La nuit de la mort! (1980) Script

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...our argument was ridiculous. Please forget it.

I don't want to be a burden, so I've decided to leave.

I'm going to take the job as a housekeeper you so kindly found for me.

Thanks again.”

I'm here for the job. There's no job here.


...this is Deadlock House, right? Yes.

I want to see the directress. Here's the letter I received.

Read it if you don't believe me.

What is this, a prison?

Very convenient for visitors... Do they need a pass?

Was it from the war?

Which one?

Birth defect.

It's quiet here.

Wait here. Outside?


I don't think I'll last long here.

Mr. Léon! Mr. Léon!

Mr. Léon! I'm sick of chasing you!

- I don't want that damn shot! You must have that shot.

I don't want it! I don't want it!

Follow me. Yes.

I'm sorry.

We expected you tomorrow, not today.

I admire initiative, but detest excessive zeal!

One day early doesn't change much.

That's your opinion, not mine.

So? So?

You're an inconvenience.



No, no. No, no, don't worry.

I understand. That's right. Yes, I'll call you back.

You know... I have nowhere else to go.

How did she get here? By bus.

And who saw her? Everyone.

Well. Prepare a place for her in the attic.

- But... I know! I know!

You see, my dear...

...I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow, so nothing is ready.

But here you are. Tonight you'll sleep on a cot in the attic...

...and tomorrow... Don't worry.

I can sleep anywhere. Even on the floor.

What's this all about, huh? What is this?

I haven't quit!

Unless I'm being fired...

Ah, yes, that's it. I'm being fired, without warning!

You're wrong, dear, you're not being fired.

Then what's she doing here? The same job as you.

I do fine on my own. Oh, no, please...

There hasn't been a day since you've arrived in this home that you haven't complained.

- I was just griping. I believed you, so i hired Miss Clement.

Well, that's good.

With all our free time, we can twiddle our thumbs.

Good, and in the meantime, you can give Miss Clement a little tour of the house, right?

You don't seem to like the directress much.

That's for sure! And the others are annoying as hell.

You'll see. They drive me nuts, i swear.

You have been here long? Two months.

Don't you ever knock? No time.

Young people do whatever they please, huh?

Did you piss in your bed again? Absolutely.

At your age?

You can piss in your bed at any age.

I piss In reaction. You know...

...perhaps you shouldn't drink before going to bed.

How sweet!

Unlike you!

What are you knitting? A sweater? A scarf?

When my work is finished...

...the old people's revolt will begin.

I'm knitting revolution!

Nicole! What?

What day is it? You already asked. The 28th.

Get it through your skull. The 28th!

28, 28...

We spend a lot of time here.

The meals aren't complicated, they're all vegetarians.

They don't want to get fat, don't want to get old.

Typical old people.

We eat what they eat? Yes.

With my appetite, it won't be easy. Better get used to it, my dear.

At the orphanage, i used to shine the pots.

I'm an orphan, too. Really?

You certainly don't take care of your pots.

We never use them. It's a shame.

Well, ready?

I'll take care of them. What?

The pots. Oh, if you have fun doing it...

The directress will be happy.

I'll kill you! Protect me! Protect me!

He never stops bugging me! I'll kill him!

I'll kill him like the "Golden Needle Killer"!

But he only kills women! You are a woman, i know it!

That's enough, Mr. Léon. Go. Bitch!

Comrades, i'm telling you, the revolution is at hand!

From all corners of the world, old people and children...

...the forgotten, the useless...

...will form an army of the future and the past... fight the final battle!

Well, that's the whole lot.

They're a bit weird, as you'll see, but they're not so bad.

Typical old people, you know.

I lack 432 calories.

Martine? Ma'am?

I hope you'll manage my meals better than your co-worker.

Should i prepare something else? No, it's useless.

I'll make up for it tonight.

You may go.

The first few days, i really thought i'd quit.

But i ended up staying.

Jobs are so hard to find, you know? Oh, yes.

You'll see, at first they're annoying...

...but then it gets easier. The hardest is not being able to go out.

We never go out? No, not for the first two months.

Ms. Héléne says it's necessary for the old people to adapt to you...

...and you to them.

But you'll have your first day off soon. That's right.

I haven't seen my man for two months. i think it's going to be wild.

Have you got a guy? Yes.

What's he like? He's smart, charming...

...and... And what?

And he's a great lover.

Can i meet him? I'm really jealous.

Don't worry, so am i.

I'm crazy about mine. What's he like?

I'll show you a picture. Oh, yes.

Sweetie, you'll fall for him.

Now, what the...?

Hey, look. What?

That's Mr. Leon. He walks as well as you and i.

Really? No.

The wheelchair is just to bug people. Old folks...

Didn't you want to show me the photo? Just a minute.

What is it?

Telephone. For me?

Yes, for you. Okay...

Okay, what do you want? The new girl seems nice.

Unlike me? Why are you so mean to me?

I´m not mean to you. I just find you extremely unpleasant.

All right, what do you want?

Nicole... would you marry a man like me?

I didn't say me. Yes, i understood you.

Too bad. Why "too bad"?


I don't know if i can.

Hold on. Don't hang up.

Ma'am, my fiancé wants to know...

He wants to...

Could i have the night off?

Ma'am, excuse me, but... I heard you. I was thinking.

In case your co-worker didn't tell you...

...outings are forbidden for the first two months.

I know. She told me. Ah, she's improving.

Since you don't start until tomorrow, I'll make an exception.

Thank you, ma'am. Hello? It's okay.

At 8:00.

Of course i'll be alone. Who would i bring?

Okay, take care.

Martine? Ma'am?

You've just had your only phone call. Yes, ma'am.

That's the good thing about working here.

I'll stay a few more months and then i'll leave.

So there are pros. Exactly.

I'd like to buy a café with Maurice. You still haven't shown me his photo.

We have plenty of time, now.

What's that? That's the boiler room.

Want to see it? Yes.

There's nothing to see here. Stupid jerk.

That guy bugs me. It must be hard to be like him.

Oh, Saint Martine...!

At that moment, he took my hand. I don't believe it!

It's the whole truth! What a charmer!

Hello, dear. Hello.

You're so lucky.

As soon as they've finished their little party, I'm off to bed.

And please give a kiss to... Serge.

...Serge for me. Right. Will you introduce me?


Good luck. Bye.

Mr. Leon, what's the meaning of this? This means, "Don't move".

And "Hands up"?

Just keep laughing, stupid bitch.

Listen up... Don't move!

Mr. Léon... Don't move!


You slapped me, so i stained your dress.

Look at that!

I'm telling the directress! Perhaps you shouldn't have slapped him.

This goody-goody act of yours is really getting on my nerves!

Well, good-bye. Bye!

Mr. Flavien, please open the gate.

Return it to me tomorrow. Thanks.

We fall asleep It ls too late When we awake We're old and grey Like a blood-thirsty tiger Your claws are sharp I hate you We are afraid to get old And we are afraid to die Your face has the color of the soil Your claws are sharp. I hate you

Who wants it? I do!

I do! I do!

I do! I do!

You believe that you are strong You give life as well as death But now it's time for you to pray If you scratch me. I hate you Sometime soon...

... i will get you

What's wrong? Nothing.

I had a nightmare.

Calm down, honey. Your heart is pounding.

It was awful. What time is it?

1:00 a.m. I'd better get back.

No. Not so soon.

It's my first day tomorrow, I need to be fit.

Stay a little longer.

You don't know how strict the directress is.

I don't care. I got you, and I'll keep you.


Nicole, are you asleep?

"Forgive me for calling you the 'Saint' all the time...

...but you know that this idiot really pissed me off.

I'm glad we met and I'm sure we'll be good friends.

Sleep well and don't dream of Serge or you might get ideas...

Greetings, Nicole."

It's the new girl. Let's try her.

Oh, you gourmand...

I'm sorry. Did i scare you? You sure did!

Who are you?

Are you new here? You're very observant.

Where's Nicole? Are you done?



It's the militia. Oh, that's not very nice, Mr. Jules.

Your sweater is growing.

It's like a revolution: Each row is an army marching onward.

When will this revolution happen? Imagine a huge army - old person, a child, an old person, a child.

Are you interested? Yes.

Then I'll let you know when it starts. Thanks.


I promise.

Good morning. Did you sleep well?

Sometimes it's dangerous to fall sleep. Waking up is much nicer.

Thank you. But you can keep the poison you call coffee.

Luckily, i have my own.

Ah, Mr. Flavien.

I wanted to apologize for picking some flowers.

Mr. Flavien, i was in Nicole's room this morning, but she wasn't there.

Once you've finished serving breakfast...

... go to Ms, Helene. She wants to see you.

Okay. But what about Nicole?

Good morning. Did you sleep well? Good morning.

Yes, thanks.

And then, in that very moment... that very moment, he kissed me. Just like that?

Just like that!

She came to see me right after you left.

We had a terrible argument.

She was unbelievably aggressive and insolent.

So i fired her immediately. You can have her room.

Was the argument about me? Obviously.

She accused me of hiring staff behind her back...

...and once she'd trained you, she expected that i'd fire her.

And yet...

And yet what?

I found a letter from her on my suitcase when i came in last night.

What did it say?

Yes... She must have written it before coming to see me.

Of course.

Have a nice day, my dear. You too, ma'am.

I protest! I protest! This must change!

There's no reason for you to always get the best bits!

I want the heart too!

The heart... I want it! I pay, for God's sake!

Understand, Héléne?

I think you forgot who's to thank that you're able to yell like that today.

Where would you be without me?

And you? Stalinist!


Can't you lock the door?

You waited until now to do it? Why not before?

Go on! Hurry up!

They're mine! Liar, they're mine! Thief!

Thief! I'll kill you!

You thief! You thief!

What's going on? They're mine!

You're mad! Stop it!

What should i do?

Get Mr. Flavien. They'll kill each other.

Where is he? In the boiler room, probably.

Flavien! Flavien! Jules and Pascal are fighting! They'll kill each other!


Here comes the chain-gang!


Are you avoiding me because i scare you?

No, but... But what?

The way you just treated Jules and Pascal...

They're beasts, monstrous beasts. They're old people.

I'll teach you to recognize them. Maybe. But I didn't like your violence.

Oh, Mr. Jules.

I don't want your fight to start again, okay?

Pascal started it. He stole my slippers.

I'm warning you: One more fight and i'm leaving.

I hate violence. We are born into violence.

It's everywhere. Open your eyes.

It shouldn't exist here.

You're interesting.

Of all the girls who've worked here, you're the only one who cares about us.

What are we, to you?

Men and women who've worked all their lives...

...and who now deserve rest and tranquility.

Is Sunday visitors' day?

What visitors?

Don't your children visit you sometimes? They died a long time ago.

What do you mean, "they died"? How old are you?

What are you preparing?

A casserole i invented. With potatoes, carrots and leeks.

I'm surprised that you're all vegetarians.

Is it a coincidence?

Here, child, drink this.

What is it? Something to regenerate your cells.

Do you think i need it? You do, you do.

Your insides must be clean and healthy.

Go on, drink. Drink.

Go on, go on. Drink.

Go on. Go on.

There you go!

"My dear Serge...

Just a quick note before bed. My work is okay.

It's easier than I'd thought, except that I'm busy every minute...

...since the other housekeeper left.

After eight months of unemployment, it's good to work again.”

Mr. Pascal? I hoped you weren't asleep and...


Well, Mr. Pascal... Just a little cuddle.

Five minutes.

Really, Mr. Pascal...! That's not professional.

What will the others think?

I like to cuddle, but no one wants to cuddle with me.

Okay, but this mustn't become a habit.

Oh, yes! It feels so good...

The heart is gone.

Who stole the heart?

I thought they never ate meat.

Where did it come from?

Thanks, Martine. I'll take care of it.

That's fine.

That's fine, Martine. My calories are balanced.

Did you throw something away by mistake?

Yes. What?

Two pictures of myself. If you see them...

Don't worry, i'll give them to you. Thank you, Flavien.


Would you marry a man like me?

I don't say me, but a man like me.

If i loved him, why not? Thank you.

It's easy to say, but can you prove it?

Prove what? That you love me.

You twist my words, Flavien.


Your cleaning is taking forever. No, no, Ms. Héléne, i'm done.

Tell me, my dear, do you enjoy theater?

Yes, i went to see "Boeing-Boeing" with the orphanage.

And music... What sort of music do you like?

The Bee Gees, The Rolling Stones...

Good Lord... spare me from mediocrity.



Mr. Léon! You and your dumb jokes! Don't ever do that again!

I will keep doing it! I will keep doing it until the day i die!

And i'm not ready to die yet...!





You're alive today because of me! Never forget that!

Without me, you'd be rotting in your coffins!

So i forbid even the slightest protest!

As for you...

No meat for a week. No meat for a week?

Héléne, that's impossible! Have mercy, Héléne. Have mercy.

Please accept my apology. Forgive me.

Go on, forgive him. Forgive him.

I don't like Jules, but...

We must stick together. We must succeed in our attempt!

Live for 1,000 years.

I'll forgive you because we are warriors.

And if one of us falters, our entire struggle is at risk.

Thank you! Thank you!

Good morning.

You have a talent surprising people.

I like surprising people. You certainly surprise me.

Could you mail this, please?

Does it make you sad?

I'd rather the letter were for me. If you want, i'll write to you.


Have you been delivering here long? Two months.

And when was the last time you went to the movies?

A long, long time ago. Want to go one these evenings?

A night out? Why not?


In two months.

Are you done? Yeah.

Go on.

By the way, bring apples tomorrow. I'm almost out.

Got it.

Hello, Mr. Jules. Sleep well?

Well, i see the revolutionary sweater has changed color today.

The revolution is in mourning. Really? Why?

They've got nothing here!

Martine! Flavien asks if you have any trash.

The garbage truck is here. Yes.

Here, Mr. Pascal. Take this bucket.

And bring me some ashes from the trash can, please.

Tell Flavien it's to clean the pots.

I love to be given a mission.


You have fun doing this.

Yes. Very much.

It reminds me of the orphanage.

Did you like it at the orphanage?

That's a curious question, Mr. Pascal.

What memories does an orphan have?

The orphanage.

I've often asked Flavien and he never wanted to answer.

Oh, i didn't know Flavien was an orphan.

Not that he talks much...

Yes, that's true.

Well, Ms. Héléne raised him.

Flavien? Yes.

94 + 20 = 114 YEARS How old is Ms. Héléne?

I think i'll take a little nap.

Keep scrubbing.

"... always young women aged 20 to 30."

They have no luck...

"The women are attacked from behind.

The madman plunges a golden needle into the area of their cerebellum.

Then he sexually abuses them and usually abandons them in the woods."

He must have a lot of needles.

They can't be real gold, they must be gilded.

Who knows. Maybe the killer is rich.

All that glitters is not gold. Perhaps you're the killer.

Armand? He'd love to be able to abuse women!

I know who the killer is.

It's Flavien. That wouldn't be impossible.

Where does he go at night? He goes out every night.

Oh, are you okay?

What happened? You fell off the stepladder.

It's due to a vitamin deficiency. It affects her balance.

It seems like you're always looking for something.

I'm not looking for anything. I simply wanted to raise the heat.

It's at 68 degrees F. Isn't that enough?

A resident complained.

Who? Pascal.


That's odd. I just saw him and he didn't mention it.

He's afraid of you.

And you? Are you afraid of me?


I'd like to get to know you, that's all.

And you get to know me better by digging through ashes?

That has nothing to do with it.

I'm not so sure. What are you trying to say?

That you're looking for something that i assure you doesn't exist.

Since i'm not looking for anything, it probably doesn't exist.


Did you know i'm an orphan? Yes. Ms. Héléne told me.

Why didn't you say you were, too?

What would be the point?

To establish a contact between you and me.

I doubt you want to establish a contact simply for me.

It's just to get what you're looking for.

You're lying, Martine. I'm not.

I'm just taking an interest in you.

Also, i'm looking for something. I know.

I've noticed it for days.

You're different.

May i know what you're looking for?

Where is Nicole? She left, you know that.

Do you know someone who leaves without their suitcase?

Why did you try to burn the suitcase? And why do you have her pen?

Where did the meat i found in Jules' room come from?

I'm sure you read too many pulp novels as a teenager.

Something is going on, Flavien.

I don't know what yet, but I've got my eyes open.

What do you think could go on in a place like this?

I'll find out.

Nicole was nice.

Did you like her? Not really. She was bad at giving shots.

You have a gentle touch. Thanks.

Have you been here a long time? Oh, time...

Yes, so how long? I don't remember!

Have you had many housekeepers? I don't remember! I don't remember...

Done with the shot? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Still trying to establish a contact?

She found a piece of meat in that fool Jules's room...

...and knows the other girl left without her suitcase. That's all.

She's asking questions. No one will answer.

Her questions might upset the residents.

You're in love with this one, too.

My poor Flavien, you wear your heart on your sleeve.

We can't fire her now. It's too late.

It's almost the 28th. We're preparing her.

I've gained weight.

Your mixture is making me fat!

That's good, believe me! It's better to be envied than pitied.

I don't want it.

You're wrong. It's excellent for your health.

Is something wrong, Mr. Jules? You haven't looked well for the last few days.

What day is it?

The 26th.

The 26th...

In two days, i will get my strength back.

Why? You'll feel better after the 28th?

Martine, where are you going? To sleep. I'm allowed to, aren't i?

You had no right to make me so ugly!

You never grow old, you see?

You will never age. I'd like to be old.

Very old.

I've got a treat. Look what i brought you.



Would you marry a man like me?

I didn't say me, but a man like me.



Why not?

Because i'm too ugly.

Poor fool.


You're always scaring me! I'm sorry.

Do you know what day it is?

Um, no. The 28th.

You've been here for two months.

Tomorrow night: cinema. You promised.

I'd love to. It'll do me good to get out of here.

Are you done?


See you tomorrow night.

Martine... I think. I already asked you this question:

Would you marry a man like me?

Let's leave! Let's leave, Martine!

Let's leave! Don't you understand?

It's not about your looks. I don't like you! Got it?

Too bad.

Why "too bad"?

Too bad...

Usually, the difficult part is dragging them here.

I already asked you:

Would you marry a man like me? Murderer!

Murderer! Murderer!

The phone, please.

I need to make a call! Over there.

Hello, Serge? Yes?

It's me, Martine!

Come quickly, they're eating us! What did you say?

Yes, it's awful! I ran away! You ran away?

They're all totally crazy!

Did you call the police? The line was busy.

Where are you? The café on the corner.

Stay calm and don't leave. I'll come get you.

Whatever you do, don't leave. I'm coming.


Your turn.



Your fiancé's not bad! Give it back.

"For my beloved Nicole, Maurice.” Maurice is one lucky guy.

Need a ride? The police station. Quick!

Police? Yes. Hurry, it's a matter of life and death!

No! No!

Haven't you counted it?

Well, yes. Just as usual.

The price has gone up. Don't you think you're exaggerating?

What about the risks i take for this bullshit of yours?

They're the same, regardless of the price.

But... money always helps.

Especially when you don't want to do anything. You're welcome, you're welcome.

Eternal youth is priceless.

You'll grow old, too. I'll move in here with you.

Is the next one ready for tomorrow? Yes.

But at double the price and cash.

Go get them.



Help me!

Don't hide.

Look at me...

...straight in the eyes.

You tried to make me ugly.


Mr. Jules...

... you're my friend ...

Save me. You are necessary.

No! No!

No! No! No!

The revolution...

One child, one old person...

The revolution...

One child, one old...

I'm your friend.

I know very well that we're monsters.

But when you think about it...

... no more monstrous than those living in the city.

No more.

My Martine will be mine forever.

Helene, you lost.

You lost.

So this is death...

...the big sleep.

I was never ugly...

...just useless.

There are veils one lifts without knowing Terrible veils, when pierced. It's too late And we learn. Too many forbidden secrets And then the time we tricked will punish us She was beautiful, young and fragile, our heroine She was beautiful, pure and docile and a victim She saw Death and she served Death She knew all its secrets Like innocence, she's punished for her imprudence She must die. Night of death There are veils one lifts without knowing Terrible veils, when pierced it's too late And we learn too many forbidden secrets And then the time we tricked will punish us She was beautiful, young and fragile, our heroine She was beautiful, pure and docile and a victim There are veils one lifts without knowing Terrible veils, when pierced it's too late And we learn too many forbidden secrets And then the time we tricked will punish us She was beautiful, young and fragile, our heroine She was beautiful, pure and docile and a victim She was beautiful, pure and docile and a victim