La guerre des tuques 3D (2015) Script

This is the greatest village in the whole wide world!

And I know because I've lived here my entire life!

All 11 years.

There's tons of snow!

The best friends ever, hardly any girls, and it's always crisp and cold.

Oh, and best of all, starting tomorrow, no school for two weeks! Two weeks! It's gonna be epic!

Wet underwear, frozen eyelashes, running nose, boots full of snow, foggy glasses and steaming hot chocolate!

Everybody's gonna have an awesome time!

Even my very best friend Luke!

Well, he better...

I am the wind

I am a snowstorm

The fireworks within

They are keepin' me warm

Hold on

I've got to wait for the bell

So long

Tomorrow tells a new tale

My heart is on fire

My heart is on fire

We're gonna be late! Ah!

Could you have made it any heavier?

I made it the proper density to render it indestructible.

Chuck, give me my chopper back!

Don't worry! It's fragile!

I got delicate fingers! Please! Give it now!

Cleo! No! Argh! I mean it!

Piers, no! Don't chase it!

Cleo! It's not a squirrel! Consider yourself unfriended.

Oh no! Whoaaaa!!!

Cleo! Just don't crash!

I wanna show it in one piece! Cleo. Come, now!

Aah! We can't move here.

It's infested with boys!


I don't know. They seem like they're having fun.

For boys.

Careful. It's my life's work. Cleo.


Uh-huh. Stay. No, stay.

Hurry! Wait up. My sock's coming off.

Hi Frankie. Hi Nicky. Guys, want to give us a hand?

Ooh! You know which one's my favorite? The one that goes--

Whoa! Slow down. I said I'd show it, not play it.

Show, play, what's the diff? Jack, not a word.

I'm just saying if you played some tunes, everybody'd be your friend.

I don't need to make more friends, Jack. I've got you.

Guys! Guess who's gonna play the bugle for the class?

Jack! Go Luke, go!

Go Luke, go! Go Luke, go!

Go Luke, go! Go Luke, go! Guys, quiet.

Quiet. Come on.

Forget it, Jack. I'm not gonna play.

What's the problem, Luke?

You got cold feet?

I bet he doesn't even know how to play!

Where'd you get your tuba? In a cereal box?

I don't think he has talent. Do you even know what end to blow?


Hi, Luke.

Slow down Chuck!

So I can catch you! See?

See what? See? You're their hero now.

Yippee. Ah!

If you bring Cleo to school every day she's going to be the smartest dog in the world!

She's already the smartest dog in the world, Frankie.

Cleo! Come here girl!

Ha-ha! That's a good girl.

I'd miss you too much to leave you at home.

Right, girl?

Say, do you think Cleo could guard my fort?

You bet she could! She's a great guard dog!

Right, girl?

Aargh! Pee-ew!

But you realize you actually have to build it first?

Admittedly, it is a complicated feat of engineering.

But we do have the whole school break to do it.

Yeah, right.

Ah! So bored...

Ah, me too.

Do you wanna arm wrestle?

Why do you do this to yourself? I'm much stronger than I look.

Here we go. On the count of three.

One, two... Hmm!


Best two out of three?

Ooh! Best three out of five.


Best four out of seven.

Best... five out of nine. Oomph.

So much snow...

So little to do.

Catch snowflakes?

I'm not thirsty. Hey!

Let's attack that fort!

They're just first graders.

So? That makes it a privilege for them. And easier for us!

Come on, you little munchkins!

Defend your fort!

I'm comin' to get you!

I got you!

Defend yourselves! I'm gonna get you!

Take that! Come on!

I'll get you!

Best 47 outta... 93?

Got me! Wahoo!

Where am I gonna go? Over here. Oh, oh!

Huh? Check it out! What?

Should we go? Yeah!

Thank heavens.



Milkshakes taste extra good after a snowball fight.

Too bad we had to resort to beating first graders.

Ah, they loved it. They made me promise to do it every week!

Race ya to the bottom!



Ha! Beat ya!

One... two... three.

Brain freeze.

Hey, what if we split into armies and had a real snowball war of our own?

We've already got a bugle.

And a general. Huh?

Me? A general?

It's your bugle.

I don't know about using my bugle... for a snowball fight?

It's not a fight, sir.

It's a war! Orders, general?

Should we recruit the others, sir?

Make battle plans at the barn, sir?

Well... I dunno.

But... maybe? Yes sir!

Maybe's good enough for us, sir.

We'll see you at the barn, sir!

Left, right, right, right, right...

Left, right, left, left...

Right, right... Hey, wait up!

Left... Hey!

Right, right, right, right, left.

Right, left, right.

Do you think there are any girls in this cruddy town?

I haven't seen any. Ugh!

Someone kill me now. Hut, two, three, four.

Huh? Hut, two, three, four.

Hut, two, three, four. Yuck! Gross!

The smell brigade!

Hut, two, three, four.

Boys don't smell that bad.

What she means is, she's smelled worse.

But not much! Like blue cheese, sewers, rotting garbage, throw up, zombies, rotten eggs, poo, B.O...

Ooh! I've seen that look before.

Say something. Nice skis.

You wanna... gimme a ride?


Yeah. You got feet. Use 'em.

Ah man... Blech!

Come on, Lucy.

New girls, one.

Luke, zero. It's just a girl.

Yeah. Whatever.

Why aren't you laughing? You're jealous 'cause I've...

Guys, guys! Let the general talk!

Third rule of engagement:

We fight during daylight hours, never at night.

But how am I gonna use my night vision goggles?

Same way you always do.

Selfishly? Good one.

Well, it's only 'cause I don't want you guys to break them!

They're super expensive. Guys, come on!

Thanks. Okay, 4th...

It's the puppy, yuppy dog!

Cleo! Our canine unit.

You're a good girl! Oh, Cleo...

Hey puppy. Hey puppy guppy.

Ah, Cleo... Sorry we're late.

Cleo had an ''accident''.

That's just nasty!

Pee-ew! No poison gas allowed. Ew! That's so gross!

Oh boy, that's toxic.

Oh no, I can't... breathe.

Ha-ha! Manolo passed out! Guys! Hey!

I hope you guys didn't start talking about my fort because I've got new plans.

Forget the fort, Four-Eyes.

It's dumb.

Mrumph! Not as dumb as your ideas, Manolo.

Oh yeah? You wanna fight?

Yeah. Yeah. Come on. Come on.

Go get 'im, Frankie. We should just call the vote.

Sorry. HEY!!!

Right. So, we're gonna vote on the rules.

What vote? What rules?

Are we gonna have to start all over again?

You should! We're part of this, too!

So is Cleo, but she doesn't care.

Uh, okay.

I'll go over them again quickly.

Enemies never talk to each other.

It ends on the last day... of school break. But I don't agree.

We should form a committee to look at each rule individually!

If you don't agree, just vote against it.

We need two sides anyway, eh Luke?

What a waste of time! Yeah, I mean, Chuck is right.

I guess. Okay, okay!

Everyone move back. What now?


You too. Move back. Uh! Uh!

Okay! Everyone on this side of the line is with Luke.

Everyone else is against him.

Huh? Ah!


Seven against two?

That's not fair!

Yeah, he's right. Maybe we need to...

Sure it's fair. They got Mr. Genius.

He may have a point. I got an idea!

You guys build Frankie's fort... and we'll attack it.

Then, on the last day of school break, whichever army has the fort, wins.

And this will be our headquarters!

No way. We all hang out here. The barn's everybody's place.

What's with you guys?

You make up a bunch of rules and don't tell us.

You decide the teams. You throw us out of the barn.

If that's how it's gonna be, I'm not playing.

Fight with yourself, general!


Cleo, come.



Come on, guys. I'm sure we could figure something out.

Take another vote? Rewrite the rules?

You can have the barn!

So much for that. Can't have a war without enemies.

Manolo, wait up. Wanna go bowling or curling?

I thought today would be fun. Hey, where are you guys going?

You could've been a great general.

I don't know about that. That's what I'm saying.

You could've been a great general. Instead you're a terrible one!

You gotta make 'em wanna fight!

Make them want to fight? Nobody wants to fight.

Sure they do! It's fun!

You gotta trash-talk 'em. Make their blood boil.


Like, ''Ooh! little boy's afraid of getting snow down his neck.''


''You call that a snowball? Looks more like a cotton ball!''

''Who taught you how to throw? Cleo?''

Yeah! That's the idea.

What are you waiting for?!

Oh! Oh right! Whoa!

Hey guys! Come back!

We got a plan!

Back up, back up.

Stop, stop. Stop. That's a good dog.

Target acquired. Pass me the binocs.

They're limited edition. He'll just look through 'em.

Not use 'em as a hockey puck. Huh?

You know, we could still build a fort.

Give it a rest, Frankie.

I designed an even better one. Do you ever sleep?

Okay everyone.

Positions for Operation Topsy Turvy! Yeah.

Remember, first we egg them on with Cleo.

Then wham! Topsy-Turvy! Topsy...




Oh... Huh?

Uh... You actually eat this stuff?!

Yuck. It's Cleo's.

Oh! Poor dog.

What a cute dog.

You're a real cutie, aren't you?

Yes you are. What's her name?

Cleo. Piers is in love with her.


I can see why.

She's very lovable. I'm Sophie.

Piers. And this is Frankie. Call me ''Four-Eyes''.

You call yourself ''Four-Eyes''?

Look at these things. I gotta own it, baby!

He's a genius. Really?

I designed a fort. Let me show you.

It's pretty amazing, really.

The generator supplies the tower here, the draw bridge there and all the machinery here, here and there.

Wow, that's actually a real fort!

What did you think I said?

I know, but I expected...


Frankie always thinks up something. Correct!

And you're always thinking up something too, aren't you, Cleo?

Usually ways to get food!

Cleo, no.

Aah! Cleo!

Whoa! Oh!


Ooh! Hi wussies! Give it up, guys.

You're not gonna get us to have a snowball fight.

Hey Cleo!


Uh... What are you waiting for?!

Go on!

Uh... Fetch!


Cleo, stop!

No! Cleo!



Whoaaa! Home run!


Cleo! No!


Uh! Aah!

Aw, gross!

Slobber all over him, girl! Major fail!

We're not gonna fight you!

Yeah, even with the best fort ever designed!

Vanguard. Advance!

Uh-oh. We're about to get clobbered.

We, who are about to get clobbered, salute you.

Huh? Open fire!

Nya nya!



Uh-oh! Oh-uh.

Yuck! My new vest! She creamed us!

You want a fight? You got one, buddy.

What's with ya?

Battle starts tomorrow at oh nine hundred hours!

Don't forget to bring your toy tuba!

It's a bugle!

And it's not a toy!

I hope you're happy.

Ready to build your mega-ginormous fort?

I've never been more ready!

Now we live in our own way

We are free and they're afraid

Liberty Come out and play

In the snow

Being hero is all we know

We'll never surrender

Unafraid when faced with fighting danger

Say hello to the champions of the show

Frankie, you don't just have four eyes:

You've got vision!

This is so perfect.

So beautiful.

You're a mad genius, Frankie.

Now... just imagine it splattered with the shattered hopes of our enemy.


Enemy? What enemy?

Hello Nicky. Earth to Nicky.

Luke and his gang. We're going to war!

You didn't think we built this to protect princesses from dragons...

It is a castle.

It's a fort.

Luke and his army are going to attack.

And lose.

War is not fun.

Since when is war not fun?

War is the most fun!

That's peace-lovin' Nicky for ya.

This is way better than our new house!

Cleo, come. Now.


I'm the queen of the castle!

And you're all dirty rascals!


This is intense. I know, right?

Why did they make the new kid their general?

Because she's totally awesome!

Whose side are you on?

I don't know if you've noticed, but there's not a lot of girls in this town.

I noticed!

So to have one in charge... is pretty awesome.

Oh, hello general. Binocs.

Uh, the fort's pretty big.

You don't really need binoculars.

Ugh. Come on. Hogger.

We could capture her.

Hold her here for ransom.

Here? With me? No.

Uh, I mean, we're not allowed... after sundown.

Oh, I get it! Forget it, man.

She's too cool for you.

Ha! What are you even talking about?


You know, if you ever get the chance, don't be weird.

Play it cool. Pfft!

Play it cool, holding Sophie for ransom?

Holding her alright.

But not for ransom.


You wanna know boyfriend... girlfriend stuff?

Me? Him?

No, no. Just stuff.

You know. About him.

His dad died in... in a war.

He never talks about it.

None of us do either.

Must hurt. Yeah.

Present arms!

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Aim. Fire.

Aim. Fire.

Rip 'em up! Tear 'em up! Throw them to their knees!

Fill their pants with icy snow 'til they holler please!

Go ahead and scream a lot!

It'll prove you're little snots!

Lose! Lose! Lose! Lose! Lose! Lose!

Rip 'em up! Tear 'em up! Throw them to their knees!

Fill their pants with icy snow...

Report, soldier. What do you see?

A big fort, general.

It's big! And fort-like.

They've already got their own flag.

It even has a door. Huh.

And they left the keys.


Follow me.

Let's get 'em.

Bed bugs crawling.

Sorry. Reception is bad. Please repeat.

Bed bugs crawling.

Forget it! Enemy approaching!

That's what I was trying to say!

I'm sure I saw them first.

If you find a wire, don't touch it.

I've seen the spy master movie too, Fran.

They're falling for the trap! What doofuses!

Whoa! Careful. How 'bout that one?

Whoa! Timber!

No, it's too small.

I'm telling you guys, I smell a trap. What's wrong?

Never seen a door before? Lucy!

That's no way to welcome our enemies.

Okay, enough.

Stand back, everyone!

Here comes the battering ram!

Oh! Fire!


Ow! Hey! Hey!

Is that a girl?

It is! Hey! Hello!


Too bad you're on the losing team!

Maybe we can hang out when this is over?

Okay! Bull's-eye!

George! No!

Brother's down! Ah!

Hey Sophie!

After this is all over, I'll teach you to throw!

Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie...



To the right! This snow packs good!

Miss me, miss me!


Avenge meeeeee!

I will avenge you!

Ah! Got a critical butt wound! Whoa-hoa!


Yeah! Ha! Huh?

We need more ammo!

They're running out of snowballs. Finish 'em!

Lucy, get cracking and make snowballs.

All units advance!

Get up, you lazy bums.

We can't. We're dead.


This is too fun!

Hurry Frankie!


All units fully re-armed.

What?! Fire!

Whoa! Oh!

You missed!

Okay troops. Plan B. Ah!

Uh-oh. That's us.

Uh-oh. Frankie! Lucy!

Piers! Quick!

Bet they never expected this! Fire!

Ow! Now we got 'em!

Snowballs at 2 o'clock, general!


Not so loud, general. We're not deaf.



I'm afraid of heights!

Oh! We're goin' down!

Battle's over for the day! Yay!


Wahoo! Are you wounded, general?

Who, me? Not a scratch!

And today's first star is me!

We better get up bright and early.

Cleo, you're in the other army.

I'm gonna have to get up super early and have a balanced breakfast.

Cereal, toast, eggs, bacon, beans, steak...

Hey Luke! You comin'?


I'm comin'.

I'm not too sure how long it's been

But I got caught up in the game

My heart is meltin' like the snow You wanna race? Oh! You bet!

My brain is in a haze

When I hold your gaze Whoo!

In this weather you're my sweater

You can keep me warm for days


Oh! Whoa.


Both of us together like gloves

On the thin ice of December

Skating you a figure of love You're pretty good.

I thought enemies weren't supposed to talk. Ha-ha!

My brain is in a haze

When I hold your gaze

In this weather you're my sweater

You can keep me warm for days Whoops.

Maybe racing wasn't the best idea.

You're not so bad.

Except for the stopping part.

You alright? Yeah. Thanks.

I knew it! I smelled the enemy!

What's he doing here?! Hey!

I caught him spying on me. Trying to get intel.

We should bring him in and torture him. Find out what he knows!

Nah. He didn't get anything.

Maybe I got everything I wanted.

Oh yeah? What did you want?

Just trying to get a sense of the enemy.

Ugh! I'm gonna put on my Kung Fu suit.

And we'll get some real answers!

Just forget it. And get inside. You'll catch a cold.

What? But...

I'm like, totally dressed.

Oh! Whew!

Spying is a two-way street, losers.

No way we're gonna run out of ammo.

Four-Eyes thinks he's so smart.

His fort is coming down! We'll get 'em this time.

Today's gonna be even funner than yesterday.

Can't wait to see their faces when we show up with all these snowballs.

Oh! They're making... iceballs.

We're all gonna diiiiie!!!

What are you doing?! Great snowballs, eh?

You're dipping them in water!

Uh-oh. Chuck!

But this way they hold together better.

Your snowballs fall apart.

But you're turning them into iceballs.

It's just a war.

There's no reason to hurt anyone.

Come on guys, it's just a little dip.

Here, look.

Uh? Oh...

Are you crazy, Chuck?

I think he dipped his head in ice water.

I'm sorry. Honest.

Look. Here. No iceballs!

Oh! Finished!

I didn't wanna hurt anybody.

Cross my heart!

Calm down. Catch your breath.

Iceballs! They're making iceballs!!!

What?! You sure?

I saw them with my own eyes! Billions of them!

Lucy. Well, millions for sure.

The barn was full of iceballs! Are you really sure?

I swear!

Those rotten cowards! How are we gonna get them back?

Fight fire with fire!

An eye for an eye and all that stuff.

Yeah! I say we level the playing field.

Make snowballs out of cement. Or even harder...


Hang on! I don't want to hurt anyone.

That's your first problem.

I don't want to hurt anyone, either.

But war is a messy, messy business.

I don't know about this...

Just hold it steady.

It's messy! We're almost done.

You're using way too much!

It's fine.

Rip 'em up, tear 'em up! Throw them to their knees!

The cheese has arrived.

I didn't quite get that. Huh?

Repeat please. The cheese has... arrived!

The cheese has arrived? Who ordered cheese?

They're coming!

Oh! Ten four. Over and out.

The mouse is in the trap.

What did she say? The cow is on the moon.

The moose is in the caboose!

See? I told you.

Lose, lose, lose! Rip 'em up!

Tear 'em up, throw them to their knees!

Fill their pants with icy snow 'til they holler please!

Go ahead and scream a lot...

It'll prove you're... little snots.

Lose... Lose...

Lose... Lose?


Come on, come on, come on. Oh, you didn't hear that.


Let's get 'em.

Rip 'em up! Tear 'em up!

Throw them to their knees!

Fill their pants with icy snow 'til they holler please!

Go ahead and scream a lot It'll prove you're little snots!

Lose! Lose! Lose!

Lose! Lose! Lose!

Rip 'em up! Tear 'em up! Throw them to their knees!


Oops. Whoa!

Who's up there? Huh?

Our ammo! Move!

That's totally not fair!

Huh? Whoa!




It's an ambush! A what?

A trap! That'll teach you to make iceballs!

Retreat! No guys. It's all a mistake.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Ooh! This is cool!

No place to hide, suckers! Come on! Move!

Ah! Oh! Should've used more paint!


That color looks nice on you. You really think so?

Run! Faster!


Victory is ours!

The bugle is ours!

Alright guys, we got 'em! Crush it!

We're the winners! Yeah!

Yeah! Ah!

Whoo! Ah, Sophie!

Look at Cleo!

Oh no!

Aw, it'll wash out.


Maybe. Probably? Maybe?

You didn't follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use?

I told you not to use so much. What?!

You knew the plan. You thought it was great.

Yeah, but we're just dumb little kids.

You're the big sister. You're supposed to keep us out of trouble.

I've had it. Come on Lucy. We're leaving.

You're not the boss of me, big sister!

Fine. Be that way.

Find yourselves another babysitter.



''l was... wondering if you could give me my bugle back.

We're having fun and all, playing war, but it belonged to my...''

No, no.

I know. ''This is war.

And that means knowing when you're outta your league.''

''Out of my league? You haven't won a single battle.''

''Oh, don't get smart with me!'' ''Yeah?

Whatcha gonna do about it?''



I'm sure I heard something!

Probably cockroaches!


Hot chocolate's ready.

It's so nice and peaceful.

The fighting couldn't last anyway.

We're just too strong.

A day without war is a victory for peace.

You know, that is so... so... boring!

Everybody smile!

Who's that? That's my cousin.

Hello. My name is Daniel Blanshire from Victoriaville.

Reporter in training. Surrender!

I thought you guys won.

We know you're there! Me too!

And I thought this was going to be boring day!

Yippee! Action shots!


Surrender, weasels!

Where'd you get the megaphone?

It's my uncle's! Real expensive.

No fooling around.

Battalions 2 and 3, take up your positions!

George, Henry, Chuck, Manolo, arm the catapults.

Yippee! It is on!

We've gotta call the others.

We're gonna crush your little faces! ln your dreams!


Hey up! Ugh!

Ha! You'll have to do better than that!

Peace talks failed. Hostilities have resumed.

Get over here. We need back up.

You're missing all the fun! Huh?

On my way!

Oh! Whatcha waiting for, Cleo?

Let's go.

Second wave! Fire at will!

What did he say? Give it all ya got!

Why can't he talk normal, like regular people?

I know! He's so weird, right?

Don't chit-chat with the enemy. She started it.

No, I didn't! Yes, you did.

You're the one who said he's weird! I did not.

Will you guys just fire?

At each other, please?

Yeah. Bring it on!

You'll never get me alive, suckers!

Who said anything about alive?

I'm outta here. Have you had enough?

Oh! Is that all you got?

Cease fire!

Cease fire. Hmm!

Hey Nicky, hurry up.

Tell us when we can go.

Yep. Good to go.

Let 'er rip!

Battalions 2 and 3, take up position on the flanks!

On the where? Huh?

On the... The- there! Flanks, flanks, flank.

What the heck are flanks?

It's not working.

Something's wrong.

You guys better back off or we're gonna get really mad!

Don't listen to her, Jack. She's already mad. Just keep climbing.


Anybody, please!

You can do this, Jack.

Whoa! Look out below!

Are you crazy?! get out of the way!


Sorry. Ow!

Sophie, they're destroying us! Get over here!

It's a massacre! Come! Please!

Sophie, out.

Ugh! I knew you were a bathroom hogger, but I never figured you for a traitor!

Strategic retreat!

What? Never retreat! Never surrendeeeer!

They're escaping! Catch them! Charge...

No way am I giving up!

I'll fight them from the highest tower to the deepest dungeon!

I will never surrender! Never! I...

Ooh! An escape pod!

Bail ouuuuuut!

Ha-ha! Oh!

Go see where this comes out, soldier. Yes sir, general sir. Oh!

Aaah! Wahoo!

Aaah! Wahoo!

That girl's out of her gourd. First the paint.

Then she drops a giant block of snow on me.

And the yelling. What's next?


Wahoo! Aaah!

Ooh! Yah! Yah!

What happened?

They abandoned the fort! Whoo-hoo!

The fort is ours!

I'll be fine. Thanks for asking.

One, two, three, four

You are last and we come first We're not scared of anyone

Masters of the universe and we are here to have fun

Be advised and be afraid We are here on a crusade

So just go crying to your mama We are sharper than your papa

Can't you see we're awesome Infinitely awesome

By now you should really know that we are the heroes

We are the heroes

No class! No class at all!

Bunch of yahoos!

We will take over the loot Have our cake and eat it too

We will be notorious We are strong and glorious

Can't you see we're awesome Infinitely awesome

By now you should really know that we are the heroes

We are the heroes

We are the heroes

Be advised and be afraid We are here on a crusade

So just go crying to your mama We are sharper than your papa Ha-ha! Cleo! Awesome

Infinitely awesome My plans!

By now you should really know that we are the heroes

We are the heroes

We are the heroes

Who are you, anyway?

Hi, my name is Daniel Blanshire, from Victoriaville.

Reporter in training. Hi.

My name is Daniel Blanshire, from Victoriaville.

Hi, my name is Daniel Blanshire... Who is that?!

It's Daniel Victor from Blanshireville.

I just can't believe your sister didn't show up.

They say she's my big sister, but I'm pretty sure there was a mix-up at the hospital.

I feel older.

Yeah, a real disappointment.

She's a quitter. And you should see her room.

A pigsty. Good night. Good night.

Good night.

Oh, hi. Hi.

Thought you'd like to know a different flag flies over the fort tonight.

It's a stinky boy flag, with holes in the butt.

''Holes in the butt.''

Underwear? Yuck!

Goin' somewhere?

We knew you'd come back.

The war's supposed to stop at night, you know.

Get her! Yes, get her!

Huh? Who?


Get her! Don't let her get away!


The emergency exit! On my way, general!

Ta, ta!


Ah man!

After her!


Oh man, I can't believe it.

Ha! Missed me!

Crush me once, shame on you!

Crush me twice, shame on...

Jack! What're you doing?

Flying, sir.



Whoo! Ha-ha!

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

The enemy flag?!

Wanna sniff? Yuck!

Ha-ha! How'd you do it?!

Not me.

My super-duper fantastic sister!

Ah! Sophie!

Not bad for a quitter, huh, kiddos?

Yeah, well... about that.

I, uh... No, you were right.

But then I started thinking, what kind of a leader quits at the first sign of dissention among the troops?

You. Yes.

Well... Hey! It's great to have you back!


Ah, I knew it!

I shouldn't have let Chuck get his greasy paws on these.

Oh, all quiet on the Eastern front!

Same here!

Quiet here too. Nothing to report.

Other than extreme boredom.

Nothing to report, general.


I've had it with guarding the flanks. It's like guarding air.

If real war is like this, I'm not going.

It's a real snoozer.

Sitting around doing nothing...

feels like I'm destroying all my precious brain cells.

Didn't you tell me brain cells start dying the day you're born?

Or even before?


What's that?


Uh... okay.

I'm fed up with their war. Nah, it's fun!

Look at my photos! It's all here! The human drama.

The gritty realism.

Watch out! Aah!

What's that?


That's an idea.

Help! Help!

Why are you looking at me? It's not my voice.

That's my megaphone!

Oh! Yeah, it's...

It's... It's hard to remember where I put everything! ls anybody listening?

It's Daniel Blanshire from Drummondville.


There's two Daniel Blanshires? Ugh!

Nicky needs help! Hurry!

It's one of Luke's traps.

No. It's Nicky. We have to go see.

He's caught in a fox trap!

Uh, bear trap. It sounds bigger.

A bear trap! It sounds bigger!

Say I'm dead.

He's... They'll ever believe that.

Almost dead, then.

I don't think so. Too sensational.


He's out cold! And there's blood everywhere!

It's one of Sophie's traps.

Nicky wouldn't side with anyone.

I think we should go. Nicky says to bring bandages!

No. I'm out cold. I can't talk.

He told me that before going out cold!

Hurry up! He's getting worse!

His face is blue. His eyes are bulging.

Nobody's coming. You sure they're your friends?

Hurry up, you guys. Nicky's the peace guy, right?

Who'd step in a trap. Hey, keep up, Frankie!

I'm the one wearing glasses.

Look, there he is! What a waste of time!

Who'd step on a bear trap?

I hope he's okay. This better be real.

Ah! Don't push.

We should've brought a sled.

Where's the blood?

I don't see any blood. Argh!


Aren't you supposed to be unconscious?

We're leaving. So are we.


Now that you're united by a common cause, you gotta make peace. Huh?!

No way! Never!

Nicky's right. War is boring. I'm done fighting.

I'm done too. Smell ya later, dweebs.

I'm tired of guard duty. There's nothing to guard but... him.

It was fun while it lasted. Guys! Guys, come on!

Come on, Daniel! We stopped the war!

Interesting turn of events. We should take a group picture.

There goes your army, general.

Yours too.

They sure liked attacking forts.


Give me the fort back and they can have one last attack.

There's still another day of winter break.

Why would I agree to that?

Your army might come back.

Besides, if you don't, you'll never know if you could have taken the fort with me defending it.

You have a... bit of snow there.

You've got a hole in your mitten.

Well... that was...


Oh, uh, well, you're not much of a kisser either.

I was gonna say ''nice''.

But I am a better kisser than you.

Uh... well, I'll see you on the battlefield!

Good luck with that, general!

Yeah! You bet, soldier!

I can't let you play today, Cleo.

It's the final battle.

Who knows what tricks they'll have up their sleeves.

And I don't want you getting covered in paint again.

It's because I love you, Cleo.

I don't know how you got Luke to give us the fort back.

I don't really know either.

He just offered it.

Curious military strategy.

Enemy approaching. 12 o'clock.

Enemy at 12 o'clock! Roger that!

Lose! Lose! Lose!

Confirmed! Scumbags in sight at 12 o'clock!

Rip 'em up, tear 'em up, throw them to their knees!

Fill their pants with icy snow 'til they holler please!

And at 3 o'clock. And 9 o'clock.

Scumbags everywhere! What?!

They've recruited the first graders!

That's just wrong.

We're gonna need more ammo.

Alright! Give me your best war face!

Three, two, one...


How come we didn't get any candy?

We're in it for the glory.

Who needs glory? We'll take the candy.

No! My chocolate!


Fire! Fire!

Time for The Blizzard!

Patent pending.


Aah! The battle's that way.

Charge! Oh yeah!

You guys are gonna eat snow for lunch!


Hustle you maggots. This way.

Follow me to the flanks.

What are maggots? What are flanks?

Flanks, flanks, you don't know what flanks are?

No. We're only first graders.

Aw, come on!

Get under the walls! Way to go Jack! You made it!

Bring the ladder!

Where's that latter?!

It's coming, general!

Cleo? Cleo!

Poor Cleo!

Let's get you home girl.


Cleo! No! No!


Hey, I recognize that!

Locked and loaded sir. Fire!

You stole my catapult!

You cheaters! They must've seen your plans.


But you built it all wrong!

You bunch of ignoramuses!

Use bigger blocks! Seems to be working alright.

Second catapult! Fire!


You guys are crazy!

Fire at will!

Smile. Whoaaa!

Hello Cleo!

Aah! Oh!

I've got a bad feeling about this.

Go! Dig! Dig!

To the walls!

To the walls!

This time you can't stop me!

Charge! Take that, you big lug!

Cavalry to the rescue!

It's clobberin' time!

Yaah! fighting yells) Huh?


Raise our flag! On my way general!

Over my dead body!


Ah! Run!

Everybody okay? Okay.

Me too. Okay.

We're good here.

Have you seen Cleo? Nuh-uh.


Cleo? Cleo's not here.



Oh! It's Cleo! Huh?

Help me! Help me! Cleo?


We're coming Cleo. Oh, we're coming.


Oh, Cleo...


Come on, Cleo. Huh?



Oh... Oh...

Please be okay. You're my best friend.

Please! Aw...

No. Oh girl...


This is all your fault!

You and your... your stupid bugle!

It was just supposed to be a game!

Cleo never hurt anyone!


Present arms!

Ready! Aim! Fire!




I want you to have this.

I don't want your bugle.

Ten hut!

Honor guard... present arms!

That was beautiful Luke.

Cleo was a great dog.

She sure was. She was the best.

She loved snowballs so much.

And eating.

And playing catch. And slobbering.

And farting.

Her farts were the smelliest.

You know what we need to do?

Tear down the rest of that fort!




Where does it start?

Yah! ♪ Where do we go

When we depart? Yay!

Aah! ♪ The ice is thin

You're standing still

When you advance it falls apart Whoo!

Open your eyes

Look straight ahead Hoo-ah!

A morning sky hangs by a thread

You hear your voice

As it echoes

The heart of a man as he grows

Will glow

Sing a hymn

This way! Towards me!

Watch out.

That's it. That's it! That's good!

Sing a hymn

For your brothers

Everybody needs to know

Sing a hymn

For your father

And finally the sun

Will glow

Sing a hymn

For your father

Ooh ooh ooh

I'm not too sure how long it's been

But I got caught up in the game

My heart is meltin' like the snow

Now that I got to know your name

My brain is in a haze

When I hold your gaze

In this weather you're my sweater

You can keep me warm for days

Like a mild spell mocking winter

Both of us together like gloves

On the thin ice of December

Skating you a figure of love

My brain is in a haze

When I hold your gaze

In this weather you're my sweater

You can keep me warm for days

I'm not too sure how long it's been

But I got caught up in the game

My heart is melting like the snow

Now that I got to know your name

My brain is in a haze

When I hold your gaze

In this weather you're my sweater

You can keep me warm for days

My brain is in a haze

When I hold your gaze

In this weather you're my sweater

You can keep me warm for days