La fille seule (1995) Script


What are you doing, leaving?

I've been here for hours!

I got stuck in a subway tunnel for at least an hour.

I was leaving.

Where are you? At the bar.

My feet are tired, I want to sit down.

Let's sit over there.

Don't tell me you're gonna sulk.

Okay, okay.

Want to drink something?

A coffee. Won't it make you hyper?

Is that a dig? Yeah, it's a dig.

You're wearing that sweater?

I thought you hated it.

I never said that. You did. You forgot.

Okay, so what's up?

Nothing. I'll order the coffees before we fight.

Two coffees, please.

Wait a minute. Aren't you overdoing it a bit?

Wiggling your butt like that!

Are you nuts?

You don't see the way guys look at you!

What are you, jealous?

Jealous, no. But you're really flaunting it.

How do you want me to walk?

You're fine. The hotel guests will get off on it.

You're upset because your team lost so you're gonna sulk for days?

So, what's the news?

Not now. You're too touchy. You'll take it badly.

Oh yeah? So when will you tell me?

Later. I don't know.

You don't know?

Meantime l'll play some pinball, okay?

You're mean.

I'm mean?

You're a pain! I am too, but you're the pits!

I know what it is.

Oh yeah? What?

Sorry. It's not for me to say.



No, I'm not there yet.

Yes, I told him.

What do you expect him to say?

Don't yell at me.

We haven't discussed it.

I'll call you back.

I'll phone you later.

I went to the john.

Valérie, make up your mind or I'm going.

I'm not telling you now. You'll take it badly.

You're unbelievable!


I promise nothing.

20 francs! What a rip-off.

And the Coffee's disgusting.

I give you three minutes.

Never mind. Some other time.

Three minutes, max. What if I need more time?

I'll walk out. That's blackmail.

2 minutes 45.

I'm pregnant.

You finally said it.

Did you know?

I was pretty sure. Liar.

What else could it be?

That I'm leaving you?

You wouldn't do it like that.

How would I do it?

Not like that.

What are you gonna do?


You want to keep it? Yes.

Is that all you can say?

Are you touched? I don't know.

When did you find out? Two days ago.

You're sure? Yes.

How far gone are you?

Four weeks.

So we have time to think.

It's not a matter of time.

You don't want me to keep it. I didn't say that.

You don't want it.

I don't know!

Why do you want it?

Because I do.

Even on your own? Yes.

Shit, you never told me you wanted a baby.

Did you or didn't you? I don't know.

You don't know.

If I hadn't wanted one, I'd have made sure.

Oh yeah?

I've got to go.

Will you tell them? You're kidding.

Okay, you gotta 90-

When can we meet again?

I don't...

Friday evening.

Friday evening!

Why not in two weeks or six months.

I'll phone you.

Sure. Why can't I phone you at your mom's?

I'll come see you at work.

No. You can't.

What do you suggest?

I'll pop out later. Wait here.

Be here by 7:30 or I'll come after you.

Do that, get me fired! You don't work. You do shit-all.

Is it my fault? Other people find jobs.

It took you a year.

Nine months.

You've got an hour...

What will we say then?

I don't know. We'll improvise, shit!

Have you got 5 francs?

I only have a hundred. It's okay.

Just five or six? It's on me.

Lady bountiful, huh?

I'm only paying for two coffees.

What's up? Nothing.

Is something wrong?

Sorry. I'm talking bullshit. You're taking it badly.

Taking it badly? Shit!

We're having a baby. What am I supposed to do?


Can't they sit any closer? We could have a conversation.

I've got to go.

Don't go yet.

Let's sit over there.

Can you get me some water?


I look a mess.

You're okay.

I look like death. I can't go like this.

My parents will flip when I tell them.

Can't you wait a while? Why can't I tell them?

First you don't want it, now you run to tell them.

I didn't say I don't want it.

It would be better in a year or two, when we're set up.

Now we have nothing. You see us all living with my folks?

People manage.

The hell they do.

Maybe you're not so sure you want it.

Go ahead, tell them. I don't care.

Once I tell them, I can't tell them the opposite two weeks later.

I'll do what I want.

Rémi? Meet me here in an hour?

Will you wait for me here?

What's the point if we're only gonna fight?

I'll leave you some cigarettes.

You really...

You really blew me away.

What should I have said?

You're tough. Says you.

You are. Women are stronger than men.

You'd believe anything.

My mom's tougher than my dad. Yeah, but your dad's a twat.

Your mother isn't?

No way! She's a pain but she's not a twat.

Says you. She hates my guts.

At least my dad accepts you.

Sure. He ogles my ass.

My dad ogles your ass?

And it makes you laugh.

So, are you gonna wait here or walk me there?

I'll wait.

See you at 7:30.

What if you can't get out?

I'll find a way. You're staying here, right?

No, I'll go pick up the helmet from Luc's.

Didn't I tell you? They found the bike.


Yeah. What did he say...?

It was in a garage in Gentilly. They were trying to sell it.

The only thing missing was the helmet.

You must be happy.

See you later.

Excuse me, where's the locker room?

Down there on the left.

Who put this here?

Hello, I start work today.

Have you checked the schedule? No.

Take the 2nd floor.

You know what to do? More or less.

I'll give you your beeper.

Room service, good morning.

Continental breakfast with coffee room 212. Five minutes.

212, that's you.

You know how this works?

Have you got your passkey?


Is Mr. Sarre here?

He's probably upstairs.

What's your name? Valérie Sergent.

Do you want a coffee?

Help yourself. Take a cup, there.

Miss Sergent, did Mr. Tranh assign you a floor?

Yes, the 2nd.

The 2nd?

You gave Miss Sergent the 2nd floor?

That's Marie-Lise's floor.

She's off today.

My mistake.

You need to sign your contract. I'll take you there later.

'Morning, Mr. Sarre.

How's it going?


Remember me?

Yes, from last Friday. You had me worried!

You're starting today?

Welcome aboard.

What's your order? Two continentals with coffee.

Don't forget the juice.

Sabine, go with Miss Sergent for her first order.

I have a 3rd floor order for a quarter-to.

Go with Miss Sergent. They can wait.

What's your order? Coffee continental for two.

Where's your down-up?

Your down-up. Your order.

Have you been here long?

Two years.

What's it like?

It's okay.

Do I go in with you?

Do I or not?

Of course. I'm not here to keep you company.

Room service, good morning.

Can you open the curtains please?

Could you sign here?

Doesn't make much difference.

May I check your minibar? Go ahead.

Come and see.

One glance, see what's gone.

Two waters, two whiskies, two tonics, two Cokes...

Miss! I drank a whisky.

See? There's one missing.

You get an eye for it.

Do you need anything else, sir?

No, thanks.

Are you asleep or what? I'm not asleep.

You don't say.

My name's Fatiah.

What's yours? Valérie.

Is it your first day?

Not too lost? I'm okay.

Miss Sergent, the guest in 239 wants his breakfast.

What is it? It's on the board.

It was for 6:40, Mr. Faivre.

No more milk?

No more milk.

There's one carton left. Where?

In front of you.

That's one too many. It's for one!

Have you done this before? At the Sheraton.

Really? When?

Last year.

I was there too, last year!

I quit in March. Amazing! I started in April.

You know Béatrice Frechet?

And her husband?

He's too much.

You know Philippe? Naturally.

And that girl, what's her name? The traveller, ex-hippy...

Dominique. That's it, Dominique.

Why did you quit?

I was sick of it.

I quit because I was on nights. I never saw my little boy.

Have you got kids?

Are you okay? I'm fine.

I didn't touch it.


Shouldn't I sign something? Oh, yes.

Lousy weather again.

It's not very nice.

Is Paris always like this? Often.

Really? I don't know how you stand it.

Force of habit.


That's fine by me, but there's a limit.

Do you need anything else?

I don't think so.

Oh, yes.

Have you a map of Paris?

No, but I can have one sent up or you can call reception.

Buttes Chaumont. Is it far?

Yes, but I can't tell you the way.

My son lives there.

He asked me to lunch because his wife is away.

In secret!


Like lovers, with my son.

Why am I telling you this?

Goodbye, sir.

Going UP?

Did you finish? Yes, I'm done.

Is it good?

I gave up. Eric does it. On his own?

I help him out.


Room service!

Not very funny, I agree but if we can't kid around...

Am I bothering you?

We may as well jump out the window.

You have a sad smile.

You do, honest. Nobody's ever told you?

I'm surprised.

Mind you, people say I've a happy smile but actually I'm desperate.

I wanted to be a singer. I write songs.

But I know I never will. Why not?

I'm no good.

Is anybody good?

Some are not bad.

You're a harsh critic.

Souchon, Capdevielle, Johnny Hallyday...

Do you know Capdevielle?

"When you've been in the desert For too long..."

Ring a bell?

You're too young.

Enough chit-chat. It's wakeup time. Duty calls.

Jean-Marc! Boiled eggs for 106.

Tell the kitchen.

Anything for me? Two, but Mr. Sarre is looking for you.

He knows where I am. It's about your contract.

Sabine, take 241 and 238.

It's not my floor.

She has to sign her contract.

Terrific! On top of my own work..

Do 238 at least. They have a plane to catch.

Don't look at me like that! I'm not.

Come with me.

You'll be back in ten minutes.

Are you settling in okay?

Yes, thanks.

Have you had a tour of the hotel?

You showed me around yourself.

So I did.

Strange. I phoned her 15 minutes ago.

Do we wait?

We'll wait a bit. She may have just popped out.

Here she is.

Do come in.

Mrs. Charles, this is Miss Sergent.

She started today, as I told you.


Why did you leave the Sheraton?

It's rather complicated.

I had a quarrel with a supervisor. I chose to quit.

A quarrel about what?

Nothing important.

He was always after us.

You left without pay?

About a year ago.

He was always after you?


How have you lived since then?

I live with my mother.

I see.

So you're looking for a steady job.

It isn't easy here, either.

You'll have to grin and bear it sometimes.

I'm sure.

Do you feel up to it?

We'll take you on trial to start with, for one month.

After that, we'll see how you fit in.


Are you on unemployment?

So you'd be sorry not to be taken on permanently?

I'll leave you together.

Thank you.

You live far away.

It's fast by train.

Is it?

What does your mother do?

Secretary. You chose hotel work.

You're not married.


What does he do?

He works.

I'm sure.

Although he could be unemployed.

What is his line?



No, he's in sales.

You must think I'm nosy.

I went through this last Friday.

You already had an interview?

Not with me.

We like to double-check. And there was the Sheraton incident.

There was no incident.

I heard there was. Did you call them?


A little.

I can't take him, I'm in a meeting.

Have him call me later.

Put him through.

I can't talk, I'm in a meeting.

I said I'm in a meeting.

That's completely untrue.

We'll discuss it later.

Régis is skiing with his class.

Eight thousand.

Now sign these.

You can read them. It's okay.

You'll be paid 7,800 francs a month. Just under 7,000 net.


Plus tips.

Keep this one.

You're pretty.

It's a compliment but also a warning, you understand?

I'm not sure.

I don't want any trouble. Why should there be?

It's unfortunate that you're so pretty.

We have a lot of single male guests who try their luck.

I'm used to it.

I'm sure. That's the problem.

They offer money. A lot.

I'm not into that.

How was it at the Sheraton?

I told you!

I didn't... This is crazy.

Goodbye, Miss Sergent!

What's up? Nothing.

You look strange. I signed my contract.

It had an effect on you!

I already served four breakfasts for you!


What are you doing? That's too much.

Did you do 203?

I'm doing it. They're waiting.

Where's the order? There.

Full breakfast, tea with cold milk, yogurt, the Figaro...

Where are the cornflakes? Up there.

Razor blades, sir?


These shoes are killing me!

I can't lend you mine.

Room service, good morning. Could you sign, please?

Room 219. One champagne split, one mineral water.

Mom, it's me.

I can't talk long.

It's going Okay-

I can't discuss it now.

You don't understand!

I don't care.



Talk to me.

I was calling the cashier.


Why're you here?

I was called on my beeper.

Am I disturbing you? I've finished.

Can I get by?

No more phone calls?

Little slut. Cut it out!

Stay away from me!

You'll tell mom? - I'll slug you.

Scared I'll rape you? I warn you.

If I report your phone calls it'll look bad on your first day. You filthy...

Filthy what?

Filthy slob.

We'll settle this later. Yeah, right.

I could use a smoke.

Scrambled eggs in 5 minutes!

Where is everybody? I don't know.

Was there a bomb scare? Did nobody tell us?

You okay?

I have to run out for something.

For something? Drop off some keys.

Leave them with the concierge.

I need scrambled eggs.

The woman in 106 has guts.

She come out stark naked, told me to put the tray on her.

I've had that happen.

A woman asked me to "spend some time" with her.

Her tits, wow!

Nice tits?

Superb! And the rest of her!

I saw her pussy.

Don't embarrass the ladies. Embarrass?

She wasn't embarrassed about it. Don't get excited.

It takes more than that.

Go for it.

Suite 275.

Breakfast with coffee for two.

Yes, sir.

Don't get any ideas, flunky.

Who's talking? You like it doggy-style?

Let me get my coffee.

The girl's in heat.

Take a cart, it's a suite.

Don't worry, he gets these fits.

He's not a bad guy. He's like that.

I'll leave it here.

She should bring it to the bed.

Come closer, we won't eat you.

Is that the 90-franc breakfast? No eggs?

I don't like eggs for breakfast.

For 90 francs we should get eggs.

It's 60 francs, ma'am.

Even for 60.

You'd like some eggs?

Yes. In hotels I like the whole shebang.

You're not going to eat eggs. You bet I am.

Would you like them fried, boiled, scrambled?

Fried. Not too hard, not too runny.

Fine. Sign here, please.

And they make us sign! I'm sorry.

Thank you. I'll get your eggs.

I need two fried eggs, now.

Got a smoke? Mine are in my locker.

I don't smoke. Mr. Tranh does, though.

I don't like to ask him. Shall I?

Where can I smoke? Back there.


Yes, okay. Everyone keeps asking me.

I heard about your fight. You sure told off Jean-Marc!

I didn't.

You didn't? Patrice says you did. Patrice talks too much.

Can I have a drag?

Patrice really digs you.

Fatiah, I want to smoke in peace, okay?

He's a pig but women like him.

The fried eggs are here.

Did it go okay? Fine.

Mrs. Charles is a nice lady.

What are you doing? Checking the towels.

Checking the towels?

I rinsed my hands.

I hope you didn't puke.

I'm sure you puked in the john! Are you crazy?

Jean, call someone! The maid puked in the bathroom.

You're nuts! I didn't puke, I rinsed my hands.

Please, I'd like to go.

That's enough. Let me by.

You're staying here.

What's up?

She threw up in our bathroom.

I checked the towels.

Why are you naked?

Don't yell at me!

Get dressed. You, get out.

She's nuts.


I had to hang up. A guy Came in.

A waiter.

I've forgotten what I had to say.

I don't know.

I'll call you back if I remember.

It wasn't important. I can't remember!

I don't think so, or I'd remember.

I knew you'd say that.

Talk to you later.

You scared me. I was looking for you.

I felt dizzy. I had to lie down.

Feeling better?

Are you pregnant?

You should have said. I'm okay, honest.

I'm sorry about before.

I was a little mean.

Because of Jean-Marc. I saw him looking at you.

I'm jealous. Not nice, huh?


When is it due?

Not for ages.

Did they miss me in the pantry?

I've been gone a long time.

They'll wait.

What are you doing for lunch?


Can we eat together?

I don't eat lunch. A sandwich?

No way. This work makes me sick of food.

I can't eat a thing.

We could just have a chat.

I'm going shopping with my sister.

Want to come? I'd love to. I like shopping.

Where are you going?

Printemps. I prefer Galeries Lafayette.

I have no preference.


Say it.

Don't get shat on.

I'm not getting shat on.

Don't get screwed. Did you?

You have a kid?

You don't know what it's like.

I got screwed. You're getting screwed.

What are you getting at?

The guy. The baby didn't make itself.

No... I don't know.

What are you, a saint?

You're happy. It shows.

I don't understand.

Understand what?


It's simple. I'll explain.

You're sitting happily up on a cloud and...

You'll understand, I promise.

I hear some guests gave you trouble.

It wasn't serious.

We get oddballs.

They were weird. Hyped up.

It's no joke sometimes.

Miss Sergent.

I had a complaint from room 275.

It's been dealt with. Dealt with?

With Mr. Sarre. Good.

Is it heavy?

Where were you?

Taking a piss.

Hey, nice outfit! Let's sit there.

I'm getting tired of being here.

It's good to sit down.

How's it going?

Okay. It's work.

So it's cool. It's not cool at all.

I have worries. It's a drag. As soon as one worry disappears, I get another one. Don't you ever worry?

Like everybody, I guess.

Not like me. You don't show it.

I know but it screws me up.

My mother's a pain but I can't help phoning her.

I'm holding back. I want to phone her now.

Work has a weird effect on you.

You can say that again.

Work doesn't affect you?

I walk in on men crying, couples fucking and I stand there, saying

"Would you like orange juice?" Did you say "fucking"?

Watch your mouth!

Sex is all they talk about.

Sounds interesting.

It doesn't turn me on.

You might like it. Boys often do.

Your colleagues, maybe. Not me.

I've been doing some thinking.

What about?

What the hell do you think? Us.

Is that all?

Are you drunk or something?

You're all worked up.

I'm sick of being serious the whole damn time!

God, you're a pain. You wanna talk?

Go on, then!

I'm listening.

You trying to be funny?

I'm just fed up.

Fed up with what? Thinking.

Nothing for me. Nor me. I was at the bar.

You can't sit here without ordering.

We're leaving, anyway. No, we're staying.

Give me another coffee.

Nothing for me, get it?

You don't get it. You can't sit here and not order.

A glass of water with a straw, please.

You should go. If you're fired you'll blame me.

I won't. It was my idea to come.

Have you told your parents?

Did you tell Luc?

We talked about it. Did you have to?

At least I told you that I told him!

What did Luc say? Nothing.

You admire him. What are you saying?

Don't deny it. Okay, you win.

Don't you admire anybody?

You admire yourself. I do not.

You think you're pretty. Not really.

Come off it.

I think my body's okay.

And your face?

Don't you think it's pretty?

I think it's pretty.

Luc is sometimes right. I hate men who are always right.

You hate him so much?

Some girls go for it.

He's got it together.

Sure! He can really chow down as long as he's not paying. He never gets screwed.

Is it good to get screwed?

No, but I feel like everybody's screwing me.

Anyway, he's always right. And it costs him nothing.

He's broke.

It suits him fine. Don't get angry.

I hate wiseguys who burn off you and despise you for buying a subway pass.

Stop it.

He always talks about being ripped off by society.

Society doesn't get rich from subway crooks like him.

What are you preaching?

Nothing. I'm going.

What's wrong?


What are you getting at? Nothing.

Cry, it'll do you good.


You're crazy to thank me.

Do you want a drink?

I don't know.

A shot of scotch?

I'll get it. Stay there.

I thought I'd had it.

Was it intuition?

Yeah, I know you.

You sure do.

What's "boom"?

Want some?

How can we not split up?

Start by not thinking about it.

It isn't easy.

Don't you ever think about it?

Why do other people split up?

They fall out of love.

Go if you like.

We can't stay here all morning.

I'm going to work.

That's not what I meant.


I'd better go.

Wait till you feel better. I'm better.

I'll get a job, okay?

But I warn you, a lot of things piss me off.

You're telling me.

We'll have to put up with working from now on.

Feeling better?

Ready to go?

I'll get the bill.

I don't want to go. Don't go, then.

We can't go on loving. Oh yeah?

Because one day we won't love each other, so we'd better stop now?

Are you going?

I'm out of here. I've listened to enough bullshit!

Are you coming?

You're staying here all morning? If I want.

You want another argument?

Is that what you want?

You know we'll split.

No, I don't know it.

Everybody splits up.

Everyone's abandoned.

I won't abandon you.

My mother was abandoned, and me, and Sabine.

I'll never be with anybody. Don't say that.

Don't you believe me?

There's the baby.

It's not being with somebody.

Got a name?


What if it's a girl? It'll be a boy.

You'd rather?

Who is Sabine?

A girl at the hotel. She fucks a creep who tried to corner me.

Sounds like quite a place.

They fuck because they feel abandoned.

It's not only that. It is.

I need to make up a story. They must have noticed.

What will you say?

The truth.

I'm pregnant, we're breaking up and it takes time.

You can't say that. I will.


You're all muddy?

Where's mommy?

Oh, there she is!

Has he been good?

Have you been here long?

Since 4:30. We came straight from daycare.

What did they say?

Not much. I saw that girl, Isabelle.


Nothing special. She says he never cries.

It's true, he never does.

He cries with me, a little. You never cried.

I must have cried sometimes.

Want me to cry now? Thanks, I'll pass.


What's this called? A pebble.

She's making fun of you. Go and play.

Off you go!

You're pale.

I'm a bit tired.

You shouldn't be tired at your age.

I don't sleep well.

Have you seen a doctor? Yes.

Don't say that. It's not true. I'm not sick.

How is work? Okay.

Are you fed up? No, it's okay.

I'm cold. Aren't you? Yes, I am.

Mr. Vasseur is coming to Paris. Can you get a discount on a room?

I don't know. I'll ask.

They must do discounts. It will still be pricey.

He has a very good job. So why ask for a discount?

As a favor.

I'll repay you the 2,000 next week. I didn't get to the bank.

Plus the rompers, that's 2,400.

Don't pay me back for the rompers.

Thanks, mom.

So you're going to marry Mr. Vasseur?

Yes, and have lots of children.

Tell me! I told you.

You don't want to tell me.

I barely know him. He's coming to see you.

He's coming for the trade fair, too.

Have you slept with him?

Can't I have any privacy?

Go on, mom. Tell.

I don't know...

I can't make up my mind.

In a way, I'd like to end my life with somebody, but then again...

The thought of this man in my bed every night...

Not necessarily every night.

So he's very... I see!

So you have slept with him!

Aren't I allowed to? Sure.

Do you ever think... About Mr. Vasseur?

About starting over with somebody. I think about it.

I think I've found him.

Known him long? Not very.

But you love him?

Not much.

I can't see you living with a man you don't love.

You can't? Not at all!

Well, it's not true.

Not true? No.

That's a pity.

That I don't have a Mr. Vasseur?

Don't be silly!

Let's go.

We're going home.

Aren't you coming?

Does he ever see his dad? He saw him at Christmas.

Now you're sorry.

Things don't always go the way we'd like.

I don't know about that.

What's Mr. Vasseur's first name? Does he have one?


Okay, so call him Pierre.

Your father was a Pierre, too. I know.

You do?

Get real, mom! He was my dad, wasn't he?

He was.

If not, we'll change the story. It's the true story.

Any story will do, I suppose.

Are you sorry?

Oh, yes. I'm not afraid to say so.

I behaved like an idiot with him.

You can't imagine. I was selfish, arrogant, the whole works. I was awful to him.

I didn't realize.

It seemed, I don't know... normal.

You said you didn't love him. I thought I didn't.

Now you're saying you did?

In my way. My way of loving nobody.

The way I saw it then, love was a fairy tale.

If they liked me, that was enough.

I got my punishment. Your punishment?

Yes, I got my punishment.

Not that I'm unhappy.

I've got you and Fabien.

But as for my life... What's Pierre like?

Is he tall, short...?

He's tall, tall.

Is that all? You don't care.

No, I don't care.

Don't you love him?

Mr. Vasseur will be happy with a pretty little wife.

Come off it!

You still look great for your age.

But you should change your hair, it's gross.

That's better.

Why do you buy blouses like that? It's so ugly!

It's comfy.

What's up? What are you looking at?

Oh, no!

You're thinking he'd make me a good little husband.

You're out of your mind!

I don't want one.

I'm sad you're alone.

Knock it off. I don't want to discuss it.

Can't I help? Stop bugging me! I'm not unhappy.

What good would it do me to live with some nerd?

Come on, little man.

I'm going to call in sick.

Are you sure? I'm sure.

We picked the worst subject to talk about.

Take him. I'll take the stroller.

Come here, my boy.

Quick, the train's coming.

Hold the gate for me.

We've got time.

We're gonna miss it.

So hurry UP!

Here, take him. Say goodbye.

I'll call you tonight. Call me, okay?

Bye-bye, darling.

Bye! I'll call you.