Laskar Pelangi (2008) Script


They call me Ikal, I'm from Belitung.

These pictures are indisputable proof that Belitung is one of the richest islands in Indonesia.

An island overflowing with tin that tempted other nations to come and take over all of the island's resources.

Even after this country gained its independence, people of Belitung still couldn't enjoy their own natural wealth without the walls of bureaucracy.

The walls that diminish opportunities and hope.

But those walls could never break our spirit.

Especially the spirit of a poor coastal kid who later grew up to be the most extraordinary person I've ever met in my life.

Have you gotten permission from work to take Ikal?

Yes, I took a half-day off.

I hope there are ten students.

I want Ikal to learn about Islam from Mr. Harfan.

Just wear it, Ikal. You'll look beautiful.

Hey! Stop teasing your brother.

Ikal, just wear it for now.

If I get some money, I'll buy you better shoes.

I'll get going. Let's go, Ikal.

Give my regards to Mr. Harfan!

USE SAFETY HELMETS Where are you going? Are you taking him to that crumbling school?

The only definite thing about that school is its roof will collapse!

Hey, there's no use in studying! He'll end up as a coolie, anyway.

That morning, ten became a sacred number for everyone.

-Mom, I'm heading off to school. -Okay.

-Peace be upon you. -Peace be upon you, too.

Kucai! Let's go to school!

Sahara is attending school now?

-What's your name, kid? -I'm Lintang from Tanjung Kelumpang.

-I want to go to school. -Oh my God.

You rode a bicycle by yourself all the way here?

My father has to go fishing. He can't come.

Now, leave your bicycle over there.

Hopefully you can go to school.

-Peace be upon you, Mr. Harfan! -Peace be upon you, too.

Who are you bringing, Muslimah?

The first student, sir.

Lintang, a coastal kid.

I'm confident we will get ten students today.

Good morning, Mr. Zul.


-What's your name? -Hey, get inside.

-What's your name? -A Kiong.

Ten will become an important number not only for these two extraordinary teachers, -Peace be upon you. -Mr. Harfan and Ms. Muslimah.

Just one more student.

But also for us.

Poor children could afford to go to school in one of Indonesia's richest islands.

Today will also determine whether these children will get some education or immediately become coolies and workers at PN Timah.

Your shoes are pretty, Ikal.

Dad, this kid smells of sunburn.


Meanwhile, on the other side of that wall, we knew PN Timah Elementary was filled with new students.

Monday is Batik Day.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, you'll wear the white and blue uniform.

We'll wait until eleven o'clock, okay?


For us, we need ten students or we won't have a class at all.

That was written on the warning letter from the Central Education Observer.

It's already past eleven o'clock, Muslimah.

We have to tell the parents and their children.

What's the difference between nine or ten students?

We can still teach them, right?

Yes, but you know what this means.

Peace be upon you.

-Peace be upon you, too. -Peace be upon you, too.

Praise be to God because your presence here today will help save the education of the oldest Islamic elementary school in Belitung.

A school based on character to uphold akhlakul karimah, which is having good moral qualities.

However, if we couldn't get ten new students, then we can't open a new class.

We all should accept this wholeheartedly.

Wait, sir. Let me find one more student.


Sorry, excuse me.


Today's supposed to be my first day as a teacher, sir!

-There's no way the students-- -Harun! That's Harun!

Harun! That's Harun!




A very special boy had saved us and put a big smile on Ms. Muslimah's face.

And that smile will change along with other things, and will accompany us for the next few years.

The years that will never be forgotten.


Hey, Syahdan! Be careful!

This is how a man's body should be, Ikal.

Like this.

See, like Samson, right?

Call me Samson from now on.

Don't tell anyone, okay?

If you want to have a sculpted chest like mine, this is the secret.

-What's that, Rek? -Samson!

Okay. What's that, Samson?

Take off your shirt first.

I'll make you into a real man who's adored by the ladies.

Hey, this is an exceptional secret. Quick take off your shirt now.

It hurts! Enough! You're crazy!

Not yet! Hold it a little bit more!

-Kucai! -Let's play again!

Again, Kucai!


Hey, we have to go to class!

I could get scolded again!


What's wrong with this watch?

Bakri! Where are the children?

We have to go to the class, otherwise I could get scolded again.

-Enough. -Hey, kids.

Let's get into class!

-It's my turn! -No!

-Hey! -Syahdan! Hey!

Enough! Stop!

-Get in! -I'm first.

Kucai! Get over here!

-Hey! -Don't!

Kucai, you're the class president!

Your job is to help me gather your friends to get to the class.

Miss, you have to know that these coolie kids are all brats.

I'm sick of handling them.

-I quit being the class president. -Hey, kids!

Who wants to hear the story of Noah, the creator of the biggest ark known to mankind?

-Me! -Me!

Kucai, being a leader is a noble task. Okay?

Hey, Kucai. The Quran said that a leader will be held accountable for his actions later in the afterlife.

Those who didn't believe in God had been warned that a great flood would come.

But arrogance had blinded their eyes and deafened their ears.

And eventually, they were swept away by the waves.

So, if you don't pray diligently, you should know how to swim.

Your big muscles are useless if you can't swim.

...that God has shown...

Do the ablutions correctly and in the right order.

-God is the greatest. -God is the greatest.

God hears whoever praises Him.

God is the greatest.

God is the greatest.


-Pancasila. -Pancasila.

-One, belief in the One and Only God. -One, belief in the One and Only God.

-Two, a just and civilized humanity. -Two, a just and civilized humanity.

-Three, a unified Indonesia. -Three, a unified Indonesia.

-Four, democracy led by the wisdom -Four, democracy led by the wisdom

-of the representatives of the People. -of the representatives of the People.

-Five, social justice for all Indonesians. -Five, social justice for all Indonesians.


"We don't need a leader who could only mobilize people."


Hey, Dad's home!

I'll be going now.

Did you wet your pants?

I'm heading off to school, Dad.


Ikal, look at all this! Help them!

Rek, get them out!

Muslimah, take the kids to learn outside, okay?

Let us clean it together, sir.

Go. Bakri can help me later.

Just go, okay?

The old belongs with the old.


-Is it sweet, miss? -It's sweet.

Syahdan, do you know why this fruit taste fresh?

Where are we going, miss?

-Peace be upon you, Mr. Harfan! -Peace be upon you, too.

-Thank you! -You're welcome. Bye.

Hey, the sun came out! Come and catch me!

Lintang, wait!

Kucai, Ikal, where are you going?

A rainbow is formed from the light that came from the sky when the sun shines on the raindrops.

It creates those seven rays.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.



Rainbow Troops! Let's go home!

-Rainbow Troops? -Rainbow Troops?

-Yes, miss! -Yes, miss!

-Ms. Hamidah! -Hey, Muslimah! How's my blouse?

You said I could get it today.

Oh, yes. Sorry, it's almost done. I just need to sew on the buttons.

I'm concerned about you, Harfan.

I've seen you defending this school for five years.

I can only help with--

Zul, all this time, you've been helping us more than that.

Don't worry.

Bakri, Muslimah, and I could still stick it out with the ten students that God has given us.

But they're already in the fifth grade.

Next year, they'll be sixth graders.

There will be no more students after them.

And there are only three teachers here.

I don't understand how you can keep this school running.

The cost and the salary.

Zul, in this school, religion and moral lesson aren't merely subsidiary in the curriculum.

Intelligence is not merely determined from grades.

Not from those numbers but from the heart, Zul.


Look at yourself, Zul. Where did you get that sense of caring?

Usually, when someone is in a comfortable position, have the power and lots of money, they become arrogant.

They only want more power, more wealth, and they will get them by all means.

If possible, they would take this country's wealth just for themselves and their families.

But not you, Zul.

Because you were educated in the same kind of school in Yogyakarta.

So, this school can't be closed down.

Okay. I'll try my best to help.

Widi will bring some rice tomorrow.

For all of you.

Hopefully that will be enough for two months.

Thank you.

-Peace be upon you. -Peace be upon you, too.

A crocodile again?

What do you know about crocodiles?

They move very fast within short distances, Ikal.

Even outside of water.

Their jaws are very strong.

They could bite something with immense strength.

Even stronger than white sharks.

I'm confused. How did you know so much?

I read it in the newspaper.

Have you drawn the pictures and taken notes?

Okay, then. Study this Belitung map carefully.

-Peace be upon you, kids. -Peace be upon you, Mr. Bakri.

-Peace be upon you. -Peace be upon you, Ms. Muslimah.

Good morning, kids.

In this morning's math class, I'll teach you how to use the calculator.

Each of you will get one calculator.

Flo, help me distribute the calculators to your friends.

Now, we'll start our math class. Take out your sticks.

Ikal, yours are nicer.

Come on, stop it. A Kiong!

Go back. Sit on your chair.

I'll read out the question.

What does twelve plus four, times negative five equal to?

Count it now.

Negative 80.

Good job, coastal boy. That's correct.

Harun, so you have three kittens now?

They are tricolored

-and were born on the third? -Yes.

-One, two, three. -You're good at counting now.

Your big ears will grow as big as elephants' ears, Mahar.

What's playing on your radio, Mahar?

You're asking what song is playing?

Lots of awesome music. It's awesome.

Listen to this.

This is called jazz music.

Jazz music.

The music for intelligent people.

You don't get it.

-Peace be upon you. Muslimah. -Peace be upon you, too.

How are you, Mr. Mahmud?

I'm good, but I'm actually worried about you.

Why did you decline that teaching offer from PN Elementary, Muslimah?

What are you looking for in a school that's on the verge of collapsing?

It's obvious that the students won't have a bright future.

That offer still stands, Muslimah.

I can talk to--

Sorry, Mr. Mahmud. My diligent students are waiting in class.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you, too.

-Merauke. -Here.

-Dili. -Here!

-Kendari. -Here.

Lenggang. Harun, where's Lenggang?

Where is it?

Correct. You're smart, Harun!

I'll be going home, sir.

-Peace be upon you. -Peace be upon you, too.

There's nothing we can do now, Muslimah.

This letter from the South Sumatra School Supervisor clearly stated that we have to merge with PN Elementary School for next week's final test.


You shouldn't feel burdened just because your dad is in that picture with me.

For the last two months, your salary and Bakri's salary haven't been paid.


You're still young and beautiful.

Why did you decline Haji Mahdun's son's proposal?

You could've become a merchant's wife in Java now.

And leave you here with Bakri?

My dream is not to become a merchant's wife, sir.

My dream is to become a teacher.

And you're the one who believes that I could be one.

We went through various problems for the last five years.

But we got through them, right?

And I'm still earning money from being a tailor.

Praise be to God.

Why, miss? We usually take the test here.

Our clothes and sandals are shabby, miss.

What would the students of PN Elementary say?

Why are they wearing sandals to an exam?

Don't look at the test paper yet.

Watch over the children, sir.


Sir, I forgot to separate Harun's test paper.

-Come here. -What is it?

He drew a cat instead.

A cat.

I don't like it, sir. They're looking down on Harun.

Don't think about it too much, Muslimah.

Just prepare the children's report card and let them take a vacation.

Don't you also need a vacation?


-We'll take a vacation soon, okay? -Okay.

Will you make a special report card for Harun again?

Yes, sir.


Look at this. There's still a lot.

Syahdan! Mine's sold out!

My wife wants to eat ilak fish.

She said it's delicious.

The Asmat people live deep in the Western New Guinea jungle.

They are tough river explorers and also fine dancers.

Look at this.

Do you have a lot of magazines like this?

I have plenty.

You can have this one.

Hey, what are you doing here? Go away!

Thank you.

Does anybody know the answer?

Three hundred and thirteen!


The troops of 313 Muslims successfully defeated thousands of armed Quraysh soldiers.

My dear children, power is formed by faith, not by the number of soldiers.

So, please keep that in mind.

Hold on to your beliefs.

You need to have perseverance.

You need to have a strong will to achieve your dreams.

You need to have courage and do not ever give up when you're facing any obstacles.

And remember...

Live to give as much as you can, not to take as much as you can.

That's enough for today.

Sir, can I have a word with you?

Whose turn is it to buy the chalk?

We've ran out of it.

We're so unlucky.

We have to go far away just to buy some chalk.

All the way to Manggar.

If we haven't met a crocodile on the way, it's not that far away, Ikal.

My hair will eventually be like Mr. Harfan's.

It will turn completely gray.

It's not that the hair turns gray.

The color of hair is originally white.

All this time, hair is coated with black substance.

It will fade away over time and goes back to white.

I got an offer to teach at Bangka 1 Elementary School.

You have no problem leaving Muhammadiyah?


This is a tough job.

And we only have a few students.

But we're responsible to provide education for these poor children.


No one wants to enroll their children here anymore.

They think it's better if their children become coolies to provide for their families.

But this is the only Islamic school in Belitung.

Have you ever thought about why this is the only one, Muslimah?

Because nobody cares anymore, Muslimah.

For the past five years, this school couldn't open new classes.

And why is that, Muslimah?

There are no more students. Who else would go here?

What else is there to be proud of?

Except for its name, Muhammadiyah Elementary.

What has this school achieved, Muslimah?


Muslimah can't teach all the subjects by herself.

The children will soon be sixth graders.

Don't you at least want to stay and guide them until they've graduated?

Wait for a while.

Yes, but the offer from Bangka Elementary won't wait for me, sir.



Muslimah, don't be mad.

Be patient.

No, sir.

I'm not mad.

I think Bakri had a point.

No one cares about our school, sir.

No one believes that poor children also have the right to get an education.


The important thing is we...

We shouldn't give up.

Our job is to convince these students that they should dare to dream.

Yes, sir.

We both have to work harder, sir.

So that people will believe that this school exists and is worth fighting for.

We both have to work harder, sir.

Much harder.

-I'll be going. -Yes.

-Take the book tomorrow, okay? -Okay.

-Wait for me there, okay? -Sure.


-No. That's the wholesale price. -Can you lower it?

-No. Ask the store on that corner. -Come on, 175.

-They're selling it at 250. -I'm buying a lot.

-Yes, that's-- -Sir.

I'm from Muhammadiyah Elementary.

Ms. Muslimah asked me to get the chalks.

A Ling! Chalks for Muhammadiyah Elementary.

No can do. If you want it, I'll wrap it now.

-I'm buying a lot. -Hey.

Tell Ms. Muslimah the bill for chalks should be paid by next month.

-It's okay if you don't want it. -Please lower the price.

That's the wholesale price. Just check the store on that corner.

-One hundred and seventy-five. -No can do.

-One hundred and seventy-five, please. -No. That's already cheap.

Hey, don't forget the bill.

I just saw the most beautiful nails in this world.

Have you even traveled around the world?


You weirdo.


Wait, A Kiong!

This is an exceptional secret, A Kiong! Wait a minute!

Hey, wait a minute, Kucai!

-I'm first! -No! It's me!

Hey, Syahdan.

Harun, come here!



Hey, aside from western music, Malay music is also good.

It's no use talking to him. He is intoxicated by nails.

I've seen something much more beautiful than your music, Mahar.

What is it? Where is it?

The most beautiful nails in the dirty Sinar Harapan store.

Have you lost your mind, Ikal?

It seems like you're falling in love.

Love doesn't need much thinking.

There are only beauty and blooming flowers.

Let's arrange some lotus flower The lotus flower Hair embellishment for a young lady A young lady

-How much is this? -Muslimah?

What are you buying?

I'm just getting a few buttons.

You bought a lot of stuff, Ms. Fatimah.

For PN Elementary's marching band uniforms.

It's almost Independence Day.

There will be a carnival contest. They need to make new uniforms.

The defending champion always has to look their best, Muslimah.

-I'll be going. Peace be upon you. -Peace be upon you, too.

Muslimah, I'm off.

Kids, Mr. Harfan and I have decided that we're going to participate in this year's carnival!

I noticed that Mahar always gets the highest score in art.

I want him to be the group leader and he's in charge of deciding the art performance that we will show on the carnival.

Do you agree, Mahar?

Everyone else agrees?

-We agree, miss! -We agree, miss!

Mahar, I need to remind you that we have no funds.

Don't worry about that, sir.

Just leave it to me and the mother nature.


I'm ready if you want to send me to buy some chalk!

From now on, I'll go and buy the chalk at Manggar.

Harun, here's some chalk you can play with at home!

-You're too much, Ikal. -Come on.

I want you to come, Lintang. A round-trip from Gantong and Manggar.

Mahar, go with him to Manggar.

I think you understand his problem more than me.

No worries.

I actually need to get some ideas for the carnival.

Hop on.

-We're going to Manggar! -Let's go!

-Sir, white tea. -Okay, wait a minute.

Don't worry.

Poems written by people in love are all great.

Don't be shy.

Send this to Cikong's coffee shop! Hurry!

Our class was flooded, sir. The chalks were soaking wet.

A Ling, chalks for Muhammadiyah Elementary!

This will look pretty when wrapped in gift paper.


You're really falling for her.

Don't hug me.

A Kiong!

Really, A Kiong? A Ling is your cousin?

Help me meet her.

Please, A Kiong. She's driving me crazy.

This Sunday, they're actually going to visit my house.

-For a family gathering. -This Sunday, A Kiong?

A Ling will come to Gantong?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

The best Gangan soup is with ilak fish.

Why did you buy the round fish?

It's the only one available at the market. They're all the same, anyway.

You're the only one who can tell the difference.


Men can't even buy the right fish.

Five minutes.

Ikal, don't go for too long. A Ling's dad is really strict.

-You don't like my poems? -They're really good.

I've copied them all to my diary.

You keep the original, okay?

I think Ms. Muslimah...

chose the wrong leader.

-Has he gone mad? -I think he's possessed.

Does anyone know where Mahar is?

If he's not on the tree out front, maybe he's perched somewhere else, miss.

He wants to become an owl, miss.

I know what we should perform at the carnival.

Take off your shirt.

Take off your shirt.

Take off your shirt.

What are we supposed to be, Mahar? We look crazy.

They look great.

We'll watch the performance of Batu Penyu 1 Elementary School with their boy scout march!

Let's give them a round of applause!

Let's welcome decorated bicycles from Jangka Raja Elementary School.

-We'll wait here. -We present to you our defending champion, the marching band from PN Timah Elementary School.

-Where are you going, Mahar? -Getting our secret weapon.

-Miss, I want to watch the marching band. -Be careful.


Trust me. Wear this, Rek, and you'll dance better.

Our new contestant this year, Muhammadiyah Gantong Elementary School!

-Mahar! -Mahar!

Give a round applause for Muhammadiyah Gantong Elementary School!

Hey, it's amazing that you won guys the carnival!

Next year, make a new dance and win it again!

-Is that all? -Yes.

Muslimah, I was so happy to see those people from PN became speechless yesterday.

I hope my child will be accepted at your school next year.

-Hopefully, ma'am. -She dances well.

If possible, defeat them again in the quiz tournament.

-Yes. -I'll be going.

-Peace be upon you, Muslimah. -Peace be upon you, too.

-Mr. Mahmud. -Muslimah.

-What's that, miss? -I think it's from the Central Observer.

Thank you, Lintang.

That looks great, right?

It does, right?






Where did that rich kid go? Why would she go to the forest?

Let's look over there. Come on.




That kid sure is weird.

Not weird. Different.

After she got lost in the forest, her dad has gotten so worried.

That's why, they give her anything she wants now.

Including transferring to this school.

So, I hope the two of you would accept her and help her.

What were you looking for in the forest?

Why did you want to transfer here?

I like your dance at the carnival.

-That was really beautiful. -Beautiful my foot.

The itchiness from that sugar palm fruit lasted a week on my neck.

-I'll beat you up, Mahar! -Calm down, Rek.

There's something mystical about your dance.

-Mystical? -Mystical?

What do you mean?

We got books!


-Hey. -A Kiong!

We got books!

That's my book!


Hey, Mahar. Have you ever heard about the Pirate Island?

That haunted island? What's there?

We both found a cave in the forest. The cave of spirits.

The forest is so dense, even sunlight couldn't get through.

I once found a giant-sized prehistoric grave.

-A Chinese grave? -No.

A giant's grave?

It must be a giant's grave.

People go there to meditate.

-What's wrong, Muslimah? -I'm just a bit worried.

Flo's presence could bring some changes to our children.

Don't be too worried, Muslimah.

The important thing is you guide them.


Why do you look so pale?

I really don't understand.

All of your test scores are dropping.

Mahar, Flo. Both of you have the lowest scores.

Don't you want to pass the test?

Miss, we have to buy more chalks.

The shopkeeper also asked us to pay our bills.

More chalks? You haven't paid your last bill.

Ms. Muslimah said we'll pay them all next week.

Lani, chalks for Muhammadiyah Elementary.


Where's A Ling? Is she sick?

A Ling went to Jakarta to help her uncle. Here you go.


There's something for you.

From A Ling.

It's like you don't know your own uncle, Muslimah.

He never goes to the clinic.

Maybe he needs to cut down on coffee, Aunt.

I've told him so many times.

He drinks APC pills instead when he has a cough.

There's only one medicine in Belitung. The APC.

It's like the pill equals a doctor, Muslimah.

He just needs some rest, Muslimah.

How are you, anyway?

Have you met a man yet?

Where's Mr. Jo, Dad?


Take care of the little ones. I'm going to the sea with Dad.

Go inside.

What are you doing? You have school tomorrow.

Flo and I have decided. We have to go to Pirate Island.

We have to meet Tuk Bayan Tula.

That's crazy! I'm not going.

There's no other way if we want to graduate.

Tuk Bayan Tula is the only one who could help us.

He's the most powerful shaman in Belitung.

He could even make Harun smart.

Don't you want to graduate?

Mahar, don't mix up your fantasies with lies.

-I'm not lying. -Pirate Island is a deserted island.

How do you know Tuk Bayan Tula lives there?

As far as I know, no one knows where he is.

I have the clues and proofs that he's there.

Look at this.

Do you even pay attention to our religion lesson every Tuesday?

That's deification!

Whatever. I'm not going. Who's with me?

Don't regret it later, Sahara!

Come with us.

Maybe Tuk Bayan Tula could help you with your problems.

You and A Ling.

-It hurts. -Mahar, ask Sarif to come with us.

I can't take it anymore.

A Kiong.

Tuk Bayan Tula! Let us in!

Let's just go back. Maybe he doesn't accept visitors.

Maybe he's still eating or he's hungry.

Let's go, Mahar.

Tuk Bayan Tula! Let us in!

He better watch out if he read the spell from Tuk Bayan Tula without us.

I'll punch him.

Don't worry, Rek. Bayan Tula's instructions are clear.

We have to read the magic spell together this morning.

If anyone disobeys him, they will turn into a frog.


We did it.

"If you want to be smart, go study.

If you want to be successful, make an effort."

-There's no use. -I'll strangle you, Mahar!

-Enough! -I almost emptied my stomach

-because of the waves! -Rek, don't!

Stop it! That message is right.

We're the stupid ones looking for a shaman.

-Rek, don't! -Stop.

Enough, Rek.

What is this, Lintang?

A picture of the Eiffel Tower, Ikal.

It's in Paris, the capital city of France.

Paris is the city for smart people, Ikal. For great people.

Experts and artists are all there.

They said Paris is also the most beautiful city in the world.

A lot of people dream of going there.

This box is from A Ling. What does it mean?

I'm sorry.

Why are you pondering?

Oh, my dear whose heart is confused

Why did you stop?

Your voice is more powerful than Tuk Bayan Tula's advice.

Let's arrange the lotus flower Lotus flower

Hair embellishment for a young lady A young lady Her face is very beautiful Don't spoil her

You can admire her Just for a bit

Why are you pondering Oh, my dear whose heart is confused Why are you pondering Oh, my dear whose heart is confused

-Don't believe -A Ling.

In romance Don't believe In romance Now's not the time to ponder Don't ponder Now's not the time to ponder Don't ponder Let's do it together, my dear Let's pick some flowers Let's do it together, my dear Let's pick some flowers Let's arrange the lotus flower Lotus flower Hair embellishment for a young lady A young lady

We've been going to school for five years and that's our only valuable item?

If that's the case, Ms. Muslimah and Mr. Harfan must be disappointed.

My dear children, one thing you have to remember is that you should never give up.

Live to give as much as you can, not take as much as you can.




Sir, let's go home.




Oh, my God.


Thank you.

This is really shocking, Muslimah.


I'm worried about you.


How could you teach them by yourself in that school?

There's no need.

Separate them.

Ten each.

-I don't understand. -Just try it!


Even though Mr. Harfan is gone, he wouldn't want you to be sad like this.

Let's watch a movie tonight, okay?

I'm going to watch it.

-With the kids. -I see.

You're going to watch it?

-I'm going in first. -Sure, go ahead.


-Where are you going? -What's left, Lintang?

Ms. Muslimah isn't here. Where are our friends?

What kind of school is this? No teacher and no students.

Come with me.

Ikal, my dad has four children. Three of them are girls.

I'm the only boy and I'm the oldest.

I'm supposed to go fishing with him so we could get more fish.

But he sent me here instead.

He wants me to pursue my dreams, Ikal.

We all need to have dreams.

And this school is where that journey starts.

We have to keep on studying.

-Let's go! -Let's go!

-Oh, my God, Harun. You're so lazy. -Let's go to school.

The school has been closed down.

The Rainbow Troops have to go to school.

-Now? -Yes.

I'm going to get my radio.

I'm sorry for coming without notice.

I heard from your aunt that you haven't been teaching for five days.

Yes, sir.

I'm still mourning.

-I also feel-- -Yes, I understand.

We surely belong to God and to Him we shall return.

That's enough. Do you understand?

That's enough.


The last time you uncle spoke to me, I told him, "Harfan, wouldn't it be better if we close down Muhammadiyah Elementary?"

Do you know what your uncle said?

"Zul, this school shouldn't be closed down.

Because this is the only school that doesn't teach material pursuit.

Values and intelligence couldn't be measured with numbers."

But with this, Muslimah.

With our heart.

You and your uncle have proven that.

Look at your extraordinary students.

They are amazing.

Sukarno was detained at Sukamiskin prison on December 29, 1929, because he established the Indonesian National Party with the intention of liberating Indonesia.

The room was small and surrounded by thick and murky walls.

It's high, dark, and full of bars.

It's worse than our leaky classroom.

But that's the place where he served his time and he studied every day.

He read books all the time.

He's one of the smartest people this country ever had.

MUHAMMADIYAH GANTONG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Actually, it's easy to remember places and dates.

We just need to find the important thing behind each event.

Like what Mr. Harfan and Ms. Muslimah used to do.

On December 29, 1929.

I remember that.

The prison's name is Sukamiskin. It's poor, just like our school.

But we still like it. Sukamiskin!

Ms. Muslimah!

Ms. Muslimah!

-Ms. Muslimah! -Ms. Muslimah!

-Peace be upon you, Mr. Mahmud! -Peace be upon you, too!

-Where are you going, Muslimah? -To chase the rainbow!

-Let's go, kids! -Let's go!


MUHAMMADIYAH GANTONG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Who typed the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence?

Sayuti Melik!

-Peace be upon you, Ms. Muslimah. -Peace be upon you, Mr. Widi!

The longest bone in the human body is...

The femur!

Please send my gratitude to Mr. Zulkarnaen.

Okay, ma'am.

A number that couldn't be divided is called...

-Prime numbers! -Good.

Who composed "Indonesia Raya"?

Wage Rudolf Supratman.

What's the title of this song?


-"Maju Tak Gentar"! -Composed by?

C. Simanjuntak!

-I'll take this. -Okay.

What's the capital city of Western New Guinea?


Who's the author of the poem titled "Aku"?

Chairil Anwar!

The National Education Day falls on...

May the 2nd.

One of Indonesia's representatives for the Round Table Conference is...

Muhammad Hatta.

What's the farthest planet in the solar system?


Animals who eat plants and other animals are called...


A source of energy that doesn't pollute the environment is...

The sun.

Kids, have a good rest tonight. Because tomorrow, we will...

-Join the quiz tournament! -Join the quiz tournament!

My clothes are nice, right?

The rice will be done soon. Please take it off the stove.

Are you going to the sea again?

By yourself?

I know the wind is good today, Dad.

Get some rest. So that you won't be late tomorrow.

I'll be going.

-Hurry. Ikal will be late. -Wait a second.

I went through all the trouble soaking these pandan leaves overnight.


Sit here.

Lintang will come. Relax.

You have to be strong, Ikal.

You can win this, right?

PN TIMAH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Mr. Zul has is also waiting for him so he'll get here quicker.

Relax, you two.


Damn it!

Sahara, get ready to replace Lintang.

That's Lintang!

Let me wipe your sweat off.

-A crocodile? -A crocodile and a Bodenga.


First question.

Who invented the steam engine?

James Watt!

-James Watt. -A hundred points for team A.

Press the bell before you answer, Lintang.

Where did the youths take Sukarno and Hatta?


A hundred points for team A.

Tell us the name and the composer of this song.

Time's up. The chance is given to the other team.

"Maju Tak Gentar" by C. Simanjuntak.

-A hundred points for team B. -You're stupid, Mahar.

Who wrote the romance novel Siti Nurbaya?

-Marah Rusli. -A hundred points for team C.

Which planet has the most satellites?

-Jupiter. -A hundred points for team A.

-Now, let's count. -Come on, Lintang!

The legs of a right triangle are 15 and 20cm.

How long is the hypotenuse?

Twenty five centimeters!

A hundred points for team C.

That kid was so quick.

The one on that side is really smart.

He was just getting started.

When he's ready, he could answer all of the questions.

How much is 17, 000 plus 24,268?

-Fifty thousand one hundred and four! -A hundred points for team C.

Twelve point five times 64, divided by the square root of four, plus ten.

A hundred and ten.

A hundred points for team C.

Tell us one of the songs composed by Kusbini.

"Padamu Negeri."

A hundred points for team C.

A hundred points for team A.

A hundred points for team C.

One more!

The last one is another math question.

"Adi rode his bike to school with the speed of 15km per hour.

The distance that he took was 37.5km.

If Adi departs at 7:55 a.m., what time will Adi arrive at his school?"

At 10:25 a.m.

Wrong. Minus 100 points for team C.

The chance is given to the other team.

Time's up. The correct answer is 10:05 a.m.

Wait a minute. Hold on.

I got the same answer as that boy.

-What are you saying? -I'm saying that the boy was right.

Are you doubting us?

Besides, I didn't see him count even once.

I'm not doubting you, respectable judges.

But that boy's answer was right.

-What if we count it one more time? -No need.

For what? I've been suspicious. Maybe he already knew the answers.

Wait a minute. Are you saying that he's cheating?

How? By stealing the questions?

Muhammadiyah Elementary School is very honorable

and they would never cheat.

I can explain it.

-Should I read out the questions? -No. I still remember it.

Sorry, we made a mistake.

This boy's answer was right.

So the winner is team C from Muhammadiyah Gantung Elementary School.


Lintang, Dad hasn't returned.

After that historical day, Lintang didn't show up at school.



We've waited for my smart and admirable best friend for days, but there was no news of him.

Put a dot on top of it. Then make a line.

Give a dot on this one, too. Then put this mark.

On the fifth day, when we and Ms. Muslimah had planned to go see him at Tanjung Kelumpang, a man came with a letter from Lintang.

Lintang's letter was very brief.

"Miss, my dad passed away.

I'll go to school and say good bye to you and to my friends.

Regards, Lintang."

We all realized that Lintang doesn't have the chance to go to school anymore.

The eldest son from a poor coastal family with no mother and whose father had just left him has to support his family.

It all falls on that young boy's shoulder.

We had to let go of a natural genius. Ms. Muslimah's first student.

The boy who wants to keep this school running.

The boy who always tried to come earlier now has to be the first one to leave this school.


Now, Belitung has changed.

In the late 80's, the price of tin dropped in the market.

In a flash, PN Timah was paralyzed.

The walls that used to diminish opportunities and hope had collapsed.

But my childhood had done wonders to my confidence to this day.

It made me brave enough to dream and to have ambitions.

I've left Belitung for a long time to pursue that dream.

Today, I'm back.


How are you, Lintang?

-Do you still kept the box from A Ling? -Yes.

There's something that I want to show you, Ikal.

What is it?

The river that flows to the ocean...

That's my daughter.

When the sun evaporate the sea water and it becomes the cloud...

Lintang never lost his spirit.

The spirit that he gave to me, and now to his daughter.

Are you here for Mahar's book launch?

That owl finally became an artist.

I thought he was going to replace Tuk Bayan Tula as a shaman.

Actually, I came home because I want to thank all of you.

Especially you.

I'm going to go to Sorbonne, France, Lintang.

-I got a scholarship. -Sorbonne? Paris?


Chase your rainbow until the end of the world, dear.

Like Mr. Ikal.

Don't ever give up.

There are six pillars of faith First, believe in God Almighty Second, believe in His angels Third, believe in His books Fourth, believe in His prophets Fifth, believe in the Day of Judgment Sixth, believe in Divine Preordainment It's all from God There are six pillars of faith First, believe in God Almighty Second, believe in His angels Third, believe in His books Fourth, believe in His prophets Fifth, believe in the Day of Judgment Sixth, believe in Divine Preordainment It's all from God


Hey, the sun came out!

Come and catch me!

Rainbow Troops!

Let's go home!