Lamp Life (2020) Script

We saw the lamp in the antique store, and that led me here to you.

Wow! That's quite an adventure.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, let me get this straight.

A giant claw comes down and saves you, Andy gives you to Bonnie, and then a fork leads you to Bo?

Yeah, more or less.

That's nothing!

Whoa. Whoa!

Hey, Bo, why don't you tell him your story?

Oh, boy. Oh, yeah!

Bo, what happened in all that time? Do you ever miss the lamp?

Ah, the lamp. Girls, do we miss the lamp?

That bad, huh?

So, after we left Molly, we went to the new family.

They had a little girl.

And she loved us.

Okay. Here it is.

Aw. Look at the pretty lamp.

And... Ta-da! Aw.

We had some nice moments.

In a lamp kind of way.

Fairytales, slumber parties, hide and seek...

Oh, ba-ba.

Playtimes were great.

When they actually happened.


Put that down. This is not a toy.

No, no, no. No, no, no.

But overall, life on a baby lamp isn't that exciting.


Honey, she's gotta cry it out.


Or, maybe, too exciting.


See, the thing with babies is...


They can love you...

No touch.

...a little too much.

That oughta do it. There we go.

We got put up.


They gotta cry it out.

We still tried to get playtime.

A little risky, but still worth it.


I think it's too small. It's fine.

Though the absolute biggest challenge was the hazardous working conditions.

Fire! Fire! Fire!

But kids grow up fast.

Ugh. This is your baby lamp.

I don't want it. Stop!

You stop! You stop!

Mom! Mommy!

Ay, ay, ay, girls, I told you... They gotta cry it out.

Give it away.

I'm too big for that.

Pretty soon, you're in the donation box.

Which took us on quite the unexpected journey.


What? It's a baby lamp?

What's he gonna do with that?

As you know, appliances have a shelf-life...

...and we were definitely not on a shelf.

And then, just like that, we were settled.

Safe and sound.

Life was so simple.

No breaks, or rips, or slobber, no trash.

And I thought, "Hey, we're good."

We're good.

Even if a little stuck.

Till one day...

Whoa! Cool! Look at all this stuff!

Okay. Look with your eyes, and not your hands.

Look at this! I wanna see!

How does this work?


Okay. How about we go to the playground?

Yes! Playground! Yeah!

Playground! Playground!

Playground. Out the door. Let's go. Let's go. Here we go.

I realized... The playground.

Kids, everywhere, all the time, unlimited playtime.

We didn't need the lamp.

We could be with kids again and be toys.

We just had to get off the lamp and out of the antique store.

We said goodbye to lamp life and initiated the escape plan.

High-five! Or one.

We took what we needed and left the rest behind.

Eat glass, dummy!

Then we took down the security system.

Wait, wait.

There is no security system in the antique store.

Well, not anymore.

We're off to be lost toys!

A whole new adventure!

Playtime, all the time!

Whee! Let's fly!

I love it! So good! Never gets old.

Whoa, Bo. That's incredible. That all happened?


Well, more or less.

Oh, yeah!