Laila Majnu (2018) Script

'Do you think we are in control here?'

'Long Before We Were Born'

'Our story has already been written.'

'Long After We Die'

'Let alone the world, we can't change it either.'

'The Story Lives On...'



Laila, wake up!


This is too much!

If you don't come down in 10 minutes, I'll leave without you.

Ambu, I had the same dream again.

The same dream, in which a boy turns into a bear.

Look! It means something.

Why else would I have the same dream repeatedly?

Stop making faces at me.


Not done! You are always late.

Punctuality is important. Greetings, mom.

Where is your stole?

Greetings, dad.

Why don't you use an alarm clock?

Why don't you quit cigarette?

Hey! How could you argue with your dad?


Masood, you pamper her too much.


Play the radio.

"She seems quiet but she is smiling at heart."

"She seems quiet but she is smiling at heart."

"Where is she from? Where is she going with such abundant beauty?"

"The men of the city..."

"The men of the city are crazy after her."

"She is too much! This girl is too much!"

"She is too much! This girl is too much!"

"She is too much! This girl is too much!"

"She is too much! This girl is too much!"

"She listens to romantic music and weaves beautiful dreams."

"She finds a new prince = every night, in her dreams."

"She listens to romantic music and weaves beautiful dreams."

"She finds a new prince every night, in her dreams."



"She writes names..."

"She writes new names on the back of her notebook." - Hey!

Let's talk in English.

"She is too much! This girl is too much!"

"She is too much! This girl is too much!"

"She is too much!"

"She is too much!"

"She is too much!"

"She is too much!"

By God, this phone is going to ruin the way you look.

Most irritating habit.

Shama, she is saying something to you.

Me? What?

Where are you lost all day?

She is allowed to remain lost.

Why? Won't you tell them?

Oh God!

You made a mistake by trying to threaten her.

Now you'll have to tell us everything.

Tell me. Jasmeet.

She kissed him.

Really? Is that true?

She is joking. How and where?

Tell me.

We went for a drive. That's where he did it.


Shama, such things are considered sinful before marriage.

Why? Our love is true.

I've seen his face in water.

His face in water!

She is talking about flowing water.


I went there on a moonlit night. Alone. I had made a wish.

Springs have magical powers.

If you ask with a sincere heart, your wish comes true.

You went there at night. Alone!

Of course. One has to make sacrifices for love.

Stop laughing!

Why don't you try falling in love? It's close to your house.

I dare you!

I must say you are great!

Now tell us about the second sacrifice you made in the car.

I mean, how did it feel? The kiss?

I didn't feel anything. My mind was numb.

When I recall it now, I can't stop blushing.

Oh! Look at her! She is blushing!

Oh! Cutie pie!

"Someone will come for me. He will sing songs for me."

"The moonlight will brighten us."

"He will bring flowers and a heart full of love."

"He will fill my life with wishes."

"He will call me gorgeous."

"He will ask me why I am away from him."

"He will hug me tight and we will unite."

"He will hug me tight."

When you cry, I cry too. When you fall in love, it hurts.

"I love you."

'I went there on a moonlit night. Springs have magical powers.'

'If you ask with a sincere heart, your wish comes true.'

Ambu, wake up! Wake up! What happened?

I'm in trouble. I dropped my earrings.

We were at the lawn in the evening.

I'm sure that's where I dropped them. Let's go and find.

Ambu, hey! Don't be so selfish.

Come on. Be a good friend.

I know you won't let me go alone in the middle of the night.

It may be dangerous. Come on, get up!

Come on.

Look, here.

Hey! We didn't go that way.

Just come with me.

Come with me.

The fence is in that direction.

Where are you going? The spring is in that direction.


You've crossed all the limits of being mean.

Ambu, I know you wouldn't agree with me, but it's important.

There are many signs.

I can't explain, but my instincts...

Will you come with me, or should I leave?

So, you won't come with me. No.

Okay, bye. Ta-ta! Laila!

I'm going! Laila!

Oh God!

Laila, don't leave me behind! This is a graveyard.

Oh God, protect us...

Keep your voice down. If they hear you, they'll wake up.

Stop this nonsense.



What? Can you hear that sound?


I can hear your heartbeats.

'My heart is beating fast. I am so scared.'

Are you crazy?

You will get us in trouble. Will you shut up?

Did they see us?

Shut up! Someone is coming this way.

Oh God! Hey!


Come on.

Are you hurt?

Are you alright? Are you alright?

Who was it? Was it some woman?

Keep up the struggle!

We are with you!

Down, down!

They declared Shamiri's land to be in the green belt and seized it from us.

So that they could sell it to these businessmen and make lavish resorts there.

The current government is involved in this.

Sir, the CM is on phone.

Inayat, what is going on?

Stop it.

Stop this.

What are you doing?

I swear I will teach a lesson to Ghulam Sarwar.

What does he think of himself?

How can he steal my dad's l and? My family's land?

Being beaten up isn't going to help you teach him a lesson.


Slogans or litigation won't help you get the land back.

Try to realise the power and status of your family.

You have a reputation in Nishat.

Give it to me. Our party wants you to contest the elections on our behalf. - Sir, let me do it.

Only one year is left. We will be in power next year.

Then you'll see how we deal with Ghulam Sarwar.

Forgive me, Mr Bukhari.

I don't know how to get involved in election and politics.

You just have to lead. Javed will take care of the rest.

Of course. Of course.

After all, he is like a son to you.

Of course. Why just like a son? I am his son.

He will take care of everything.

Sarwar will go to jail, and you will have the piece of land back.

How did I...

I was so engrossed in your conversation...

You... You say such convincing things.

She has grown up.

His daughter!

Do you know if they are looking for a match?

No, sir.

Masood won't listen to me. He is very stubborn.

But had there been a young and dynamic man in this family...

Just like you.

I would've perused him.

Our party would've asked such a man to contest in the elections.

Anyway, let's see who becomes the son-in-law of this family.

She is quite dramatic.

Her father is like any villain.

Think about it.

She is Shamiri's daughter. If dad finds out, he will kill us.

So, this will be a rebellion. Bloodshed!

It will cause a ruckus, Zaid.

I am already smitten.

She doesn't have a good reputation.

She just plays with men's hearts.

I see. Health conscious.

Her character is not nice.

She is a flirt.

I'm a flirt, too. We will flirt with each other.

I have an idea.

Oh no! This is Qais Butt's car.

Qais Butt? Qais Butt is stalking you!

Oh no! Who is Qais Butt?

Don't you know Qais Butt?

Hotel Shalimar? He is Ghulam Sar war's son.


He is crazy. He is quite notorious.

A typical rich spoilt brat!

He is an alcoholic.


He used to bunk his classes and gamble with rickshaw drivers at Nishat Garden.


A rich spoilt brat, who gambles with rickshaw drivers!


He was arrested for selling drugs, but he escaped.

England police is looking for him.

I've heard that he has a shoot-at-sight order against him.

Who told you that?

Arshia Dilbar. Should I call her?

Don't you think it's too much?

I'm sure Husna Jabaz from Mallinson would think the same, who went to Dubai and committed suicide.

Qais Butt had made her pregnant.

Oh God!

How do you know that?

Our mothers are kitty friends.

He tried to seduce me, but I didn't pay attention.

Qais Butt's mother died 20 years ago. - 'Stop'.

Yet, his mother meets her mother to share such gossip.

Arshia Dilbar!

Don't make a joke out of everything.

Ambu, don't start crying over everything.

Why is everyone trying to scare me?

What will he do? Force himself on me?

'He wants to send a message.'

I will ignore him. He will get bored soon.

Anyway, if he is a womaniser, how long will he pursue...

'From Qais Butt. I am Haya. Keep listening to Request Hour.'

"The way leaves scatter everywhere with the wind,"

"I also seem to lie on your path all the time."

"You are a part of my sins and good deeds."

"I wish I find you like some long forgotten treasure."

"How do I tell you, Laila, the secret of my heart?"

"How do I tell you, Laila?"

"What if I become crazy, Laila?"

"I sing and dance, Laila."

"I roam around, lost in your thoughts."

"O Laila! What do I do, Laila?"

Someone is quite interested in you, Laila.

You're getting too many calls. Be careful!

"Your eyes are full of mischief."

"Come to the sacred temple of my heart."

"My heart melts for you."

"I am waiting for you everywhere in the city."

"I wish the city is deserted someday."

"I wish all the problems just vanish."

Thank you.

Can you pack something?

Come on!

Happy birthday, Laila. Happy birthday, Laila.

Happy birthday, Laila. Happy birthday, Laila.

What a treat!

"How do I tell you, Laila, the secret of my heart?"

"How do I tell you, Laila?"

"What if I become crazy, Laila?"

"I sing and dance, Laila."

"I roam around, lost in your thoughts."

"O Laila! What do I do, Laila?"

"I sing and dance, Laila."

'Free Today' "O Laila! What do I do, Laila?"

"I sing and dance, Laila."

"O Laila!"

Yes, it's done.

"What do I do, Laila?"

What happened?

'Free Recharge Today, The Students of Hawwa Khatoon College Only'.

It's an offer! Absolutely free.

Stop this song. What?

Stop it!

What's the matter, Laila? Yes, what's the matter?

Should I call the police?

Police! What did you do?

What have I done?

Oh no!

Ma'am, boss will set my shop on fire.

Then undo the recharge. I don't want it.

Undo a recharge?

How can I do that?

You are the shopkeeper. You tell us.

Wait! Your boss will tell you how to do it.


Wait! I'll be right back! Ma'am!

'Bhaejaan Complete Media Hub'.

Are you crazy? Come on, let's go and have a look.

Go away, Ambreen or you will bear the brunt.

Hey, hero! Come out.

Come out! Let me see your worth.


I was having an ice cream.


Tell me. You tell me. What is this?

What? What is your problem?

What is my problem?

Why are you creating a scene? Why ask people about me?

Why do you follow me everywhere I go?

What? What do you want?

I wanted to return your torch.

I didn't have your number, so I had to follow you.

The PCO owner wouldn't let me go.

He was giving me your number.

He followed me to my car yesterday.

That didn't seem right.

I said I'd take your number only if you gave it to me.

Are you done? Shall we go now?

Listen! I know everything about you.

Don't try to act smart. I work really hard to be smart.

I am not handsome.

I go to a gym. Clothes, shoes...

I maintain a stubble.

If you don't like it, I'll get rid of it.

I swear, for you. People is watching. Let's go.

Don't follow me in future. Do you hear me?

I heard that you like it.



Get lost! Scoundrel!

Take your torch! Keep it as charity.

You know, Ambu, when I saw him, I felt as if I know him already.

As if we knew each other since... Please spare me. Okay?

Will you choose your attire for tomorrow or wait till the last minute?

The most irritating habit!

She is thinking about me.

Even after asking you to get lost. She is very naive.

She doesn't know.

But I know that you won't get her number now.

So, take it from me and call her.

She is releasing pigeons.

Let me romance her.

What will you do now?

I'll do what she wants.

I won't follow her.



But before that, I'll do something else.


She is a fan of Maine Pyaar Kiya.

'I won't follow you. You will have to find me.'

Thank you. Come on.

We have to give this to the groom.

"I want to behold you."

"No one should know about this."

"May our eyes express and we remain quiet!"

"May our eyes express and we remain quiet!"

They are going ahead! Come on!

They are going ahead! We need to overtake them.

We won't find anything once we cross the bridge.

Please ask him to go ahead. Ma'am, please!

"You are my destination."

"May our eyes express and we remain quiet!"

"May our eyes express and we remain quiet!"

Rs 19,000 is enough.

This is my wedding night.

If the morning call starts, I can't do anything.

Everyone gets a chance. I will wait for mine.

I hope to give you a chance sooner.

I tried to explain, but you didn't.

"I wish your hair"

"covers me like the sky."

"Your eyes become my world."

"May we talk to each other every morning."

"We look into each other's eyes when the night falls."

"May the seasons be with us."

Are you crazy? Let's see what happens.

"I want to behold you."

"No one should know about this."

"May our eyes express and we remain quiet!"

"May our eyes express and we remain quiet!" - '97190254'

"May our eyes express and we remain quiet!"

"May our eyes express and we remain quiet!"

'Chai Jaai. Very good white forest pastry.'

'Isn't it too soon?'

'Yes, but it opens at 10.'

We should talk to our family once the complicated part is over.

I see.

Yes. Wedding is not just about two people, but two families.

Besides, this has to happen, ultimately. Why delay?

Listen! I didn't give you my number so that you could flirt.

Why did you give it to me?

I just wanted to know how crazy people are.

I'm buying crazy flowers for you. Meet me now.

These flowers will wither away without you.

You know about our families, right?

But our families don't know about us.

Let us get married, and I will melt their hearts.

You are a woman, you will throw tantrums.

It's allowed. And I'll tolerate them because I am a man.

Finally, you will give me your consent.

Get lost! This won't be easy. I've heard a lot about you.

You drink.

I used to. But I've quit.

You do drugs. A lot.

But I make do with painkillers now.

What about Husna Jabaz from Mallinson, who committed suicide in Dubai?

Oh, yes!

She was a very good girl. She loved to shop.

She was planning to commit suicide here.

But when she heard that there was a mega sale in Dubai, she couldn't stop herself.

Hopefully, she got some good deals before dying and no matter place, she is happy. Silly man!

Now that you are convinced that I am a good man we should meet.

I see. And why should we meet?

No matter how much we try to hide, people will know that we are in love.

But if we meet in secret, it will be a lot of fun.

Are you convinced or should I try more?

Laila, you shouldn't do this.

You will be in trouble, I'm warning you.

Ambu, chill, I am not going to marry him.

I won't get serious about him.

Hey! That's even worse.

If you know you won't be serious about him, why do it?

Experience, my dear, Ambu, experience!

You go to college and enjoy it.

Will you go to college always? No!

There is a right time to do everything.

Dad will get me married to someone else, and I will get married.

Today is the only thing I have.

Let me do it.

Awkwardness! Nervousness! Shyness!

I am feeling.

It happens. Then you get over it.

Much better.

Keep it if you like.

I had something like that as a child.

Does that belong to you? I stole it.

There was a girl who wore it...

Will you tell everything now or wait for later?

This is good.

Right. What's the hurry?

We'll have a lot of time after marriage.

What? Nothing.

The view is nice.


We can see everyone, but no one can see us.

He is playing so well.



Do you come here often?

Those hills fascinate me a lot.

I come here and keep thinking what beyond would be.

Once I tried.

There! I reached up to that point.

The car was about to be overturned.

But I won't quit.

One day, I'll go beyond.

I will see what is beyond.

People are right.

You are crazy.

People must be right.

"You sound absolutely crazy."

"I will never understand you."

"Yet, I am scared"

"that I may fall for you."

"You sound absolutely crazy."

"I will never understand you."

"I've forgotten everything before you."

"This is how I live."

"I am borrowing all the dreams"

"that I've seen in your eyes."

"I sound absolutely crazy."

"You will never understand me."

"Let the conversations flow."

"Let's open up to each other."

"What we were never..."

"What we will never be..."

"Let us be that together."

"I think about you."

"I drown myself in your thoughts."

"You trapped me with your thoughts"

"and left me homeless, even in my home."

"I sound absolutely crazy."

"You sound absolutely crazy."



Now you may go.

What? Nothing.

Laila, I've heard that you had ***.

What? Arshia Dilbar is telling everyone that she saw you in a car on Forshaw Road.

I am pregnant, too.

I'm going to Dubai to commit suicide.

Will you come along?

We need to be careful.

It's a small town. Everyone knows everyone else.

Besides, people have a lot of time.

What did she say exactly?

Forget it. Why do you care?

People are saying such disgusting things.

But that is not happening.

That's the problem.

Nothing happens. I'm being defamed without a reason.

Do you want to have fritters? What?

Let's have some.

Hey! What is going on here? You'll hit someone.

Are you crazy?

Does Ibban have a white Scorpio? Yes.

Why? He is following us.

What do you mean? Did he see me?

Of course, he did. Why else would he follow?

Why are you so casual? Leave from here.

I'm going to die. What will I do now?

You are okay. What will he do now?

Who is he? - Come on. I'll tell you everything.

Come on. What is going on, Qais?

Will you have fritters? What?

Scoundrel! Hey!

I've been noticing you. Are you following me?

No. Who are you?

Let him go. Scoundrel! How dare you?

What's that? Switch off the camera. Don't worry. Click his photo.

I will... - He is Javed Pare. Youth president of ULK.

He is the president.

That doesn't give him the right to follow me.

How dare he? How dare he follow me?

What nonsense is this?

How dare you catcall at me? Look what he's doing.

Scoundrel! How dare you?

He is teasing my sister.

I didn't. She was from my family. He is bothering my sister.

Listen! Hey!

I won't spare you. You will regret this.

Let him go. How dare you?

He is a nice man. Sir, let him go.

I'm sure you are mistaken. Forgive him, ma'am.

Forgive him. It must be a mistake.

Forgive him, ma'am. Let it go.

He is a gentleman.

Please move.

Even if it had been someone else... Just keep quiet.

Ghulam Sarwar's son?

Hey! Greetings, dear.

You are back from your college!

Come in.

Greetings, aunt.

Did you go to Dal Lake? Dal?

You're strange, uncle.

I was just telling him that I went to Dal.

I saw a girl there, who...

For a second I thought, she was just like you.

Just because I said so, they are ready to kill me.

How do you know Ghulam Sarwar's son?

Ghulam Sarwar? That hotelier?

Who is his son?

Don't pretend. Everyone is talking about it.

What are you saying? I don't...

What's the matter, Ambu?

Don't you have an affair with that man?

No, dad. I swear.

Okay. Then swear on my life. Dad!

Don't you trust me?

I have heard a lot of things.

Now I want you to tell me the truth.

Dad, please!

It means, you are lying. No.

Then swear on my life.

I swear, dad.

I swear.


I am happy that you have nothing to do with him.

That's because we can't have any relations with those thieves.

Right? Yes.

Let's go.

I kept telling you that you would be in trouble.

Are you happy now?

'Husna Jabaz'

I will break up with him.

Answer his call and tell him so.

Not like this. I'll meet him.

I deserve that much.

Are you out of your mind? Where will you meet him?

Everyone is keeping an eye on you.

I've been telling you to talk to our families.

It's enough.

It's over.

I understand.

Things are still fresh on your mind.

Give it some time. Things will be fine.

I swore on my dad's life and lied. Do you understand that?

Nothing will be fine.

We just have to break up.

Okay, then. Let's break up.

If it is that simple, let's do it.

How do we do it? I mean, what is a break-up?

Would you like to leave from here or do you want me to leave?

I'll leave then. Do you think it's a joke?

Do you remember?

I had sent you a note.

'I won't follow you. You will have to find me.'

That day, I really left you.

I left you to fate and God.

But we met the next day at that wedding.

Do you think

we are doing this?

Our story has already been written.

Let alone the world, we can't change it either.

Do you get it?

You have stressed enough. It's my turn now.

I'll set everything right. I promise.

Dad won't agree.

I will fall at his feet and won't get up until he agrees.

What if he still doesn't agree?

Then we'll go to the world beyond those hills.

We will build a small house at the riverbank.

I will get the woods and you will cook.

We will live in peace like siblings.

Stop it!

You make fun of everything. Idiot!



Still nothing!

I will talk to my dad. Okay?

And send him to see your dad in the morning.

Go to sleep.

We just have to wait for one night.

Sir, you won't believe me, but we were talking about you.


What are you discussing? I am talking to him, not you.

I don't know what you are thinking.

I know we are in a jungle in the middle of the night.

But it's nothing like that. Hey, mind your manners!

I told you that I wasn't talking to you.

Sir, please listen to me. Where are you going?

Let go of me! Sir!

What? Ibban!

What? What?

Do you want to fight? Ibban!

Throw him out of here.

Sister! Sister, enough! Stop it! What were you thinking?

For my sake!

You were in a forest in the middle of the night!

Animals meet like that.

I'm sure Laila wouldn't have done anything of the sort.

But that man notorious in the city.

No one will believe us.

Shameless man!

You are dependent on me.

You waste your time having fun. Now you want to get married!

Couldn't you find anyone other than that scoundrel's family?


You never hit me! You just try to scare me.

Okay, I'm scared.

Okay? I will do whatever you say. Yes.

I will become responsible. I will stand on my own two feet.

I will become a good man.

Just do this for me. Please!

God bless you.

What do you want?

Do you want me to bow before that cheap man, who wants to ruin my life?


Is Masood at home?

Masood... Ghulam Sarwar...

Butt is at my house!

Masood, how are you? No.

Don't worry about me. Tell me. What brings you here?

Will you keep me at the door?

I am a trivial man.

I am scared that you may try to usurp my house, just like my land.

Masood, I have been trying to explain to you that I bought that piece of land from the government.

This matter is between you and the government.

What can a businessman like me do?

What kind of a deal do you want to strike here?

You are a huge businessman.

You wouldn't be here without a reason.

No, I am here for love.


I'm here to bury the hatchet.

I want to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage for my son.


That famous madman?

Forgive me, sir. I am her father, not her enemy.

I won't send my daughter to thieves like you.

What nonsense is this?

Hey! No!

I am older than you.

So, I forgive your one mistake.

But I would suggest you to learn to digest the respect I am giving you.

May we speak in private?

You are so shameless!

You are still here!

Will you leave only after I hit you?

Mind your language, Masood Ahmed!

Hey! No, Rasool. It's our fault.

I tried to explain to Qais that these people and their daughter don't deserve to be honoured.

It would've been better if he had used that girl and thrown her away.

Leave from here right now.

I had made a promise to my son.

Now I'll promise you something.

You always said that I usurped your land.

I will take your daughter away.

You will be helpless. You won't be able to do anything.

Get out!

How dare he say such things about Laila?

If anyone tries to hurt Laila, I will kill them.


What are you thinking?

Invite a few people and get her married.

We will throw parties later.

He has promised that he'd set everything right.

You know what his dad has said, right?

He didn't say that, did he?

He is not like that.

'The number you are trying to call is not reachable.'

You are a fool! Everyone knows her true character.

No one can force someone else.

Why are you punishing me?

My dear, your dad is doing this for your future.

I will take care of myself, okay?

I'm sure she is a nice woman, but her family is different.

My dear, do you know how enjoyable a wedding is?

One gets a lot of jewellery and clothes. Guests attend it.

Your marriage is broken, and you want me to get married!

What did you say?

Yes, put the jewellery on me.

Okay. I'll apply henna, too.

But I won't get married. Did you hear me?

There is no chance.

Please, dad! Please don't get me married.

I agree that I shouldn't have done this.

But please, dad! Please!

Everyone said that I was spoiling you.

Now I realise that they were right.

And I was wrong.

Now I will do what is right.

You can't force me. Okay?

I will create a ruckus in front of everyone.

I will run away but won't get married.

Okay. Do whatever you like.

Then I will do what I have to in order to avoid being humiliated.

I will consume poison if needed.

I promise you.

Keep the door open.

We shouldn't take a hasty step.

Dad asked you to give him some time.

Let's see.

What happened?

Qais! Qais! What are you doing, Qais?

I want to talk to Masood. You aren't allowed in. Get out.


Leave or I'll shoot! Stop!

Hey! You!

Stop him! Masood!

He is going in. Masood, please come out.

Masood, come out! I want to talk to you.

I will shoot you!

I'm outside! I'm here to talk.

I won't leave before that. Let me go! Let me go!


Let me go! Masood! Wait!

What are you doing? And why?

Move! What happened?

You rascal.

How dare you? Don't create a scene.

Listen, if my dad and I made any mistake, I apologise to you.

But please don't ruin your daughter's life for your ego.

Please! How dare you?

You have a gun, right? Shoot him!

This is wrong. This won't help you.

Laila and I share a bond...

I would slice your tongue if you uttered her name again!

We can't control it.

You won't understand and...

I won't be able to explain.

I beg of you.

Think about her again.

She is your daughter. I see.

I've decided.

Now get out of here.

You are your daughter's enemy! You have lost your mind!

My dad is right. You don't deserve a conversation.

Laila! What did you say?

Come out. Ibban!

Ibban! How dare you say that to him?

Don't create a scene.

You are a disgusting man, Masood Shamiri.

What is he saying?

I made a mistake by sending my dad to you.

Or by coming here to talk to you.

We've talked enough. Now I'll do what I can.

Do whatever you like. Laila!

Laila, it's time. It's time to go beyond the hills. Come on.

Laila, please go in.

Laila, they are out of their minds. They think they can kill us.

Sister, please take her inside.

Come on, Laila.

Please don't be afraid. I am right here.

Let me see how they stop you! Come on!

How dare you talk to my wife? How dare you?


You promised to fall at my dad's feet, Qais.

You promised to set everything right.

Listen to me, Laila. All of them were right.

I was wrong.

You turned out to be your father's son.

Don't talk rubbish and come down.

Thank God, you are exposed.

You are crazy, Qais Butt. You are a liar.

There is nothing beyond those hills.

Your world is a lie.

I won't be a part of that.

I will marry Ibban.

Laila! I will do it willingly.

You will leave from here right now!

I'm asking you for the last time. Will you come down or not?

Don't show me your face ever again.

Get out of here! Get lost!

Okay, Laila.

I'll let you go again.

I won't follow you.

You will have to find me.

'4 Years Later'


Sir! Sir! Rishi!

What's the matter? Did you make the call to London?

What did he say?

Is he coming?

Sarwar is really unfortunate.

He lost everything for his son, and now he lost his son.

Mr Butt is being harassed since the government changed.

Despite knowing that he isn't well he is bothered and arrested.

We will say only one thing. We know who is doing this and why.

Sir! Throw them out of here.

One question, sir. Just one question.

We've heard Shalimar was closed down because of you.

Is this really true?

This closed gate looks like its owner Ghulam Sarwar Butt.

The return of Hotel Grand Shalimar seems impossible.

We expect Ghulam Sarwar Butt to recover faster than the law.

I won't let father be humiliated more.

It's going to be evening soon. How long would we wait for him?

He won't return. He doesn't care about us.

Fold this.





Where were you? Where were you when we needed you, Qais?

Relax, sister.

What are you doing? Do you want me to fall right here?

Are you okay?

Please don't mind. Your sister is in a shock.

She is shattered.

I know that you would also be stressed.

I am not stressed.

I knew you'd say that.

Anyway, let's discuss the rest later.

It's time for the burial.

After we return... I won't return.


I will leave from the graveyard.

Where will you go? Let's see.

Delhi. Then a connecting flight to London.

Are you out of your mind, Qais?

Don't do that. What would people say?

Dad isn't even buried yet and... It's not dad.

It's just his body.

He has already left us, and so I want to leave too.

Will you enjoy the property alone?

Nothing for your sister?

You are the sole signatory.

Don't be selfish anymore.

Think about others. Hey.

Be careful.

You may have everything.

I don't want anything.

I won't come back again.

May I go now?

Hey! You are being too serious.

We are a family.

We'll settle things among ourselves.

Hey! We don't need the entire property.

Once you sign the papers, you may go wherever you wish.


But I have one condition. Tell us.

You won't participate in the funeral march.

Both of you won't even look at dad's face.

Qais. - In fact, you won't even come downstairs.

But, Qais, people are gathered...

What would people say? Or what about the property?

You may decide what you care about more.

Good choice, sister.

God is the only supreme power.

God is the only supreme power.

God is the only supreme power.

Put him down.


You had to do this.


What about the papers?

They are saying it would take 2-3 more days.

I don't have time.

I am very busy. I have to go back.

Qais, are you okay?

Why wouldn't I be?

You want me to pretend like you.

Everyone has to die one day.

You will die, too.

This is useless.

You've become very practical.

Then let's talk practically.

Actually, no one has eaten anything or slept in the past 4 days.

Why is that? For someone else's father.

Because the son isn't here. He is having fun in London.

Now, he comes here at the last moment thinks he can lecture us!

Get up! Let's go and have a few drinks. Get up! - Drop it.

'Chai Jaai'


Tell us about you.

What can I say?

How did you have that?

This is... This side.

Yes, this...

I tripped. No, that's at the back.

This, I think...

Should I get more tea?

Will everyone have it? Yes, more tea.

I'll get it.

Forget about the past. Let's start again.

I've heard there are beaches where women visit?

What's wrong with you?

Nothing, at all. You went to get tea, right?

I'll get some later. Let's sit for now.

I knew it.

Here it is. Thank you.

Where is he?

Where did he go?

Go that way. You go with him.

Hey! You started eating without me!

I am the son-in-law of the family.

I do everything possible for you.

I deserve a little respect, don't I?

Get a plate for me.

You are drunk again.

God forbid!

How can I face you in a drunken state?


Did you meet with him?

Don't you know?

He is here.

Your lover.

Ibban! Do you want to tear my eardrum?

I am just joking.


Laila, the tailor has sent your dresses. Have a look.

He is in town.

He must be in pain.

I should meet him. Are you out of your mind, Laila?

What are you saying? It has been 4 years.

He is living his life in London. He is having fun and you...

I will see him.

Do you know what's best about a jungle?

There are no humans there. I mean, I was there.

And I was... I was going to... Qais.

I was feeling guilty when I was there.

I was feeling guilty.


I think this is a case of clinical depression.

He needs special care.

I haven't seen anything of the sort in London.

Brother. I was going to do...

Laila called.

She wants to see you.

Will you see her?


Isn't this too much?

I look like a monkey.

If she sees me like this...


Let's come back tomorrow.

I can't do this today.

You look nice in this coat.

Should I take it off? Is it too much? Say something.

If she sees me in this state, she will laugh at me.

"I want to behold you." Laila!

"No one will find out."

"May our eyes express while we remain quiet!" - Laila!

Laila, stop!

People will see you.

Is that Qais? Qais Butt?

He was having fun in London, right?

Someone might see you. Laila, sorry.

This shouldn't have happened, Ambu!

This was wrong. "I want to behold you."

"You are my destination."

"May our eyes express while we remain quiet!"

"May our eyes express while we remain quiet!"

Yes, wait.

Talk to him.

Say something. Talk to him. Qais.

I'm coming to you.

We will go somewhere.

Far from here.

What happened?

What are you doing? Give me the suitcase.

But what is the matter? Go and get it.

Get it!

What's the matter? You don't even greet me anymore.

Where are you going?


Are you planning to run away from me?

I was just asking.

I don't know who you meet these days in deserted ruins.

I am the MLA.

I find out everything.

You wretch! You betrayed me!

Laila! Laila!

Your family is quite reputed, isn't it?

How dare you touch her?

Laila! How dare you hit her?

Oh no! Masood! How dare you hit her?

Let go of my collar! Let go, or you will regret it!

Dad, don't. Let him go.

Don't talk to him like that.

Move from the way. Just move from the way.

Move away. Wait.

Now listen to me, ***.

MLA Javed Pare.

You hit me, right? Now wait and watch what I do to you.

If I don't drag you to the court, I will eat my words!

You are a public figure, right? You are a public figure!

You won't be able to face the public, I promise you.

Hey! - What? What will you do? What will you do?

Come with me.

This is not going to help you anymore. - Laila, please let go.

You will have to kill me now. Stop it! Enough!

Do you have the courage to do so?

Answer me! Laila, come on.

Look at yourself. Come on.

It would've been better if you had let me run away because now I'll leave after I destroy you.

Did you hear me?

You are nothing more than garbage. Come on.

Look down! Don't look at me!

Stop it! - I will seek revenge for the last 4 years.

I will seek revenge on you for the injustice I have done to him because of you.

I will seek revenge for the last 4 years.

Come on, Laila. Let's go.

I will go to him. Enough!

Dad, this... I'll run away.

What is this? I'll run away.

Wait a second.

Come on.

What's the matter? Let's go.


Qais Butt.

I found you, finally.

Come on, have a seat.

We will stay here.

We don't need to run away behind some mountain.

He is divorcing me.

Qais, he is going to leave me.



What's the matter?

Aren't you happy?

What's the matter?


I was ready to leave.

This doesn't happen.

The world is here.

One has to think about the world.

One has to get divorced.

There is time.

Till that time, we'll do everything that we couldn't do in the past.

You will pick me up from my house.

We will go for drives.

We will have fritters.

Now we don't need to worry about any white Scorpio.

What a fool! You want to divorce her!

What after that?

You won't just divorce Shamiri's daughter, but a shortcut too.

It takes 15-20 years to reach the position where you are.

I am really sorry.

Please forgive me. - Stay in your quarter for a few days.

Dad, give me one more chance...

How could he close the door on my face?

Where were you without me?

I married your useless daughter.

I gave you respect.

How could you throw me out?

You are nothing more than garbage.

You are a joke! Javed Pare, you are a joke.

Why don't you go to Mumbai and try acting?

'Stay in your quarter for a few days.'

Politics isn't your cup of tea.

'You will have to kill me now. Come on! Let's go.'




Give me the key. Sir, should I come with you?


Sir, you are not... Go and open the gate. Go!

Hey! - Abdul, open the gate and start the car.

Move from the way.

I'm coming, Qais Butt.

"Praise be to the Almighty God."

No, you are right. One shouldn't celebrate death.

It doesn't matter what a scoundrel he was.

How will this affect my relations with Laila?

How will it affect?

He is dead, brother. Finished!

Now she doesn't need a divorce.

This is not so simple.

Society does not let us... We need to think about society!

But he is no more, brother.

He is not with us now.

My child!

Laila! Laila! Your husband won't return anymore.

You should cry.

You should cry. I don't want to cry, okay?

I am sitting here quietly. What is your problem?

Move, please. Come on, dear.

Laila, come on.

There is no need to run away.

You didn't do anything wrong.

You can't stop me.

I know. So, I won't even try.

I have one request. Don't punish yourself

for my sins.

This house is yours.

It's about a few more days.

Once the mourning period is over, you may marry him.

Live in the city with your head held high.

I don't care, alright!

I don't need this city, this house or your advice.

I can't live here even for a second.

But I have to live here,

in this city, among these people.

I will have to tolerate people's taunts.

People will talk about you.

You should've thought about that earlier.

I'm leaving at night, through the back door.

I can't do anything else for you.

Okay, you may do what you like.

Don't forgive your dad.

But remember something.

As long as I live, I will live

for you.

Do you think she will come?

Of course, she will. She has promised.

Why don't I think so?

Brother, you are over-thinking.


Nothing can go wrong now.

I'm sure she will be here soon.

What can I do, Qais?

Dad is not wrong.

The mourning period isn't long. Then there won't be any problem.

What should I do until then?

Please help me, Qais.

I will do whatever you say.

Is it possible?

Can you... Can you wait for me?



Obviously, Laila.


'Waiting for a long time.'

'I have to wait for some more time.'

'Waiting for the divorce!'

'Waiting for the mourning period.'

She is right before me.

Yet, I have to wait.

Brother! Brother!

Yes? What are you looking at?

Your ice-cream is melting.

I just have to wait.

This wait will drive me crazy.

I was much better in London.

There was distance.

Her house is just 10 minutes away.

Sometimes, I feel

I should jump on her.

Don't worry. I won't jump.

But I... I don't understand

what I should do.

May I suggest something? Let's go to our hut in Pahalgam.

We will see the place and while away some time.

"I wish we meet often."

"But there is something."

"You have to wait for me."

"Are you becoming mine?"

"Or are you mine already?"

"Or there is a huge distance between us?"

"How do I explain this to my heart?"

"My heart makes me cry with such questions."

"Let's see with happens in future."

"The distance between us isn't fading."

"I am sleepwalking through my life."

"You never know what future holds."

"It only lures you."

"Even if the promises others make are lies..."

"Even if people are unfaithful,"

"you will have to become mine."

"You will have to become mine."

"I want to tell you something."

"Your love gives me happiness."

"Now I laugh all day and night."

"I live in your memories."

"You will become mine."

"Let's see what happens next."

"Let's see what happens next."

Where does this river come from?

What if it starts from our place?

The place beyond the hills!

Tell me something.

In the last four years, you were with me.

I kept seeing you everywhere. You kept following me.

What is this?

Why do you follow me like ghosts?

Answer me!

Answer me!


Please answer me.

Where are you? Are you still mourning or not?

Listen, don't play hide-and-seek with me.

I know what you want.

This time, I won't wait till our marriage.

I won't take a chance.

Won't you meet me?


Tell me. Who was embarrassed now?

What? Really?

What are you saying? I'll call you back.


Your father-in-law has taken the litigation back.

Our hotel will start again.



Let's go back tomorrow morning.

We have to do some paperwork and some formalities.

Don't worry, I will go back.

You may stay here.

I'll be back soon. Bye!


I'll be right back.

Open it.

Come on, hurry up!

Come on! Come on!

It's me!

Come with me. Okay?

He is crazy!

What else do you want? Tell me.

No, please!

I will stay here. I have decided.


Clap your hands!


Is everything alright?

What happened? Get lost.

Hello? Sir, please come back.

Your brother talks to someone all the time.

I think he is possessed by some spirit.

Hey! When did you return?

Just now.

I'm glad.

We should meet often, right? Yes.

So, when are you going back?

What's the matter? You didn't ask me about Laila.

You are right!

How is she?

Who do you talk to?

No one.

What do you mean?

Everyone in the village is talking about this.

Why do I get calls? What is going on?

Don't look at them. Talk to me.

Tell me.

What is going on?

This is just...

This is so embarrassing.

The problem isn't what I say or who I talk to.

The problem is that for the last four years, I have been waiting.

There will be a time when everything will be fine.

I will be happy.

Whatever I am doing now...

No matter how I've reached here...

But I'm happy in the present.

It's good, right?

I don't have to wait.


When will you go back?

You have to leave before the dark. I am not leaving.

What do you mean?

Will you stay the night here?

No, I will stay here with you. Okay?

What will you do here?

Do you think I am crazy?

I told you he wouldn't understand.

No one will understand.

They are keeping an eye on us.

Do they want me to run away?

There is a village no matter where you go.

They've captured the world.

They are everywhere.

These people! Anyway, we won't stay here.

The questions is where should we go.

Keep quiet. I don't want to listen to you.

You almost got me killed.

I don't want to listen to you. No!

Look, I am not going to listen to you. I know the outcome of it.

I will do what's needed.

I will make my own decisions. That's it.

Stop fighting with me.

Let me decide... Oh God.

You ruined our prayers.

You disturbed us. Couldn't you see that we were praying?

Are you crazy?

Hey, uncle. He is mad. Just look at him.

He looks crazy. Let him go.

Go away. Go!

Oh God.

The useless man disturbed us during our prayers.

Let's start praying all over again.

Why did you hit me?

You shameless man. You should be afraid of God.

Why did you hit me?

Leave from here or you will go to hell.

Why did you hit me? Go from here.

What did I do that you hit me?

I was talking to my beloved.

Keep quiet. I am talking to them.

I was talking to my beloved.

I was lost. I didn't see you all.

You were also talking to your beloved.

How did you notice me? Oh God.

How dare you!

What nonsense are you talking about?

What are you saying? Leave!

Leave from here.

How did you notice me? I don't want to be around people like you.

I don't need you.

Hey, you.


"I am not worried about anything anymore."

"I am in love. This is no disease."

"I am not worried. I am not smart."

"I am you. I am not your copy."

"I am not worried about anything anymore."

"I am in love. This is no disease."

"I am not worried. I am not smart."

"I am you. I am not your copy."

Open the gate!



"You need to change with the world."

"You need to change with the world."

"Keep listening. Don't say anything."

"Keep listening. Don't say anything."

"Stones, abuses and insults."

"Stones, abuses and insults."

"You need to tolerate everything with a smile."

"You need to tolerate everything with a smile."

"Everything turned into an upheaval."

"The fire burnt something and purified something else."

Who pelted that stone at him? Who was that ***?

How dare you throw stone at him?

"Be careful of the secrets."

"The man is full of poison."

"I wonder what the future holds."

"Why did the world change so much?"

"There is upheaval in every direction."

"Wisdom has no place here."

"Be careful of the secrets."

"The man is full of poison."

"I wonder what the future holds."

A house beyond the hills.

"I am not worried about anything anymore."

"I am in love. This is no disease."

"I am not worried. I am not smart."

"I am you. I am not your copy."

"I am not your copy."

"I am not your copy."

"I am not your copy."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am a worshipper."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."

"I am an infidel."




Brother, look who is here.


How are you?

Laila is here. Look!

Will you tell me Laila is here?

Laila is here!

She is here every day. She is everywhere.

So what? Qais, listen to me. Qais...

They won't understand. It's no use.

Come back to your senses. Listen.

I know who she is. Don't be an idiot.

She is Laila.

I know.

Then who is she?

Isn't that Laila?

She is Laila, too.


Behind those leaves! Laila is there, too.

She is in these pictures.

She is on that wall.

She is in me. She is in every person.

There is only one name.

My God!

My God!

My God!



My God!

My God! Be quiet.

God is the only supreme power. Be quiet.

Shut up! God is the only supreme power.

Do you even know what you are saying? - Zaid!

God is the only supreme power. Are you out of your mind?

Are you crazy? Zaid, let him go.

You don't understand.

God is the only supreme power. You don't understand.

God is the only supreme power. Qais!

You don't need to understand. God is the only supreme power.

God is the only supreme power.

God is the only supreme power. Laila!

Everything will be fine. Don't worry.

Everything is fine, Ambu.

He has just left me behind.

Now I need to catch up with him.

But, Laila... Laila, listen.

Qais! Please listen to me.

This has happened in the past. Zaid.

Thank you.

You have done a lot to help us.

Do me one last favour.

What are you saying? Listen.

Life is very long.

But it isn't forever.

It ends sooner or later.

If I die before him, bring him to my grave.

Why are you... Please do as I say.

And ask him to look at the sky.

Doctor, this is getting worse.

The pulse is dropping! The pulse is dropping!

Hurry up! We are losing her!

Hey! Hey!


"The way leaves scatter everywhere with the wind,"

"I also seem to lie on your path all the time."

"You are a part of my sins and good deeds."

"I wish I find you like some long forgotten treasure."

"I will keep you hidden from the world."

"You are my only wish, Laila."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"I crave only for you."

"You are my world."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"O Laila, you are my only dream."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"O Laila, you are my only dream."

"All my wishes came true"

"when we came together."

"There is no pretence here."

"This place is devoid of fake emotions."

"You are more beautiful than any princess."

"No one is like you in the entire world."

"Finally, both of us have won this game."

"I will keep you hidden from the world."

"You are my only wish, Laila."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"I crave only for you."

"You are my world."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"O Laila, you are my only dream."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"O Laila, you are my only dream."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"The taste of youth"

"is full of the dreams of beloved."

"If you wish"

"I will be happy no matter you do."

"Let me close my eyes and pretend the day to be night."

"I will caress your hair and talk to you."

"We will solve all our differences with love."

"I will keep you hidden from the world."

"You are my only wish, Laila."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"I crave only for you."

"You are my world."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"O Laila, you are my only dream."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"O Laila, you are my only dream."

"I am yours, and you are mine, Laila."

"Come on, baby, say hello."

"I am here to take you away. Come on."