Last Embrace (1979) Script

Waiter, a table!

Harry, what is it?



Oh! Harry

It's the most natural thing in the world , the wound opens in the face to reality. So what does? Try it again in his dreams.

In some mode is quite fun.

Yes, it's terrible the time.?

It's okay. The car is parked.

I'm going back to activity sooner need to think about other things..

Good idea. But do not overdo immediately.

At least for while. Have the recipe?

Close to my heart.

Do not be afraid to use it. May feel strange at first but do not panic. need a little work alone.

So, are you ready?

No, but what else can I do?

Do not forget, tranquility.

Our brain is a delicate network Some wires may have been forced. Avoid excesses.

There was a lot of pressure have to take a break.

Attention please! Move away the edge of the platform.

This train will not stop not for this season.. train to New York arrive within a few minutes.

Passengers by please go away.


This is not what I expected! Como se llama, who sent you?

My name is Robert Atchinson, acting in 81 of Serviton Center Work at Citibank What is it? What is the problem?

Who are you really Who sent you?

He told the truth! He was not near you.

Do not knock No one tried to push..

Must have stumbled Attention.! Train 308 for New York, is making its entry !

It's crazy. Should keep it locked.

Expect To stop the train at all stations.

It is the train to New York Again, the train to New York.!

Miss. Like to see something for a young man.

I understand. Can I make a suggestion .


On-the-sun Rosa.

It is a personal product.

I liked.

Gift Wrap?

Why not?

You'll be there all day?

No, no, it was mistake. There must be thousands . May have been mistaken.

I'm sorry, sir. But is the only On-the-sun rose.

Sorry ma'am, as I told you have very white skin and this is the right tone, the tone is peach.

Peach, Peach, oh! Yes.

Good morning, my dear . How are you?

- Eckart not like it - not I'm not angry.. By not have any mission?

You can not have any Maybe not expect any..


Harry, Harry, how are you?

I do not know. Harry may be anxious.

I'm so sorry about the death of Dorothy .

Listen, I came to find with my sister here.

Just want to know if something happens my back.

Something like As for who followed me and tried to kill me at the station?

I found you and this gives me Maybe it's a joke, but I do not think funny.

Cynthia! Harry! Harry ! Cynthia!

- How will How are you?

You will receive a call saying where to get your gift.

Not me phone call Him.

Listen, we have to go, Harry will have to forgive us, and we were led Adrian!

And Dave Quittle?

Harry, I think we should take care . Let's go.

Who is?

As I said, an old friend.

Who the hell are you?

Hello! Thank God you came .

I thought something had happened Today I will take the job..

The washing machine is in the kitchen See if you can do something with it..

Sometimes dry when you're washing.

It's a disaster.

Who are you?

Do not know? It is an eminent actress. By you are here with your animals?

Your apartment? It's my apartment. If not leave now I call the police.

You have not answered my question .

I can not waste time. Have to be at the museum in 18 minutes.

Please, nothing stops him.

Sorry, kitten.

One minute, my friend. Ellie 'm Fabian, you can check at school I graduated Pinceton all steps to rent this apartment I paid per month and the deposit on behalf of Ms. Hannan.

Harry Hannan.

So are you.

If you do not mind.

Do you mind if changed things around you?

No, it's okay.

Do not get mad at me. Understand that it is unpleasant to come home and find a stranger there.

It's like a dog lifting the paw on its territory, this A apartment would not like.

It is more than unpleasant, is the worst that can happen.

Look, it's very simple. This is owned by my company and when I'm out, lease Someone made a mistake will fix soon.

Listen, I have the key and receipts, and give back Besides, who assures me that you are Mr. Hannan?

Sometimes have to remember who is boss. Is satisfied?

I will clarify this confusion , I promise.

They said you would definitely gone.

No, they did not say that.

I assure you said.

It said temporary absence.

Definitely is the exact word.

Before I forget, found this on the floor.

I do not read Greek.

It's not Greek. It's Hebrew.

What do you say?

I do not know Hebrew, know only figures. The range letter looks like Greek. And this is as an omega, the difference Ok, ok, it's ridiculous Who left it.?

I do not know. Someone pushed under the door!

Do not yell at me. Who is to blame ! Where is Mrs. Hannan?

Ms. Hannan is dead.

Harry, this is very unpleasant Why are you saying that someone tried to throw him under the train ? Saw who it was?

There were no witnesses?

And not without suspicion..

Someone did.

It can be. Nobody knew you were released.

It's too good to be released. Why not that told me to come back?

Harry, I prefer to relax over few days, do not panic, reflecting Do not adopt patronizing tone me you bastard. rent my apartment, missions gives me blank.

Send me mad letters.

I'm ready to start 've been out two months Harry, more than three months.


116 days. Not need to bother.

Eckart, takes work.

Hannan, you have suffered a big blow . Psychiatric treatment.

Depression is serious. Do not tell me these things.

Shall I tell you that one of our tried to throw him on the train?

That's it? Look, I think that is whatever but we have nothing to see. It's not my style.

Hannan, forget all that.

keep in touch.

Thank you.

Silence by Please, please ,.

I do not like fights between students, calm down.

This is the synagogue is very seriously. OK.


I have not had many requests like this Mr. Hannan.

Where your friend got it?

Not sure. Actually never seen anything like it.

I'm not surprised Tell me, your friend is Jewish.?

I never asked ashamed.

He works for the government in agriculture.

Well, I would say it has been victim of a prank.

This is Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic exactly. Goel Hadam!

It is a message? What do you say?

A curse, a curse special. Goel Hadam blood avenger.

Those other letters, the m ze, I can not decipher.

May be the initial avenger or a name, something As for the rest well, I guess it is a death threat.

Blood Avenger, huh?

And the elders of his city, sending the convict to be handed over avenger of blood to die.

Where is it?

In Deuteronomy, Chapter 19, verse 12.

This belongs to time of the First Temple more 2,500 years ago. Your friend has nothing to fear.

He will be very happy to hear this .

Okay. Very thanks for your time.

If I want to look it up, where can I find it?

In the book, two "h".

Sam, Josh is Drexel Yes, Josh.. Is there something?

We'd better hurry I am a living proof for you..

Do not believe it.

We need to talk.

This has to be well adjusted .

What's this?

Chemical Bath before airing.

It makes people what they want also do to you, huh?

It misconception me How did you find me?

You are an anthropologist and made a study Sluts of New York.

Prostitutes, Mr. Hannan.

It's also smart and not cares appearance and it's not stupid to work companies that do not provide security.

It has no merit. Left his disseminated life in my apartment.

Your clothes, your cards, photos, we just need the cervical cancer test.

I'm sorry. I'll send it to you . How rude you are.

Yes, I admit. Here it is.

What's this?

Go for a hotel before dark.

Before dark, why?

You do not have to. Just get out.

Came here to increase my tension I think someone's trying to kill me .

This is not enough. Give me an address and I'll try I'm sending, I will send Beware the net!

As with the items?

Do not worry with them. OK?

I'm fine. Go before dark.

David Quittle, I believe.

Hello, Harry.

Are you looking for someone ? Something Special?


It has followed me all day Now you have a chance..

I did what?

What do you want?

You know what.

I wonder about my sister.

I could not help David. Know it.

Dorothy had no reason to be there. She was a secretary.

You used it as cover.

You are wrong, as usual .

Not when told not to marry you. It is sloppy with people, Harry.



It is with the sun on his back Eckert wanted checasse you to see if it is ready back working and mentally strong.

You can not blame me for suspecting If I wanted to kill him, think they would have let me see?

It could be with my sister and the rest of Hannan!

Goodbye, Harry.

Kill him.

No, wait, let me explain ! Please do not shoot!

I'll blow your brains out!

I can not breathe!

Why was sitting in the dark?

I was scared!

I turned off the lights Why did not you leave?

Pay rent and have a right to be!

You have no right.

He said to disappear.

I do not care! Stop yelling at me!

You gave me a horrible later today. In the lab spoke of death threats, his hands trembled as if struck by catatonia and poured the liquid What was that ?

Do not know if it would police or the police would not.

I think we should call the police .

To say what? What receive threats in Hebrew?


Mr Hannan!

Would you take a constructive suggestion I have a friend who can help you?.

I consulted a rabbi.

Richard Peabody is not a rabbi He is Princeton.. Professor and teaches theology. Is an expert in Biblical Hebrew.

I know he can tell you more about the strange message. I present you this weekend.

Why do not you go with me?

Hey, I think I owe you an apology .

This guy thought was following me, I was not.

And the message is a sect of crazies who want to go to place a candle as devotion Why do not we forget it? rejects my suggestion?

What do you want? Traveling 16 miles to talk with a teacher. What the hell this? What are you looking for?

Who said I search something? Think I'm here to have fun?

No doubt we made a mistake .

One of us committed.

Know that long have an intense relationship Princeton with someone I will not pretend I do not know improvise sexual adventures. 'm Not hunting for men with problems.

I never thought about it.

But I hear in her voice.

Because I appearance of being sexually hungry?

Want to go?

Should I go?

I sleep on the couch.


Kiss Me.


Oh, my God!

Mr Hannan! Mr. Hannan!


No, I'm Ellie.

Ellie, Ellie.

You're sweating. Put it.

Dorothy was his wife?

Yes, yes.


I was at a bar in canteen near El Paso

I expected a guy. A witness federal, who had located.

Dorothy was in New York , spending a holiday.

It was snowing there, so she wanted to come.

I did not try to stop her.

An old man played the violin next to the canteen. It was late.

Many people. When was just coffee The guy I hoped two days ago appeared with a couple of friends.

He saw me. Dorothy saw my reaction.

The friends stuck hands on jackets.

It all happened so fast . I pushed the chair.

She started to say something

and then the shooting started The whole place exploded.

And then they were gone.

I thought I was okay with it .

She was hot. Looked a little scared, nothing more.

And she leaned over and put his arm around her.

Oh! Harry, she said. Oh! Harry!

I took my arm He was wet..

Oh! Harry! She said again.

She came for a holiday.

Maybe better call a doctor.

No, no.

I have a substance in the bathroom.

Harry! Harry!


When my father died I was very sick . The doctor said it was like he abandoned me. But I loved him.

After I moved in with my grandmother . It was an amazing person.

With more strange experiences. She did everything.

My rebellious traits should come of it.

Yes, I'm serious Sometimes I feel lost..

Then she became very ill and changed much.

I would wake up at night and listened to writhe in pain.

And felt completely powerless.

Sorry regret. Not mean to be so morbid.


You did not hear a single word I said .

I heard every word you said . Morbid.

Must be a because of their social circle.

I do not know why I told you Not even one of my favorite stories. Hello?

I'll have coffee. Want?

Yes, please. Black.

No need No, no, no problem. Come back already.

And sugar.


I'm sorry, Father.

Hello! Sorry.

Richard Peabody, Harry Hannan.

Nice to meet you.

Sorry to bother you.

No, no, those words, Goel Hadam that intrigued me, I'm happy.

I'll leave you alone.

What will you do?

I need to meet a person.

Harry, you're for the wine festival?

I have to go back.

I suggest that you do not miss. It is unlike any other .


Well, I'll let them.

She said she has involvement with someone here?


Do not know. I opposed his move to New York because She is very vulnerable, need advice, protection.

And that's their mission?

Yes, it is. Come to my office and see what I can do.

It's not very artistic, is not Goel Hadam, avenging blood?.

I confess my surprise . From the beginning Wait, there's more messages?

So do not tell you?

I am not alone?

No, but its situation is different.

What is it?

Looks like you're the only one still alive .

I do not know how they found me , but the lessons or congress clerics or scholars brought him.

I told the truth. In early not pay attention. different incidents.


Well, deaths course.. Sit.

How many were they?

Four, no, five in the last two years . IIRC it was the first

a certain, Lucksig, Howard Lucksig an executive of San Francisco.

Participated in a conference in Los Angeles , they found a wet beach near a hotel in Malibu say the victim of a cramp.

His widow found the ticket among his things three weeks later.

And the second?

A man named Faucon owner of a nursery in Denver, found at Lake Mead. Suicide. Had terminal cancer. Weeks later I found a note in his safe Then a man named Morden Construction materials sold in Rochester. Was hit.

Meyers Nashville suffered a heart attack in the pool. in the last three or four months Monash And, drowned in a canoe trip.

Interesting. No weapon.

No, no. Goel can only be executed following the biblical forms prescribed in insane act by a former judge, Sanhedrin by fire, sword, stoning or strangulation.

Perhaps there modern methods.

Yes, equivalent to trampling stoning.

Strangulation something that affects breathing, choking water, tablets seems that water is popular.

What I'm talking about, do not know these guys, there is no relation!

Does anyone think there yes, Mr. Hannan.

Monash, Meyers, Morden ,.

Faucon Lucksig, Hannan.

I see kept his word. I'm happy.

It's wonderful.

The occasion requires.

What's this? onyx, garnet.

Hematite. See, some red spots?

Ah, yes!

You see Eve Eva My grandma...

Richard says I should dress better, more fix makeup, and other things, but I only do when I'm in a good mood .


For more sherry.

Hannan, I am concerned I received this message this afternoon..

Someone wants to meet you at patio at three-thirty in the morning.


I do not know. Someone called me. My secretary gave me the message.

You will?

I do not know.

I hope you did not wasted your time coming here.

Speaking of witch we have here.!


You are a painting.

earrings in red stone A bit exaggerated.

It's just a tribute to New York ?

It came I will change.

I have the impression that your friend Peabody is behind us.

It is possible.

It is his custom to offend and follow her to her house?

This is the style of Richard . He is a man very bright. Wonderful to me when he wants.

As a punching bag?

None of that.

None of this, huh?

Please leave this course. It is what I have I feel happy.

Unbelievable to hear.

I do not get well with men. I always do something wrong complex, difficult, as is do the first dance.

Panic Me. It's like I'm and I can not do anything.

I do not know what you're talking , but hear it.

Without your awesome outfit you are attractive. It's bright, sweet.

Never had a ad on "personal", right?

I only have a meeting tomorrow morning . If you want I can go with you to the patio .

No. No. It's okay.

Promise me you will be careful.



I swear my heart.

I like you, Ellie.

You became for me into something special.

But but I'm not the guy who must be close by now.

It's not you, it's me.

understood this?

I understand.


I have to find a small apartment . You can do it tomorrow?

Yes, I will find one.

See you in New York , okay?

I will go after tomorrow and leave your apartment.

No hurry.

Could you give kitten food and water? dry food. dry food.

And Gerald, too.

And Gerald, too?

And the fish.

Say goodnight, Ellie.

Good evening, Ellie.


You scare me sometimes , Ellie.

You scare me much.


Come on, Harry!

Last chance, Harry.

You lost, Harry.


It's becoming a problem are wanting to do.?

Who are you?

Sam Urdell. The committee asked me to follow him after he visited the rabbi.

But I'm not ready to these butchers.

What committee? What you're talking about?

Think all committees announce the New York Times?

It is a committee like any other Five Jews were killed by a lunatic who writes messages in Hebrew.

Did you know?

He was not behind you. Is not Goel. When Monash was killed Your friend Quittle was here. This was left in the cab of Monash.

His name is behind.

What's this?

A canteen.

It is a canteen. Never seen before. What does that mean?

I do not know. During the war he was picking People of Berlin smuggling grenades and since 1947 helped capture Eichmann, but it baffles me. As this enters the canteen subject.

Where is she?

Glory Side. Been there 20 times. Never heard of you.

I'll check you Urdell.

So check.

I will.

Do this.

Where can this place? Where the hell was it?


We must go deeper.

The the hell are you doing?

I'm checking.

Please calm.

You are crazy.

Come here. Look at it.

ZM, ZM. He was also in messages and on the tombstones.

What the hell is this?

ZM, ZM. Yes, one synagogue. A street.

A house!

Wait a minute Wait a minute .

Never been here, but I had.

ZM. Z is Migdal. Was the biggest brothel in the Eastern Zone.


A moment of reverence please.

For 50 years I lost my innocence here.

Rabbi Jacobs?

Yes I help you?

Am Sam Urdell and this is Mr. Hannan.

How will Calls consult our library?

Yes, exactly.


Sam, Sam! Max Hannan! Secretary of Z Migdal.

I knew my grandfather had a property but had no idea who served with brothel.

A? There were at least 20 or 30 brothels. These houses were good deal at the time Hearst owned several.

Everybody involved. Protestants, Italians, Jews, everyone Max and Hannan.

This. But was expelled from his community. Who would sit at the synagogue next to a brothel owner to? Formed their organization Cool named Zvi Migdal Great Powers. Similar appearance any society. Had the intention to help its members. Kept cemeteries, churches etc. But its real purpose was circumvent the law.

Operating brothels and import girls.

When I think sat on his lap when the bastard child. has a weird sense of humor.

The white slavery is in my roots!

You men of the Government, believe that the most important is to be on the cover of Times Damn.! And the private wars?

And vendettas that people are mulling over their heads.

What do you think of the time?

Ok, Sam, okay.

How about Morden, Monash, Lucksig, Meyers such these guys?

Ok, ok, ok.

I thought I had fallen completely .

Look, Eva

You're a nice, but better go now girl.

What a calamity of man!

No, no. Not so. My wife realize if I do not return.

We were a long time in the bar We drank a bit, was not it.?

Listen, Bernie, would you to embrace a little.

Learn to know him first.

But it may be as you say.

Eva, you do not want to stay?

Do not want to have it on my conscience .


Are you sure?

Know what I think?

I think you're scared little Bernie Meckler.

There Yes I think you're scared.

His wife is out of town ?


I know what you really want. Hum, hum . Will not you tell me? Tell me.

Eva, where are you going?

Eva Where are you going, where you going?

I will take a shower and freshen me a bit.

But I, I thought talked to relax.

Let's Eve, what do you think?

All in good time.



There are not enough the earrings I gave you?

Not Not?

Be quiet.

Wait for me upstairs.

You said.

Delicious. Give me a kiss.

Very good. Like this.

Calm down. Can not float.

Is there anyone at home?

Where is the fabulous Miss . Fabian?

With the compliments of the house.

This is for what?

For you. And this too.

It should. 'm Doing cleaning.


What's going on?

I'm leaving space you need.

No, it will not.

Seriously. It's time.


I do not know. 'm Afraid of what might happen if I stay.

I'm not afraid if to stay. I can cope.

I need to clarify things with Richard.

You must set the things to me first.

Listen. Did much for me. Because I can not do anything for you?

We tried.

That was before.

And this is now.

What are you doing?




Let's get out of here soon.

Where to?

No matter.

Not Only Harry and Ellie.


Harry, I'm Sam.

What is it, Sam?

Killed a guy named Meckler, Niagara Falls, Meckler.

Meet Me at the home of Rabbi Jacobs tomorrow at nine. Let's find something that interests us, I hope. I fear for you, Harry.

Do not worry.

Ellie, what's wrong?

The only clue the police have is a Aramaic message triptych style with the ZM inicais.

It seems that the police are looking for a prostitute with the initials ZM.

That's all for now. The body is at the morgue and research continues. I'm Gary Gunner, 4 News, Niagara Falls.

It seems that the main Goel killed a descendant of each ZM family except Meckler.

Hey, you're good at guessing. is Meckler Boston. In New England book must be must be Here. Jews New England.

Wow, unfortunately volume was borrowed in the past months.

You can find out for whom?

Sure. Firestone Library at Princeton University.


Yes, Reading Room 629.

But I do not know if there someone up there!

Keep an eye on Peabody.

You can leave.

Professor Peabody Teacher!

The book ordered arrived.



Wait a moment, please!



627, 628

Hannan! Hannan!


Can I help you?

Looking for someone.


You Peabody, is not it?

I know Him?

I am a friend of Hannan.

I understand. I did not know Mr. Hannan was in town.

man full of surprises!

God, you scared me!

It was the same? Sorry.

Something wrong?

Why do not you do not wearing? Let's start the journey.

Only Harry and Ellie?

Only Harry and Ellie.

It will not answer the phone?

Wipe up not waste time.

Operator? Operator?

Operator? Operator Call me with the police.

Where are we going?

Trust me.


I am relaxed.

Calm down.

Tell me more about Eva, his grandmother, the mother of her father.

It was created as the daughter of his grandfather who gave her the earrings.

Who you lived as a child.

Because you know what?


Now there Harry. Not going to talk, just drive.

Why are you doing this?

I must be okay, right?

But there's nobody here.

You are.

Harry! Not stop at red lights!

I did this?

There's something wrong, Harry?

It's family, Ellie ? It's familiar?

Harry! Harry!

Stop the car!


I love you, Harry! Love you!

He placed among Diurilen , was not it?

No, I love you.

Me? 'm Just one to the list.

He returned home to kill me. I was looking for Like Meckler, Monash and all others.

Do not you see, Harry? A poor girl, who lived in Europe.

And where an attractive stranger promises to marry her in America, where the streets are gold . Flights paid for Ellis Island. Where is weird ? Do not worry another strange tells you where stay. Lock her in a room and the men arrive and have sex, sex, sex!

And make her his whore! Has 15 years! Your fate is sealed.

His brain was destroyed by syphilis.

You're a killer!

His grandfather was too, but is dead. Who will punish him?

Want to punish him through me, is not it?

I'll take it back , Ellie.


Now you will see how to transform water into electricity.

Come on. We still many places to see.

On his left admire a painting of Thomas Benton showing discovery of Niagara Falls.

Everyone walking.

Come on, Mr. and Mrs. Ross..


It is true that cataracts have high falls over the world?

Do not commit indiscretions and have no problem.

The cataracts are wonderful. millions and millions of bubbles liters of water in minutes.

We will go through very dangerous place side of the falls.

Therefore, we will use