La riffa (1991) Script


Move, move. It's the lady's husband's car.

Move that car! It's the driver's widow.

But, where are your manners? Why? You're not the widow?

Here's the judge.

Counselor. Mrs. Passini.

He's here on behalf of District Attorney Federici.

I know how you feel in this situation... but we should proceed to the inquest. T his way.

Francesca... come on.



It's not my husband. How it is not your husband?

It says here: "Passini". Are you sure?

Of course she is. It's not her husband.

Counselor, we should identify the body.

Where have you put her husband? This isn't him?

No, it is not. Haven't you heard?

Then it's the other.

Then let's procede. They're all alike.

Follow me. Francesca.



Excuse me, ma'am. Is this your husband?

So, are you sure you want to stay?

Do not want to return?

We both know we shouldn't. And there's my daughter.

It would be too big a trauma for her.

She has already lost her father.

It is not fair to also lose her friends, her city, her home...

And here, there are so many people who love me and who loved Maurizio.

Neither Julia or I are alone here.

You were the same age as your daughter when your mother passed.

And you were strong, very strong. A lot.

Since you told me, Papá we have done well, as you have.

That's for sure you're a strong woman.

I stayed with you and not that... other woman.

And besides, you had an advantage...

I didn't have anywhere to fall dead... but you don't have any problems, right?

It's true... not having money problems is important, very important.

How much?

Approximately 3 million.

Maurizio's account is locked and I don't have access.

Whatever. All that matters is that we are united You've already said that, Papá. Leave or you'll miss your plane.

Well... then I'll get going, Francesca.

Listen, whatever you need...

Thanks, have a good trip.

Bye. Bye.

Hey, I'll return it when I can, ok?

Don't worry, no problem.

Excuse me. Goodbye.

Look, try to imagine a man crossing a river... caught by the current in the mud.

Do you follow me? No. What river are you talking about?

It's an example. An example of what?

Do you remember that Maurizio was involved... in the business of port tourism?

It was very prosperous.

If it had succeeded he would have earned millions.

But it didn't work out. You know perfectly well.

And at that time he was up to his neck in debt with the banks... designers and suppliers.

And those debts fall to his heirs.

That is, Julia and me.


How much? Well... the exact number is not yet known.

Let's say it's in the hundreds of millions.

Quite a few hundreds.


But can the insurance pay?

No, Maurizio committed a violation... and, believe me, it's a miracle the trucker's family... don't sue you in court.

OK but at least his life insurance...

I canceled it six months ago.

I know. It was foolish and I tried to dissuade him... but he said he needed the money.

I'll just sell the beach cottage.

And after paying our debts Julia and I will go on living.

Forgive me if I am very direct but you should know... that things have hit bottom.

That cottage is mortgaged... and you can't sell it because it isn't all yours.

I'll sell the yacht and my car.

It won't be enough. Then, what'll I do?

Not the house where you live because it's rented, but the rest... yes.

Aren't you hungry?

Rosaria, I have to talk to you. I'm not leaving.

But I can't pay you.

It doesn't matter, I'm staying. Why?

Because I like it here.

And in another house, I would be ironing, washing, cleaning all day.

I'm staying. Rosaria isn't foolish.

But they would pay you. I have no money.

If I have some I can loan it to you. And you can return it.

When? Soon.

You're too pretty to be left alone, ma'am.

Very pretty.

Good morning. Good morning, Mrs. Passini.

My condolences.

What a pity! A man so young.

It was a great pity for everyone. Thank you.

How has it come so soon? How may we help you?

Is Mrs. Cristina in? Yes, in the office. Go ahead.

Hello, Cristina. Hello, Francesca, I've been expecting you.

Sit down. Thanks.

Thank you very much for accepting me.

You're welcome, dear. You're my friend.

Guido also agrees. He said that you're excited. Right.

Girls. Come, meet the others.

Listen up, Francesca will start work here today.

Maria, Lucia. Nice to meet you.

Ana, Silvia... Nice to meet you.

And Rosa. Nice to meet you, ma'am.

Same to you. I hope we'll get to know each other better.

Come on.

This way. Thank you.

Carla, are you sure the green coat is here?

Yes, I saw it last week. Unless it's been sold.

Hopefully not. Excuse me, Miss.

Hello, Serenna. Carla.

But Francesca, I didn't know that you...

It's my first day. Is it really necessary?

I think so.

How I can help you? I'm a little embarrassed.

For me, don't. And it's better to get used to it.

Were you thinking of something? Not me. Her.

Well... I had seen a green coat last week.

Padded velvet? Yes, that one.

It's beautiful, I'll bring it right away. I think it's the right size.

Good morning. Good morning.

Look at you. Hi, Guido.

How about the new assistant?


Cristina has been very nice to me.

Quiet... Leave her alone, Guido.

You don't tell me. And get back to your work.

I'm sorry, Francesca.

It's purely a formality. You have to sign these documents. Here.

That's it. Sign them all. It's for the yacht's registration.

Yes, that's it. Wait, you haven't finished yet.

Yoy missing this... and this one.

Perfect. Good.

This we'll keep inside. Thank you.

I found these keys in Maurizio's drawer.

You should have a copy in your office...

Yeah, I've got them.

Take it, Francesca, the check.


I know, Francesca. I'm sure the yacht is worth much more... but you have to understand this is all I have.

And besides, the yacht is already a few years old.

Right? Well, goodbye.

Let's give it a whirl? I'll call a sailor that can take us.

No, thanks. I'm going home.

Well, whatever. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Then I send the documents. Okay. Goodbye.

We're done. This is yours. By check, as requested.

Is something missing? Is the amount we agreed.

You did a good job.

We both did. Ma'am.

Excuse me. Go ahead.

Ladies. Good morning.

Good morning. Good morning, Rosaria.

Hello. Hello.

Was that an antique dealer that just passed us?

What antique dealer? He's a loan shark.

Forgive me but, isn't it better to sell at an auction house?

Yes, and meanwhile they'll seize everything.

You've done well.

But I want to do an auction with everything I have.

Jewelry, clothing, shoes, furs...everything And the sable? Yes.

What a pity! I liked it so much.

We'll organize it ourselves. Yes, a lot of people will come.

That includes everything in this house right now with one rule... they can not break anything.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

Ma'am, how long! How are you?

Well, thanks.

You look beautiful. Glad to see you.

How is Julia? Okay, thanks.

This sable is a dream.

Excuse me, I haven't seen the black dress.

That one you were wearing at the club party, remember? What a pity!

I'm wearing it, ma'am.

Sorry, I hadn't noticed. Sorry.

No need to apologize. Come on.

Come with me. Where are you taking me?

Don't worry. Come. I don't understand, ma'am.

There is nothing to understand.

Please don't. You decided to keep this dress.

I don't mind.

She looks good, right?

My gift to you, ma'am.


Good morning, Rosaria. Good morning, ma'am.

Has anyone called?

Yes, Ms. Carla, Ms. Serenna and the landlord's secretary.

What did she say?

That the gentleman is coming to see you tonight.

Go on, Rosaria, go.

Here you are. Come on, Miss, come on.

Hurry! It seems like a gangsters' film!

Call me Enrico.

You are charming, Francesca. Cesare was right, you're perfect.

Perfect for what? Cesare hasn't told you anything?

He's short on details. Better so.

I'm a man who is very lonely.

Alone? With that gang always around you?

They make me feel even more lonely.

And what can I do for you?

Fill my life.

Isn't it already filled by a wife and three children?

Of course, yes... But they're in Rome.

By the way, who told you? Cesare.

But you said he was short on details?

A family doesn't seem like a detail.

Francesca, I am very close to my family.

But they are there and my voting district is here.

Yes, thanks.

I understand.

Francesca, I don't want the adventure of a night.

I'm looking for a woman to share my desires... my projects, my victories and my defeats.

The task of governing is hard and difficult... and I'd like to share it with you.

The task of governing?

Everything. Both of us, together.

Cesare has told me of your problems...

I'm hoping to help you.

I could pay the rent for your home... and send you a monthly check for your service... your daughter's school and other expenses.

Francesca, I know, you are a very beautiful woman... and anyone can offer you many material things.

But I offer you a unique experience, challenging, exciting.

How would you feel about a special permit for your car?

Priority lanes, badges, timetables...everything.

It is very difficult to obtain. But I can get it for you.

What do you say?

You see, I have no car. What do you say about that?

Naturally, Mrs. Passini, we understand your situation.

For that reason we haven't brought... any eviction action, until today, for your delinquency.

But it's only three months.

It's really more than a year. A year?

Thirteen months to be precise.

Your husband had suspended payments, didn't you know?

How silly! I had forgotten. I will pay as soon as possible.

See you soon.


Something sweet? An Amaretto?

No thank you, Commander.

And more coffee? No, thanks.

What Saint is that? I don't know. I just bought it.

It's a copy, right? Like all the paintings here.

The originals are in the bank.

No thank you. I don't want anymore. But this you will like.

Please, open it.

It's beautiful. -You deserve all the best.

And, of course, it's a copy.

Of course. The original is not far away.

It seems we understand each other.

Commander, they're calling you to the phone.

Excuse me. Of course.

The dentures in the same glass? Yes.

Together inside.

With his dentures? Yes.

Woman, your babies want you.

I'm coming. And aren't you worried? Just five minutes.

It's women's thing. Sure, "women's thing".

To your labors. Hurry.

Macho man.

Why are you laughing at us? You're talking crap about a man, eh?

Indeed, "women's thing".

Get out, come on. Come.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

What a lovely sable! When did Carla buy it?

When you sold it...

At the auction. Remember the woman caressed it and said:

"This sable is a dream".

Well... she was a furrier.

She removed all the skins and made a new coat.

There you go.

I came as soon as I could.

Did you tell Carla where you were going? No, why? Should I?

No, It's better that way.

What is it, Francesca? Nothing.

What can I say? I appreciate you, you know that.

And I, you. Come, tell me.

It's that I'm alone, Sandro. And I can't stand it.

You've been wonderful.

And you, wonderful.

I love you, Francesca. I've always loved you, always.

You seemed so close to your wife...

I hate her. Carla is cool, hideous...

I love you. I'd do anything for you.

Give me back my sable.

What did you say?

What Carla has is mine and you know it.

I swear, I didn't. It was her idea.

I don't care. I want it, period.

But I can't steal it!

I don't want that one, I want a new one.

You're crazy. You don't know what it costs. How much for tonight?

You disgust me!

You have 'til tomorrow at noon.

Then the whole town will know and Carla will find out... that you came running to fuck me... that you hate her, that you consider her cold and hideous.

And you don't want that to happen, right?

Madam, there is a guy at the door. You have to sign something for him.

Sign what? He brought a fur coat.

Excuse me a moment. Please.

Thank you, ma'am. Good morning.

I'm leaving in a moment Will you wait for me here?

I was going home. Well, see you tomorrow, okay?

Okay. Until then, Rosaria.

Goodbye, madam.


Miss Carla is here.

Tell her I'm coming out immediately.

Look, Francesca, Foolish Sandro had no money to buy the coat.

He left an advance... and the rest remains to be paid in installments.

Fortunately I know the proprietor of the store... and we have agreed that as soon as you return the sable... we can forget the payments.

But he gets the down payment. He can't do anything.

Francesca, where is the coat? I've sold it.

What did you sell it for? For cash.

I paid a month of day care and almost a year's rent.

With the rest I bought a used car.

My situation has forced me.

I have nothing left. Sorry.

No, I'm sure that you're not.

Moreover, you're happy for having slept with my husband.

Poor thing! You think you're so clever, right?

Your husband was cheating on you for years with someone better than you.

He had been with her the night of the accident.

Did he say anything about someone named Camilla?

It was her.

Poor Francesca!

We all knew but you.


It all started three years ago.

He came to buy a plot around here. For the tourist port.

Since then he came to see us almost every day.

He talked to me a lot about you and your daughter.

He loved her and I couldn't stand it.

I asked him to choose between you and I.

We fought and then he took the car and...

He had chosen you.

And he was right.

You are very pretty.

A raffle? I don't understand you. Explain.

Well... a raffle, a lottery.

A lottery?

What are you saying? I don't understand.

Listen. I have no money, I have a daughter and I am alone.

Why do you insist that you're alone, Francesca?

There are many people who love you. Me, for example.

Do you pay me for Julia's daycare?

The only capital that I have is between my legs... and it deteriorates... so I want to sell it at the best price.

Okay, but; what about the raffle?

It's the solution. Many want me, true... but few want to deal with a woman with a daughter.

Plenty would give me 100 million per year for a few years.

We'll make it last 4 years. That's 400 million.

Instead they give me only 100... and if it goes well I'll be free in 4 years.

Excluding expenses and gifts.

What are the odds of winning?

One out of 20. That's Fair.

They risk 100 and win 2000.

What in return from you? In exchange for my services.

And what will that be?

For 4 years I will be the prize.

I will not ask for anything... and I will do the best of what lovers know to do. Everything.

And what about your reputation? Have you thought about what people think?

You don't know what this city is like...

What did they say when Maurizio was with Camilla and they all knew it?

What did they say to me then?

Who cares! Come on, Francesca...

You'll do it or I'll go to a notary?

What do I have to do?

Spread the word, but carefully.

Only to certain people.

The city is small and people will learn fast.

Then gather bets... and make regulations so everything is in order.

Whoever participates should not feel cheated.

With 20 players. No more, but no less.

If not, no one plays.


But if I accept, I can't participate.

But you have a percentage on what is earned. Alright?

I followed the instructions to the letter, Francesca.

I have submitted the regulations to a friendly notary.

They seem perfect, flawless.

I spread the word carefully... as you had requested.

Some of them will be at the party... you know about the raffle.

They'll be curious.

They'll look, observe and contemplate.

Ignore the stares and act very naturally.

Remember that the first exit you do is critical.

Come on.

Hey, Gabriella, how are you? Good. Goodbye, Cesare.

How goes it? All right?

Hello, hello.

At last you've come... Hello, Cesare.

Wait a moment. I must speak with her.

Hello. I was looking for you.

When do you open the registration?

I promise you will be the first to know.

And I promise you that I will win.

Good luck.

The prize for the raffle?

It has been a success.

The notary and his friend, Ms. Fanelli, want to sign up.

If they participate, it'll be a success.

And many others will want to participate too.

But they want to get to know you first.

It's written in the rules there will be only one person.

No partners play.

If we had thought of a trio... we wouldn't have bought one entry per head.

Neither would be so terrible.

And you do not seem like those who are offended.

Some things, in the long run, can be a nuisance.

Look, when I heard talk of the raffle...

I thought it would be fun to participate.

And now that I've met you I would like to win.

It is certainly a good prize, Francesca.

Hello. Can you hear me? Yes, yes, that's it.

Yes, the first two have signed.

And they've brought their friend.

Yes, he wants to participate too... while remaining anonymous. He has one condition:

To see you. Not to meet you or to speak with you.

Just to see you a moment.

You should choose the time and place.

Good morning, ma'am. Good morning. Don't forget.

And what guarantees are there, counselor, that at some point the girl... say after a year changes her mind and disappear.

Or goes with someone else? Everybody would lose the raffle.

Francesca expects 500 million a year.

If she terminates the contract, what is left goes to the winner.

Where is the money deposited? In the bank.

And the interest, who gets that?

Contracted to her daughter.

And if Francesca should happen to die?

Everything stays with her daughter.

What if the winner dies?

Then everything goes to their heirs.

Excluding the interest that stays with the daughter.

As you can verify, if one of the two gets tired... one can't untie the other in any way.


In summary, what do you think?

After having studied it all I wish to congratulate you.

Thank you.

Yes, I believe a good contract has been established.

Excellent, I would say. Thank you.

So, Andrea, It's not enough?

You're not convinced? Excuse me, counselor.

Of course, excuse us.

Yes. Then you can... consider me one more of your players.

At first I didn't believe it... but now many sources have confirmed it to me.

You are free to do whatever you want but the child should be left out.

Julia has our name, it's known and respected... and it's best that she come to live with me.

You're crazy! How?

You're crazy! I won't allow it.

Neither do I allow you to take my daughter.

Now you're only thinking about her but, what about before?

When I had to sell the furniture, the car and our clothes... to feed her and pay our debts. Where were you?

You never asked me how Julia was... and if she needed anything, you never gave me a hand. Never!

And you want to defend your family's good name?

Never in your dreams! I'll sue.

Well, see you in court.

We'll see what judge will take a daughter f rom her mother to give to you.

Come, Julia. Say goodbye to your grandmother.


Good morning. I'm waiting for Mr. Neri.

That's me. Good morning.

Climb up.

The roosters are so pretty! What are you doing?


Right here.

Thank you for coming here. I never go to town.

I know. Cesare told me.

Who is Cesare?

What do you mean who? The attorney. Haven't you talked to him?

Ah, yes.

This lottery is very curious. Is it your idea?



How did it come about? It's a very particular game...

You have to start somewhere...

Start what? To pay the rent, for example.

The rent, what? For my home.

And then the rest. My daughter's daycare and all my expenses.

You're doing this just for money? Yeah.

You are a vulgar woman!

Get out! Leave this house! Out!

Get out of here! Leave!


Mommy, Mommy.

Hello, darling. Look what they gave me.

Who gave this to you? Eugenia.

Serenna's daughter? Yes, at the daycare.

Teach me to play?

Yes, now we'll play together. Come on.

Hi, Eugenia. Hello.

Hello, Serenna. I have to talk to you.

Goodbye, Eugenia. Goodbye, Julia.

I have to talk to you to.

I should tell you one thing about Gustavo's sexual orientation.

His pleasures are not that difficult. It's that they are special.

You're talking about your husband? Yes. You don't know?

You really don't? What should I know?

He's bought into the raffle.

I didn't know. I swear to you, I did not know... and I don't want him. It has nothing to do with us.

Why? He's not rich enough for you?

Or not perverted enough? What are you saying?

Now you don't want him?

He's your husband, isn't that what you want.

But he did it. He wants you at all costs.

Serenna, calm down! Calm down, please!

I'll tell him I don't want him. You'll see a waiver.

I wish to see the notary. Do you have an appointment?

No, but I should see him now. I'm Mrs. Passini.

The gentleman is busy. He has clients.

I don't care. I'll see him. Madam, he can't receive you.

You can't, you can't. Madam, don't bother him now.

Francesca! I want to talk to you.

But I'm having a meeting with these people and it's not a good time.

Do you want to talk here and now? No. No, no.

Excuse me. Let's take a break.

Continue reviewing the text.

This is it. Here. Right back. Excuse me a moment.

Have you gone mad?

I've told you. I won't take it back.

Gustavo, be a little reasonable.

You're my friend and Serenna is my best friend.

No way!

And if it's one of those old guys who's signed up?

Good morning. Hello, good morning.

I don't know them and I'm not friends with their wives.

Weren't you friends with Carla and you went with her husband?

Gustavo... you're my husband's best friend. Do it at least for him.

Everyone participating in the raffle were friends of your husband.

Everyone, Francesca.

Good evening. Good evening, Francesca.

Hello, Francesca.

Good evening, Miss. Hello, Francesca.

Mrs. Passini?

Good evening, Francesca.

Look. One in 20. Next time you will kiss me.

Wasn't that her husband's lover?

Yes, it's Camilla. She has signed up for the raffle.

Don't do anything else.

Return all the money. And the raffle is canceled.

You should think about it first.

I never knew what would happen. I've been an idiot.

It's over.

I can't.

Please, free me from this nightmare.

No. No, it's too late.


there is a way that may... I don't know, I don't know.


Francesca, of two evils, the lesser is preferred, right?

Now you've seen in whose hands you could fall... and that is the greater evil.

And the lesser evil?

A person that you know. One of whom you put your trust.

Someone who isn't hurtful to you.

Like who?

Me, for example.

You could get used to it.

I'm not talking about falling in love but... maybe you love me as I love you.

Together we could be happy, right?

But you can't participate in the raffle.

I'm looking for a way, don't worry.

The important thing is to accept.

The lesser evil? Let's call it that.

So, what do you say?


But on one condition. What?

One possibility must be dealt with.

What do you mean?

Are you in love with someone?

Well of course not! If not, I wouldn't be in this mess.

So, go ahead.

Cesare, where are you?

Excuse me, counselor.

Easy, is a client. A friend of Rafael.

Hand me my coat? Yes, of course.

Are you going? Yes, I'm late.

Do you want me to go with you? No thank you, I know the way.

Good evening, counselor. Good evening.

Hey, wake up! God...

Where did he come from? Have I wrecked your car?

This would be very funny but I'm bleeding...

Is anything broken? I don't know.

Does it hurt anywhere? Only my face.

I see. What a bump.

Ay! Excuse me, do you want some water?

Try to get up. Try it.

Ah! I don't think I can. Sorry.

-Take Julia to her daycare. And him?

I'll take care of him myself. He can't be moved.

Go on!

It's really getting late.

Goodbye, Julia.

I'll come and get you later. Goodbye.

Excuse me, but I don't know what to do with your face.

One could sit on top of it.

I see you're much better... Try to get up.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Who told you to get up?

Ma'am! Ma'am!


Do you come here often? Sometimes.

Alone or...?

Depends ... What happened to your hand?

This? I fell.

Another accident? No, while flying.

By plane? No, I was flying.

Like so. Oh...because you fly like so.

Hop, skip, and fly.

No, I can't from the ground.

I jump from a tree first and fly.

You have to really concentrate to fly.

If one is distracted, it's over.

And you got distracted? Yeah.

But I flew too low and I only dislocated my hand.


You don't believe me?

You're a clown.

This is my home. Goodbye. Wait. I have to tell you something.

I love you.

You don't even know my name. What is your name?

Francesca. I love you, Francesca.

And you, what's your name? Antonio.

But I don't love you, Antonio. Not yet, of course.

What time do I pick you up? Tonight I have plans.

With who? Why do you want to know?

With someone.

Call him and tell him you've changed your mind.

What are you saying? Then we'll all three go out.

You must be a little crazy.

Not so much. I love you, Francesca.

But we've known each other for only two hours...

That's an eternity...


See you tonight. I've said no.

Then, when?

Call me. But I don't have your number...

Then I'll call you.

You don't have my number!

You can't stop destiny, Francesca!

So I had to redraw with all the pain in my soul.

A man in my position...

If it had become known in the city that I was in the raffle...

You could use a stand-in.

What if they find the papers?

They wouldn't hesitate to throw me over.

I understand.

But I hope to maintain a position of privilege.

Greetings! Who is that?

How's it going? Enjoying yourselves?

Sorry, but if I've met you I don't remember.

I know so many people...

You've never seen me before... but I know Francesca very well.

Do you know him?

Of course! We are lovers.

Do you know him, yes or no?

I told you she knows me well.

I'm her lover.

Tell him, Francesca. Don't be afraid.

It is better to be honest and tell the truth.

What is he talking about?

It is useless to lie. We would do him more harm.

Are you going to explain? Do you know him? Yes or no?

I met him this morning. I ran into him with my car.

Tell him everything. Tell him the rest.

What else? What else?

You don't want to? What don't you want to tell him?

I want you to explain it to me at once!

There is nothing to tell. He is making it all up.

You can't see that he's injured? That's what happened.

Explain how you hurt your hand.

So how do you know?

He told me. Go on, tell him what happened.

You explain it to him.

Okay. He broke it flying.

Flying, how?

Like this, waving his arms.

He jumped from the trees and flew.

But a distraction caused him to fall.

What nonsense are you saying? He told me.

Is it true or not?

How can you believe anyone telling such things?

You shut up! What the hell game are you playing?

So let's play. Tell the truth.

She will break your heart but you can rebuild your life.

Silence! Shut up or I'll split your lip!

You can't, I'm hurt. Silence!

Talk. Don't speak to me in that tone.

I speak as I please. Not with me.

Come! Let go of me, you're hurting me.

Let's go, I said! I'm not moving from here.

Haven't you heard? She doesn't want to go with you.

So you're going, idiot. Come on!

Francesca, see you later. You're not enjoying the dinner, sir?

I don't like your customers. I see...

Is something wrong, madam? Everything is wrong!

What will happen to them?

Hey, hey... Hello.

How are you? Okay.

My God, is blood always dripping from your nose?

Yes, but, how many brothers does he have?

What brothers? That was his security.

Do you know what you want from me? I love you, Francesca.

But I don't. Not yet, I told you.

Hold on, I'll open it for you. It doesn't work.

I know. It's broken and doesn't open from the inside.

Thanks for the wonderful evening.

Wait! Forget about me, Antonio!

Wait, Francesca!

What's wrong now?

I love you, Francesca. I love you.

Counselor... Dear friend...

I would like to present... I'm Purini.

Enchanted, Madame.

Come, Madame. This way.

The counselor will wait here, alright?

Excuse the state of my house.

We don't come here very often.


It wasn't like this before.


Before, in this house... there Was life in this house.

There were many people. Always with parties and dances.

But that was long ago.


But maybe now everything can change for the better.



They've come to help you now.

Come in, Mamá.

Come in.

He paid me in cash. In cash.

What did you have to do for him?

Now we're saved. With this one there are 20.

We'll play Saturday.

What's wrong, eh?

You're overcome with emotion?

Francesca... we all are. Yes We all are.

I'm not afraid.

Okay. Now bend them nicely. Like so?

Again! Like so?

Even better. Now your arms fully extended.

No, a little more. How?

Like so. A little more. Give a flip, right?

Good afternoon, ma'am. Hello.

Look who's stopped by.

You're late. We're starving.

I'm not.

Let me breathe. I need a break.

You are strange. You act like it was your last time.

Eh, what's your hurry...

I hate goodbyes.

We won't be seeing each other anymore?

I don't think so. Never again.

Not even in four years?

How long have you known?

About the raffle? Recently. Why didn't you say anything?

And you?

How do you say to someone "look, I'm a raffle prize"?

Yes, but we both know, right? And we can avoid conflicts...

Antonio, if I know I can count on you...

I would let it all go, go and be gone.

One moment Let's not rush.

What do you mean?

It would be foolish to let all that money get away.

We must find a way. To see each other on the sly.

And four years will pass quickly.

When you threw yourself on my car you already knew about the raffle, right?

Poor Antonio!

This document too? Yes, of course.

Your Honor, we're done. Okay.

Gather everything together. Let's go, quickly.

Yes, Your Honor.

Counselor, will you join us at your place for the examination?

Yes, we'll see you in a couple of hours.

Laura, please, my coat and cell phone. Thank you.

May I at least know who has lodged the complaint?

It was anonymous, as usual. Anonymous...!

But thorough.

They spoke about an alleged regulation of this raffle... with the participation shares.

Quite high. 100 million.

A good number, don't you think, counselor?

It's ridiculous. Not really, not really... since we have found 19 checks... made out to the name of Mrs. Francesca Passini.

Where? You already know, counselor.

No. You know very well.

In your safe-deposit box. At the bank.

And you know the possible charges. They would be...?

Promoting prostitution, gambling... and finally unauthorized lottery.

And you have seen the names on the list?

I've seen them, counselor.

And my heart skipped a beat because they're famous.

I can't show favoritism to anyone or they'll take me for a fool.

Counselor, let's go yo your place.

Fortunately, they haven't found the rules.

Where are they? Here, among the navigation maps.

Among the navigation maps? Here?

Yes. Relax I've burned them.

But it's not enough because the prosecutor... has practically all the other elements.

But the prosecutor knows who he's dealing with.

He knows. He knows very well.

But he can not ignore a complaint even though it's us.

And still he has been considerate.

He could have sent a subpoena to everyone for questioning.

But I see that time is passing... to find a good solution for him and for us.

And Francesca? She's with him. They have cited her.

Counselor Dicilo has accompaned her.

And what has she said? That she denies it. She denies everything.

Good morning. Good morning.

Your Honor, may we...? Come in, Counselor.

Come in.

Good morning, ma'am. We've already met, remember?

In tragic circumstances.

Sit down, please.

If counsel agrees, we can begin.


You know that we've found 19 checks.

Each one of 100 million. And all in your name.

Can you explain to me what these 19 checks are for?

Your Honor, my client has by right... not to answer that question.

Are you aware of the existence of a raffle, or rather, a lottery?

Miss, the truth is very important.

Do you know of the existence of a raffle?

Yes. -Your Honor I would like to speak to my client a moment.

Sit down, please.

Are you aware of the consequences of your statement?

I do not know why I should deny... the existence of a charitable initiative.

The raffle, charity? Yes.

You know my friends who were friends of Maurizio... my poor husband.

When the misfortune occurred... and they learned of the situation that my daughter was going through... together, they decided to help us.

And in order to avoid humiliating us with an act of charity... the raffle was created. -Your Honor...

Counselor, please, keep silent.

Explain to me the purpose of the raffle?

To ensure my daughter and I live in dignity... and ensure the full payment of my daughter's studies.

Does the raffle seem to be something to be ashamed of?

And then, why so secretive?

In order not to offend my sensibility or my daughter's, of course.

It's very touching, don't you think?

Look, Miss...

Every raffle has a prize. What is it in this case?

You don't know? No.

Cesare hasn't told you? No.

Well... his yacht!

He brought it into this raffle as the prize.

It's very generous, right?


Well then, now everything fits together.

Anything to add, counselor? No.


Let's summarize. To the question, the lady responds... that she knows the group organized for a prize... among the friends of her late husband... whose charitable purpose is to ensure the decent upkeep for herself... and her daughter... and ensure to the latter the completion of her studies.

The prize consists of the yacht... made available by counsel Cesare Lorusso.

Your ship? It's Maurizio's, you mean.

I bought it from Francesca. Everything is in order.

Except the price.

The raffle has paid 100 million and it's worth five times more.

What's wrong? You wanted to help her! The raffle was necessary.

But after all...

Francesca has saved us all with her idea.

You'd have seen me in jail not to mention worse.

She saved us. I tell you.

But she will keep almost two billion.

Probably already has the money in her pocket.

How? Already?

If, after submitting the tax regulations.

Didn't you destroy it? The other yes, but...

I have prepared another after Francesca's statement.

So the judge has released the checks and she's been given them.

She had to accept.

And the story is closed.

The widow played the raffle... and we have been scammed.

I would like to know who filed the complaint.

Me too. He could end up dead.

Enough! We are at mass.

And now when do we play for the yacht?

What? Are you kidding?

No joke. It's written in the rules.

What's wrong with the regulation? What do you mean... what?

We have to play something between us, dear friend.

Whose friend? I commend you to your friends.

Tonight at the club. Yes, yes, we'll sort it out.

We'll play cards. High card.

The sable's better. After dinner?

For me, fine.

But remember that the yacht is mine. With everything that has happened...!

Are we to blame? We play for the yacht.

Who do we call to play? How about the Admiral?

No way. He's completely ruined.

What! He has a fortune.

He's married to the woman. That crow...

He'll think of the raffle... Sure, with the woman that he has!


Your Honor... Hello.

Good morning. Good morning.

I thought that your friends would have come to say goodbye...

Today is Saturday. They will be playing. Still.

Today we'll know the winner? I believe so.


Goodbye. Have a good trip.

Thank you.

Miss! Miss!

Do you know who may have made the complaint?