La belle et la bete (2014) Script

Beauty and the Beast Once upon a time, There was a rich merchant.

Good and brave, after his wife's death, he lived for the happiness of his six children.

Three girls and three boys filled the house with joy after their mother's passing.

A little guest! And she wants to hear the story.

Let's make a wish. But quietly, or it won't come true.

Did you make your wish? Yes!

Now then, one... two... three!

Now, Want to hear the rest of the story?

Yes! Yup!

The Merchant had three ships, who were his pride and wealth.

They were called The Siren, The Triton. And, the largest, The Livia.

Loaded with his goods, when suddenly a terrible storm struck.

The captain was lost amidst the waters.

Lightning slashed the masts.

In the deep sea, where the cold and silence reign, suddenly glowed with thousands of coins.

His wealth scattered among depths.

Sunken, lost forever.

After a month the merchant and his children had to leave their house.

Their friends, their routines. All that that they once had...

They lost their happiness.

Don't touch that!

Very well, take it. We'll only take what is most precious to us.

Leave at once, monsieur! Papa, do something!

No! Our jewelry, our beds, everything! Is it the end, I will die!

Don't call me Papa with these people! And you, Anne, stop talking about dying!

My heart! Poor you! Are you satisfied? Goodbye!

Papa, this is a catastrophe! Where are we to live?

Where is Belle? "Belle", "Belle"! Always!

Take this.

Maxime, help me!

What's inside? All my books.

Notebooks, notes... I don't want leave them here.


What is it? Keep an eye on your father.

Don't let Maxim to spend whatever's left.

Calm down. Everything will be fine.

Watch it!

These fools, why don't they leave? Don't listen to them.

Now what? Going to the village?

It's better to take some time to forget? Don't you think?



Here, Mama.

A fresh start, I think I'm ready.

Why must we leave the village?

We must. And you will like it.

I'm sure. I know.

Have the pride and strength of this family.

Go and hearken, as always.

They needed time to adjust to her new life.

First night, Belle remained awake to hear the sound of the village.

With the help of her brothers, She made a garden and there she found solace.

Such heat.

A wrinkle!

What is this beast?

Almost a month living this hellhole. We will die alone...Wrinkled.

Looking like beasts.

Oh, Belle.

Her happiness disgusts me. I'd love to drown her in the well.

Or bury her alive in her beloved garden.

What are you doing?

Clotilde is sick, we're going to eat breakfast in bed. Certainly not!

After lunch we're all going to clean the garden.

I'd rather die. Come on, everybody down!

Defeated... comma...

He was shot three times.

The young man left the battlefield and disappeared into the deep forest.

The whole Admiralty was pleased.

Dumonts was very glamorous.

I think that his granddaughter is going to marry the Count. What!?

But the big news is...

That Siren, your mother's favorite ship, has been found.

Journey is long, but will soon be in the harbor.

The cargo? Safely.

Children, we are saved!

We'd better pack. Better yet - no!

Better to burn them. My heart throbs!

I'm alive, Papa. I survived.

We must return immediately. Now, we need new dresses.

Perfume and what else? We'll make a list.

The happiness of the city. From the city.

You will come with me.

It's time to introduce my successor.

I will not disappoint you, Father. Thank you.

He overcame his friends. The young man went back home.

With three children between their people.

For the ending.

New novel, brother? Something better. It is going to be a masterpiece.

What about you?

Are you mad?

Obviously, when a girl is sad, you want her to be angry.

And if she is cheerful, they say she is stupid.

How am I to know? All are happy except you.

I wanted to stay longer. That's all.

We came here to hide our shame. Our life is not here.

You know what awaits us.

Maxime will meet with those vagabonds he calls friends.

Anne and Clotilde will run like crazy looking for husbands.

Once again, you will be busy with your work.

Belle, one day none of that will matter, You grow up, your life will go on.

I love you, but I must tell you, that someday you will become a woman.

Something to help you remember. In case.

What do you want me to bring?

Just a rose. I do not have any here.

Loan sharks took everything.

Now I am not allowed to have my own ship.

You must understand.

The Siren and her cargo does not belong to you anymore.

You forget something.

Were it not for me, this place would merely be a fishermen village!

You played around with that, poor friend.

You signed all letters of credit.

I already inquired.

I would not disbelieve either, Dumont.

Were it not for me, you wouldn't be sitting at this desk!

Was it not you who lost influence and wealth?

I'll break your head! Stop it, now!

You don't understand. You do not have power anymore.

You aren't even bourgeois. You are no one now.

I'm sorry, Father.


I see a man. Not to be ignored.

He brings great news.

News? Good or bad? I'll find out when I read the card.

Do you want to please me, Astrid?

Divine me something exciting.

I look at cards, my love. I can't lie.

Did not I warn you about the scar?

Land of gold.


Destiny smiles on you.

Golden moonlight.

Come! Cheers!

I'll be rich!

Anxious night. Smells of gunpowder.

What'll it be? I'm looking for my son.

Some have told me that he came here often. Everyone comes here.

Well, what's his name?

Maxim de Bofremon.

Don't talk anymore. He isn't allowed in here.

I need to find my son! You're not the only one!

Get out fast! Come on!

Your perfume...

and prediction... give you more power over me.

Monsieur de Bofremon.

I've been looking for Maxim for several months.

And I came across his old father. I don't know you.

Who are you? Perducas. At your service.

Your son owes me a rather large sum, Now if you will settle the account, then all will be forgotten.

My son isn't a gambler!

Give them drink, to leave us alone.

He thinks we're beggars!

Don't you dare, Perducas!

You know me.

Leave the man alone.


And you, get out quickly behind the bar.

Come on.

You've got balls, but they won't leave you alone.

Get out!

On the way home, The Merchant struggled with the cold wind and pain.

He left the city without Maxime.

Imagining his son wandering alone in the dark or worse, lying in the dust with his throat cut.

He's clutching the reins of his horse, Hurry to go home, hoping that his son was there.

I can't carry you.

Forgive me.

My house!

I did it!

But it can't be.

Is anyone there?

I've lost my way.

The door was open.

Who's there?

I'm dreaming...

...or I've died and am in heaven?

No, obviously I live.

And I'm hungry.

I'd like to get something from the table.

The dress.

The shawl!

Makeup powder.

Incredible! Everything is here!

Well, almost everything.

Who cured you?

I see that you were not satisfied with my gifts. You wanted to steal that which is dearest to me.

Do not call me a thief or coward!

I'm a man of his word...of honor!

For whom did you take this rose?

For my youngest daughter!

I love her more than anything in the world!

Then I'll give you a day to say goodbye to their loved ones.

And remember the words: "More than anything in the world."

I'll whisper your horse and it will bring you here.

I'm never coming back! Yes, you will come back.

Otherwise, I'll kill all your children. One after another.

And I'll her first, for she is your favorite.

Remember this.

A life for a rose.

Here! It's him!





The story of a rose and a strange beast seems like a fable.

And where the gifts have come from? I did not have money.

"More than anything in the world?"

And the horse will magically find the way? This is all our fault.

But we did not ask for a rose. It is not anyone's fault.


I can not say who this beast is, but because I stole this rose, tomorrow I must return to him.

What will you do? I don't know Tristan.

He said, "a life for a rose".

And if you don't go? Then we die.

All of us.

Don't say anything. I know what you all think.

Mama died when I was born. I don't understand what that has to do with anything.

I do not want you to die because me!

Belle! Belle!


Don't forget me.


Belle! Belle!

Belle! No, Father!

Take me to the castle with this Beast.

Soon as possible.

A Life for a rose.

Belle was ready to die when she heard the chimes of the clock.

But she found in the castle of the Beast.

But she discovered a sound in the castle of the Beast, stronger and more beautiful than a chime, that was resonating.

It was a heartbeat.

My name is Belle.

I have come to offer my life in exchange for my father's.



When you regain your strength, You will be able to wander wherever you want in my estate.

But when night falls, I forbid you to go out of the castle.

If I must die, let it be now.

You have more courage than your father.

Every night, at this time, you will have to be here.

Don't even think about escaping.

The forest would close over you.

Should I stop reading? No, I want to hear the rest.

It is so sad. But it's nice. Yeah, she's all alone.

As she climbed the stairs, Belle realized, that throughout her life, her nights would pass alone.

What she didn't know.

Was that her bedroom waiting for her, were the "tadomi", little creatures, which inhabitanted the castle, they were to become her best friends.

Am I beautiful? Beautiful, smart, gentle...

Most desirable. It will to please The Prince. will have to to deal with my brother.

Here they come.

I always knew that it was true.

Now I will eat you.

Get your filthy hands off. Yes, the problem with that, my friend, is that without effort...

There is no reward.

Will you ever stop hunt her down? For years, eludes me.

But I know that I kill her sometime. She will be my greatest trophy.

After you.

Look what I gave him. All gold, like the skin of the deer.

Come on. My throat is dry.

I need a drink.

He could still come to me.

What is he waiting for?

You smell like a beast.

My love, I want to ask you something.

Something? I want to give up on this deer.

Why? With days was hunting her.

I feel terribly lonely here without you.


I have a condition.

Give me a son.

Belle left her room, hoping Beast was not around.

There were more attractive locations for her.

She wanted to see on her own and examine the limits from his prison.

The Princess!

Belle realized that many years ago, maybe even centuries ago, Another woman lived, loved and died in this damn castle.

"Why are you so sad?" She asked statue.

"What's your secret?"

Overcome with sorrow, Belle ran to her room, Awaiting for her meeting with the Beast.

You're late!

Do you like the new gown? You were in my bedroom?

I'll remind you that I have the rights to everything. We shall see.

Don't look at me. Eat!

Don't you eat? No.

Not in front of you.

Can I talk or be silent as a child?

But that's what you are, an arrogant child.

I'd rather you think that I were innocent and foolish.

So... You talk too much!

I'm sure that would pleases you. Me dying without knowing anything.

Whose castle is this? Everything here is mine.

You talk like every other man.

It's a little disappointing.

Are you are disappointed in me, my love?

Are there other things about me that disappoint you?

Nothing more to say?

Night and day I hope you decide my fate.

Playing with me like a cat would a mouse.

If you accept me as I am, I could fulfill all that you desire.

Do you think a beast like you, could have a woman like me?

Look at me! Look at me!

I know what I am!

Resist me all you wish, But you will be mine.

"Eat." "Do not look at me." "This. Do you like it?"!

I'll teach him some manners!

What is this?

But that's me!

My hidden portrait.

What a wonderful gift!

I wonder which of you made this beautiful doll?

Where are you hiding?

I won't eat you.

I'll leave you here. It will always be close to me.

Friends, Today is a great day.

Our kingdom will finally have an heir.

And you, Madam?

How wouldant to make an heir?

For starters, get your own Kingdom. Let us hope that he's not like his father.

What are you thinking about? The first time we met.

The river.

You stayed close to shore and pretended to undress.

It seemed to me that you were drowning.

I swam better than you did.

What if we were go back to our room?

Don't forget your promise.


The golden deer.

Upon awakening, Belle began exploring the castle, She was determined to uncover the mystery of The Beast.

She was lost in the beautiful corridors and passageways.

Yet, she had the strange feeling that she was being followed.

I want to apologize for last night.

There is a reason, You fill a great emptiness.

Do you like my gifts?

Why are you silent? I miss my family.

Forget them. They no longer exist.

You may be fine with never thinking about your past But I haven't given mine up. What do you know about me? Nothing!

Nothing. You are right.

I'm offering you a deal.

A few hours with my family. In exchange what?

One dance.

In return I want to see them.

Are you challenging me?

I won't go back on my word.

Dancing isn't going to save you.

Let yourself go.

Could you love me?

We had a deal. Keep your promise.

It's been a long time since I promised anything to anyone.

You may wear the clothes of a prince, You may think you're a man. But you're no more than a cruel and lonely beast.

You can try anything. Buy me, charm me. You will only disgust me! You'll never have me!

Now you know who I am!

Tell me again that I repulse you! Tell me!

I'll let you see your family one last time.

Really? Will you allow me?

I'll give you one day.

I can give you no more than that. Get dressed.

Give me your hand. Which one?

I don't know. Does not matter. Left.

You're not going give me a ring, are you? Stop talking for a minute.

Listen to me.

You know the power of this water.

If, by chance, you get hurt...

If anything were to happen to you... Nothing will happen.

I need to get ready!

Belle, if you don't come back... You'll kill everyone?


I'll die.

I will be here tomorrow.

At this very hour.

Who's there?

You should know that we're armed!


Look at this mess!

What do you need weapons for? Ask Maxim.

Shut up and go back to your post. Back to my post?

What, do you think you're a Ganeral? Enough, enough.

There you go again. Stop defending him.

All day hiding in fear. Me scared?

Enough! Stop it! What is this?

Have you all gone mad?

Come on. It'll all be fine.

Do you really think they'll sell us as slaves to pay for Maxim's debts?

They'll put us on a ship full of swarthy sailors.

Where they'll force us to scrub the decks?

We'll tell them that we get sea sick We'll say that we don't know how to do housecleaning.

Good idea.



I'm back. Clotilde, are you seeing what I'm seeing?

The Ghost of Belle Back to haunt us.

All in red, bathed in blood. Don't you see me, my dear sisters.

Really I'm still me. I came to say my last goodbye..

Even dead is more beautiful than us. Just look at her waist.

Know that I will love you forever.

And we you, with all out heart. We think of you always.

She made me to pick up your room. What have you done?

I will have my revenge.

Where's Papa?

After you left, he went to bed and did not want to wake up.

What an exqusite gown!


It is me.


I'm here.

Come back, Papa!

Do it for me.



Have you ever seen a stone of this size?

Remember the trunk Father brought back from the castle? I won't let you!

This is our only chance, Tristan. You won't pass through this door alive.

Look how her back trembles. How brilliant her coat.

You can almost feel her scent.

It's time.

She's mine, okay?

I'm a woodland nymph.

I had the right to take a human form.

I wanted to know what they called ...Love.

I found it in you.

My Prince. Forgive me.


God of the forest.

Spare my beloved.

He has filled your daughter's life with an everlasting love.


Spare him.

Thunderous voice was heard from heaven.

"For having killed my daughter, I shall turn him into a beast.

"Only a woman can save you.

"But who will want to love you? You will be cursed for all time!"

We should wait for Belle to enter.

I'm going. She'll understand.

You'd rather have had another brother, right?

What are you doing here, bunnies?

Were we not going to meet again in Tabicoc?


I've arranged for some of the boys to meet your sisters.

Offering you a deal. That what deals do you have?

This I can't wait to hear.


From abandoned castle. Take all the treasure, and erase my debt.

How much are we talking about? Trunks full.

Don't fool me, sweetheart. This is your last chance.

Have your boys follow me.

Do as he says.

"More than anything in the world."

As they rode through the enchanted path, Pereducas dreamt about the treasure, And his people are dreaming how they would share it.

He looked Astrid and wondered if he preferd love or wealth.

Sometimes the soul gets confused. All of your beliefs vanish and you are left with only doubts.

Meanwhile, Belle dreamed how The Prince became The Beast.

Until, suddenly, it grew into great anguish.

My little girl!

I missed you so much!


Anne! Clotilde! Come quickly!

I was so scared.

Something in you has changed.

Your eyes.

And your voice... I have to go, Papa.

I can't be late.

What a miracle! The happiest day of my life!

Stop, or you'll crush me, my girls!

Do you feel something?

Danger. Everywhere.

Just the way I like it.

Come on.

You three west.

And you, take the east.

And you go ahead of me.


Astrid, come here!

Brother, I have to hurry.

Maxim took the horse.

I know I should have told you earlier, forgive me, Belle.

Come on! Hurry up!

I hate when you're not near me. Where were you?

If I tell you to leave immediately, will you follow?

Gold! This arrow is powerful.

I feel that there is much more wealth.

We will be respected. We will have it all.

Open your eyes.

We got what we always wanted.

How do I know you will come back and get my treasure?

If you no longer believe me, At least believe in the prophecy of my cards.

What have you seen? Death.

Yours or mine? Which do you prefer?

Neither, dear.

And as you are not sure of anything, but let's say that there is, It will die tonight.


This gate won't open itself.

Abandoned castle, huh?

Relax, bastards. In this castle has many floors.

We have to find another way.

The ribbon I lost on the way to the castle. So not far away.

Belle, what are you doing?

Belle stop that, you'll hurt yourself.

Belle, come back! Come back, Belle!

Please, Belle, come back!


God of the forest, Hear my plea,

Let me go back to him.

It's my only wish.

This is my only desire.

Here's our gold. There was no one inside.

Don't spoil the fun. I'm rich, now.

I can fulfill your every desire.

We will die together. Your cards don't decide anymore.

I do.

What is it? Why is he screaming like that?

Where are our brothers? At the gate with Perducas.

He'll kill them!


Save yourself. Tell Belle I ask for forgiveness.

No. I said get out!

Tell her that.


Hello, little one.

Now you will help me.

Let her go!

What are you?

A lion? A big cat? One who will tear apart.

Purr all you want.

But if you don't want me to destroy your doll, you will you let me go.

I beg you!

Remember, you were once a man!

And among these thieves are my brothers.

The important thing is that I'm here.

And I'm going to stay with you.

Help me!

Come on, quick!

Don't leave me!

My love, your fate will be worse than mine.

Close the door!


Come on, quick!

He's not breathing.

Stay with water. Brothers, come on.

We missed dinner.

You say that like you regret it.


Do you think...

With a little patience, Maybe you could get used to me?

And maybe you could...

Love me?

But I already love you.

The End Time for bed.

Come on.

And her brothers and sisters? What happened to them?

They all returned to town.

Her brother published his book.

And her sisters ended up marrying twins they never managed to distinguish them.

So they were all together? And her father?

He opened a flower shop.

He did? Yes, he did.

Sweet dreams.

Mama. Sleep, honey.

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