La voce della luna (1990) Script


Ivo Salvini.

Did you hear it too?

Someone is calling me!

Let's see the pussy! The cha-cha pussy!

Cha-cha pussy... Long live the pussy!

Cha-cha pussy... Long live the pussy!

Did all of you pay? You did not.

You owe me for the other night too.

Mine is so hard, I could smash a wall with it!

Does he want to come along? Let's go!

Yes! Where are we going?

Be quiet.

Open it a bit more.

No, she might see us.

There she is.

What are you doing?

Why doesn't my wife have breasts like that?

Give me the money!

Give it to me!

Or you won't see my aunt's nipples.

I've got scissors! I will cut you up like a turkey!

The other night too, you did not pay!

If I catch you here again, I will break your legs!

I do not have any money.

Junona, the wife of Jupiter, had such massive tits just like this lady here.

Once she fell asleep under a tree with her breasts exposed.

Baby Hercules came by. When he saw those great tits he started sucking on them.

Let me go!

Think you are clever?

You gotta pay for this!

As I was saying:

Junone woke up... and the milk squirted to the sky.

That is how the Milky Way came about.

Now she does not undress anymore.

You were good at school?

I was promising.

Drunkards! Vagrants!

Let us sleep!

You are lucky that Ottavio is not here!

But I am here, auntie!

How fortunate to have a nephew like you!

Have a good night.

Can you walk? Yes thanks.

You are doing well, Ersilia. This is my friend Salvini.

I will come with you. Let's go.

Yes, Mr. Pigafetta.

Good night.

My aunt was not like this, she was skinny.

She was always catching me by surprise.

All she was interested in was that I pass the stool.


What are you doing here at this hour?

Have you started again?

No, I swear.

I am trying to resist.

I would plug my ears but could still hear.

They never called me from that well.

Then last night: 'We have something important to tell you'

Do not listen to voices from wells, they are treacherous.

They will make you dream their dreams.

The night has to be shut off from them.

But if I close it...

Stay away from the well.

But I just want him to see you!

I need to talk to him.


There are holes here. Give me your hand.

Madame Gertrude, how can I be of service?

It is you, Pigafetta!

I am late tonight.

I cooked stuffed zucchinis for him!

They turned very well, but it takes time.

You go ahead, and I will drop in right after, as if by chance.


I'll enter now before it gets cold again.

Quick, he is tending to his zucchinis.

Anything new?

Everything is quiet.

We are going for a stroll.

Many people come here.

Nobody ever leaves - they are fine here.

Mr. Pigafetta, I informed the mayor's office about this matter. You do not have any right;

You are just a gravedigger!

I am proud of it.

Professor is a friend. He asked me for a favour.

Anyone against him sleeping here?

Let's give it a try!

With real estate prices around here!

It makes sense!

I did not bring him with me; He followed me.

Who is the other one?

He is with me. Everything is all right.

You don't say anything? Can you hear me?

Me, I sleep at night!

I need to ask for a little favour.

Help me escape from my director!

That is not a little favour.

He wrote that I am crazy!

But aren't you?

The Grand Prize of the Conservatory, a Conservatory Professor, My father always told me: 'Do not marry'

Even in church, he signalled that I should get out.

But I was bewitched by the music.

Oh, yes.

Same old nonsense.

There should be a law against music!

It is violence!

How is the aggressiveness of an instrument manifested?

It is said that oboe moves the furniture.

There are certain notes..

...a triplet of an eighth note sol-la-do-mi.

In Middle Ages, this combination was called 'Diabolus'.

It is like a lizard running down your spine!

That night at the house. ..Remember, Gertrude?

We had a concert at the City Hall.

I was reviewing my part when the four notes showed up.

What is it?

It moved! There!

Am I a lunatic? A seer?


And the other time, at the kitchen?

Tell me! What happened in the kitchen?

One evening I walked in...

What are you doing here?

Who are you?

I am the 'Big Eater'

I eat everything.

I've eaten it all!

Finally, one night at my house...


It is my honour! Thank you!

I was studying my part.

But there is this infernal passage!

Certain chords deserve to be banned!

Which ones?

You pretend not to know?

There are these pauses, these intervals, when phantoms enter. Darkness, ice!

And the music does what it wants to you.

How can you fend off something that promises but never keeps its word?

What did it promise to you?

The same it promises to everyone.

Joy, serenity, oblivion.

And that we all be happy, accepted. Even me.

But that is not how it is!

He is not here anymore!

But on some nights of full moon, even here, at the end of the world, it keeps playing. I can still hear it!

He will not come, it is too late, too humid.

My grandpa is here.

He is up there.

It is always the same question.

Is it possible to know nothing of you?

Nothing, about nobody!

You are all dead, I say.

You were very brave. That was not easy.

I can not even imagine how to do that.

And we should not meet again. Ever.

But where are you?

There better is a place in this world with a hole that leads to the other side.

Here I am, my beauty. A raven does not sing.

Where are you vagabond?

I broke my tail.

Tomorrow night I'll bring you the puree. Good night.

It is raining!

This is how I imagined it: Good Lord riding in a chariot when a thunder struck.

Such wonder, a storm!

Even as a child, it made me so happy.

My grandma would call me:


Pinocchio, come home. Cover yourself!

You'll burn your shoes like that, you will be even more Pinocchio!

Pinocchio did not have a real father, did he?

Me neither. Is it mandatory to have one?

You poor thing, you had a father.

I had one.

Even in Good Lord's chariot, I did not see him.

Mom neither.

But he needs to take others for a ride too.

There are so many!

Ah, there.

Have you finished that milk?

Let's go, to bed!

Will the moon come later?

Grandma, this morning I became a poplar.

What a feat.

It is not difficult to become a poplar. It is very natural.

I sat down with him and I asked him:

Poplar, how are you?

He answered me at once.

My feet penetrate the earth, my fingers lengthen, like roots, all over the place.

I had 4, 10, 100 hands, a blossom in my hair.

I breathed with all my leaves.

It was not the hair anymore, but millions of leaves.

I was high up.

The farm looked so small to me.

And you too. You were small too.

I called you: Grandma, grandma!

Come down, even the poplars need sleep.

Did you hear me?

Come Pinocchio.

I need to take a look.

There is nothing under the bed.

Get out of there!

It is so nice here: There are many things.


Where are the sparks? Where does the fire go when it dies out.

Like music, where does it go after it is finished?

There are many ideas that came to me.

But they fly away like sparks.

How to stop them, grandma? Are you coming too?


I love to remember! More than to live!

And besides, what is the difference?

I remember how on that night, during that storm, I wanted to go and see.

Is that you?

It is dark! Fuses have blown!

I have a letter.

It is not from me, but it will make her happy.

I am coming up.

Just a moment.

I will come down.

Come in!

Do you still want to cause us trouble?


Take it easy.

You are wet.

Just a little.

Remove that.

Hold it!

A candle.

To get dry.

Let's go up, you said that I am wet.

Just a few seconds.

Let me go!

Give me just 30 seconds. There is no danger!

Go in front me.

Mind the steps!

Sometimes, in my dreams, I climb up stairs all night.

Don't let me fall!

And now, thanks to you, I really climbed it.

But don't you like me at least a little bit?

I like you a lot.

I feel more than sympathy, I am attracted to you.

I will be back right away.

I see a door.


I won't enter, I will watch from here.

Let me peak in.

Just a glance.

I will scream!

Why are you doing that?

Keep quiet.

Rise the light a bit.

If you love Aldina at all, leave.

Let me look at her.

Be quiet.

She is like the Moon.

That is her, the Moon.

Say Moon, what do you there in the sky.

Silent Moon.

My life is painful.

She is not changing, oh, Moon, my love.


Suzy, there is a thief!


No, there is nobody there.

It rained, a storm.

Who was that?

You have my word of honour:

I am not spying on you.

I just want you to come with me. It's late.

You have fallen sick.

We will help you get better.

Why are you bothering people?

I am here on business.

I do not doubt it. What are you looking for at this hour?

There is nobody here.

Just once, listen to me.

Go to bed and take your drops.

You are nobody! I even deny that you are a doctor.

No need to come with me. I know the way.

Let's see, Mr. Gonnella!

Mr. Mayor!

I insist! I am at home here!

Let me tell you, more about it!

I arrived in bad company, while waiting for a more decent place.

Turn your lights off and go to hell!

Of course, good night.

At your service.

Are you wet?

Yes, you are wet.

Come to our place., A little sip with friends, it will be an honour.

No, I am tired.

He is a very pleasant neighbour.

Should I tell him?

Doctor Gonnella, come!

Do you know who is here?

Do you remember?

He really wants to greet you.


We will make a cake for you.

Come, it is warm, quiet.

With His Excellence.

Wait here, I will go and see.

Doctor Gonnella, sleep peacefully.

We are here, you just go to sleep.

We will take care of everything. Do you need anything?

A chamomile tea?

OK, I can not have peace even in my room.

You force yourselves in, and are trying to infect me with your foul breath!


I know martial arts!

These squalid grubs want to contaminate me, with their disease:

Old age.

But I resist, I know how to defend myself.

They will not make it.

My ladies!

It is all finished!

Come closer, you will be well served.

Redhead, you idiot, it is with you!, My friend was in an asylum.

He was a nurse, supposedly, but I do not believe it.

He was mad, and passed his madness on to me.

What is that there!

Do not move!

I will return it right away.

Can you see those discs? The colour of old money:

They crossed my mind in silence.

No, he did not take them.

But, sooner or later, we will photograph what we can not see.

You, the Japanese, you are an avant-garde, you could help me.

I remember it larger. Let's take it into the church.

Sunday, right? I promise, don Antonio.

It is most beautiful.

I will go to admire it.

Is your name Detroit?

We are all here, even the President.

It is a coincidence, but it is symbolic of the fact that Madonas are a separate race!

My thesis will enrage don Antonio.

Why is a serious lawyer like you amused to tell such nonsense?

It is not a blasphemous theory.

I did not say 'people', but 'race'.

Holy Virgin, please have mercy on my nephew.

Enough, Matron!

They live isolated, hidden in forests where they haunt travellers.

Preferably shepherds and shepherdesses.

Don't you have anything else to do this morning?

But why is it always ignorants, and never educated people, who are asking the most serious questions?


You do not know where to put that!

You met him, at some point?

You did not re-examine it!

Perhaps I am mistaken.

Excuse me.

Heads up, my ladies! Here is that idiot Redhead!

I was a male nurse.

The Redhead is here!

I work for you.

Everything is good, I am happy.

He says that he is doing good.

You picked three pieces and paid for just one.

I exercise, take vitamins.

I recognized you and came to say hello.

This is a good day for meetings.

It is spring already.

I've been talking nonsense, haven't I?

You bet you are.

What pleasure to hear you talk that way. Bravo!

We have to get them repaired.

Let's sit here and talk a little.

The tap let the bad thoughts out.

It is like a souvenir from another life.

Even the iron curtains do not fall as suddenly as before.

I was very quiet, and they lowered themselves.

I made you mad.

I said: Are they opening?

And you: No, they are closing. And me:

What good can come out of an open iron curtain?

It is better to close it.

Luckily, there was someone who could close it.

You have friends.

You are clever.

But now, I have to go.

Sorry, do you have to fix it?

Is this Cinderella's shoe?

Your words bring so much joy to me. Thank you.

I really have to go.

I can't bear this uncertainty any more.

As if I am on a threshold, waiting, endlessly waiting.

I should have known, should have understood, not only for myself, but also for her, for you, for all.

Of course!

You understand that it is increasingly urgent?

There is no time left. Thanks, doctor, good luck.

He said he will spit that informer in the face.

Today, my brother is a bit nervous.

But he is brave.

He likes you, he would like to talk to you.

Can I take a look?

I do not understand a word.

It is our invention.

So that the director can not understand us.

We have always been in prison.

Me too.

It was a fortress and later a convent?

That is it!

He said the spy will decide on punishments and that she will send him to hell to fix it: It breaks from time to time.

The hell is like a pipe across a city.

It is so narrow in places that one has to crawl.

I want to go down, I know my way around.


What about the fire, the torture, the devils?

He said he never saw any.

Nothing but worms in the pipe.

They run through faucets, bathrooms, kitchens.

It is said that is them, the devils.

And that it is the informer's fault, He can see them even during the day.

He is asking you to look.


The Moon is spying on us forever.

And what can be done?

Make her disappear. According to him, she is useless.

Good job.

Someone is moving.

Marisa got her divorce.

She imports furniture.

Gentler, please: It is precious.

They were given to my daughter Marisa who can do what she wants with them.

Here is the judge's decree.

Are you convinced? Like hell!

I saw it coming, but no one would listen to me!

A girl like that!

My friend, how is your head? OK?

I am well.

Why are you crying like that, lady Marisa?

I regret it, I did not want it.

An agreement could have been reached.

I am reasonable.

Come on, it is a misfortune.

We, the reasonable people, are not understood.

But I love him.

I was attached to him. Don't be childish.

You know very well he was not a man for you!

My filly, you are like my motor bike!

Pure dynamite! And I am your bomber.

Made to measure for you.

We will make an atomic couple!

Some way to call a woman:

A filly, a dynamite, a motorcycle?

I can not imagine it.

Who let this pickle out?

Who took my glasses?

Me, I did, here.

He is a show-off, but he is brave.


Now say bye to beautiful Marisona!

Good day!

And to pickle too.

Always at your service, Marisa.

He does not know that it is bad to annoy you.

He was lucky.


I can not let you stop him!

Do not waste time on that dirt!

I do not care about the journal! I gave you one for Christmas!


You have not changed at all.

Neither did you. One should change.

Come in.

I am sure I know her.

Can you hear this echo?

Has everything been taken away?

No, they were left here.

And here too.

Listen to the mysterious sound that turns the washing machine into a dryer.

A sound like a voice, like a siren that sings just for me.

I call her my beautiful washerwoman.

Marisa treated them without regard or patience.

She was so sweet before, an ideal woman.

I could watch it for hours.

Do you remember?

Marisa? And how!

She was so beautiful with her big mouth!

I made 800 millions for her!

Be wise with that.

Is it true, what people say?

That I am in love with you?

That you will launch a TV channel!

Here, in our city?

I do not know yet. There are too many people involved.

What will happen with this place?

Pick yourself up!

Hello, Pino.

Always an honour to be of service.


Please sit down.


Yes, please.

I am coming!

He is in paradise already.


I haven't seen you in a while. Where have you been?

You let your beard grow.

A little, for you.

A magazine?

No, thanks.

They need to be cared for. You have the hands of a pianist.

Long time ago, I played the mandolin.

You have slender hands.

Don't bother me! Born to dance.

Did I hurt you?

No, never.

What a long life you have had!

Have you had your palms read before?


The Venus mount: Sensuality.

You must be a little rascal.

A real little rooster. If you say so!

My aunt could see everything from a palm.

It wouldn't work with me. 'You will marry soon.'

But I remained an old girl.

You are not married?

Nobody wanted me.

I would marry you right away.


Nestorino, you married me with good intentions.

I did not believe in it, but here we are.

How sweet we are!

Long live us!

Get out of my kitchen!

Come here! I gave you the treasure of my house!

A kiss for Mommy!

Nestor, you are my best friend!

A brother!

Medication time!

I would liked to marry you.

But I have to withdraw before Marisa.

I want a photo with Gullit.

Is it good there?

Move yourself!, Long live the marriage!


Thank you for being deranged, professor.

And you too, doctor. Thank you very much.

I am delighted, a good decision.

My colleague is right, congratulations.

I was right, wasn't I?


Do you remember it?

Hold me tight.

Such music, I want to cry.

How is your leg?

Let's show them how to dance!


The tribunal affirmed Marisa is right.

And now, she will live with the butcher. She adores him.

Because he has a vocation: He butchers horses.

You do not have any vocation?

Yes, moonwalking, since I was a child.

What is more beautiful than moonwalking, happy not to be anything!

The wells!

Nestore, the wells are scattered all around.

At night, I always dream that I fly.

Listen: I gave a lot to Marisa. Everything. At first, I did not understand.

She looked at me with her shiny eyes just like a cat.

Her voice robed me of all my strength.

Nestorino, be gentle, come.

Do not make me wait.

I am always ready, your little woman.

Our great bed!

What are you doing, sleeping?

Do not leave me alone.

Nestorino, let's talk a bit.

You are not going to hug your kitty?

I gave you a little kiss.

But I want a hundred, a million!

You know that I do not like to be late.

You know what I am thinking about?

I do not know.

About this corner!

We never made love there.

But yes!

Why not there?

Come on, let's go.

Careful with the glass!

Tomorrow, Marisa, I swear.

I have to telephone.

Come, remove all that.

Look at that Moon!

Yes, Marisa, here I am!

I love you so much.

Me too.

Hold me.

Hold me tight.

Where are you going?

Where does this smoke come from?

It does not stop! Madness! Love!

I am dying!

This is paradise!

Wasn't there a break? Could you not come down?

No, I was just an insignificant little cog.

And then finally, a miracle.

Eternal gratitude to Marisa.

And to her way of making love.

I felt as if flying over electrical lines, over the top of the trees. I flew!

My vocation is to live in the air. Now I know how to do it.

It all depends on that.

The flower must blossom

in the solar plexus.

It is all in silver, whose is it?

Here is what I can do.

Wait for me there.

I'll be back right away. Let me orient myself.

Come! Up there, there is a cat!

On the roof!

That is not a cat. That is a man!

There is someone on the roof!

Such a crowd!

I never wanted to stick out.

All is well!

It must be that one there.


What are you doing up there? Are you sunbathing?

Terzio will come for you. Stay calm.

Do not shake.

My brother Terzio is coming up!

How many brother do you have?

There were four more, but they were never born.

Better that way, isn't it?

Me, I say it is good on Earth. I like it.

Do not move. I am coming.

We will see about that!

The party is over, let's come down.

Give me a hand. Hold tight.

I will make you my assistant!


That can not be: YOU!

What a waste to come and save you, eh?

A hippogrif (an impossible being)

There is a machine that can climb even higher.

This will freeze your ears.

Taste this sausage.

I want to please my crazy brother.

He is sure that the Moon wants him. As if she has the time.

With a small modification to the other machine, a steel hook.

If the factory takes my advice, it would be a blink of an eye.

When she is in the branches or when she sits on rooftops.

As Leopardi said:

'The Moon, over the roofs and fields'

Nothing is impossible! A right moment comes for everything.

Even the Moon, when she is ripe, could fall into your arms.

Moon, can you tell me why there is so much pain down here?

Moon, would we be better off without you?

You are such a darling, Salvini.

I have to come down.

You look like my Isolina.

My dear friend.

He will help me take the Moon.


He should be applauded. I am good for nothing.

Donald Duck in a topcoat, goes 'quack-quack'

Donald Duck in a topcoat, goes 'quack-quack'

That is not him, it is a penguin!

A penguin? You moron!


Suzy, you tell her.

I will try.

I want to give her back his shoe.


He has something to give to you.

I said no!

He wants to return the shoe you threw at him.!

I'll put a stop to it!

She says she wants to stop you.

She says that to amuse me. You know how she is.

Do not do that.

In it goes!

She wants me to stop!

Excuse me.

Now they send these guys that seem so soft, inoffensive, innocent.

But you know that it will not work.

Everything leans forward, inclines, as in a descent.

You want to say that everything is out of balance?

Not metaphorically but physically.

Don't you have a feeling of falling?

Frankly, I do not. Sit down.

She said she would make me stop.

I do not want to meddle, but she may be right.

I am prefect Gonnella.

Pleased to meet you.

You have not had a chance to meet me:

Until three months ago, everything was bypassing my office.

I could have personally guaranteed that nothing would have been done to you.

But these puppets could not hold anyone, you know what I want to say 'not one'? One!

Not one!


Dad, I stopped by your place, but you were not there.

I found the doctor in a bar and now we are going for a walk.

Will you come for breakfast to my place?

I have a meeting with a gentleman, who is a victim of injustices and infamous schemes.

Would you come tonight?

He'll be glad to come, right?

Come with me, I will introduce you.

My compliments, Mr. Gonnella.

I see you are in great shape.

You heard them, haven't you?

No doubt?

They would have convinced anyone.

But I can see in your eyes they did not fool you. My compliments!

I like you very much.

Do you know each other? I do not know.

Let's be friends, Take a look.

I bet they are hiding in the back.

Do you want me to check?

If you want!

There, around the corner.

Glasses, sir?

I do not see them.

There is a lot of people in the square.

I wonder.

This is classic; They are fantastic.

I will sit here.

They were dressed to each depict a certain role.

Have you noticed doctor's attitude?

A typical doctor's attitude. It could not be truer.

In reality, it is all false!

But... your son is..

A masterpiece!

We are witnessing high art.

An archetype of a son: A platonic idea.

Pay attention:

Look at that one on the bicycle, his glasses, his plastic bag, appears as a distinguished gentleman, doesn't he?

And that one?

Who could deny he is a passer-by?

And those two there? Look how they are arguing!

Appears they have big issues.

And that one on the phone? Such warmth, such conviction!

Just to look busy. But that is not true!

None of these gentlemen have anything to do.

It is nothing but fiction.

It is all false!

And that is not all.

Do you swear not to get afraid?


Follow me.

'The Festival of Dumplings' was born a century ago.

In 1862, exactly 127 years ago.

It started as a protest of millers against taxes.

I give word to our colleague.

A worthy competitor.

Why were you eliminated? Politics.

I will help you win. You are annoying me.

That is not Miss Flour?

Here is our mayor.

Are there any invitations for the 'Festival of Dumplings'?

This is the first year that we, the town council, are running the festival.

Let's skip the usual squabbles with conservationists opposed to progress.

Mr. Headmaster?

The changes we made respect the spirit of tradition.

The 'Festival of Dumplings and Fried Dumplings' becomes a test of preservation of cultural models which mush coexist with other initiatives due to certain constraints.

Ms. Donatella told me that it would be fair to elect Ms. Bonfanti:

She is the biggest dumpling of all, she weighs 87 kilos.

And you, your Majesty, how much do you weigh?

I will not say!

They are coming!

Here are the contestants!

This glorious barge carries our girls, the most beautiful and ravishing girls from every village of our region.

And among these wonderful girls, the jury will choose the most beautiful one deserving the title:

Miss Flour 1989.

Let's cut the ribbon!

Let the most beautiful win!

Long live Miss Flour 1989!

All contestants into the bus!

I will call you!

Is Aldina here?

No, I do not see her.

I will not lose her from sight.


Shush, do not say anything!

Do not close it, he is under there!

He is trapped inside.

Look who is here.

Here is someone who will turn this evening into history!

Our little village will have its own TV channel just like big European capitals.

We are asking its founder:

What will be the name?


C for Carmela, my wife.

I for Irene, my eldest daughter.

P for Patrizia, my youngest one.

I love CIP.

Are you proud of your husband?

No, he could have bought a thousand animals with that money.

Looking at an unfinished Universe, he scratched his head in dissatisfaction.

Another idea was needed: And he invented the 'Festival of Dumplings'!

Long live the 'Festival of Dumplings'!

And for this shit I am honouring these bastards with my presence?!

It has been two years since we went out together.

Go away!

We should not be seen together. We are surrounded by spies.

They want to accuse me of immorality, of adultery.

Such a sweet song!

I played it on a violin.

Three years in a concentration camp, he now eats for all who died of hunger.

And here we are at the pinnacle of the evening:

The election of Miss Flour 89!

The Queen and King Dumpling will help the jury and Mr. President in a tougher-than-ever selection from among twelve astonishing contestants.

Here they are, coming onto the platform.

Enough, now!

The last vote. The game is over.

The envelope is sealed. We are there!

Do not fear, I will stay at a distance.

I am also a bit moved.

The name of the winner is inside here.

Here, Mr. President.

This was rigged. I had fun nevertheless.

Unanimously, Miss Flour 1989 is.

Miss Aldina Ferruzzi!

Thank you for winning. I will decorate you with your winning ribbon.

You are bothering me, I got it crooked now.

Bravo Aldina!

It was all known!

But who else if not her?

You who did not believe it!


This is Rossella!

Someone is trapped under there!

He will open it!

You, a hand!

What are you doing down there? Is there anyone else there?

No, just me.

What a stench!

Rossella, can you hear me? It was time!

The Miss is here, she is pretty.

But no, no!

What rhythm, eh?

I am leaving.

They are better than last year, when potatoes were too mushy.

I will taste it too.

Can I? Too hot.

A little more sauce.

I like them like this, with lots of sauce.

My grandmother made them.

A shower of cheese.

Can I eat them there?

They are melting in the mouth, like sabayon sauce.

That is good for your health!

Better than needle pricks!

There is no comparison!

Are you trying to gain weight?

He needs to eat something!

I can smell something awful!

By God, I will help unmask them!

Stuff yourselves on that dirt!

Redhead, let me get away, I didn't do anything!

They better stop, damned jailers!

Follow me, young man!

Here, they won't be able to touch us!

Unless they bring their cannon!

Sit down!

This is like that empty space next to the bedroom at my home.

Nothing but apples on the ground.

It all began in that place.

It was silent just like here.

And in that silence rang a din of birds, whistles, bells.

And I heard words that I did not understand.

What exactly were they saying?

I only recognize a few syllables:

'For' or 'in any case'.

Once, they clearly said 'therefore'.

Therefore, therefore, therefore'.

Therefore', eh? Dogs, cowards!

And you had to make the first move?

If they caught you, you would have been cooked.

From now on, it is war.

Written by an alleged expert. Well!

'Gonnella Adolfo, born... etc..

Overweight. Blunt facial expression, Nervous, refuses to talk'.

Are they trying to insult me?

Here is the best part!

From a modest family'!

Without bragging, I come from a French branch of Biancamano, one of 'The Gillette' family.

And this lady on my side who you could not see while fleeing those bastards, that is the Duchess of Albe.

Terzio, what are you doing there?

We will not part anymore.

The destiny has reunited us.

You went down in a bucket?

To steal the watermelon?

Nobody keeps them in the wells anymore.

You were disturbed, eh?

I am your friend, tell me.

This time, they did not want to poke fun at me.

The bird cries prevented me, they had certain different frenzy.

Run, it Si now or never.'

I found the well right away.

But when I got down, there was a clamour, a din, a hurricane of sounds that clouded my head.

I thought that I was on the verge of understanding.

That all would become clear.

To live free at last, free at heart.

That is something that belongs to us since the dawn of time.

Such pain, such desolation! Everything is still so far away.

I only see offences, injustices.

Where is Aldina? Did she save herself?

Is this justice, progress?

Does it really have to be like this?

Not being able to believe in a friendly voice?

Nothing is stable. Maybe they want to help us, but do not know who to start with.

They choose at random. They make mistakes.

I have to understand.

But all these bees in my head, this din and an infinite echo of thousand voices.

I must begin to understand. I must understand.

Come here, little brother.

Still the same feather-brain!

One day, I will tell you something.

I have to leave you, I work all night with this machine.

It is said that on a night like this it will be done.

While you spoke, I wanted to cry.

Promise me that you will not take walks at night.

This time, it turned out well, but...

And now?

Have a good work!

The Moon won't be there for much longer.

It has to work! Of course!

Young man!

Excuse me.


I carefully listened to what you said.

I have an objection.

You are not making sense, you are daydreaming.

But as we do not have any time to loose, I have to confide in you.

I am consoled because I am able.

To recognize a man of value.

On your knees!

Hereby, I name you my deputy.

Even more, my right hand.

Many people would love to be in your place!

Many, eh? Oh, yes!

Get up!

I will show you the borders of my prefecture.

Step in front of me, let's start down this path.

For a prefecture of this size, I need to command a competent personnel!

Should I continue? Yes.

And you know what I found inside files?

Cheese crumbs, salami.

It is because of them that I suffer from persecution mania.

And the conclusion? There it is.

'Ordered to retire due to progressive numbing of thought.'

Am I someone to force to retire?

'Mental distortion'.

'Breakdown of motor ability, general senile slump.'

What a surprise to find you here!

How long have we been walking?

It seems to me that this night is whole my life.

Young man!

Come with me!

Hunker down as you walk.

Lower yourself!

The consequences will definitely be extreme.

This is a great moment.

Look at me and tell me: Do you have the inner strength?

I do not want you.

From now on I will go on my own and good fortune will smile upon me.

Otherwise, I would not be here to step into their den.

Look at their headquarters.

Lower yourself!

Let's go together. We will catch them red-handed, with their hands in the sack.

Let's go around here. Go!

Are you still lowered? Light as a shadow.

I need to ask you another thing:

To forgive me.

Good luck.

And to you too.

Why have you said that?

You need it.

We need to settle the score, and if it all fails...

Why did I meet you?

Alone, it was risky.

I needed an ally, and I observed you for a long time.


In truth, it is just curiosity that makes me wake up in the morning.

They discovered us! They are coming.

Let's wait for them here.

I am sure that you, women, know something that we do not and that you do not want to tell it to us!

What is the secret?

Will you tell me?

It has to remain a secret.

Please tell me.

What is the secret of appearing a woman such as you are?

One has to be recognized.

Tell us all, once and for all!

Who did you steal it from?

It is yours!

I brought it for you! Try it!

I looked everywhere, waited.

It is perfect; It is yours!

I am not sure.

Let's see if it will fit you. I could be wrong.

If that is yours, it should slide in right away.

It slides in; It is yours!

It is mine, riff-raff!

I want to try it too.

I am beginning to see. Here is the beautiful foot of..

It fits her like a glove.

To you, Fulgenzia!

Such perfume!

Do not look at me like that. You have the same gaze.

And you, you have his laugh.

At last, here you are!

I recognize you! I can not renounce any of you!

How could you?

Never! Never!

I discovered your secret.

The world is full of you, but you are just one!

You are completely her: Aldina!

You are all Aldina!

All of you!

Who are you?

Declare yourself!

Barbarians, you killed the music too!

Drums of hell, scrap!

Death clamour, silence!


Here is the centre of Africa, the Evil Pits!

I am not afraid of you!

The life has abandoned you!

You are poor skeletons drowning in decay!

Of course, you can not know that.

Have you ever heard a violin sound?

If you had heard voices of violins, like the ones that we hear, you would remain in silence.

You do not have the audacity to have faith in dance.

The dance is a lace work a message.

It is like glimpsing the harmony of stars.

It is a declaration of love.

It is a hymn to life!

Roby, Vicky, help me!

Why are you laughing?

Help me get down! Who is this?

He dedicated a poem to me.

Roby, Vicky, where are you?

Leave it there! That is my brother!

He is cute.

Osvaldo, come here!

What happened?

We need to take him back home.

He said he wanted to sleep a little.

Get out, that is not your car.

Thank you for the poem.

'The rain is beautiful and I languish for the lady'

Where were you all this time?

Such amazing things happen on a voyage!

I saw them in all colours.

But you, I never forgot about you.

Adele, my little sister.

You are in good mood, as you always were.

You do not have to worry about me any more.

I have plans that could change my life.

It is such a relief to be back home!

You are back, eh?

Yes, of course.

Ah, the peaceful sleep of long ago.

Bring out your laser rays!

Stay seated, let me do it.

Take some fruit!

Ultrasonic rays!

Who is he?

Ivo? You have found the way home, eh?

Some way to greet your uncle, what a shame!

I could not find any apples. Want a pear?

Even better.

This is not a season for apples.

Always in front of TV.

TV lulls me to sleep.

If you are tired, your bed is ready.

I will stay up a bit more.

I would like to clean your clothes, but..

I will do it tomorrow.

You will stay for a few days.

Eh, Osvaldo?

He is at home here.

I knew I would meet you again.

Can I say hello?

Welcome! Do you remember us?

And how! The bookseller! I will visit you tomorrow..

We wanted to come see you, but Luigi's sciatica...

Mr. Luigi is not dead, it was said that he...

Your uncle is going to sleep.

But he slept all day long.

Tomorrow, we will go for a walk, do you agree, Malimba?

I am not Malimba!

You are Malimba, and she is Kurielle.

You do not understand anything!

Daddy will turn the TV off now.

We wanted to enlarge the kitchen, and then...

You will sleep soundly.

I bought a little anti-mosquito thing.

There is not one...

Maybe one.

I have difficulty defending against them.

But over there, was there always

an empty space?

Good night.

Call me if you need something. I am downstairs.

Sleep well.

You too.


I want to tell you:

They managed to do it!

Look out of the window, everyone knows it.

What great news! Long awaited too!

Such pleasure for everyone!

Can you hear the bell?

It is calling everyone down to the river!

Let's go!

Look at all those lights! What a party!

We are coming to the central square.

The church is fully illuminated.

There are two gigantic screens.

The principal authorities of the country are here.

The government is represented by a minister.

His Grace Degli Esposti came from Rome.

His Highness, Mr. Minister, Dignitaries of the region.

Mr. Minister, the leadership of the Roman Party...

This is such an exceptional event that this humble journalist is lost for words.

You already know the big news.

The Moon, the satellite of the Earth, the pale son of the night, the star of lovers.

Thanks to an unprecedented feat it was captured by three of our fellow-countrymen!

The fact that our network...

Who could have done that, if not the local folks here?

...we go live now... a historic event adds an emotion to an astonishing turmoil that upset us. The man reached the Moon.

But the Moon never visited us before.

Here is an interview with the brothers Micheluzzi recorded a few hours ago in the office of professor Falzoni.

He says it should be returned to its place.

Calm down!

Yes, she looked at us and spied on us, but it is good that someone looks over us.

He says that we can not live without her.

Calm down, I told them everything!

You know all of Micheluzzi brothers.

You have seen them working in the streets, in your houses, repairing pipes.

Listen to what they are saying!

We want all the details of how you did it.

Very easy!

She just waited for that!

The Moon is a woman, the pinnacle of womanhood.

All that she wants is to be taken!

A little smile, a gentle kiss.

She fell down like a ripe pear!

Where is she now?

She is still there, at the Migliori farm.

Here are the images taken at the farm.

Disbelief, confusion, fear.

These are the feelings imprinted on the faces of those who saw the imprisoned Moon, solidly anchored to our ground.

Superstitious respect, fear, like in front of an unknown divinity.

Many cried, others prayed, asking for mercy, clemency, grace.

I am invited to comment on this fantastic event.

I can tell you I am utterly unable to do so.

In the words of a poet:

Do not say anything, imagine everything.

A single comment:

Our position was always strong and courageous.

Wake up!

Social, democratic, national international and interplanetary context...

Let's talk with His Excellency.

Eminence, forgive me on a clumsy question:

What would you ask the Moon if she could speak?

A question to the Moon?

What to ask her?

The Moon has nothing to reveal.

Because everything has already been revealed.

That is true, Your Eminence, very true.

I would have a question.

Whose fault is it?

Ask her that question.

Which question?

He wants to know: Whose fault is it?

Who said that? I do not understand.

He wants to know: Whose fault is it?


Maybe it is everyone's fault.

Good question, isn't it, Mr. Minister?

My respect, madame Television.

Can I change my question?

I would like to know: What is my purpose in this world?

Your Eminence, gentlemen, excuse me for asking why doesn't anyone explain what do they want us to do.

Why did we have to be born?

You said that everything has been revealed already.

Where? When? To whom?

Dear friend, you are right but I would like to ask you.

I want to know it right now, otherwise, I will not move from here.

What am I doing in this world?

It has to be clear!

We are all taking part in this charade called life!

You are burning!

If this is a contract, I want to know the terms.

What are we doing here?

You, what would you reply to that?

It is understandable.

People feel they are at the mercy of nothingness.

They grow weary.

For example, does the paradise exist?

Ask yourselves that question!

We have a need to know it.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed.

For years, there are no news, and people complain.

That is true.

When I ask that myself, I am in trouble.

I'd say it is 50% that it exists.

Better than nothing.

Let's not waste time anymore!

We have a 50 year advantage over others.

We are in the future already.

I implore you, do as Tomassio heals.

Do me a favour!

Speak, respond!

Rock bottom!

I am asking you to keep your calm!

We have honourable guests!

We must guarantee their security!

I repeat: Remain calm.

Mr. Minister, please explain to these gentlemen that you wanted to talk to me to be informed.

You are losing an opportunity.

Once more, I have to note that we are not wasting any chance to display our eternal immaturity.

I am ashamed of you. We are stupid people!

Here is someone coming.

He became engaged!

Good for him!

At your command.

Dancing is so adored.

Your head is very funny!

Your grandma was right:

She looked at you and laughed.

You want to talk about voices, eh?

About journeys to wells. Are you not happy?

This is a great gift, a stroke of luck, Salvini.

What do they want from me?

They are poking fun with you.

I do not understand them. What are they saying?

Even better! It is a double stroke of luck!

You do not have to understand! Woe to him who understands!

What will you do later?

You just have to listen, to hear these voices.

And hope that they never tire of calling you.

Such melancholy!

My poor heart does not know what to think anymore.

You made me forget what is the most important.

A moment, eh?


But if there was a little silence, if we all allowed a little silence, one might be able to understand something!