Kuudes kerta (2017) Script

Imagine that we are flies in our next life.

Looking at us from the roof.

Observing what we do

What are you afraid of?


Tell me.

Talk with me Do it at once.

I do not know what I'm more afraid of:

That there is nothing after of death or that there is something.

I do not think I can deal with all this again.


I can not let you go. You are going to escape.

Good Morning, Ira-Sofia and Luna.

How was your day? Very well thanks.

Let me help you.

You had a beginning even better with the weather.

Goodbye, Ira! Goodbye!

Enjoy it.

Hi, mom. Where are you?

Hello, love. Call me when leave school.

I'm at work, so I can not talk.

Good? Kisses, goodbye.


We had a normal morning.

We fell asleep.

I found your ring.

All right.

How are you? Good dad.

When you see the apartments, the real estate agents rejoice.

Yeah sure.

I followed the subject all night.

The woman appeared in the balcony with a man.

Take photos and send them to client with a voice message.

Private detective Lahti, case ♪ 2 closed.


What are you doing here?

What do you do...? Silence.

People will think that kidnapping street women.

You made me go out full daylight.

Drive around the Apple. Dammit.

I have told you many times that You need professional help.

That's what I'm asking of you. I'm talking about mental help.

Go to the Yrjönkatu pool. She is there now.

Report everything, I will pay cash.

Hello. Hello.

There's no water.

The refrigerator is broken.

They are renovating the building

or this collapsed infrastructure

is a reflection of the state of your soul.

Did you pay the rent? It's your turn.

I will stay lying here and I will cry for another seven minutes. You do not have to react Safe? Yes, I can take care of this.

Up or down? Which one has the best view?

What did you come here to see? I speak in a general way.

Here you swim, not you look at people

I will return another day.

You bought me lunch and everything.

The next one goes for me. That's the other year then.

We will make an annual tradition. Clear.

Bye sweetheart. Take care of yourself Bye. Goodbye.

How are you? All right.

I'm so happy to see you. Of course.

What car is that? Its not cute?

So cute. Alfa Romeo.

It's an Alfa Romeo. So is.

Well, where do you want to go? Decide it you.

You are welcome.

Shit, fuck.

It's okay? Shit. Thanks, I'm ok.

Have not we stumbled before? We just did it.

I'm not talking about knowing each other. Have we seen each other?

I would not forget a Baseball cap like that.

Did you come to see the apartment?

Ricky Kalin. Annika.

Have you been looking apartment for a long time?

A couple of weeks. Yes? That's nothing.

Divorces are the number one, number one.

Do you know what is the other big? What?

Real estate.

This is an amazing apartment. Yes High ceilings. Yes Big windows.

Guess what street it is.

Korkeavuorenkatu. But I guess I already knew it.

You can see the street Pieni Roobertinkatu from the other window.

Where is the kitchen?

The kitchen? Is on the left.

Go, go.

Do you like to cook?

Are you familiar with gas stoves as well?


It is very efficient You can cook enough fast food.

As which? Rice, pasta, potatoes.

Not like carbohydrates at this time.

Eggs, meat, fish.

Sushi What you prefer

I do not eat anything raw. Yes?

You do not like oysters? No, I can not swallow anything ... that is alive. Yes That's interesting.

I never had a problem with swallowing things alive.

Very well.

Do you have a fact sheet about the renovations that Have they been done in the building?

You're interested in ... In the renovations.

Well, it's good to know about them.

A renovation in the pipes It was done between 2011 and 2012.

Now I remember it.

Of course I remember it. I could have thought not.

In my house that night.

In your house? Yes in my house.

Sex without emotion. You obtained what you were looking for.

I doubt either one of the two I was looking for love

Already? Yes

Ricky Kalin Hi. Clear, I have a moment I'm in the apartment the street Korkeavuorenkatu.

But I will finish soon, in a moment.

Yes, I think I finished.

I'll see you there in 15 minutes.

In agreement.


Customer ♪ 3: Ulf Shostakovich.

Former member of the European Parliament.

Married to Brita, his wife for 10 years.

He believes that his wife have an adventure I doubt my abilities as a private detective.

It is not entirely wrong, since the evidence is small.

Brita married Ulf for money? Do you sleep with other men?

Do older people say "fuck" or "have sex"?

The case was interrupted because the detective lady he stumbled upon the signature of a real estate agent.

Annika, Annika, where are you going? Concentrate, do it, do it.

Mrs. Marple should admit who is having problems with this case.

Brita, Brita, Brita. Remember buy Brie and pearls.

Vodka. Pure.

It is fixed. Shit!

It has water again. In agreement.



Hello excuse me. Kaisa He must have left already.

I'm late because I had problems with the lights.

I'm very late. I ran to the tram, but I lost it.

Then I realized that I have not eaten nothing in the day I'm hungry.

I feel like I will faint. Shit, there's no food here.

Thanks for the roses. They are cute. What?

Thanks for the roses, They are beautiful.

You liked them, right? If much.

They are from a job that I did at a wedding.

There were like thousands of roses, I sent them to all my friends.

He said it was his.

He said there was a Volvo hanging from a crane in some shipyard.

In a shipyard!


We will make silence.

Ulf, read my lips.

In that photo, Brita and the man they're going to do you know what.

This does not prove anything.

Women and men walk from arms all the time. That is equality.

That's why I was chosen to Parliament in 1966.

I wanted to promote equality between the sexes.

Finland is not France or Italy, damn it.

In France or Italy this would have been a clear case They walk arm in arm.

I told you I can not accept your case You are my godfather. We are very close.

Brita will notice in some moment that I follow it.

That would be embarrassing.

I know that just you started your company You have to work hard. All right.

Why Brita keeps seeing to Mikkis? He is my old friend.

Maybe he's keeping your friendship because you are very busy Could you go undercover? Where is the hair fixed?

I will find out when have an appointment A fix can serve you.

Excuse me, but do you look at yourself to the mirror sometime?


Whose idea was it to meet us in a champagne bar ... in the middle of the city and in broad daylight?

People are going to recognize me.

Here you have your account.

It was your idea.

Will this wine give me a tan like yours? Do I open it now?

Is it where you were going on a tour? Yes. Camino de Santiago.

Did you really walk the Route of the pilgrimage?

You went with a group? Not only.

That's what a man that she should marry.

You look great. Tan and thin.

I can not believe it! What happened?

You look fantastic! You are welcome.

How can you see so pure and innocent?

You look great. Look at it. I see it, I want your tan.

Get yourself one spray.

Get in a room small and apply it in the arms.

A beautician it can be sprayed Then the buttocks. Seriously?

I'll go if you go. And if you go.

How about we open the bottle?

Clear. I've been sober for hours.

It's a matter of seconds. You look pale.

Hello, I have a large apartment for you. I'll show you

Have you seen an Sanna? Do not.

Do not? We have a date tonight.

It looks fantastic.

It's a kind of woman of the 50s.

The brand clothes of Central Europe It usually does not look good in the Finns because no we have curves. But look at you.

We will need to grab from here.

You have waist Not all at your age they have it.

And breasts, you should not hide them.

They are a little down, I breastfeed my son.

You are no longer a chlid. You are a woman.

Use these, believe me.

Hello. It will take this.

I already bought these. I think that look good together ..

In agreement. Very well.


Sometimes it is difficult open those bags.

Sometimes licking your fingers helps.

And then it opens easier.

What do you want?

Those bananas look good.

Should we take a couple and put them inside the bag?

Can you close the bag with eyes closed?

Without spying. When you're ready say: "Ya".



I have to admit that to get there to climax with you is great.

God, Annika!

I have to say that having an orgasm is great with you.

Good morning, beautiful.

No no no no, no no. Shit.

How was lunch with Ricky?

Very well thanks. Cool.

Two Three. One two Three. One two...

Well, let's calm down.

Sanna, you're a bit forward. You have to learn the steps.

I want you to do this with passion or do not do it.

Learn the steps It does not reduce passion.

You know I'm not that good learning the steps.

Guides all the time. Kristian has a point.

Learning the steps does not take away the passion increases it.

At least I do something right. He only thinks about his steps.

For once you could do something that makes me happy?

Well, let's calm down ...

And go back to this moment, to our individuality.

Let's breathe with the closed eyes.

Inhale deeply and exhale.

Keep up with your tango. I will go to See the African dance class.

Maybe find my individuality there.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Do you have a new perfume? Yes, a gift from my husband.

It smells good, really.

My husband has good taste.

It did not work? Definitely not.

I must have told you about 123 times that you have to lower the tone of attitude you have.

I can not. You can do whatever you want.

I guess you do not want to.

Will you serve me some coffee?

I can give you a couple of tips about selling apartments.

The dance classes that I You recommended, they stink.

A smug blonde I breathed in the neck.

I did not learn anything.

This is a stressful moment. For Sanna especially.

There is a problem in this neighborhood?

Or you young people do not know How to sell apartments?

Fuck the wedding.

It's a full old-fashioned institution of rules that nobody cares about.

Kristian, good luck.

Thank you.

Wait a minute.

I have an appointment with Antti. Pass.

What is your favorite city? Paris, of course. I love.

Mine is Rome.

Look who's here. Hi dear.

I'm glad to see you again.

Hello. How are you? All right.

Goodbye beautiful. Bye Bye.

See you later.

It is a delight to be here.

Can you make me a haircut that looks good in the forest?

I will give you a BMW 3 series for the same price.

It's a stylized car for an elegant lady.

I want a simple car. Let's go.

Have the opportunity to discover what does it feel like when ass is on.

There is also that Mercedes cream color.

2.5 L in the engine. Automatic, With air conditioner.

We also have a Ferrari ... what?

I want to see how your ass looks after being in the fire.

All right. Find a simple car. Yes They are there. I want that.

Skoda. He wants a Skoda. Yes, I want a Skoda.

What do men think when They send photos to a woman?

Which pictures? Photos of your penises.

What goes through their minds? That's a good question, because 80% of women They do not like it at all.

But the remaining 20% ​​yes. It really is little.

With 80% you have to start talking to have children and a future together and have the same surname etc.

What are they based on your statistics?

How many times have you sent those photos?

A couple of times.

What? All men have done that at least once.

Do you think women are idiots? Do not.

Are men so stupid? Do not generalize.

What you say to a woman Smart is that she is cute.

You say cute to an intelligent girl. Then you lied to me.

I need to defecate, really.

I told you not to eat or drink. We can not get out of the car.

You have to put up with it.

Get down! What happens?


Hi. Hi.

Go Go.

What the hell are you doing? Cagando, do you have paper?

I told you not to go to any part. Head down.

I could not stand.

Duck, fuck!

Do not come near me. I can not believe that this is happening.

We have to go now. Put on your pants, fast.

Come on, hurry up.

You see something? Three men have just left.

If you are having a trio Septuagenarian I'm leaving here.

Wait here.

For the first hunt of the season for Brita.

Annika. What are you doing here? Hello, Brita.

What? This is not what it seems.

I know her. I got this. Well, we're going to skin it.

He is Jape. Brita.

Let me help you. Our car is there.

Annika, what's wrong?

Why do not you divorce and start a new relationship honestly?

You will have more problems you are discovered This is for love. By Ulf. That's hard to believe.

You have been married long ago.

I thought you had something bigger that a moment of passion and all this upside down.

Upside down? Yes, you have a nice life.

His four children. His career as a diplomat all over the world.

Everything has been fixed.

Is not the risk too great? Both are powerful people.

This is not about to take risks.

So what? As I tell you.

It is about life itself. What we have left Do memories mean nothing? Of course.

I want to know why you You are unfaithful to your husband.

If Ulf finds out that he had reason, it is going to give him a heart attack.

That is the last thing we want.

Are they going to take? I freeze. I'm leaving.

Goodbye, drive carefully. Goodbye.

When will you get home?

Your son wants to know.

I do not know, I can not ...


Please, blow.

Zero. Your registration, please. Take.

Is it a rental car? As always, you know.

Well thanks.

Then a kiss.

Toni, can you check the trunk? It does not close as it should.

I missed you. I can not say the same.

Why did you have to leave? Do you make money doing this?

I would not say that.

Why can not you come back?

I can be a detective very bad private, but as a policeman It was even worse.

It's a shame. Not even You let me love you Toni, come on. I had to deal with all kinds of things lately.

Yes, I remember it. You You are faithful to your husband.

I respect you for having principles.

Like I told you, I had to deal with with all kinds of things lately.

First, the police Finnish betrayed me.

All that chaos in the administration, and then my husband betrayed me.

I thought we would be there for the other, but it just disappeared in your own world. He went!

He stopped worrying for me and he told me:

"It's part of marriage and part of life. "

But you know what? It is not.

All is a lie.

I can not live a lie. Is by I always have to leave.

Your coat is stuck in the door.

Annika, calm down. Yes All right? Yes

Hello, bunny. These Free this afternoon?

Do you want to see it my family's villa?

Damn idiots.

Why can not I sell this floor even lowering the price?

Not yet? Why do not you use your credential from time to time?

I could give you more authority.

You will have more credit in the street.

Kristian does not use one. I do not have a picture yet.

This is not your picture. Does this woman work here?


When was the last time you You looked in the mirror, you damn rabbit?

I would like you to put so much energy at work how do you do it with Everything around you.



Hello? Do you want a glass of wine?

Your family's villa, right? Yes, my family's villa.

Where did they take it?

In Cyprus? Madeira Your dad looks like a UN soldier. So is.

Madeira? Yes In the first days of maintenance of the peace of the United Nations.

There was a small crisis of the that not many people knew.

Those were the first bases of the Finnish peacekeeping.

Your parents?

Little Ricky was a mere glitter in the eyes of his mom and dad.


I love art.

Who are they? From my father, mine and my cousin.

All trophies won by the family Kalin. We are winners.

"The best lady of 2000"? A long time ago.

How many children You said you had?

Have you ever wondered if the water falls below 10 degrees ...

Is it possible to swim in it?

Can you have sex in it?


All that I want they are clear rules.

I want us to be in the same channel. And you want sex.

Yes, I want sex.

You do not have to walk playing with me.

I just want you to be honest.

Is not this being honest?

Annika, I have to turn on the light.


Sex is a force. Yes, a destructive force.

Where is our contract of rent? I need to try that the condo is responsible for the renovation.

Today I will look for it.

Should not you go home?

People sleep in their home, not at work.

And good? My Patrik.

Look, they made him a haircut.

Wow, it looks very good.

I can not take money like that. It's a birthday present.

Ulf, believe me. Brita does not deceive you.

She's only friends with those men.

You've always been Like me, honest.

I have done what I promised in my electoral campaign.

I spent my whole life working for Pay for our luxury apartment.

I've only had three adventures in my life. In Corfu.

And a fourth in Kos, but not There were feelings about it.

They were only with a purpose.


Brita does not look at me anymore.

That's why I know something happens It does not touch me either.

Here you have.

Ulf, can I answer? Patrik is calling.

Of course, give my regards.

Hi dear.

I am having lunch with your great uncle.

Sends you greetings.

Terttu A. Work consultation.

Dear Terttu ...

Terttu wrote: I suspect that my husband has an affair.

How much for your services?

CASE ♪ 1, CASE ♪ 2

Go away. Go away.


Hello. What do you do?

Work. Under the table?

Yes, it's better for my back.

Come. Why?

I go to the Islands Åland business.

God, that has nothing see with my lifestyle.

I love you, bunny.

I'll be back in 15 minutes.



Yes, just a moment. I can call you later, yes.

Yes, I call in a while.

In agreement. Well, kisses, goodbye.

You're good? Yes

We're in the bus lane. Do you want to drive?

Hi, Josefine. Hi, Ricky!

Time without seeing us. Yes, how are you?

I am fine, how are you? Good, I'm glad to see you.

The usual room? Seriously?


Thank you. Hello, Terese, how are you?

Well thanks. And you? Very well.

Good to have you. Thanks, see you.

What is this?

Look, there it says: "Mr. and Mrs. Kalin."

Could you go to the liquor store?

Bring a bottle of wine white and another red wine.

Hi, it's good to see you. I'm glad to see you.

How are you? Do we see the floor? Of course.

Guess who?

The man with the jacket. Right.

I got the deal. Yes?

Congratulations. Thank you.

If not as soon, I'm gonna eat you.

You have something in your hair.


How did it end there? Exactly.

How the nails are released in people's hair?

Where did that come from? The hit?

I hit a wall. I left in a hurry.

How did you know where was my office, by the way?

I have seen you many times there.

What is your job? Besides you?

What do you do for a living?

All kind of things. All kind of things?

Things. What kind of things?

Different things. Can you tell me one of them?

Do you want me to do things to you? Yes, show me something wild.

Is that what you want? Yes, something daring and wild.

And you can take your time. Yes?

Do not.

- Hello. Hi, it's mom.

As was your day?

Hi, it's dad.

What are you doing?

Nothing. I'm in an exhibition one lane has just come out.


Yes. Yes, I remember, of course.

Yes, as we speak, It would be good to meet.

If we can... we could ... close the deal. Close the deal.

I'm not in the city. I'm in the Åland Islands.

I'll call you when we return.

Great, we'll talk later.

Hurray, hurray.

Can I borrow your laptop? My batery is over.

I should check a couple of work emails

Yeah sure.

Do you eat when you use this?

It looks like it is? Yes, it feels that way.

I'll go find a coffee. Want one?

When I see your eyes brown ...

Brown eyes.

You're the one I ...

When I see your brown eyes.

Well, I have to ...

Honey, I have to leave you here.

I have to return.

Sure you can take the bus or something.

Our children moved.

This is too big for my husband and me We would like the more money possible and sell it so soon as you can, so that we can move to a smaller apartment.

When did you start doing babies? At 16?

Not so young I was 25 years old when I had the first one.

I turned 50 last month. I do not believe you.

You can put a Longest table here, if you want to do a party or something.

The balcony is over there.

This is the reason why the one we bought it

That is the master bedroom.

I am married.

And I plan to continue like this.

I have had my adventure. Sorry.

Are you sure?

But you can sell this apartment. Then I'll see her again.

So you think that my ex just wants Get in bed if you want to see me?

He just wants to take himself a cup of coffee with me Choose: Coffee or marriage.

When will your rule take effect? After we're married?

I do not even understand your question.

One two three four.

They start to look good. They have progressed.

He sang to me that he loves me.

Love is something big. Certainly.

But we only have sex.

How often?

You can borrow them, but I want them back in good condition.

Did you wash them? That's what I was going to do.

So, how many times? What?

When you touched it on the street.

Then in the store. Y later in the apartment.

At the town. On the journey to the Åland Islands.

What happened there? That counts as one.

What about the first time saw? The one Ricky does not remember.

Then the sixth time. No way.

Does a sucking account?

Are we talking about the famous rule of Annika's sixth time?

Annika, you are in love.

It's a stupid rule. I no longer believe in her.

Here are my shoes.

I forgot to take them on the trip. Where did this sofa come from?

I did not realize I had arrived.

I bought it when I wanted to celebrate the opening of the company.

It was supposed to be Coffee, but it's pink.

Your client is here, I'll go home.

Are you going to tell him you sleeping with your husband?

Do you want tea or coffee?

I was here two years ago weeks What is this?

You have two receipts meals paid in cash.

It could be anyone's. I'm blonde, but not stupid.

Did you discover something?

You are the one who is supposed I find something.

Did it go through your head That I could not be unfaithful? Do not.

Being honest, no. I went to his office.

Lies with at least one of your colleagues, if not all.

It lies so well that it create your own lies.

He sleeps with anyone.

Of any size, age and appearance. It serves anyone.

Shit, shit.

How would you describe it?

"As an insatiable addicted to sex and a pathological liar. "

You're right. Ricky You are being unfaithful.

He went to the Åland Islands with a woman. This is from your room.

I have my methods, Do not ask me.

I do not understand.

Look at me.

Do you see?

A beautiful woman which is pretty sweet Take care of the children of your previous marriage.

I rub your feet when He is worried about work.

I do anything.

Why is not it enough?

I'll pay your bill today.

I go to bed with what I know move and do not use protection.

Case ♪ 1: Ricky Kalin.

Client: Lotta Vähätupa, wife.

Assignment accepted two weeks ago. I have permission to seduce Ricky while I have put on the pants.

Ricky Kalin, how are we doing? to proceed with all this?

Harder! Harder! What?

Hello. Hello.

How did it go?

The apartment is mine to sell it.

That's my boy.

You are alone?

WARNING: You're also logged on another computer!

Sent: I lie down with what I move and do not use protection.

I've had all the STDs that may have Can I hit them?

Hi, Anette.

Were we? Do not.

Hello. Ricky must be here, right? Yes, it just arrived.

Well ... Anette, why not...?


I do not understand well.

What do you mean with pregnant?

Pregnant by ...

Thanks for calling. Then the contact.

Do you want me to tell all your colleagues how perverted are you?

Where were you and the children last night?

How far can you to fall a woman?

I hired a private detective. You contracted what?

He told me what he already knew.

A business trip to the Åland Islands?

Y? How many are there?

What do you mean by how many?

Those damn whores!

There's none, Lotta. Of course, they do not exist.

Why do you lie to me? I'm not lying.

Why do you lie to me? There are no other women.

Why do you lie to me? With you I have no alternative.

Are you going to pick up the children? Clear. Of course I will.

Shit, shit.

Shit, shit.

The balcony is very spacious as he probably saw.

Go ahead, take a look.

It's a good condo. Han made the major renovations.

There will be no surprises.


Here is the fact sheet of the apartment.

This will sell fast.

Do I have to teach you How to be unfaithful?

You can not send a photo of your Penis to 10 women at the same time.

Do you want me to tell you the list of women?

If I knew about them so easily, You can do the same with me.

Do you sleep with what moves?

I do not care if you're a mediocre lover, but I can not stand that you are stupid.

The design is very good.

The parquet floor It is rebarnizado.


Subject: Ricky Kalin.

Wife suspected of infidelity.

Fact ♪ 1: Has sex whenever necessary.

It has two calendars: One for work and another for sex.

There's always someone available.

He never uses first names because is afraid to mix women.

Fact ♪ 2: It gets and goes Take off the wedding ring.

Fact ♪ 3: Always carry a clean shirt in your briefcase

in case of a lipstick stain.

Wear Björn Borg shorts what proof that he has no imagination.

Sing beautiful, what what is the Fact ♪ 4.

He says that sex with me It's the best thing in the world, which is the evidence ♪ 5.

Fact ♪ 6.

Six times. The sixth I was hooked with him once.

I thought I would forget you in a couple of days.

But it was not exactly like that.

You're special.

You're like me, but at same time you are not.

What is too much? What Is it little? What is enough?

I'll never be enough for you.


Was that for me?

Yes, for you. Single I wanted to say hello.

Nice picture.

It's Lotta, my wife.

Now ex-wife, thanks to you.

We have a son together.

Merite is the mother of my two oldest sons.

Lotta and my father own of a dance studio.

My colleague Sanna takes dance classes there with Kristian, her future husband, who is also my colleague

Virpi, Anna,

Heidi, Laura, Minna and Sari belong to the inner circle.

Besides that, I have women in the Helsinki region with which I see myself regularly.

I also have satellites outside the Helsinki region

around Finland, in the Nordic countries, in the Baltic countries, in Germany, Belgium, etc.

Ugly, beautiful Happy, sad.


Opportunities taken and not taken.


Where am I in that photo?

That is the funny part.

You are not in that photo.

You know what?

No. Tell me.

I love you. You do not love me.

I love you. You do not love me.

What do you think? Could I love you?

Do not.

- M. Hello.

It's OK for you if it goes through the house?

We are getting ready to go to bed ...

Well, this is still your house.

I'll be there when Patrik wake up.

Breathe calmly. Remember to breathe.

Good, bunny, do you want drive to your house?

Yes, let's go to my room and see that we can destroy.

Are not we similar? We are very opposed.

Bunny girl. Do not call me that again.

I'm not one of your rabbits.

And I have other commitments. A husband? Children?

A son.

And a husband. It's okay.

Is not it strange that Tell you this now?

I do not think so. You have your life and I mine.

What we have in common We are here.

Say my name.

I want you to make sure know who you have sex with

Shit, for.


Tell me something nice.

Are you angry with me?

Because it would be?

You're very silent. This is how I am.

Silent and boring.

But I am myself.

And honest. Your morality is interesting.

You are married.

You sleep with me and still You think you're honest.

Yes. I'm honest.

I have not done anything wrong. My husband hurt me.

The way I see it, everyone the contracts were finished.

Even the unspeakable.

I can ask you How did they hurt you?

They forgot about me. They forgot about you?

The way I see it, if not There is passion, there is no relationship.

I do not want that kind of life.

I do not think there is anything more valuable than the family.

I would not give up on my family for nothing.

Children, relatives, traditions. My Family is the core, my security.

There's nothing without family. You tell me that?

You broke my family. I?

Lady Honesty and Passion.

I will not go to bed with you never again.

- Hello. Hello.

- Did you eat lunch? No.

Good, because I booked a table.

I thought we could eat, talk and hang out.

- I can not now. It's okay.

- What do you mean by that? I'll see a client.

Ricky, you're lying to me.

- The Great Wolf ... Ferocious.

Did you have many people? About ten, two potentials.

You'll sell this in two weeks. In a week.

You help me?

Everything is alright? Yes I just have to see a client and pick up children.

Sanna, Annika. Annika, Sanna.

Why do not they continue tomorrow?

In the same place, to the same hour and with the same lust.

They're used to it to repetition, right?

Annika, we were about to see work matters.

Work issues? The normal day of a seller.

Fuck that.

I have no idea what What are you talking about, so why do not you You stay and talk more.

Ricky, make sure he's everything ordered and closes everything.

Are you trying to corner me? Is that? Or what's wrong with you?

No. Little Annika just arrived waiting for what that he saw was not true.

Do you know what is funny?

Until yesterday I thought that the two We could have a romantic dinner.

Seriously? You're a smart woman.

You know he has nothing It's bad to be romantic.

Why be together like this? We are not together.

Do not? Do not.

What are we then?

I think we've been together all these weeks.

In bed, yes. At night too.

But we are not together. Do not.

Annika, I have not promised you anything.

You love Me.

Tell me you Love Me.

I want to hear you say that you love me.

I love you.

What? I did not hear anything.

Say it higher.

I love you.

In agreement.

You know what?

Are you going to leave me? Just like that?

You will do it? Yes Very well.

Can we have sex like What have we done so far?

It's much simpler that way.

In agreement.

I'll go then, fine.

If that makes you happy. Yes Going away makes me happy.

Where are you going? I'll find something to eat.

What are you going to buy? Small food. Or was it Japanese?

Bring me teriyaki salmon or chicken. And a miso soup.

I love you thanks. See you.

Hi, Luigi.

I was waiting for you in the tanning salon.

What are you talking about? From the tan, I think you forgot it.

It would have been great to do it. Let's do it another day.

You are an adult man. Do not can you go to a tan yourself?

I can and I want it now, but Not with an idiot like you.


- Hi, Risto-Matti. Dad, please, call me Ricky.

- Hi, Ricky. Is something wrong?

I think I left the lights lit in the studio.

And I forgot to activate the anti-theft alarm.

I'll go check it out.


Breathe. Breathe calmly.

Remember to breathe.


It's good.

Do you know how it is said honesty in Estonian?


- Ausus. Yes.

Do you know how it is said fidelity in Estonian?


- Truudus. Yes.

I walk in peace with my past.

"Be at peace with something" It is the correct expression.

I am at peace with my past. How about you?

Honey. Bunny, my love.

What did you say?

For you, a lie is a chair where you sit.

For me a lie is a chair in which I feel

before continuing my trip. Nothing more, bunny.

Hello! Hello.

Sometimes I fall for the idea that something will change.

For the idea that I will change.

But no, nothing ever changes. Nobody learns anything.

Case ♪ 1: Closed.

"He has fenced my way, from So I can not pass.

And on my sidewalks He put darkness.

He has stripped me of my glory and removed the crown from my head.

It ruined me for everyone sides, and I perish has made my hope pass like a tree that has been uprooted. "Job 19: 8-10

It's not you, it's me.