Lap Dance (2014) Script

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* Sometimes when I wake up, I just feel so high

* I feel like walking on top of a rainbow sky

* Where the grass don't grow and women know

* Time flies by

* Oh, oh, oh, oh

* I move my hips down low

* So-o-o-o

* You'll notice where I go

* And when the lights are low, low, low

(Phone ringing)

* You're gonna pick me up and never let me go WOMAN: Brandy. Hey, girl.

BRANDY, OVER PHONE: Hey, girl. Where you at?

Yeah, hey. We're, uh... we're still about eight hours outside Houston.

Are y'all driving straight through?


Yeah, we're going to stop, maybe grab a bite, clean up a bit and then, you know, we'll see my dad, we'll spend a night or two there, and then we'll be in L.A. by the end of the week.

Just in time for that CSI audition.


Babe, can you put that out?


You guys find a place yet? Koreatown.

Sandra got us a cute little studio.

Oh. I know.

Um, but, you know, we're still on a really tight budget.

I have a couple thousand saved from my student loans, and what Kevin saved up this past year while I was finishing school.

You're happy? Yeah, we are.

And Kevin? He's helping me with my lines.

He's the best boyfriend ever.

Exciting. Okay, yeah.

We're really excited to see you too.

Okay. Bye, chica. Bye, girl.

* To sing a song

* To sing a song

* We're gonna pick me up

* And never let me go

* Because the day

* Is long gone

* And yesterday

* Will never come again

* There is no right...

You're killing me.

What do you think about the script?


Is that bad?

It's wonderful.

I thought so too.



What's this?

A box... made for rings.

Oh, my...

I wanted to ask your dad first, but I couldn't wait.

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

* You're gonna pick me up and never let me go


* You're gonna pick me up and never let me go

* You're gonna pick me up

* And never let me go

All right, go tell them.

I'll get the luggage.

(Doorbell ringing)

Daddy? Dad.

It's Mo and Kevin.

His car's still in the garage.

Call Billie.

Aunt Billie?

Where's Daddy?

I should have been here with you.

I'm sorry.

I was planning on telling you when you got here.

And I was coping just fine till last night.

Billie should have called me.

This isn't her fault.

This was my decision, and mine alone.

Well, I could have, you know, been here with you... helping.

What could you have done?

I would have made you do the chemo.

Sweetheart, I taught you never to give up on your dreams because you feel obligated to a man.

And that includes me.

We should have at least discussed it.

There's nothing they could do.



Hey, what's this?

Kevin, come here.

I'm really sorry, sir.

I wanted to wait to ask you first.

Enough of that "sir" stuff.

From now on...

(Coughing) Oh, my God. Dad!



(Coughing) Nurse?

Come on.


Dad? I'm okay, honey.

Sit down. I'm okay.

Her mama really liked you, son.


Thank you.

We can't leave.

I know.

How long do you think they'll hold our apartment?

I mean, they have our deposit, so, uh, you know, maybe a month.

What about your fellowship?

It's unpaid anyway.

You should go.

That's the perfect opportunity.

I'm not leaving.

But you saved up all last year so you could take that opportunity.

With you.

That's our money.

It's for our future.

I love you.

I love you, babe. Hmm.

Miss Moore? Yes?

Hi, I'm Dr. Jones, your father's attending physician.

I missed you the other day.

Um, Dr. Cook, the hospital administrator, needs to see you right away.

Is there a problem? Well, Monica, your father's benefits have run out for his hospital coverage.

It would only cover hospice care.

I-- I don't understand.

This is an itemized sheet, showing that he's exhausted his acute care coverage in the hospital.

But we have an excellent hospice program here.

Of course, it could be costly for patients who don't have outside coverage or assistance, you understand.

How much are we talking?

Well, it's a considerable amount.

You know, it depends on factors like how long he'll be here, which could be several months.

There's also home hospice care.

We could have someone take care of him at the house.


Monica? No.

No. If my dad is dying this way, we are getting him the very best care until the end.

Until the end, Kevin.

I have some money saved.

We have some money saved.


We have to come up with...

$15,000, which has to be paid at once.

And then, of course, there's next month's billing.


COOK: It's all right there, Monica.

And I wish I could pay half of it.

Not a fun part of my job.

But the facts are the facts, so we have to figure it out.

Okay. Uh, not a problem.

We'll have the cheque for you in the morning.

Let's go.

You said...

It's our money. I know.


That's half of our savings.

It's okay.

I'm selling my car.

I'm paying you back.

I promise.

Well, who's that handsome fella?

Is that my Kevin?

Hey, Billie. Hi.

How you holding up?

It that your famous tuna casserole?

You know it. Well, then I'd say things just got considerably better. (Laughing)

Let me bring you to Monica. Okay.


I'm going to go check on Dad.

The tuna casserole was terrific.

Thanks, darling.

Be there in a bit.


This is going to take everything we have.

And then some.


We need to get him the best treatment there is.

I don't care what I have to do.

Don't you think I love my brother enough to make that happen?

You were in junior high when your mother got sick.

I was the one there, helping your dad make all the hard decisions.

In his first bout with cancer, I was the one that was cleaning bedpans and helping raise you.

So don't come around here spending money you know you don't have, like you're the only one that gives a damn.


Look... sweetie.

You've got Kevin to think of too.

I mean, he has put his entire life on hold to stay in Tallahassee so that you can finish school.

And he is doing it again.

For you and your father.

That is a good man.

As hard as you're fighting for your father, you need to protect your relationship too.


Monica Moore?



Hi. Hey.

Mwah. Oh!

You look amazing.

I hardly recognize you.

I mean, I'd ask how you are, but obviously you're doing well.

I am.

Okay, so tell me, what is new with HSPDAs favourite Ophelia, huh?

You still at FSU?

I was. I just graduated.

Big part (Unclear)?

Oh, this. My fiancé, Kevin, he-- It's one of his scripts. He's a screenwriter.

Cool. The dynamic duo or something?

Okay, so why y'all in Houston?

(Snapping fingers) Ah, ah, ah, ah. Monica.

Stop talking.

Get back to work.

You work here?

Mani or pedi?

This ain't right.

Come on, tell me, girl. What's going on?

Dad's sick.

Kevin and I actually thought we were on our way to L.A. and just passing through.

Oh, my-- He's been sick since high school, huh?

I'm so sorry. Thanks.

I mean, you know, it's a rough time for sure.

There aren't many gigs in Houston for a highly educated actress.

I mean, Aunt Billie got me this job here, but it barely scratches the surface of Daddy's bills.

You ever thought about dancing?

I've been working over at Hidden Treasures for a while now.

I could talk to my boss for you.

Uh, I don't know that Kevin would ever let me strip.

Why not? Y'all can make quick money?

Take care of you and your dad's medical bills.

I don't know. It sounds kind of dirty, showing my vajayjay to a bunch of perverts.

No offence.

(Laughing): Your vajayjay.

It's a topless bar only, okay?

The clientele, they're not some hood rats.

They're businessmen. They're executives.


Seriously, it pays the bills.

Takes care of my rent, my tuition.

Fills my refrigerator.

Doesn't even include the perks.

Whatever. It's not for everyone.

Think about it.



Thank you.

See you, girl!

Girl, see what hard work does?

Pays off well.

Hard work, good tips.


What am I thinking?



Monica Moore.

Hey, girl.

Hey! Hi.

What's going on?

Change your mind?

No, I stopped by to return the tip.

It was too much.

Come on, it's not pity money.

Just helping a girlfriend out.

Seriously, want to come in?

I got a bus to catch.


Come on, I'll give you a ride home. Check it out.

Okay. Okay.

I usually work nights, but I just have to pick something up.

You want a drink?

Okay, give me just a minute.

(Hip-hop music playing)

EMCEE: Two for one drinks till Friday night now.

* Take it to the ground

* Show me that you know how

* If you're ready * Let's be out

* Take you straight to the house

* Let me open up that brown, brown...

EMCEE: Up on the main stage...

* What's my name again?

Only a thousand this time?


Just kidding, sweetie.

Don't forget now, I'm only working nights next week.

Okay, you ready to go?

What's wrong?

I hate the smell of nail polish.


Is it hard, dancing for those strange men?

Maybe the first time. But that's it.

I mean, after that it's, you know...

What is wrong with you?

My daddy's latest bill just came in the mail yesterday.

You really make all that money by dancing on stage?

Sort of.

Brandy booked that CSI pilot.

I know I would have gotten that gig.

You would have.

Sandra said Brandy screwed the casting director.

I mean, at least if you're going to have sex, you might as well get something out of it, right?

Where is this coming from?

God, I just miss performing.

I mean, at least you can still write, even in the midst of all this.

Why are you being like this?

I'm just thinking about Daddy's bills.

Well, when I sell my script, we're going to have all the money we ever needed.

But we need money now.



I think I could make money dancing.

With a dance company?


Tasha showed me around the club that she works at.

You know...

I mean, at first it seemed strange.

I was like, Can this be legal?

But... after a few minutes, I mean, it all seemed pretty normal.

You went to a strip club?

I saw a guy just give a chick $300.

And Tasha said on the night shift that you can make up to $700 or more a night.

I mean, I figure if I danced every day, I could make back our 30 grand in less than two months, and pay Daddy's bills, and then maybe even swing a few flights out to L.A. for auditions.

Or for you to take meetings.

Just until things get settled with Daddy.

And then we'll move out, you know, as planned.

* Drinking muddy water

* And sweet, sweet wine

* Why would you put it to the test?

* You're going to whip up such a mess

* What in God's green world were you thinking?

* What kind of poison is your pretty mind drinking?

* Well, anything you want

* Anything you want

* Is yours

* All you've got to be

* All you've got to be is sure

What the fuck is this?

(Keys jiggling)

(Flipping light switches)

Light are off.

(Both sighing)



I've been thinking about the club.

I mean, it's not that much different than acting.

It's just playing a role.

I went topless in two of your student films, remember?

Besides, it's quick money.

I know this guy at work.

He sells weed on the side.

Quick legal money.

I'm about to lose my Dad.

What would I do if you got shot or landed in jail?

It's not going to happen. It's just weed.

No. Dancing is the only way to make money fast.

And you know it.

This isn't just about Daddy. This is about us.

If we get stuck here, we'll never leave.


We can try it for a week.


I promised your dad I wouldn't let you give up on your dreams and while I'm making progress, you're saving.

And besides, I always wanted sexy lap dance from my baby.


There's got to be some rules now.


There's no dancing at that club if I'm not there.

What if you're at work? We'll figure it out.

I'll be there to walk you to and from the car, otherwise it's just not safe.


And as soon as I've made enough money, we're out.

Number two, there's no drinking at that club, all right?

Stay sharp. It's just work.

Number three: no outside parties, VIP. MONICA: Ew.

You think I want some creep to finger-bang me?

No, just... just stage and lap dances only.

Number four: we don't see anybody from the club outside the club.

(No audio)

And number five: no drugs.

You are the one that smokes weed.

I do smoke weed.

And lastly... no turning me down when I want some good loving.


And that last rule starts right now.

Thank you for being so open-minded and wanting to try this.

And I promise you'll get plenty of good love-making.

KEVIN: I better get that.

* W-W-W-W-Work it, girl

* Work it, girl

* Your body perfect, girl

* Ooh, you a working girl

* Twerk it, girl twerk it, girl

* Your body perfect, girl

* Ooh, you a working girl

* Work it, girl work it, girl

* Your body perfect, girl

* Ooh, you a working girl

* Twerk it, girl twerk it, girl

* Your body perfect, girl

* Ooh, you a working girl

(Cell phone ringing)

You want to get that?

Uh, no, no. I'm good. We're good. Sorry.

Still no answer? No.

So, what? If he doesn't show you're just not going to dance?

I promised him I wouldn't.

Hmm. Good luck with that.

What does that mean?

Girl, having your man sit in the club while you dancing?

That's going to throw you off your game.

Going to put you on Matt E.'s bad list.

Cost you a high roller.

High roller?

We got a regular client, well off.

You know, they're a high score.

You see my girl out there on stage, Lexus?

She is a top moneymaker.

She got Chicago, girl.

The finest man in the city.

Baby Girl, you're up in 10.

And you'd better tip out when you dance here.

What's her problem?

She just mad because she can't work that pole no more.

So, you going on?

(Cell phone ringing) Um...

I-- I apologize.

You know, I need 30 seconds.

Go ahead.

Uh, hey, babe. Babe, where are you?

The meeting just started 20 minutes ago.

Did you get the job?

Um, I don't know.

He's just looking at the storyboards.

Well, I'm on in 10 minutes. What do you want me to do?

Kevin, we've been working up for this the past two weeks.

If I chicken out, they'll fire me.

Uh... you know, just--

Just do it.

I'll get there when I can.

Are you sure?


Okay. I got to go.

Monica? What?

I love you. Okay, bye.

* Yeah

* Ah


Monica Moore?


Sherry. My name is Sherry.


How long you been dancing here, Sherry?

Since tonight.

That's crazy. You look exactly like this girl I went to junior high with. I had a huge crush on her.

I want five songs.

They're 20 each. That's like $100.

I know how much they are.


Wait. You can't do that.

What the fuck are you doing?

What's going on?

I want my money back. What are you doing?

He had his hands all over me. Can he do that?

Uh, can I just steal her away for a second, boo-boo?

Yeah, yeah. Thanks, baby.

What are you doing?

He had his hands all over me.

Okay, well, Matt E. let's them touch anything but the na-na.

Okay? So when you're on the floor, that fine.

In the VIP...

I don't remember you telling me that.

Well, I did tell you that.

Okay, dancing on the main stage is okay, but walking the floor is hustling for lap dances?

Monica, calm down, okay? I can't do it.

Okay, well, you're going to have to, okay?

First time, it's the hardest. After that it's fine.

I told you, okay? Drink this. What is it?

It something to make you relax.

Drink it. I promise. Close your eyes.

I don't know. Look and think that he's like Brad Pitt or something.


I'll pretend he's Kevin.

(Hip-hop music playing)

* Girl, what your man done for you lately?

* Yeah, I know you like the way I rap over break beats

* Somebody come beside me

* I'm grinding with a girl

* And she be having my baby

* Yeah, did I forget to mention

* If you wanted to give her attention

* All you had to do--

* It's got that cut, colour, clarity and karat

* Every rich in here is trying to inherit

* In the pages to the rule book I'm gonna tear it out

* Your pussy like my favourite jeans

* I'm gonna wear it out

* Big-ass titties

* You all that and then some

* Fat booty

* You got all of that and then some

* You got all of that, it add up to a big sum

* Let's practice making a little girl a big sun

* Ooh, emphasis on the "practice"

* I'm like General Custer with bedroom battle tactics

* Eating up the pussy, no resting for rematches

* Ripping off the surgeon general warning

* On the mattress

* I ain't playing till your man game over, man

* And you see-see done-done this thang again

* It's only right that I be fit with a queen

* 'Cause I'm the California king

* Wanna Cali-fornicate

* Put your back up, baby

* Drop it to the ground, make them squares go crazy

* Girl, what your man done for you lately?

* Yeah, I know you like the way I rap over break beats

* Somebody come beside me

* I'm grinding with a girl

* And she be having my baby

* Did I forget to mention

* If you wanted to give her attention

* All you had to do--

* You know, your body like a snake

* There's venom in your denim

* Don't know how much I can take

* Before I'm standing at attention

* I see you work it, baby

* The main perk, baby

* You got my grown ass drooling like the Gerber baby

* Turn around with it, show me your La Perla, baby

* To the ground with it, drive a nigga stir-crazy

* Apply a little pressure and get it right back

* You got your girls, and what you tell them

* You'll be right back

* Building up steam, girl

* God as my witness, what you got in them britches

* Should be labelled obscene

* 'Cause I ain't never seen half the things

* That you do in them jeans

* Do you bang with it?

* I'm gonna just lay, you can rock with it

* I'll take you to the crib, do a whop in it

* Go ahead, make them drop, I'mma watch

* And it's not that I can't dance

* It's what you ought to lean to

* That ain't a pistol in my pants

* I'm just happy to see you


How much money did you make tonight?

About 700.

What's wrong?


Just going to... here on the lip.


No, no, no, no, no, no. No. No kissing.

I got all that stuff from the club on me.

Men and smoke. I got to shower.

Besides, I'm sore from all that walking... and grinding.

Yeah, sure.

Can't we just do it in the morning?

Make sure you wash up real good.

I don't know where that money's been.

What's that supposed to mean?


Look, I'm in control.

If you want me to quit, I'll quit.

* Just cruise

Let me ask you a question.

Humour me with this.

How is it that y'all over here just drinking my fine liquor and just having a big time, but ain't one of you out on the floor making a dime?

How is that possible?

Matt, don't I always tip out?


Yes, ma'am. Yes, you do. Yes.

That is-- That is a good answer. That is a good answer.

But like y'all, I have a J-O-B too, don't I?

Just like you, to stay on top of you to make sure you're doing yours.

Oh, you know I always tip out.

I am the club. You know that.

Say it. Say it. All right.

(Laughing) All right, Lexus.

You are the club.

But the B-F-L is the eagle shits every night.


That means you're tipping out to me.

Ain't no joking about that.

That's just how it is.

EMCEE: Tip your waitresses.

They're working hard for you guys.

What up, Matt E.?

Chicago! My man. Good to see you.

Roscoe! Roscoe!

Good to see you.

(Laughing): Chicago.

How are you, sir?

Listen, I got the VIP room perfectly set up for you.

Of course, of course. All right?

You got your friends with you. Yup.

Hi, ladies.

ALL: Hey.

There goes my luxury ride.

ROSCOE: I got the VIP all set up for you now.

Thanks, baby.

What's up?

So, uh... when are you going to let me taste some of that sweet stuff?



(Laughing) Oh, it's like that?


I got diabetes anyway.

That's why you only get a 50. Here.

Mmm, Jade Lee, my favourite jewel.

What's up, baby? Hi.

Mm-hmm. Say hey.

How are you? Better now.

Mmm. Look at you. Yeah.

That's what I'm talking about. You ready?

Yeah. Absolutely.


Watch yourself around those guys.

EMCEE: Tasha to the main stage.

Who's the newbie?

That's Monica.

She goes by Baby Girl.

CHICAGO: Yeah, she's sexy as hell, too.

Get her up here. I want to meet her.

She don't work the VIP.

Someone in VIP wants to meet you.

He's a movie director.

Told him you wanted to be an actress.


Babe, you can show him your screenplays.

Oh, no. Just-- Just you.


I'll keep him company.


It's okay.

I know we said no VIP. This could be your big break.

Whatever gets us out of here faster.

You sure?



Hi. Hi.

(Men laughing)


Meet Monica.

MATT: You need anything, boss man?

Yeah. Uh, tell Lexus to bring me a bottle of Dom Pérignon.

You heard the man.

EMCEE: Sugar. Sugar to the main stage.

And after that, Baby Girl.

Sorry about that. She's crazy.

Uh, Jade Lee told me that you're in the movie business?


You could say I dabble a little bit.

I'm an actress.


How come you're not in Hollywood?

I was actually driving to Los Angeles, until we discovered that my dad's cancer relapsed.


Trying to make money to care for him.

Sorry to hear that.

You should let me help you out with that.

That's $1,000.

Thank you.



You're Chicago? You're a director?


Not unless you're talking about a couple of horror movies, boo-boo.

Give me a minute.

Wait, I just gave you $1,000.

EMCEE: Come on, gentlemen.

Tip your waitresses.

Chicago is trying to give me $1,000 to dance for him.

Isn't he with Lexus?

No, everybody's dancing with Chicago.

Come on, nobody's been offered that much money, though.

Take it. Are you sure?

I mean, I can't be making any enemies.

No. Get the money. Take it. Go.

EMCEE: Tasha to the main stage.

So, Monica tells me you're a writer.

I am.

So, where were we?

Uh... you want that dance?

So this is your first time in VIP, huh?

Anything goes up here.

Even sex.

Well... you'll have to get Lexus if that's what you want.

Oh, really?

You think that's what I want?

$1,000 is a lot of money just for a dance.

I don't want a dance, sweetheart.

I just want to talk.


I think we got off on the wrong foot.

Let me reintroduce myself to you.

Hi, my name is Jorge.

My friends like to call me Chicago.


My friends call me Mo.


You've been drinking.

I'm pretty sure you just broke rule number one.

You broke a lot of rules tonight.

I think we need to re-establish some guidelines.

So how'd you like your first night stripping in the VIP?

I didn't actually strip. I just talked.

Something you and I aren't doing a lot of lately.

That's all I'm doing now.

Just talking.

You like what you do?

You look like you were eating up all the attention up there.

It's just acting to me.

So those guys touching your breasts and your ass, that's just method acting, huh?

I look like I enjoy it.

The client is happy.

They buy more dances, and we make more money.

Tonight that's all the client wanted, was talking.


That's all.

So, who's your new BFF?


Well, Jorge, actually.

He wasn't a director, but I think he owns a record label.

He gave me $3,000 to help us out.

Just for talking? Sounds like bullshit.

Bullshit? I'm just trying to make money for my dad and us.

Don't let the money change you.

(Blow dryer whirring)

* Decided to plummet into a bottomless hole

* Where we gonna end up, don't nobody know

* Up and down we go

* Back and forth, round and round

* Take a ride on an emotional roller coaster

* Up and down we go

* Back and forth, round and round

* Taking a ride on an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* Popcorn, cotton candy

* Funnel cakes, what you want?

* I'll spin this, baby

* I'll get it baby, all for you

* Stuck your silly prize

* You won't explore any doubt tonight

* You can win it, baby

* Win it for the love of you

* Win it for the love of you

* Anything you want

* But that ain't good enough, is it?

* Up and down we go

* Back and forth, round and round

* Take a ride on an emotional roller coaster

* Up and down we go

* Back and forth, round and round

* Taking a ride on an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster

* On an emotional roller coaster How much longer you here for? KEVIN: Uh, we're not sure.

We're waiting to find out what happens with Monica's dad, and then we're going to head out to L.A.

How about you two?




Ahem, so, um, what do you write?

I picked up some freelance copywriting.

And I'm currently working on a feature, tentatively titled A Man's Guide to Understanding Women.


That sounds intriguing.

I told him it's going to take more than one movie to understand women.

You need at least two sequels.

Thanks for inviting us over.

You guys ever roll before?

Roll what? (Laughing)


You're so sweet and innocent.

Uh, never taken X before?

I don't really do any drugs.

Um, I mean, I've heard of it.

It's harmless, actually.

Just takes your sense of touch to a whole nother level.


LEXUS: Feels like magic.

You have to try it. It's so cool.

Oh, but I get it if you're scared.

(Both laughing)

I'm not scared.

You want to try it?

If you want to.


MONICA: Let's do it.

Okay, Lexus, truth or dare?



I dare you... to kiss Monica on the lips.

Which set of lips?

The mouth, you nasty whore. (Laughing)


* Your hands glide down my skin

* You breathe out, I breathe you in

(Jade Lee laughing)

See? That wasn't all so bad, right?

Okay, Jade Lee.

Truth or dare?


I dare you... to give Kevin a VIP lap dance.




How do you feel?

LEXUS: Don't worry, girl.

It's just a game.

* I work you

* Control you

* I got you where I want you

* Now

* Love until the sunrise

* We're going deep into the end

* I'm calling out your name

(No audio)

* A shadow's dance against her

* You're holding on to me so tight

* Don't let me go

* 'Cause here I come

* Mmm, mmm, mmm LEXUS: It's just a game.

(Shower running)

EMCEE: Two for one dances on Thursday night.

Two for one dances on Thursday night.

Come back to Hidden Treasures, where you get two for one dances on Thursday night.

Hope to see you then.

Don't forget to tip your waitresses.

Tip them.

(Both laughing)

So, listen, listen.

When you get off work, I want you to come over to my house tonight.

You know I don't do that.

What? Relax. It's not even like that.

I'm having a little get-together at my place, and I want all of my friends there.

Just as a party.




But I get your hat.

It looks nice on you.

Handsome cash.

You're just taking all of my money.

(Both laughing)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going, baby?

Just going to the VIP, man.

No, no, no. This is for VIP, not BAP.

That stands for Broke-Ass People.

You want to go upstairs, you got to have a bottle.

Okay, how much is a bottle?


Roscoe, I don't have 500 fucking bucks, man.

I know. That's why it's for VIP, not BAP.

Roscoe, that's my fucking fiancée, okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I know.

Hey, easy.

Kev, you got to go.

I ain't saying you got to go home, but you should go home.

For what? What do I have to go home for?

Causing problems in my club.

I'm not causing any problems in your club, man.

Look, I like you, and I tell a lot of people that, but I really like you, and we talked about this before, but dancers that bring their boyfriends into the club, it just doesn't mix.

It's bad for business.

What's that I always say, Trudy?

TRUDY: It's fun visiting Disney Land, but it sure ain't fun working there.

Your mouth to God's ears.

Now, look, Kevin, in all my years in this business, I've seen everything.

Hell, Roscoe and I we've done half of them.

But there's one thing, one thing that never changes.

And that is... it's the money that brings the girls in, but it's the attention that keeps them coming back.

Now your little baby doll, your sweet Monica, she's upstairs right now, and she's had a taste of this life.

And she ain't coming back.

That's cute, but you're wrong.

She's not like that. Sorry.

Well, either you're leaving... or she is.

It's your choice.

EMCEE: Last call for alcohol.

Last call.

LEXUS: And she didn't even have my money.

Where's Chicago, girl?


Oh, over there.

Looking good, ladies.

Hi. Good to see you.

Don't hurt nobody.



He's been waiting for you.


Hey, beautiful. Hey.

Glad you could make it.

Of course.

Your place is fabulous.

Ha-ha. Thank you, thank you.

Come on. Come and meet some of my friends. Let's go.

What's up?

Oh, man. I'm good, I'm good. Good to see you, brother.

Meet a good friend of mine.

Monica, meet Wesley Jonathan.

Wesley Jonathan, Monica Moore.

Nice to meet you.

I own all of your movies.

Oh, thank you.

Yeah, Chicago says, uh, great things about you.

He does? Mm-hmm.

CHICAGO: And you know the mayor, right?

Mayor Williamson, meet Monica.

The pleasure's all mine.

Thank you. A friend of mine.

(Indistinct chattering)

I am so jealous.

Give me a little bit. A little bit.

Ooh, yeah.

And Scipio.

Rap star.

Nice to meet you.

And you know Pauly.

A good friend of mine. Keith Robinson.

Keith. How are you?

I'm good, how are you? I'm great. Pleasure to meet you.

Pleasure to meet you as well.

I love your music.

Oh, well, thank you so much.

Yeah. Yeah.

(Laughing) Good to finally meet you.

Give me one second.



Hey, girl, you look good.

So do you. (Laughing)

(Indistinct chattering)

Excuse me one second.

Okay. (Clearing throat)

(Glass clinking)

Uh, ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please, just for one second.

(Music turns off)

I have a special request from the host, the master of ceremony.

He wanted to do a special song for the lady in his life.

It goes a little something like this.

* They say that love is contagious

* It ain't a thing or no one that can save you

* When you've been touched it takes over, amazing

* And 24/7

* That person, you're craving

* Baby, that's you, yeah

* Baby, all of this love

* I want to give to you


(Guests applauding)


KEITH: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Salud, salud. Y'all party tonight, man.

All right? Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Where the hell you been?

It's 6:00 in the fucking morning.

Me and the girls got a bite to eat.

Must have lost track of time.

I was worried.

Sorry, babe.

Next time, call.

Almost made enough money to cover Dad's next bill.


Good night.

(Rock music playing)

(Cell phone ringing)

Hello? Hey, beautiful.

Chicago? You still got those dreams of being a Hollywood actress? How'd you get this number?

Come on. You know I know everybody in the city.

A good friend of mine, a big movie producer, is throwing a wrap party for his latest film.

He invited me out. I want you to come with me.

Um, where?

Here? No, it's in Los Angeles.

I can't. I'm at the hospital with my dad.

You sure? I mean, we could take the red-eye out right after.

I can't.

I mean, I was going to compensate you for your time, but I'll just check you when I get back in town.

No, wait.

I'll go.

Okay, cool.

Meet me at the club in two hours.

All right, bye.

(Phone beeping off)

I see how you look at her.

I know something's going on.

Are you fucking her?

I'm watching the game.

What about me? My music?

Answer me.

(Turns TV off)

Lexus, you don't ask me questions.

You answer them.

Am I fucking clear?





There's my Baby Girl.

I didn't wake you, did I?


People wonder why we don't have photos of us together.

Where are you going, sweetheart?


And you need to rest.


I slept enough today.

You remember that time I was visiting you at FSU, and I caught you in that car with some boy?


Randy. Dad, he's just a friend.

I've told you that a million times.

I just needed a ride across campus.

I know. I shouldn't take a ride if I can walk myself.

Because if you do...

You'll owe him a favour.

BOTH: And you never want to owe anybody for something you can do yourself.

Take this.

A hundred bucks?


What about my field trip money?

Look, just get something to eat for you and your brothers, and pay the rent up at the motel.

I'll take care of it tomorrow, okay, Auri?

Okay, Mom.

Hey, Mr. Roscoe will get you a cab.

I love you.

I love you too, Mom.

(Cell phone ringing)


What time are you coming?

Okay, I'll meet you in the parking lot like I did before.

Okay, bye.


I think you need to slow it down.


You and Chicago are getting closer.

And maybe that's not my business, but you have a good thing with Kevin.

It's rare. Special.

You're right.

It's not your business.

Just don't get sucked up in the bullshit.

MONICA: Chicago's just trying to help me with my acting career.

He's never asked me for sex.

I've never even given him a lap dance.

Yeah. So far.

So far? Sugar, I ain't you, okay?

I'm not going to be living in a motel with my three kids.

I got a plan. I know what I'm doing.



Did you read my script?


I think it's time to take a break from writing, and focus on us making the money we need to get out of here.

Can't do it all myself.

What, are you kidding? What do you think I'm doing?

I'm busting my ass at Kinkos for minimum wage.

I'm whoring myself, begging to sell copy for spark plugs.

And let's not forget about the year I fucked my life away in Tallahassee for you.

I'll get you the rest as soon as I can, that way you can stop holding all your little sacrifices over my head.

What'd you have to do for this kind of money?

I sucked a big, black dick.

Watch your fucking mouth, Monica.

Watch your fucking mouth, Monica.

I didn't do anything, Kevin.

I called you all night last night.

(Clearing throat)

Why didn't you pick up?

My battery died. It's tired, just like I am.

Tired? Yeah, tired, okay?

I'm sick of all your put-downs and your neediness.

Your jabs. I'm sick of it.

Your dad's bills are almost paid up.

When's enough money enough?

Our goal is 30.

Is that okay?

Is that our goal?

Our goal?

LEXUS: When was the last time you talked to Kevin?

Not since that night.

You haven't fucked him again?

I'm not trying to move in on Monica's man.

Plus, I didn't think you'd want me to anyway.

She wouldn't even notice.

That dirty bitch is too busy jocking Chicago.

I mean, what did Kevin say?

He doesn't trust her.

He said he goes through her purse every now and then.

Besides, you and Chicago have that off-and-on relationship.

She's just a new piece of ass, and once he gets tired of looking at it, he's going to be right back to you anyway.

So, what do you care?

I just do.


What about us?

I mean, you said we were going to start a family once the move.

We will.

Just let me get through this thing with Chicago, okay?

All right.

(Sultry rock music playing)

* I love the way

* You put on a show

* You're so electric Do you ever feel anything?

I feel the beat of the music.

And I think about how many 20s I'm owed.



The look I see on Monica's face when she's giving a guy a lap dance.

It's like she likes it.

She always tell me when the guys are touching her and kissing on her breasts, grabbing her ass.

It's like she feels nothing.

It's like someone's touching her elbow.

I just want some truth.

EMCEE: Two for one drinks here, Friday nights at Hidden Treasures.

* Just hold on to me if you're drowning



Now, does that feel like someone trying to touch your elbow?

So, what else do you do?

Besides producing music, what are your other businesses?

I work in sales and distribution.

I got to go out of town for a couple of weeks on Sunday.

I would like to spend some time with you before I leave, if that's okay?

I don't know.

Kevin and I are going through some stuff.

Can I be frank with you?

If you were my girl, I would never share you with strangers.

Kevin wouldn't either, if we had a choice.

Come on.

You don't really believe that, do you?

I mean, that's the difference between a boy like Kevin and a man like me.

I'll find a way to get you out of that club.

My dad says be careful of men who give you something for nothing.

I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.


Hey, babe.

Babe, I'm tired.


Just get off.

I'm trying.

Wait, just back off.


When was the last time you visited your dad at the hospital?

Why are you bringing him into this?

I'll give you some this weekend.

I promise.

I love you.

I love you, too?


(Phone line ringing)


* Come spend tomorrow with me, yeah

* Yeah

* She was so yesterday Fuck.

* Spend tomorrow with me, yeah

* Yeah

* She was so yesterday

(Phone line ringing)

(Cell phone ringing)

* Come spend tomorrow with me, yeah So, what did you think?

I liked it.

You're not lying to me, now.

You know you can tell me the truth.

You know strippers never tell the truth.

You ever think about that night?

What night?

The night we took the X.

That's crossed my mind a few times.

Well, it's crossed my mind like nine or ten times.

Tell me something true about you that no one knows.

My name is Julie.

And one day, I want to have a kid.

And I'm going to name him Arthur, just like my father that I love so much.

Matt said my take was to be 50/50 in the VIP room last week.

No, hell, no. No, he wouldn't say that.

Nobody would say that to you.

So now I'm a liar? You're calling me a liar?

There's no call for that, Momma.

She's going to pay me what she owes me!

Listen, you know what?

First off, it's not your money.

Secondly, he's not your man. You are delusional.

Oh, you calling me crazy?

I don't know. If the shoe fits, then wear it.

So if you can't handle what's going on in here, I'm saying you're the one who's leaving, not me.

You're fired.

What the hell is going on in here?

Huh? Look here, Pearl, I can hear you all the way downstairs.

Roscoe, she's fired! Who's fired?

Momma, you ain't got to be like that.

Are you on medication? You need to be quiet, because you ain't no better than nobody else, not tipping out.

I think all y'all bitches are stealing.

Kelly, Pearl, I can't have this confusion back here.

Now, Momma Pearl, look here.

You ain't got authority to fire nobody.

Okay? And at least not her.

She been here so long she got tenure.

Forget it, Roscoe. You know what? I'm tired of this.

You want your little thousand dollars?

You take your little thousand dollars.

I'm going to go out there and strut my ass, and make twice that amount.

ROSCOE: All right, look, that's enough of this bullshit.

I want all y'all back on the floor. Now!


Oh, oh, oh.

And you best mind your business, Baby Girl.

EMCEE: Up next on the main stage...

PEARL: I don't like that girl, thinking she's better than everybody else, try to be me.

Yeah. She's trying to steal all our money.

All up in Chicago's face, man.

PEARL: Mm-hmm. I know.

I see everything that goes on around here.

LEXUS: She's fucking up our chances of getting out of here.

You want her out?

Most definitely.

I'm going to block her.

What are you going to do?

Don't even worry about that.

Billie came by the hospital today.

Oh, yeah? Did you give her the money for Daddy's new specialist?

I did.

Oh, and, um, Brandy called.

We had a really nice talk.


She wanted to know if those were Jimmy Choo's or Louboutins that you wore to the wrap party last weekend.


How did--? What did you tell her?

What did I tell her?

That's what you're going to ask me, is what did I tell her?

When were you going to tell me you went to L.A. with one of your johns, or were-- Were you ever going to tell me?

Is that that fucking Chicago guy?

Kevin, lower your voice.

No, I'm not going to lower my fucking voice.

Kevin, lower your voice.

I refuse to have this conversation in the middle of a diner.


You refuse a lot of things these days.

You already refused to read my script, and you refused to have sex with me.

Why don't you go and have your boyfriend pick you up tonight.

Kevin, you know nothing happened.

Kevin, stop. You know nothing happened.

I swear to you.

I did it for the money.

* Midnight

* Got a text on the cell phone

* There you at the door

* Look through the peephole

* Rain dripping down your face

* Unbutton your trench coat


* Shit

* Sweat dripping off your chest

* Seven hours to the altar

* I ain't get no invitation

* You whispering in my ear

* Here's your invitation to me

* Tonight, for us (Ringing)

* Drank wine last time

* Glass of wine, last time

* Glass of wine, last time

* Glass of wine, last time

* Glass of wine, last time

* Glass of wine, last time

* Glass of wine, glass of wine

* Glass of wine, glass of wine

* Glass of wine, glass of wine

* Welcome to your bachelorette party




* Oh no, oh no

* Hey


Thank you for picking me up.

Yeah, girl. Of course. What's--

What's going on?

Kevin found out Chicago took me to L.A. and really blowing up my phone.

I mean, Kevin was so pissed.

He just left me here.

Monica, don't do this to yourself.

You know, I thought I was in control.

I wasn't.

I thought there would be no consequences with all this money.

Sure was right.

Well... Just got sucked in.


I haven't seen my dad in over a week.

I barely look him in the eye.

Why does it always end so fucked up?

Here's a question.

You still love Kevin?

I never stopped.

Well, there you go. Got your answer.

Girl, I need to find him.

We got to work this out.

Well, hello, lovebirds.

Lexus, it's not what it looks like.


You see, Jade Lee and I have an open relationship.

Just like you and Monica.

You see, you got a certain thing that I can't give Jade Lee.

Although I'm not sure what Chicago could give Monica that you can't, by the looks of things.

He doesn't give her that.

Whores only love money. Everything else is just an act.



Where have you been? I was worried.

Welcome to my world, you fucking whore.

Excuse me.


Why are you going through my things?

What are you doing?

What the fuck is this? Those aren't mine.

Those aren't mine! What the fuck is this?

Stupid bitch.

All the surprises you got?

That's not mine either.

Kevin, the only time I've ever done X was that one time with you.


What are you doing?

What does it look like I'm doing?

I can't believe I was walking around guilty.


For what?

I fucked Jade Lee.

I fucked the shit out of Jade Lee last night.

We both got jungle fever.

I never cheated on you, you asshole.

At least I can admit what I did.

If you're going to have sex, you might as well get something out of it.

Ain't that right?

You really don't know me at all, do you?


The woman that I loved was a good girl.

She loved her family and she loved herself.

You're just a cheap trick.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

What the fuck is wrong with you?!


I'm gone.

Good. Leave.

I'll tell you right now, Chicago's twice the man you'll ever be.

You're never going to do anything with those shitty stories.

(Ring clacking on floor)

It's probably for the best.

Acting, stripping.

You were always just an attention whore.



Monica, you're late.

I was starting to think you quit.

What's wrong with you?

(Sultry techno music)

(Jade Lee giggling)

Bitch, what the fuck?

You're planting shit in my purse and in Kevin's head?

What the fuck are you talking about, bitch?

(Both screaming) JADE LEE: Get off me!

(Police siren blaring)

(Cell phone ringing)


Yeah, we'll accept the charges.

It's Monica.

Where are you?

All right.

(Phone beeping off) What happened?

Fucking bitches, man. Fighting in the club.

Going to go get her?

Hell, no.

Let her ass sit in there for a minute.

Let me tell you something, Black.

The minute you go running after a woman is the minute you lose all your power.

Oh, man, I know that.

Everything I do, every move I make is situated so I don't have to jump when people want me to.

It's about outsmarting the man or woman next to you.

Making them think they got a choice when they really don't.


My feet always hurt at the end of the day.

Trudy, is Monica here?

She went to jail for fighting.

She went to jail for fighting?

Yeah. Goddamn. Thank you, Trudy.

Good luck! Thank you, Trudy.

I can't stand him. He always orders water.





Thanks for getting me out.

No problem.

I'm sorry.

So, what are you going to do?

About what?

Monica, I like you.

I really do.

But I can't keep sitting around while you chasing some broke fool all around town.

I'm laying it on the line here.

But you got to make a choice.

It's either him or me.

He's gone. He left.


I got to go to L.A. on business.

My birthday is in three days.

Come with me.


* How did we get here?

* Eyes wide shut

* I got my eyes

* Wide shut

* I got my eyes

* Wide shut

* I got my eyes

* Wide shut

* I'm totally blind

How about... a VIP lap dance?

I'm ready.

* Dreams are made of love

(Monitors beeping)

You sacrificed your life, having a family of your own, to be there for Monica and me.

Years... you'll never get back.

Thank you.

I'm okay.

I'm so afraid.


No. Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid. You're not alone.

I'm right here.

(Breathing heavily)

I'm so tired.

I'm so goddamn tired.

You just need to rest.

Just rest.

Just close your eyes.


* This little light of mine

* I'm gonna let it shine


* Let it shine

* Let it shine, let it shine

(Monitor beeping)

* Everywhere I go

* I'm gonna let it shine

(Monitor flatlining)


I'm taking you shopping tomorrow.


I need to get a new phone.

I want you to start looking for us a place out here.

I'm going to be spending a lot more time here.

And I hate staying in hotels.

I need to stay close to my dad for a little while longer.


What side of town do you want to live on?

Beverly Hills or Bel Air is fine.

And I'm going to start you out on an allowance of $5,000 a month.

And we got tickets to the opera tonight.

The opera? Oh, you know what? We should go to a Lakers game.

I spent $6,000 on three tickets to the opera.

Now I got to run out and take care of some business, but I'll be back at 7:00. Please be ready.

You're leaving?

Come on, we just got here.

Look at me.

You don't ask any questions.

You answer them.

Be ready at 7:00.

Hey. What are you doing here?

Is Lexus here?

No. Why?

It's about Monica's dad.

I need to reach her.


I-- I can't help you.

I'm sorry. Hey... this is serious.

Do you see what she did to my face?

Yes. I get it. I'm sorry.

Things got so screwed up.

Julie... did I do something?

I just thought you were here for me.


(Phone line ringing)


Where is Chicago?

I've been here for hours waiting for him.




MB. MB...

My Bitches.




Oh, no.


(Snaps closed) No, no, no, no.



(Phone line ringing)

Aunt Billie? How's Daddy?

* She is silent

* Quiet and thinking about what she thinks of everyone

* Can see it in her eyes

* Hoping that she will confide Baby girl. Monica.

* But she shuts her out and hides

* And the meadow

* Never leaving...

Chicago, I'm done.

I'm going home.

I just found out my father died while I was here wasting my time with you.

I know about the other girls.

I saw your pictures and videos.

Don't worry.

Now you have one less bitch asking you questions.

I'm out of here.

I'll be goddamned.



* I've been asleep for so long

* I can't remember when I wasn't dreaming

* Must be one of those

* The angels are keeping

* Sometimes I feel so sad

* You really feel that it's yours for the taking

* Joseph wandered in

* That winter

* When I was waking

* Playing the piano

* In the painted sky

* We were laughing

* Hey said, You've been here before

* And so have I

* Those same blue chords

* Playing a melody

* Oh, whoa, Joseph, with your eyes of many colours

* Sometimes I really feel it will come true

* Everyone will take a slice

* Understand the sacrifice

* For what we do

I think we need to talk.

Oh, and the baby's not Kevin's.

My time is money, so if you want my time...

A manicure is $60.

But the sign says--

I don't give a damn what the sign says.




Look, I just want to apologize.

You did what you did.

And it's over.

How'd you find me? I ran into Tasha.

Look, I just want you to know it wasn't me.

I don't know what you mean.

It was Lexus who put the condoms and the ecstasy in your purse.

I didn't even know anything about it.

Where is she now?

She's in Vegas.

Chicago promised her some lounge act.

But we all know how that goes.

I just, um...

I just thought you should know.

None of it really matters anyways.

It does matter.

You loved him once.

Girl, and I know that he still loves you.

Have you talked to him?

No, not since that night.

You know where he is?

No. And why do you want to know?

Because I know where he's at.

Do you? You know what? You're done.


Same old Monica.

And what about my other hand?

You're done.

Jade Lee, whose baby is it?

The truth. Truth?

Don't you know strippers never tell the truth?

Hey, were you telling the truth when you told Kevin that you never feel anything during a lap dance?

Or how about that his writing is shitty?

Were you telling the truth when you told him that Chicago is twice the man he was?

The truth is, you still need him.

And I know he still needs you.


You should call him.

* Those lights are

* Still waiting ahead for me MONICA, OVER PHONE: Kevin, hey.

It's Monica.

It's been a long time.

Um, I know you probably hate me, but I realized I never told you about your script.

The one you thought I never read.

Well, I did.

I've been thinking about it a lot lately.

And about you.

I guess when you're alone, you get perspective, you know?

Well, I-- I just wanted to say I hope you're doing okay.

I'm back at the nail salon, working part-time.

I booked a small role in an indie film.

Go figure, they're actually shooting decent stuff here in Texas.

I'm still hoping to get out to L.A., but I'm just taking it a day at a time.

Well, I guess I'm rambling, but no matter what happens, I just want you to have a good life.

Be happy.

I love you.



(Clearing throat)

Mani or pedi?

I know you got about three hours.


I missed you.


But I thought you were in L.A.

I'm finally making a movie.

You're in Houston?

Just told the producers, "Tax incentives."

It's an interesting topography.

Raw, undiscovered talent.

I'm so sorry about everything.

We both made mistakes.

Do you think we can put it back together?

We never really needed it... except each other.

Someone heard that I, uh... sold my script.

Oh, my God. This is your script?

That is the best news.

The best.

That's great. I am so happy for you.

How could I forget?

* 'Cause she got me in the heat of the moment

* Oh-oh, oh-oh

* She got me in the heat of it, I can't lie

* I'm just a little bit

* Taken back

* How she caught me in the heat of the moment

* Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh

* Yeah, she caught me in the heat of it, I can't lie

* I'm just a little bit

* Taken back by it

* Oh

* Do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do

* Do-do-do-do-do


* The light that shines inside you

* Can be found in any box of chocolates

* Or inside of any case of wine

* But I can state my case for hours

* And pretend I hate your flowers one more time

* One more time

* The light that shines inside you

* Can be found in any box of chocolates

* Or inside of any case of wine

* But I can state my case for hours

* And pretend I hate your flowers

* But the truth is that I love

* When we talk on the phone for hours

* How come, how come

* I still believe in love?

* After so many years

* After so many tears

* I've shed

* Tick-tock is the clock that talks

* When I sing all night, 'cause it makes me happy

* It makes my hunger seem longer

* But it makes my spirit get stronger

* So I cry for the world that cries for me

* Pray for the world that prays for me

* And I don't care how you do your hair

* As long as you love me

* Just love me, love me

* Love me

* The light that shines inside you

* Can be found in any box of chocolates

* Or inside of any case of wine

* But I can state my case for hours

* And pretend I hate your flowers one more time

* One more time

* The light that shines inside you

* Can be found in any box of chocolates

* Or inside of any case of wine

* But I can state my case for hours

* And pretend I hate your flowers

* But the truth is that I love

* When we talk on the phone for hours

* How come, how come

* I still believe in love?

* After so many years

* After so many tears

* After so many years, after so many tears

* I've shed

* Shed

* Shed


* I can stare at the sun

* But only for a moment

* It looks just like she's going

* What I see in my view

* Is wonderfully created

* Oh, she's such a lady

* All the stars are aligned

* The universal chemistry

* And ain't no place I'd rather be

* And ain't no place

* I'd rather be

* 'Cause this time is different than it was before

* Ah, ah, ah

* 'Cause this time is different than it was before

* Ah, ah, ah

* 'Cause this time is different

* Hold out

* Backing over, baby

* Oh * Yeah

* Backing over, baby

* Oh * Yeah

* Backing over, baby

* Oh

* You are

* Hey

* Every day I'm alive

* I see your lady shining

* Everybody's dying

* And with you

* I know I could move inside the galaxies

* I know you'd do the same for me

* When it's any beacon of beautiful life

* In my eyes I'd do anything for you

* But, baby, I'd do better

* Baby, I'd do better

* 'Cause this time is different than it was before

* Ah, ah, ah

* 'Cause this time is different than it was before

* Ah, ah, ah

* 'Cause this time is different than before

* Backing over, baby

* Oh * Yeah

* Backing over, baby

* Oh * Yeah

* Backing over, baby

* Oh

* You are

* Hey