La Belle Epoque (2019) Script

Is it a present from the Emperor?

You know well my only present from him is his bed.

The present with a cost!

Your Highness, what is this poor creature guilty of?

Half-breed bastard. Just like Mr. de Luynes, he deserves the same.

Your Highness, how witty!

Having taken nothing, Power only kindled your...

Sit down, tramp! Queer's flattery displeases me.

I do love men indeed.

So, to whet your appetite, the sweetest treats are already in place.

And by the way, does your Negro satisfy you?

Very! Can I touch him?

Come along! Come along! Come on, come on, come on.

Quickly, idiot! Closer.

Will I soil my hands? A little bit.

Ah, no.

Imagine how many pleasures these lips can give...

Who are you? Shut up!

Is it in the script? Get down on the floor!

What are you doing?

Don't kill me, I'm an actress!

Oh, God! Drop the phone, drop it!

He's the client, he's the one with the money.

No... No, no... No. Drop the dough! Come on!

He paid to recreate this era for us!

They enjoy this, these freaks mock blacks and Arabs.

Shut up already!

I am the export manager at a company in Montpellier.

Why kill such a jerk?

Have mercy: I am Muslim!

So am I! I am too!

I am Jewish! My God.

So you like my mouth?

No, no...

Оh, no!


Flash Back.

Look at your father. He doesn't understand?

Nothing! Look: He's struggling, and struggling...

As if a dog bit his balls.

Look, he'll lift his head and say:

"What is this, I don't understand, is it a movie, a show?

This is kind of weird. And this is completely racist!"

I don't understand... What?

I don't understand anything. What is this?

You didn't like it, dad? What did you say?

Take headphones off. Why are you showing me this?

This is a promo of series pilot, my project for Starnet.

I didn't get a single word of what he just said.

He produces a film for a digital platform.

Ah, okay, but this is racist, no?

Racist... Well, no.

What kind of humor is it? Why is he laughing?

Because this is satire, dad!

Ah, well, yes... Of course, satire Forgive the idiot.

There should always be an idiot at a table, no?


This is a very cheap trick to treat blacks like animals.

Dad! Who will watch this?

Everybody! Mom, calm down.

Everybody, millions of people. On the Internet, you mean?

Yes, on the Internet.

On a tablet, on VOD, via streaming, you don't even know these words!

Well, sorry. Don't be, you don't care.

Мoм! Isn't it the truth?

He doesn't care about what we do.

Could I have more wine? With or without alcohol?

What, they have invented without alcohol already? - Yes, yes.

We need to speed up. We are half hour away to our next project.

Yes, are there girls with big tits there?

Is he aware we are not filming porno?

By the way this pilot is inspired by an actual company.

My childhood friend takes orders to organize these historical events.

Dad? Dad?

What? Do you remember Antoine?

Who? - Antoine Beck, remember? My childhood friend.

Unlucky guy.

Victor, you used to adore him. You gave him books all the time...

No, sorry, I... I don't remember.

Well, ten years ago he founded this huge company.

He though classic fiction did not work anymore, and gave his clients an ability to immerse physically into any era: Medieval, World War II, anything you want.

OK. Good evening.

Show me the shoes. OK, great.

Well, so... something here... We can add something? Ah, Pierrot!

Light up the candle, quickly. Good evening. This is good.

OK. Great. Very good.

Eh, Mathieu Molé, I told you already he wasn't born yet.

No "but", no "but" - that's it.

Good evening. Good evening.

Is it yours? Yes.

OK, take it off. OK, attention, please kindly, take away all your mobile phones, you were warned!

Gather up, please.

Where's Paul? Here.

What's your name? Paul.

No, tomorrow!

Hans Axel Von Fersen, Swedish count and officer, who in seventeen hundred...

Don't quote Wikipedia for me, be natural. When were you born?

Nineteen hundred...

Forgot? No.

Forgot. I will... I'll learn.

OK. I repeat: the client tomorrow, she knows EVERYTHING about Marie Antoinette, and dreams to be her. The bitch is more meticulous than me.

Know everything by hard: your biography, your character, your habits, your dialogues –

Hi – your dialogues...

It must be expensive?

Yes... It depends on a client, but pretty much – yes.

The business is going very very well, he bought 2,000 square meters site.

The work goes on 24 hours. He rents a castle in Fontainebleau.

Yes, that's true. Nostalgia sells better and better now.

Great! Yes-yes, it's true.

And you, Victor? If you have to pick an era – just for one night – what would you choose?

Prehistoric. When I still slept with my wife.


Margot? Come quickly, the viewers are here. - I'm coming.

RESERVED: Antoine.

Tomorrow we work without an ear piece. There's not enough for 40 of you.

Is he still with Margot?

Oh, no. You don't know? She returned to her theater.

And what? He just doesn't want her to live her life.

So he dropped her?

Frankly – I don't know. He dropped her, or she dropped him.

You invited Antoine? No.

Don't lie, I saw his name. Where?

On the list. I was just being polite.

You are polite? And smiley!

Like I don't see how you cry every night.

That's my part. My lines are moronic.

You cry over his big childish eyes.

Enough! And about his limp.

Shut up. And his big wet dick.

You know something about that?

I guessed it. What about your politeness?

OK, now where to? To 1932.

The party with Hemingway in 30 minutes. Who do we have as Hemingway?

Well, Sylvain left us. She called Maurice.

Maurice? The one who was de Gaulle on New Year's Eve?

Yes. But he is old.

There are no other actors with English.

And nothing to you at all those stars, heaven.

Be silent, eat, drink, break the sails...

Imagine any face, any age, any

And what, it will respond to me? Ah, no, to you - it won't.

Yes, the system for now only recognizes English or French.

You mean, you don't have patients anymore?

On the contrary. I have 3,000 of them. Drei Tausend?

A day.

Yes, mom and I have developed psychoanalysis on line.

He works with the algorithms of constantly repeated questions.

This is genius. Are the clients happy?

Yes but I cannot borrow any money from them.

Beautiful. Some kind of Oedipus complex exhibition.

Excuse me, could I ask for your...?

Yes, of course. I sold only 3 copies of this.

Your name is...? Brigitte.

This is for my grandmother, she read it to me when I was little. And I was on my potty.

Bruno, nice to meet you. I work for your son.

He is the best boss in the world. Very kind.

Why would he be mean – with all his money.

And what are you doing now?

Now I'm sitting on a chair. Here you go. Thank you.

Fell asleep. What?

My husband is having a siesta.

He's tired maybe? No, we tired him out.

What is this: tomato juice? Not a sip of vodka in it.

I don't drink alcohol, Antoine. You? Hemingway doesn't drink alcohol?

But I'm not Hemingway... Hemingway exuded alcohol Yes but my name's Maurice...

Antoine, it doesn't matter Bloody Mary has no scent Juice and Tabasco mask vodka odor.

Yes, I am aware but there is no Tabasco here.

I come out of gastritis, Antoine My stomach is still fragile.

Pour vodka into his glass. He really did puke for 3 days.

So he'll survive the 4th day too.

The clients asked for a boozy night with 3 drunkards...

Good evening. Good evening.

Give them vodka and tons of Tabasco.

If they're sick, I don't care. So gentlemen...

What is this painting?

I... don't know. Beautiful, no?

Very. Intelligent woman. And also funny.

I would marry her. I would too.

Did you hang her here?

No. Yes.

I am inert, metallic, I extirpate my pleasure in the fire of their tears.

Oh la la. It was nice to see you.

Yes, we had a good time.. Go on. Careful.

Alright, see you soon!

Slept well?

Doors are closing.

Shut up. This... was for her.

When can we discuss the project?

Ah, well, I'll call you tomorrow. Let's go.

OK. Here you go... This is for you.

What's this? A present, you'll see.

Thank you. See you!

OK, let's go.

You won't open it? Not curious?

Probably another stupid gadget.

Don't you think he is a bit annoying lately?

Do you envy his looks and wealth?

You're just jealous... Jealous of who? My son?

In 300 meters turn left.

It's just you're so in love with him, we'll have a threesome soon.

Turn left.

OK! Turn her off, we live at this corner!

No, I prefer GPS voice. To mine?

Don't piss me off: your son wants to help, offers a job.

I don't want to work with video games.

This is not a game, these are animated series.

This is not for me, I create comics!

And so? It's the same thing: drawings, characters, dialogues, a script...

Only this time, finally, you'll get money.

Аh, money, money...

Take action! You read Freud: «In the beginning there was the action».

Action?! Understand? You better watch the road.

Not need! This is Tesla, it goes by itself!

It scares me.

EVERYTHING scares you, my dear!

Turn left. Shut up, bitch!

Oh, shit! What?

I forgot about milk for the morning, can you get some?

Well, yes, if... Doors open.

Аh, yes, thanks!

Let's drink to alcohol!

Sorry, Pardon.

Yes, darling?

I can't anymore, Francois. What happened?

I have to get a hold of myself, I feel the archaic pleasure that is generally observed in sadists.

Darling, I am at a historical party...

..with Faulkner and Hemingway. I can't talk.

When will we see each other? Whenever you want.

Ah, hanging up. Love you. Finally, I crystallize.

Sorry, I don't understand... My card is not going through.

What a nightmare...

Like we agreed: all bullets are blanks, right?

Shit! Shit!

"Dear Mr. Drumond, Your son and I are happy to offer you to spend an evening in any era with "Time Travelers"

Smoke detection Smoke detection Fuck you!




Want a joint? No, thank you.

What are you doing there?

Testing a sleep app.

Just blink and it changes a scenery. It's nice. And you?

Testing a book made of paper, you have to turn pages, very funny.

I like a pencil to draw, a brush to paint...

And I love when you kiss me with your mouth.

Use your hands to touch yourself.

How does it turn off? Figure out.

Damn... Good night. Good night.

Oh, no! Just 5 minutes. I'm relaxing.

My teeth are chattering. Beat it!


Here - a guest room for friends.

Guests don't come anymore, Sleep here. If we are still friends.

You don't want to sleep together?

I don't, I age faster when I sleep with you.

Do you keep seeing that asshole that kicked me out from the newspaper?

You stopped seeing all your patients already but this one is still around.

But he is your best friend. WAS!

Someone has to keep working, dammit!

Excuse me, maybe you want to take your mask off? It's in the way of our fight.

No, that way I don't see your granny pajamas.

But... I am a granddad! And you're a grandma!

But I don't look it. Take it off!

Take it off! No!

Leave me alone! Get out!

Why? Because you criticize everything.

Everything! And it destroys me!

It was funny at first but there are limits. You know what I think?

You've lived for too long.

I thought you'd kill yourself by now: he doesn't like people, hates progress, doesn't work, son pisses him off, wife can't stand him he just must kill himself already!

But no. You're here, doing fine, and you hate everybody.

There's no luck to even be a widow!

What do you mean I don't work? You mean comics?

Yes-yes, it's moving along.

Moving along where? Backward? Four years have passed.

Nobody buys books. Nobody buys YOUR books.

Stop drinking.

I drink, I live, I move forward! And you should drink more often too!

What are you doing? I'm throwing you out, dear.

Everyone kicks you out. You are the archetype of the kicked guy.

Why should I leave!? Because I pay the rent!

You don't even have a cell phone. So what? Do you want me to be like you?

Tap your finger ordering day and night all over the Internet.

We don't eat out, we don't go to movies.

My book shop has closed, the record store disappeared, and my drawings are sold on antique sites.

Because the times have changed! Yes and I don't like it!

Go on! Scram! Stand alone, puff up your chest, under enemy's fire, with your chin up!

You're drunk?

I can't stand your clothes even, everything is Grey, black, even after wash it is like they stink.

OK, watch it, Marianne, if you keep talking to me in that tone, I'll explode.

Oh, yea? Here! And here!

Go on, please!

I want to clarify - if I leave now...

Faster. Think.

OK. I did. You can do it, just 2 meters, I believe you. "In the beginning there was the action".

And... what about money?

You'll have to think about prostitution. You know what, enough.

Marianne, I am leaving. I swear I'll leave now.

Exactly what I need!



May 1974

Where did he sleep? Don't know.

When will I see you?

Did you tell him? No. Not yet.

Monsieur Giraud? And you? How are you feeling?

Don't know. Good. Free.

Time Travelers.

You know, love, I want you to be sure...Ah!

Damn, you scared me!


What are you doing here? I almost peed myself.

Or peed myself. Not much, a drop or two...

And what then? What did he say?

How's the newspaper? Well, you know...

I don't care. I understand.

You look great for someone who sacked 20 people.

Thank you. Some whisky?

How is it going with my wife? Meaning the sessions are going well?

Yes, great.

I think she is cheating.

No, Marianne? Yes.

With who? Everybody.

Anyone is good for her, it doesn't matter.

Any idiot, any shitface, any douchebag...

Most importantly, younger than me. She needs anything new to rejuvenate herself.

She'll lick pampers if it makes her younger.

Well, you're... She wants life, this mad woman...

And you don't? Ha, in this environment?

I understand.

You understand everything, yes. Do you cheat on your wife?

Me? No, not in a long time. Oh, damn.

Why? You had that little studio, Remember, the bachelor's place?

He has nowhere to go, I gave him the keys.

My husband lives with you now?

Yes, at least we know where he is. I'm joking.

And where are we now? At yours.

Are you kidding me? Not at all. On the contrary.

I want to love you everywhere. For real.

At our age?

You are ageless. Really?

You're the youngest of all women.

OK, let's go on with our session. How are you feeling?

Quite alright. Did I tell you I have dreams about my brother?

Why are you looking at me like this?

I am just happy to see you, dad.

You know, when you died, mom gave me to read your letters to her.

It turns out, you're kind and empathetic.

I know, I should have come to the funeral. So sorry, forgive me.

I was afraid I'd cry, and you emerge from your casket and say:

"Why you act like a faggot, pull yourself together". Yes, you talked like that.

I was able to cry only after 15 years.

Cry, sonny, cry.

I may? You must.

Yea... They are superb today. Like in Claude Lelouch film.

Gerard, if you can cry – it will be amazing.

I am really trying.

Should we turn on some music, will it help?

Yes, thank you.

I wasted my whole life. Blew my inheritance.

That I can do for sure. That - and to grieve.

And you had a goal in life.

You were complicated but aspiring.

My dear...

There it goes... It turned out great, right?

Yes, they are superb.

Go on.

Ah, please come Monsieur. I was expecting you. Sit down. Nice to meet you.

Thank you.

Let me ask you a few questions...

So what did you do?

Please do.

So what did you do?

Nothing. Actually, I am a cartoonist, draw for a paper.

Political cartoons... Cool.

But... there is no more newspaper, so...

Yes, meaning, it... exists, but only on the Internet.

And nobody needs cartoons there. They need stupid stuff but not cartoons.

O-K. So that's all good...

Is it him? Now tell me...

When do you want to start? Well. The sooner, the better.

I have no urgent matters or projects...

Nothing is left in life.

Super. Are you interested in particular time or... choose from our suggestions?

Yes, I actually like 74


Yes, 1974.

May 16, 1974, in Lyon.

Ah, you're so specific.

Yes because this is the day I met a girl and fell in love with her deeply.

We went to a cafe, It's a pharmacy now.

Is this woman alive?

No. She... died...

She died already... very... very long time ago.

Is it a problem? No-no, not at all. On the contrary.

"On the contrary"?

Ah, sorry. It didn't come out right, excuse me.

So now, who do you want to be on that day?

To be myself. So you want to stay as you?

Well, yes... Not that I like it, but in that moment, in that time, it was good to be me. meaning not "great", but... It was better.

You're not convinced, right?

Why? Quite.

Yes-yes.. So I'll explain how it works.

We will get in touch in a few days, and if you are ready we'll pick you up.

You'll take my to Lyon or...?

No, I don't think so.

We have several sets, the main one is close by.

Go on!

If it helps... I have everything documented.

I found some sketches for old comics.

Great. That's the cafe.

Ah... Great, thank you. I was younger, right?

Just great. The sketches and all...

Please be careful with them, These sketches are precious to me.




Hello Monsieur Drumond. Happy to see you. Did you get here alright?

It's crazy. The hotel was demolished in the 80s.

And everything is like real.

Everything IS real.

Your key, number 14, right?

14, precisely.

We already put all your things in a closet.

My things? What things?

Beyond these sketches, are there any photos, souvenirs or...?

I left home, so there's not much.

You ad "Made to measure" is not just a slogan.


Margot! No.

Wait up! What do you want?

You were genius. You came at the end.

Sorry, I had no time. I have no time either.

How was it? You saw - the full house.

Stadiums are next. That's why you should come back.

I'm so sick of you, what do you want? I want you.

And I don't want you. I don't want to see you, get it?

I don't mean personally, I mean work.

It doesn't matter. Sick of work too.

Listen, it really is important.

You think I'll agree again?

No, I don't. Yes, you think I'll say yes.

Always say Yes. No.

Ah, yes... like this... like this...

Yes... Yes... Yes...

No. What's this time? Who's the client?

My good acquaintance. He's very important to me.

Somebody's still important to you? Like a real human?

I knew him in my childhood. His book saved my life.

I won't say thanks to him.

It's a whole script to play with.

Can I improvise?

Why always improvise?

Why all actors always want to improvise?

Forget it. You need to get a hold of yourself.

Me? You're going to yell at me.

You don't listen! You have glassy gaze!

I swear, no!

What "no"? Even now your eyes are empty! You're not with us! Where are you?

Margot? Margot? Did you see Margot?

Let's dial her, see where she is. Anybody call her mobile – 06 12 45 27 15.

Two days of rehearsals – and what? Is it complicated?

What are we doing here? How old are you, Madam?


85, Madam! 85 years!

Do you think she has nothing to do but sit and wait.. for you to finish slacking and start playing those fucking scenes?

Oh, no...

And then you'll say you're sorry...

My angel, no time to cry...

We are working, forgive me.

I'm not yelling at you, I'm yelling at an actress, a character.

And it starts again.

I am not here to lick your boots, Shit, I don't know.

Should I watch everything I say? Careful! We have a porcelain madam.

No matter what you tell her, how you touch her, she is hurt, she pouts.

Change your profession, darling, If you don't like it.

Attention, she's very touchy... AN ACTRESS!

No, no, no, no, no and no!

We are rehearsing this fucking scene for 2 days, and you don't know how to look at him?

And excuses again...

You were magnificent. The client fell in love with you.

I am sorry about everything. The scene is not ready, I'm in a rush.

Not a problem. You need a shrink.

I need a shrink? You broke my nose.

You always find something.

The look isn't right or I said something. I'll never be the way you want.

You're the best. Why you treat me this way?

Ah, my leg! Don't! Аh? Why?

I'm trying, you know it.

I meditate, I went to a specialist but I don't know...

Wait, you got water everywhere.


He is an artist. He was very popular in the 80s.

And who do I play?

Love of his life. You play that very well.

Tell this to your sluts.

You won't stay? I can't.

I have 8 days to build the 70s.

Interiors are all from the 50s but I have to redo all the facades...

Fuck you.

Here, Don't forget. Good night.

Afraid to bump into furniture? No.

Last time you turned the dresser over.

I meditate now. Wow...

Hi, beautiful. Hi.

Glad you're back. Yea... You're lucky.

Margot? Can you hear me? Unfortunately, yes. in our new studio.

Look at this interior, I hope you like this vivid color...

Client is coming. Yes, it's time to start.

Everyone has a script? Helloooo, who am I speaking to?

Yes-yes Listen, we need to change this couple. What's wrong?

Too young and beautiful, like a couples ad.

No time to make changes. Are you ready? He's coming.

Wait, Amelie, you see the girl behind you?

Hi. Can you stand in her place?

Me? I'm not an actress! Yes, you'll be great. Right?

Great. Great.

Go change. OK, cool. I'll laugh at least.

Yes, me too. Alright, let's start. Everyone starts smoking.

Quickly, quickly!

Everyone turns on their cigarettes. Come on, cigarettes!

Hello! How's life? Yes, great...

Half of my life went through this bistro, it was my office, my home.

I'd spent nights there if Yvon allowed.

Hi Mesrine, alive? In my memories you are always alive.

What did you like especially in the 70s?

Everything was simpler, There were rich, poor, left, right.

We defended immigrants regardless of the economy, Religious ones didn't push their stuff on us.

People talked to each other, and didn't state into their phones.

And then, I was younger, that's that.

So? Are you parents alright?

No. I mean, yes. Maybe, I don't know anymore.

If you're going to dine, the table will be in 5 minutes Oh, great.

Want a drink? Maybe a small "Suze"?

Oh, of course, "Suze"! "Suze" was great, yes-yes.

Serve "Suze" to the young man. "the young man"...


What are you reading? France-Soir.

Thank you. Remind me, what's your name?


Jean-Claude. Your name is Jean-Claude.

Jean-Claude. Аh, Jean-Claude!

That's right! With mustache... and accent from Toulouse.

Jean-Claude. We found out later he was using and overdosed.

This is not funny at all, I don't know why I'm laughing... Seeing all this...

They did a great work, this is fucking amazing...

Can I ask you a question? Yes, please.

Who is our Minister of Finance? Eh...

Minister of Finance, 1974. Quickly, quickly..

1974, come on! Let me think...

"Bah-bah" Well?

Fourcade! Fourcade!

Jean-Pierre Fourcade.

Fourcade. Gotcha! If it's May 16 today.

He won't be in for 2 more weeks. So Giscard for now.

Ah, bastard. Say you don't give a damn about politics.

I don't give a damn about politics.

You're right – see, nothing good has come out of it so far.

Coluche doesn't say much BS. He should be the President.

Ragu for 20 francs? That, I understand.

And it's very delicious.

Oh, yes! Lamb stew with salty lentils, crusted pie, Coq Au Vin, dumplings...

That's real food! We'll get fat and die but with a smile.

Excuse me, No offense, Are you real or also an actor?

Ah, no, I'm a client. I pay for everything like you.

And you and I are in the same time?

Yes, it looks like my past, so I decided to save. Do you mind?

Not at all. Except I was in Lille.

What age you ordered? 25.

And you? 18.

Just like that! Why deprive yourself?

Youngsters, another round? No-no, thank you.

"Youngsters", it's ridiculous. I love it.

Do you believe all this?

Oh, yes. You'll be amazed.

Yes, we doubt at first but little by little...

This is my second week. Second week? You must be rich.

Yes, my father left me inheritance.

By the way, I'm meeting him tonight. And not just tonight.

Yes. Every day I relive the same meeting.

Аh, there he is. Dad! Have a good evening.

Yes-yes, you too.

Dad... Crazy, yes?


Friend, hungry? Your table is ready.



Yes, don't think I'm weird. Can I have hard boiled eggs with sugar?

One moment.

I left him. Who?

Your father. And since you asked, I found someone else.

Yes-yes. He's younger, more positive, and generally is...well, you understand.

Most likely, we'll live together.

And, since you asked, yes, at our home.

I adore the apartment, I don't want to give it up.


I know what you're thinking. Too late to fall in love, However, first - I disagree, Second, not in love as far as I think, but it doesn't matter, that's not it.

Don't look at me with those bourgeois eyes.

Don't forget, Freud said:

"The cheerful disposition is produced... permission to do what is forbidden."

So don't interfere. I wasn't in your way when you married that bitch.

It's cute here. Come here often?

Here, Victor. Thank you, Lucie.

You're welcome. Lucie, wait a minute.

What? When is your shift over?

Why? Because I love you.

I wrote a song last night. Alright, don't act like a fool.

Yes, it's called "The Waitress with Golden Eyes"

The waitress with the golden eyes, She served me glasses once or twice..

I see her body with each sip...

He's a singer? Really?

Tonight we both will take a dip.

Do you like him? The best.

Is Margot out of her mind there? Freddy started already... Where is she?

Calm down. I'm coming!

Take your pills, or let someone suck your dick, just don't yell into my ear.


If he likes transsexuals he'll not be disappointed.

Hey-hey-hey, Johnny Halliday, second rate, you hurt my ears!

Problems with youth? Problems with morons.

It's almost the same.

Old fascist! Young faggot!

Oh, I'm sorry... Sorry, excuse me.

It's OK, no big deal.

When I saw her for the first time, I thought she was drunk.

A real bowling ball - she knocked down everything in her way.

Hi, baby! "Baby"?

I thought you got sick. You told me you have a fever.

When she was angry, it seemed like the whole building was shaking.

Ready? Let's go.

Don't look sick.

Got better.

Ah, yeah, good start, my angel.

I love your velvet skin I love it when you bring...

Your body and your breasts I also love the rest...

It hurts!

Natalie digs this shit? Come on, it's just a little song.

Come on, it's just your balls. Seriously, it really hurts.

Never allowed with my girlfriends.

Yes but this girlfriend is really good... Bitch!

No! Slut! What?

If my memory serves me right, he called her a slut, not a bitch.

He's right.

One more mistake and I'll cut your balls. Go on.

Is he mocking me? It's true, I am quibbling.

Look into my eyes, asshole.

You're 41, and you don't have a single record to your name.

You carry your guitar to compensate the prick between your legs.

Yes, it's very well said She didn't talk like that but...

...everything is exaggerated in memories.

Will you shut up? You're doing great, continue.

Who are you? Me? Just a person. Nobody yet.

OK. I gotta take off.

Alright, piss off.

Young man. What?

Please allow me... Fuck!

She threw her wine at you. Asshole.

Idiots, you see this is wine, no? Do you have eyes, what's this??

Fuck! Are they nuts? This is my personal jacket.

Shit. Yes, they didn't warn me.

Calm down. Don't try to calm me down.

This scene cost me 35K!

3 days of rehearsals with 5 characters. And we have the Munich Agreement tomorrow.

Fuck, I'm sick of Nazis.


What is she doing?

This ear is 800 Euro.

How can she act if you're yelling into her ear?

I always play idiots. Is it my face?

Well... "Well" what?

Not the face... But just in general.

Want to insult me? It helps to let off some steam.

Can I? Of course!

You're ugly.

Men are liars, inconsistent, false, talkative, coward... hypocritical, arrogant, And despicable, right? Perfect.

Musset. It was his favorite monologue.

But as you added "ugly"... That was not in the text.

Your look inspired me.

I'm kidding.

So am I. Feel better?

I'm tired of this chain of scoundrels. Chain, really?

It's my sin, I'm wrong every time. You have a bad taste?

Very. For example, I find you charming. Оh, yes, it's serious then.

Marry me. Are you serious?

Yes-yes, it has to stop.

Even if you’re a bastard, you would be the last.

Is she improvising? No. She has good memory.

What do you do?

Medical school. Fuck, you're a student! Let Lucie bring her a new ear.

Dim the lights.

Maybe you flunked your entry exam to a medical school?

How did you know? Don't know, just intuition.

I'm impressed. Continue.

I think you were born in Grenoble, no?

You were born premature. Ouch.

Yes, nearly died, I'm lucky. And my parents?

O-la-la, I hated them. Your father especially.

He dreamed you become a surgeon. You made a prep in Bordeaux but suddenly you fell in love.

With an asshole? Naturally. Jealous one.

Evil? Like hell.

He wanted you for himself.

So he kept me from working? Always.

Then he left you for a blonde, "ver-ver tall".

You always said quickly "ver-ver".

Since then you wear "ver-ver" high heels.

You know me "ver-ver" well. I think so too.

Brilliant. She is a genius.

That's all?

No, you don't like being a redhead.

In a few years you'll become a brunette.

I was upset but it was very good too.

And politically I am...?

Very strange. A communist at the moment, but in 35 years – You'll vote for Sarkozy.

Who's that? Eh, that's not important.

And you? Me? I owe you everything.

Everything? Everything.

Drawing, for example.

A hobby became work after 2 years with your support..

You saved me from alcoholism.

Introduced books, people, cities to me... Everything.

Grandpa has good lines.

It's pretty, what you say. I would love to be told that.

It's time for her to order hard boiled eggs...

With sugar. Add some light.

Can I take this, Victor?

Maybe dessert? Yes!

Don't think I'm weird but can I have hard boiled eggs with sugar?

Yes-yes, of course.

Thank you. You're welcome.

I don't know, I just love them.

You don't have to, this is a very peculiar dish.

I just love them.

Oh, poor thing...

Are you an actress? Me?

You should try, you're great. A few lines you said...

Frankly, it was just... I don't understand what you mean.

Do they pay well? Your work is difficult, You have to learn new lines every night.

And then, there's no applause here. If you want I can clap for you?

He's breaking the fourth wall.

Margot, change the subject. Tell him about his hands.

Guys love that. Any kind of compliments.

You know, what you never do.

We would've been still together if only you...

Making me mad? Excuse me?

Making me mad about you!

Why don't you invite me for a drink? I only have beer left from that asshole.

Please join.

Transfer. Move away.

What would you like?

You have nice teeth. And ears – just beautiful.

My ears? Yes, top notch.

Not big, not small.

And your hands...

My god, these hands...

Easy, my baby, sex isn't in the script.

I'm not your baby. I didn't call you baby...

Are they always so gentle? Ah, I... don't know, I...

Yes? Whisky, please.

No, she drank vodka.

But I want whisky. Do I have a choice?

Of course, you have. Of course, you have.

"Telephone rings".

Telephone. Telephone.

Ah! That's for you.

Hello? One moment. Marianne!



I immediately hated the caller.

I imagined men who are stronger and more handsome...

It wasn't difficult.

OK! I have to go. My date. With the other?

Yes, with "the other". Where does dad sleep?

At his friend's. Who?

You don't know him. Poor man.

Come on, baby. Don't be upset. Before we were both annoying.

Now it's just him, his nagging will stay with you forever.

I don't recognize you, mom. I think you will regret this.

Come on! Tuli-luli-da.

You don't want to rejoice instead of judging me?

Don't look like this - I didn't break up with you.

I should never have breastfed you. Freud warned:

"Sucking the breast becomes the starting point of all sex life".

But he forgot to say it ends there too. Good night.

Yes, hello. Is everything good there?

Yes, everything is going well, trust me. Is he happy? Does he have a boner?

What? Tell me - is his dick hard?

I'll go check. Bye.

Sorry, it was my brother.

Yes she said that. Later I found out this "brother" was an Italian.. she slept with on Wednesdays.

You think I'm a slut?

It's 1974.

Mad period of your life. People change after.

Doubt it.

Not true. People change, he's right.

Shut up. OK.

You've never been so beautiful.

We're not in your way, are we?

You're beautiful, Margot. Shut up.

I could watch you for hours.

Sorry, I got distracted.

Something's wrong?

No, no, all's good.

I just have to stop making the same mistakes.

OK, sorry, bad timing... Continue the scene.

I'm tired of waiting for some sweetness, some harmony.

Something real. I'm tired of waiting.

What is she doing?

Excuse me.

OK, let the singer in. And then Gisele right after.

Let the singer in. And then Gisele right after.

Another great singer?

Beb. You're coming? Everyone's waiting for us.

I have to go. Already?

Beautiful. Turn up the volume.

Oh yes. What a detail!

You're a pitiful pervert, Antoine. You get off on your productions.

Miss! Yes?

You dropped this. Ah, thank you.

It's nice to meet you. I know that.. everything was fake but it was nice.

Will you come tomorrow night? I will.


I think, there was rain.

Not on that night - I checked.

Who cares, give him rain.

Thank you!

Turn this rain off before I catch a cold.

What plans tonight? Let's see each other?

So pretty.

Yes but so young she could be my daughter.

We choose our age. I am barely 18. Meet my father.

Nice to meet you.

Same here, young man. See you soon, dear.

Bye, dad!

Don't go crazy, he has an important exam in the morning.


How was it? Good.

Considering he'll die of a heart attack in 5 hours.

One more? Why not.

We'll laugh together. Yes.

Let's rejoice. Yes.

Look at me like you're in paradise.

I have to put my glasses on.

Oh, yes...

When asked what happiness is, Friedrich Engels responded:

"A sip of Chateau Margaux 1848..."

Stop it. You know I don't like wine. Have any beer?

Beer!? I hate this painting.

I look dead there. Just like when we used to live together.

We weren't that unhappy.

Aren't you tired of all this crap?

I was afraid to turn around here.

I wanted to put on sneakers, to eat McDonald's and listen to rap.

Who stopped you? You scared me.

I pretended I read poetry and love opera.

During sex I wondered how women blew cocks in 1841.

I'll tell you, that's easy.

Excuse me, I just wanted to leave the schedule for tomorrow.

Thank you.

Oh, yes – do I have to be an actress tomorrow?

It's just I thought... It seemed, it was an interesting experience and...

OK, we'll discuss tomorrow.

See you tomorrow, thank you.

She trembled! Did you fuck her? No.

Yes, you did. And these two? You fuck them all at least once.

It's like sickness.

It's like a revenge on your yellow teeth and acne period.

What are you doing? Leaving?

Tell me, is your limp a lame approach to make it chic or what?

Bye. Close the door behind you.

Just like the Nineteenth century.

Lord Byron at Lido beaches. Clown.


Oh, shit...

You're snoring.

Ah, yeah. Stop it!

Monsieur Drumond? Monsieur Drumond?

Excuse me, we have to take your suit back.

Yes? Why?

Just reminding that you're checking out today.

This is not possible, I have a date tonight, I don't understand.

Yes-yes, I understand, how much to extend for another night or two?

Wait, let me calculate, I can't tell you off the top of my head.

Two nights... That'll be... Yes, 20,000.

What did you say? That's in Euro? This is so expensive?!

OK, you know what, fine.

Monsieur Drumond, your suit.

What about the suit? Yes, it's mine, the most expensive suit of my life. I'm staying.

And where is he going to find that money?

Don't worry about it. Starting rehearsals?

Yes, go ahead.

Who's this clown?

My father.

See? You're everywhere here.

Review the contract at least. Want to meet the team?

No-no, that's OK, I see they're good guys.

Alright. I am so glad, I've dreamed of us working together for so long.

Look, me too, honestly.

At last. I have one more favor though.


Are we going to work with him? He's a weird character.

This is... very large amount.

Yes but that'd be an advanced pay. OK, dad, it's just...

Don't make me beg you, I took care of you for 25 years.

Let's say that's the compensation for all your holidays.

Alright, let's.

Is he writing him a check?

How's mom? Is she well?

Great! Super! Really! It's like I am finding out who she truly is.

Here you go.

Hello? This costs me a pretty penny.

Think, it's not worth it? No, I think it is.

Alright, see you.

Show me the petals rain.

Hey, guys. Grass should be everywhere, here and there.

This is a grass rug. Turn off the light. Ready?

Not bad. This should work.


Want anything? No, I'm just waiting for somebody.

That cutie? Do you know how old she is?

You know, true beauty has no age.

You're so green, boy.

Are you in love with him or something?

Ah, that... was a long time ago.

I was 13 or 14. We lived in a dump, I had bad grades.

My father always yelled I have no brain.

I was short, I had pimples all over my face.

You did too? I'm so pleased to hear that.

One day I found out that my girl dropped me for a guy named Jerome Corcelet.

Jerome Corcelet... That motherfucker...

I opened the window, I looked into the void... and did something stupid.

I went bonkers.

Ah, that's why you have the limp.

No, not then. We lived on 2nd floor, I just sprained my wrist.

Two months after I met his son and became friends.

He invited me to spend holidays together.

It was a different world – funny, lively people, and so in love with each other.

I've never met a couple like that.

One day he gave me his latest book.

I read it every year.

So what happened to the leg?

A ski accident in Valmorel.

His shin was fractured, they fixed him, but 2 months after he ran...

Where is she? I don't know.

We're going to my brother's friend's party. Come with us!

But... I... Let's go, it's close.


OK, let's go! Faster! Faster!

Here. Thanks, but no.

Аh? No, nothing.

Let me, I don't mind some.

I just try not to mix... alcohol with... well...

Alcohol with what? Well, with... with...

So here he is – your handsome guy! Pleased, Gisele.

Oh, yeah, Gisele! Our crazy Gisele.

Ah, I'm so glad to see you again. I liked her, that Gisele. Yes...

Sweetie, the night is young. Alright...

Calm down, darling.

A moment, friends – Need to clear up my pipes.

Аh! I'm sorry.

No need, what about? And also, she was a very sensitive girl.

She was drinking to overcome her shyness.

Let's get a drink? I wish she was shy.

Hello... Hi!

Who would've known she is a counselor to the Ministry of the Interior now.

I had the impression that the grass grew under my ass, it was a forest of pleasures.

There people are having fun and I am sitting in jail.

Wait, is it real pot?

It is a mix of hemp and weed.

His standards. Everything must be real. I had to call 5 dealers.

If there are leftovers, can I grab some?

Yes, of course. Grab your dick.

With these parallel markets, we are recreating the community utopia, like in the 70s.

People share, everything is mixed, without socio-cultural boundaries.

This is what I call e-friendliness.

How's Victor? All is well?

I'm sorry he couldn't join, he is working. with our son, a huge series project...

Ah, yes? What platform? Starnet.

And if he gets high – he'll sue us?

Him? Just look at him. This type doesn't go to courts.

You're a beautiful dancer. What?

I'm saying you're a beautiful dancer.

Darling, ease up on your beer.

Fuck off.

You know, his wife wasn't a stripper.

Oh, yea?

Release the roses. No, forget about the roses!

Are you an idiot?

She's so beautiful... Yeah.

Yes, she's very very beautiful.

What's your decision?

By the way, have you tried coffee enema cleansing?

Coffee enema?

Yes. I read about it on Gwyneth Paltrow's blog.

Coffee bean introduction to your rectum can detox your colon.

Very interesting.

Marianne? Marianne?

I'm sorry... All is well?

Yes, all is great. I mean, no - you are boring.

What did you say? Yes, boring, aren't you?

Just admit it - You are gloomy tonight.

Diane, you know that. Is it my husband?

Did he pay you to behave this way?

Too bad he's not here, Nobody to talk shit about you on the way back home.

I'll go, OK? I think it's time.

I'll take this with me though. This is yummy.

Very delicious.

Do you want me to call you a taxi?

I left Victor. No news from him.

I don't even know what he's doing. That's that.


Great hair. Is it real?

Of course, it's real. Everything is real.

Аh... Where... did people like you go...where did they hide you?

Do you know where my wife is? Who?

I'll go look.

Enough pot for him. Ah, I like him this way.

Sorry. Join us.

Maybe later.

I love my job. We're leaving.

That's it. The orgy is over.

Am I intruding?

No, not at all, everything is spinning..

O-la-la, their.. rug is so strong.

Oh, yea!

Just remember not to close your eyes.




I think it's worse.

Yes, it's worse.

Look at me.

You have this perfume, I loved it, with bergamot.

I miss you so much.


Is she crazy? What is she doing?

It says: "We kiss with nothing holding us back"

No but we edited this part out!

What are you doing? I'm old.

Me too. Very old.

Margot, don't go too far with this, don't be vengeful.

She has a right.

What did you say? Nothing.

I'll go and ask. What is all this kissing for?

Calm down already.

That's it. Stop all the dancing. Stop.

Come on, let her improvise a bit. Improvise what? A blowjob? Or anal?

Stop, just let her be.

This is water. Fuck...

What's this? Everything is phony, ah? Everything is phony.

This is phony. That is phony. Everything! Everything! And I am a phony!


Well, you must have a name? No!

You must! Everything in the world has a name!

We'll cut through here..I hope.. through Studio Е.

Gentlemen, the discussion is progressing rather positively.


Not sure about you, gentlemen, but I'm hungry.

What do you think the wonderful chef has prepared? I hope it's a Kugel.


Excuse us, gentlemen, we...

Sorry, Monsieur, scene in progress. Yes, 2 seconds.

Oh! It can't be...

This is crazy.

Who are you? Excuse me, Monsieur, I... Run! Run!

Are you asleep here? We're having a meeting.

Can I join?

No. Eh, no.

Steep stairs. Yes.

Come in, I'll be a minute.

All is good? Ah, tell me this... this guy...

He hasn't changed much. And you live on the set?

No, this is temporary. I'll make you... ginger tea, you'll feel better. Hungry too, right?

Оh, I could eat an elephant.

My father's name is Piotrowska. Piotrowska?

My parent are Polish. My name's Camille Piotrowska.

You have an accent?

No, I'm not kidding. I was a year and a half when we moved to France.

You know, I just love Poland. Ah, really?

Then tell me, Victor, what do you know about Poland?

I lived near Warsaw, in a village called Dobre.

Ah, yes, Dobre, I know it.

I even drew a comics book about Poland in the 1920s.

Really? I want to see it. So do I. I lost it.

What did you say?

Did you always want to be an actress?

No. I played piano.

We play Chopin before we start to walk.

You played well?

I stopped playing. I didn't have enough talent Who decided that? I did.

Play some more, it's nice.

It's time to go home.

Can I stay? Of course not.

Check your sketches.

You slept together only on a fourth night...

But we are talking in now.

This is not allowed.

If they know you're here- I'll get fired.

And I need my job.

When can I see you?

In 1974.

Monsieur Drumond? Please put this into your ear.

Hi Victor. I hope you can hear me well.

I want to say I was happy to see you smiling yesterday.

It seems you feel better in these few days...

It means so much to me.

Long ago, you helped me when I stopped believing in anything.

You told me:

"Must be curious. You have to develop your imagination."

And I followed your advice.

I didn't find happiness but... It could've been worse.

Now it's my turn to tell you: "Continue to create"

I don't know what awaits you or when but... live your life to the fullest.

Damn, I am rambling on this bullshit.


Sorry to intrude, I just came to get my things, leaving already.

Not a problem. All is good? Great, and you?

You shaved? You look good. Oh, yeah? Really?

Wait. Would you like some coffee?

No, thank you, I have to go to the office.

I see...

Аh, tell me... Yes?

Do you remember Gisele? Who's that?

Gisele. Well, your friend - Gisele. Аh, my Gisele.

Get in touch with her, she's a good girl.

Friends, please meet - Victor, my father, and now he is with us. So...

Paul, Stephane, Louise...

I'm not complaining really...

But for the first time it wasn't pleasant...


My wife and I have an apartment on the side of Biarritz, and we decided to sell it.

Great, of course.

Does your wife agree?

Yes, she always agrees with me. You're so lucky.

What are you doing there? Nothing... Continue please.

I've been meaning to tell you for a while, Despite everything, I love you very much, dad.

Come in, my friends! Come in!

Please, you can sit there.


Can you laugh for us, please?

Ah... could you be more annoying?

Super. And now look at my co-worker with lust.

Great, thank you Again.

Stop it.

Sorry, I'm late. And who are you?

I am Marianne. My darling.

Oh, no-no, that will not work. This is some mistake I don't know what to do.

Neither do I because... Where is she?

I don't know, Monsieur. I asked them for my lines... but...

What happened?

I spent a fortune!

I have no idea what I went through. Tell me where she is!

I can't, Monsieur Drumond, Actors have a right to their private lives.

Yes but when is she back? She won't be back, Monsieur Drumond.

She left the project for personal reasons.

OK, OK, thank you.

What are you doing here?

I work here, sir. Should we clean your room?

But you... What?

I'm working, I was told to play another part. Stand-in.

You are also an actor? What a big word...

And your father and all that? That's part of the script, sir.

Other clients provide reassurance and...


So Monsieur Drumond, do you want to return the key?

I'm going to shove that key down your throat.

I'm just a pawn, Victor, This is work.

Where is she? Who?

The girl! Fuck, let me go!

Where is she? Let go and I'll tell you.

OK. Now I'll give you... the address of a good hair stylist... on the Levallois side. Here!


Sorry, I'm looking for Camille Piotrowska.

Who? That's OK, mom. This is for me.

What are you doing here? I don't understand, we need to talk.

What did you forget here? Mom! I made a mess there!

Again? Come in.

Hi. Hi.

Come in. Sorry for the mess. We had a kid's birthday party yesterday.

Darling, meet Victor - we work together in the project.

Ah, of course, nice to meet you.

About the 70s, yes? Yes.

Sit here. Yes, sit, I'll be back in a moment.

And who do you play there? Father. My father.

Ah, OK! Yes-yes, I see it!

We should have a drink.

Sylvie, please bring us glasses.

Could you hold her for a moment?


You don't have kids, right?

I had... a while ago.

I can't, Antoine... I won't manage.

You already played that kind of sequence, right?

Yes but.. "But" what?

You should see his eyes...

Yes, I see his eyes. Did you sleep with him?


What? Take general shot of the living room.

What's your name? Klaus Barbie.

Beautiful name.

Klaus Barbie...

What's all this?

This is my life. You knew I'm an actress.

Yes but you were a brunette...the Polonaise.. the piano.. What was all that?

I thought you wrote all that 100 years ago...

There's this... Here it is... "The Violinist from Warsaw"

I just improvised a little.

Understand that I play many roles. It's not always easy.


Mom.. What?


Take your coat off, relax..

Could you take it? Oh, no! I hate it.

Go full force, Josiane!

Such a sad little face! Ho-ho, just like a Labrador.

You remind me of someone.

Touch him, go ahead.

Have we met? No, don't think so.

Mom, please... What? I'll check.

You're perverted, right?

I am perverted? What about you?

A stranger plays your wife, you pay her... No but I...

And then you demand a great love story!

Yes, without sadness, like in real life. Ah, yes...

Am I intruding? No, we are rehearsing.

He's good at playing a moron. Perfect.

Let me take her, she might shit...

And the baby is great.

Why the sorrow? What's all this about? You don't even know who I am.

Music, music...

I am scraps of drawings, replicas...

...fragments of your love ...fragments of your love.

I think you love her. You left her but you love her.

You say she has changed, but so did you.

Instead of searching in your first memories of her find what's beautiful... find what's beautiful... sad and surprising there today.

We can not rewrite people exactly as we would like them to stay.

Not everything is up for play.

Must accept to be disappointed, to be criticized, to be predictable, to be less brilliant or whatever, otherwise, we live only in the beginnings.

Why is she crying? ...these beginnings are interesting...

I didn't ask her to cry. ...sketches, but no life.

This is genius. Very convincing.

I am sorry if I upset you, father.

I swear I didn't want it.

Me especially, my daughter.

I'll leave you.

Did I say something wrong?

No-no, Victor is tired, working late.

I fell in love with you. I think for real.

What's that? No, nothing. Rehearsing. See you.

Good bye! See you!

She has never acted like this. What happened, explain it?

Oh, no.

Did he leave? This thing rubs my ear.

Whose kid, take it away. Will you shut up for a second, ah?

Yea, you know, the scene was not funny.

Did you sleep with him? Did you sleep with him?

Margot, did you sleep with him - yes or no?

This is too much...

He'll kill himself - don't say anything.

Alright, stop it - all is good.

He'll go home, find his wife, look at her, like a sailor after a shipwreck. hug her, kneel before her, and ask for forgiveness.

How do you know? Are you God? I'm a script writer.

I knew you'd look good with a baby.

I wanted to see that.


You're sick. Hold her for a moment.

Oh, no, shit, no...

Well, where are your damn cameras, ah?

Where are they? There? Can you see me? Yes or no?

The mirror - 500 Euro. Eh! Оh! Оh! Margot!

Oh, shit...

Margot! Margot!

Margot, stop! Stop!

I can't do this anymore! I can't anymore! I know! I'll stop, I'll stop!

I can't! I can't! I'll stop. I swear - I'm stopping.

I swear to you. I will stop.

I swear, I'll stop... I love you...

I love you...I love you.. I love you..

Hello, darling. Hello.

Have a seat, I made some eggs. Here, a little bit of sugar.

You can't imagine what happened to me.

I'm so glad to see you, everything is so complicated.

Coffee, yes?? Yes.

What happened in short - I returned into the 70s.

I wanted to meet you. To meet you all over again.

When you liked me, or I was good.

Anyway, I met an actress there.

She played you but she was nothing like you.

But she had your red hair, and she used your words.

But after a few days she became a piano player, with dark hair, not like you though - she was born with it, it happens too.

Suddenly - she became blond. She has kids and a house and all that.

But I didn't know that, so I decided: well... what if... she likes me, many people like old people.

But everything was fake. And now I am broke. because of all the fakeness.

By the way, I had to sell our apartment in Biarritz.

What? I sold it.

Are you not normal? No, just poor.

You look good in this pajama.

It's yours. Yes, I know. Want it?

Yes, thank you...

But there's good news. I started to draw again.

Ah, yes? Yes, here you go.

Francois, do you mind if I go to your bachelor pad again?

Of course not.

Thank you very much, you're a real friend.

Yes, you're welcome. Victor? Victor?

Oh, I...

Do you want to shave it off?

Hello? Hello?


We haven't fought in two weeks... Really?

I didn't leave you, you didn't leave me. What does it all mean?

Don't know... We're on holiday.

Adore holidays I haven't had them in so long.

Did you sleep with him when you played the polonaise?

The holiday is over.

Imagine? Yes!

What are you thinking about? It's complicated...

Everything is complicated. Don't simplify anything.

Accept complications.

You can be such an idiot sometimes.

What's that? What are you doing? Are you mad?



Here you are.

Thank you, Lucie. You're welcome.

Lucie, wait a second What?

When is your shift over? Why?

Because I love you. I wrote a song last night.

Alright, don't act like a fool.

Yes, it's called "The Waitress with Golden Eyes"

The waitress with the golden eyes, She served me glasses once or twice..

I see her body with each sip...

Tonight we both will take a dip.

Hi, baby! "Baby"?

You don't remember him at all? No. Do I want to?

Oh, no. No-no.

Yes... It's getting back to me...

Оh, it's so terrible, so good that we are so amusing.

You were the singer, right?

Sometimes yes.

You know, I missed you so much, baby.

На! Damn it!

Аh, you're remembering! Оh, yes, with pleasure.


No-no-no, no-no... Pffft....What an idiot!

I'm so sick of you. No, seriously, I am leaving.

That's for the better.

Good evening. Good evening.

So you were here all that time?

I don't miss it - pseudo-freedom.

Rapists went unpunished, Abortions were a nightmare, I always had a feeling I lived in an ashtray.

I give permission to everyone to stop smoking.

Ah! Finally!

You used to arrange our vacations in Houlgate or weekends in Berlin.

Yes, we had our moments.

What did we talk about on that night?

Oh, yeah! You are lying, fickle fake, talkative, hypocritical, despicable, coward and something else.

Don't remember... Marry me.

No. Why not?

You'll stop liking me in 25 years.

But 25 years is not bad.

And then - I disagree. You are the one who stopped liking me.

Would you like something? Yes, vodka, please.

Two. Fine, make it three.

Come in. Please give him your seat.

Thank you. Thank you, Amelie.

Have a seat, put the headphones on.

Thank you. You're welcome.

All is well? Yes.

By the way, these clothes suit you well.

You should wear ties more often in real life.

I doubt that will change much.

Details matter more after 40 years of knowing each other.

What do you do?

I have my life ahead of me, Monsieur.

Children, marriage, career, everything.

I'm going to take advantage of it because after..I'm going to be crazy.

Are you going to go crazy? One day, yes.

One day I'll wake up and my son will be old and boring, I'll be over my job, my husband will be depressed.

And so, I'll go crazy, But you will regret about it later?

Yes. Very much.


Thank you. Thank you.

I saw your sketches.

And? Unbearable.

They're beautiful.

I haven't been this jealous in ver-ver long time.

As awful as that feeling was, it was good.

It's like I'm 12 again.

I could kill her violently.

I missed.

Me? Yes.

We just met and I already miss you. Why?

It's like that.

I like your hands.

She's right, that idiot. You have soft hands.

Add some light.


Please meet my wife. Nice to meet you.

Good evening. So this is you.

Yes, I'm playing the old version. No, don't say that, you're beautiful.

And who do you play today?

Nobody. Stopped by for a drink on my day off.

Can I ask you something? Yes, of course.

How's your father? I mean you real...

Ah, my father. My father left us a few years ago.

I loved him very much and I must say these few evenings helped me a lot.

My role overwhelmed me. Funny job, you know...

I imagine. Good bye, Mademoiselle.

Good bye.

He's right, you are beautiful.

If they are going to make love now, will you keep watching?


Hello? One moment.

Marianne! I'm not here!

You have the same perfume, right? Yes.

Beb, you're coming? Everyone's waiting for us.

Аh, yes, I have to go.


Call me? OK. When?

Soon. The sooner the better. Time flies, you know...

Yvon? Yes, pal!

The bill please. One moment.

OK, stop, stop. Everything is wrong.

OK, you come here, come on.

Hey, back there - stop making faces. This is not a funeral.

And what are you doing? This is not a comedy. Stop laughing.

You don't know what to do with your hands again?

Show me how you'll kiss the client.

Go on, show me. OK, good.

Wait, show me again. That was not bad.

Well, what's happening? Let's roll. All together.