Lake of Dracula (1971) Script


Let's go.

We're going, Akiko.

Don't play around after dark.



Leo! Where are you going?



Leo! Come back!

Have you seen my dog?








Leo! Let's go. Come on!



To the house. This way. Let's go.

Hello, Miss. Finished your picture?

Not yet.

I want to get it finished over this holiday.

It's busy, being a school teacher.

By the way, Kyusaku, can you fix my door?

The lock's broken again. Of course.



Miss! Are you all right?

I'm fine. Thanks.

But that's very unusual, Leo disobeying you.


What's the matter?


You don't know?

Who sent it? Dunno.

I was just told to deliver it here.

Hey, Stop joking around!

Damn, it's heavy!

I'll come up to your house later, Miss. After supper, eh?

Thank you.

Leo, come on.

Who could've sent this?

Damn, what a sick joke! That driver!

Wow, what is this?

That's a difficult question! Even I can't answer that.

I can't get it out of my head, that eye.

It's that dream of yours!

You know, the horrible one you had when you were five.


I don't remember it exactly.

Your boyfriend won't be happy with you. Why?

He told you to forget it or it'll become an obsession.

I want to forget about it. It was just a stupid dream.

But I can't forget that eye. I don't know why.

That's why I painted it. I thought I'd find something...

And did you? No.

But something strange did happen.

Something strange?

Leo ran off all of a sudden.

Just like in the dream.

He ran off. Off into the distance.

In my dream, the other Leo was very small.

He ignored me and ran off.

And then...

No... I can't remember.

That'll be Saeki.

Don't let the dream bother you, or I'll steal him from you.

Hi. Welcome.

Wait a second, I saw the name.

It said from Dracula via Nishihara Transport.

I've never heard of Nishihara Transport.

But it must be yours...

Damn it! They must think I'm an idiot.

The driver was just in a bad mood.

Yes, yes. I understand.

But it's natural for me to worry about it.

Well, you're fine now.

Actually, cases like yours are quite common.

You experienced terror in your childhood.

There is no reasonable explanation for it.

That's why you create illusions of hypothetical enemies.

Illusions of hypothetical enemies?

I plan to write about the theme of women's latent terror.


You're responsible, Saeki. Me?

Why don't you marry her right now and make her happy?

Then she'll forget all about the dream.

You've got me there!

Anyway, I'll leave you be. Enjoy yourselves.


Maybe she's in love with you.

You've got a funny sense of humor.

I must be going.

Oh, is that the time already?

That's funny...

Kyusaku hasn't come.

Shall I come in with you? I'll be fine. Kyusaku'll take me home.

He can fight the bears off!

Bye. Goodnight.


Good evening!


Kyusaku? Are you home?

Is Kyusaku in?

You look great.

Thanks, Natsuko. I'm glad I came to town.

You looked awful last night, like you'd seen a ghost.

Yes, but...

You saw a stranger at Kyusaku's, who didn't answer you, right?

So what?

Maybe you're right. He could be a friend of the owner.

He must've been surprised to see you breaking in.

But it wasn't very nice of Kyusaku not to show up.

That... that sound.

What's wrong, sis?

Nothing. That's good.

It's almost dinner time. Let's eat out, shall we?


Saeki here.

Oh, it's you? I'm in town.

Yes. With Natsuko.

How about dinner somewhere? Good idea. Let's have steak.

Dr. Saeki, a new patient.

Hello? I'm sorry, a new patient's just came in.

I'll drop by later.

Accident or illness?

I can't tell. You can't tell?

She was found on the road.

She had no visible injuries, but she was unconscious and close to death.

She's lost a lot of blood.

Give her a blood transfusion.

Nurse, where was she found?

By Lake Fujimi.

Lake Fujimi?

Leo, we've bought you some snacks!

That's strange.


He's been stolen. No!

Who'd steal him? He wouldn't run away.

Anyway, I'll go and look for him.





Kyusaku, it's Leo...

You didn't...?

What are you doing?

Let go of me!

You are in! Can you lend us a boat?


A dog bite? The wound would be bigger.

What on earth was it?

We know who she is? Yes.

She lost her memory, but she's a local farmer's daughter. She ran away from home last night.

Ran away? Yes.

Some people saw her hitchhiking near Lake Fujimi.

Best wait till her memory's back.

Then we'll find out how she lost so much blood.

Have another. It'll warm you up.

Thank you, I'm fine for now.

I searched the house, but there's nobody in.

Were you really attacked?

Are you feeling all right? Yes. My house isn't far.

I don't understand what's going on.

Isn't she a bit crazy?

Let's go somewhere else.



Where are you?



Erm... Mr. Saeki, please. This is Miss Kashiwagi.

Please hold.

Saeki speaking.

Please, come here right now. It's awful.

What's the matter? What happened?

I can't explain. Please, just come!

Natsuko is involved too. Natsuko?

She's missing. Maybe she's been kidnapped.

In fact, I...

Hello? Akiko?



You're acting weird! What surprised you?

Hello? This is Natsuko. Sorry to have startled you.

Eh? Natsuko? What's wrong with your sister?

I just went for a walk around the lake.

And Akiko's mad because you couldn't make it for dinner!

That's not true!

She's impossible.

I've got a dying patient. I have to stay here tonight.

I'll see her tomorrow. Okay. Goodnight.


You look petrified. What's the matter?

I'm sorry. I'm so afraid, I even suspect you.

But, Leo is...

He's dead. Eh? But...

And... Kyusaku tried to rape me.

I don't understand what's happening. Why?

With Kyusaku, it's not all that surprising.

His eyes shine whenever he looks at you.

Haven't you noticed? Even so...

I'm tired. I'm off to bed. Natsuko!

Have you had dinner?

I've already eaten.


Where are you going?



Wait! Doctor!


Hey! Come here!





Hey! What's the matter?

I was so frightened last night, I really thought I was going mad.

What a pair of lovebirds! Natsuko!

Where were you last night? Last night?

Last night, you went out alone.

What have you got to say?

Are you dreaming?

I didn't go out... Liar!

Why are you lying?

I saw you with my own eyes! You didn't sleep well last night, sis.

You dreamt it. That's not true!

It wasn't a dream!

She keeps shouting at me!

She hates me. How can you say that, Natsuko?

Just hang on a moment.

It's not like you two to fight.

You must be tired, you've hardly slept.

It's such a shame, but my patient died last night. I'm exhausted.

Natsuko, how about a hot cup of coffee?

Right away!

Tell me everything.

If that wasn't true, I...

I'm really going crazy.

She died instantly.

But there was no autopsy, because the parents refused.

So the body was cremated.

Her case and your accident... both occurred near this lake.

Maybe... there's possibly a link.

Then you believe me, Takashi?

Yes. How can I think you're going crazy?


Is anybody in?

What do you want, Doctor?

Kyusaku... Why did you do that to me yesterday?

What do you mean, Miss?

What did I do?

Who was the stranger I saw here the night before?

Who was it?

My master.


But I know your master well.

He's changed.

I'd like to meet him.

He isn't home. Isn't he?

Will you leave now?

I'm busy.

Excuse me, but I have some questions...


He's acting very strangely.

It's possible he killed the dog.

I just don't understand it. Why would he do that?


Many people believe in God.

But why don't they believe in the devil?

Akiko... Why do you say that?

There. Let's see if it works.

Thank you so much.

Want some coffee?

Hello? Kashiwagi speaking.

I'd make a good locksmith. Nothing will shift that door.

Nothing's going to happen. As long as you stay here with me.

That was the hospital.

They want you down there at once to work the night shift.

What a nuisance.

They didn't stay on the line. But they want you there now.

I don't believe it. It's my day off.


I'll call them back. I won't go.

Go on. I'll be all right.

I'm not a child.

If anything happens, call me right away.

Is it going to rain? You'd better hurry.

Night, then.


You look surprised, sis.

I met him last night by the lake. He came to see you.

You're hurting me, Natsuko. Let go.

No. You've gone a little crazy.

I won't let you go. What?

Don't be afraid, young lady.

I've taken a liking to you.

And that picture of yours.

A first-rate work of art.

It's wonderful.

The fear felt by the artist is portrayed so vividly.


Why are you...?

My wonderful big sister.

So clever and so pretty.

Our parents loved you so much.

Well, that's all over now!

You'll be like me.



That man? Is that him?

I saw his eyes. They were golden! Golden!


What? Kyusaku?

He was hiding in the car.

Now I know everything you said was true.


I'd hoped it wasn't.

I wanted it to be an illusion.

It's no illusion! It's real!

The dead man had that strange mark on his neck.

Just like the patient!


Do you believe everything?

I know what you think.

But now...

We have to find Natsuko.




A pulse. She's still alive! Natsuko!

Faster, Takashi. Hurry!

I know. But the fog's getting thicker, I can't go any faster.


It'll be fine. Takashi's taking you to the hospital.

We'll look after you.

If I...


If I die... burn my body... as soon as possible.

What are you talking about? Don't talk about dying!

I beg of you...


To the autopsy room, Doctor?

Yes. Prepare it for tomorrow.



Natsuko said she wanted to be cremated.

Autopsy first, then cremation.

Besides... there's something I have to check.

You must be tired, but I need you to help me.


Here, sit down.

Maybe we're thinking the same thing.

Who is this man?

Those people that you knew, they were all transformed...

...into devils.

The marks on their necks, the loss of blood...

There's only one answer.

A vampire.

Some of those legends about vampires and cannibals...

...they sound like true stories.

Even nowadays, you read about numerous cases of cannibalism.

In 1948, a man in England was executed for...

...for drinking human blood.

According to the legends, the victims of Dracula become his slaves.

He feeds off their blood.

Shortly after they die, they revive to then become vampires themselves.

Only fire and a stake through the heart can kill them.


I want to know the details of that strange dream you had.

Today, you saw his eyes.

But, in your subconscious, you saw them long ago.

I have to find out why.

You can't. I've tried, it's no use.

I'll use hypnosis.

Will it help?

It may. I've used it before.

Reach outwith both your hands.

Hands together.

Close your eyes.

Separate your palms a little.

Between your palms, the wind is blowing.

The wind is blowing.

You feel good.

You're getting sleepy. Very sleepy.

Now, as you grow sleepy, place your hands on your lap.

Akiko, you're five years old now.

Tell me where you are.

The town where I was born.

A small harbor town on the Noto Peninsula, right?


Akiko, what are you doing?


With Leo? Leo?

Yes, with Leo. Something terrible is happening.

Leo's running away.

Leo! Where are you going?

- That old man! Old man?

That house. That old man.

- I'm scared! You're fine! Follow Leo.

No! I don't want to enter the house!

Just a little further! Be brave!

Just as I thought.

It wasn't a dream.

You really did see something.

The lady was dead.

It's no good. That's all I can remember.

Nothing else.

Take your time and try to recall.

There's one thing that's very clear to me.

The reason that you remember it as a dream.

Children are wise.

You probably knew that adults wouldn't believe such an unusual thing.

When your parents said it was a dream, you kept quiet and agreed.

Well, you tried to believe it was a dream.

To please your parents.

You told me before, that you were very lonely after Natsuko was born.

You thought she'd stolen your father and mother.

But that horrible incident made you even more nervous.

You couldn't disagree with anything they said.

That way, you won your parents back from Natsuko.

Yes, that's right.

I didn't care about what I saw, whether it was a dream or not.

All I wanted was... my parents' love.

Natsuko must've hated me.

Because she was left alone after the incident.



Probably, deep in her heart, she hated you.

But yours was a natural child's desire.

Who could blame you?

Hello? Yes, Saeki speaking.

Yes. Yes.

Is that so? I understand.


That was the police.

They've made a thorough search, but Kyusaku's body is gone.

The vampire must've hidden it.

Anyway... we've become embroiled in an unnatural world.

Nobody will believe us.


Doctor, the body is gone!

How is she? Nurse?

I heard the back door open. I found her here.

She needs blood.

Give her a transfusion!


That's why...

That's why Natsuko asked me to cremate her quickly.

There are cases of them coming back to life.

But those wounds... Let's go back to your hometown.

We can't wait.

We must find out the truth about what you saw 18 years ago.

You should get some sleep. Then you can do some of the driving.


Yes, this is the place.

The sunset was a beautiful deep red that day as well.

Which way did the dog run?

That's the truck.

The one that came to the house! What?


He's dead.

The same driver?


Why did he come here?


Right, then...

That piano? That's where the lady was?

You mustn't get scared and run away. You have to remember everything.


That man...

It's that man... The woman's blood...


I was saved by an old foreign gentleman.

He lead Leo and me out of the house to safety.

Without him, I would've been another victim.

That's the old man.


"I am going to die soon.

"The vampire feeds off my blood every night.

"There isn't much blood left in me.

"The frightful vampire is my very own son.

"I am not Japanese.

"The reason my father built this house in such an isolated place

"was that he knew he was a descendant of the abominable vampire.

"His life, however, was normal and peaceful.

"And so was mine.

"However, the blood trait was waiting to strike.

"When my son was 25, "he suddenly assaulted a woman whom he loved.

"Then I saved a little girl and her dog, "who had lost their way and came into the house.

"Still, there was some humanity left in my son, "and I locked him away.

"However. .


I was locked away. There, I died.


And then, I came back to life.


I've been waiting for you, my bride.

If my father hadn't stopped me 18 years ago, you would have been my bride for all these years.

Akiko, be strong!

I know exactly what he is! A madman!

You're just a madman who believes he's a vampire!

Your victims' slavery and resurrection are just phenomena created by hypnotism!

Don't be taken in. He's no devil!





She's beautiful in death.

The devil's dead.

Her soul has found peace.