Lassiter (1984) Script

(music playing)

(tools clanging)

(door opens)

I think you've had enough.

I'm not terribly interested in what you think.

Ha. You're not interested in what anyone thinks, including all our friends. All?

I've given you a great deal.

I expect better behavior from you.

Marriage didn't buy me, Freddie, it merely rented me. I'm going to bed.

Let me have your things. I wanna put them in the safe.

And by the way, if you insist upon pawing young men at parties, at least do it in private.

I asked him. He wouldn't come.

Try to remember who I am and that you are my wife.

I can't forget it, Freddie.

Believe me.

- Freddie, darling. - What?

Come and help me out of my dress.

In a minute. I want to put your things away.

Freddie, darling, it's always me first, remember?

There, I'll be right back.

(footsteps approaching)

Oh, Freddie!

I left my cigarettes downstairs.

For christ's sake, Helen.

In a minute.

Let me put your things away.

Oh, please, darling.

Freddie poo-poos.

Goddamn it.


I should have listened to my sister.

(indistinct mumbling)

Big jewels, parties, late nights.

Who the hell are you?

I have your cigarettes.

Now may we go to bed?

Thank you, sweetheart.

Why don't you go downstairs and read for a while?

Read? I'm exhausted.

I'm going to bed.

Well, I'm gonna take a bath.

I could've used a bloody bath.

Bertie's got that new-fangled central heating in.

Makes you sweat like a bloody pig.

Don't know how he got his knighthood.

The head of every party.

Spends all his time with that Cambridge crowd.

Like Melanco or Melinsky.

What's his name?

Pro star. Pro bloody Bolshevik.

Pro bloody Schickelgruber.

Pro everything except England.

I don't know what the hell Neville's playing.

Sweet Fanny Adams.


Peace in our time. Ha!

He's given them Austria, given them Czechoslovakia.

I'm just gonna run a hot bath.

Good night, darling.

(indistinct crowd chatter)

Good evening, Mr. Lassiter.


(indistinct singing)

(indistinct chatter)

Good evening, Mr. Lassiter. Thanks, Harry.

Hello, Nick.

No, no, no. General Louis is sure to win.

Not the way Galento has been training.

Hey, you've been training a lot. (laughing)

Hey, did you hear that Louis won the fight?

- Oh, yes. - Louis knocked him out in the third round.

(indistinct crowd chatter)

(man singing ballad)

♪ Soon we'll be without the moon ♪

♪ Humming a different tune and dance ♪

♪ There may be teardrops to shed ♪

♪ So while there's moonlight and music ♪

♪ And love and romance ♪

♪ Let's face the music and dance dance ♪

♪ Let's face the music and dance ♪

May I, Commander?

Ah! I'm sorry, cutting in, as you'd call it, is an American habit, old boy.

I'm afraid it's not done over here.

Shall we try again? I really don't think so.

Would you kindly say whatever it is you want to say and leave?

Let's go home.

What? Oh, she didn't tell you?

This lady happens to be my wife.

Oh, for God's sake.

Look, if you don't leave immediately, I shall have you removed.

Oh, it's all right.

I understand. She has a weakness for uniforms.

Her father was an admiral.

Sir, your humor is as tasteless as your manners.

You come this way.

Please, why don't we at least be civilized about this.

It will only take a few moments.


As you wish.

(music plays)

I apologize. You should.

You're an hour late. I was worried about you.

Are you having fun, Sarah? Oh, he was a nice man.

He invited me to Devon for the weekend.

I was tempted.

Looks like I got here just in time.

Barely. I'm starving.

Wouldn't England feed you? Jealous?

Envious. Hmm! good.

You know, I think I like you better.

You're the only man around who knows how to dance with a dancer who's been on her feet all evening.

I'll get a table at the corner and have them roast you a small ox.

Let's not wait for it. Let's go home.

I thought you were hungry. We can eat in bed.

I only have one request. What's that?

That you leave me one cup of coffee.

Ah... oh, kidneys.

You know, one of these days, you're gonna end up big and fat.

Voluptuous, maybe, never fat.

God, you're more beat up than a soccer player.

I have a tougher profession. Turn over.

I'm gonna make a new woman out of you.

Oh, I can hardly wait.

(bottle clatters)

Reporter over radio: This weather forecast-- oh! Not so hard!


(indistinct radio chatter)

(indistinct chatter)

In the car, Lassiter.


Officer: Carry it on.

Straighten yourself up.

And you. Come on.

I think it's number four. Absolutely.

Yes, I'm-I'm quite sure.

Speak up if you would, sir.

Yes. That's him. That's the man.


All right, Rudolph Valentino stays.

Everybody else, get out.

Out. Out.

Come on, get moving.

Do you know what it is?

It's a frame.

That's right, it's a frame.

Fingerprints, witnesses, the testimony of the arresting officer.

Even a gun.

And you know how we feel about guns, Lassiter.

You're facing 20 to life.

I wanted you to see it so you'd be sure.

What did I do?

I haven't decided yet.

Well, this is Mr. Breeze.

He'll explain.


Hi, I'm Peter Breeze, F.B.I.

Cooperate and you're a free man, Lassiter.

Cross me, and you'll do 20 hard years.

Man: Nazis out of Czechoslovakia!

Bunch of murderers!

Bloody Nazis! Fascist pigs!

(indistinct shouting)

Helmut Zinger, Ambassador to England.

When the Germans overran Czechoslovakia, they got $50 million in unset diamonds from the state treasury.

They're using them to finance espionage in Europe and in South America. (sighs)

Now they are expecting a shipment of $10 million here in London.

Unset diamonds--

Gemstone quality.

They'll be here a week from Wednesday.

They'll stay in the Embassy for two days until Friday.

If we can short stop them here in England, we can set back their operations in South America for a while.

Tell me the good part, Breeze.

We want you to steal them.

Lassiter, (horn honks) it won't be that difficult, not for a man like you.

Besides, we're gonna be in this war soon, pull your own weight.

I'm standing in a frame, Breeze.

You're gonna wrap me in the flag, too?

The safe is on the fourth floor.

The stuff'll be here Wednesday.

You have to do it. No, I don't, Breeze.

There are men with guns in there.

They've got 'em in Sing Sing, too.

The statute of limitations has run out.

Something could be arranged.

(indistinct shouting)


Nazis! Fascist pigs!

Nazis! Nazis!

Nazis! Nazis!

That's Max Hofer, Gestapo.

He's in charge of security.

With him is Kari Von Fursten.

Her father was one of the first big industrialists to join the party.

She's listed as a conselor aide but, in fact, she's a courier.

She'll be taking the diamonds to Buenos Aires.

Till they get here, she's doing London.

Evidently she's pretty wild.

Concentrate on Hofer, though.

He's very good and very rough.

He acts as her bodyguard, maybe lover.

You're gonna have to think of some way to get past him.

What happens if they catch me?

You gonna bring on the cavalry?

Well, if they catch you in the Embassy, there's nothing we can do.

That Embassy's Germany, you might as well be in Berlin.

That's comforting.

I'm sorry, Lassiter.




(tools pounding)

How much for a hot Bentley?

Hey, what do you say, Nick?

What's wrong? Nothing.

Hey, Nick, you know, I like London.

You know, I did my research before I came.

Anyway, I came because I found out it was my kind of town.

I mean, the cops don't carry guns.

Now, the cops still try and chase the bad guys, but they don't find it necessary to kill 'em when they catch 'em.

I call that civilized.

It's one of the reasons I left New York to come here.

You know, a man can carry on his own chosen profession without the fear of gettin' his head blown off, huh?

Now, you're not gonna disappoint this little car thief by, uh, telling me that's all about to change, are ya?

Let's go for a ride, Smoke.

(engine starting)

Where we goin'? Eddie Lee's place.

But first, miss the next light for me.


You're not following me, are you, Breeze?

Ah... hey, come on, I got a job to do.

You can't come, Breeze. Hey, hey, what--



Hey, you! Get out of the way!

Hurry up!

Good evening, Mr. Lassiter. Evening, Connie.

♪ You say neither I say neither ♪

♪ Either either neither neither ♪

♪ Let's call the whole thing off ♪

♪ You say potato ♪

♪ I say potahto ♪

♪ You say tomato I say tomahto ♪

♪ Potato potahto ♪

♪ Tomato tomahto ♪

♪ Let's call the whole thing off ♪

♪ But oh ♪

♪ If we call the whole thing off ♪

♪ Then we must part ♪

♪ And oh ♪

♪ If we ever part ♪

♪ Then that might break my heart ♪

♪ So if you like pajamas ♪

♪ And I like pajahmas ♪

♪ I'll wear pajamas and give up pajahmas ♪

♪ For we know we need each other so ♪

♪ We better call the whole thing off... ♪ Trying to take my money home, Nick?

Hello, Eddie.

Oh, I just thought I'd give you a chance to get some back at Roulette.

Roulette is a punt system.

It depends on what you wanna win.

Careful, Nick.

She's a woman with appetites.

Unusual appetites.

I know from experience.

All right, you've always been too modest, Eddie.

Just introduce me.

Good evening, Kari. Hey, darling.

Nick Lassiter, Kari Von Fursten.

Miss Von Fursten is with the German Embassy.

Mr. Lassiter, is an American.

How do you do?

I've always admired diplomats.

Is that so? Why?

They seduce both friends and enemy.

Hmm. which are you?

What difference does it make, as long as you enjoy what you're doing?

(chuckling) a like a man with scars.

May I buy you a drink?

Do you always follow her around?

Does he always follow you around?


The owner, Eddie Lee, is he one of your companions?


Is he a friend?

We share a common interest: Money.

They say he's killed people.

But he would never tell me. Champagne?

A whiskey, neat.

No one I know.

Have you ever killed anyone, Mr. Lassiter?

Tell me about Berlin.

Berlin, for me, it is the only city.

Though Shanghai can be equally interesting.

Who did you kill?

Interesting in what way?

In diversions, in amusements of a particular nature.

Women with animals, drugs, little boys.

Pleasure and pain.

Do I shock you?

I don't know, has my hair turned white?


I like you more and more.

What do we have?

Over here.

My contact, Miller.

Hmm, pity.

We were supposed to meet.

Whose meeting was it? Yours?

He called it.

I'm afraid that would indicate that they knew about both of you.

Maybe. Maybe?

Maybe, my ass.


Mr. Breeze, Inspector Becker will be handling this case from now on. What?

It's gettin' too messy for the aristocracy.

It's a knife. Maybe stiletto.

Thin anyway. Hmm.

Now what?

Now we do it the hard way.

My way.

(crowd shouting)


Break up! Break up!


(indistinct) This is wonderful.

Stop pushing! Back to your corners!


(crowd shouting)

Stop pushing!

(crowd shouting)

Break it up!

Let me at him, okay?!

(crowd shouting)



Get up.


(crowd shouting)


(crowd shouting)

Come on, come on, come on.

Ladies and gentlemen, our winner!

(bell ringing)

(crowd shouting)

Hey, I got blood all over me.

Nicky! Ha, ha!

Hey, good to see ya!

Oh, yeah, hope you had a couple of quid down, right?

I never bet against you, Sweeney.

Your fighter looked good tonight.

Oh, you'd have to carry a gun to stop a real fighter.

Well, he's good for this kind of thing. He can take the pain.

The, uh, lady would like to rent him for the rest of the night.

You're doing that now?

It's a favor for a friend.

She's shy. oh, yeah, I can see that from here.

Well, I don't think he'd do her much good.

He's a bit lighter on his feet out of the ring, if you get my meaning.

You're kidding.



I think she's more interested in the way he takes pain.

Yeah, well, I still don't think so.

Sorry, Nicky.

No skin off me. See you, sweeney.

He said "no".

Then, you take me home.

It would be inconvenient.

Would it?

It's all right. It's just Max.



Just something to let whoever she is know there's someone else in the hunt.

Men like you always have lovers.

It's one of the things that make you interesting.

Call me.

But don't make me wait long.

I couldn't stand the blood loss.

Eat a steak first.

(clears throat)

It's not what you think it is.

Oh, really?

Nothing happened. Then explain to me, Nick, how'd you get lipstick all over yourself if nothing happened?

I won't be lied to, Nick.

Anything else, but no lies.

Look, if I lie to ya, I'll tell ya.

It'd be the honest thing to do.

Do you have anything else to say?

No, because I'm beginning to feel stupid.

See, if I were guilty, we'd be having the same conversation, but I woulda had a better time.

Enjoy yourself, Nick. Come on, Sarah.

Sarah, wait a minute, will ya? Please!

I'm sorry. You don't understand.

You can't understand.

I'm being framed. I'm going to jail.

Are you trying to scare me?

No. Look, I know this sounds crazy, but Scotland Yard wants me to steal $10 million in diamonds, or they're gonna put me in jail.

But they can't make you do that. There are laws.

Laws are for law-abiding citizens.

We could run. Rome, paris, anywhere.

Sarah, I can't.

But what other choice is there?

To steal them?

Nick, I'll go anywhere on this earth with you.

But it has to be now, I mean it.

Sarah, don't ask me to deliver on something I can't.

What you mean is that you won't.

God, I know you.

You have dreams of the big one.

Someone else dealt the cards, Sarah.

I'm just playing 'em out.

Well you're holding a losing hand now, Nick.


(door closes)

You know what this reminds me of?

Us sittin' here like this.

Prohibition days.

The hijacks, huh? Yeah.

Sittin' up there on those country roads outside of New York.

Waitin' for those dumb Dutchmen bringin' their loads in from Canada, huh?

Remember that?


I was still young enough to think it was fun.

Yeah, it was fun.

Hey, Nick, you know, we've been here about an hour.

What's so important about this F.B.I. Guy?

Look, just be patient, will ya?

I gotta talk to him. Breeze still has a few holes to fill in.

Give me one of those, will ya?

I thought you quit smokin'.

I did.

(car approaches)


What have we got?

Don't look friendly. I know.

- (water trickling) - Psst.


(fire crackling)


Thanks, Lassiter.

I don't know what to say.

I should've let 'em kill ya.

You're one up on him, kid.

I wouldn't count on him doin' that again.

(distant sirens)

My home? My bloody home!

You scum!

You don't come to a man's home.

John. John!

Shall I ring someone?


Go finish your breakfast, Mary.

It's all right.

Come on.

I'm gettin' out, Becker, right now.

You get out when I say.

Look, they tried to kill Breeze.

Well, they missed, didn't they?

They put it down as a gas explosion.

Every day I see them gas fires.

That's attempted murder, that's against the law.

Don't you talk to me about the law.

You're a thief.

Look, Becker, this thing is just too pat.

You know where the safe is.

You lead me to this Mata Hari.

That information can only come from one source.

You got a man inside. You don't need me.

We had a man inside.

They killed him, right?

If it was gonna be easy, I'd get my misses to do it.


(kids shouting)

I guess locks are pretty useless around thieves.

I'm leaving.

I want you to come with me.

What happened, Nick?

I'm finished here, Sarah.

It's all over.

Are you sure?

You won't look back?

I'll try not to.

(train whistling)




Venice. Istanbul.

Istanbul? No, no.

Is it really this easy?

All the really important things are going with me.

Hmm. I like that.

Why do you always do that?

Do what? You always eat my food.

I like it better.

Well, if you wanted the chicken, why didn't you order it?

I wanted the veal. You ordered the veal.


This way I can have both.

Ladies and gentlemen, Buxton in ten minutes.

We'll be in Paris in time for dinner.

Mmm, Paris. I'm gonna eat like a pig.

Maybe not.

I'm impressed.

You're meant to be.

Oh, Sarah, this is Inspector Becker, about whom I told you so many wonderful things.

I'm gonna make a speech.

Now, three things can happen to you, boy.

All of 'em are good for me.

One, you go in there and get the diamonds, and I get a pat on the back for a job the boys upstairs couldn't do.

Two, you go in there, and they kill ya.

I'd rather like that.

Three, you don't go in there, and I put you away for 20 to life.

And you'll grow old in a cage.

And I'd really like that.

The only good thing for you is to get the diamonds.

Today is Monday.

The diamonds arrive on Wednesday.

If they're not in my hand by Friday, you're my meat.

Come on, darling.

Always a pleasure, gentlemen.

Oh, don't even think of gettin' off this train until it gets back to London.

Oh, Becker, you don't have any faith in people.

It's a very unattractive trait.

(train whistle blowing)

You really hate him.


He's a thief.

There are a lot of thieves.

What are you, Breeze? Huh?


Now what's that? I'm a copper.

There's nothing easy in me, nothing.

I don't forgive, and I don't forget.

Pretty boy there was a thief yesterday.

He's a thief now.

And he will surely be a thief tomorrow.

But not here. Not on my badge.

We made a deal with him.

Oh, don't be a child, Breeze.

Twenty to one, the Germans'll kill him in there.

That's possible.

But if he gets out and lives up to his part of the deal.

You're gonna put him in jail anyway, aren't ya?

Of course I will.

That's where he belongs.

(train horn whistling)


Anyone wanna buy a paper!


(indistinct chatter)

oh, perfect. Unbelievable.

Get the damn thing outta the way.

Hey, in me own time, mate!

All right, all right.

(indistinct chatter)

Hey, get outta my way.

Move this horse.

Where'd that bastard go anyway?

That way. That way.

Fresh fish.

Nick, the word's out.

The hard man's got something on you.

Yeah. Well, Becker's tried before. I'm still here.

I'm just sayin' the word is you're hot.

Would, uh, $10 million in diamonds cool me down?


That's a tough load to move.

I couldn't do better than 15 cents on the dollar.

Well, everyone else wants a piece of me, why should you be any different?

Look, the stones are unset.

They're untraceable.

There's no owners.

When war comes, they'll be worth more than gold and easier to move.





Keep the money close.

It's gonna be tomorrow or the next day.

I'll be coming fast.

I won't be stopping for tea.


(speaking German)

Why don't you go back to Berlin?


(indistinct chatter)

- How long is your stay? - Next.

Freddie, don't be silly.

It won't be much longer, I promise.

(speaking German)

No, I wanna go home.

If you be a good boy, I'll buy you chocolate ice cream afterwards.

I don't want one.

Are you an admirer of German culture, Mr. Lassiter?

Well, where I come from, Max, we like things a little lighter.

If you know what I mean?

Like Mickey Mouse.


Is Kari here?

No, she's gone to the concert.

No! Freddie.

Freddie, you come back here.

Oh! (speaking German)

Freddie, you come back here now!

Freddie! Get him!





Don't you touch him. He's only a little boy.

He doesn't know what he's doing.

(indistinct chatter)

Should have shot him, Max.

Nick, Max only shoots big boys.

So, have you had a steak today?

Are you going shooting?

It's not shooting, it's killing.

The birds are driven, there's no sport.

Why shoot them?

I like to kill them, don't you?

Yes, but with a club while someone holds them down.

Why don't you join me, darling?

I'm sure we could find you a club.

Oh, you hold on to it. I'll see you when you get back.

We'll miss you.

Max is starting to like you.

You've made him smile.

I can see that.

Auf wiedersehen.

Who is this Lassiter? Why is he here?

(engine starting)


Hey, Smoke. You got a cigarette for me?

I thought you promised your mama.

Piece of cake.

I don't know whether I hated it or loved it, but I'm beginning to think I understand why you do this sort of thing.

What's it look like?

Well, there's a guard on the stairs.

Sits behind a grill, looks like it could stop a train.

And the doors at the end of the hall are locked.

All the blokes have guns.

And two of the windows also are wired.

There are iron gates everywhere.

Let's get out of here. All right, what else?

Exactly as you saw it.


Man: Hey, Joey, got a heck of a set over there.


(indistinct chatter)

Hey, Smoke, I managed to get the bumper to fit after all.

Great, Joey.

Hey, Nick.

Hello, Breeze.

You look swell. Uh, thanks.

Remember Peter Breeze, darling?

Yes, I know who he is.

Fun to frame an innocent man, Mr. Breeze?

He's not innocent, he just hasn't been caught yet.

If he gets caught this time, they'll kill him.

But if he succeeds, he could save thousands of lives.

Wait a minute.

You don't get a man to march at the point of a gun and then pat yourself on the back for making a hero.

If you want thousands saved, you do it.

Come on, Sarah, Breeze is caught, too.

He's got a job to do.

Look, we'll back him up all the way.

Why the hell couldn't I fall for a hat maker?

Boy, you sure have a lot of nice cars around here.

It must've cost you a fortune, huh?

Uh-uh. Stole 'em.


Sorry about Miss Wells.

This upsets her.

Me too. Let's call the whole thing off.

Don't laugh at me, Lassiter.

You may think I'm corny, but lives do depend on you.

There's a war coming and America's gonna be in it.

Beef or not, it's your country, and I think you care a lot more than you let on.

Look, I-I'm gonna ask you not to run away again.

Becker's got you covered.

And he's looking for an excuse to put you inside.

He's got an excuse, Breeze, and he's gonna use it.

He's gonna put me away no matter what I do.

And you're not gonna say anything, because if you do, they'll step on you, too.



(jazz music plays)



Evening, darling.

What a nice surprise.

May I join you? No.

Make her leave, Nick. Make her go away.

You mustn't be so sure of losing him, my dear.

You destroy my fun if there is no contest.

I'm not in this for fun.

Get her out of here.

I'm not gonna sit here with her.

Don't push me, Sarah. I don't have room.

You bastard, Lassiter. Don't touch me!

Just grit your teeth, just sit.

I need her. I won't.

I said I'd help you, but I won't help you into her bed.

Don't do this to me.

You promised me.

Now, make a choice. You make it.

I've got no time left, it has to be tonight.

Stay away from me.


What a sweet little fraulein.

Let's get outta here.


A posey for your lady, sir?

Scotland Yard.

Entertain me, Nick.

Just a little.

(indistinct chatter)

(footsteps approaching)



She must have been good.

You've been in there a lot longer than you needed to be.

You had all the right pieces except one.

You had the wrong safe. What do you mean?

Give me the diamonds.

There's nothing in that safe except her own jewelry.

Out. Get out. Search him.


If you're messin' me about, Lassiter, you're lookin' at your last day on the street.

You botched it, Becker.

Look, if there's another safe in that fourth floor, I don't know where it is. Well, that's your tough luck because you're going back in there tonight.

And do what? Knock on every door?

You're the thief. I don't care what you do.

But if you don't find those diamonds, don't come out.


That's good.

All right, girls, ten minutes.

(indistinct chatter)

Miss wells, this is Inspector Becker and Sergeant Allyce Inspector Becker-- Yes, yes.

Thank you, Breeze.

Miss wells, I wanna know everything Lassiter's been telling you.

Like every man, he tells me what he wants me to hear.

I have to guess the rest. I'm not talkin' about that.

I'm talkin' about his plans.

I don't give a damn what you're talkin' about.

Leave me alone. I'm finished with it.

Finished with it?

You've only just started with him, miss.

I'll tell you when you're finished with it.

Ease off, Becker.

One more word out of you, and I'll have Allyce remove you, all right?

Now, Lassiter is too happy.


I don't know.

My ass, you don't.

Why don't you tell me?

He humiliated you in public.

He made you look like dirt in front of everybody.

It doesn't matter.

Now listen, this is the deal.

I get him easy, he goes to prison.

If I have to go looking for him, I'll kill him when I find him.

You got that?

He's looking for a fence.

Someone who can handle the whole $10 million.

Talk to you?

Do we have anything to talk about, Nick?

Where do you want 'em? Kitchen table.

It didn't work.

I'm going back tonight.

I don't wanna know.

You made your bed, now lie in it.

Or is that an unfortunate metaphor?

It lacks charity.

I don't have much charity left for you.


I figured it out. I know how to beat Becker.

I don't think so, Nick.

Becker trapped me.

I told him you were looking for a fence.

It doesn't matter, he'll never find it.

Do you know something, Nick?

I don't even know how long I've kept these boxes in this room.

But every time I saw them, I felt good.

Because I knew the next time I unpacked them, we were going to be living together happily ever after.

Sarah, everything is all right. I'm going to make it.

It's not, Nick. They're going to kill you, and I won't watch it.

If I do make it tonight, it's not gonna mean anything without you.

I'll be moving fast.

I'll only have time for one phone call.

Get me Inspector Becker.

Yes? Hofer.

Captain Hofer of the German Embassy.

Hello, Mr. Hofer.

I want to know about Nicholas Lassiter.


Please, Mr. Lee.

I've seen you together here.

I've done some research.

Lassiter is a friend of many years.

It's worth something to me.

A lot I hope.

I only sell my friends for a great deal.



Boy, this is quite a joint.

How much did you make last year?

Do you know how much I made?


What'd you do? Ten times that?

Probably more, right? Breeze, stop it.

You don't have the temperament for the work.

No, no-no-no.

I'm just asking, that's all.

No, you're thinking.

Leave it alone, it'll get you in trouble.

You know, I might not mind that.

Breeze, you're a cop. Remember, one of hoover's fair-haired boys?

It's a job, not a race. Breeze.


So, uh, what time are you meeting her?


Are you sure it's gonna be that easy? You're unbelievable.

What if she doesn't let you in tonight?

Or the two of you might get into an argument.

You know, she might have a headache.

Yeah, you're right.

Why don't you make yourself a drink, Breeze?

Good idea.



(opera in background)

(gun firing)


(glass shattering)



(gun firing)

Come on.

Oh, God!

Come on, come on.

You didn't think we are all gonna get out of this alive, did ya?

Come on. My God.

Come on, Breeze.


Breeze, there's a lot of work to do.

It won't get easier by waiting.


What-what are you talking about?

You have to assume Hofer talked to Kari.

You have to assume she knows. That's right.

Well, she'll be waiting.

She'll be waiting for me to ring her front bell.

When that doesn't happen, she'll stop waiting.

But, there-there's no other way in.

Yes, there is, it's just not as easy.


No, I'm calling off the whole operation.

I'll-I'll just tell Becker that there's no other way to do it.

My superiors will back me up. No!

I want this too much.

There's a way.

You call Smoke.

You get him over here while I'm changing.

You got that?

This is it, buddy. Embassy row.

This whole thing is crazy.

I think we should call it off.

Don't, Breeze. It's too late.

It's just that, I've never done anything like this before.

Neither have I.

Look, you just stay put.

If I'm not out in 20 minutes, I'm not comin' out.


(dog barking)

Open the bloomin' gates!

Me meter's runnin' and the gov's Sleeping back.

(speaking German)

He had too much to drink again.

Had schnapps.

Stiff as a board.

Good, good.


Sleep, Schlaf.

(speaking German)

(dog barking)

(speaking German)

(engine starting)

(dog barking)

(speaking German)


(gun firing)

Hold it.

(speaking German)

(shouting in background)

(speaking German)

( speaking German in background )

(guns firing)

(speaking German)

(dog barking)

(guns firing)

(speaking German)

What's going on?

Don't turn around, Breeze.

Lassiter, you're all right?

Becker's right across the street.

What are you gonna do about it?

I don't know.

Did you get them?

That's why I came to the party, Breeze.

I got the diamonds, and the Germans don't.

That's what you wanted, wasn't it?


Stop him!

Stop, damnit! Police!

Don't let him get away!

It isn't over, Breeze.

It's just harder.

(thunder rolling)

(chimes sounding)

(phone ringing)

(buzzer sounding)


He's gone soft.

He's gonna stop for the girl.

Silly bugger.


(thunder rolling)

He isn't coming.

What do you think? He couldn't get a taxi?

He took us both, lady.

He set you up as a decoy, and I went for it.

Help me out, okay?

You know who his fence is.

Help me out.

(indistinct chatter)

Nick, it's all there.

I get to see some stones, don't I?

It's good. I'm off.

Take some fish.

On the house.

I just retired.

(indistinct chatter)

Careful! Careful!

(tires screeching)

(woman screams)

(tires screeching)


Slow down! Slow down!

Up there! Allyce go around it.

Get out! Out!

(speaking German)

Over here!


Well, what do you want me to do?

Knock on their door and ask for our thief back?

It's over, Breeze.

He's dead.



I'm sorry. I didn't know.

It didn't matter.

Please, don't blame Nick for this. It wasn't his choice.

And, uh, he didn't think he could lose.

You sure that he couldn't?

(tires screeching)


Don't shoot! Don't!


Hello, suckers!

You goin' our way?

Thanks, but, uh, I can't take the heights.

(engine starting)

(music playing)

♪ Beware of the winners ♪

♪ They grab life and make the most of it ♪

♪ They don't give a damn ♪

♪ If one or two hit the gutter ♪

♪ Beware of the winners ♪

♪ No one knows what they're headed for ♪

♪ Always on the move ♪

♪ Play dice with life and they love it ♪

♪ Lady Luck's the only companion ♪

♪ They'll call all right ♪

♪ She smiles beguiles ♪

♪ Barons sing the type of her success so ♪

♪ Beware of the winners ♪

♪ They'll make you sign your soul away ♪

♪ And when you wake up you'll notice ♪

♪ There's not even a trace ♪

♪ Dames with names and family fafa ♪

♪ Their facade ♪

♪ Their suave ♪

♪ Tré glad ♪

♪ They love playing with your life ♪

♪ Beware of the winners ♪

♪ They grab life and make the most of it ♪

♪ Play dice with life and they love it ♪

♪ Never leaving a trace ♪

(instrumental plays)

♪ Beware of the winners ♪

♪ They grab life and make the most of it ♪

♪ They don't give a damn ♪

♪ If one or two hit the gutter ♪

♪ Beware of the winners ♪

♪ No one knows what they're headed for ♪

♪ Always on the move ♪

♪ Play dice with life and they love it ♪

♪ Lady Luck's ♪

♪ The only companion they'll tolerate ♪

♪ She smiles beguiles ♪

♪ Barons sing the type of her success so ♪

♪ Beware of the winners ♪

♪ They'll make you sign your soul away ♪

♪ And when you wake up you'll notice ♪

♪ There's not even a trace ♪

♪ Dames with names and family fafa ♪

♪ Their facade ♪

♪ Their suave ♪

♪ Tré glad ♪

♪ They love playing with your life ♪

♪ Beware of the winners ♪

♪ They grab life and make the most of it ♪

♪ Play dice with life and they love it ♪

♪ Never leaving a trace ♪

♪ They don't leave a trace ♪♪