La montagna del dio cannibale (1978) Script


New Guinea, perhaps the last region of land that remains unexplored.

Surrounded by mystery, life still remains in its primitive state.

Today at the dawn of the space age, it seems unimaginable that only

20 hours of London still exist such a wild and uncontaminated world.

This story testifies that so ...

Mrs. Stevenson, what do you feel about your husband?

He's lost in the jungle ... Leave her alone!

Leave her alone!

Is it true that the expedition was clandestine?

Will you send a rescue team?

You expect to find him alive? Malaysian State Radio, a statement?

No, there are no declarations ...


All the efforts of rescue teams, in the jungle of Marabata, were in teis.

That's why we decided to suspend them. I'm sorry.

The expedition of her husband, as the director explained to him of security.

It was not authorized by independent Guinean authorities.

So he never settled down with her no contact, not by radio.

Her husband was ethnological research ...

... without our knowledge nor permission.

When your brother warned us disappearance of Mr Stevenson.

We speak If our search started late, It's not our fault.

I waited here in Port Moresby, one more or more, until the expected date of your return.

Besides, as my brother-in-law knows He is an expert in this area.

So I had nothing to to fear for your good fortune.

You never know if the jungle is safe.

This clandestine expedition it was reckless ...

... and an insult to our government.

My brother-in-law is one. internationally renowned scientist.

Your Government should be interested in for locating your shipment.

The area search was done for several days, looking for signs of life.

If there were anyone alive, made some sign.

Maybe they could not do it.

The jungle is so dense that it you can not see anything.

We have to arrange an expedition that enters the jungle.

I beg you to calm down.

We are willing to help you. to meet Mr. Stevenson ...

But it's up to the local authorities to organize and make the decisions.

We have done all that was possible.

Please help me. I do not know if he's still alive, but until certain of his death.

I'll keep looking for it.

Not that I have to do it alone.

I understand how you feel.

But my obligation? be honest.

If we give up, because we are sure, that after 3 months in the jungle, It is impossible for survivors to exist.

I'm sorry, Coco Barnes, but I have to go.

Certainly, and thank you.

Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson!

I think that's the only person that can help her, Professor Edward Foster, an American.

A strange man who knows perfectly the region.

I advise you to talk to him.

Arthur has already contacted him, We'll talk to him tomorrow.

Ol .

Mrs. Stevenson? Yes.

I 'm Edward Foster. Alive.

Arthur. "Live, Edward.

You look good. I say the same.


I must apologize for informality from my home.

But nature has modes of dealing with things here, and I do not intend to fight it.

Henry talked a lot about himself. in your letters.

He had a lot of respect for himself. I am very pleased to meet you.

Me too.

Me and your husband were very close friends.

We were united by the interest primitive peoples of this country.

Of course this world is to disappear quickly.

One day progress and technology will destroy everything.

Tell me.

Do you have any idea where Could Henry be?

I'm not sure ...

... was very reserved with this expedition.

The weird...

... you told me you were going. I offered her my help but ...

Before he knew it, he had left.

As far as I know I was alone, he and some natives.

I can not understand why kept the shipment a secret.

And especially with you.

Yes, I'm the one myself.

But you know, because it's so secretive. about this trip ... give me an indication where it can be.


This is the jungle of Marabatha. Where they say Henry is gone.

Approximately five miles of the coast is the island of Rocha.

This island is covered with a very dense vegetation.

Surrounding and protecting the sacred mountain of Rarami.

Sacred why locals and natives believe they are malicious.

So it was to him that he went.

And he kept silent about it, All this time?

What are you talking about? Arthur.

Please continue.

Ms. Stevenson ...

... there is something I think you should know.

There have been some of me myself on this island.

After what I told Arthur and Henry, about my experiences there.

Henry looked fascinated with them.


I think I remember now ...

... Henry told me in a letter, on a mountain that people

... believed to be cursed.

I thought I was just a silly superstition.

It would be surprising how important this belief for these people.

The police pro be expeditions Marabatha jungle ...

... they do not want anyone. near that island.

They say for conservation reasons.

But the truth ; that they they also fear the curse.

Like all the others.

How did you get there?

It's a long story Ms. Stevenson ...

It was by chance ...

I was surfing near the coast of the island ... a storm surprised me, without knowing it, I went to the beach.

As I already knew from the legend of the curse.

Of course I was curious.

And he wanted to go up to the top of the mountain.

But I never did.

What stopped him?


... for a mysterious, All I can say.

Now! You still believe in this foolishness.


Are you even convinced that Did Henry go to this mountain?

I think there's a good chance.

One thing is certain, was not lost in Marabatha, I knew this jungle too well.

I ask you to organize an expedition to the island of Roka.

Arthur and I are going with you.

Are you talking to Serious? Yes.

J difficult for a man, for a woman almost impossible.

My husband disappeared, I'm prepared for everything, to find him.

I have enough courage, to make such a trip.

So is money.

I'm sorry but I have to leave you on here. I can not go any further.

In half an hour I must inform my position by radio ...

... otherwise, the police would perceive the deviation.

It spared us a few more marches through the jungle.

We'll be off the coast in a week.

For once you can thank.

Let's go down.

Thank you, Phil.

Let's go fast!

Do not tell anyone, We do not want the police behind us.

Do not worry. Good luck.

I think you'll need it.

Why do you look at me this way? strange? I do not like that.

Do not worry, it's okay. He's very dedicated to me.

We will have to be carrying our luggage for a few kilometers.

We will find some native, to help us from here to the coast.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Are you okay?

What a beauty!

Do not move. Edward.

Did you bite him? No.

You were very lucky, you know. extremely poisonous.

First there is a fever, lasts 3 days and dies.

From now on I suggest that Be careful where you go.

And always keep somebody behind you.

You lead the expedition, How could I know.

Now you know.

The natives think that killing the spider is a bad press.

That's why they make a sacrifice.


I know.

But it's a ritual.

They offer an iguana to their God, to protect us from the forces of evil.

It's a disgusting ceremony.

It is part of your religion.

It's better to hide. Asaro!


Quickly! Quickly!

Enough! Because of you the police know where we are!

Fools! Let it!


Oh my God...

Are you satisfied?

It's better to have a long talk to your brother, before it causes more problems.

Do not try to stand against me.

Do not try to this expedition.

I will not.

If we get to the mountain, We'll all get there, the three of us.

In that case, if you want to come with me, I suggest you come.

Maybe we'll get to the coast tomorrow. night, if we are lucky.

Roka is there.

It's better to hide, while preparing the boat.

When are we leaving?


We will arrive there before dawn.

The chains help us to cross.

Quick, Asaro!

Hide! Quickly!

Be careful, do not trust him too much.

Pull it!

We left the boat here, until we bring our things.

It looks good here There, look.

Let's go!

There's something else. Quickly.

I do not think so.

There may be other bodies, take a look.

This was a leper.

The natives think that the lepers they are the children of the devil.

Maybe that was why who killed him.

Come here.


There's your arm.

I offered it to you a few years ago.

I was right, he came this way.

Had to come to the mountain.

Let's keep looking. Arthur by a . Asaro is coming with me.

You go there. You follow me.

We did not find anything.


Empty the boat and hide it I hope to meet you when we get back.

What is this?

I do not know.

I thought I heard something, but I was wrong.


The porters wake up at dawn, They say it was not here.

That bastard ran away.

No, Asaro would not abandon us, and where he would go.

Maybe get the boat. "But the beach is far away.

You must be scared. Yes, but not the coward.

He knows the jungle very well. And he did not go alone, especially at night.

Where is he?

I do not know.

Well now we have less a man, It will not be easy without him.

"Maybe we should go back." We have the compass.

It's in our interest We reach the mountain.

Especially yours.

What you mean?

That it is not just the desire to find a friend ...

... that propels you to the mountain! Or Arthur!


Are you hiding something from me?

Your brother is totally neurotic.

Even your husband abandoned you, because I did not trust him.

I did not trust you too much. Come on, stop!

Do not you see, what do I want to find? My husband, that's all.

That's why we have to climb this mountain.

Susan's right.

We all want to find Henry.

Very well, but I will not tolerate it. their insinuations.

You see?

Let's get the camp up.

Bamboos, we should be near the river.

This way.

Same on the muche.

The mountain is on the other side of the river.

We have to make a raft.

We landed on a rock, let it go.

Are you looking for this?

It's wet, but it still works.

A cookie?

A trap for animals.

"But destined for us." Perhaps.

We should get out of here. immediately.

Take water and the indispensable. Give me the rifle.

Take it.

Take this.

Let's go.

Edward! Look, he's going to run!

Wait, come on!

Hold on!


Susan ...



No, wait.

She was attacked by a native.

She'll be fine.

My name is Manolo.

This is the mission of Father Mois s.

I brought you some sinners. whites, Moses.

They ask for food, water and a place. to sleep.


How are you, Father?

You have not changed anything.

Appear so after so many years. I'm very happy.

What brings you here? I could not stay away.

Banjo! Come here.

Look who's here.

Hi, Banjo.

And this is Sura the new wife of Banjo.

Moses, there are two more guests.

Father, introduce you to Mrs. Stevenson ...

... and brother Arthur Weisser.

Hi, Father, it's a pleasure to be here.

A pleasure to meet you.

Can I ask them? what are you doing here?

We are going to Rarami Mountain.

To the mountain! Are they crazy?

You will never go through the jungle that surrounds you, my dear.

It is necessary. I'm looking for my husband.

He is lost with your expedition.

Come in.

I do not believe you, Manolo.

The aborigines are not aggressive.

It's impossible I only saw him for a moment but it was different from all others.

He wore a strange mask and his body painted white.

I've never seen anything like it before. Never!

Did not see if he was carrying a bone bound to the arm On here?

Edward, you're crazy.

Yes, I think I remember now.

That something was tied to his arm.

But I'm not sure ...

He was a member of the Pukas tribe.

The Pukas have been extinct for years.

It can not be one of them.


It's been 6 years since I met him. and I came to this island.

I never knew what to happened after leaving him, I was captured by the Pukas.

I know him well, always had a fancy imagination.

I wish it was the my imagination, Father.

When they captured me, they wanted to kill me.

But the chief's son had a fever.

I had quinine and I got better it.

After that...

... they treated me as one of them.

But I still tried to run away.

And I tried three or four times.

But they were not successful.

So how did you get away?

One day an enemy tribe attacked the village.

Fights on all sides, chaos, fires...

I took the opportunity to escape.

I walked for weeks ...

Until I got to the beach a fishing boat took me for civilization.

You do not believe me yet, do you?

No, carago! All this is absurd.

They no longer exist.

You may be right Father ...

..I hope they have disappeared. Same.

But what is the reason so much fear of the Pukas.

Because they were the ancients inhabitants of Rarami.

Susan ... in their language Rarami means ...

... the Mountain of the Cannibal God.

You mean ...

... that the Pukas are cannibals?



No ...

No ...

Run away No, he runs away.


Saw? Saw.

And I know who they are.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am sure.

You are still obsessed with reminiscences of these cannibals?

Truth, never forget. of the taste of human flesh.


I'm a doctor.

Maybe I can help you.

Really participated in their rituals?


And it was horrible ...

I was forced, I had no choice.

And since then I completely changed I was never the same man again.

I live with these constant nightmares And I think I'm crazy ..

I wish I could help.

But I.

I know.

I had never spoken to none of this experience.

I was too scared.

Too much embarrassment.

But you know, I am completely convinced...

.... that if I could go back to this mountain ...

... and find a way ...

... because there is a ...

... to destroy until the last these cannibals ... so maybe

So, maybe ...

... if you could free yourself from your nightmare.



It is not wise to walk alone.

Why not? Here we are safe.

Follow my advice.


Hang on.

What ?

It's been a very tiring trip.

And now without chargers, we will not be able to It could help us to the mountain?

Please, help us.

To get to the mountain I need pass fast and waterfalls.

Almost impossible

... and the jungle is too dense.

Are you afraid the Pukas still exist?

Who knows...

The answer is at the top of the mountain.

Come with me?

What are you doing?

They're preparing juice. herbal.

In contact with saliva, generates a chemical reaction ... which turns into a potent liquor.

And what does Father Moses think of it?

He pretends not to see him.

Mois s lives in the mission 30 years ago, in the beginning he was very intransigent, but not today.

This is to bring you luck.

You still did not answer the question. What made you come with me?

Are you coming?

Two years ago I got here alone.

I think I always had a taste for adventure.

So I thought, Why not the jungle.

Why not test your mysteries.

I thought I had reached the end of the world. But it's not true.

There are even more distant people.

Mysterious, terrifying.

The challenge is not over yet.

Let's go alone together.

No one needs to know.

And the others?

I do not know ... I do not trust them.

Something happens that I do not understand.

But if you help me ...

Help! Help! Help!

Asaro ...

They're all on the river for the funeral.

Bajo and Sura will be buried together.

It was not my fault, she came to me, her, last night.

The lanna struck her instead of me, but it was not my fault.

I have to tell you something.

When I escaped the village of the Pukas, He was not alone.

That boy I healed came with me.

- It was the ... Asaro!

Why did she disappear?

And why he wanted to kill us.

Your tribe, I believe you found it. and joined them.

Nonsense You even saw the village. be destroyed Not completely.

I think some may have survived.

I tell you what happened, Asaro tried to stop us ...

... to go to your mountain, He's a Puka ....

... the last one.

And now he's dead.

I'm ready to continue up to the mountain.

Me too.

Edward, with this wound, It would be better to stay here.

Manolo will come with us.

I think Edward will not like it. of losing all action.

Why not Edward?

Let's get going.

You brought the death and death My mission!

No one has ever attacked us during all these years.

And now they have.

But it was you they wanted to kill.

Not my peaceful people.

You brought them adultery and fornication!

And this is the result.

Sura and Low are dead.

They will never return to be with us.

So, I'll ...

I do not want to see any more of you again.

All of you!



Look there.

Animals are guided by their instincts, like all beings.

Killing and eating ...

Man also has the same instinct.

But to do so you to more subtle means.

Lie...'s a mistake.

The wound is infected, I can only put these leeches to suck up infected blood.

It's burning, it was crazy. let him come.

He insisted on coming.

Because he had his motives.


I have mine, you have yours.

Just like Harry had his.

What are yours?

Want the truth?

Her husband knew that Rarami has, resources, that would make him rich, beyond the imaginable.

But he wanted everything for himself.

That's what made you come without telling me and to come here alone.

It's not true, Henry. I would never do such a thing.


Luckily money never interested me.

Susan. I swear to you ...

... that the reasons for your husband coming here was not the scientific interest.

Edward is right.

Henry was thinking about him.

I think he would betray us all.

It arrives I just can not take it from you.

Do not move!

I do not kill animals.

I think I should thank you.

It's impossible! I said it would be like that!

It's getting worse!

Can not we go to the bank? Yes let's go!



Grab me.

We have to get him out of here.

We did not make it to the mountain without him.

We gotta get him in the canoe. and continue to climb the river.

It would take a long time.

Besides that said that Henry paddled upstream, to get there The canoe is the only way to continue Otherwise, Edward never get it.

Help me out.

Watch out!




Grab it!

Do you think you can do it?

Yes, I think so.

Let's go.

I need to climb up to the top.



Arthur, help me!

Help me!

Help him! Help!


You killed him! You did not even try to save him, you bastard!

You bastard bastard. Manolo!

Stop! Leave him alone!

Thank you for staying alive.

People like you, they deserve no pity.

I've had enough, I will come back.

Manolo ...

Manolo, I still have to find Henry.

Do not leave me now, please, let's go.



It's just ritualistic drawings. At least that's what it sounds like.

Let's go there to take a look.

No, I think I will. I'll wait for you here.

The Pukas!

And these remains are fresh.

So they still exist.

Let's go back to Arthur, You should not be alone.

Arthur, where are you going? Come back!

Arthur, stop.

Arthur, you're crazy! Come back!

Susan, Susan!


My God, the Geiger counter seems to have gone mad.

Highly radioactive caution. ur nio. High percentage urn!

It's incredible.

We found, Henry was totally right.

We'll be rich, Arthur, rich.

As I said, it would bring me happiness.

You as Foster believed in history of the dedicated wife ...

Looking for the lost husband. Was not it Manolo?

Henry tried to keep us out.

But we knew he was coming. here by the urnio.

We decided to convince Foster that we were looking for my husband.

Otherwise, we are never would have helped.

So the demand was only an excuse.

Henry deceived me.

He wanted to part with me.

It was not my fault that I disappeared.

My gods have already crossed the line. Both.

Now I understand why let Foster die.

He was a stupid idealist.

I wanted to explore this wealth for scientific and humanitarian purposes.

At least his values ​​were higher than yours.

He was not interested in money.

Unlike you who just what interests you Right now, yes.

We will sell this information Great powers.

We will be rich, and you also, if you help us.

Help her explore this island and her people?

Help her destroy the forest and bring progress to a site like this.

N o!

Stay where you are. drop the gun It'll help us get some samples. and then takes us back.


My God!

Henry always had it with him.

My husband.

They turned him into a God.

Maybe they thought the accountant Geiger was his heart.

As proof of his immortality.

You are the woman of God.

It seems that photography for they're a supernatural thing.





N o, Susan!

N o!

Do not do that!

Do not do this, Susan! No!


I think I've found a way to get away.

I waited!

There is a tree trunk there. Let's use a corrente.

Watch out!


This trunk takes us home.

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