Malaysia.

This is Cudappah. Do you know what I am here?

Don't you know who I am after seeing all this?

If it is a forest, I am a lion.

If it is the sky, I am the thunder.

If it is the sea, If it is the wind, I am the cyclone.

I will take you for a ride.

Where is my father?

Your father? Ask them.

Take a good look.

They are not like our boys. They eat lot of chillies.

They will not think.

If someone talks standing infront of me, they will kill him thinking that he is my enemy.

Only after killing him, they will ask me who he is.

Now you know. This is Cudappah.

You called yourself as thunder, right. Hit me now.

A lightning which comes before a thunder lasts only 10 seconds.

But its power is more than a million volts.

Want to see a sample of it?

Sir... Yes sir.

What are you doing here?


It seems Singamuthu's son beat him up.

How dare a man comes and beats my partner in my area?

How did he manage to come there?

Are you a doctor? Police sir.

Police? Yes sir.

What hell are you doing in a hospital then?

Go and find him!

Let's find Gocha's plight first.

You do everything other than what for you are here.

Where is Gocha? He's in that room.

Here...what's this?

They are doing Yoga! Really?

Not meditation, medical miracle.

Beaten up black and blue.

Useless guys from Malaysia, he left them as living dead! He may finish all.

If they are in this condition, then...


Sir...please don't touch him.

Do you know somebody beat my partner?

Don't say a man beat him, his condition says he was beaten by hundred men atleast.- Shut up!

Did you see it happen? I saw it.

You're blabbering. I said I saw it.

This may be your hospital but I'm the doctor here.

He wasn't beaten up, there's some mystery behind it.

Tell me sister, he came didn't he? Who?

Who?! Singamuthu's son!

Singamuthu's son!

You killed him, didn't you?

How can a dead man come back?

No...Iie...he came and beat him.

It's not he came and beat but it came and hit him.

What? Train came and hit him!


Hit by train?

Gocha talked to me on phone.

It happened because of it.

He crossed the level crossing talking over the phone, he didn't see the train coming behind.

They ran to help him, but it happened in a flash. She's lying.

Who told you to call him? Why don't you listen to me?

He was hit by train, Cuddappah is my fortress, nobody can enter without my knowledge.- Trust me!

Don't blabber.

Singamuthu's son is dead.

Gocha killed him.

He knows all the business deals. It's all in the laptop.

Yes...Iaptop. But I don't know the password.

I'm his PA, When will my partner regain his memory?

He may regain at any moment and lose it any moment.

He must regain it now but shouldn't lose it.

He mustn't be in hospital, shift the hospital to my home.

Get the bag here.

We are leaving.

Are you going to stay in hospital? Muruges!

We mustn't spare them!

Mustn't spare them?

Bastards! Are you coming or not?

We are coming.

Your brother is in upstairs. Okay.

Come here. What happened to brother? Hit by train?

No, "Courier" hit him.


He's not dead, he's alive.

He was born for you!

The man who dared to go against Gocha.

Your brother has terrorised his family.

Get in.

He'll come and take you with him.

Be brave!

I was searching madly for you...

I touched the fire of soul...

I forgot myself...

I was scared to see you...

I melted...

I tried to express so many things...

I dared to do many things...

I blossomed for you only...

I admired your embracing hand...

I admired your attractive eyes...

I admired your passion of love for me...

I admired your lies...

I admired your splendid beauty...

I admired your heart without sleeping...

I admired your spoken and unspoken words...

I admired all your actions and inactions...

I started admiring myself because of you...

I saw a moon in a sari...

Got wings to my legs...

I realised that I'm in love with you...

Oh thief! I have read your mind...

I realised myself after getting stolen by you...

I wish you to steal me more...

I realised that you are closer to me...

I faced many problems because of you...

I realised that you're a cool breeze...

And felt its warmth...

You are a mobile grape grove...

Where are we going? To quarry?

No, to hill station!

They killed Singamuthu's son.

We are bonded to this quarry and Konda Reddy for the life.

Velu! They said you are dead.

Gocha tried to kill me, but I confined him to the bed.

Did you beat Gocha?

If Konda Reddy comes to know you beat him...

What if he knows?

Didn't you see? Will be packed to hospital.

You mustn't come here, if you do, you can never go out.

I'll keep you out of his sight.

Your father has all his hopes on you.

My father has his hopes on me, but people here have given their lives for him.

I'll not leave until I free my father and his men.

Get down!

Wounded people go to your places.

Velu, come with me.

The bison sleeping on the cot is Cuddapah Raja,

Are you sleeping?

Are you sleeping without massaging my legs?

It's burning. Did you see how he tortures people?

Look how he's beating the kid.

The kid's job is to massage his legs everyday.

Aren't you ashamed to burn a kid's hand?

Thank God! He has left!

He stopped.

Who are they?

They were in hospital, I got them discharged.

Who is he? Murugesan, driller Murugesan.

You beat many men everyday.

Men from here are hospitalized regularly, he's Murugesan.

Has my brother come back?


Are you fine brother? How is your health now?

Her brother?

You could've told me your brother is in the hospital.

I would've slept with you.

What man? Clenching fists?

Eyes are turning red.

Want to go back to the hospital again?

I'll take care, have you forgotten the old wounds? Go...

Go...go away... didn't you see his muscle power?

Want to go back to hospital again?

I'm trying to pass you off as Murugesan, and you're hell bent on fixing me.

Be calm till you find your father.

Take him away, get lost!

Yes, it was an accident. What could I do? Bad luck.

Treatment is on, inform the Minister also.

Marriage is postponed, I'll call you later.

Marriage is cancelled, if you inform the date, we'll come then.- Okay.

Who told you the marriage is cancelled?

It'll happen, if anyone leaves the place...

You didn't believe me, but believed her, I know he'll come and take her from here.

What are you blabbering? Let's fix another date.

Not another day, it'll happen today, that's my decision.

Or else I'll kill you and kill myself.

Why should you die? Marriage will happen today.

Mr. Venkatramaiah, marriage will happen today.

Go and arrange for the marriage.

Madam, hurry up!

What are you doing there? Come fast!

Today is their marriage.

This is our palace. After work we are locked up here.

From one jail to another jail.

May all the evil eyes cast on you be warded off!

Spit on it brother!

You've come back from the hospital, that's why.

I'm not your brother, dear.

I know, brother.

I know my brother is dead.

I understood the moment I touched you.

That you're not my brother.

My brother used to say God will come one day to save us, his words are going to come true.

Aren't you the God come to save us?

Did you get salt? I forgot sister.

Brother, Raju is waiting for you.

Won't you come to massage his legs?

Will you come only on invitation?

Your boss burnt my hands, it's paining.

Come and tell him.

Brother, leave him, his hands are severely burnt.

Leave him till his wounds heal.

We'll leave him,can u come?

She's blind.

Though blind, she's a girl, isn't she?

Come I say... Leave her!- Come!

Massage? I'll do it.

Who is he?

He came from hospital, her brother.

Will you do the massage? No brother.

I'Il take care.

He came because the kid's hands are burnt.

His sister would've been a better choice.

Come here.

He has come from hospital, I'll massage your legs. You go.

I want him.

He has come from hospital, his hands will be smooth. Come!

You're massaging the hands very well, would you massage my legs now?

I feel like a woman is massaging my legs.

Isn't it paining you?

I expected you'll cry loud in pain.

Imporved your health in hospital?

No more hospital, I'll send you all to mortuary.

No brother, I'll take care of him, you go Murugesan.

If they come to know you're Singamuthu's son, your father and all of us here would die.


He burnt you with cigar, why did he cry out loud in pain?

Ask him!

Sheep? I'll send it.

No use of bleats, you'll get cooked in Konda Reddy's home.

Find another scapegoat for it.

Talking Sheep?

How can sheep talk?

Why did you come here?

Shouldn't I find my father?


Hey come here.

Is it the way to take the sheep?

I told them but they didn't listen.

Who? Sheep.

I'll clear it now. Hurry up!

Will he come? He'll not come.

I know he'll not come.

You said he'll come and take me.

Where is he? What's this? Listen to me first. If it happens...

Wear your sari properly.

It will not happen, sister-in-Iaw.

Had food?

Why did he come here?

To take me.

Thanks sister-in-law.

Bye sister-in-law! Take care. Bye.

Velu, come here.

Come, let's go.

What are you looking at? Let's go.


To some place, I must get out from here.- Go.

Are you not here for me?

I've much more to do.

I'm getting married today.

O really! Congratulations. All the best. Very good.

If it happens, then I...

Next will be honeymoon. In Malaysia?

I was after you but never told me you were the "courier"

I love you.

Love. Go...go away...

Observing everything?

What? She wanted to learn to cook.

She may burn her fingers, be careful.

I'll take care, you carry on.

Where did he vanish?

What's this extra trouble?

Bride is calling you, do you love her? - No.

No!? She wants to elope with you.

Go, ask her. Should I go & ask her?

Sheeps are waiting outside, what are you doing inside?

They came in unknowingly. I'll take care of them.

Can I dare call you a bull? You're a cow.

Hey Murugesa...

Unable to understand anything?

Is it any film show? You can't open it.

Doctor, will there be any improvement in him?

There will be sir.

Who will improve? You and the nurse?

I'm tensed, my partner must regain, only then it'll open.

Do you know what it contains? I don't know.

He knows how many carats of diamonds are mined.

Money and account details are in the laptop.

I told him all the details. Bloody bastard!

Doctor, I'm giving you a day's time, my partner must regain consciouness, else find a doctor for yourself. Got it?

He'll definitely regain memory sir, he'll press this button on regaining memory.

Press button on regaining memory. You come with me.

If you regain memory, press the button.

Down and out! My punches have really worked well.

How to open this...

I know. You know?

I know you love me.

Do you know to open this? -You first.

What? Say you love me.

Say you'll take me from here.

First, tell me the code to open this.

Love is my first choice. Okay, I'll.

What will you do?

I mean I'll love you. Tell me the password.

First kiss me. Will it open if I kiss you?

Your love for me will be confirmed.

Look, what she's saying with an elder brother near her.

Okay, kiss my hand.

My brother's finger print is the password.

I thought you're mad, but you're a criminal too.

Raw material of diamonds, Kimberlite, people think it's found only in South Africa, but it's found in lndia also.

Indian Government has banned the mining of it.

Because, mining of it may induce earth quakes in the region.

Secret government documents are with us.

Look, how your brother is cheating the Government?

He'll go to jail for sure.

I came for my father but found a massive fraud deal.

I'll make him run for his money.

What to do now?

Oh! What are you both doing here?

Got back your memory? Open this!

Tell him, he beat you! He beat you, right? - He...


Did you point towards Lord Venkateshwara?

Hail Lord of Seven Hills!

God saved him! He's pointing towards the Lord!

Got back your memory, thanks doctor, if his sister gets married. he made a vow to walk to him and tonsure his head, No need, train did the job already. Tell me.

Why is he pointing finger again? Are they here only?

God is there! Doctor! I've no other choice!

Hail Lord of seven hills!

Don't break it.

The only man who knows the password is dead.

Come. Where are you taking me?

I know my house very well.

Come...come here! Singamuthu's son is here!

That's him! Catch him!

Come on boys!

Where is he?

I thought you'll take me but I am taking you now.

You're talking too much. Run.


He's after us, what to do now?

If they get me, I'll be forcibly married to him.

Marry him. Then you?


You said you love me and would take me with you. is it to know the password?

If you act smart with me....

Marriage must get cancelled, right? It will get cancelled.

How? Go under it.

Will my marriage get stopped if I go under the basket?

You ask too many questions, go.

What are you going to do?

This marriage will not happen, I'll come back for you.- Careful.

Very slimy... Oh my god!

Very slimy... Oh my god!

A crowd is gathered here to see our dance...

Hey tricky Valliamma! Dare to face me...

Shall we trick people?

Shall we con people?

Is it wrong?

Oh my goddess!

If it's wrong, tell me...

Shall I lie on you?

You have a majestic walk...

You smile like smashing...

You're very ebullient...

You're very naughty...

You're active like a spinning top...

You're shinning like diamond...

You're charming me with a spell...

If things work out, we are for each other...

Oh damsel! Why are you breaking my tender young heart?

My goodness! Our union will make the sparks fly...

Eyes will devour me, moustache will caress my cheeks...

Fingers will sting the eyes...

God may punish you...


You've imprisoned me in your love...

Sexy girl...

Mindblowing beauty...

Smiling goddess...

Doe-eyed damsel...

Where have you hidden my heart?

Why did you leave me high and dry?

Let's bath in Courtallam...

Let's get dry in Thekkadi...

Let's hide in Coonoor...

Let's find ourselves in Kulithalai...


Let's go to Goa...

Let's play a game of love there...

Your brother was stung by honeybees, the poison has spread to his entire body, he has become weak, Only medicine is this banana herbal concoction, Apply this for 45 days and he will get cured.

It hit like this, right? Correct!

Hey Doctor Sir It wasn't an accident, a lone man hit them.

Did one man hit them so powerfully?

I can hit powerful than him.

Where is the man who beat your husband?

Where is Singamuthu's son?

Why are you asking her? I'll tell you.

Again Lord Venkateswara?

Hail Lord of Seven hills!

Go to my room, find a sari, wear it and come. I'll tell you then.

You claim Cuddappah is yours, can't you catch one man?

Go and find him to know who he is.

Come here


What is he trying to say?

He wants to clear out in a lorry.

He is in the quarry. What? Is he is in quarry?

He opened the laptop. He opened the laptop?

Stay put for ten minutes!

Don't leave him Take him to the webcam.

I'll come back after killing him.

Revv up the vehicles! Lock them up!

Pick up this baggage.

Blabber this perfectly.

Partner, he's dead today!

Come here.

Is it him?

Is he Singamuthu's son?

Tell me partner! No!

Get lost.

Come...is it him? Is it him? No!

Tell me, is it him?

Is it him?

Is it him? Look there! Is it him?

No, it's not him

I'll chop him into pieces.

Is it him?

Tell me, is it him?

See and tell me.

Is it him? Tell me partner!

Look properly and tell Switch off the fan.

Who switched it on?

Chemical is falling on Boss' face.

That's him!

Tell me, is it him? I can't hear you.

No sound, don't know which That's him!

Is it him? Tell me partner.

Is it him? That's him!

That's not him!

Did I use this as ear bud?

Is it him? Tell me partner Super

I can hear you!

Hey Partner!

He's gone!

Where am I to plug it? Will anyone help me?

Hey Gocha...

Don't put pressure, he may die.

See and tell me, I must kill him. I must kill him.

Hey, Doctor?

He's on the bed. Wake him up!

Doctor is there, but what you do there?

What to do now?


Gone again!

My partner said he's in this quarry.

He can't speak properly. Even a sorry would hear like quarry.

Sir, is Singamuthu's son a fool like you to come here?

He would've gone in search of his father.

What did you say now? My foot!

You watch cartoons on laptop, he would've left your area along with his father.

This place is my fortress, I'll get him at any cost.

Enough of searching there, come on boys.

Come on boys,

Find him whether he is here.

Search inside.

Playing cards? How much?

250 Calm!

Drinks, cards, you need any woman? May I send one?

He's here! Who?

Your Godfather! Singamuthu's son! He beat my partner.

Hey Konda Reddy! Has my son come here?

How could I judge it?

I can get it from your scared face. You're shivering.

You're sweating profusely.

Konda Reddy is scared because my son is here!

Because my son has arrived.

Yes, he has come! But he'll not go alive from here.

Come on boys!

Get up! Come! Get in.

Where did you go?

Hey, where did he go?

Go inside.

Where did Kutty go?

Come here.

Where did you go?

Where did you go?

To pluck guavas.

There are only stones for 12 kms.

Where did you get the guavas?

Tell me the truth. Where did you go?

I won't tell you.

Tell me.

I won't tell you.

Small boy!

Don't you fear me now?

Konda Reddy says that Singamuthu is in this quarry.

And is insulting me with a camera.

This bastard says that he went to pluck guavas.

Don't you have any fear?

Until he tells me where he went, he must lie there bleeding.

If anyone tries to save his life without my knowledge, your children's fate will be very much similar to his.

This is Cuddapah Raja's line of death.

If anyone treads on it, I will kill him.

Kutty, where did he go?

He didn't come for lunch either. He can't stay hungry.

Kutty, come fast. We might miss the bus.

Someone tell me where he is.

Ilango, where is Kutty? Tell him to come.

He went somewhere.

Cuddappah Raju questioned him where he went.

He didn't tell him anything.

He hit him with an iron rod.

No Velu. Listen to me.

Cuddappah Raja asked him several times.

He should have told him the truth.

That's his fate.

No Velu.

This is our curse. Let's go.

How many times to tell you? Are you deaf?

You fear death. Not me.

Singamuthu is in jail. I saw him.

They threatened me.

But I told them nothing.

Take him to hospital.

Make it fast.


I'm not Murugesh to get beaten up.

I'm Vel, Singamuthu's son.


He will come. I swear.

His words have come true.

One must give birth to a son like him.

By killing Cuddappah Raja for these people, you've kept up your father's promise.

How are you going to save your father who is in Konda Reddy's custody?

I know where my father is. I will come back with my father.

You leave this place with these people.


Are you Singamuthu's son?

You can't find your father.

Konda Reddy has entered your people's camp.

You don't know about him.

He can knock 3 heads in one swing.

I don't know how many would have died by now.

Your men are going to die there.

And you're going to die here.

Catch him.

Get everyone into the bus.

Leave no child.

Get every child into the bus.

When we locked up Singamuthu, your boss, everyone worked in fear.

Now that his son is back, have you lost your fear?

Get every child into the bus.

Sir, all are innocent children.

Give us any punishment. Don't harm them.

Look, your children will be taken to Bihar or Orissa.

If anyone tries to escape, we will cut your children's limbs and make them beg on Bombay streets.

Leave my brother.

Tell them to leave my brother.

How will they leave your brother?

You should've thought before doing something.

I told you but you never listened to me.

Now Singamuthu's son beat their men.

But you people are in a fix. It's all your fate.

I'm Konda Reddy's man. Get lost.

Someone is beating our men. Go there.

I'm Konda Reddy's man.

I'm Konda Reddy's man.

Konda Reddy is not an ordinary man.

Take them all.

Get inside.

Get inside.

I am scared.

Don't get scared. You will be fine.

Don't make any noise & stay here.

Okay. Stay inside.

What if Singamuthu's son comes here.

This is Konda Reddy's fortress.

Don't lock horns with him.

No one can escape. Take them all.

This is Konda Reddy's fortress.

This idiot tried to escape. That bus is full.

I thought of putting him in this bus.

Come here. Take him. go.

Leave me.

Leave me.

I didn't hide them.

I swear I didn't do it.

Who did this?




Konda Reddy somehow knew about our people trying to escape.

They are taking away small children. I tried to save a few.

But they found them.

Let the attrocities end with me.

You must save our men.

Let me be the last man to die.

Leave no one.

Father... Kill me.

You bastard!

You came looking for your father. Kill me now.

How dare you kill my man Cuddappah Raja? Now kill me.

You said he'll come as your saviour, right?

I will kill him infront of your eyes. and put his dead body under Gocha's feet.

Velu, don't worry about me.

We must save these people.

Kill him.

Kill him.

He is my son Velu.

Vetri Velu.

Konda Reddy, you think you can kill me?

My son will surely send you to hell.

If you are a real man, fight with him.

Brother llango...

How many more are there?

Call any number of men.

This will be their fate.

You said I can't come alive. I have come alive.

You said I can't save my father and my people.

I have saved them.

You said Konda Reddy is the King of Cuddappah.

But now I stand on his dead body.

You said whether I am real man.

Yes, I am real man.

To me, you're just a corpse.

If any Konda Reddy or Gocha comes here

I will slit their throats.


As you said, you have saved your father & your people.

No one can cross Cuddapah.

I've framed your people as naxalites.

Courier, I woke up when you killed Cuddappah Raja.

We jailed your father as a naxalite.

Just 5 minutes, I changed everything.

To free the head of terrorists, police station vandalized.

Terrorists attacked police and escaped with arms & ammunitions.

How is it?

No inquiry for naxalites.

Encounter straight away.

It's our men.

Hey Inspector.

We got the shooting order.

Don't listen to anyone. Just kill them all.

Okay sir.

Want to hear their death cries? Listen.

No one should escape. Gocha, my father & my people.

Tell police not to shoot them.


There are little children.


Do you think I will cry & beg you?

Those who are in the bus are your men not mine.

You said Konda Reddy called us.

But you are taking us elsewhere.

If you're a smart ass, I am a much smarter ass.

I know you will do such a thing.

You said you framed them.

I changed everything.

There is an important guest in the bus.

Do you know who it is?

Where are you trying to escape?

Why are you leaving us?


Go & catch them.

Listen. Go fast!

Those who kidnapped the marriage party are running away.

Who are you? I am Konda Reddy's brother.

I know Konda Reddy's brother.

I am Gocha's son-in-Iaw.

Does this dirty face need Gocha's sister?

Gocha told us to be alert and to shoot everyone and not let anyone escape.

It has only smelt only blood.

But this has smelt our sweat too.

Do you know what will happen if I hack you with this?

Come & hack us now.

Kill us.

Come. Idiot.

You shot the groom.

Shot them all dead.

They are not your policemen. Very honest policemen, as a wonded man if you can do so many things, I wounded you, I can do many things.

The day I saw your laptop, I sent information through the net.

That's why top officers are here.

I know.

Even if we had planned this operation, this would have been the end.

In a war, people will die.

We can handle this in the inquiry.

Mind your business.

You go.

Since your son sent information through the net, we were able to catch a big criminal.

He has done good. Feel proud of him.

Great job. I really appreciate you.

C'mon boys, search the place.

Those who mined diamonds against the law were arrested & punished.

Velu who helped us in this operation was felicitated by the government.

Moreover, his crimes were pardoned and freed by the court.

Nothing wrong in doing this for a son like you.

I feel proud of you.

I might be your father, but you were born for the people!