La seconda volta (1995) Script

These are the fundamentals of the just-in-time concept.

Here there is no stock, so no accumulation of material.

It's expensive to store, preventing investment, Getting rid of storage makes for savings.

Each piece hangs like an invisible thread and needs to be directed where needed.

That's "lean production."

The water is boiling. What should I make?

Wait a while.

Have you laid out napkins? Yes.


Not this glass. It's broken. Take the other one.

How late is it? 9:30.

You should have gone to pick him up.

He's coming by taxi. I'll bring him back.

No, Raffaella will do it.

Here he is. Cut the bread.

I warned you.

Good evening. Excuse the delay.

Raffaella, my colleague.

Alberto, my brother. Good evening.

A group of professors in a car.

Virtually a school trip, An engineer explained to all of us the factory changes.

You should have gone alone.

What's this?

A ragamuffin band. Not bad.


She's nice, Raffaella?

I don't know what to say to him... That's going for the past two years now.

Here we are.

No, thank you.

On the trip I met Giorgio.

Who's that, Arquati? Yes, Arquati.

He deals with restructuring.

Will you lend me this disc? Sure.

The redundancies. That's him.

Are you sure? Yes, it's true.

He said so in an interview.

" A recovery means sweat and tears."

Welding inside and tears on the outside.

This makes you laugh? It's not funny.

He didn't say it.

He doesn't decide. He executes.

He executes. It's worse.


You never know who to blame.

Ah yes!

But if you knew who is responsible, what would you do?

I don't know.

But everyone should be responsible for his choices.

It's late, I... I'd better go.

Enrico will bring you back.

I'll take a taxi.

Where are the keys? Over here. I'll get them.

That was my job.

I know. But you've changed your mind, right?

Raffaella is coming out of a deep depression.

I'm sorry about that.

She's been alone for a few months.

Such things happen.

She's better. Your sister has it in her mind to find her a boyfriend.

You know how Francesca is.

She's chooses her clothes, her books, her home...

By the way, our firm is renovating an apartment at the Crocetta.

75 Square meters with terrace, very bright ..

They're selling it. Good.

You should see ..

What for?

You wanted to move?

If I buy an apartment, I would have to sell mine.

True, but that's no problem.

Yes, it is a problem.

Currently I simply have too much to do.

Should I just go to your home?

Of course. Where do you want me to go?

Since you insisted to go alone, I thought...

You were wrong.

In the period that followed the fall of 1980, sales of FIAT continued to rise. Their Market position had improved.

In 1979, Fiat controlled 63% of the Italian market and 10% of the European market. In 1983 it was70%, exceeding by 12%.

A financial statement analysis allows us to measure the extent of this success.

Revenue rose to 2,000 billion per year, 1979 by more than 7,000 billion, to over 25,000 billion in 1988.

The so-called "structural crisis" at the end of the 70s had created a success of a continental scope.


All this of course, had its price:

In 1979 179,000 workers were employed.

Five years later, the figure was 60,000, so only about half.

We share, Adele? I'll try.

Please take a spoon.


No, I'll take meat.

What do you want... roast beef.

May I?

Please do. Thank you.

Have we gained a few pounds?

Colangeli... Yes.

From Venturi.

Is that you, darling?


How was the office?

There's the jacket.

I ate enough pasta for two.

No, I'll take a yoghurt.

Are you tired?

I am totally exhausted.

I could sleep all my life.

You don't have anything to ask me?

There's a new person in Typography.

Sweet? Very.

How old?

45, married, 2 children.

I know, I know. I thought about it afterwards.

After what?

Because you already ...?



Outside, in the car.



Lisa, thank you.

"Lean out the window, my love"

"you have shot, wounded and killed."

"51 defeated terrorists in court."

You know who you are. You've been recognized.

Come out with your hands up, or there will be a massacre!

What's the matter? Nothing.

How late is it?



I suppose you want to say. I've had enough.

Are you going out to eat?

You're not going? No, I'm busy.

If I could, I would go and leave it.

Go on. I'll do that.


Thank you.

I'll meet you for coffee.

You're an angel.

One moment.

Good day. Good day.

How are you? Good, thank you.

How long is it now? A month? Almost.

How's it going with your colleagues? Excellent.

If there is a problem do not hesitate.

That won't be necessary.

Of Course.

Excuse me.

Good day. Good day.

Excuse me... Excuse me...



Are you OK? Yes, yes, thank you.

Do you want me to call you a taxi?

No, that's not necessary.

What's your name?


What's your name?

Adele. Adele Fabbri.

Giovanni Ferrero. Do you work here?

Have you finished eating lunch? No.

Good, thank you...

Why Adele?

It was the first thing in my mind.

A name for an old maid.

OK... about forty, tall, distinguished, easily distracted.

With a wedding ring?

I didn't see any.

You are also easily distracted.

Sexy? Not bad.

Do you have to copy yet?

No, I'm finished.

What is it?

No, nothing. I thought that you chose my first name, I'm pleased.

Doctor Ferrero sends apologies. Monday he is busy in hospital.

I'm sorry.

Is it possible, next week?

Would Tuesday work?

Very good. Tuesday at 2:00pm.

Agreed. Goodbye.

Good day, Miss Sajevo.

Is Giovanni there? Yes. He's in the office.

Will it take much longer? I can't tell.

There are other patients there. Please tell him that I'm here.

I will do it immediately.

It is quite urgent. All right.

There it is.

It didn't move. As a precaution, we will do a scan.

Okay. Did it happen again this morning?

For a few seconds I couldn't see anything.

Are you tired? No, why?

You don't sleep well.

This happens to me quite often.

This is nothing new.

Today? No.

Usually these things happen with fatigue, or stress.

I ate and felt discomfort.

This is not an interrogation.

It's not psychological. It's a physical problem.

The problem is that bullet. You see?

To repeat.

We can leave it and hope, that nothing happens... or we can remove it. Are you ready for this?

On the one hand there were the Red Brigades with their actions and their revolutionary creed.

On the other hand, the need to assume our defeat with a bit of dignity.

The advantage of failed revolutions is that they don't make the mistakes of triumphant revolutions.

All triumphant revolutions eventually betray their promises.

The failed revolutions betray the analysis that inspired them, a fault which seems to me less severe.

On the other hand, the willingness of a part of my generation to embark on political-ideological adventure admittedly represents a positive value and at a future date will be recognized.

I confess without shame that today I feel pity for myself and for the failures of my generation.

This comes from finding that we were not left in a place where there was a vision to drive us.

When we entered into the society we did not live, as we wanted because the previous generation had brutally blocked the way and asked us to sacrifice our differences or die.

Some died at gunpoint, many with heroin in their veins.

Most have survived by the desire for change suffocated, and carried it within themselves.

In prison, I had many letters from people my age because they had become aware of the failure of their generation, a failure that could not be bought back.

A failure, which by no personal success can be put right.

How's it going? Good, thank you.

Do you remember ...yesterday? Yes, are you better?

Yes, yes, thank you.

Do you always take this bus?


Me too. I was thinking...


I have the impression that we have met before... yesterday.

Could be. Could be.

I get off at the next stop.

I also get off.

I have an hour for lunch.

Before I went to the park but it's gotten cold.

What kind of work do you do?

Administration, on a computer.

Are you there for a long time?

A few months.

And what did you do before?

I worked in another city. Where?

In Bologna.

You say that with a pinch of irritation.

You ask me nothing about me, about my work, my life!

Don't you want to know?

Later. I get off here.

Over there?

Goodbye. Have a good work.

You're not eating anything. I'm not hungry.

Take a mandarin.

And if I shaved the beard?

Why? It looks good on you.

It makes me look old.

No. It gives you authority.

Haven't I looked better?

I've forgotten.

What is it with? With ham.

What is it?

They walk around like normal people.

Who? The Red Brigade, Front Line.

The Venturi. What do you know?

I know nothing. I imagine.

They are all writing books.

They'll even find a Publisher!

That is their right.

"I was convinced that the price of death was the way to a Society without oppression."

Do they have the right to write it?

In the class struggle, the last fight we were the only opposition that existed in the country.

The only opposition!

Do you deliver? During the day.

Can I get a card?

Are you sending flowers? No, but you are.

Am I?

To whom? To Raffaella.

Rafaella-Raffaella? Yes.

You weren't nice.

I wasn't nice...

Each flower has a meaning but I will say nothing.

I'm going now. Send them to the office.


For me? Yes.

Who brought them? A messenger.

Say, seductress, Next time use someone else's name.

What does he want?

Didn't he say?

I don't understand.

There is nothing to understand.

What's the meaning of daisies?

Of daisies? None.

He wants to see you again.

Between 6 and 7? We're going to the movies, I want to see the beginning of the movie...

He'll tell you the continuation the following day.

He's sorry because he had a bad fight.


Yes, it's me.

Good day, Raffaella.

I want to thank you for the flowers.

For one hour.


They are very beautiful.

Here's Francesca.

Hello Alberto.


I'm expecting a call. Do you want to tell me something?

I'm not nervous.

OK? Yes.


Hello, Papa. It's Lisa.

No, from a phone booth.

I arrive tomorrow evening by train at 10:25pm.

Will you come pick me up?

You're not coming?

Give me a minute.

I can't come later.

It's OK.Tell him that I will take a taxi.

Let's talk about tomorrow?

No, I'll take a taxi.

Thank you for the flowers.

I didn't know what to get.

So I took daisies. Like them?

Yes. But it does not fit me.


You're embarrassed?

No, that's not it.

I made someone jealous?

Yes, so you can say that...

Is that why you left them in the office?

I imagined... That I lived alone?

That you live alone, yes.

Where do you get out? Almost at the terminal.

Where exactly? At the end of Via Regina?

Yes, and you?

I at Via Principe Eugenio.

So... it is the next.

Yes, the next one.

Good night. Good night.


Do not forget us!

I'm coming quickly.

My little bunny...

Let's go through it again?

After work go directly to the station.

I wait 30 minutes... Go to the station.

Read a magazine, take a coffee and don't move from the spot.

What do you do in Bologna?

I go to the police station, show them the license and say: "Hello, here I am."

Don't make any jokes.

I don't move without my parents they are in charge.

You could go out a little...

Not this time. I stay at home. You've already told me.

This is your first Permission, so beware.

There is always the risk of a journalist...

As soon as I come back I go to the station, I take the train, and I reinstate myself back in my fantastic studio.

What if the train is late?

Then I call here and someone will pick me up.

Everything seems to be clear.

I will see these hotheads.

Have a nice week-end. Don't make any trouble for me.

Don't worry.

I'm not going with this jacket.

Maybe with a blouse...


I believe you. My friend paid 2000 for it.

Are you sure that he has paid for it?

It looks great on you!

It's true. You seem even taller.

Do you think?

Are you really sure? What if I damage it?

Damage it? You won't kiss in a car.

Sweetie. Who told you that?

You told everyone.

I'll take it.

Did you dry your hair?


I'm gonna do a hair tie. No. Let it stay loose.


It looks nice that way.

Are you depressed or something?


Are you angry from this morning? I don't know.


I'm going to the bathroom.


You can make the coffee now.

Any news from Signorina Venturi?

She always comes early. Maybe a traffic jam?

Maybe she left her key home?

Di Rienzo, please.

Follow me.


It's easy to make fun of it.

You're joking?

It doesn't say anything in Cendrillon about the people this girl shot.

After 10 years of prison.

They let her run around and get a good job.

I'd have had the hole plugged up and the key thrown away.

"When I think about how we used to work..."

"for example... the famous... so-called 'anti-noise'."

"We worked"

"8 hours a day"

"so with the overhead arms"

"we sprayed the underside of the cars with a gun..."

"tar, I think."

"protected with rags which we took from home or collected,"

"with old shirts."

"Fiat just provided a mask."

"We stayed that way for 8 hours"

"60 machines per hour."

"One auto per minute..."

Did you do that?

With a friend and a camera., I plan to record it in my thesis.

Do you have enough material?

About 2 hours worth. I will have to choose.

Did you interview them on their premises?

The first ones were friends I knew.

We had then other people so it went further.

What do you think?

I don't know. I will need to think about it.

I believe that the transition from traditional handwork to automation is less physical and brings less exhaustion.

And an intellectual profit for the workers.

This is good I think for the so-called "labour-intensive" sectors.

I wonder...

What do the people interviewed think about today's work?

Did you ask them?

The majority of them either have a severance package or early retirement or they have been dismissed.

I know that the restructuring had a negative impact, layoffs, unemployment...

But this is an outdated theme.

So much has been said about that...

That's right.

It's an interesting work. Come again when you have new material.

You were at the hairdresser?

No I missed the bus.

I was a bit worried already.

I'm sorry. It can happen to everyone.

Except you.

Your situation puts me in a quandary.

You should have prevented it. But you didn't.

I give you very special attention.

It won't happen again.

"You strike down one to educate a hundred."

"You strike down one to educate a hundred."

"You strike everywhere against the centres of counter-revolution."

"Against the logic of technocrats, against the imperialist State of the multinationals."

"You strike down one to educate a hundred."

Good day. How are you?


Are you going back?

No, I'm travelling.

I see the bags. Where are you going?

To my parents. To Bologna?

I'll accompany you to the station.

Here we are. Thanks.


When do you leave?

In 30 minutes. Do you have the ticket already?


Let's drink something? Otherwise it will be cold outside.

We never had time to talk. Let's go to a bar and have a coffee.

Just a little... now it's good.

Too weak?

No. It's good, thank you.

I'm sure it will rain.

I hope not.

What are these bands?

A friend gave it to me. When it breaks your wishes will be fulfilled.

What wishes?

Depending on the colour. This colour here stands for hope.

My wife, had one in red. What is red for?

For love, I think.

Are you married?

Separated. For 7 years.

I'm sorry.

And you? Are you married?


You are called Adele, you are neither married, nor alone.

You live in a suburb and work in an office.

On weekends you go to your parents in Bologna.

Why are you telling me this shit?

Your name is Lisa Venturi, You are serving a 30-year imprisonment tried for terrorism and the attempted murder of Alberto Sajevo. That is to say me.

Do you remember?


What do you want from me?

That you don't forget.

The train leaves in a quarter of an hour. We still have time, Lisa.

You have nothing to tell me?

I have nothing to say.

Such a shit. You have nothing to tell me.

Go away, or I'll call the Police.

Before you were shooting now you call the police.

Leave me alone. I have to go.

Lisa... Don't come any closer, please!

Good night. Ciao.

What happened, Lisa? Why are you here again?

Good night. Good night.

This bastard.

What happened? Why didn't you leave?

This dumb bastard...

Who is?



The one you shot down?

The flowers were from him.

Did you tell her who you were?

I couldn't. And then;

I didn't want her to know who I am.

Do you understand? For her I do not exist...

You could have kept things the same. Why did you search for her?

I did not search for her. We randomly encountered each other.

You followed her. I wanted to see what she did.

And what is that to you?

It's outright lying.

She's a liar at large.

She runs around like anyone else.

She gave me a false name. I did also.

Do not play the victim.

Not the victim. I want to confront the enemy.

She wants to forget everything.

That's too easy.

Why didn't you recognize him?

I don't know.

Did he change?

I don't remember. I don't think about it any more.

Why were you after him?

I don't want to think about it anymore.


Judge Di Biagio? That's me.

Alberto Sajevo.

Please sit down.

I have just spoken with Signorina Venturi.

So you know everything.

My lawyer sent me.

I would like to meet Miss Venturi.

This time, I would like to see her in prison.

Currently, it is the only place. Why?

Signorina Venturi has waived her legal rights.

She doesn't want to leave any more?


I'm sorry. But for me, nothing has changed.

Miss Venturi…must grant me a visit.

This is a moral obligation. She has the right to refuse.

It's useless to point that out to me.

May I ask you something?


You were the one who had allowed her to go to work?

And why did you decide to do that?

My job is different from my colleagues at the courts.

I judge the people and not the crimes they have committed.

Of course, the person. But this certain person will serve out another 20 years and she simply can leave and happily walk around?

It seems correct to me.

He is a sadist, you know?

He wants to make trouble for me.

With his sick spirit he believes himself authorized to intrude in my life.

He thinks the same thing.

He wants a meeting.

I won't see him.

He wants to meet you, maybe even apologize to...

For what? To let himself zero in?

This is ridiculous.

Show a willingness to talk.

The bullet is still in his head.

That does not interest me.

Be reasonable... I know what you want.

That I meet him.

That I have dinner with him... so he could think that I changed.

I could get a lighter sentence.

How much can I expect?

2, 3 years? Maybe even 5...

It's not the only reason.

Naturally not.

It would make you happy to show that there is something good about this law.

Lets drop the subject...

Eh, Lisa?

You need to return to work.

I'm doing better here.

I'm coming.

Gently. Because... a little while ago... actually a long time ago...

Wait a minute... Just a moment...

I've changed my mind.

Why didn't you come the last time?

Venturi, there is someone here to talk to you.

Yes, I know.

Who is it?

The victim.

Why won't you talk with him?

Won't you help me clean up?

I'm coming from work. I want to just be left in peace.

This is my half. Take it easy!

Where is my cassette I heard it yesterday?

They're all here.


Damn it! I'm sorry...

I'm sorry!

This stupid jerk did not look at me today.

On the way back he turned his head away from me.

He doesn't want to see me any more.

His wife talked about it and made a scene in front of the children.

You knew it.

Yes. Even if we both wanted it, we should wait for at least 5 years.

And? I've done everything.

Here are the tickets.

You leave at 9:00 and arrive in Munich before dinner.

I will accompany you to the station.


Do you have enough money?

What do you want?

Nothing. Two hot chocolates. Thank you.

Are you worried?

No. Why should I worry?

It should not take long.

Will you shave?

I suppose so? Completely?

I hope not.

I have a little anxiety.

She has started to work again.

Did you look for her?


The judge told me.

Hello. How's it going?

How do you want it to go?

Did you see that? He greeted me.

He will try it with you...

Are you still thinking about it?

What should I do? I have no choice, right?

Let it rest.

Does Signorina Lisa Venturi work here?


Is she here?

No, why?

When will she return?

I don't know? What do you want?

Nothing. I'll come back later.


I hope everyone likes it...

Dedicate it to me?

From Crete he comes to Egypt, with a boat on the Nile:

Cairo, Luxor, all in all 10 hours.

I made this gift, to forget the passing years.

Will you remember to report if there is any news?

Of course.

Unless a Berber kidnaps me!

Do you know who came by? The Professor!

What a bastard, after the scene at the train station!

I gotta go.


Waiting for someone.

No. I'm already gone.

When are you leaving?

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I hope I see you again soon.


Good luck on behalf of the colleagues.

Thank you. The best to all of them.

I'm sure it was him.

He has such a look... it bothers me somehow.

Did he say what he wanted?


If you ask me, he will just annoy you.

I don't like it.

Let's go.

In the beginning, they seem willing to do anything and are full of enthusiasm, But when problems arise, they get tired.

Stefano is like that.

Did you hear what I told you?


I can not get on the bus. Why is that?

Don't worry. Sure.

I'm looking for Dr. Sajevo.

Come in.

I'll call him.

He'll be here right away.


Good evening.

Good evening.

Excuse the mess.

I was passing by and thought to myself, I should stop in.

When I returned...

I moved right into another apartment.

Let's go. Enrico has just come down with some boxes.

We can take care of the rest later.

Let me introduce Lisa Venturi, my sister Francesca.

I'll go then.

I'll see you out.

Did you know that she was coming?


What does she want? I have no idea.

We'll probably talk a little bit. Should I call you later?



Sit down.

Maybe the gas is turned off...

That must have been my sister.

I have some prettier ones, but, who knows where they are!

What do you want to talk to me about?

He will not be able to free himself from it.

What do you think?

She is in semi-detention, She will have to go back again.

I've never seen him like this.

What do you mean?

I hope he doesn't do something stupid.

What kind of stupidity?


Do not play the fool!

He will not go. You'll see.

We report that Prisoner Venturi, Lisa, planned to return at 7:30pm and at 9:00pm is still absent.

Announcing an escape attempt.

Report tomorrow at 7.30 clock. Sincerely...

I had just passed my first exam.

It had even gone quite well.

This boy came along...

Gianni, from Milan.

I knew him from a demonstration.

He had a pistol.

He hid it in my home...

You agreed?


It seemed only natural.

In this demonstration the Police had killed a student.

Gianni called me later to tell me to give him the pistol.

Bring it to a house outside the city.

I went, and I stayed there.

One morning, the police made a house search.

We were not there, but the Police found my papers I went into hiding.

Everything just happened by chance?


I think that I finally would have done it anyway.

Why did you choose me?

You know it. You didn't know me?

You didn't know what my opinions were?

Nevertheless you hated me enough to want to kill me.

“To strike one of Them down is to educate a hundred of them.” Where are they, those hundred?

These slogans are no longer viable? Is that what you want to hear?

That I ruined my life?

Yours and mine.

For something that has never made any sense.

No one can say.

I do. You know why?

Because what you wanted to change just got worse.

That's your fault.

What are you saying?

Many asked us, to do it. You know that.

Continue to believe this crap...

We have completely lost track of time.

I'll call a taxi.

The phone is there.

Are you going to Bologna?


You're going away also?

I'm going to Germany.

I will attend conferences in various universities.

Will you be gone for long? One month.

What does your father do?

He teaches. Why?

Like that. Cover yourself, you'll get soaked.

Thank you.

I'm just trying to be polite.

You are not congenial to me!

Too bad.

Good travels.

You also.

Can I take you somewhere? No, thank you.

Water, electricity, gas?


Leave your keys with the concierge for the move in.

I can make a copy.

What are you writing? Nothing.

We are dressed the same.


You were 4 hours late. I know.

You are not allowed to go out any more.

That doesn't matter.

In a single day you ruined everything.

Think of the isolation.

No distraction for the rest of your time here.

I've done what you asked me to do.

No. You've just done what you wanted to do.

Was it any good?

I don't know.

Slow down...

I'm already driving slowly. Slower.

Will you call me? Sure.

I should go with you.

We already spoke about it. It's no problem.

Don't worry...

Raffaella wishes you good luck.

Why all these concerns?

Do you see how you are? You always have something against affectionate gestures.

It's good to open up.

You always say that.

Let me choose when to open up.

You don't choose to do it, it just happens...

This story of chance has never convinced me!

Aside from that, nothing happened...

Have taken your passport? Yes.

You don't have to accompany me.

Alberto. Tell me something?


What was said yesterday evening?

From who? Between you and her?

The old slogans. She thinks she acted for a just cause.

Not new.

Why had she chosen you?

I or someone else, It didn't matter.



I love you.

Finally, what did he want?

Nothing... get to know me.

Did he want to excuse you?

No. It is not so simple.

He wants to sleep with you!

My God. I've really had enough. How late is it?


These bitches, I should be out there.

Pay attention.

I already have a plan.

First ice cream. I love chocolate ice cream!

In the evening a concert by the brothers of Soledad.

Then I want to buy myself a nice pair of pumps.

What do you think?

These are really good too.

You have never seen a classy version.

I'm not going to allow myself to be made into an idiot.

How many times have you said that already?

This is the last time I swear it.

One can only hope!

I leave it to you. Thank you.

"Dear Lisa,"

"I was convinced it would be good for me to talk to you."